Whats this? A tournament. Involving video games? You sir are mad!

YES. i am mad indeed! πŸ˜€

Long time no see WRA, it is i. What you dont know who i am … im that guy that did the ‘Rate this weeks Manga’ post a month or 2 back, and im returning to annouce i am going to host a tournament for …

Well i say im hosting a tournament, at this current moment im not (i dont actually have the game), but when christmas comes i have money again i will purchase this game and we can finalize a date for it.

So your proberly thinking, if you dont have the game why are you making this post? Well its simple, i have no idea how many people in our community own this game, and for the Xbox 360 aswell (it has to be Xbox 360 since i dont not own a PS3… sorry). So at this point ill ask, how many of you own an xbox and have this game and are looking to get involved?

Now a major thing about this tournament is that you will need Xbox Live, and if you dont have it now and want to get involved in the event then i think youve got enough time to get your hands on it πŸ˜›

Another Reason im doing the post now is because just like the Xbox Live situation; if you dont have the game, you have time to get it. And if you do have the game already then youve got a nice amount of time to practice πŸ˜›

So for the tournament to go ahead and be interesting ive decided that we need a MINIMUM of 8 people, however there is no maximum amount of people so if we get more than 8, then it gets more interesting. Ive even designed a rough tournament plan to help organise things instead of everyone shouting who they want to fight…

So this post is mainly to inform you all of whats to come, and to give you time to prepare if you want to get involved.

Now even though the day itself has not been decided it will either be a Friday evening or sometime on a Saturday, i was thinking if Friday, it could start sometime between 6pm and 9pm London time, and if Saturday sometime between 12pm and 9pm (i’d like feedback in the comments section if those times are not suitable for you).

If you want to get involved send a message to my XboxLive Gamertag: OMFG its Dean. Please include in the message something along the lines of “i want to be involved in the tournament” and your name on WRA (E.g. Supertrek89, Kisuzachi etc etc).

And thats about it for now, as i said i will do another post finalizing the date (if we get enough people interested) sometime after christmas.

oh should proberly mention there is actually no prize for winning this tournament its just for fun and entertainment πŸ™‚

thanks for reading folks!

~ by Captain Awesome on October 27, 2010.

24 Responses to “Whats this? A tournament. Involving video games? You sir are mad!”

  1. F I R S T ! ! !

  2. 2nd !!!!

  3. Third

  4. Lol a tourna”mate”. I’m in, if I can get xbox live to work.

  5. aww man, i have the ps3…

  6. I have the game for PS3. Its friggin awesome. And ofc free internet.

    Maybe we can have a double tournament one for Xbox users one for PS3 users XD

  7. im in….

  8. ps3

  9. Got the game today…am just about to play. Can’t freaking wait! xD

  10. Dam all u rich people and ur Xbox’s and PS 3’s 😦 While u all busy playing the awesome games I will be playing old cartridge games (bought myself a cartridge system for R150.00)…. Super Mario and Shoot em dog here I come T_T

  11. @pein those are 2 epic games lol i used to play em all the time xD
    i dont own a xbox360 or ps3 either but it sounds like a fun plan πŸ˜›

  12. well a ps3 one sounds awesome aswell except somebody else would have to host it since i dont own a ps3 πŸ˜›

  13. I’m in.

  14. Btw i’d say i will need you all to send me a message on xbox live saying you want in by 28th Decemeber so i actually know how many people wanna be inolved (think of it as a final entry date)

  15. no pc gamers ? pfft

  16. This game sucks.

  17. How about a Halo: Reach 1v1 Tournament?? That actually sounds like fun πŸ˜€

  18. @flex i would do a Halo: Reach tournament but im not a fan of halo :P, but i was thinking in the future of doing more tournaments related to other games or just like casual game nights of just playing the game and having fun on something like Call of Duty, maybe halo if i have money to spare on it etc

  19. Gears of War 2 tournament or a Call of duty tournament sound good also…. Though you might wanna pick something a bit more fair since I’d own in both of those…..

  20. I will own in this tournament.

    @flex – I’d kick yo honky ass! XD

  21. @flex – somebody is a little big headed me thinks πŸ˜› im not sure how you’d host a Call of Duty tournament without making it a little dull, cant be 1v1. ALTHOUGH! could have it Free for all and the bottom 1 or 2 people are knocked out at the end of the game… god im a genius πŸ˜€ i would do a Gears 2 tournament but ive never been a fan of it as much as Gears 1 online, could always wait till Fall 2011 for Gears 3?

  22. @ CA – The correct word is cocky, and no I am not.

    And… A free-for-all tournament on CoD?? Yeah right, too much camping…. 1v1 on a small map like Rust is the way to go.

    @ DA – Kick my ass?? You can’t even connect your x-box 360 to the internet long enough to kick my ass XD

  23. @flex – …touchΓ©, salesman. XD

    I got a new wireless adapter now, and I can connect via my ipad. Now all I need is a Gold Membership.

  24. Hmmm, I will make a deal with everyone here… If you all are willing do buy me a copy of this game and have it mailed to my house, I might consider entering this tournament and whooping up on everyone… Who’s in!?! πŸ˜€

    Oh and to give everyone another opportunity to get owned by me, you should add a loser’s bracket and make it a double elimination tournament πŸ˜›

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