Naruto Shippuuden 181-182: Episode III- Attack of the Fillers

* Sidles up to Kantonkage and runs her finger through his hair*

Hey hot stuff 😉

*Slides her hand up Kanton’s leg, rips it off and saves it for Tenrai’s lunch*


*turns and sees everyone staring at her*

Ohai *blush*

Hi everyone! Miranda here with your double breakdown for Naruto. I will be taking over temporarily for Tenrai while he deals with works. So expect lots of perviness, lots of cynicism, and lots of me trying to be funny. 😀 Now lets get on with it shall we?

180-  Naruto’s School of Revenge

So apparently Naruto is an attention/compliment whore…hey he’s just like me 🙂 COMPLIMENT ME BITCHES!! jkjk….or am I?

Naruto is the hero of the Land of Waves…yay for Naruto!

Come on, I had too!

Awwww reminiscing about crap that no one cares about…..doesn’t it just make you wanna…slap yo mama?

So a giant ostrich, and a vendetta by someone who appears as if he couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag.

Ok I understand Naruto’s theme is helping people, but I can only watch it so many times before I get bored…and I have to say, i’m bored.

Let’s sum up this episode,


Naruto steps in

Bad guy isn’t really a bad guy

Good guy 1 and Good guy 2 become “friends”

Naruto and Co. plus the good guys fight a common foe

They live happily ever after….

The only part of this episode that really mattered imo was Naruto being able to understand how Sauske felt about revenge and wanting to fight him for real.

181- Gaara’s Bond

We start this episode back over in Suna, with the Sand siblings discussing Konoha’s plight. I almost thought for a second we were out of fillers….oh how sadly disappointed I was. To sum this episode up in an eggshell…

The higher ups hate Gaara, sent assassins after him.

The Sands version of ANBU follows Team 7, talks shit bout Gaara and pisses Naruto off.

Kakashi and Co stand up for Gaara.

Gaara gets attacked, Team 7 Saves day, they complete mission the end.

Yes, TV Tokyo, we get that Naruto is WIN. Can we please move onto non filler now…PLEASE?!?!?!?!? With a cherry on top!!!

Ugh *grumbles grumpily”

The preview for the new episode is forecasting….MORE FILLER..yay *rolls eyes*

Alrighty, here’s the winner of last weeks caption contest:

Congrats to Kisuzachi

So this is why Naruto is going after Sasuke so much…he misses his master O_O

Here’s this weeks caption contest pic

Ok kids, that’s it for this one. Sorry I kinda lost it in the end, no real inspiration. I’ll try harder with the next episode. Promise. For now I leave you with this demotivation poster.



~ by Miranda on October 26, 2010.

22 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 181-182: Episode III- Attack of the Fillers”

  1. First! XD

  2. Second!

  3. Third

  4. *attach automail leg* Dammit *sets up an anti-Tenrai mine field*

  5. FOURTH!! LOL I haven’t posted in this part of the forum in ages cuz…well…naruto shippuden has been the playground of fillers lately and i dislike fillers quite a lot so i havent been watching any episodes. (I think I stopped at episode 176) But Miranda, your breakdown has given me the drive to watch shippuden again because I just am curious enough to see haw bad these last two episodes are 😀 You know, i don’t hate the concept of fillers, but you know it would have been cool if they would use the fillers to promote character development of sub-characters like hinata, and the rest of the rookies. Instead of the repetitive What-Would-Naruto-Do episodes. *Sigh* I’m missing the pein-arc already…

  6. lol angel 🙂 glad my crappy breakdown did you some good 😛

  7. Caption: Oh look my pet ostrich sent me a postcard and look he found Tenrai.

  8. Loved the holydemon-like pic. XP

    Anyways, I disliked the one about revenge with a passion (could have been much better executed but it seemed like they rushed it and were adhering to a formula rather than making something unique) and normally I enjoy fillers.

    I liked the one with the Land of Waves and the one with Gaara.

    CAPTION: Would this mean this guy is a feather-y?

    I rather enjoyed the music video you posted.

  9. @ Breakdown – Nice work ^_^ Though I am sure Fillers not the fav. to have to make breakdowns for… but WTF is going on with the next episode, I think the anime staff have spent too much time playing Resident Evil: Outbreak.. Naruto: Outbreak.. I mean really, anyways I thought they could do better fillers, like they had before the Pein arc, they could of even had some fillers about the previous hosts… or even something to do with the Thunder Village or a build up to the Kage meeting, but instead we seem to be getting bashed by Naruto’s sob story and nothing to actually enhance the story, its like after Sasuke retrieval arc almost, its more a waste of time now cause nothing here will highlight the story or even just give a new perspective on it…

  10. @pein0avenue: haha i totally agree, fillers are becoming repetitive and painful<_< How hard is it to focus on something else rather than, as you put it: the sob story – they really are killing it… If they are afraid to sway from the manga, all they can do is just focus on previous hosts like you said. Geez i miss the rookies now more. You know, with the increasing influx of fillers, it makes me wonder if naruto is going to end soon and they are padding up episodes so that after the series is over, they'll still have something to show…hmmmmm

    @Miranda: I can't wait to read your breakdown next week on the "Newest Filler Monstrosity of Epic Proportions LMAO 😀

  11. @ Angel – exactly!! Or at least have it follow more a story mode, not just single episodes, they could even do a filler on Kakashi’s dad, that would be awesome, there are so many characters not focused on in the manga and probably not gonna be anyways but lots of fillers may also mean an increase in quality for the next arcs, ag wat am I saying Sasuke vs the world is coming up, Sasuke always battles in HD 3D graphics, while Pein and Naruto get filler quality 😦

    I think they could of done better thinking up a story, I mean after this we gonna get hammered by Sasuke Revenge etc etc etc so this same story line gonna be seen soon anyways… Sigh

  12. Hmm, just thinking here…what would be some fillers that you would WANT to see?



  14. Hopefully next week will be no sasuke

  15. I have time for a caption!!!


    Now that’s what you call fowl play. <__<

    Caption 2:

    I always wanted to get myself a bird, but this is ridiculous. T__T

  16. Caption 3:

    Next time on “When pigeons attack!”

  17. Caption:

    Go Doduo use Peck on his @$$

  18. Caption:

    It’s not rape if you … oh he didn’t yell surprise

  19. Hahaha I love all these captions, great job guys!

    @Miranda: You know, the thing that makes fillers good is that they provide lots of fodder for entertainment lmao 😛

    @pein0avenue: That’s true i’d like to see one on kakashi’s dad, maybe do some episodes on when he had to do that difficult mission and what happened afterward. And you’re right, i just realized that sasuke gets super awesome graphics and naruto gets… *sigh* I’m kinda worried about the fillers ending though, because that means the part of the manga where naruto thoroughly humiliates himself for sasuke is coming up 0_0 Oh yeah and the sasuke revenge arc too…oh joy.

    @Miranda: some fillers i’d like to see would be on team 8 (rock lee, negi, ten ten) and at least they could show us what the other ninja are doing amidst this great crisis – like what’s going on with the nara, akimichi, hyuuga households??

    And where does sakura live? Is she an orphan or something? They seriously need to do some more character development during the fillers.

  20. @Angel, sakura isn’t an orphan. There was one episode with her at home. We never saw her, but did hear her mother.

  21. @miranda: I think I remember that episode. I think her mom was asking her something but they never showed her. I would like to see her parents though. I hear people saying that they are civilians but i’m not sure if it’s true. Is Rock lee an orphan though?

    Oh and miranda, you didn’t say what you’d like to see in Fillers 😀

  22. just wait til the new breakdown is out 🙂

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