Bleach 292 – Bleach turns to Speach

Awe I am Pein back for another awesome Bleach Anime Breakdown!

A New OPENING !!! I promised today I would looke at the bright side of everything!! So the opening hmm it was pretty cool, it represented this arc Perfectly!! It starts of with a whole bunch of nothing @_@ middle part seems cool but then we realize at the end there is nothing really that exciting… BUT Fear not my few followers (I will be leaving for a couple of weeks) <_<


Thats not supposed to be good news 😦 After some good comments on my AMV last week I thought I would make one more before I take off for the next couple of weeks being locked back in rehab doing stuff <_< Though I will try find a substitute shinigami for the weeks I am recovering busy.

Hope you enjoy this one, its a lot shorter since it is actually more just a trailer for the up coming arc ^:_:^ (sorry bout the black for the first 8 sec)

Well I enjoyed the new opening so much thought I would try give you guys a different look at what the next arc will be like, if you don’t know the movie inception is “brilliant” in my opinion!

Now to the breakdown… Sorry its so early and so close to my previous, just thought I probably won’t be able to do another for a while so lets get to it ^_^

I enjoyed this episode for 3 Reasons:

1. New Intro was cool

2. I actually felt excited with the prospect of the next few battles!!

3. It didn’t seem as long as the Tosen arc thing… That seemed to never end

Well To the breakdown and First things first….


<_< Cause Aizen is just the pinical of Humblenessness

Last weeks episode ended with Ichigo jumping out with an epic surprise moment on Aizen though Aizen in fact planned for him to do this since Aizen is Aizen, I won’t say much about this little battle besides, the whole time I am watching I am thinking, so they put all there hope in him huh? wow, maybe they should of actually used there own powers and use Bankai against Aizen @_@ anyways maybe I complain too much… well i guess they just too lazy, I am sure there is a really good reason for this. The Anime itself was pretty good, color speed etc, but what annoyed me was I felt a lot was either rushed or dwelled on, why do we have a flash back of something that happened in this episode..



“I got your back” not always comforting thought

I found out though that Aizen is not just super strong and fast, his true power is actually his big mouth intimidating his opponent. He is able to provoke an attack and lead them into traps but all I could think was blah blah blah, you ain’t getting this nah nah nah, not in the back of my… ahem well you get the point… I am positive that though it seems like useless babble it will actually be important one day, when Kubo fills in the Plotholes when Kubo reveals it to us..

My fav part of the Anime was the arrival of the Captain and Vizards, (not all of them) what I don’t get in this is how they all think hey lets go against Aizen in our normal forms or just shikai activated? Maybe their bankai has weaknesses they couldn’t use against Aizen (or kubo was just lazy), but that not what bugs me the most @_@ its that I have read further and I know what will happen in the manga, how come when Aizen uses his total hypnosise on the other members of the Captain and Vizards, Ichigo should be able to actually see that its not Aizen there or he has moved and his team mates are attacking something else right? How is it that Ichigo doesn’t see what really happens from the beginning @_@

Furry Man!! Used to never speak, now wont shut up!

Yeah furry dude always seems to want to motivate or talk to anyone, between him and Aizen nothing gets done in these episodes, but that shows good character development <_<


What I love about Bleach anime is the way it unlike the manga move through chapters quickly in the manga entire pages are wasted but not in Bleach Anime, given a lot of talking but the fact is I remember reading these chapters not too long ago so one could how fast the anime actually progresses and catches up, with not too much filler content. That is one of the main reasons I enjoy the anime, I still read the manga cause i am too far in to quite now, but I would actually suggest the anime above it cause it seems the anime can progress at a greater rate, (well lets hope so)

I remember certain panels in the manga of this episode, and I enjoy how its been brought out, the animators didn’t do much but it still was a great enhancement of that scene to me, though then again the Speeches started…. I think I am renaming Bleach to Speach its insane how much time is wasted on short suppose to be meaningful little sayings etc.

We will talk Aizen to death, except the blond dude he just here to look good

The end I thought it was funny how the youngest Captian attacks Aizen First, though it is also expected since he is so hot headed, 😛 but I will say the rest of the episode was okay, it was a lot of talking and short battles, shown… but most of it was people giving Speaches of why they awesome, that is the long and the short of it actually.

I swear when he started rambling about "hatred" all I could think was wonder if he will activate Dojutsu @_@

Well thats pretty much it from me this week, next week can look forward to Aizen owning, more speeches and just for a change, someone will actually be quite in Bleach 😛

Over all Good Episode, the new opening got me excited to see the upcoming battles ^:_:^ and though it was mostly speeches this episode it has built up nicely and fleshed out the manga very well… Oh and there may be a couple of weeks Hiatus in Bleach Anime Breakdowns 😦

So I hope you enjoyed the breakdown and the new Trailer for this upcoming arc ^:_:^ and wish me luck for my exams for rehabilitation into normal society



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13 Responses to “Bleach 292 – Bleach turns to Speach”

  1. F I R S T !

    Cool AMV.

  2. Inception AMV gets a 9 (dont worry pein, I don’t give 10s)

    To answer your questions:

    1. I think they didn’t use their Bankais because with Kyoka Suigetsu’s abilities they could be striking each other with their bankais instead of Aizen. It would be too dangerous to use your bankai in a situation where you can’t be sure who you’re attacking (Hitsuguya used his Bankai and ends up taking out Momo for example)

    2. I’ve been wondering why Ichigo waited until they f’ed Momo up before he told them. Until I remembered that Kyoka Suigetsu controls all six senses (Reiatsu counts as a sense). Ichigo could’ve been screaming at them that it was Momo all along but Aizen used Kyoka Suigetsu to make sure they weren’t aware that he was. That explanation makes the most sense to me.

  3. kisu… thats a good attempt at explaining why no bankais… ecept that aizen stopped using kyoka suigetsu pretty quickly… and also…that still doesnt make sense… they didnt want to attack eachother so instead they waited and got their asses kicked..

  4. @omar, seriously you can’t trust Aizen to stop using Kyoka. Gin was busy talking about Aizen was so powerful without KYoka, but then it turned out he was using Kyoka all along lol. Seriously, imagine Kyoraku using Bankai and attacking the Lieutenants or Ichigo thinking it was Aizen. I know everyone wants to see Bankais, but I think they should be saved until they can be used effectively

  5. the thing is… if it werent for kubos subsequent plotkai (meaning everyone stays alive) then u cant wait much longer… cuz u will die… pull out ur strongest move b4 dying

  6. @omar, I get you, but if you know ur gonna die, why risk killing your teammates?…well unless ur a selfish bastard that is (like me, I’d use bankai and take everyone with me!)

  7. well if all the captains and vizards started usin there bankais, that would mean aizen might have to, and i think kubo was just to lazy to ce that creative, plus then aizen would have to use it against ichi in their fight and theres no way ichigo could win against aizen’s bankai, assuming he even had one.

  8. sorry bout the spelling, i have a hand covered in cheese puffs xp

  9. @ Kisu – Thanks 9/10 is not too bad 😛

    though I still then don’t understand why doesn’t Aizen just have all the 13 Gotei attack each other and not feel pain so they just running around killing each other and not knowing it? I think the idea of “total hypnosis” is way too powerful, dam genjutsu 😛 there should of been more weakness, but in the end Kubo was lazy and got them all to just use shikai, I still think if u gonna do something might aswell do it right, sure u may kill ur comrades but u could kill them with shikai anyway.

    I agree with u Kisu though I would just take them all down 😛

  10. @ Alec – What could be more powerful then Total hypnosis @_@ I mean its TOTAL!!! He could probably inflict uncontrolable pain whenever he wanted to… I think that was the problem, and now Kubo didn’t kill off anyone so we still gotta hope to see their Bankai (well Gin’s bankai was completely revealed) he died soon after so meh

  11. @pein and kisu I third that statement Bankai 4TW!!!! Also didn’t Yama say something like that how was going to sacrifice everybody himself included a looooong time ago in the manga.

  12. @ Kanton – but that would go against the ideas of friendship and unicorns and bubbles @_@ no one can survive that…. I mean if everyone who was smash, slashed and basically cut in half lives (cause they believed in friendship O_O) and Gin dies (cause he thought screw this im getting this shit done ^_^) it not right 😦

  13. speech*

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