Bleach 291 – Ah! I see said the blind man to the Deaf man…. (ıɾuıɥs sʌ uǝzıɐ)

Awe WRA it is I Pein, back for another Bleach Anime Breakdown… As promised I got the Video up, though the quality kinda sucks if you squint your eyes and tilt ur head slightly, you will kinda see as well as Tosen could before he turned into a fly ^:_:^

Well there is was pls pls hold your applause till the end of the breakdown *hear slow sarcastic claps* dam 😦

Well I tried 😛

Too the episode!!

Well overall the episode was meh, I thought although I am glad Tosen has finally come to an end Shinji vs Aizen was too short (yes it was short in the manga too) but I thought the anime would give it more flair!!

Animation always good as always (some parts I would say excellent ^_^)

In my opinion the episode needed:

Better Music, the end had good music but the rest of the battles I was left bland and tasteless 😦

More Filler and less Flash back, I would of never thought I would say more to filler O_O what have u done to me Bleach? *puts money in the cliche complaints of Bleach Swear Jar* I am saving for a car ^_^ (I am almost there…) I again was annoyed and lost interest with all the Tosen looking blindly at a stump in the ground, I would of much rather seen that time used for the other battle happening…

but besides that I kinda got the message of the episode, how no matter how powerful Tosen got him gaining power (in such excess) it became his weakness and he got beaten by a shikai O_o

Well lets get to it @_@

The Episode begins with a short exchange between Konomaru and Tosen and a short battle too but nothing exciting just yet. The battle seems to have gotten slower but more powerful, or maybe its just everything seems to be repetitive, when it comes to Konomaru, or its Tosen Fly Form and Eyes making it more difficult to fight, if one had to be blind there intire life and suddenly see, I think it would have the same effect as someone being able to see going blind, your body learns to react a certain way and when a new sense is taken or given it messes with that reactions…

Aizen again Pwns all, What I don’t get we have how many Vizard Captains and not one uses Bankai @_@ what the hell if Ikakku can do it so can u I am sure… anyways Shinji reveals his Shikai to Aizen and in his little backwards upside lown left to right world, Bleach would actually make sense here i think…. hmmm. but yeah, though Aizen Finally gets a few injuries (which is all an illusion), cause he has his 5 senses crap!! I thought a good idea for shinji’s Bankai would be that everything inverts but continually changes, the fact that Aizen gets how to work the system in about 4 moves is rediculas!! I mean I am still suffering from Virtigo and he kicking Shinji ass in real world… but then again its Aizen, he just oozes awesomeness :O

Its what the rocks cooking ^_^

That part was however to short for me, I wanted to see more of Shinji (WTF happened to his hollow mask and using his Shikai or even Bankai @_@)

The battle between Tosen and Komamaru, well in the end it was interesting but after all the evolutions and Flashbacks, I just started wishing it could actually end but Komamaru did seem to have a good point about Friendship, this is where music seemed more and more soppy, but he had decided to be a friend to Tosen and in that no matter how bad things got he would always be there for his friend…


I just couldn’t watch the rest though, how the hell did Tosen Super Hybrid Version get beaten by a Captain level shinigami (who was beaten by Kenpachi) and a leiutenant, it was just not the ending I would of cared for, (but since I knew what would happen) I struggled through… the music was top notch it gave a new feel to this scene, I actually felt bad for Tosen all this time not  only blind but blinded by his hate and thirst for justice (revenge)

What has been seen, cannot be unseen O_O

Sorry Bout the Late long Breakdown unfortunatelyI was called back to the rehab clinic, but luckily I escaped was let out ^_^

Hope you enjoy it.

Epic Surprise @_@ to end the episode 😛


~ by pein0avenue on October 13, 2010.

6 Responses to “Bleach 291 – Ah! I see said the blind man to the Deaf man…. (ıɾuıɥs sʌ uǝzıɐ)”

  1. First!

  2. AWWWEEEESOOOMMEEEE AMV PEIN!!! 😀 I’m still catching up to the anime but I applaud you for that AMV! Great song choice too. Pendelum is aweosome!

  3. Third again?!?

    Great breakdown and great AMV pein.

  4. My eyes melted after seeing the epicness of that AMV O_O

    Ps. the anime did add some filler material to Shinji and Aizen’s skirmish. In the manga, Shinji only got one hit in before Aizen’s aizen’d him, in the anime he got about 3 😀

    Now its time for me to get a new pair of eyes

    *heads to cemetery*

  5. tosen did seem much slower than with just his mask on after he transformed, and hisagi said it best when mentioned that when he was blind tosen would have dodged his attack, because before he had about a 360 sense because it was based off reiatsu, but he focused to much on his new power of sight (plus wasn’t it convenient that his mask had a slit on the top a little wider than a sword blade that magically led to his squishy skull?). All in all i thought it was good, but people tend to underestimate foxy’s bankai. The thing is not only big and super strong, it also has to be incredibly fast for it’s size since the giant copies his movements and timing perfectly, that giant thing has to keep pace with the relatively tiny foxy, making it a very underrated bankai in my opinion.

  6. @ Alec – it is underrated but also cause of the size of the bankai it makes it a sitting duck to attacks, It seems when in Bankai Konomaru movements are heavier and harder to move, and as tosen showed it is dificult to defend against a faster opponent, which I think is its greatest flaw, I think that is what Kenpachi used against it… What I like in the Anime is when he uses only part of his bankai to attack tosen

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