Naruto Shippuuden 180 Breakdown: Another mini filler, as well as awesome new opening and closing themes!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! *Coughs*

Hey everyone and welcome to another weekly Naruto anime breakdown, your host, Tenrai Senshi, who is taking a small recess from the fires of hell, for what will hopefully be a reasonable amount of time, provided I survive these next few weeks.

Unfortunately, things have been pretty hectic lately and I haven’t had much time to do anything other than die (Not literally, of course, but if I could describe what dying might feel like, perhaps this would be a good reference), so I apologize for the lateness of this breakdown and for being absent last week. I would also like to thank Mandi, once again, for being a life saver as she always is when I am tied up.

In any case, once again, we have another filler episode this week, only this time focusing on the heroics of none other than Inari. That may not exactly be what many of you would consider a great topic for an episode, but fear not, because we do at least get an extra treat in the form of an awesome new opening theme, which I really liked.

So to start things off, here it is!!! ^ ^

*Eats anyone who doesn’t like the new opening.* <_<

Ah yes, nothing like a fresh, new start to get the adrenaline pumping (just ignore the fact that it is reversed). The only real question is does the episode that follows afterwards, live up to the introduction that precedes it.

Luckily, I can say that this episode wasn’t a bad one at all, especially considering the subject matter a hand. To start things off, we get another brief glimpse into the busy droves that work tirelessly to rebuild Konoha. Much like the previous few episode, each of these moments seems to focus on a scene or character in particular, which them becomes the subject of whatever flashback follows.

In this case, we have Naruto and Sakura, meeting some old friends from many years back in the likes of Tazuna and Inari, from which we take a look into a small adventure the latter had, which also involved none other than a younger Naruto and Sasuke.


So has Kantonkage... <_< *RUUUUNS LIKE HEEEELL!!!!*


Basically, the story starts with an irate Naruto, who, since starting on his journey back home after Team 7’s victory over Gato in the Land of Waves, has discovered that he cannot find one of his treasured coupons for none other than Ichiraku’s ramen stand.

Heading back to retrieve his potentially free meal, Kakashi decides to send Sasuke after him to retrieve him. In the meantime, Inari himself discovers the predicament and decides to go looking for Naruto as well to return his belongings.

None of them realize that what was to be a simple task, would soon become a new adventure and a fight for their lives. With a few remnant bandits left behind by Gato kidnapping Inari and some of his peers, it is left to Naruto and Sasuke to rescue the missing children, with a little unexpected bravery from Inari himself.


Clearly I have overdosed on oxygen... *Sees an angry Kantonkage rounding a nearby corner and starts running again. Kantonkage gives chase, but is promptly distracted by a tied up Naruto.*


Phew, I am saved for now. If anyone was wondering, in the end Kantonkage and Sasuke had to battle over Naruto. The winner had to face Michel Jackson. <_<

Anyway, moving along, to be completely fair, there isn’t much I can actually say that was wrong with this episode. The animation was great, better than most episodes we see, and there wee plenty of scenes that made me smile with a light sprinkle of humor shared liberally throughout. At times, these funny moments did feel a bit forced, or otherwise overly cliched, but for the most part, they were still decent enough to carry their own.

My only real gripe was that, unlike the far more intriguing filler with Naruto’s and Iruka’s first meeting as teacher and student, which touched on a far deeper emotional undertone, this episode gave me an overall feeling that cannot be better described than by simply saying “been there, done that”, with a plot that felt just a little bit too familiar to feel completely fresh and unique.

But, I guess that is what you get with most fillers anyway.


This is me being executed by Kantonkage for my crimes. T__T


In addition to the usual production values one would take into consideration, there is also the excitement value of an episode. Luckily, this episode delivers a nice, healthy dose of action during the later scenes, with a battle that is as fun to watch as it looks spectacular. I do, however, find it a bit odd that these fillers seem to be getting an overall better treatment when it comes to the animation in these battle scenes, than what should have been a far more epic Pein arc, which was otherwise disappointing in that regard.

Perhaps this is a positive sign that the animators are learning from their flaws. However, if that really is indeed the case, I only wish that they had smelled the roses a bit sooner, when it mattered the most.


There's nothing like a flashback inside a flashback. Only fillers can achieve this level of... levelness. O__o


In the end, we find ourselves looking at an Inari who has come out of his shell and matured a bit, while at the same time, we also see his fellow villagers now standing up to defend themselves and their home once again, showing their continued commitment to one another and their land.

It was a pleasant ending and, as I mentioned before, a decent episode, especially for a filler, which in my books, is definitely positive.

In any case, I guess that is it from me this time around. I hope you all enjoyed the episode and the breakdown. Of course, we can’t forget, that with every new opening theme, there is a new closing theme as well and I enjoyed this one just as much to boot. So here it is, once again, for your enjoyment.

I also decided to be generous, so I will be giving you all a new screen for the caption contest this week.

Here it is!!!


*Insert Caption here.*


I hope you all enjoy!!!

*Sees Kantonkage running into the room again, full of mud, with torn clothes and his hair roughed up into a mess.*

Kantonkage: *Points a finger at Tenrai.* I beat Michel Jackson, and you’re NEXT!!!! ERO NO BANKAI!!!!!

Tenrai: O_o

*Just then, Mandi walks into room.*

Mandi: Hey guys, I’m bored. Someone entertain me. >___<

Tenrai: Holy… *Tenrai gives Kantonkage to Mandi and runs away.*

Tenrai: Have fun you two!!! And Mandi, don’t be too rough on him!!!

See you next time. ^ ^


~ by Tenrai Senshi on October 11, 2010.

23 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 180 Breakdown: Another mini filler, as well as awesome new opening and closing themes!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! *Coughs*”

  1. Numero Uno!

  2. Número Dos?

  3. That makes me Trés Espada, Tia Harribel ^^

    Edit: wait, WTF!?

  4. oooh Kanton…bwahahahaha

    Caption: Apparently even Naruto is into bondage…

  5. Cinco?

  6. Great breakdown! 😀

  7. Caption: Naruto was ready for his surprise.

  8. @tenrai why are you chasing yourself and fighting sasuke and michael jackson over naruto.

    Caption: Tenrai’s hidden fetish

    *blows up Tenrai, Sasuke and everything involved in that bizarre contest*

  9. Caption: Yes, Sasuke. Sit. Right. Here. But make sure your facing the same direction as I am, and are on my lower backside…yeah, real low…Now take it all off

    I loved the new opening. Everything is so symbolic.

  10. At this rate of filler I’ll be able to catch up this weekend.

  11. Caption: And a million fangirls went to the drawing board after seeing this

    Caption: So this is why Naruto is going after Sasuke so much…he misses his master O_O

    Caption: Silly Naruto, not failing is for filler characters

    Sorry Ten, but these fillers are seriously killing my enthusiasm about the anime 😦

  12. Wow, this most recent episode was pretty fucking awful.

    Next episode looks like it has some promise but this episode was just executed horribly. They could have done better with the storyline I think, but at the same time they didn’t have much to go on so they were just making it up as they went, I guess. :l

    Still. Worst filler episode of the new series I think.

  13. Sorry for double post, but I finally thought of a decent caption.

    CAPTION: Naruto’s hidden leash fetish. Not to be confused with leaves.

    Yeah, it’s pretty lame, and I think could be better.

  14. Caption: Careful Naruto…that Armadillo has a grudge and its gender preference is still a mystery O_O’

  15. Caption: Here Hinata an early birthday present gift wrapped too.

  16. Hey everyone.

    Unfortunately, I won’t be able to work on a breakdown this week and I may be taking a short break for a while, mostly because things are hectic back here and I have a lot of work to do.

    Let’s just say that new national product launches and events planning, can take its toll one someone. There is also a chance that I will end up traveling around the country a bit, to help set up some stuff. T__T

    In the meantime, I may find someone to fill in for me, but until then, I am sorry that I cannot do what I love doing so much.

    In any case, things should quieten down by either the end of this month, or sometime next month, so things should be back to normal then, but until that time, I don’t know how much I will be able to work on breakdowns. I will do so when I can, but I can’t make any promises. Thanks anyway. I hope everyone is doing well.

    You guys are the ones who make me smile when things are down. I couldn’t ask for a better bunch of crazy people to help me through my day, than those I know from WRA (it rhymes O_o), but crazy in a good way, mind you.

    Hopefully, I will see more of you all soon! X__X

    *Eats everyone for comfort food.*

  17. Caption:
    It’s not rape if the other party is willing…

  18. lol “bitter” bunch we are 😛

    Hope all goes well Tenrai ^_^ congrates on being able to travel and all, work hard and almost holidays ^_^

    *cuts out of stomach*

    and gives cheesecake as comfort

  19. Good to hear from you Tenrai. Hope all goes well and quiets down soon. The lack of conflict is often good for resting.

  20. Well i’ll be covering Naruto for Ten while he takes his break. Unfortunately since it’s so late in the week, i’m just going to wait and do a double breakdown. Should be out this weekend.

  21. Today’s filler was pretty good. I rather enjoyed it. It seemed somewhat genuine and decently planned out. Definitely not the best ever, but it was good.

    And alright Miranda. 🙂

  22. Caption: Naruto- Please sir, may I have some more?

  23. i want to follow this one. Please update. 🙂

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