Bleach 423 – Smug Snake Steals the Show Again

*reads One Piece*


*reads Naruto*

Supercalifragilisticexpialidociously cool

*sigh* Now its time to be disappointed once again. Time for my manga high to be forcefully pulled down and ran through the ground. Yes, I have learned not to expect anything from the next manga but disappointment.

*reluctantly reads Bleach*

OMFG!? That wasn’t horrible at all. I wouldn’t even say it was bad. Could this be? This is impossible?


“What 9000!?”

No, I said 2. Memes, can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em ~_~. Now if You’ll excuse me, Im going to take a potato chip…..AND EAT IT!

Hello one and all. Welcome to this week’s Bleach Breakdown. Sadly, there isn’t much to talk about so this Breakdown’ll be shorter than they usually are.

We start the chapter at the Central 46’s building. We get there just in time to see Aizen’s sentencing. 18,800 years of solitude. But Aizen, being the Smug Snake that he is, talks down to the screaming old men and gets an additional 1200 years slapped on. But really, who’s the winner here? Aizen is immortal, so 20,000 years really is only time for him to become insane, get bored with insanity, and then plot his revenge. So, Aizen is more than likely to outlive everyone. Silly, silly Central 46.

Only Aizen can be going to Soul Society's ultimate level of imprisonment and still look Arctic cool while doing it B-)

Anyway, I’m thinking he’ll do a Sir Crocodile eventually. For those that have yet to begin One Piece, Sir Crocodile was a bastard perhaps even more magnificent than Aizen, but he was defeated by the protagonist and sent to the World’s greatest jail’s most terrifying cell block, and later freed so he could lend the protagonist a hand, but in his own Magnificent Bastard way. Perhaps Aizen will be freed on parole to help out against whatever future threat arises. Who knows?

Anyhoo, unto the further pages. Yamamoto has a “little” talk with Captains Zaraki, Kuchiki and Kyoraku about losing their Haoris lol. This was the crowning moment of funny this chapter. He asks them if they know what their Haoris are and gets the responses “A pain in the ass”, “Cheap” and “Stylish”, which brings a tear to the old man’s eye lol. Perhaps the Haoris will be donned by a Hallow and transform it into a super Arrancar, yeah right. On a serious note, I think the Haori’s importance is purely symbolic. If its use was anything dangerous or if it had any special abilities, the Captains would have been told so…then again, this IS Soul Society, the same people that literally create their own enemies lol.

Yeah Shunsui, how dare they be young women AND successful, you can't have it both ways. They should learn something useful, like making us sammiches. Sexism FTL XD

We then see Ukitake and his two 3rd seats having a little conversation. Apparently Ittou Kasso only costs an arm instead of a life. Ukitake then says its a good thing the Commander’s there because no Shinigami could replace him- agreed. Because no Shinigami can make rash, ill-informed decisions as  cool as Genryusai Yamamoto can :P. Then we cut to a random Shinigami talking with one of the Research and Development’s heads. We’re told that Mayuri is in Hueco Mundo, perhaps stealing Szayel’s research :P. One semi-important piece of info is that Momo is getting her organs regenerated. What’s the point? When she finds out Aizen-sama is going to outlive her and she’ll never see him again she’ll just kill herself >_>

We go to a cave where Hitsuguya is training with his Bankai, Daiguren Hyorinmaru. He has the strongest Ice-type zanpakuto (like Ryujin Jakka is the strongest Fire-type) and has the potential to become more powerful than Kyouraku in the next century, so let’s kick back and see how that goes. Then we cut to Rangiku stalkin-err…watching Toshiro train. She thinks to herself that Gin left without leaving anything behind and that she hated that about him, but she loved that he can see into her core. This raises a question, did Gin die or did he run away? The last time we saw him, he said he could die in peace, but here Rangiku says “he disappeared”, in a manner that made it seem like he escaped to somewhere. Well, let’s leave it to some future chapter to clear that up.

Some call it art, I call it Tite wasting a whole page >_>

Last, but not least, we come to Ichigo. It turned out that him falling over in pain last chapter was due to his Reiatsu going away. He was out-cold for a month before waking up. Rukia says that passing through the Dangai reverted the changes to his body, namely, his hair. Then she says the second stage is when the Spirit stabilizes and you wake up. As Ichigo’s Reiatsu disappears, so does his spiritual awareness. He can no longer sense spirits, well, not until he dies at least. But before his power completely disappears, Rukia gives him a creepy final message:

Every teenage boy's worst nightmare. A girl always watching them O_O

He tells her to give everyone his best wishes as she disappears for the last time.

Kisu’s thoughts:

1. There’s that tricky little detail of filling the empty spaces left by Aizen, Gin and Tosen’s defection. Now who could replace these guys? According to Kubo in the new Bleach databook, MASKED, he says no Vice Captain will become a Captain because they don’t have exactly what it takes. So I have one person in mind that could become a Captain, Ashido Kano. He was supposed to be in the manga, but had to be cut due to time constraints, though he was featured in the anime. He is a Shinigami that has been trapped in the forest of the most powerful Hollows in Hueco Mundo for centuries. In the episodes he was in he was killing Adjuchas-level Menos without even releasing his zanpakuto. Imagine just how powerful this guy is. But the question is, will he even be featured in the manga?

2. I recall a Kubo interview where he said the things in Szayel’s lab will come into play later on, could this be triggered by Mayuri accidentally? Who knows but Kubo?

Note: Bleach will be on break next week.


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  1. First!

    This was a cool chapter and I liked the way Rukia faded away and said goodbye.

    By the way, I can’t believe Kubo made Gin die for so little damage! Other people survived worse things. -_-

  2. Haha! First! And I haven’t even read the chapter yet lol

  3. Ohhhh…screw you and your two minutes, dragon XD

  4. 3rd??

  5. 4th?

    How is it that Dragon is almost always at the top 5?

  6. @ pupp – he is always waiting O_O

  7. Now that I’ve read it, I kinda liked this chapter. A throwback to what initially drew me to Bleach in the first place. It wasn’t the action and insane abilities the shinigami possessed, it was the humor (BOHAHAHAHA!!! *crosses arms in front of self*), the artwork and the way in which Kubo has each of his characters interact with each other during social scenes eg. at school, in his room, at the park, etc etc. I have hope for this manga yet, the one that I can safely say for the first 300 chapters was my favorite by far.

    …unless Kubo screws it up by replacing Ichigo as the main character. How the hell can you do that!? If he changes the main character, he may as well change the name of the entire series too. The reason it’s called Bleach is cos Ichigo bleaches his hair. No Ichigo, no Bleach.

    Ichigo doesn’t bleach his hair. Its his natural hair color, y’know, like his mom’s.-Kisu

  8. Lol, I just finished reading the chapter and I thought “Oh sh- Kisu’s breakdown should be out!” so I came here and claimed first place!

    @Darks: MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! XD

  9. @ Chapter – *sigh* I didn’t enjoy this one but maybe its a good time for a time skip and for Kubo to maybe re-evaluate the direction of bleach, Aizen will return and it won’t take 20 000 years…

    @ Breakdown –
    What about the Vizards? coming back to be captains, since technically (Gin/Tosen/Aizen) all where used to replace them, I did dig that guy in the Anime and even Isshin…

    HOW THE HELL IS GIN DEAD!!! compared to the others (who survived) he just had a paper cut <_<, its a flesh wound!! Sigh people getting organs replaced and put back together like a puzzle but no gin dies.

    @ Kisu – hahaha Szayel lab is under new management… He is dead (or kinda still dying in his world) He was smart (kinda) but was the weakest in a sense since the 9th was actually still a Gillian @_@

    met a kort stokkie in n leeu se gat gekrap nou 😛

  10. @ kisu,

    lol @ the potatoe chip scene. Come on deathnote was cool. the only manga that could make eating a potatoe chip epic 🙂

    As for the chapter, you get that kubo is trying to tie up more loose ends in this chapter for probably the first time i can remeber. But Aisen since his introduction, he has been the driving force for the manga. you cannot imprison him for MILENNIA!

    I haven’t seen a bad guy that overwelming since Frieza and certinately not for as long. I used just wait expectantly for the annilation that he cause as if for presents on christmas eve.

    I hope he can come up with a bad guy as devasting as Aisen was before urahara pokeballed him. It kinda needed in an all action no plot manga. Renji has got to be main character through miraculous development and please no random replacement Kubo.

  11. @Kisu: Thank you for that very nice breakdown. Your captions kill me everytime!
    @Chapter: Aizen is strapped on a chair. Hmm..Looks straight out of a BDSM fantasy.Oh, so you’re not gonna die? Well, good for you. What?! Yamajii is still alive?! Lost an arm. Hmm..Itto Kaso, Sacrificial kidou, body as catalyst..*lightbulb on* BODY = ARM Ahh..I see, I see. It’s funny to see the three stooges getting chewed out by the old man. Byaku calling a haori cheap. Are you really Kuchiki Byakuya? I see Momo’s alive too. Well, if Yama survived Itto Kaso and Hiyori lived through a dissection, hers was really just a walk in the park. Hitsugaya is..*deep cleansing breaths, deep cleansing breaths, deep cleansing breaths* Shiro is training. That’s good. Shiro, be patient. You must allow time to nurture your growth and maturity, like wine and a good scotch. Gin. Is he really dead? It never explicitly said so. A loophole in the making. Orihime *must..resist..I’ll just pretend she’s not there.* The continuation from the cliffhanger. The explanation was a bit anti-climactic for my taste but I could still swallow it. Rukia and Ichigo’s parting was for me, genuinely poignant and somewhat bittersweet. For all that Kubo’s a di-*You Promised not to badmouth Kubo again!*.. I have to say, Kubo may be many things to many people but there are times when I just get drawn in by rare moments such as this. I’ve said it way back when I first started with the manga and I’ll say it again here. Bleach is a diamond in the rough. I saw a glimmer of that in the last two pages of this chapter, enough to remind me that even through layers upon layers of deeply crusted mud that’s built around it, it’s still there. There are still loose ends, far too much for my liking so given time he MIGHT answer any and all the questions we have. So, here’s to hoping that Kubo will use this break to redeem himself in the eyes of fans and haters alike. If he doesn’t, then he doesn’t. Either way, I’ve been toughing it out for 423 chapters and at the risk of actually dying from screaming “Kill me..Kill me now!” each week, nothing short of Armaggedon will stop me from finishing it. That’s why Kubo, puhleeaase step up your game.

    *So sorry for the effing long post but it was one of the best chapters I’ve read in a VERY long time. Would’ve been nice it it were the real ending.

  12. The Haori part of the chapter was great. That was the first time I’d laughed reading Bleach in a long time. As for everything else, meh… How the heck did everyone survive? Not a single Soul Society member died during that entire war. That is such bull.

    I second Darks opinion. Replacing Ichigo as the main character would be a stupid idea, although Kubo has a problem here because if Ichigo had retained his shinigami powers he would have been Super Godlike and the story would have sucked like the Matrix movies 2 and 3 did with Super Neo, but now he has no shinigami powers so it is tough to find a place for him in a story that features predominately shinigami.

    I also thought the shinigami turnout for saying goodbye to Ichigo sucked. Really? Only Rukia? No one else wanted to say, “hey, before you can’t hear or see me anymore, Ichigo, I just want you to know that I sure am grateful you saved Soul Society from Aizen! Thanks!” No one was there! No Renji, no Yoruichhi, no other shinigami friends, mentors, etc. I know they’re busy, and Ichigo’s return to consciousness wasn’t known, but come on.

    Btw, is Ichigo gonna be able to see his Dad now? Is Isshin a human or a shinigami? And how did he “lose his powers” and still fight on par with Aizen?

    Oh and this may be a dumb question, but why is Aizen immortal?

  13. “I know they’re busy, and Ichigo’s return to consciousness wasn’t known”

    You kinda answered your own question there old buddy, old pal. They’re busy trying to rebuild Soul Society’s order and trying to get stronger so that some random kid wont have to show up to save them again, cut ’em some slack

    @pein, do you think the Vizards would even want to go back to Soul Society? I also doubt Soul Society would even take them back. They were exiled for being abominations by the Central 46, and last I checked, they’re kinda still abominations lol. Besides, there are 4 Vizard Captains and only 3 empty spots :/. ASHIDO KANO FOR CAPTAIN ’10!

    @Darks, think of the Yu-Gi-Oh series (I’m being hit be Déja vu here). Every few years it changes protagonists and adds a new word (Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds) to the title and continues in the same universe. I don’t know about you guys, but I love seeing the same story told from someone else’s point-of-view. Think of it like the same rules, different hero (one that’s older than Ichigo)

    @Rukia’s farewell, did she forget about Gigais? lol that kinda cheapens the moment

  14. y is no1 pissed that everyone survived… wtf is yamamoto doing alive, he like self-destructed and depleted his chakra… how is hinamori alive… how are any of them alive…. damn you kubo

  15. Cus this is Bleach….nothing should surprise u anymore.Hiyori gets sliced in half and they treat it like some kind of flesh wound :/

    and Áizen may be the most fail villain ever. The only kills he mangaed to achieve were 3 of his own subordinates

  16. oh and i hope Aizen gets raped violently and continously for the next 20,000 years in Impel Down

  17. @ Kisu – Remember Shinji said he owed the Soul Society (the 4th Captain) so maybe they come in as a sort of replacement but only till we can replace u, okay there are 4 level captains in the Vizards but I don’t think all will want to rejoin, not short hair pissed off all the time dude O_O and I think Yammato and the rest after Aizen’s treason has become more leinient on the current Vizards since it was not their choice in the end…

    @ Future of the manga – well Tite said he would have 2 more arcs, 1 to show isshin background (I think to reveal the true bad guy) and 2 the final one, so its too short to have a new hero, and Isshin has shown shinigami powers can be regained by some means O_O we don’t know how though… Ichigo will probably be next hero or a mentor to the next hero.

  18. @Kisu: Oh..My..God!! Here I was hoping nobody would point it out and thinking: Please just let it slide and don’t ruin the moment for me. I mean, it was so obvious that it was the first thing that popped into my head when the goodbyes were said. Really, when you’ve been reading Bleach for this long people tend to develop a habit of automatically finding fault with it. But I tried, I tried not to with this chapter and pushed the evil whispers at the back of my mind..It was actually working. I mean, HOPE was renewed. Then you said THAT. *sigh*All sentimentality gone. *shakes fist at Kisu* Curse you and your emotionless-ness.. T.T

  19. “he like self-destructed and depleted his chakra”

    Chakra, lols. Well Ukitake basically said it, no one could replace the old Geezer. He’s to Soul Society what Sengoku was to the Marines/Navy. He won’t die until someone shows up that could possibly replace him. I’m thinking Hitsuguya could since Hyorinmaru is such a powerful zanpakuto. But to be fair, they said Ittou Kasso uses your body as the ignition, so he lost an arm, makes sense. Think of summons in Naruto, they’re extremely cheap because all they require is a drop of blood (and chakra). Hell you could give urself a paper cut lol. Ittou Kasso requires a body part and Reiatsu, so it isnt too cheap since you can only use it 4 times in ur life.

    @pein, exactly, Yamamoto wouldn’t care, but Central 46 is here again and those old guys are douches. So the Vizards are still nomads >:)

    @pumpkin, what are you talking about? Aizen basically killed his entire army, that counts for something right lol? Seriously though, Sosuke Aizen is epic! He’s a Villain Sue, but he makes it work.

    @elatedpuppy, lol its not like Soul Society would let her go to the Human World whenever she wanted. Remember what caused that whole Rescue Rukia Arc? lol

    I’d just like to add that if there’s one thing about Kubo, he’s at least dedicated. Bleach has been going on non-stop for a few breaks with Naruto and One Piece. But then again, 1 Naruto chapter is about 1 and a quarter Bleach chapter…so yeah

  20. @Kisu: See I knew that too but..but..aaahhh..nooo!!
    I swear, even after reading the spoilers and before reading the actual chapter, I had developed a resolve to not nitpick on its faults and the things it was lacking and just enjoy the thing. I was confident and happy that it was working but reading the comments (save for Darks’) was like having the devil whispering and seducing me to succumb to my inner urges and just rip the damn thing apart. And it’s working! I have to leave before all previous senttiment goes beyond salvageable. Oh and by the way, I’m only at Chapter 274 so I don’t really know what that meant but was that an OP crossover reference? *GASP* NOOO!! *run away, run away, run away, run away..*

  21. @ puppy – unfortunately Bleach u gotta think, how could this chapter fail most and 99% of the time it surprises u by being worse then u thought 😛 I thought the same thing about the gigai, but to be honest in my head I just created a story of how rukia was not the shinigami in Kankuro town (isshin is) and she would have to remain in soul society/ or would rather pervy stare at Ichigo either way 😛

    @ Kisu – I think Central 42 has lost a lot of say since Aizen killed them O_o but yeah it was just a thought on the Vizards, maybe Hasigi will come back with Bankai

  22. @elatedpuppy, worry not. It isn’t as cheap as it seems. Soul Society was gonna execute her because she was in the gigai too long. Thanks to Kisu, this moment has been de-cheapened 🙂


  24. Good breakdown

    My opinion of the chap can be summarised like this:
    *doesnt really care*

    I dont really get the deal with imprisoning Aizen, why not just kill him? They say he’s immortal but why’s that? The Hokey abandoned him so shouldn’t he just be a normal(as normal as Aizen is) shinigami(or spirit since he doesnt have a zanny anymore).

    The moment with Yama-ji lecturing Kyoraku, Byakuya and Kenpachi was pretty funny.

    I never really cared about Toushiros relatin with Hinamori. Neither did i for the thing between Rangiku and Gin.
    Got nothing against the characters(okay, maybe a little against Toushiro >_>) but i just didnt care for their relations to eachother.

    Now that it turned out that Ichigo screaming was nothing important i feel trolled(it doesnt help that time was somehow reversed on Ichigo). The parting moment felt sad at first but then i realised the gigai thing and i felt like facepalming.

    I am curios for what will happen next after the break. Im not having big expectations, but im curious.

    (woot, first post here ever :D)

  25. You know, the most confusing thing about bleach is that the spirits of dead people can die, and I’m not entirely too sure why that is. Why is that?

  26. @puppy – lol I’m just trying to stay positive. Everything goes down better that way. XD

  27. @Kisu: It’s okay.. I’m over it. After I logged out, it took me all of 3 minutes before the lock broke and I went: Ah, screw it! Apparently I have little self-control. Besides, Pein is right. I can’t help but think what I think about Bleach.

    Sentiments aside, the chapter was pretty decent although the genral concensus in our office is that the guys hate it and the girls like it. Even set the wheels for a mini-war. Hey guys, did you know that Ichigo fangirls are scary? What’s worse is that Hitsuga fans are waayy scarier! I swear, walk into our office and if you’d so much as utter Ichi and/or Toshi should die, you’d be walking away in a limbo with your manhood ripped from between your legs. Thank God i never voice out opinions in front of these crazy ass girls because even I won’t be pardoned. Which is precisely why I don’t see how a change in the lead character would work. Personally, I’d like to see it myself but I don’t think kubo’s actually gonna go through with it. He knows that half (or maybe even more than that) are due entirely to fangirls so he’d be taking a huge risk if he were to invoke displeasure from a formidable majority and cause sales to plummet. Unless he manages to make the new characters waayy hotter than the present ones. Kubo does know how to make good eye candy for girls and boys alike. I swear hearing “Hitsugaya is sooo hot!” plain makes me hurl! ugghh! The little guy looks like a 12 year old you cradle-robbing pervs! And Ichigo really should have died at Aizen’s hands but right now I want I’m in between wanting him to die and not wanting him to die mainly because i waiting for Kubo to tie up all the loose ends. After that he can kill him any way he wants to. Doubtful though. I’m actually curious how kubo’s gonna edge in Isshin’s story and how it will be in relation to Aizen’s.

    *See now, this is why I wanted to start reading Bleach o with a sunny and positive disposition. I was dangerously close to to coming to Kanton’s rage level. Ah, now don’t get me wrong Kanton. I love you and I find your outbursts endlessly entertaining but I can’t handle the stress of constantly being on a war path.

    @Darks: *gasp* I thought I was the only one who thought that and was too scared to actually voice out that question. So I have more for those who’d care to answer. How is it that they bleed or spawn children? And weren’t they supposed to be humans prior to coming to SS. If so, then explain the Komamura phenomenon. WHAT is he?

  28. @kisu – Dude, Yu-Gi-Oh the anime SUCKS. There isn’t enough weed in this world to make that series or any of it’s reincarnations watchable.

    The only main character change in a series that I think is gonna be remotely good to watch will be the new Avatar: The Legend of Korra. And they at least give a good reason as to how they can change the main character (avatar reincarnation). But still I’m going to find myself wondering about Aang and the gang and how they died and wishing he was still the main character somehow.

  29. HOW DARE YOU! Yu-Gi-Oh is the next DBZ I tells ya!

  30. @elated and Darks, Kisu’s much too lazy to try to answer your logical questions with his illogical bullcrap. So he says you should go to Bleach wiki and read up on Shinigami, Pluses and Humans. That is all.

    @Darks, I still can’t get over you trashing Yu-Gi-Oh. You deserve to be drowned, revived and drowned again for such blasphemy T_T

  31. @puppy – I don’t think that they can reproduce, at least I can’t remember any instances when they have, but I could be wrong. This is further supported by the fact that Rukia was adopted into the Kuchiki family. Byakuya didn’t have to adopt Rukia just to keep his promise to his wife. He could have just kept an eye out for her or sponsored her or something. If shinigami could be born into a family, then there would be no need to adopt.

    And I always thought that Komamura was a sort of fox-demon the Japanese are so fond of. There’s usually one in a manga (Naruto’s Kyuubi, the pokémon Ninetails, etc etc).

    Oh, and where the heck do you work!? Sounds like everyones a manga fan, and that’s just awesome XD

  32. @kisu – I say it cos it’s true. Yugi puts a single card on the field, followed by at least twenty minutes of dialogue and two flashbacks. And that’s just one episode.

    Plus the cards don’t have the same effects in the anime as they do in the official TCG. Love the card game (I used to be one of the highest ranked players in Australia back in my high school days), hate the anime.

  33. @Dark – wouldn’t evidence that they reproduce be that both Byakuya and Yoriuchi were born into and grew up in the Kuchiki and Shihion noble families, respectively? Unless they adopt all of their successors?

  34. Oh yeah, Yugi sucks ass. His deck has no real world effectiveness lol. The first series should have been called Kaiba-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh 5ds is where it’s at though. Those duels are simple epic x 1000.

    Also, Shinigami can be born. Just look at Ginrei Kuchiki having a son and that son having Byakuya…wait, that came out wrong. But my theory on that is only Noble Households can reproduce >_>

    New Avatar series huh? I googled it. It doesn’t look as awesome as the original, IT DOESN’T HAVE ZUKO (although his character was severely derailed in Book 3 fire). So now a girl’s gonna be kicking a lot of guys’ asses, I see lots of potential Rule 34 applying here and lots of fetish fuel (possibly the BDSM kind)

  35. @Kisu – well Naruto got a whole joyous village haha. I think it means ninjas are just more grateful than shinigami haha XD

  36. @Kisu: When I see DB references I just run for the hills but Yu-Gi-Oh the next DBZ? Intriguing. DBZ is a pretty tough act to follow so to say it’s the next DBZ must mean that it follows the same awesome road. Darks doesn’t think so though. Still, maybe I’ll give it a whirl as it comes highly recommended.

    @Darks: Ah, I forgot about the spinoff! Gonna miss the little cue ball though. And to answer your question, I work with a non-profit group that goes around teaching at remote places, mostly mountainous areas. When we’re not on a trek, lazing about in the office is pretty much the standard. Apparently manga reading is a popular college hobby so it gets rowdy during the Big 3 releases. Like I said, fangirls are scary and yesterday was especially vicious (and funny). Yet for all their manga reading, the names Sensui, Toguro, Ranma and the DB cast hardly ring a bell that it’s disgusting really, how the classics have been forgotten. Thank god for my stupid brothers.

    Ah, the reproducing issue. So they have blood as well as sperm and egg cells? You know, I regret asking that question. So sorry for troubling you. It’s a manga about paranormal stuff afterall so maybe these are the kind of questions that are better off unanswered. It’ll probably just give us a headache trying to make sense out of it.

  37. @urban – it’s actually possible that they do adopt all their successors. Doesn’t make sense that souls can be born, when we know that souls arrive in SS after their physical earth body dies, including those of shinigami like Renji, Rukia, etc etc. Ginrei and Byakuya may not actually be physically related, just brought into the same family. We prolly won’t ever know for sure though, so like puppy says, we should just skip the question entirely and save ourselves the headaches lol.

    @kisu – I know! Zuko was my fave character! And we still dunno what happened to his mother too. Damn you nickelodeon!

  38. Great breakdown Kisu but you have one hell of a One Piece spoiler in there. xD

    I enjoyed the chapter. I really did. I guess Aizen is immortal because of some after effects of the Hougyoku. Btw, Roku92 called it a “Hoceky” and that had me LMAO! XD Welcome to WRA.

    Anyway, we know Shinigami aren’t normally immortal because they can die. They could have been killed in the war. Aizen can’t be killed at all it seems so they’re imprisoning him for 20,000 years. As if he’ll get his act together. Right… Gin isn’t dead, he just left embarrassed because he failed in every way possible. Think about it. He betrayed Soul Society, betrayed his friends, and was Aizen’s right hand man for over a century just to learn everything he could from him so that one day he might kill him. Then he failed to kill Aizen. I still don’t know if Gin had the good intentions of just protecting Matsumoto or if he really just wanted the Hougyoku.

    Rukia should just hop in a Gigai body and stop with the dramatics. ~_~

  39. @puppy None taken about the bleach and reproduction well Bleach slowly showing that it has as much logic as SpongeBob

  40. @elatedpuppy, they don’t know SHINOBU SENSUI AND YOUNGER TOGURO!? Oh what has the world come to T_T. Btw, Yu-Gi-Oh is kind of an acquired taste >_>

    @Darks, volcano and puppy, I think this’ll answer that question:

    But when you think about it, Souls should have to reproduce in Bleach, to balance out the souls Hollows eat.

    @Superdude, such a huge spoiler would actually make people read. The only reason I started reading OP

    SPOILER SPOILER OMG SPOILER!!!! Damn you Kisu!!! T_T

    was because I glimpsed a picture with a certain “Fire Fist” lying on the ground 😉

  41. I think I found a new candidate for a Captain. HINAMORI! She can survive literally ANYTHING. Being stabbed by Aizen, and being attacked by FOUR Captain-level fighters lmao!

  42. @kisu they should also reinstate the vizards so we can nominate Hiyori who also can survive anything since she was cut in half TWO PARTS rofl.

  43. @ Kisu – hahahahahahahahahaha

    @ Can Shinigami reproduce – What is Isshin then? If he is not a shinigami then is he like Ichigo a split between the two? Cause he technically had Ichigo <_<

    Though I think if a shinigami can eat it and die (gin) even if he not dead he said he could die, they can reproduce… but in Bleach we just gotta close our eyes and move forward sometimes, I mean do shinigami age? when do they stop etc… my theory is…

    Each Shinigami comes (or is born) to the soul society the age they are born, but each one can only age as fast as there Reitsu allows them to, if you are strong u will age (slowly) to the age that represents ur Reitsu or strength… So if 100 = 1 year and u age at that rate till the point ur potential is reached and then 200=1 year (for example). but the theory is flaw since bleach could never make sense or use maths 😦

    @ Darks – Dude I loved Yu-Gi-Oh, everytime I watch it I am like how is Yugi gonna pull this out of his @$$ (kinda like Sasuke) and what are the odds a 1 in 40 chance he gonna pull that card <__>

    Sigh heart of pieces of card board, I also had a deck at one stage though and was pretty good, but it never really picked up in South Africa… I basically stopped watching when Yugi almost (did) beat Kiba’s Ultimate Blue eyes white dragon with Fing Kiribo @_@

  44. @pein – I think Isshin is a bit different, seeing as how he has a gigai and diddled a human woman. >_>

    And Kuriboh is teh shizz. Here’s proof.

  45. first of all wth is you gi oh , secondly how do spirits aka shinigami get old o.o

  46. Super: I called it Hokey for 3 reasons
    1. I cant spell its real name
    2. Ultimate plotmcguffin is to long to write
    3. Hokey is the term used in a forum i visit
    And thanks, i will try to enjoy myself here ^^

    Why shinigami dies is quite easy to explain, early in the series it was explained that souls travel between the 2 worlds. When people die in the normal world they go to Soul Soceity and when someone dies in Soul Soceity they get reincarnated in the real world. Hence why Quincy killing hollows was so bad since they destroyed hollows rather then purifying them thus breaking the balance.

    I have no idea though how reproduction is supposed to work in Soul Soceity since souls get there the way they were when they died.
    Kommamura just confuses me with what hes supposed to be, kinda the same with those creatures in the Research squad.

    Yeah, Yu-Gi-Oh was teh shizz. Absolutly loved it. Cant remember why i stopped watching it though.

  47. @Roku92, nah last chapter it was revealed that the Hogyouku didn’t reject Aizen, it simply granted his wish (lol he has 20,000 years to pimp slap it). you’re right about the reincarnation stuff though. I just might post a diagram showing it…but it’ll require me starting over and playing Bleach the 3rd Phantom again 😥

    @pein, nice theory about aging. Genryusai is over 2000 years old… so yeah

    @Darks, Kuribohs are pests. Get some kuribohcide and SPRAY.

    Btw, there are TWO new Yu-Gi-Oh series. First is GX with starring kid named Jaden

    The newest one is 5ds with someone that can actually play the game….ON MOTORCYCLES!!!!

  48. @ Darks – yeah he did diddle daddle in a human women (was she a human women? @_@) but it stands to reason Isshin is not a normal shinigami (not many people current know about him, and apparently he been around for ages too <_<

    lol think need to start a new debate, Kuriboh vs Aizen!! <_<

  49. @ Kisu – I wonder what Kubo thinks how he would explain it O_O

    @ Roku – Welcome to WRA ^:_:^ hope u enjoy ur stay

  50. He’d probably say “Don’t think about it”

  51. I see we’re still on the go forth and multiply deal. Me, I give up. I’ll leave the figuring out to you guys.

    @Kisu: You’re quite the devil’s advocate aren’t you? It’s like you’re waving swiss chocolates under my nose. I’m tempted because I love it but I can’t eat it ’cause I tend to have breakouts. Still, I’m not gonna click that even though it’s calling out to me. I remembered you said the same thing about about why you started in on the manga in a Naruto breakdown a while back. I forgot about about that but now.. T_T Croc, finished reading about him. I don’t know who Sengoku is so I don’t mind. T-t-the last one.. T_T (Super forgive me, I know you don’t like OP cross references) But you know, I’m kinda relieved that I already know. I’m still gonna cry, though not so much.maybe. T_T

  52. @elated, hehehe, worry not. Its only a link showing the current characters’ parents 😉

  53. Hmm, since Shinobu Sensui was brought up, I think I’ll just post this.
    Spoiler for those who’ve yet to watch YuYu Hakusho!!:

    This is clearly where Ksihi got the idea that using clones could amplify experience gained in training. Sensui had severe D.I.D. and used his 7 personalities to train for 6 years so together they amassed 42 years worth of training, thus meeting the requirements for Sacred Energy which takes at least 40 years to master. And its also Bleach related since Kubo got the ideas of Soul Reapers from Spirit Detectives lol 😉

  54. Kisu: I guess that explains it, though his wish wasnt exactly immortality but more like becomming a god(though i guess thats part of the deal).

    If it wasnt clear enough that Kubo was ‘inspired’ by Yu Yu Hakusho, the anime team blatantly ripped it off.
    The Bounto arc is a clear ripoff of the arc that introduced Sensui as the villain(i dont know the names of the arcs in YYH).

    Pein: Thanks, i will

  55. What ho.. A YuYu video clip?! OMG!! Nostalgia alert! Now all I need is DBZ and Ranma 1/2 from my triumvirate of awesomeness and the trip down memory lane would be complete. Ah, the good ol’ days when us as kids used to just sit back and watch epic fights of the eternal clash between good and evil without going “What the hell kind crap is that? Puh-lothole!!!” every goddamn time. Anyhoo, Kisu!! Two thumbs up for posting a clip of my 2nd favorite series of all time (and one with Sensui to boot!). Toguro ototou was the crowd favorite among the villains but I was always a Sensui fan. Good guy prodigy who went bonkers, developed multiple personalities and went on to become a genocidal nutjob while *Insert Spoiler*..Really, I could go on and on about this magnificent bastard but this is the Bleach section. Besides I just know that some nut would throw some lame ass retort like “He’s gay”, which I fully acknowledge but it won’t dissuade me from my belief that he was goddamn awesome.

    Kubo getting ideas from this timeless classic really doesn’t come as a surprise since YuYu was the Bleach of the 90’s, or rather Bleach is the YuYu of the present. Actually, scratch that last thought. That sentence is just wrong on sooo many levels that it feels like I’ve blasphemed. Still, the parallels are there. Teenage kid with a job involving spirits and other paranormal phenomena. Yusuke having a recessive demonic gene. Ichi being born half a shinigami. (Still puzzling how that came about so when a guy at work said “spiritual genes” I just flat out LMAO. Jesus, that sounds ridiculous even for Bleach.) Aizen’s character practically has Sensui written all over it, sans the mental mob of course (Not to mention they’re both gay). Which is why I personally think Kubo’s gonna try to delve deeper into the corruptions in Soul Society as it’s hardly the utopia they make it out to be and that I’ve always thought that the welfare of the populace is a reflection of the ruling hand. The layout is entirely reminiscent of the feudal age when monarchies had pivotal roles in the lives of nobles and peasants alike where the disparity between classes was clearly defined. The very mention of the word “King” makes me wary in that he was necessary as Urahara implied but doesn’t rule out the possibility that he’s nothing but a schmuck with a title. As monarchies go , inheritance is by way of blood and some successors are just moronic, lustful and greedy that kingdoms are just better off without them. Then again, civil war would ensue. And then there’s Shinji and the gang’s hosility towards the shinigami lot. I mean, they can’t not have heard from some grapevine that the judgement passed onto them was because of Aizen pulling the strings so why remain hostile? And was anyone else pissed at that guy from Central 46 who raised Aizen’s sentence just for giving them lip? It is in my opinion that hot-headed old gits should not serve in the judiciary system. I just love how Japanese mangas focus on the different shades of grey rather than the black and white of right versus wrong and how, if anything else, it emphasizes how shaky and fragile the very foundation of morality and ethics is. I think this this the direction Kubo is gearing towards in his “Final Long Arc”. Kudos if he manages to pull it off without the perpetual cries of “Die, Kubo, Die!” flying about. *Doubtful* Whoa! Too long a post! I blame YuYu and Sensui for this!

    @roku92: If I remember correctly, it was called Chapter Black Saga. I could be wrong but that’s what it was called back then. And hey, comrade! Me is a newbie too. You’re gonna love it here!

  56. @elated, I actually can’t choose who I like more; Yomi, Sensui or Younger Toguro, but Sensui is more interesting than all of them with his 7 personalities (Toguro just wanted to be beat, and Yomi didn’t know what he wanted). My favorite good guy is easily Kurama. Anyway, Yuyu Hakusho ended with the protagonist losing to someone who has been training for centuries and didn’t try to force us to think the greenhorn protagonist could actually compete with those centuries-old demons. Yusuke’s defeat was logically expected, but Ichigo had to pull the biggest crapball outta his ass to beat Aizen-sama.

    Also, its been confirmed by Yuyu Hakusho’s creator that Sensui and Itsuki were a couple, so he is gay :(…not that there’s anything wrong with that >_>. But Aizen-sama is DEFINITELY NOT gay, well he would be if he had an Aizen clone. That guy loves himself too much.

    Anyone here who HASN’T watched Yuyu Hakusho, I strongly recommend you do. It’s probably the second best Shonen series ever (right behind DBZ)

  57. @kisu: too bad dbz wasnt that great
    I mean when i was 14 it was the coolest thing ever and testosterone filled… so at that time i considered it the best show ever made… but now that i look back on it… Dragonball was much better… especially storywise… so yes… there was nothing like seeing goku transform to a super saiyan for the first time… it was epic.. and i mean i enjoy it still more out of nostalgia than out of plot… We need to stop holding dbz as the best anime ever.. because what made toriyama famous in the first place was db… dbz was just when he sold out to what the teenage boys wanted which was more power, faster fighting, and overall adrenaline rush… Yuyu hakusho (i tried to watch it over the summer) has some moments where i’m just like… oh… this is dbz with different named people…

    Vegeta ftw!! he shouldve been the most powerful based on how much he trained

  58. @omar, you don’t like the adrenaline rush? lol I get you. But the fact that I can sit and watch DBZ over and over again without getting bored (despite knowing what’s gonna happen next) makes it the best anime in my book. I have a really short attention span, so if something isn’t epic I lose interest pretty quickly (I still can’t re-watch Naruto Shippuden or original Naruto episodes lol). And yes, logically Vegeta should be the strongest character because he makes Goku’s training look like a stroll in the park, but you know little kids and their heroes, Toriyama had to keep Goku as the strongest 😡

  59. @Kisu – lol you’re so right, Aizen would be gay for himself haha I guess 20000 years of imprisonment isn’t so bad as long as you have your lover with you XD

  60. @urban and Kisu yea he just as bad as that guy what’s his name from the 11th division with vine zanpaktuo. It’s been so long I forgot the guy name and his zanpakuto

  61. @Kanton, WHAT!? You forgot the name of the most awesome Lieutenant-level Shinigami EVA!? Its Yumichika Ayesegawa, remember it cuz he’s beautiful. I wonder who’d win in a fight, him or Szayel lol

  62. Speaking of Szayel, where the hell is his Hollow Hole

    On second thought..I don’t think I wanna know X_X

    Since we’re on the topic of Hollow Holes, any guesses to where Harribel’s is? The following links are where her Hollow Hole isn’t. 😀


  63. @Kisu: Sensui, Sensui, a thousand times over Sensui! Oh, and did I mention Sensui? lol. Anyway, something I stumbled upon 3 years ago and it took me while to find again but here’s a link of a character analysis for Sensui if you’r interested. It’s concise, well written and fairly insightful.

    Kurama, eh? Would’ve been mine too if not for my fondness of the cold, aloof shrimp who has a bit of a soft spot for his sister. And I’ve yet to meet a YuYu fan who prefers that butt-ugly Kuwabara.

    “well he would be if he had an Aizen clone. That guy loves himself too much” – …Aaaannnd you nailed it! That’s precisely what I was hinting at! LOL!!! 😀

    Eeekk! A DBZ dispute! ** I’m not even going to respond to omar’s comment except maybe to say a definitive, “to each his own”.

    I knew I shouldn’t have clicked those last two links.hahaha..Kisu, you’re awful! LOL I keep forgetting this was a guy’s place. Well, it’s not like I don’t understand the inner workings of a guy’s mind growing up with 5 of them myself so, y’all have fun with the pictures and drool over it as much as you like. lol ;p With that, I take my leave. See you in a month you crazy kids! 😀

  64. @elated, Yuyu Hakusho stuff, and about Sensui as well! I’m on it! Kuwabara is awesome! He’s a man’s man, y’know, like Sanji 🙂 Oh, and you can join our little guessing game as well. I’m not the kinda guy to exclude girls from anything 😉

  65. Kisu, love to.No time, on the road.One final look around.Darksie’s breakdown isn’t out yet.Shame,have to wait a month to read.damn mountains w/ no electricity.god i’ll miss this place.always keep the awesomeness alive.lexi out.:D

  66. Lol Darksie. Where deh heck does all these cutesy names come from!? I first started as Dark, then fly dubbed me Darks and the name stuck, then twihards called me Darkisparky, and now Darksie. -_-

  67. Btw which Samsung phone you using? XD

  68. @Darks – sometimes when I write “Darks” I’m actually thinking “Darkman!”… I just haven’t actually written it yet cuz I’m afraid its too racy.

  69. @ omar – i think in dbz if you look at almost every aspect Vegeta got the most character development and training/fighting should of been the most powerful that i agree with, dbz was the best battle based anime, best anime in my opinion is death note, but it was also my fav manga too

  70. Kisu is most displeased. Only 15 people f 149 think I make everything awesome!? I should be dominating that poll! I command everyone that didn’t vote for me to re-read Bleach from chapter 1-423. That should be sufficient torture for a crime of this magnitude 😡

  71. 1 more week without Bleach? Kubo is giving us time for our minds to recover before he rapes them with nothingness again.

    Or maybe he’ll surprise us.

  72. @pein… i usually put death note in a class of its own… its just such a mature plot that i like cant compare it to like one piece or naruto… same with fma… i put death note and fma in a separate class… and dont get the impression taht i dont like dbz… i mean i still have like over 30 action figures from my childhood of dbz and gt… and db… so i mean i used to b obsessed… but now i dont consider it the best ever…

  73. @ Omar – I agree, what I was saying anime in general Death Note is top, and best battle based (ie fighting) was DBZ… (and Bleach :P)

    @ Kisu – hahahahahahahaha I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy!!!

    @ Super – maybe he will blow us away with 18 pgs blank and at the end “haha last chapter was the last chapter” and then in small “read next week to see the results”

  74. There always something I wondered and that did it feel like at certain point that Ichigo didn’t know what the hell he was fighting for.

  75. @Kanton, I know, I felt that way too. Just the lack of emotion against Aizen killed that fight for me. But overall, the fight was an EPIC….fail.

    “@ Super – maybe he will blow us away with 18 pgs blank and at the end “haha last chapter was the last chapter” and then in small “read next week to see the results””

    ROFLMAO!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! XDDD!!!! Maybe the 16 pages will be blank, then on the 17th page Tite writes “Lol I got you”. He would go down in history as the greatest troll of all time. He would have wasted years of so many peoples’ lives lmao!!!

    @Poll, its slightly better now, its 16 people :D. I’m gonna troll you guys so hard next week 😉

  76. It finally dawn on me why Aizen never killed the gotei 13. He wanted to play with them forever and ever after he became king.

  77. @pein and kisu also don’t forget to add 20000 years later!

  78. @ Kanton – yeah but he did say he wanted to eat them later @_@

    OMG!!! Aizen is Tenrai <__>

    but it would be funny as hell if that happened, though next arc is based on Isshin so lets hope O_O

  79. I have bad news, or good news depending on how you look at it. No Bleach next week either

  80. @ Kisu – 2 weeks off and another week break, lol Tite looking long and hard for that plot he so desperately needs 😛

  81. I was wondering what everyone here thinks the future of Bleach will be O_O

    – New Arc introduced by a Flash back/or a Time Skip Forward?
    – New Villain or Hero, Will Ichigo change roles and will Aizen be properly replaced by a new super villain. Motivations etc
    – New Captains. If there is a time skip who will be promoted to Captain?
    – Will the Vizards rejoin the Soul Society?
    – Role of the Quincy (many people) still want the Ichigo vs Ishida battle, Angel vs Demon etc. I think it would be cool to see how Ishida’s dad works in all this…
    – Bankai’s needing to be seen.
    – Hollows/Espada’s fate, Nel/Grimmerjow/Yammy etc plus all Hollow killed by the blade of a shingami is cleansed and taken to the soul society… Starrk was killed by the Zanpukto? and so where many other Espada?
    – Kubo will just troll us all…..

    *what I read somewhere which I thought was cool idea*

    That Ichigo begins loosing his memory of the events as time passes but because all his friends now leaking their spiritual energy he begins to regain his (like Isshin did with Ichigo) this would explain why Aizen chased his friends around for so long it was cause he somehow planned this all too 😛 he wanted them to be strong too, cause he would need them to re-energize ichigo’s hollow/shinigami powers after being captured, and that Aizen will be looking for someone in the “hell” area, that this person is the one who Isshin needed to use his FGT, and the reason he lost his abilities… (the back story of Isshin begins)

  82. Is it me or was the last week or so of bleach the most well plotted, intelligently written, most awesome bleach chapters in a long time?

    What do you mean he’s still on break?

  83. lol

  84. @ kantonkage,

    lol, who the hell thought up. Its made more sense of the story than the manga. It is kinda bad that people read bleach now to mock it but I kinda hope he keep on writing it so we can :).

    We we have to give props for Aizen one the kindest honest captain turning into the an evil, sadistic, power mad


  86. Spoilers are out @_@

  87. @spoilers -.-

  88. @ Kanton – agreed -_-

  89. 2 weeks of wait and Kubo played it safe. Story development is important but what was learnt. This was so safe it was boring. It didn’t build off of anything it didn’t take the manga in any direction. Really I’m sure if I didn’t read this chapter I sure that It wouldn’t of matter.

    The spoiler that didn’t spoil anything. Pretty much like a 3 week wait for bleach. Felt like a Isshin drop kick to the face. Kinda harsh but read the spoiler and you will see what I mean.

  90. To be fair it is troll free

  91. @ lost – its been 3 weeks actually.

    but hey thank goodness no trolls and a decent “safe” chapter. I didn’t really it but least its a story more like how Bleach started before Super Super Powered Peoples

  92. @Lost yea agreed.
    @Pein it’s spirits not people.

  93. why does the new bad guy kinda look like Aizen to me … Hair slick back and menecing eye brows

  94. it’s out now

  95. lol well Ichigo is kind of a people <_<

    and Isshin kinda 😛

    Dam nit picking… what I mean is its not omg his power is off the charts and etc,

  96. lol it can’t be out yet, Kisu usually has the breakdown done before I read it 😛

  97. lol Aizen’s younger brother is the new villain

  98. @urban and yes he’s here to get vengenace beyond reason.

  99. OMG!! Is that the beginning of an actual plot I see in BLEACH!!
    If that’s the case maybe he should take two weeks to put out every chapter =P

    I thought I was going to be heartily disappointed reading bleach after One Piece, but I was surprised by a fairly decent chapter. Lets hope Kubo has got his groove back. *crosses fingers*

  100. Its true Kisu is fast but how much has he got to go on. A Creepy guy who garnier hair gel cos he’s “worth it.” He is probably pulling out his pink hair as we speak.

  101. Is Kisu on vacation or is this him trolling us or maybe because Aizen has been exiled for 20000 years and his powers don’t work anymore.

  102. that was awful… like the name of the arc is ridiculous

  103. bleach is back and its boring aaaaaas shit. wonderful. im really annoyed by how the status quo has been completly restored. seriously, its as though the entire arrancar arc did not matter at all. if ichigo had lost his powers and aizen been sealed at the end of the SS arc, it would be the same. all thats changed is that gin may or may not be dead and the friends all know about the shinigami. whope fuckin do! glad that the arrancar were so worthless kubo!

  104. Sorry guys, but I’ve been busy for a couple (a lot) of days and I haven’t had time to surf. The only reason I’m on now is because I planned ahead (yay me!). I read the chapter, but there isn’t much to go on. So I’m hoping to get out a double Breakdown out next week when there’s more info. So until then, Kisu out (I know its sad to see someone as awesome and godly as I am to go again, but keep a stiff upper lip for I will be back). 😉


  105. spoilers but nobody cares

  106. scratch that it’s out already

  107. Nothing happened AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sets a building on fire*

  108. amazing, it really is lol
    2 chapters in a row about nothing
    lolz kisu no breakdown needed again T.T but u might bash kubo a bit

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