Fairy Tail Chapter 203 Breakdown! A New Arc And A Fresh Beginning!

YOSH! I don’t know about anybody else but I thought the last arc sucked balls. Big fat dragon balls! *sigh* That’s no way to start off a breakdown…


This is Super here with the latest magical Fairy Tail breakdown! College is keeping BBgurly a bit busy so I’ll substitute with my mad ramblings and self-fulfilling thoughts that add nothing useful to the breakdown but instead piss all over it. Let’s begin!

Hmmm....not enough fanservice.

Dun dun…Dun dun…Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun DUN!!!! AGH!!!! Fanservice!!! It’s everywhere!! Cover your eyes or if you’re like me, enjoy the hell out of it! ;D Despite my intro I’m actually enjoying this particular arc so far. Maybe it’s because the Edolas Arc was so bad for me anything after is such a refreshing change. Remember how they started off in Edolas with no magic and it was just the same 3 characters Lucy, Happy, and Natsu? Oh, and there was Wendy and her bitchy little cat Charles. Of course Grey and Erza were added later on for redundancy. Remember how they fought roller coaster rides, monsters out of a cheap 50’s horror movie, and fodder foot soldiers? Yeah, thank God that’s all over. Now we have characters that we’ve been waiting to see developed since they were first introduced. The alcoholic Cana, the pretty Levy, the random out of the blue back to life Lisanna, the “strong” Elfman, fangirl Juuvia, and Loki’s back!  Even former enemies Evergreen and Fried are welcome to this arc (kinda like Gajeel). I’m honestly tired of only seeing Erza, Grey, Natsu, and Lucy getting all the FT Guild character development. I hardly know or remember the other members and that’s bad. Especially when the guild is the main guild of the series. Oh, and who the hell is Mest?

Wendy's a minor, and Grey should definitely go to jail.

Alright, back on track with the fanservicy chapter, Hiro just had to do it huh? The girls in this manga have been stripped bare many times before, it was only a matter of time before Grey got jealous and did the same. *puts on headphones to hear himself think over the fangirls’ mighty squee*

Alright, no more picking on Grey. I promise. ^_^

So they arrive at the island they are to do the S Class challenge on, an island on top of an island, how neat. We find out that there’s a rumor of fairies who used to live here in the past and this island being the burial place, or sleeping ground, for Fairy Tail’s first master, Mavis Vermilion. Lol, my fault. I thought Markarov was the only master Fairy Tail ever had! xD Ok, so he’s not that old and I probably missed or forgot something about the guild’s history.

600 billion...?

Markarov tells everyone of the 1st exam. Get to the smoke designated beach and strip! No wait… *kicks Grey off the computer*. Now, the get to the beach part is right but instead of stripping eadh team must take  1 of the 8 paths. After one team takes a path it closes behind them so no other team can take it and they can’t go back. 3 of the paths lead to ‘Hard Battles’, fighting against Mirajaine, Erza, or Gildartz. Really looking forward to seeing the Gildartz battle! 4 of the paths lead to regular battles pitting teams against each other. The last path is completely safe, lol, watch Natsu get that one since he’s so eager to fight Erza. Well, start!

Oh, but for how long?

Natsu and Happy try to fly off the boat but Fried set up enchantments to seal everybody in for 5 minutes. Here’s where Levy’s strength is shown when she quickly dismantles the spell from scratch. Evergreen is able to do it because she has been hanging around Fried for so long. Cheaters…>_>

Cue the Baywatch music and slow everything down.

Finally, 5 minutes are up and so are the girls!!! @_@ Sorry got distracted, everyone is up and running for the island. Well…not really running. Natsu is flying, Grey is gliding on ice, Lisanna and Juuvia turned into a fish and water respectively, and Mest and Wendy put on a magic show and pulled a Houdini disappearing act. The ones left behind to swim like human suckers are Lucy and Cana. xD

See, Lucy = Sasuke and Naruto = Cana. Only the hair and body parts are different.

Lucy and Cana get on the island last and take the last entrance of luck. A battle entrance! So sad, an early goodbye to Fried and Bixlow. ;p I know they’re going to lose. Cana’s involvement in this tournament is too plot driven to end here and Lucy is a main character. So what Cana and Lucy should logically lose to Fried and Bixlow? This is Fairy Tail where magic happens, screw logic! That’s ends this week’s breakdown.

Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀


~ by supertrek89 on October 5, 2010.

32 Responses to “Fairy Tail Chapter 203 Breakdown! A New Arc And A Fresh Beginning!”

  1. First!!!

    Thanks for doing both the One Piece Breakdown and the Fairy Tail one, Super. *pays gray fangirls to assault super (in a good way)*

  2. I agree! Enough of the Gray-Erza-Natsu-Lucy-Happy. I want to see other members of FT!
    First of all, I am glad to see normal Loki on the “mission”. I missed him. Second….I want Kana to win!
    I don’t know is she stronger as Grey, Natsu and othrs, but surely she doesn’t look like she is.
    Anyway she is one of mine favorite FT members, I don’t think she will actually win (something will interrupt the test), but time Kana- Lucy will definitely be hilarious to read.

    But that team is not the only time that I support. I love “Grey & Loki Team” and “Levy & Gajeel Team!” (interesting couple :D).

  3. And ignore the bad spelling and grammar (If you can :D). Fast typing. 😦

  4. I just caught up to the manga today! woohoo!

    I enjoyed the Edolas arc….*avoids things being thrown at me*

    Maybe cus i read it all in one sitdown instead of having to read it once a week for an entire year O.o

    This arc is gonna be epic….and I cant wait to see Gemini in action!

  5. Fanservice 4tw

  6. @super yup Lucy is Naruto and Sasuke only over 9000 time hotter!!

  7. Erdolas arc was short arc. Judging by me. 😀
    It’s not a year. Couple of months…. i guess.

  8. @________@ naked….. grey…. is it getting hot in here, or is it only me? >_>

    @pumpkinbread –yep, i can’t wait to see gemini in action too. It’s probably the only way Lucy will have a chance of winning. Or I’d like to see Scorpio fight again, I’d like to see the full extent of his abilities.

    IMO Cana should fight bixlow and Lucy should fight fried. Cana is a long distance type like bixlow is, and lucy can easily use gemini to cancel out any of fried’s enchantments.

    Also can’t wait to see Mest in action, I wonder if he’ll have a similiar fighting style like Mistgun being his disciple and all.

  9. @pumpkinbread and BB
    I too hope that Lucy will use Gemini in this fight.
    Imagine them turning into Makarov… Five minutes is more than enough to defeat Fried and Bixlow! XD

    Well, I guess Natsu, Gray or Erza will be OK too. 🙂

  10. Great breakdown Super!!

    I completely agree with you.
    1. The Edolas Arc was extremely tedious and boring.
    2. I’m really enjoying this arc so far. It feels so… fresh… somehow.
    3. I’m liking this arc because, as you said, it has some other characters in it.
    4. But mostly I’m likely this arc because it shows some promise for character development. Finally! I feel like all the characters have been at the same level since their first battle against Gerard (like 120 chapters ago). We may actually get to see someone in Fairy Tail be promoted to an S-class mage!

    First, someone had better win and become an S-class mage or I’m gonna be upset. I get a feeling Mest and Wendy are gonna win. Mostly because Mest is a newly introduced character for this arc (no preconceived power measurements for the readers). I think it is still too early for Natsu and Gray. I love the pairing of Levy and Gajeel. That’s awesomeness. I don’t think they’ll win though, cuz Levy is not S-class material even though Gajeel is. Same thing with Kana and Lucy. Since Kana is a central plot figure to this arc, they will get to the final test (goodbye Fried and Bixlow), but I just can’t see Kana or Lucy as S-class mages. (btw if a pair wins, do both become s-class mages? or just the one nominated? cuz while I think Mest is gonna win, Wendy is still to young to be S-class). Elfman and Evergreen will be among the first to go. Juvia and Lisanna are potential sleeper candidates. Juvia is pretty powerful, and Lisanna is an unknown.

    Anyhow, after that very wordy paragraph, I guess my vote goes to Mest and Wendy, with Natsu/Happy, Kana/Lucy, and maybe Gray/Loki, Levy/Gajeel, and Juvia/Lisanna getting past at least the first round.


  11. oh and you’re right Super, Natsu is definitely getting the free path to the next round lol

  12. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/66923423/1 Natsu did not get the Quiet PATH.

  13. Ugh Freed didnt do shit T.T

  14. @pumpkinbread21 – yeah, but at least Fried and Bixlow let them win, instead of Hiro making up some bullshit reason for Lucy and Cana to actually win haha. As Fried said, Fairy Tail is what’s important here.

  15. dude… there was some great fan service in this chapter lol… when plot fails, boobs save the day

  16. Now if only Kubo could learn from this

  17. It was a pretty believable reason for their win but i cant help but feel a tint of cheapness in it(i get this feeling quite often in FT for some reason)

    And i totally agree with omar, fanservice FTEW

    And im very curious how Natsus fight will turn out, cause fanservice aint gonna save him

  18. Natsu




  19. Pwnage and absolute cleavage! *drools*

  20. awesome chapter for sure

  21. Mirajane is so scary in this image…


    Even scarier than Erza…

    Lol, this was a great chapter!
    Gildarts is extremely powerful! Imagine what would have happened if Lucy and Cana took path E… They would be dead by now. XD o_O

    I wonder who took the quiet path between Gray and Loke, Levy and Gajeel and Mest and Wendy. I hope it isn’t Mest… We haven’t seen his powers yet!

  22. O_O No one else commented… Where are you Kanton?!? T_T XD


    Chapter’s out!

    Gildartz is a Super Saiyan and his power level is OVER 9000!!!


    Seems like Mest’s magic will be revealed next week!!

  23. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/91156309/1 next week 3 freakin chapter when it come to releases HIRO PWNS ALL!!

    Natsu advances and GILDARTZ IS JUST ABSOLUTE PWNAGE!!!

    Yes unlike Oda-sensei (yes he did take a break) Kishi and that other guy, in terms of releases he release three chapter while they took at least a two weeks break.

  24. i prefer 2 weeks break and a quality chapter

  25. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/31143840/1 It’s out.

    Cool chapter. I wonder who Mest really is…

  26. I just looked at Fairy Tail Wiki and found out that three chapters will come out in the 49th issue of Weekly Shonen Magazine (Official release date: 11/02/10). So I guess I’ll have to wait three days.

  27. poor Juvia/Lisanna they had too face Erza-sama aka “The Female Knight who can’t hold back!”

  28. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/99063093/1 next chapter

  29. YAY for ERZA-SAMA

  30. Final chapter mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/52511650/1

  31. OMG ZEREF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Mashima-sensei Nailed the triple threat brilliantly.

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