Bleach 290 – Fly vs Giant Fly Swatter!!

AWE WRASCALS ^_^ it is I Pein, returning from the many trail and tribulations (of not having internet the last couple of months). I didn’t want to do a catch up on all the episodes I missed so instead I made an AMV of them, just as a light reminder of what I missed, to be honest some where good, fillers where pointless (thought that statement is pointless anytime Filler is said its useless). Though besides that I have had no real complaints… All hail Tite @_@ Its pretty odd watching Bleach and reading the manga at the same time, its funny in Naruto its fine you watch and you read and you see a general progression, but in Bleach its like… What happened to them? why don’t we see what happened in the manga… its like no spoilers allowed. You given information now that seems very important but in the end its just irrelevant which is frustrating…

But back to the show ^_^


Its odd how Aizen and Tosen’s evolution seem similar… but where Aizen comes out a beautiful butterfly with crazy skills, Tosen becomes some sort of twisted fly thing, that can see…

Back to the show O_O

The animation as always pretty top notch, it never really disappoints, though I must say the flow of the episode was always seemed, “laggy”, I felt through most of it, okay lets move on now. I am getting sick of people preaching to me about something something or other… and of course the well placed flashbacks, back to front… It actually felt like they where having a flashback of a flashback @_@

Anyways overview of episode pretty good overall, but lacking in key areas

– Holding my attention

– Pace of Episode

– Music disappointed me (but to be honest it matched the theme overall) (creepy and weird) like Tosen ^_^

Now to as Mayuri Kurotsuchi would say, lets disect this episode and see what its about…

bad@$$ fury dude!!

What made this episode worth watching above and beyond the manga is Komamura Bankai is given so much more “aww” factor, I have a pretty big screen and watching his Bankai rise from the rubble was really an epic moment. I think in raw power there is nothing like it, though this is already known, this episode truly gave it scop in my opinion, but it also made me think back to Soul Soceity Arc why did we never truly see Kenpachi vs Komamura T_T

Unfortunately after this point I lost a lot of interest, not because its irrelevant or even boring, it just to me felt like going to church you sitting listening and all you getting is circles of the same message.. You left so confused about whats the point, I don’t care when Komamura met Aizen or even see why its relevant. We all know it must of happened, maybe the important part is Aizen was at one stage the Captian of a lot of the current/ex captains which I wonder if it is because Aizen like Ichigo spiritual pressure actually creates strong people around him, or gives them ability.

Well one of those people he gave ability too is Shinji Hirako, the leader of the Vizards and just general weirdo… That smile just creeps me out… Well he is next in line to give Aizen a run for his money (while the rest of the Vizards chill out). Also the remark that Aizen is not the only sword that can control the senses of others… Makes you wonder if these people used their Bankai’s what effect would that have, I mean would it become like (from Naruto) Inzagi where the genju… I mean Hypnosis was inverted to create another reality?

Though the battle between Komamura and Tosen seems to be interesting, I still just thought, there is nothing special here, I like how the battle seemed to speed up and the fury dude got some good hits in but Tosen now has “instant regeneration” cheat code effective, which kinda makes him like Buu. Though I did enjoy what happened eventually with Komamura, Tosen not feeling too effected by the attacks continues to move around him cutting at the openings available, when he falls it he is still proud enough to talk smack to Tosen šŸ˜›

Maybe I am harsh on him though, I thought at first Komamura only at the endish of the episode realizes he and Tosen can’t see eye to eye ever… at first that’s probably not the best choice of words to tell a blind person but then I thought deeper, if I had a friend for so long I would do anything for them, I would do everything possible to try bring him back… Think about your best friends. (I have no friends) He tried to find a solution, you don’t always want to see the people closest to you for who they truly are, though this emotion wasn’t really portrayed correctly, the music seemed more focused on the actions of Tosen then the emotion of Komamura, which I believe this episode should of focused more on, the reasoning behind Tosen belief is fair but its no longer justice but vengeance but in the end if justice is you hit me, and I hit you then where would the world be, an eye for an eye leaves the whole world Blind (hey I never noticed how that actually suited Tosen perfectly)

I want Cookies!!! Nom.. Nom... Nom... Nom...

Tosen however then tells Komamura his true purpose for joining the Soul Society and in gaining an excess of power with Aizen, he has now gained a new power even more powerful then Bankai, a new sword release… (I wondered if Ichigo could also gain a new release besides his Bankai) though that is pointless to think of now…

The new more powerful? Tosen looks more like a fruit fly then anything, ironically him in this form still mocks Komamura about him being ugly… its like pots calling kettles black O_O

Lord of the Flies got nothing on him @_@

This is where I leave you this week, sorry my AMV been a hassle to upload will try get it on before next breakdown T_T

Hope you all had a great couple of months while I was in rehad. (and didn’t miss me too much šŸ˜› )



~ by pein0avenue on October 4, 2010.

7 Responses to “Bleach 290 – Fly vs Giant Fly Swatter!!”

  1. First!!!

    Good breakdown pein! šŸ˜€

  2. SECOND!!

  3. Third *Gin smiles*

  4. seventh ’cause I want to
    “sigh” hate the tosen fly form its creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy

  5. Fifth?

    Nice breakdown Pein! Tousen’s jab at Koma was awesome. “You’re much uglier than I imagined.” Yeah, ’cause you’re just pretty as a peach aren’t you? lol


    I always love Bleach anime episodes. The manga is overflowing with fail, but the anime is just epic! This episode was excellent. I loved seeing Tosen’s past. Plus his creepy voice when he had the mask on was epic. Then his grotesque Resureccion came and looks BEAUTIFULLY grotesque (unlike Aaroniero’s, that’s just grotesque and puke-worthy lol)

  7. YOSH! Welcome back Pein, hey I’ve fallen behind in Bleach episodes but as soon as I catch up again I’ll comment more. Great job in advance!

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