AMV Corner

So, I was very lazy last month and didn’t do any amv’s. Sorry for that 😦 But here’s this months, hope you enjoy them!

His Eye by lloydirving6492

Naruto’s Monstrosity by Pinoyword7up

Behind the Mask by dtbking

Red September by Premonition Studios

That’s it for this month. Sorry again about missing September….here’s your demotivational poster

~ by Miranda on October 2, 2010.

14 Responses to “AMV Corner”

  1. FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Damn, Kanton beat me to it! Fine, Second!

  3. Third!

  4. LMAO on the demotivational poster. Kakashi FTEW!

  5. No OP amv? 😥

  6. seriously, no love for One Piece? but still, great amv’s!

  7. I hate repeating myself…I don’t do OP amv’s for two reasons. One, I don’t like the series or know the storyline so that makes it hard to choose amv’s. And two, Trek does them on his OP breakdowns…..

    Penny, my ladeh! It’s good to see you back round here

  8. LOL

    awesome amv’s mandi but the demotivational poster takes the awesomeness level to another level xD

    as penny said

    kakashi FTEW ^.^

  9. o ok. but trek doesnt do OP amvs anymore *let alone breakdowns cough* but o well. still some great amvs XD

  10. @pumpkin, y’know, if u wanna have a little “chat” with Superdude regarding the Breakdowns, I could give you his address….and a baseball bat >_>

  11. Well you must forgive dear Trek for having a real life and doing stuff like…ya know…trying to finish his last semester in college.

  12. Nice Vids Mandi-sama ^_^

    Hahahah Kakashi definitely has a good job, even slightly protected with plot no jutsu 😛

    Thanks for the vids sometimes good motivation to keep watching/reading bleach is a good AMV about its glory days 😛

  13. Awesome AMV’s are awesome Mandi! ;D

    Thanks for worrying about me and now I’m going to send all my school work over to you to test how much you really care.

    *whistles and walks away*

    Lol, jkjk.

  14. You don’t want me to do your homework Trekkie….i’d make you fail on purpose 😀

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