Bleach 422- Deicide…What do you mean its over!? GAH! This was gonna be my best title too! Hey guys, wanna know what my title was gonna be? You do? WELL I’M NOT TELLING! This is Bleach, remember?

[message from Taco Aizen]

We regret to inform you that we are disbanding. Now that Aizen-sama has left us, we would probably be run straight into the ground. But we did have 1 more plug, not sure if it’s too soon though. Kisu, take over.

[message end]

I’m free? YEASH! Now all I have to do is make one final shameless plug for Taco Aizen and I’ll be rolling in dough and stop getting threatened. Now, let’s see which model did this shoot.

*looks at image*

Crap, it really is too soon….not my problem!

Yeah you regret taking down Aizen now don't you? That's right, no more tacos for you! Or catchy jingles!

This week I’m gonna try something new. Instead of me doing the breakdown, I’ll let my robot helper, whom I purchased from rather shady-looking individuals yesterday, do the breakdown.

*turns robot on and leaves to go drink some milk*

Hello, I am Bitch Kisu. I do all of his work for him so he can live the lazy life he’s used to. He as told me to do this breakdown, so I shall now commence reading the entire Bleach story, from chapter 1-423, so I will be able to give you readers a review of much better quality than my master’s.

. . .


*Robot erases memory*

*robot reads chapter*


*robot blows up*

*walks into the room*


*puts robot’s memory into laptop to see what caused the detonation*


Hello one and all, welcome to Bleach 422’s breakdown. Because of my robot’s failure to exist any longer, I *grinds teeth* will have to do this breakdown. Where can I start? Perhaps from the front page (HAHAHAHAHAHA get it? Front…page….start? Hmmm tough crowd.)

The very start of the chapter raises questions. The last time Mayuri Kurotsuchi showed up was 39 chapters ago in Bleach 383 (wow 39 chapters, it really puts into perspective how long Aizen was in God Mode), where he said he would dissect Yammy’s body and they shouldn’t make him get bigger. So why then is he in the human World instead of in Hueco Mundo. Judging by his character, Mayuri could care less about Soul Society and puts his research before everything else. So why is he there and why would he get there before Kenpachi and Byakuya? Anyway, he’s there preparing to switch the Fake Karakura Town in the Human World with the Real Karakura Town in Soul Society. The Vizards get some time in the spotlight by having a little chat with Unohana, and she considers the allies. Since she’s the 2nd oldest Captain, could this be her way of saying they are welcomed in Soul Society once more? Then..

Squad 11 welcoming Kenpachi was no surprise, BUT SQAUD 6 WELCOMING BACK BYAKUYA!? He's a TOTAL asshole!

Kenpachi and Byakuya show up. This raises some questions as well, but not in-universe questions, rather they raise writing questions. Every writer knows you never should give unimportant details if it isn’t necessary (and then it would still be important), its called “The Law Of Conservation Of Detail“. If Yammy was going to be decimated by these two, then why give him the rank of 0 when every other Espada put up more of a fight than him? Why not let him keep his rank of 10? Is Kubo saying that Kenpachi and Byakuya are stronger than all of the Espada, which also means they’d be stronger than UKITAKE AND SHUNSUI (YAMAMOTO’S STUDENTS abd two  of the oldest Captains). Kubo, stop taking acid while your asspulling.

Next thing is, Kenpachi said his fight with Yammy was “Boring as fuck”, but he holds his fight with Nnoitra and Ichigo higher than this. Back when they fought, Ichigo didn’t even have Bankai, and he fought Nnoitra Gilga, the 5th Espada, so naturally the fight with Yammy should have been more interesting since he was supposedly stronger than all the Espada. Well judging from the damage done to Las Noches and the injuries on the three combatants, we can assume it would have been interesting for us to watch.

Anyhoo, we get to Yammy, who is severely cut up and laying on the ground. We see his dog go to him. Sadly, this was kinda touching, and its the point the chapter actually starts moving out of the “Horrible” zone, which Bleach has been too comfortable with for the past few months. Seeing Yammy in an emotional moment like this was odd…but in a good way.  *punches self in the face* Woah! Kisu doesn’t have nice emotions, I almost forgot for a second. I am from planet Assholia after all 😉

Wait, Urahara-san, are we reading the same manga? :/

After Yammy’s scene, we head back over to the battlefield. Urahara walks up to Ichigo and tells him that his friends wanted to see him, but none actually wanted to go over and say anything to him. Ichigo asks if Urahara did anything to their memories and he says not this time. Ichigo says its a good thing he didn’t because he’s done hiding things from his friends and he’ll tel them everything when he gets home.

Urahra then tells him Aizen’s seal is being transported back to the Sereitei where Central 46 will decide what’ll happen to it. It seems they replaced the old Central 46 because last time we heard about them they were already slaughtered by Aizen, Kaname and Gin. Ichigo looks down in the dumps, so Urahra tries cheering him up, but Ichigo then asks if the Hogyouku really rejected Aizen. He speculates that the only reason Aizen started degenerating because what Aizen’s heart truly wanted was to not be powerful (similar to Starrk’s situation), so the Hogyouku, still being submissive to its master, granted him his true desire and not the one he convinced himself he wanted. This is the point this chapter actually became good.

Ichigo says because he could finally stand on equal ground with Aizen (I still say that’s total bs, but I digress), he was able to read his emotions, but all he felt from Kyouka Suigetsu’s blade was loneliness (just like Starrk, in fact, that’s his Aspect of Death). Aizen’s power was always greater than anyone else’s and here’s proof of this fact. This explains why Aizen developed hollowfication, he wasn’t going to use it on himself, but on Shinigami to make them stronger so he could have equals, people on par with himself. This is why he called the Vizards a failure. Not even his Captain (Shinji) wanted to get close to him. He then sought out the most powerful Hollolws (Vasto Lordes) and gave them even more power so they could be on par with him, but this also failed which is why he killed Harribel (symbolically calling the Espada a failure). Aizen even once came out and said it outright, just how lonely he is. It’s as they say, its lonely at the top of the world. Finally Aizen has gotten some character development. But there’s so much more I want to know about the man that became a god. Perhaps this loneliness is what prompted Aizen to push Ichigo so much, so he could finally have someone to walk on par with him. I don’t know if its because I’m listening to Daniel Bedingfield’s “If you’re not the one” while writing this Breakdown, but I miss Aizen, no homo >_>.

Then Ichigo’s friends show up and they have a moment. Ichigo gets up to go over to them, but then he falls over and the chapter ends. What could this mean?

R.I.P Sousuke Aizen

*wipes tears and goes off to listen more love songs*

I’M A GUY! Only real men wear pink and listen to love songs, sure girls do that alot too but…we real men are so badass we can do things girls do 🙂

~ by kisuzachi on September 30, 2010.

61 Responses to “Bleach 422- Deicide…What do you mean its over!? GAH! This was gonna be my best title too! Hey guys, wanna know what my title was gonna be? You do? WELL I’M NOT TELLING! This is Bleach, remember?”

  1. R.I.P. Aizen. GREAT CHAPTER! 😀

  2. FIRST!!

  3. Ichigo isn’t going hollow, the spiritual pressure of his friends is just overwhelming him….
    See now that he is no longer a shinigami, he has no spiritual pressure of his own, while they all have retained their spiritual preasure. Ya know from all the training they did so that they could actually be something other than canon fodder around Ichigo back when he was an uber shinigami. Urahara at least knows he is no longer a shinigami and is probably suppressing his Spiritual preasure, the others aside from Ishida probably don’t even know how to suppress theirs, and even if they did they wouldn’t know that they had to as they haven’t been told he isn’t a shinigami anymore

    That would be what I would do… Knowing Kubo though it’s probably the hollow thing, then as he gets his ass kicked in his inside world while hollowfication goes on he’ll probably re-stumble over the part of him that is his shinigami powers so…

    On the Aizen front: He isn’t dead, just sealed by Kido!!
    So it is entirely possible that we will see him again sometime, though I doubt that he will be the same big bad ass that he was in the past. Seems to me like kubo is far too fond of the “Defeat equals friendship” trope so I wouldn’t be too surprised if Aizen returns but only on the right side of the alignment scale this time, possibly to help Ichigo regain his shinigami powers.

    That’s enough rambling from me though
    Just a few thoughts I thought I would share.

  4. Second again

  5. *Runs Aizen sealing and pisses then craps on it*

  6. ur crazy fast kisu…

  7. @salamiyo well Bleach doesn’t required much brain cells anyway

  8. Damn you Bedingfield! This was my chance to bash Bleach at full power, but this damn song of yours kills my urge to do so. I really don’t know if this chapter was good or not, but while analyzing it and listening to this song it seems like its good. I’ll have to read it again when I’m in a bad mood. But for now it has my stamp of approval T_T

  9. Excellent theory iamnotreallythere! I’m gonna steal it! 🙂

  10. Oh my God! Kisu!! This is insane! Your speed,man,your’’s..inhuman!Not your fastest release but still impressive and still out of this world. Thank you for the awesome breakdown by the way.. calmed my wanna-kill-kubo urges a bit.

    @Chapter: Ah, so nostalgic,this feeling.. I remember it well..*flashback to Chapter 354 page 4* Working on a small window, I spent a good 30 minutes trying to hit refresh, thinking what the hell is wrong with this damn page?! Stupid puppy! Didn’t occur to me to scroll down. And there it was. The most ground breaking page to ever come into publication. I was staring at a page that would surely catapult Kubo into unparalleled heights of fan adulation for his absolute brilliance. I thought; Oda, Kishi, you guys are babies. Now Kubo here, Kubo is a MAN. A man who moved the entire Bleach-reading world to experience a kaleidoscope of emotions. ONE PAGE, TWO WORDS, EVERYTHING ELSE IN WHITE..Oh the depth of emotion coveyed..It was Epic. It was Legendary. It was A Timeless Kubo Classic. genius, sheer feelings for Kubo were instantly rekindled, gaining momentum by the second. Sadly, the only thing to receive its full extent was my cellphone, which I didn’t realize that I’d been hammering on my desk.*end of flashback* Ah, those were the days.. What the hell am i saying?! These are the days, STILL! Ever since the let’s-chase-the-teenage-kids-all-around-the-town fiasco, the Kubo phenomenon has been percolating at a such a steady pace that it’s bound to end up into the most inimitable explosion of pure, unadulterated idiocy. But hey, after all this is over, mental institutions and funeral homes will have raked in a massive amount of money. Not a bad idea to invest in them while Kubo still has his “artistic” drive on the go ’cause once he calls it quits, only two things can happen: people will go crazy and/or people will die! You know why? Everything we’ve been reading is just an illusion. That’s why it was called Bleach in the first place. There were never words, or pictures. From start to finish, all we’ve been seeing were actually blank pages that Kubo laced with genjutsu to make us think we were reading something. And the only time we’re ever gonna see something even remotely real is at the very last page with Kubo’s ultimate message (one that will go down in infamy as a testament to the single greatest troll of the universe): GOTCHA!

    *Yes, I know I’m losing it. Man, PMS and Kubo is sooo not a good combination.

  11. “Gotcha”

    That had me cracking up for at least 17 seconds lmao! Kubo would have gone down in history as the greatest troll of all time if he did that

    Well apparently its over 17 seconds because I was still laughing while typing the above sentence. But hot damn this new info on Aizen is simply epic! I think…I think…I think I’m liking him more than Szayel O_O


  12. Wait if all Aizen wanted was a friend couldnt he just…IDK….ask someone like any sane person would?

    What did turning into a Butterfree get him? :/

  13. pfft, I never really cared for Ulquiorra. I hate stoics. The only cool stoic out there is this guy:

  14. kisu: i just figured out what the D stands for in Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s! Don’t watch it!

  15. @Kisu Who are you because he indirectly said that he dislike Pain/Nagato.

  16. @ Breakdown O_O that is like warp speed O_O but nice breakdown

    @ Chapter – I am also in the middle about it, How is it we know nothing of what happened to Yammy or even a flashback to the battle, I don’t see how it could of been boring as fuck… but then again I think I may have realized what happened..

    Yammy is only the most powerful Espada when he is enraged, the more angry he gets the more powerful he becomes… That puppy hollow dog has seemed to be his “friend or companion” it is probably that the dog arrived in the middle of the battle and his arrival calmed yammy to the point where Kenpachi and Byakuya could attack… (just a theory)

    The whole Aizen was just looking for a friend, I am not sure about that, Aizen wanted to attain greatness if he was looking for an equal the magic ball would of just made him weaker… but that also makes me think, what was the purpose of finding the king? If Ichigo is right then maybe Aizen wanted to see if Squad 0 or the King could stand with him on equal footing… Also if you look at the development of Ichigo it stands to reason that Aizen allowed him to grow to one day be a match for him… its retarded reasoning but hey its Bleach 😛

    Aizen will return, but I feel he will come back as an ally to Ichigo, almost like a Dark Hero, like a (Vegeta, Sasuke, etc) but he will not be the ultimate villain, which is lame too cause how long has Aizen been developed as an ultimate villain, how many arcs must we go through still…

    In the interview Kubo said next Arc will revolve arround Isshin and how he lost his shinigami powers… When the 12th Captain “current” was shown 100 years ago he was within the prison locked deep away, we seen in Bleach its not always Brute strength the most powerful but intelligence, the 12th Captain has no concern over right and wrong (actually he is mostly slightly evil and direct) I get the feeling at one stage before he was released he was a major villain and may turn back to that…


    The Arrancar arc was cool in the beginning so maybe this one will be too ^_^

  17. @ Kanton – PEIN/NAGUTO IS AWESOME !!! ^_^ (that is all ^_^)

  18. @Takashid, yu-gi-oh Abridged FTW!

    @Kanton, nah, Nagato isn’t stoic. He’s actually very chatty.

    @Pain, think about it, with each transformation Aizen got more powerful but less and less dangerous. The Hogyouku was always granting his wish, just in a way he didn’t expect. Also, sometimes we do things subconsciously even though we think we’re doing it for a different reason. So Aizen thought he wanted to get stronger, when all he really wanted was to make OTHER people stronger. Funny ain’t it?

    “Wait if all Aizen wanted was a friend couldnt he just…IDK….ask someone like any sane person would?”

    What part of Aizen is beyond reason don’t you get? 😉

  19. Yay! The assf*ck is finally dead! Now hopefully the entire manga will follow… >_>

  20. LLOL this wasnt a breakdown it was a RANT!

    and that adds to it’s beauty xD

    welldone kisu ^.^

    i miss aizen sama T_T

  21. *puts two bullets with Kantonkage and DarkAvatar written on them into sniper rifle*

    *goes on top of a building*

    Are you feeling lucky punks? Huh, wanna say hello to my little friend? Come, just say one more bad thing about Aizen or this chapter and its Hasta la Vista baby. [Insert more clichéd action movie quotes here]

  22. so… question…. wasnt starks whole backstory that he wanted a friend?? what the fuck lol… u cant give too pple on the same side a similar back story… thats retarded… maybe he shouldve split his soul into like 100 people and have a jolly good time at a madrid barcelona game…. god damn u kubo

  23. two*

  24. *presses button on phone*

    *explosive inside rigged bullet detonates in Kisu’s face*

    *silently hopes that the explosion was big enough to destroy the nekkid Aizen pic Kisu keeps in his wallet*

    *whistles while walking away*

  25. DAMn YOU DARKS! Another plan foiled by you! I would have gotten away with it too if it wasnt for you and Yammy’s stupid dog.

    *goes through surgery to fix face after the explosion*

    *mails Darks a package with Jessica Alba on it*

    *Darks opens it only to get with nerve gas and falls unconscious*

    *kisu walks up to Dark’s unconscious body*

    Today you will feel things you never thought possible….it will be a feeling beyond reason >:)

  26. *watches kisu do…whatever it is he’s doing…with one of my body doubles*

    *is silently grateful that he is too lazy to go and get his own mail*

    *slips out the back entrance, then detonates the entire house with Kisu in it*

    Damn, I love explosives. XD

  27. *gives up quest for revenge and goes to a beauty salon*

    Revenge isn’t worth getting ugly for 😀

  28. *kisu sits in the salon chair only to realizes whose in the mirror behind him with a blowtorch, a nail gun and some alcohol*
    *Kisu tries to escape only to realize he’s trapped*
    *chuckles sinisterly at kisu horrified face*
    Now you will know PAIN that is beyond reason. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  29. *warps into the salon *

    *throws kunai at double k *

    *grabs kisu , warps back to base *

  30. I don’t exactly get whats being shown in the last panel on the last page… Can someone clear this up for me?

  31. *deflect kunai and readies a counterattack only to realize they vanished*
    Dammit Ahsan *blow up salon in frustration*

  32. @BBgurly

    I think the last panel is showing Ichigo being crushed by someone’s spiritual pressure.
    Probably Hollow Ichigo’s. 🙂

  33. Nah..On the opening pages of the next chapter, Ichi’s gonna scream: “I..I.. I WANT CURRY!!” I mean c’mon, the guy hasn’t eaten in 2000 hours! I’m surprised he didn’t show up with an anorexic look to go with his sexy long locks. Try not eating for more than a month, see how you like it. ;p But no, seriously, I don’t think he’s writhing in pain for something as simple as overwhelming reiatsu. Keigo and co. were able stand being in Aizen’s presence when HE was in frickin’ God mode. Well, Aizen probably was holding back and Tatsuki, Keigo (and that damn Kanonji) were something sort of special, via Ichi of course. Speaking of which, is it just me or are Orihime’s hairclips not there anymore?

    @Kisu: Off topic but I’ve been dying to ask for the longest time now: Why Szayel? You’re the only one I know who’s into this guy. Every other Bleach-reading guy I know just love Urahara (and one who became oddly fixated on Mayuri ever since he chastised Szayel on the whole “perfection” deal). Enlighten me.

  34. Ahh, its nice being rescued.

    *mails Kantonkage and ahsan some cookies*

    @elatedpuppy, hmm Szayel. Well what’s not to like about him? He’s flamboyant, fights with very minimal effort, is a freaking genius, sadistic, has the best Resureccion (in terms of abilities- hax) and he looks cool! Oh yeah, his Zanpakuto’s name is Fornicaras which means “You Will Fornicate”. WHO DOESNT LIKE FORNICATING!? lol

    Szayel = Awesome Sauce (not the Saucegay variety >_>)

  35. Well I suppose there’s no harm in telling my evil plane now. In the poll I made 4 choices, but three of them were pro-Aizen! BAHAHAHAHAHA! We Aizenites win!

    Now if only I could make Szayel as popular…

  36. I think Ichigo colapsed because Aizen transferred into Ichigo. Ichigo will be the new ‘perfect vessel’ for Aizen.

  37. Yea at the last minute Aizen stabbed ichigo aand thats when it happen

  38. @ Kisu – hahaha nah I think you will always be the lone Szayel fan 😛 but that not a bad thing… I mean think of all the cool characters with pink hair, like Sakura <_<

    but then again my fav. Characters a ginger @_@

    I think the horse and the king gonna change seats, (or at least I hope so)

    Aizen wanting friends, is a lame excuse, I wish they would show him as the villain with god powers that he really was, what is it about anime/manga that always want to make this god like figure seem so human and caring etc its bad

    Pein !!! was awesome then he kills himself to save insignificant people

  39. Whatever is happening to Ichigo, I think it would be really cool if he became the new villain of the manga (I posted my Star Wars/Bleach theory just a few breakdowns back). Seriously though, I think it would be awesome to make Ichigo the new villain, and then I wouldn’t have a problem with Kubo introducing a new main character. I think Kubo would have to do a bit of a time skip to make that work. He spends a couple chapters displaying Ichigo’s descent (whether it’s via hollow, aizen or hogyoku influences), and then jumps forward a couple years to focus on a new main character. And then through that main character, we could slowly learn everything that has happened to our other characters since Ichigo turned to the dark side. I would be interested to read that.

  40. @Kisu: Great breakdown! Though, I don’t think Aizen got less dangerous with each transformation. He fought evenly with Isshin and in fact I think Isshin was winning as they were both shinigami. Then Aizen transformed, and again, and again, and again getting stronger and stronger to the point Urahara, Isshin, and Yoruichi combined didn’t stand a chance against him. His powers were more dangerous than before, his personality just became more lax and carefree since he thought nothing could hurt him.

    Still, it makes no sense why the Hougyoku couldn’t sense Aizen’s true desire much earlier on when the two fused and made Aizen weaker from the start. Of course, this is all true if Ichigo’s theory is correct. I’m more inclined to believe him since the author made the protagonist of the series give his honest opinion of Aizen’s demise at the end of the arc. Ichigo is the man who fought the most evenly with him and who “understood” him the most.

    @Iamnotreallyhere: That’s a neat theory on the reiatsu thing but spirit pressure weighing someone down has never caused them to hurt and scream out in agony. It weighs them down to the point where they can hardly talk and they may pass out and die, but it doesn’t really put them in pain as Ichigo seems to be.

    I’m guessing it’s Ichgio’s hollow side taking over since he has no Shinigami powers to suppress it anymore.

    @Pein: Aizen becoming the dark hero is already set in motion. It’s sad because Kubo made it too obvious. With Ichgio feeling pity for him, Aizen’s look of plea as he was being sealed away, and last but least his sob story of wanting to be like everyone else.

    Ichgio + Aizen vs The King. Here we go!

  41. it wont be v.s the king super ……. It would be ichigo + aizen + urahara and co v.s soul society a battle for the soul king which as far as i remember is a thing = )

    And i support this theory …. Or any other which makes aizen and urahara work togather , as for ichigo i hope he gets raped and is burnec alive then torn to pieces

  42. @supertrek89- That may be the case but up till now no one has lost their reiatsu, those that have been weighed down had always had a reiatsu of some kind, or in some cases died too quickly to have a chance to scream. As I understand it Reiatsu also helps you endure all kinds of damage so it could be that his body can’t handle the injuries he’s sustained anymore due to the loss of his Reiatsu. It could be a lot of things, but I still say that it’s his lack of Reiatsu rather than his hollow side.

    If it is his hollow side then I don’t see it taking over as Ichigo has already learned how to negate his powers. When Holow Ichigo/zangetsu stabbed him and it didn’t hurt him it was because he accepted them fully. I imagine the same can be done with Hollow Ichigo.

    If not then you have to take into consideration that Hollow Ichigo would have lost his “Shinigami powers” as well as he only had them due to the fact that Ichigo had them, so if they have to face off again they will be on much more even ground than most people here have probably considered.

    But this is Kubo Tite we’re talking about here so anything could happen, so in the end we will will just have to wait and see what Kubo has up his sleeve.

  43. @Superdude, well who would you want to face if you were a Shinigami? I’d go with God form Aizen. Captain Aizen was sadistic and pwned beyond comprehension, plus he spams Kyouka Suigetsu. God Form Aizen is just a(n) (even more) pompous, arrogant douche 🙂

  44. But what is Kisuke Urahara is the true villain in this and created Ichigo to follow him later @_@ think about the Star Wars reference, the Sith Lord seemed to be a good guy at first, and then turned the prodigy against the order… It was him who invented the Hōgyoku, he is the only person smarter then Aizen and Mayuri, maybe he used Aizen as a test subject for the Hogyoku and is now thinking of using for his own desires… He has a shady past.

    I think the defeat of Aizen has been one of the best moves of Bleach it opens up the scope of villains, where as now it has just been Aizen, this, Aizen that 😦 Now we can at least look forward to some change and super charged “god modes” have been removed…

    I think its Hollow Ichigo taking control…

  45. Spoilers are out!

    I don’t even know what to feel about this chapter!

  46. @ Spoilers and probable next chapter – *epic invisible face palm that is bleach* WTF, *sigh* just as I had hope the story goes and commits suicide… Ichigo slept for a month (oh nice nap) Gin (dead?) Now the Captains just walk around hollow world freely?? I had so much hope for hollow Ichigo becoming the villain, or taken over, all this talk of horses and kings and nothing ever happen… what about the arrancar killed by zanpakto?

    – Ichigo gonna confront his father about his past now and why he is a shinigami… also how he regained his Shinigami abilities after using FTG.

    – Next arc is final arc… (apparently)

    I hate this ending to an already lame arc, it had a chance to save itself in m eyes but turned that final rope to safety into another epic fail 😦

  47. *FACEPLANTS through the Burj Dubai*

  48. Really? I mean, really? That’s what Bleach gives us? This isn’t even funny anymore 😡


    *gets up from giant crater* WTH THEY KILL GIN BUT EVERYBODY ELSE LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *Kubo entered room* Kubo: HAHAHAHAHAAH justo when you thinku I canto trollu my manga any further I do this hahahaha.. Kantonkage-kun whato are you doing with that scytho. No Stay backu purease have mercy Purease I beg of you.
    Me: let me think about it… no.
    *kubo’s screams could be heard for miles*

  50. Make sure to warn others before you spoil anything in the manga folks. Not everyone is looking up spoilers. Some people prefer to keep in the dark about the next chapter but want to keep up with current discussion.

  51. The new arc will have a person on top of the special telephone pole saying it has begun AGAIN follow by a hell butterfly then jumping perhaps with the word final chapter on something like that. I called it

  52. @ super – Sorry I forgot to add Spoiler Alert 😦

    but how u make it yellow? I don’t know @_@

    @ Kanton – Apparently its supposed to be all about Isshin this chapter, so I think next chapter gonna begin with a giant clock, with you seen the rise and fall of Aizen, now time to turn back even further cause to understand now we must learn of when the first FTG was used… and then Show Isshin becoming a captain, or even before Captains where created… (thats my guess)

  53. @Pein: It’s a magic code only the admins, editors, and I think authors can do (Stupid WordPress). Hey, you’re an editor. Take a look at this.

    Copy and paste the code before any text you want to turn yellow. You can also replace the word “yellow” with other colors like I just did with Kanton’s text.

  54. Thanks Super ^_^

  55. Though it sucks only admin, editors and authors can do it since it would of been a cool function with, Debates , Caption Contests etc

  56. Spoiler alert


    *runs to aizen seal and pisses and craps on it then bombards with 600 billion missiles*

  57. dont know if it was posted earlier allready but,
    Bleach is going on a 2 week hiatus i guess kubo took that from Oda
    and thinks he deserves a rest from his awesome and epic *cough* sarcasm *cough* arc
    anyways hes prolly gonna think how the hell hes gonna tie the loose ends together.

  58. Fear, the hiatus starts *after* this issue.

  59. Sorry for the double post but I realized I should clarify. There *will* be a Bleach chapter this week, *then* the series goes on hiatus. Kubo needs time off to think up even more epic trolls.

  60. Chapter’s out!

  61. yeh that what i meant ursa :p
    thought i had wrote that but i guess i didnt :p

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