Naruto 511 Breakdown: Frog Mario sends his regards. And his lawyer. Awesomeness extras included!

Welcome, one and all! Darks here, with this weeks Naruto Breakdown. And what a sad occasion it is, as we try to come to terms with the monumental loss, and mourn the demise of a truly tragic figure that touched the lives of so many Narutards everywhere…


WRA, I'd like you to meet what's left of your daddy...

That’s right, friends, iareawesomeness has finally shut up shop for good, with this post marking the passing of a truly inspiring blog. And I think this time Jeremiah means it. Memories, indeed. IRA, we salute you.

IRA’s demise foreshadowed another death this week, with Konan seemingly confirmed dead in the latest chapter of the Naruto manga. I know the many legions of you bloggers are crying out in anguish, which either means that you’re saddened by her apparent passing, or that you’re all horrified that the great DarkAvatar may have actually been WRONG about something.

This week’s edition provided a much needed break in the non-stop action we’ve had these last few chapters. In rare form, Kishi delivers a heartfelt and moving send-off for she who has become my favourite kunoichi in the manga, Konan (Sorry, Hinata, I’m just not that into you anymore). This chapter also marks the apparent end of the Ame Orphan’s involvement in the series and really makes you stop and think just how much of an impact the three Hidden Rain children had on the manga as a whole.

It also provides what will most likely be Konan’s final appearance in the manga, and me being the opportunist I am, I decided to have a little bit of fun.

Yup, kiss meh right therrrrrre... *points*

…ahem. Now, for the breakdown! Hiya!


The obligatory splash page, depicting the Ame Orphans infront of the rickety shack they and Jiraiya called home for a while.

Hell, does Nagato look creepy or what!? Oro should take lessons.

Yahiko: "Damn she fiiiine!" - Nagato: "Damn HE fiiine!" - Konan: "..."

The chapter starts with Tobi warping Nagato’s body away, but not before closing his eyes respectfully, or perhaps just because Tobi couldn’t bear to see the amusement in Nagato’s death-gaze. Seems I put too much faith in Nagato, even if the man is dead. His corpse is actually just a corpse after all. No booby traps, no decoy body, no fake entrance, nothing. Almost felt cheated, to be honest.

After Tobi departs, we are instantly taken to the battleground in which Konan fell. It is assumed that she dies at the end of this chapter, however for a few frames she is still alive at least. She wouldn’t be floating otherwise.

Konan uses the very last dregs of her chakra to form a single sheet of paper, which rises into the air and is carried away by the wind. Weary yet ready for the final journey, she succumbs to her injuries, but not before we are treated to one final flashback in the tragic lives of the Ame Orphans.

Tragic, indeed.

Oh gawd, the suits. I could write entire essays on them alone. I’m not entirely sure what purpose they served, whether it was just to help reinforce the turn-card rule into their heads or something, but I think it’s just a tiny bit too…eccentric, for want of a better word. But for all his weirdness, Jiraiya was a resourceful ninja, devising a simple yet easy-to-understand check-in system of sorts, ensuring no enemy ninja could disguise themselves to avoid detection for long.

Most of the rest of the flashback was just various scenes in the life of Konan. A few things to note, though:

1) Konan and Yahiko were officially an item. I think they would have made a nice couple, and their kids would have been badass for sure.

2) Yahiko is shown with a different, smaller sword than what he’s been shown to carry in previous flashbacks. Looks quite similiar to Sasuke’s chokuto in that it lacks a handguard, though it is more curved like a katana.

Once their group had become too large, Yahiko decided that a relocation was necessary. Just as he was about to turn his card for the final time, their current hideout was attacked, forcing them to flee. After, Kishi treats us to a rather touching scene, with Konan’s lone piece of paper floating towards her upturned card and covering it forever, signifying her departure from this world and the beginning of her journey to meet up with her best friend, lover and sensei, the latter of which I’d assume has some pretty harsh words for her and Nagato I’m sure.

In the Bible, the rainbow was a promise to humanity from God Himself. Yet again it dances across the sky in vivid detail, as Konan keeps her promise to return to her friends once more.

I said it before and I’ll say it again: the way Kishi handled the emotion in this chapter was incredible. This weeks was the most touching release of Naruto I have read in a long time. Chapters like this reflect the initial awesomeness that drew me to this manga in the first place, and I am glad to see it again. It was only 50 chapters ago that we all were worrying that he was going the same way as Kubo (Sakura’s confession…oh, the horror…). Glad to see we were all wrong on that one. Just hope he can keep up the momentum he has gained these last few chapters. XD

With the flashback over, we return to Tobi once more, and on to the topic everyone’s talking about: his new mask.

I tried to edit this pic with GIMP. It couldn't handle the awesomeness.

This mask is very different from earlier versions we’ve seen. There is no semblance of a swirly pattern on it, the mask covers not only his face but most of his head, and most importantly, it is the first mask we’ve ever seen him wear that has TWO EYE HOLES instead of one.

This to me indicates a few things.

1) The two eye holes signify Tobi bringing together the two most legendary of doujutsu and becoming whole, just as much as the pattern itself signifies the unification of Rinnegan and Sharingan. The previous mask designs he’s worn before have only one eye hole, which was odd in itself. Almost like he was missing a piece of a puzzle, a subtle sign that the man behind the mask was not yet physically complete. The new mask completes the symmetry his previous masks were lacking, and this to me makes him look alot more WHOLE than he used to.

2) It was also almost as if he couldn’t hide enough of his face behind the mask. While it may not seem like such an important thing to most of you, a second eye hole also means that he’s opening up more of his face to be seen. It seems the closer he gets to achieving his goal, the more of his face is seen, meaning that it won’t be until Tobi has all the pieces of the Six Paths Puzzle that his full face is revealed.

3) The powers of the Sage of the Six Paths have always been made out to be the result of two halves combining into a greater whole. For example, combining life force chakra and imagination chakra to create life. It is for this reason that I believe that Tobi has implanted both of Nagato’s Rinnegan eyes into his own eye sockets and those eyes became Sharinnegan, as opposed to having a Sharingan right eye and a Rinnegan left eye. The latter shows only that Tobi has collected a Sharingan and a Rinnegan, whereas the former suggests that the Rinnegan and the Sharingan have combined into a greater whole.

4) I think me that we’ve seen the last of the reverse kamui tech that Tobi has become famous for. The previous mask designs had swirls on it, reminiscent of the vortex his reverse kamui creates when in use. With no sign of that pattern on the new mask, and also due my belief that he has implanted both Rinnegan into himself, leads me to think that he’s done using Obito’s- *coughs* I mean, his Sharingan for now.

That’s my thoughts on it anyway. Feel free to dissect these theories in the comments section, below. ^_^

With his signature fan in hand and a new outfit to boot, Tobi sets a course for Naruto, looking much more like the Madara of old he purports to be. The coming battle will be between the two halves of the Rikudou Sennin whole: his eyes vs his chakra. And I’m not sure which of the two will come out on top. Only time will tell, eh?

That you do, Tobi, that you do.


I shall pull a Kubo here and say that many of your entries made me FDTSLMFAO!!! XD XD XD (Marks dun kill meh prease!), but these three more so than the rest. The top three entries are:

3) Ursamajour:

Konan: There are many colors in your homo rainbow!
Caption: Don’t be afraid to let your colors fly!
2) Urbanvolcano87
Caption: Madara! You wouldn’t!!
And the winning entry this week goes to Spill7! Partly cos he made his own bubblition pic…but mainly cos I was LOL’ing non stop for a minute or so. XD

- spill7

And now, for this weeks contest!

(insert caption here)
Let’s see what you guys can make of it. XD


The debate was a tough call, and unfortunately the votes were too close to swing the debate into anyones favour. Thus I declare myself the winner of the debate! Thanks for your votes, people!

Ok, fine, I’ll be a bit more serious. Both sides put up a fairly good set of arguments in what proved to be a somewhat short-lived debate, and I was unable to decide who chose better. The Raikage however DID have a slightly higher number of voters on his side, and because of that, I have to award it to him.

If the Naruto series had a Chuck Norris, it would be this guy...

No debate this week, cos I’m pooped after working overtime at work and devoting my free time to you guys and this breakdown lol.

Remember, NARUTO IS ON A 1 WEEK HIATUS, but hopefully Mangastream will scanlate Kishimoto’s one-shot “BENCH!” when it comes out instead. I hope so, at least. XD

That’s it people! You all have yourselves an awesomeness weekend!

It’ll be our little secret.


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  1. Yay!! Another week of Dark Magic!! Oh and.. FIRST!!!

  2. *uses magic to turn elatedpuppy into a… kitten* XD


  3. Third! Yahoo!

  4. fourth

  5. LOL lookit what I found in the IRA archives! Super’s first OP breakdown. Geez that was ages ago, huh Super?

  6. IRA… RIP T___T

  7. this chapter singlehandedly kicks all of those “heartfelt” Kushina chapters. Once again the Ame Orphans prove why they’re in my top ten most favorite characters list. No Naruto next week means I can safely say Kubo will kick Kishi’s ass this time 😀 😀 😀

    On a more serious note, I can’t wait for Naruto to be over with. I can’t wait to see what Naruto (Kishi) calls “true peace”, and I can’t wait to dissect it lol

  8. Bubble : ” and this is how you take a shit while standing”

  9. great breakdown!
    sure is said to see IRA the well kinda foundation of this site is over, yeh i think Jeremiah means it for good. anyways it was always awesome as long as it lasted.

    yeh the emotional parts were awesomely done by kishi.
    I also wonder what will happen next will it be the naruto vs tobi fight right of the bat? Or sumthin with sasuke, or kabuchimaru?
    anyways yeh no naruto next week and here i thought i finally had 3 of my favorite mangas to read next week.

    Sooo next week Oda vs Kubo, well atleast i know were im gonna put my money on! Although its always funny to see what kubo can pull out his sleeves (could be anything) Next week OP is gonna skyrocket U.u

  10. is it wierd; that with his new mask, madara reminds me of Gray Fox from Metal Gear Solid ??

  11. @Darks, I’m tempted to edit that image of you and Konan, but replace Konan’s image with Orochimaru licking your face…

    Anyway, I think the Rinnegan’s are booby trapped, but require something special to happen before the trap can be set off. I’m not counting out my favorite ninja just yet (NAGATO FTW!).

    Also, f*ck you Konan! You were supposed to be with Nagato! His rods are bigger than Yahiko’s T_T. Well, you 3 are still in my Top Ten. Kudos Nagato, stepping aside and not being a total cock-blocker

  12. @Darks: Great breakdown!

    @Captain: LOL! You’re right! Now I want to play that game!

    Perhaps Madera is going to “attempt” to turn Naruto into a vegetable by first using genjutsu to fool him and then use the rinnengan to pull out Naruto’s life force. Perhaps his plan is to make Naruto into a soulless vessel holding the kyuubi, so Madera can just take him to Gedo Mazo. Naruto could probably resist the genjutsu by developing a better relationship with the kyuubi just in the nick of time, right? On a more exciting note, I think Dark Zetsu will finally reveal his true nature(my theory) in this fight! Actually, both in this manga fight and in the anime, where Sasuke is invading the Kage meeting and white zetsu sells him out. Sasuke then becomes possessed by dark zetsu and kills the Samurais. This killing totally goes against his “no unnecessary killing” policy! Let me show you why I came to this conclusion.

    Where did white zetsu go? In the bottom left frame, Dark Zetsu is in the snow with Madera! In the next panel Madera says “Begin” to him. Begin what??? At the kage meeting White Zetsu pops out, yelling, “Sasuke is here!”

    Sasuke is very angry that White Zetsu sold them out and suddenly Karin notices evil chakra in Sasuke, darker than a level 2 curse. In the manga and in the anime please remember that it was Sasuke that ordered the “no unnecessary killing”, not Suigetsu. I believe that its a translation error. The biggest problem translators have are with pronouns and reflexive verbs. Anybody who has been following the manga and/or the anime will attest to what I’m saying.

    Here we see Karin noticing Sasuke’s chakra become dark.

    Here we see white zetsu pop out of Sasuke. This doesn’t prove anything, but Naruto came to some kind of conclusion. “Now I know for sure.” Now I’m not saying that dark zetsu is particularly “in Sasuke”, but more so I’m saying that perhaps he put a dark spore in Sasuke that grows on hate or maybe he influences Sasuke some other way. Of course I could be wrong, but let me know what you guys think. I think Dark Zetsu is split in half. One half with White Zetsu and the other half with Madera! I could be wrong, but it would explain how somebody can rip off their own arm like a Mr. Potato Head! Also please note that the level of informatics that the White and Dark Zetsu have are very different from each other and that they have to fuse in order to feed.

    What’s inside of Sasuke?

    What is Naruto hiding?

    Who’s gonna be in the next fight? Madera, Kabutomaru, and Sasuke Vs. Naruto, Yamato, Maito Gai, and Bee?

  13. Bubblition

    “…and this is what “grown up” frogs make.”
    Frog Poop

  14. “Ok! We’re now going to play the ‘what if we get abducted and taken into an underground basement’ practice drill!”

    Jiraiya seeks inspiration for his next novel.

  15. Awesomeness breakdown dude!

    Bubblition: Now I’ll show you all how to perform hide-from-peddo-frogs no jutsu. Watch closely.

    Caption: RUN, RUN FROGGIES RUN!!!! Before he gets his hands on you. X__X

  16. *takes a piss on, and then dances on IRA’a grave*

    *Shocked look of WRA bloggers*

    Super, Marks, and other vets: “Prawl you stupid F*ck, you REALLY LIKED IRA!”

    *Shocked look on Prawl’s face*

    Prawl: GAAAH! NOOOOO!!
    *Prawl grabs a towel, and franticly tries to wipe up his piss*

    *Evil (and powerful) spirits of IRA’s deceased (Jeremiah, Ibiki, Psi, etc.) rise and rip Prawl to pieces*

  17. Great breakdown, Dark. I like your thoughts on the symbolism of Madara’s new mask. I think we’ll still see his warping tech, though. We’ll probably also see more from the rinnegan than we saw from Nagato. Madara’s shown a tendency to develop or understand techniques and special powers beyond what other ninja seem capable of. He’s pretty much in a class of his own (for now, anyway).

    Visionary, you’re right that the truth behind the “dark chakra” or whatever is in Sasuke will prove to be really important. I’m not convinced it’s a spore of Dark Zetsu but it’s certainly a plausible explanation.

    RIP, IRA. I originally lurked there before the creation of WRA. I hadn’t realized it had continued after the first “death announcement.”

    Cool, I got a mention in the bubblition! Here’s my entry for this week:

    “It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again!”
    Caption: Jiraiya’s training is thorough. *Very* thorough.

  18. RIP IRA, konan, old madara and kisame.. What a sad month..

  19. *Time travels back in time to where Prawl is pissing on IRA’s grave.*

    *Starts pissing on IRA’s grave.*

    *High-fives Prawl*

    *Accidentally crosses the streams.*

    *Time and space implode*

    But seriously folks. RIP IRA, and long live WRA!!!

  20. Bubble: And here is where we will be doing your special Kunoichi training Konan
    Caption: Coming up next on Naruto: Special Victims Unit

  21. really awesome breakdown =) enough said. Umm can someone tell me why Madara has a fan?

    Bubblition: And this kiddies is the rape dungeon 0.o
    Caption: Clearly Jiraiya learnt from Alf Stewart.

  22. Wow, it’s been a while since I commented on WRA, glad to be back.

    I didn’t even notice how the bottom two Sharingan tomoe on Madara’s mask were eyeholes. I was wondering how he was able to see at all. I’d like to see Naruto combine his Sage & Rikudo powers against Madara.

    @kingkhaos: That fan is a weapon Madara uses to make his fire jutsus hotter by blowing them with it, ’cause wind strengthens fire in the Naruto universe. It also fits with him because the Uchiha’s name is derived from uchiwa, a paper fan used to make flames burn hotter.

  23. lol darks your a fob ass

  24. Hey Guys when you start repeating the same ideas and concepts its a sign of Insanity.

  25. BUBBLE:

    Aha!! I knew it guys. Our dignity went THIS way!

    Gaiden FAIL

  26. Bubbliton:

    Jiraiya: *Pushes really hard!* AAAAAHHH!!! The pineapple I ate last night won’t come out!!!! Someone get me a laxative! T__T

  27. Anyway, a nice memento to a great blog Darks. No matter what anyone says, IRA was the still blog that started this community and gave us the awesomeness that we have today, that is a fact that cannot be overlooked.

    I have a lot of respect for the hard work that went into making that blog great in the first place, because that was the pillar and foundation that allowed us to build WRA from the ashes, and I hope that WRA can continue to carry that feeling of unity and, dare I say it, continue to keep strong the family-like ties we all have in each other here.

    Goodbye IRA and thank you for giving us so much. Long live WRA, I hope you continue to prosper and carry that legacy proudly.

    On a final note, I would please advise people to refrain from disrespecting IRA in any way. Some people may, for some reason, have ill feelings towards IRA for whatever cause, whether such feelings are created by a competitive nature, loyalty or simply some ill exchanges that have occurred in the past, but in the end, you have to set the right example and show the respect for others that you would want to be shown.

    And if I am just talking complete nonsense right now, I am sorry. I am not saying anyone has shown disrespect, I am just saying this just in case. X__X

    *Eats everyone because I am confusing myself.* @___@

  28. Hey it looks like IRA is gone 4 good this time @, I’me guessing Dragon and Schy will move here from now on.
    It’s been a great time on IRA, the first place I actually found about Naruto by mistake, and I’m really sad it’s closed but I guess WRA is here to keep the flame going as it started in the first place.

    About this chapter, a long flashback with very few info in it, but it was emotional and sad and it gave the final closure for the Ame kids so I guess it was a necessity.

    I’m actually pissed of about the fact that Madara actually got a hold on the Rinnegan and is probably the new owner of two new eyes that will give him ridiculous new powers.
    Just when Naruto finally had a bit of a advantage compared to Madara and Sasuke.
    All I can say is “JUST LIKE KISHI!”

    Can anyone tell me what the “Bench” chapter kishi is supposed to release this week is???
    Is it related to Naruto or what?????

  29. lol ten no one here can disrespect ira , it was the reason we manga fanatics ever got to meet each other and that we are here now ^.^

  30. Does anyone know if Madara can absorb Sage chakra, or would he turn to stone?

  31. @ Darks: great breakdown! Very funny parts, especially with them in the frog suits! lol!!! Oh and with respect to madara’s new outfit, it makes me wonder. I remember in a recent previous breakdown it was speculated that madara could be using two bodies, and now i’m wondering that too. This is because he has revealed the next eye but in return, his entire head is now hidden. We cant even SEE his hair now. And we dont know if it’s long or short. Could it be like the speculations had stated and he has two bodies…one with short hair and one with long hair. Hmmm cause i’m wondering why hide the hair now too with the new mask? Now madara is literally covered from head to toe!

    @ Anyone: I’d like someone else to make a comment on this…is he hiding something by covering his hair? Or is it just like his previous mask – he was just hiding another sharingan eye; so in this case he’s probably just hiding the usual short-cropped hair?

  32. “lol ten no one here can disrespect ira”

    I, kisu, formally disrespect IRA. I also kick puppies, eat kittens, tell kids Santa Claus and the Easter bunny dont exist AND I steal cable. Man I’m evil >:)

  33. @angel – two bodies? Kishi’s having a hard enough time trying to keep us in the loop with all that Six Paths nonsense last chapter. How the heck is he gonna explain two bodies!? Lol

  34. @DarkAvatar: LOL I was thinking the same thing, but the way kishi does things just begs one too come up with crazy theories! But that’s the fun in this…we get to debate and ponder and i won’t have it any other way lol ;P

  35. nice breakdown, but im missing polls 😀

    “Now Konan, go down and i’ll teach you my forbidden special jutsu creating 600 billion explosive little tad poles instantly hehehehehe”

    CAPTION: Senseis “tricks” had their “impact” >_>

  36. CAPTION: Oh look a wii nunchuck… oh wait… its just madara’s head in his new mask

  37. Nice breakdown.
    I didn’t quite understand why Kishi killed the Konan. Because she was alone? Tsunade is in a same situatution, but yet she is still alive.
    Tsunade and Konan are the same. Bouth lost their lovers, bout lost their friends, but yet again they are bouth leaders of their vilages. Who will rule Amegakure? Hanzo? It will be a battlefield again.
    So mission didn’t success and job is not “well done”.
    A think that Konan’s death was pointless.

  38. @cumulusbg, as a Pain fan it fills me with great pride to say this. Pain killed Hanzo, his faction, his family and his supporters. PAIN ROCKS WOOHOO!

  39. i think u guys are over analizing madaras mask i think kishi is just trying to show charechter progression (new powers) thru cloths change (thats how mangas work)+make him look kickass


    jiria:this is where the real training begins

    Caption:he isnt trying to make u strong run! fast!

  40. I’m not a very big fan of this Sage of Six Paths stuff. I would have been happy with just the little info Jiraiya gave, but everything about him since then feels like one giant (somewhat well-done) asspull. Maybe its becuz there was no foreshadowing. Seriously, go back to part 1 and say “Senju”, everyone’ll be like “whut?”

  41. hey all again, maybe im just stupid, but suddenly i asked myself (now i ask u): kabuto wants to understand jutsus completely, therefore he needs sasuke. why is that so? what can the sharingan tell us about jutsus or the nature of jutsus? why him? why the sharingan whats so special in it? what is his real goal?

  42. bubble: WAAAH WRA KEEPS ACCUSING ME OF BEING OROCHIMARU. I will crawl into this hole until Kishi gives me some dignity. T.T
    Caption: You may think they can’t hear but they do. THEY DO!!!!

  43. @kisuzachi

    Yes, Pain did kill Hanzo, but in rather suspicion way.
    Did he really died? I am not so sure. But nevertheless the question remains. Who will rule the Amegakure?

  44. @salamiyo, the last time Kabuto was seen before transforming completely he said he’d take revenge on Sasugay for Oro, so I think that’s why he wants Sasugay. Not to be a pedophile like his former master, but to kick Sasugay’s emo ass.

  45. @kisu it’s more of a Deus Ex Machina then an Asspull. Sasuke’s survival in general, now that’s an asspull.

  46. *goes back in time when kisu said he is evil*

    *kicks him in the balls*

    *travells back *

    hey guys ^.^

  47. *falls over in pain*
    *shakes fist angrily in air*

    Ahsan you Urahara-loving bastard. Revenge will be mine!

    *passes out*

  48. *gin’s pedophile smile*

    = )

  49. @Ahsan

    That might have worked better on a guy.


    Sorry, I couldn’t resist! You may now exact your revenge on me. 😛

  50. @Kantonkage

    Sasuke is very skilled in that regard. After all, he pulled a hawk summoning contract right out his bum.

    Who knows what else is up there. O_o

    Omg. Let’s not think about it. All I can say is, never attack Sasuke from behind (Don’t even say it! <_<). It might swallow you whole… X__X

  51. Great Breakdown Darks!

    @Kanton – Speaking of Deux Ex Machina!
    *goes and reads Bleach* FGT and sealing kido FTW!!!!

    @Tenrai – Are you implying Kisu is a girl? O_o

    @Ahsan – I know what to do in situations like these.
    *runs over and head butts Kisu in the ov@ries*
    That’ll do the trick!

    @visionary – when Naruto says “Now I know for sure”, he is referring to when he and Sasuke clashed their Chidori and Rasengan together as first-class ninjas. When two first-class ninjas trade blows, they can read each others heart (according to Naruto and Sasuke)

    When they exchanged blows they went into that alternate reality type thing where Naruto told Sasuke he was really glad he met him and Sasuke said nothing could change his mind. This was the heart reading part

    So when Naruto says “Now I know for sure” he is probably referring to what he saw in Sasuke’s heart.

    On another note, while it is possible someone or something is actively manipulating Sasuke’s emotions, I think it is important to the story that Sasuke actively chooses his path of hatred. As Madara says, Sasuke is a true avenger.

  52. @eugen The theme is baseball Weird ass-looking main characters and if you noticed Bleach isn’t in the top 6 (surpise surprise)

  53. i’m sure Kishimoto wouldnt use the “special” ability of body transfer like Pein twice… That was a one of a kind “villian” so Madara is Madara just one body, the long hair and short hair u have to remember had time periods… He probably cut his hair like a lot of ppl do when it gets long its no surprise. So I don’t believe the different bodies at all… Besides, I seriously do not think Madara is Madara still… just an imposter most likely his brother.

    In that link Madara repeats his identity as if there was something to it like a lie. You know how most of us get confronted about our lie and believes our lie we sometimes get nervous and repeat what they said? Well i wouldnt say he was nervous but that he was lying about being Uchiha Madara

  54. @greyfox, i said the same thing awhile ago, if madara is an impostor it’s his younger brother, for SHURE,

  55. why am i logged in as izizellie :-/ the way nice breakdown.

  56. @urban


  57. Great job Darks! Now, for the blog’s entertainment.

  58. I’m a girl now?

    *walks to the nearest mirror*
    *looks at self naked*

    Dag nabbit! Still a boy 😦

    @Superdude, so Pain’s Sonic and Luke now? Excellent! That’s just 2 more powers to his repertoire. Altho being Luke kinda kills the awesomeness of being Sonic :/

  59. *walks into room sees Kisu naked*

  60. *momentarily rises from coma* delete that first post plz f*alls back into a coma*

  61. *feeds Kanton’s remains to Tenrai*

    All according to plan >:)

  62. @ Supertrek: LOL now that’s entertainment ;P If you pause the video at 2:07 peins face is super funny lmao 😛

  63. NANANAAAAAAA-AAA-AAAAAAAAAH!!! Doop doop do doop doop do doop doop do dah-dah-dah!

    How sad. My entire breakdown was outclassed by a two minute YouTube clip. DX

  64. @Darks, you were up against a foe no one can beat. not Pain, or even 6 tails Naruto, but you were up against Shippuden episode 167!

    *plays ominous music*


    Now if you’ll excuse, it’s time for me to kill some brain cells before Bleach comes out, that way I’ll enjoy it. How will I kill these brain cells you ask? I’m gonna watch a Uwe Boll movie!

  65. *a rift opens and I step out with a crowbar* Allow me to help you with that *chuckles sinsterly then whacks Kisu in the head with the crowbar and send him flying*

  66. *TsunadesTwin sits scratching head*

    I thought that IRA was dead ages ago when it was shut down the first time. It was only resurrected when Jeremiah determined he hadn’t said all he had wanted to say. Apparently, RL took over (remember, he IS in law school) and something had to give. I truly appreciate all that IRA gave to me – a group of friends and a forum that showed me that I could, indeed, write a series of sentences that made sense and that others could relate to.

    @Ten: no one can totally dis IRA because of what it has given to all of us. Regardless of one’s feelings, there is no doubt it has had an impact on all of us – both newbies to “awesomeness” and veterans like you and me.

    The breakdown left me feeling a little, uh, flat. Of course, I wanted Konan to survive – she was the one “pillar” that would be supportive of Naruto and his quest to change the course of shinobi history with his newly-acquired powers (Thunder God FTEW!). I thought the forbidden technique of the equivalent of the paper Red Sea interspersed with paper bombs was cool. The frog suits – what the hell was Kishi smoking?!? I wasn’t thinking Mario; I was thinking Frogger. The part I truly appreciated was seeing how Nagato, Konan and Yahiko were not only friends but were human (how Yahiko and Konan obviously were an item and Nagato was bemused by it).

    @Dark: I’m still trying to figure out that those tomoe are actually eyeholes in that funky mask. I think it is like when a character gets a new ability (think Naruto and his now-defunct Sage Mode jacket), the look changes dramatically for a time. Whether or not he can actually see for all practical purposes remains to be seen.

    What I’m looking forward to is the time when the Gokage (five Kage) have to meet yet again because Madara knows they were trying to hide Bee and Naruto. Tsunade can then shout out “Hell yeah! I told you so!” Gawd, how simplistic can four (Tsunade was sleeping through that decision) supposedly powerful shinobi be! Sheesh!

    Overall, great breakdown, Darks.

  67. My apologies for the spam but this had to be added as I was researching something else…

    @elatedpuppy: thank you so much for the kind words you posted. 😀 I’ve been away from WRA for a while and only started posting again and to be noticed right off the bat is an honor (honour for those of you from the UK). Keep on posting – even if it is a lengthy one. I know how once you get started on something you can’t stop – a writer’s worst enemy or therapy depending on how you look at it.

  68. @Penny completely agree with the comments of IRA. I miss that place just as much myself.

    @ Everyone sorry that I don’t come on as much anymore…time just slips by now days

    @ Darks: Awesome breakdown sir, first time I think I have read your brand of breakdown and it is definitely not bad at all.

    Anyhoozles this chapter wes alright in my personal opinion. I do feel sad for the death of Konan, I wanted her to have a much bigger role in supporting Naruto, but that looks like it isn’t gonna happen.
    I wonder….is Nagato a cousin to Naruto or Uncle? Anyways I don’t think the Naruto vs Madara battle is gonna happen anytime soon. Personally I believe that Naruto in his current state would not be able to handle Madara in his current state. It all seems too….well easy. If we look at the example by bleach and how that “ended” I wasn’t really satisfied by the ending of that arc.

  69. im saddened to see IRA close it’s doors on that final good-bye.. perhaps 1010 will do a resurrection jutsu on it.. or somfin..


    will miss yah IRA.. had good times and bad times in the chat.. but the past is the past..
    see ya in my memories..

    Miah..thanks for making me an Admin over der.. i had that 1 posting of deidara vs jokey smurf.. it got like 8 responses.. 1 for good luck i guess..

    ill miss the days of perv girls that supertrek moved to his dark side, and then there was lightavatar.. the evil clone and i remember this kid who was named shikamaru.. but i never seen him after he left to the war in iraq.. i wonder what happened to that kid…

    ill miss seeing that evil itachi that reflex used and his trademark “ FU”

    Miah i wish you best of luck in your paths and the same to everyone else..

    i was also part of AGS i was Head DJ..

    cya IRA..


  70. @spill, thanks for rubbing those good memories in my (and all the newcomers’) face. 🙂

    Seriously though, sounded like it was fun. I wonder what happened to that lightavatar fellow?

  71. @spill – I read the Deidara vs Jokey Smurf post and it made me LMFAO!!!! I tell ya dude, just cos it got 8 responses don’t mean only 8 people read it haha oh and AGS is still very much alive, just hard to get hires when chat doesn’t allow guests in anymore XD now that ATOF crap of Super’s…now THATS dead lol

    @kisu – I killed and ate him. Slowly.

  72. @spill – oh and as far as I know, that shikamaru kid (coolbeans) is still alive and kicking, he comes on facebook every now and again.

  73. Welcome back Penny. 🙂 Missed you. ^,^

  74. shikamaru was coolbeans? i didnt realize they were the same person, then my mind is relieved.. i spoken to coolbeans a few times since he originally left in 2008.. he has a fun atmosphere about him, its calming.


  75. @spill – oh…as far as I know, coolbeans was the only IRA-er that left for Iraq. Maybe I’m wrong…I just thought you said Shikamaru cos coolbeans was the guy who did that IRA post comparing Shikamaru’s battle tactics to real-world standards?

  76. Naruto is weird. I just realized this. In Shounen stories aren’t the good guys SUPPOSED to be the UNDERDOGS? I don’t get that feeling with this manga. IT feels like Akatsuki is getting curbstomped. I remember in DBZ when Frieza and Cell were in God mode and trolling everyone that went against them I was like :How the hell are these guys gonna beat these villains”, and it created tension. Hell, even Bleach brought that feeling with Aizen and the Espada (until THEY got curbstomped lol, but they were still a credible threat up until Aizen said he was stronger than all the Espada combined). I realized that I view Madara as the underdog in everything he does. Seriously, the “great threat” of Akatsuki was mostly stopped by TEENAGE CHUNINS lol!

    When Kisame was on the island he was the DEFINITION of underdog. Madara in his fight with Konan was an underdog as well. Deidara lost his credibility before his fight with Sasugay. Even PAIN felt like an underdog when he attacked Konoha lmao! Yep, the villains are what’s really carrying this story now because they’re the underdogs and its interesting to see how Madara will become a credible threat against the great nations and they’re allies.

    Its messed up when the villains are the underdogs. It kinda makes me wanna cheer for them. Does anyone agree here?

  77. Interesting idea Kisu. However, I don’t agree that they’re actual underdogs. From their abilities alone I’d say they’re far from it. I guess in some ways it feels like they are because of the way they suffered defeat at the hands of teenagers no less. It is a shounen manga afterall and Naruto is as formulaic as it can ever be. The villain, unbelievable powerful and equally smug, on his quest for power, revenge, total world domination or whatever reason that drives him will always be trumped by the hard working boy who wants nothing but to protect everything that’s important to him. We are presented with tidbits of information to hint at the gaps of power between hero and villain and we in turn watch incredulously as it becomes apparent that nothing short of a miracle could make the tables turn. But the villains as unbelievably powerful as they are, all have one fatal flaw that eventually causes their demise. And what pray tell can it be? Arrogance. The minute they foster the idea that they and consequently their power will go unchallenged, unsurpassed, is the very moment they lay out their doom. In the actual battle, our hero sees, expriences and acknowledges the gap and in doing so makes them the actual underdogs but with the admission comes room for growth. Here we find other common themes. Surpassing limits, stengthened resolve, the will to never give up, evolution in the midst of a battle. I blame that last one as to why the villains always lose. They’re too comfortable sitting at the pinnacle of power that they never think that someday someone would usurp them. But then again that’s what’s so engaging about the villains. A villain who would actually think that someone might best him has no business being a villain at all. Aaaanyway, I just can’t think of Akatsuki as underdogs. They only seem so at the moment of defeat. Again the standard shounen formula. The one who had the upper hand is now brought to his knees. Prior to that all of the members were so amazing that it really was unfair so it wouldn’t occur to anyone to even think of them as such.Perhaps Kishi’s playing it out so that the more powerful they are the more ridiculous their defeat will be. Pain is a perfect example of that. So if by underdog you mean that they’re less favored by the author that they’re given pathetic endings then yeah, I guess in that sense they are. It really wouldn’t surprise me if Kishi somehow makes Madara’s downfall top what he did to Pain though I can’t imagine how. I wish Madara would die already. He’s as cunning is as cunning goes but I find him to be both a disgrace and a pretentious SOB.

    @Penny: It’s nice that your posting comments once again. Needless to say, you’ve been greatly missed. It’s always refreshing to read a woman’s take on things in this predominantly testosterone-saturated site and yours were among the ones I’ve always looked forward to reading.

  78. just curious that’s all.

  79. Akatsuki underdogs *stares at that phrase for a few moments* WTF!!!!!!!!!!
    Pain an underdog SERIOUSLY!!!! *calms down* As expected from a Pain fanboy. If isn’t wasn’t for the beautiful bishoujo Plucky girl Hinata attempt to save Naruto from the guy who kill everybody because his life sucked reminds me of someone else *cough*Assuke*cough*. Also this IS the same guy who killed Jiraiya, Hanzo, Kakashi and nuked Konoha by himself. HOW IS THAT UNDERDOG MATERIAL?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  80. excuse the triple post but how did the order of my comments get switched up

  81. Ummm…why are the dates wrong? *scratches head* I saw that Prawl…I ain’t dead. Mostly.

  82. Hmm, let me explain. At the start of Part 2 Akatsuki seemed like a HUGE threat, like they could wipe out everyone in the blink of an eye. But then Sasori killed himself. Okay, he still could have won according to Chiyo, so the threat was still there. Then came Hidan and Kakuzu. They were totally wtfpwned and that’s where Akatsuki’s threat level had a dirt nap. Then we came to one of the premiere members, Itachi. Finally we got to see him in battle, and even though he died, with the power he used he gave Akatsuki the booster shot it needed to become a credible threat again. But wait, it turns out that his life was one big “lol I got you jk” moment. He wasn’t evil at all! That killed Akatsuki. But Pain brought some of Akatsuki’s pride back when he killed Jiraiya.

    Now fast forward to the Invasion of Konoha. Who would have thought that Pain, a single ninja, could crush one of the strongest Villages on his own? @Kanton, that’s why I said he was the underdog going into that. For me, Akatsuki completely lost its threat level when Pain died. He was obviously stronger than our favorite Fishman, so Kisame being there didn’t add to Akatsuki’s threat level. Ohohohoho wait a sec! He died too! Didn’t anyone see how they handled Kisame? It was like how Goku and Vegeta handled Babidi’s men, like a sparring match, lol. Now HE was the underdog there.

    All Akatsuki has left is the unremarkable (in combat at least) Zetsu and Madara. For me, Madara hasn’t been what a villain should be, ridonculously powerful. Every time he goes into a fight (after he revealed he wasn’t just Tobi) its like he actually has to try for his victory (Fuu and Torune, Danzo wanting to kill him, and Konan). I just don’t feel any sort of threat coming from him.

    “A villain who would actually think that someone might best him has no business being a villain at all.”

    Hahaha tell that to Frieza! His defining character was that he was freaking afraid the Saiyans would usurp him lol

    But meh, these are the ramblings of a pink-haired madman. Don’t take them too seriously >_>


    Did you just….did you just…nah you couldn’t have. There’s no way you could have dared to even begin to compare Pain with Assgay (lol I combined Sasugay with Assuke)

  83. @ Kisu – Akatsuki was powerful in its right but in the end their intense EMOness is what killed them…

    Sasori – could invade an entire village or bigger but let himself die (killing himself)

    Deidara – ultimate attack could probable wipe out any village, either the suicide bombing or that molecular bomb but killed himself trying to kill 1 person (and failed)

    Zombie Brothers – Great threat but arrogant hidan is still alive?

    Kisame – Trapped by Naruto and gang, had power still but afraid to leak info so (killed himself)

    Naguto – There was a book and Naruto somehow won (I still don’t get it) but he gave his life to save the people he wasted all his chakra trying to kill… (killed himself)

    Konan – Used all her power to try stop Tobi and would of whipped out a large area if used as a weapon, but got beaten by Plot no Jutsu and the bloodline trait of the Uchiha I can pull crap out my ass no jutsu…

    Itachi – Planned his own death at Sasuke’s hands… (killed himself)

    Zetsu – we don’t know yet

    Madara – Same problem but seems to have Peins Eyes

    Sasuke – EMS now

    Orochimaru/Kabumaru – Still a huge threat brought back most of Akatsuki’s big guns!!

    So in closing I think besides the living ones Akatsuki had awesome power but in the end where way too emo to live and killed themselves again… I wish Naguto stayed alive though, but then Kakashi would be dead so also who would have more to offer I guess 😦

  84. I belive Madara is the plant dude zetsu or just the opposite because they have the same hair just look:) no not really well the hair part its true

  85. @Kisu: Oh god, you’re gonna hate me for this..I first got acquianted w/ DBZ when I was 6 and grew up following the series w/ 5 older brothers who have a particular fondness of picking on their little sister, the jerks. So while I have nothing but love for the series, I developed peculiar reactions to the characters, in particular the one you just mentioned and the Fibrous Prince. The latter is a term I coined in reference to the name I called Vegeta(bles) when I was a kid trying to stand up to FIVE bullies. Not the most intelligent comeback but hey I was six! So though I acknowledge Frieza, Cell, Buu, the whole villanous lot, (I’m defiant, not stupid. They were magnificent bastards.) my whole being would always go in the opposite direction of that of my brothers’. It’s a conditioned reflex really, borne from defiance. Why am I saying all this? Well, I’m guessing you’re pretty much in the same boat with my illustrious siblings so I’m bound to say what’s opposite of your opinion as far as the characters are concerned. The fights I’ve gotten in to because of this were nothing short of miraculous in that I somehow managed to survive and grew rather tiring and mostly ended up with “let’s just agree to disagree” kind of vibe. I know that as long as Kibo and Kishi continue to draw inspiration from Toriyama sensei’s work, DBZ references would be unavoidable so what I’m ultimately trying to say is that I hope you won’t take my opinion personally. So when I read you comment in response to mine I was like: Oh god no! Memories of chanting “Frieza sucks!” came rushing to my head and I was itching to say the same here. Really, old habits are just hard to break. Funny thing is I echo their sentiment that DBZ is hands down the best manga ever though I’d rather go through the horrors of Bastille and die than ever admit that to their faces!

  86. So sorry for the double post. Just to correct a mistake I made. I meant DB not DBZ (was thinking of the anime) though DBZ is the best one in the anime version of the series imo.

  87. Bah, I hate Frieza as well. I spent most of my childhood trying to figure out why everyone was calling that ugly old lady a he O_O. But then again that’s what a villain is supposed to do, make you hate them lol. I hate Frieza, Cell (well not that much since he’s part Saiyan, that gives him awesome points) and Buu (mostly because each of them curbstomped Vegeta). The GT villains were horrible because all they did was annoy me, except Super 17 (he was all kinds of cool) and Omega Shenron (he was wtf powerful lol). Wait, why am I talking about DBZ again? O_O

  88. @kisu: kid buu is the most badass villain after pain.

  89. Ah dammit, I missed too much. =(

  90. @kisu – wutdafockyasay!? Vegeta is my favorite DBZ character! >_<

  91. *Glomps Darks*

    Vegeta teh bestes!

  92. Gaaayyyy



  93. *dropkicks Kisu and dark out a window*

  94. *whistles to self*

    *walks into room and sees the glomp/dropkick situation*

    *walks right back out of room – whistling*

  95. actually akatsuki was pretty dan strong just unlucky , if itachi had really been with the akatsuki and pain hadn’t suicided to naruto’s ramblings .heck the duo of itachi and pein could pwn the 9 tails naruto easily , yes easily . Sad we never got to see itachi’s full strength and pein was so-called defeated by someone not even 10% as powerdull as him :/

  96. @ahsan Well, Itachi and Pain Yahiko too were Idiots YES I SAID THERE. MWAHAHAHAHA i give my examples later

  97. “I spent most of my childhood trying to figure out why everyone was calling that ugly old lady a he” – Amen to that! hahahaha!

    *reads Kanton’s comment*
    Wait, what? No seriously, what? Itachi..Pain..Idiots?..For shame! That sentence is just downright criminal!
    *walks out in a huff*

  98. “*Glomps Darks*

    Vegeta teh bestes!”

    Its a sad day in the world when a guy can’t glomp another guy. 😦

    ….(no homo)

  99. Spoilers are out.

    If you are going to read them, prepare to have your mind warped. I can’t even fully comprehend it all as it is, but it sounds both baffling and intriguing at the same time.

    Really exciting stuff happening right now.

  100. spoilers are pure awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Ayah!Just read the spoilers. Now correct me if I’m wrong ’cause it was a bit confusing for me but, was it a hundred thousand white Zetsus of Shodai H? Godd lord, god help the alliance!

  102. @ Spoilers
    lol, Zetsu are like the clones in Star Wars @_@

    this new Hashirama Senju will be like Darth Vader @_@ and be revealed to be Naruto/Sasuke’s true father 😛 (or tobi will be)

    but now the war gonna be pretty boring… Ninja vs Zetsu all the time, not much variation…

    though then again most ninja are nameless boring and mundane…

    Looking forward to Kabumaru ^_^

  103. Spoilers!!!!
    Don’t read the next comment!

    Well….that’s a 100.000 zetsu vs 80.000 ninjas! But again Zetsu is not a battle type ninja. So it could be easy to fight against him.


    @cumulusbg: I don’t think so. Remember the Rescue Gaara Arc when Team Kakashi and Team Gai fought with pseudo Itachi and Kisame and how they still had a hard time defeating them even though “That Jutsu” only used 30% of their chakra (It was 30 right? Can’t really remember)? We see the same thing with Bee’s fight with yet another pseudo Kisame. I don’t know exactly who he’ll duplicate into but 100,000 of those is scary and waaaayyyy too unfair which is why I did a double take when I read the name Hashirama. With his being able to copy chakra and techniques, the chakra supply not being too much of an issue since it was harvested fro Mazo itself, just imagine if he somehow managed to create an army of Shodai H. Alliance, you’re toast!


    Whats happened to Black Zetsu???

  106. Oh gawd, it’s that time of the week again…SPOILER TIME! Must…stay….away!!! Oh how I love that yellow text idea 😀


    Hmm who else do we know, who’s numbers can go from 1 to 100,000 (as he told Itachi)?

  108. @arpotu: Is the answer naruto? LOL ;p

  109. if this spoiler is real… then its far from my imagination O_O


    Yeah, I remember the “Rescue Gaara” arc, but that fight was combination of Zetsu and Itachi (Kisame) strength.
    This time, clones will be all Zetsu. Alone. So it could be plausible.

  111. My spoilers are not yellow? How is that possible? :/

    It’s not automatic, an admin has to see it and change the text color manually.



    @cumulusbg: Ah sorry about that. My comment was a bit confusing. What I was trying to get at is that “That Jutsu” (What in the world was it called again?) required a body that was to be infused with chakra and subsequently made into a copy (the whole techniques arsenal inclusive) of the original, in which the copy’s power would be directly proportional to the amount of chakra infused, right? This is the only thing I can think of when the 100k White Zetsu was mentioned. You need bodies? There, you have bodies. And with White Zetsu’s ability to duplicate someone down to their chakra, IF (because this is really just off the top of my head) combined with “That Jutsu” then it’ll pretty much re-affirm what Kabuto was implying in that Zetsu would be the backbone of Madaras military power. Even if “That Jutsu” has its time limit, 100k copies of S-class shinobi could easily beat an 80k army of varying ranks. And I’m thinking the clones (oh, I just realized the Star Wars reference.) have to be at least S-Rank ’cause really, if I were madara why would I want to make clones of lower level shinobi. And if he wasn’t trying to preserve the chakra levels within Gedi Mazo so much, he wouldn’t be limiting the numbers to 100k. Plus, for some reason after it was heavily implied that he now has the Rinnegan in his possession, I remebered that Madara still has that stockpile of Sharingans in his lair and kept wondering what he was going to do with them. It might be a bit of a stretch to speculate that he’d be using them on the Zetsu bodies. Still, this is Madara we’re talking about. Surprisingly, he’s quite the geneticist so you know, anything could happen. But these are just my musings and I’m sure you all have your own. ;D

  113. The jutsu used to make clones of Kisame and Itachi to fight Kakashi and Team Guy was actually Nagato’s jutsu.


    @Kisu: Ah, thank you for the link. I know it was Nagato’s jutsu but if Madara indeed has the Rinnegan, what’s to stop him from using that jutsu on the Zetsu clones? I did recall Madara implying that Zetsu wasn’t effective combat-wise so perhaps IF he were to use the Shapeshifting Technique it would circumvent that. Right now I’m probably grasping at straws here but you know, speculating is half the fun.. 😀


    @elatedpuppy: hmmmm that’s a great idea, it’s quite plausible that madara might use the rinnegan to achieve such results on the 100k white zetsus, but i’m wondering if he’ll be willing to do that considering the large amount of chakra it might require. So my question to you is what do you think madara might do: a) cast the jutsu on all 100k white zetsu clones and ammass an army of epic power and then rest for sometime in hiding to regain the chakra lost b) cast the jutsu on some of the white zetsu clones and thus require less downtime c) don’t cast the jutsu and just let the white zetsus fight

    So what do you think?

    P.S. And what’s up with kishi and the numbers these days? first 600 000 000 000 EXPLOSIVE TAGS, now 100 000 WHITE ZETSUS? LMAO

  116. new chapter

  117. See Kishi recognizes Soul Eater awesomeness since Kabuto new clothes is a shout out to Medusa

  118. I just read the new chapter and I like where this is going.

  119. All in all a nice chapter. I was kinda expecting Shodai H to be in a full body, you know, kind of a mannequin not this weird fused-to-something version. Speaking of fusion, I do think that Madara used the Shodai replica to be a temporary link to the Mazo. Otherwise, how he wouldn’t be able to harvest the chakra to create such an army in the first place. Was Shoidai really such a beast that eeevvveerybody wanted a piece of him?! Kabuto really gives me the creeps (that damn snake tail!ughh!). When he said that he was interested in Yamato, the first thing that flew outta my mouth was, Oh god Yamato’s going to die! I hope he doesn’t but see Kishi, unlike Kubo, kills good guys just as much as the bad guys. The moving island made me want to read Arabian Nights again. And to anyone who pays close attention to the manga details: Has there ever been an instance when Zetsu addressed “Madara” as Madara not Tobi? And the Zetsu thing; questions, possibilities and more questions..Should’ve renamed the chapter 1001 Questions about Zetsu.

  120. Whoops, posted on the old breakdown. I’ll just repost my comment here:

    That was an awesome chapter but why the hell is everyone messing with the 1st Hokage’s DNA and body!? XD First Madara, then Orochimaru, then Danzo, and now Madara again! O_O Leave the poor man alone. I think Madara is using the 1st Hokage to bring life into all those Zetsu’s…?
    Lol, anyway the exchange between Gaara and the Tsuchikage was pretty funny. The upcoming war should be a great battle, I hope it happens!

  121. Poor Onooki. It’s no fun being a fossil 😦


  123. Does Kabuto know everything!

    I thought madara was omnipitant at time but Kabuto is ridiculous. Well the chapter solves how on earth a war was going to take place because I was kinda imagining Madara killing people in this war like dynasty warrior game.

    It is a shame we do not get to see madara show of skills with his shiny new pimp cane. Kabuto I suspect is now insanely strong.Hhe just got report from kisame about Naruto new super sayian form and that bee has samehada and goes to fight them with just deidara! Someone gotta die I wonder who?

  124. @elated puppy – you’re not grasping at straws. A white Zetsu was able to replicate Kisame’s appearance, chakra and techniques and even fuse with Samehada against Killer Bee. And this was after Nagato had died and before Madara collected the Rinnegan, so it’s likely that Zetsu knows either Nagato’s shape-shifting technique or has his own technique

    @Super – honestly, I thought the same exact thing, why can’t anyone just leave poor Hashirama alone? “Everyone gets Hashirama’s cells” is the new “Everyone gets a doujutsu” of the 5 Kage Summit Arc (like Ao and Danzo). At least Kishi quickly shed some light on what Madara meant when he said he had both Uchiha and Senju. He actually cut off some of Hashirama’s flesh, preserved it and made Frankenstein with it.

    @chapter – I liked how Naruto was originally poking Gai, and then when Killer Bee got back he started poking Gai too haha. Btw, I can’t see Gaara standing much of a chance against either Madara or Kabumaru. Any thoughts?

    Oh and did the giant moving turtle island remind anyone else of Avatar: The Last Airbender series?

  125. @urban – Lol the giant lionturtle! And next thing you know, it’s teaching Naruto how to spiritbend too. XD

  126. @ Urban – The change happened after most of Kisame techniques where used so unsure if it actually duplicates everything. or just the chakra and looks

  127. @pein – do we know if the change happened after most of Kisame’s techniques were used? Are we assuming the change occurred during the fusion or something?

  128. @ urban – I am saying the switch happened once Kisame unfused with his sword… Cause the real Kisame stayed inside the sword while Zetsu stayed out, in the manga that page shows Kisame twice, he is looking forward and if u look carefully u only see slightest of changes,

  129. I hope It’s a rematch of Gaara vs zombie Deidara.

  130. @pein – alright fair enough, still the fake Kisame is about to use Water Element: Big Shark Bullet when he gets beheaded by the double lariat. We know that at this point Zetsu is the Kisame that’s beheaded, and he is using a water/shark technique which are exclusive (i think) to Kisame in this manga. This means that either Zetsu is also an elite water jutsu user (probably not), or he has his own shape-shifting technique similar to Nagato’s that allows him to make a perfect human(fishman?) clone of Kisame.

    So for me, this points towards Zetsu being able to use a shape-shifting technique on his clones.

  131. @ Urban – so he could use it but we don’t know to which Capacity he could use Kisame’s abilities, I doubt he would have the chakra for the dome thing or much else… Maybe he will be able to use one Technique, or even most, but I think the effectiveness wouldn’t be there, the technique seemed more to be a diversion. I Also doubt Zetsu can use High Level water skills but you never know with him… I think though he is a threat, why would Madara make 100 000 of them, against 80 000, if they where Powerful enough he wouldn’t need Kabumaru, So I think these will be more like hard to kill Canon fodder while the Former Akatsuki members controlled by Kabumaru will be like General’s and take out the higher ranked ninja, while Zetsu can deal with the Genin/Chunin…. They will battle the Jonin/Kage (with Sasuke, Madara)

  132. Yu-Gi-Oh was the first to come up with the giant turtle island. Avatar ripped it off >_>


    *eyes burn from viewing that fail of a card*

    – Darks

  133. Warning: what you are about to read might be just some lame-ass prediction.

    I think Kabuto is going to use his time with Naruto to talk with him more. I do see the fight between Deidara and Garra happening again though, this time with the help of that old guy kage… Back to Kabuto, I think he is going to give Naruto more information like he did last time.
    -He rushed to the opportunity of going after Naruto and Bee
    -Why didn’t he chose someone else to take? Someone more powerful then Deidara.
    -And finally, Kabuto is a snake after all. He reminds me of Gin in that you can barely tell what his motives are for doing things. He is just… a snake

  134. You know, I always had a bit of a problem with how people didn’t believe Konan could make billions of exploding tags. First, when she said she herself made them – I still didn’t leave out the possibility that she bought some of them. But let’s say she did make them. Why are people saying she would have had to make them one at a time?

    If Konan had the chakra to move all that paper at once and explode those tags around Madara at that rate before our very eyes. Then it is completely possible for her to make these tags, more than one at a time. Let’s say it took her a while to make them:

    One tag: One minute ritual.
    Time it took her to make everything: Six Months (based on the time elapsed since Nagato passed away, I know that may be a weird arbitrary number, but work with me here.)
    Divide ten minutes into six months. (259200 minutes)
    Divide by two for sleep and eating and misc. activity (129600 minutes)
    This is also the amount of tags she can cook up one at a time in six months. (129600 tags)
    Divide that into 600,000,000,000. (round up to 4.7 million)

    These are very loose numbers – but you’d have to look at what she did, controlling that whole sea of paper, and tell me that she couldn’t control 4.7 million at once.

    In my mind, it’s set up in the story to be completely possible. No less rational then Naruto learning the wind element with thousands of clones.

  135. Whoops – the math is still right – but I’m actually dividing 6 months into single minutes.

  136. I’ve made an algorithm you guys can toy with. Pretty simple.

    E = TPM * P

    E = 600,000,000,000 or the final amount of tags.
    TPM = I like to think Konan can make 20 tags a minute.
    Which is: (20 * m)
    P = the amount of clones Konan has to help her.

    These are all just guesses. But if you assume that she already has the paper at her disposal to make paper clones, she has enough paper to make 6,000,000,000 clones if every clone is made with 100 papers. This leaves:

    100 = 20 * m

    So Konan could do it all in 5 minutes with that many clones.

    So in order to make this a little more manageable, I calculated this algorithm vs. the minutes between episodes. (I took the amount of chapters between now and when Konan left for home and multiplied it by the amount of minutes in a week.)

    And in 60 weeks (just over a year), she would have to have a little less than a million clones running at 12 hours a day to make 600 billion tags. Every clone would take one of the papers on their body and make it an exploding tag. Also, since there would be a million clones, each body could potentially have up to 600,000 pieces. But I’m sure she would keep the amount of paper per body lower than that. Probably more like 1000 pieces per body.

  137. Ok, I think you all are making this a lil bit more complicated than it actually is.

    What if Konan simply used her chakra to convert the abundant seawater into exploding tags? We already know that elements can be converted into objects (elemental clones being the most obvious example), so it’s not too much of a stretch to think she could have used the water itself as the material to build her Explosive Sea with.

  138. ya, das coo

  139. Seems Kishi was a fan of Power Rangers while growing up (or Super Sentai as its known in Japan lol)

  140. @Gavin: your algorithm was pretty cool ;P

  141. @1angel2heart: heh, thanks

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