What Bleach Never Fails In

Warning if you’re a bleach “fan” no rather a Kubo “fan” please stop the AC is already on 😉

Hey guys this is Ahsan bringing you a small “fun” post.As the title says What is it that Bleach never fails in ? Well the answer is right in front of you , if you’re not retarded (no offense) that is …

Knowing bleach and most Kubo “fans” they’ll probably be saying that art is what Bleach never fails in, So first let’s get that out of the way .There is absolutely no doubt that bleach’s art is indeed one of the best I have ever seen in a manga and the art “style” is just simply amazing.

Art which was best defined by Supertreck
“kubo is the only one who can draw two parallel lines and call it “an attack””

Let’s take a look at the latest chapter for some highlight of The awesomeness art of Bleach

Page 1

Page 2


Page 4

Now Those are the first four pages of the latest Chapter of Bleach .The art is so awesome that the first four pages are those done by the assisting staff.They’re so full of informative content, our feeble minds don’t even have the capacity to fully comprehend all its extents, so it only APPEARS to be nothing.

Heyyyyyyyy he meant 7 you see >_> <_<

What bleach never fails in doing is Bleaching itself i mean failing [You encouraged to click this link] itself .

Our own great Supertreck went further to define Bleach as

Bleach acts in the same way the bleach you use on your clothes does except the manga Bleach is for your thought process. It whitens the mind and completely erases all thought until your mind is just a blank slate Kubo can implement anything on.

And it works remarkably. There is no thinking or logic to reading Bleach anymore. No plot or development. Just mindless, inconsequential, blank reading.”

While i was doing this post [ yes doing this post ] I had a talk with pickles and asked him to define bleach as in a hole , he well had an interesting reply

“[01:40:05] Fix: I think it’s unfair how you ask me to describe Bleach
[01:42:56] Fix: No matter how many zillions of terabytes there are in the entire space of the internet, it isn’t enough to be wasted on containing the crap that is Bleach
[01:44:22] Fix: And now that some considerable percentage of my brain cells have died from my talking about it for more than a minute, I will be taking what’s left of your gray matter, Ahsan”

Have you ever wondered that even though Bleach fails, why do it we still read/watch it ? One reason maybe the fact that we read some 400 chapters so we would want to read it to the end Despite the fact that it sucks.But i don’t think that reason applies to all [at least not me anyway , as i left fairy tail after reading up to the current arc] This got me thinking as to why i actually read bleach even though it downright sucks ?

Let me grant you an answer to this myth ,It’s simply because bleach doesn’t just fail , it EPIC FAILS.

Watch this video WITH SOUND

You remember going to failblog.org daily to read/watch new fails , well bleach is just an extension of that little hobby of yours . It’s our instinct to see fail’s and Lol at them until our eyes start to water .This doesn’t mean though that bleach has no role in our lives , What would be do without fail blog ? same is the case with bleach Posts like this wont be possible without bleach , there wouldn’t be a manga that we would be able to bash around anytime anywhere and anyhow.

Let me know why you read bleach in the poll and the comments.

Bleach never fails at failing. And that’s why we never fail to watch it fail
Credit goes to me of course and the guys who helped me complete this post , cheers Pixy poo (The name is Super Awesome King of Awesome, dammit! -Pickles)

~ by Ahsan 阿赫桑 on September 24, 2010.

39 Responses to “What Bleach Never Fails In”

  1. Reeaally funny!!! Me likes Ahsan-sama!! ;p

  2. Wow, very nice Ahsan! I don’t remember me seeing that first quote but I do remember that recent 2nd one. You flatter me. >_>

    Why do I read Bleach? In the beginning I read it because it was fun as hell. It was awesome! I remember nightly sessions at the computer (that sounds dirty) watching episode upon episode of Bleach. Soul Society was my crack, daily fix.

    Now look at it. Side characters forgotten, past enemies forgotten, plot forgotten. I read it for three reasons.

    1. I hope, I do, that it will get better. This upcoming arc dealing with the Spirit King could be a huge improvement.

    2. I’ve read over 400 chapters, screw stopping now.

    3. It’s like watching a train wreck. It’s horrifying but you just can’t take your eyes off of it.

  3. *sigh* I remember the time when Bleach wasn’t always this abyssmal. It was good. No, no..it was Awesome. But now..*sigh* I’d like to choke the person who draggged me into this mess. (That’s right, burn in hell Miss K!!) That I’ve lost more brain cells reading this thing than I would have from a lifetime’s worth of booze and cigarettes is all due to your influence.Four years I’ve been following this, 4 years! Still, should I stop? HELL NO!! It takes me roughly 10 minutes to read a chapter. Multiply that by 421, divide by 1440..that’s about 3 whole days of my life. If by some miracle Kubo can give back those three days, then I’ll stop. Not that that’s likely to happen so chances are, I will stick through it even if it means eventually being brain dead and/or hit rock-bottom stupidity! Oh and by the way, if Super’s version of it is like watching a train wreck, mine would be like having a tooth extraction sans the anaesthesia. Extremely painful(Bleach is just that-PAINFUL), I know, but then again, the breakdowns and the readers’ comments are such a soothing treat so it makes the whole thing a bit more bearable.

  4. *Watches EPIC trainwreck with Ahsan, Trek, and Elatedpuppy*


    *Confiscates cigarettes, lights each one, extinguishes them all on Kubo’s forehead*

    Kubo: OOOOOWWWWW MothelFuckel! You wirr PAY deally fol dis! I sweal IT!

    *Prawl reads chapter 422, and finds that Kubo has made PRAWL the new main character of Bleach*

    Paul..err Prawl: KUBO YOU BASTARD! That wasn’t part of the deal! (Or another translation: TINY! NOOOOOOO!)

    *Confiscates Elated’s Lifetime-o-booze, and drinks until his liver fails*

  5. Nah reading bleach it like watching a disaster (nuke, hurricane etc.) hit your city. When you realizes what it is. It’s already too late. Also i get credit on the last video since i posted it here.
    *Read Bleach 422 and see that Prawl is the new character * Wtf is this *then reads as ichigo trips and falls and Aizen has been released with Aizen going “just as planned” while laughing* Why am i not surprised? *takes out lifetime supply of Oreos and cinnamon rolls an starts to eat until I fall into a diabetic coma despite not be one*

  6. @prawl – you made me choke on my donut LOL

  7. @super

    a slight mistake , just went comment digging and it was actually prawl who said it as a reply to you waayyyy back in chapter 406 ^.^

    “@ Supertrek – Unohana is BUSY… with stuff… and yeah…
    I agree with everything you said. Ichigo suddenly turns pussy… Aizen morphed into himself, and how the hell can I steal Tite Kubo’s job!!! I can draw 3 diagonal lines on each panel, and call it an “attack”.

    prawlkage said this on June 2, 2010 at 6:27 pm”

    @kanton if you had posted this video back in july 2010 , then you would be right xD , because this video was the reason i started this post back then . yup believe it or not this post took 3 months to be completed

    @prawl LOL

    @ all

    just a proof of what Super said was right , he said

    “It whitens the mind and completely erases all thought until your mind is just a blank slate”

    the mere fact that none of you tried to say 1st 2nd etc proves that your mind had been erased >.> <.<

  8. This is one of the best WRA posts Ive ever read. Youve made my day Ahsan, the voice of hundreds of Bleach trollees everywhere.

    Tite has trolled us all with Bleach. I wonder if there are still Bleachtards left in the world *doubts it*

  9. @pumpkinbeard , glad you enjoyed it .

    on a side note though haven’t seen you comment lately , is it because there hasn’t been any op chapter for 4 weeks ?

  10. we should have a post on how we would each improve bleach i would stay, starting at the arrancar arc… i think it could been improved tremendously. like make the espadas kick ass, make ichigo strong from the start, not like ichigo can barely beat grimmjoww, ichigo now has the power to beat ulquiorra… if ur gonna make him win, make him strong from the start. If captains had to use their bankais to defeat vasto lordes which hitsugaya had stated way back… if hitsugaya died when harribel attacked… if the espada were winning, and then the vaizards came with bankais, and actually made a difference… then tousen and gin go wild and tousen doesnt lose because of his new power… and then everyone is about to die… aizen uses his shikai to which gin catches his blade and reveals his bankai (keep that chapter as is)… then have aizen reveal bankai… then u can have isshin, urahara, and yoruichi show up with some ridiculous power… or even members of the zero guard and have them kill aizen… maybe im not a good story teller but i feel bleach would b much better if something like that happened instead

  11. Its because there hasnt been an OP breakdown of the latest chapter

    *glares at Supertrek* T.T


    Anyways only a few more days till i can wash the bad taste that is Bleach outta my mouth and move on to bigger and better things like OP 598. 😀

  12. @omar

    count me out buddy , i remember than recent twitter out burst of tite . i dont want an idiot telling me to “get a life ” because i told him areas in which his work could get better >.> <.<

    @ pumpkin just a little longer , im pretty sure the wait will be well worth it

  13. lol it looks like only 35 % of you agree with me xD and see bleach as a source of Lol’ing . the rest simply read on to see what happens at the end ^.^

  14. “i dont want an idiot telling me to “get a life ” because i told him areas in which his work could get better >.> <.<"


  15. To put my cents in:

    I read Bleach because, once upon a time, Bleach was actually fun to keep up with (around the time Grimmjow was introduced, to his fight with Ichigo, up to the point right before “Ichigo” beat Ulquiorra). Now Bleach is just a failure. We haven’t even seen Kyoraku’s, Ukitake’s, Urahara’s, Yamamoto’s, or Aizen’s Bankais. Maybe he should’ve done like Kishimoto and actually planned a story in advance.

  16. he wouldnt tell u to get a life ahsan, he’d tell u to go in a corner and shut your eyes and close yourself in a crevice and just get by living with ur mouth open eating nothing but rain and dust. LOL

  17. Bleach totally AMAZED me up to (and including) the battle againts Ulquiorre. One main amazement reason is the GORGEOUS and so freaking awesome character design, I mean, I could never stop listing characters that are sooooooooooooooooooo cool, whereas I can’t think of much in Naruto (although I prefer Naruto).

    Ulquiorra, Ichigo, Aizen (with long hair), Nel, Kisuke, Byakuya, Mayuri, Ishida, Hitsugaya, Yuroichi, Soifon…

    Sasuke, Minato

    Well, and now, after Ichigo’s fight with Ulquiorra, it definitely doesn’t feel that “bleachy” anymore, but I will of course continue reading to know what happens next. I see it as entertainment, but what freaks me out the most is that, in the last 10-20 chapters, you NEVER can see what happens, you can never identify it.

  18. @Aeris: Come on. What about Sage Naruto ? Itachi ? Pain, Shodaime, Killer Bee, Gaara ? Give Naruto some credit. Mayuri & Ishida aren’t cool. I can tell you didn’t really think hard for Naruto just to prove your point. I agree with it, but still.

  19. @ahsan It took me a while but here is the first time i posted it https://weareawesomeness.wordpress.com/2010/07/08/bleach-411-deicide-i-seem-to-have-lost-count-_/#comment-17413

  20. @ LOL kanton i had no idea you would go to such extents to dig that up ^.^ either way >.> <.< the video you posted and the video i posted are totally different X_X mine seems to be a rip off by some crazy ass youtuber. XD p.s i still win for knowing this video from back in Chapter 406 of bleach :S


    W00T O_O now that’s not fair T_T so bleach amazed you because of character design well it’s art is good but not without it’s own MAJOR faults . such as the first 5 odd pages of chapter dont take the story further . I still dont think that bleach felt bleachy even up to the time when ichigo fought grimjow. For me it died way back with the rescue rukia arc . no offence aries but your choice is flawed i say , you say naruto doesn’t have any “cool” characters niether onepiece. Well first of all if you choose a character to be “cool” only by their outward appearance that is totally wrong . thats like youll go on a date with a guy who’s got a 6 pack but he is an asshole but you wont go with the guy who doesnt have those muscles but is a great guy . ( no offence meant)NO character can be “cool” without being what there are their like what they ARE[ now i dont have a word for this , maybe i should sleep T_T ] . Naruto , bleach and onepiece all have “cool” characters but not only because of their art but also because of they themselves what they are

    Zoro – what attraction would his character have left if say 1- he didnt forget his way 2- he wouldnt get into fights with sanji 3- he would train his ass off all the time 4- he wouldnt fight to death for his comrades .

    Shikamaru – what attraction would his character have left if say 1- he wasnt smart 2- he wasnt lazy 3- he wasnt going to save his comrades.

    Urahara kisuke – what attraction[ might i add that this is the only character in the bleach world which has some sort of attraction left] would his character have left if he didnt make awesome jokes all the time 2- if he didnt fight in “urahara style” 3- if he wouldnt be smart

    the point is bleach sucks in story .

    if tite draws an awesome main character but makes me an emo scared kid that is not what i call attractive or awesome . “loosing the will to fight my ass -.-

  21. sorry for the rant T_T , to each his own though ^.^

  22. @Super

    “It’s like watching a train wreck. It’s horrifying but you just can’t take your eyes off of it.” – In reference to Bleach.

    ROFL!!! That has to be the funniest thing I have read in recent memory and yet, it is such a perfect comparison.


    Nice post. I don’t read Bleach, but I do hear a lot about it (Which is the main reason I don’t read it, knowing that I will get to a point where I will most likely be disappointed.)

    In any case, it was really funny. Thanks for the laughs.

  23. tenrai you are indeed lucky to have a choice, most of us read bleach when it used to be awesome. Btw if the day ever came when you wantec to read bleach , try bakuman its an awesome manga about manga and its new only 100 chapters done yet

  24. “Mayuri & Ishida aren’t cool.”

    BLASPHEMY! Smart people are cool! I’d also like to add Szayel

    “Well first of all if you choose a character to be “cool” only by their outward appearance that is totally wrong”

    not true lol people consider Ulquiorra to be cool and he has the personality of a brick, as opposed to Yammy who has a truckload of personality and is still lame.

    I suppose its time I gave my two cents on Bleach. I only started reading ti last year, and that was due to adult swim showing the bount Arc in the anime. All the Soul Society stuff didn’t intrigue me and before that it was a monster-of-the-week story, and if I wanted to watch m-o-t-w stories I’d just watch Ben 10. Anyhoo, after I saw the Bount Arc and Bleach wiki (seriously, that has got to be THE best wiki out there, aside from wikipedia) and saw all the cool concepts on the articles, I decided to give Bleach a chance, but I still wasn’t gonna read the manga. Then a few months later, Grimmjow appeared. After that I started reading the manga and saw Starrk use his Resureccion, I’ve been hooked ever sine (I caught up using the anime, fillers and all). But in my opinion, the Arrancar Arc to Tosen putting on a Hollow Mask was epic, everything after he puts on the mask however is a train wreck. Let’s hope Kubo stops being lazy and actually makes a storyboard for the next Arc.

    Ahh Bleach, what would we do without you? QUICK! Everyone! Let’s go into a corner and feed on dust and rain while reading Bleach! Because only when we’re too hungry to think will this plot make any sense.

  25. then again, Bleach wasn’t even supposed to go past the Soul Society Arc. JUMP made him extend it, which is also the reason he had to give Aizen the most hax shikai ever, so he could alter the story enough to extend it. But that’s still no excuse. DBZ was supposed to end with Frieza, but Toriyama got forced by fans and JUMP to extend it and he did it beautifully. Speaking of Toriyama, he’s the reason we even have Bleach.

    “When Tite Kubo first introduced his idea to Weekly Shōnen Jump, it was rejected. Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball, saw the story and wrote a letter of encouragement to Kubo.[8] Bleach (thanks to Toriyama’s “importance” in the shōnen domain) was accepted for publication a short time later in 2001. “

  26. Also let’s add this only Kubo can dump a bottle of ink and call it an attack.

  27. I saw a cool post by Super a while ago about Plot of Bleach… Pilot — Training Arc — Rescue Arc — Training Arc — Rescue Arc (etc it was much more extensive)

    The thing that keeps me to Bleach is A) how will Kubo finally wrecks this moving train that seems to be burning and going off a cliff… B) Kubo is so good at leaving gaps I cant stop till I get closure

  28. @kisu


    @double k (kanton)

    Double LOL


    Triple LOL

  29. @nagashikage and Ahsan: Woo woo, wait a sec, don’t rush it!
    First, @nagashikage: Well, it’s just my opinion, you know, that Sasuke and Minato have by far the two absolutely best character designs. If you think that Itachi, Killerbee and so on belong to that list, then so be it. I do not think so, I thought hard.

    Maybe we three misunderstood us a little bit because I was just referring to their looks, that’s what I meant with character design (and what is usually called “character design” in art).

    @Ahsan in special: Not quite, I said that one of my main amazement reasons was/is the character design. The world and techniques with swords and magic and so on would be another main amazement reason.

    As for your One Piece reference, I totally…… dislike (understatement of the year) the art style of OP, so it doesn’t make any sense for me to talk about OP’s character design.

    Why am I not allowed to say which characters’ design I find cool and which not? Of course, I could make a list of the characters’ behaviours I find cool: Sasuke, Kakashi, Itachi, Gaara, Tsunade, Neji, …
    I was just referring to ultra stylish character looks, and Ulquiorra definitely rulz everything for me 🙂 !

    So, please tell me if you just misunderstood me and got so worked up because of that, or what that was about if not. I really don’t understand, I just said which characters I like.

  30. i think i went ahead of myself a little . Still i think did misunderstand you x.x but i too was just trying to say that character matters more than drawing which is my own opinion of course. But still wouldnt the coolness of ulqiaria ( im not even going to try to spell his name correctly on this touch keyboard) be less if he wasnt emo and stuff

  31. on the op topic nooooooo wayyyyyyyyyyyy op is wayyyyyyyyy cooooooleeeeeerrrrrr than naruto or bleach >.<

  32. @ Ahsan – Ulqiaria Cifer Was awesome because of his design, his character development was also cool though, he represented nothing and in a way I think that was cool. No feelings of joy etc but he did begin to show later on after the influense of Orihime’s big juice b.. Heart I mean @_@

  33. “he represented nothing”

    This is a paradox. Does it mean he doesn’t represent anything or that he actually represents the concept of nothing? I love analyzing. But yeah, 4th Espada’s aspect is nothingness

    @ahsan, you gotta admit, OP’s art style is extremely weird. That’s the only reason I just started OP. Before I read one of Superdude’s breakdowns and got converted to being part of the OP fandom, I used to just look at the first page, see some weird characters and immediately stop reading. If Oda drew the characters more realistically (this is debatable) it would have a wider appeal (like Naruto or Bleach).

    But I rather crazy art over a crazy story. That’s why I absolutely hated Bobobobobobobo! The art was typical Shonen, but the STORY WAS WACK! NOTHING MADE SENSE! IT WAS A MIND F*CK FROM BEGINNING TO END! THE “COOL GUY” OF THE STORY USED HIS FARTS AS THROWING PROJECTILES GODDAMMIT! THE PROTAGONIST USED HIS NOSE-HAIRS TO FIGHT! Wanna know what his fighting style was called? FIST OF THE NOSE HAIR! I dare ANYONE reading this to watch that series and come out of it 100% sane. Now whoever made THAT show was high, and not just marijuana high, a whole f*ckload of drugs high!

    Ok my rant on my irrational hatred for Bobobobobobobo is now over.

  34. @Pein

    what’s big isnt necessarily juicy 😉

    @ kisu

    diffrent = yes

    wierd = maybe yes

    bad = no

    though i agree with you my first choice of the manga is art but let’s just say ill not stop reading a manga if it’s art is “diffrent” or as you say “wierd” if the art downright sucks well that’s another story though. The point is the art that onepiece has suits it right out of the box , naruto or bleach’s art style would [mark my words] RUIN onepiece . onepiece is art + story , onepiece wouldnt be onepiece without “it’s art”

    bleach’s art isnt essentially awesome either , yes tite can draw amazing characters [ the final getsuga , ulqi etc] but there is a huge diffrence in just drawing characters and drawing a manga [ thanks to bakuman ^.^] you have to make thing look like moving and realistic not just character designs . drawing two parallel line on throwing some ink on paper arent “attacks” moreover bleach wastes retarded amount of panel space and tite “barely ” does any work . the first 4 pages of bleach are clearly just the background work and some ink thrown on paper ,which is the work of assistants.[ thankyou bakuman again ^.^]

    if a manga would be better with improving it’s art style it would still be bleach 🙂

  35. Glad we got to an agreement there 😉 !
    Well, like you, Ahsan, art is as well my first choice of the manga, and that’s the single reason I started Bleach 1 or 2 months ago. OP on the other hand… a friend of mine at work tries to persuade me to start OP as well, and she totally said the same thing like you: OP without it’s art woudln’t be OP, the art BELONGS to OP.
    She also told me about some mechanics and how the world of OP works, with those shipping paths (was something with “line”, can’t remember…), and that sounded really interesting, honestly!

    I never started watching DB(Z) for the same reason: It looks so shitty, I so not like this style. But then, my boyfriend persuaded me, and I LOVE the DBZ anime!!

    I wonder if it would be the same with OP… I just skipped through the pages of 598, but I still really can’t stand to look at it *goes blind from weird proportions, noses, mouths and… urks*
    It’s weird that this can repulse people like that, because, on the other hand, I began to love DBZ as well, although this (not THAT weird) weird style. Hmm, we’ll see if I start OP someday, but I don’t think so. Catching up to a story with nearly 600 chapters could be a looooooooooooooong project! 😀

  36. @Aeris, you’re a smart girl. If u hadn’t said you loved DBZ I would have singlehandedly hunted you down and feed you to Sasugay and his emo clowns. 🙂

    @Ahsan, lol I’m not defending Bleach lol. the only thing I’d ever defend Bleach on is if someone said the concepts are stupid. I totally agree with everything you said. Tite wastes waay too much panel space on nothing. But y’know, maybe that’s just bleach. Just as OP wouldnt be the same without its art, Bleach would be crap without its copious amounts of crap 🙂

    Anyway, when I said Oda should draw more realistically, I said its debatable becuz just then it occurred to me that some of the more eccentric characters would have never existed (try imagine a realistic Blackbeard and Brownbeard ewww).

    Now lets all agree that welove eating Bleach’s crap 😉

  37. @aeris

    +10 awesomeness points for loving dbz ^.^

    @ Kisu

    thats something we both can agree on ! LOL she certainly is smart , smart enough to know to not take me seriously xD

    @kisu again >.>

    i agree too with most of the stuff you said , except for the fact that altering the bleach style of drawing would actually do it more benefit than harm i believe . keep the characters realistic but also make them “move” and also dont waste panel space. maybe tite should just read bakuman he will learn every thing he needs to do there ^.^

  38. *gives Ahsan a dish filled with Bleach’s poo*

    Come on Ahsan, lets eat it together. Bleach’s crap is delicious XD

  39. grabs poo and puts it in super’s mouth .eat up = )

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