Bleach 421 – Deicide I give up

Well with Aizen looking less and less appealing, my overlords at Taco Aizen thought up a new advertising campaign. Now instead of Aizen every week, we hired models! This week is Hyorinmaru!

*phones Taco Aizen*

“Guys seriously, peppy isn’t my thing”

“Wait, you’ll do what to me?” O_O”

Like I was saying before, Taco Aizen is the best!

My tacos are the best thing since bacon. Have a problem with that? Take it up with my dragon.

*Shadow Clone Juts- errr…I mean, moving so fast I create after images*

Now my clones and I can collectively be disappointed this week 😀

*reads spoilers*

Ha! Those are probably fake, there’s no way this could happen. Not even Kubo is this much of a troll.

*reads chapter*

*epic facepalm*

Ha, I bet you thought I was gonna go on a sugar-powered rampage didn’t you? Well not today, I’ve been reformed by schoo- err…ah…[what was it again]….community service. Yep, this Kisu’s as good as a good guy can get. Did I mention I was good? Now if you’ll excuse, I’m gonna go take out my rage on my cat (I’ll leave it within an inch of life- better than I would’ve a few weeks ago :P). Remember, don’t blame me, blame Kubo.

*gets gently tapped on the shoulder by a crowbar held by [Insert Name Here]*

“Quit stalling and get to the breakdown. Or my crowbar will use Tackle Attack on your face.” says [Insert Name Here]

(It’s not too easy being a pink-haired cool scientist wannabe. Yeah, I’d like to see any of you give up the identity of a guy threatening you with a crowbar while he’s behind you. Yeah, that’s what I thought none of you would, we’re not Captain Planet after all. But I’m as spineless as pickles are.)

(Use the hints to his identity wisely young Padawans.)

Ok, now that the crowbar is uncomfortably close to my face, I’ll get this breakdown under way. The sooner I review this chapter, the sooner I can forget about this chapter. The color pages this chapter featured Zangetsuinator and Getsuga respectively. It starts with the technique, Mugetsu (無月, Moonless Sky), taking effect and darkness consuming Aizen-sama.

This is just Kubo's way of using up panel space

So it seems Mugetsu creates darkness that destroys whatever gets consumed by it. But could what we have seen only been a fraction of the damage it could have caused? Remember that the Hogyouku is constantly healing Aizen, so perhaps he suffered far more damage than just the deep cut we saw- scratch the “maybe”, I’m sure he did. The Final Getsuga wears off as Aizen-sama falls from the sky. Aizen then regenerates once again and stands before Ichigo, but Ichigo’s Shinigami powers (and by extension, his Hollow powers as well) leave him. Aizen stands ready to get rid of this blemish that tarnished his opinion of himself (namely, being better than everyone else).

Who wouldn't?

As Aizen gets ready to finish Ichigo, Kyouka Suigetsu begins to disappear. Aizen says its because the Hogyouku is fusing him with it just as Ichigo had fused with Tensa Zangetsu and that he’ll soon be in the same plane Ichigo once stood. He also says he no longer needs Kyouka Suigetsu (in other words, Kubo could not think of anything better than Perfect Hypnosis, so he made that half-assed excuse instead).

Light pierces Aizen-sama’s chest as Urahara arrives. Urahara says his Kido has finally taken effect. Or rather, his Kido within his Kido. The Hado (attack Kido) he had used earlier was apparently only a distraction so he could use his newly-invented Kido on a very careless Aizen (just as Superdude had warned in his Bleach Breakdowns), as he knew Azen would have been impossible to kill with the Hogyouku embedded inside of him. Aizen brags that he is about to transform once more and that it’ll have no effect against him. However, Urahara tells him the Hogyouku no longer recognizes him as its master since he’s become so weakened (that raises a few questions).

Urahara’s “Swords of Revealing Ligh-umm I mean Urahara’s Kido takes effect as Aizen is sealed, but not before he asks why would someone as smart as Urahara serve the Soul King. Urahara tells him that some things just need to exist (lol like Avatar the Last Aribender’s Moon Spirit, Kubo, Kubo, Kubo), but Aizen yells that that is the view of a loser (I certainly agree with him) and that winners shape the world how they want it to be (like we humans have shaped Earth how we wanted it to be as opposed to being Mother Nature’s footstool) and he goes on to say “I-” as he is sealed away. Ichigo looks on.

I didn't have the heart to mess with this one.

Kisu’s Thoughts:

1. If Urahara didn’t know about the Hogyouku’s wish-granting and the double Captain Reiatsu cheat code, how did he set all of this up? His plan basically went on the assumption that the Hogyouku would somehow turn against Aizen. Also, at the time he created this Kido (which must’ve been before the battle in Fake Karakura Town), he couldn’t have known Aizen would have fused it to himself, or even know the Hogyouku’s power is granting wishes.

2. I can’t believe we will never see Kyouka Suigetsu’s Bankai just because Kubo has a lack of creativity. I mean, that’s never stopped him before

*points at Jakuho Raikoben*

3. It seems I was wrong last week when I said Ryujin Jakka got trumped. Ryujin Jakka’s Shikai was enough to potentially wipe out all life on Earth, while Mugetsu only covered that area.

Kisu answers your questions:

A number of weeks ago, Takashid said this was no war, it was more like one-on-one battles and that One Piece’s Battle at Marineford was a real war. Well, the context of the two stories are different. According to the 1st Bleach databook, each Squad has around 200 members. This means the Gotei 13 is vast, but Aizen clearly said the Captains make up for the Gotei 13 military strength. It’s simply really anything under the rank of Lieutenant is a mook (unless you belong to the 11th Division). Anyone under Lieutenant level power would be killed by the Immense Spiritual Pressure being put out. So if Aizen had brought all his 99 Arrancars, it would make no sense as all the non-Fracciones would have been killed just like the weaker Shinigami.

Kantonkage had this to say in last week’s breakdown:

“1. Mysterious persons who sent Grand Fisher after Ichigo.
2. Mayuri, his identity, what he found in szayel’s lab, his connection to urahara and his hatred towards ichigo. (he promised that Ichigo will be sorry he survived the karakura battle)
3. Ryuken, Ishida and whole Quincies vs Shinigami deal that has been going on.(and I mean, come on, Ichigo vs Ishida, Grim Reaper vs Angel, etc, it has been foreshadowed with both their final forms and storyline)
4. Royal King, his nature, why he was locked in, is he evil or good, etc. Royal Guards, etc.”

1. The mysterious persons were faceless Hollows and Iceringer

2. I’d say Mayuri hating Ichigo was for comedic purposes more than anything else. However, Kubo did reveal that he wants to touch on the things in Szayel’s lab. Perhaps later I’ll search for some links.

3. The Quincy can’t possibly put up any form of threat now. There are only two remaining and Uryu can never use Quincy Final Form again. It would end very soon. Though both Ryuken and Uryu would require Captain-level opponents.

4. Well based on Urahara’s statements this chapter, it can be assumed that the Soul King is in fact good, or at the very least, neutral. If he was malevolent I doubt the Shinigami would put so much effort into defending him. As for the Royal Guard, I wouldn’t put to much faith in them. They’re just above average Captains, and Yamamoto said no Shinigami has been born in the past millennium as strong as or stronger than him, so they are at least weaker than him.

Fan service no jutsu at its best, courtesy of "Bleach the Third Phantom"

~ by kisuzachi on September 22, 2010.

63 Responses to “Bleach 421 – Deicide I give up”

  1. aaaaand its out!

  2. FIRST!

  3. third!!! cause i don’t wanna be second

  4. Note: Those aren’t my theories there from the world’s biggest bleach lover/Naruto hater.

  5. THIS IS JUST WRONG X_X after like half an hour the chapter is released the breakdown is too X_X man you have a hyberbolic time chamber or something X_X lol awesome breakdown though 🙂

  6. wait a sec , didn’t urahara mention the soul king as a “thing” O_O woot i’m beggining to think aizen was a good guy and urahara will continue his work in the future ! or aizen was bad and urahara will continue his work still xD

  7. is this a good ending ? no !

    why ? if you made aizen that strong bring a competitor strong enough to beat aizen in brains and power ;something like urahara gone ssj4 ; not downgrade poor ol’ aizen

  8. one more thing before X_X sorry for spamming X_X

    but can we please have a main character change now that ichigo has lost his powers ? PLEASE ?

  9. Dammit why are they wearing towels especially Nemu and Isane (except yachiru she has to wear one)
    @ahsan no he made use of the Dangai (Precipice World)

  10. Again, i seem to be an exception around here, but i liked this chapter. aizen clearly isn’t gone forever, that seal will break eventually, and then we will get to see his bankai. Urahara stoping Aizen made more sense then Ichigo somehow doing it when he had lost his powers. As for ichigos powers, this chapter showed he can at least still see aizen, and wasn’t crushed by his presence like the humans he ran into around town. id say ichigo still has all of his huge reiatsu, he just doesn’t have any powers to use.

    about the war thing, i realize that each squad has a large amount of members, but they never appeared! in my humble opinion, a war in involves huge amounts of fighting on a large scale, with lots of people. to compare to the One Piece war again, almost all of the pirates and the marines who were involved were mooks, but they tried anyway! hell, i remember a two page spread where a bunch of those marine mooks jumped up and stabbed/shot Whitebeard himself!!! even though a large majority of the people involved couldn’t have fought say, Mihawk, and won, they still fought. because it was war.
    Soul Society holding back any of their forces against aizen, even if its mooks was stupid, because if aizen won they were all screwed. the fact that they wouldn’t have affected the main fights isn’t a problem for me, id love to have had a bunch of minor Shinigami vs Numeros, small battles happening at the same time as the main fights, it would have made everything feel more epic. instead we got a bunch of one on one fights, so it really didn’t feel like a war at all.

  11. @ahsan, Kubo said he’ll make a new one. One that’s older than Ichigo.

  12. @Takashid, lol but that would not only be a waste of time, it would also be senselessly wasting lives.

  13. i have a feeling that no matter what happens from now on in bleach… it won’t make sense… the fact that all the shinigami lost without using their bankais can never be explained… and if they pull out their bankais later on and are super powerful, it wont make sense as to why not use it before. I don’t know what to do with bleach, I want to see what happens next, but damn, talk about digging a hole for urself

  14. @kisu no they would be pointlessly injuring people.

  15. Wow! The breakdown’s out?Fast..Too fast..Kisu!!!! Don’t your fingers ever catch on fire? Can’t say I complain though, especially in light of this week’s chapter. Gotta say, after reading Naruto spoilers my head was still reeling from substantial brain damage but man Kubo has perfected his art so much that all thought processes were aborted, save one: Must..Kick..Kubo..In the Crotch!!

  16. @elatedpuppy I agree *raises Crowbar that I used to threaten Kisu with* Don’t go into any dark alley Kubo *Laughs Psychotically* MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! ]:) >:)

  17. And in the end Aizen never really got killed…. so is it ok to assume he will come back later on???

  18. Kantonkage is second again…. @__@


    Your skill at landing in the second spot time and time again never ceases to amaze me. 😛

  19. so, do you think the arch was named “decide” as a pun? Because Kubo could not decide on what the hell he was going to do? Well, Hopefully the next arch is named “JK”. I think he should have had Aizen and Ichigo get eaten by zangetsuinator and forever fought each other in his belly. See there? it’s not a “sealing” tech, and Shinigami POWERS is what contains the two.

    BTW, With all the aces Aizen had up his sleeves, He’ll be a formidable match for the hokages and oro’s hands. The poker game just got interesting. (reminisces an old, old photo) aww, I miss Harshyt now

  20. OMG!!! That was so freaking awesome!!! Did you all see that final showdown! Kubo really worked hard to give us a great ending fight to this 4+ year arc!

    Aizen said, “BANKAI!!!” and everything went BOOOOM and rocks and mountains were flying everywhere! Then they battled it out for 15 whole pages until finally Ichigo got in a major hit and in Aizen’s weakened state Urahara’s preset Kido took over. Then Aizen was sealed after they talked a little about the Spirit King (new information) and Ichigo collapsed exhausted after a job well done. Lol, thank God we got such a nice fight. It would have sucked so much ass if Ichigo just used his ultimate attack on Aizen only to fail resulting in Urahara coming to his rescue with some kido… Yep…would have sucked bad…

    Welcome to reality. Awesome job on the breakdown Kisu! Yep, we’ll be seeing Aizen again in the future. Best part…he may come back as a sort of anti-hero! -_- Think Crocodile except not nearly as cool. Ichigo didn’t even have the balls to look Aizen in the eyes as he was sealed away. Please do replacd Ichigo with another protagonist. It would be for the best.

    @Takashid: During a war like that would be too much drawing for Kubo. He may not even have enough ink to draw so many characters after making those big giant attacks that look like ink blotches and take up an entire page.

    @Ajd: Aizen planned to play poker with the Hokages all along. He’ll arrive in the Shinigami’s belly and say, “All according to my plan. Now let’s get down to serious business!”

  21. @Tenrai: See I knew you’d zero in on that! And her I was hoping you’d let it slide this time. Hope you’re prepared as he’s a little extra homicidal today and would probably barge in here guns a’blazing!
    @Anyone: Clarify this for me.. The shinigami official ensemble (the shihakushou was it?not sure of the spelling) is sort of an indication of shinigami powers – apart from the zanpakutou of course. Ichigo’s still wearing his, or at least the bottom half of it. Yet when Rukia lost the majority of her powers, she underwent a wardrobe change. Shouldn’t Ichigo have done the same?

  22. @elatedpuppy, the Shihakusho thing only applies to Ichigo when he uses Tensa Zangetsu. The Shihakusho becomes part of his bankai.

  23. @kisu – No dude, what puppy was saying is that, if indeed Ichigo lost his shinigami powers, he should have gone back to wearing normal human clothes kinda like Rukia did when she gave all her power to Ichigo. However, he still has half his shihakushou on.

    This would most likely be a simple mistake on Kubo’s part in my honest opinion, or perhaps it actually does mean Ichigo hasn’t yet lost all his shinigami juice yet.

    Also, you have to remember that Ichigo isn’t the only character in this series to lose his abilities. Ishida supposedly lost his Quincy powers when he KO’d Cap’n Kurotsuchi after finding out the truth behind his grandfather’s death. Even if Kubo comes up with a new protagonist for this awful manga, Ichigo will still have an important role in the story’s future. I’d bet money on that too.

    Then again, I also publicly said that Konan wouldn’t die…you know what, I take that bet back. DX


    Oh yeah, she does lose her clothes…hmm maybe a retcon?

  25. The most surprising thing to happen Bleach-related all week is that no one seems to have figured out who had the crowbar. lol

  26. -_-

    Waaaaaaaaait…lemme think…

    Captain Planet…spineless as pickles…tackle attack on your face…

    …well, f*ck me. I’m stumped. @_@

  27. two is better than one *takes out two baseball bats and walks towards Tenrai* this will hurt you more than it hurts me.

  28. @Darks, I know right! This guy is a bigger mystery than Ichigo’s sexuality 😀

  29. I have nothing to say about this chapter.

    I do have something to say about Bleach though.

    Who just gets rid of their main character? Especially like 7/8ths of the way through the manga (unless Bleach somehow lasts another 8 years….) I’m not saying Ichigo is that great of a protagonist, but I just don’t think the story (go ahead, laugh, I am too.. in a sarcastic sort of way) can survive a change of main character this far into it. It doesn’t make sense. Why not just end this manga and start a new one? Or do a time skip and make it Bleach Shippuden? (don’t think Kishi hasn’t already thought of this, cuz I’m sure he has given it consideration). Ok so I wasn’t serious about Bleach Shippuden, but why drag us through the muck of switching gears in a manga where we all have preconceived ideas when he can just tie this one off and start a new manga free of the burdens of the plot hole that is Bleach?

    Note: We are also currently losing our ulti-villain, Aizen, from the manga. Even if he’s unsealed later, he’ll have to be out of commission for some time. That means we’d be losing the main character and the main villain. That to me sounds like a story (go ahead, laugh again, I am too) that should end.

    Of course, all the above is based on the assumption that Kubo will switch main characters. (I heard he’s in talks with Kishi. Apparently he would like to make Naruto his new main character.)

  30. Sorry, just realized in the above post I have “don’t think Kishi hasn’t already though of this, cuz I’m sure he has given it consideration”

    I meant Kubo, not Kishi, there. Sorry Kishi!!

  31. kisu: war itself IS a senseless waste of lives! when they are up against a traitor and his army who want to destroy them all, the real stupidity is holding any of there forces back. it would have made sense if aizen had got to the real karakura and all the mooks (being lead by Nanao, because seriously, where the fuck did she go!?) were there guarding the real town and humans. instead its completly unprotected!? obviously kubo simply didnt want to/couldnt draw something as complicated as a real war.

  32. @Takashid, I’m not saying Kubo could draw that many, hell not even Kishi could. Only Akira Toriyama and Oda can do that. But I’m saying that in the context of the Bleach world, it doesnt make sense to bring any troops along. Why bring all the mooks to the battlefield JUST so they can blow up like those Hollow did? It makes sense to leave the mooks behind so they can either survive or make one last ditch effort to stop Aizen. Aizen left his forces behind to protect Las Noches.

    Ok, would you bring along your army of humans to fight Goku or Vegeta? You’d only do that if you’re cruel, self-serving and heartless (lol, you’d have to be Kubo).

    @urban, pfft, I liked the idea of a new main character. To tell the truth, I love the concepts in Bleach much more than any manga out there (even more than DBZ’s and I know that’s blasphemy against the anime god T_T), and so I’m enthusiastic about seeing all of this from another main character’s perspective. Plus I’d love to see our new main character interacting with the old ones. I would’ve loved to see a new main character in DBZ. Think Yu-Gi-Oh right now, and every few years there’s a new protagonist in the same universe, just epic!

  33. I predict that the Hougyoku could restore Ichigo’s powers, ya know deciding that he would make a better partner than Aizen was or something.

    Or there will be a new protagonist though I think, he will just share the stage with Ichigo who will probably take more of a teacher/supporter type position to whomever it is.

    Either way I don’t see Ichigo taking a nap while new things start happening, it just wouldn’t be in his character. Then again this is Kubo we’re talking about so….

  34. kisu: i understand it would not have been the best plan to bring the mooks to the battlefield. my problem is if they were left behind, they failed that too, because there was no last ditch attempt to stop aizen. AND they left the town full of vulnerable humans completely unprotected!!! WTH soul society? were they all just sitting around on their asses waiting to die or something?

  35. @Takashid, they’re probably defending Soul Society and the Rukon District

  36. If the Hougyoku was sealed along with Aizen it’s pretty stupid for relinquishing its power from Aizen. Now look at it. If somehow it escaped the kido seal then yeah, I can see it restoring Ichigo’s power too. A quick fix. Hopefully the Hougyoku is sealed forever. That thing was cheap…cheap as hell.

  37. You smell that? Could that be… plotkai?!?

    Urahara will reveal that he and Mayuri will now use the hogyankyu, Orihime’s boobs, and Ishida’s severed arm to open the soul king’s door. (Since the soul king will look through the peephole, see huge boobs, and open up only to get a quincy arm jabbed into his ass)

    What? Like the real story makes any more sense at this point?

  38. I just realized something, Kazuki Takasshi is like the third richest mangaka in the world. Let’s hope Kubo doesn’t get wind of this or the new protagonist of Bleach will have spiky hair, D.I.D. and play children’s card games. Oh crap, Ichigo has spiky hair, AND D.I.D. Well at least no one has played any children’s card games yet.

    *re-reads this weeks chapter*

    Oh crap.

  39. @Kisu as well as this card

  40. @Kanton, OH GOD NO! What is wrong with this man!?

  41. @kisu – does this mean that in three chapters time, Aizen is coming back? If so, I’m sending Kubo some explosive hate mail.

  42. if the kido beat aizen so wat was the point of the whole ichigo v. aizen battle? ichigo lost his powers for nothing lol i guess kubo bleached his own brain

  43. @Darks, knowing Aizen, it could be 3 pages. Or knowing Tite with his amazing troll powers, it could be three panels

  44. @kisu – well at least we can agree it’ll be interesting… lol

    Like I said, he can do a Bleach Shippuden. It’s like the Redwall series, or the Dune series. Authors can keep a universe and alter the main characters, but they don’t tend to do it near the end of a book. Instead they finish one main characters role in one book in the series and introduce the next main characters in the next book. One book belongs predominantly to one main character, while another belongs to the other. There doesn’t even need to be a time skip. It is all about plot organization (I know, not one of Kubo’s strong points).

    On that note, Kubo can do what he wants. This is just my feeling going into it, and if he does decide to do this, I will read it with a fair and open mind. There is always a chance it could be awesome XD

  45. @urban why you shorten the title when it’s full name is Bleach Shippuden Alchemist Soul-gi-oh Eater 5D!!!

  46. I’m curious who will give Ichigo the stab of power this time.

  47. kanton: i get the feeling there wont be a stab this time, but something new. but hey, if there is a stab, then my moneys on Rukia.

  48. HA! I found it! Definitive proof that Kubo’s an a-hole

    He pushes Kon T_T

  49. *reads spoiler* THAT’S IT SERIOUSLY!!! *takes out multiple blades and wield them in a Mifune/Erza/Kirabi style and wrecks havoc Again*ブリーチ-ネタバレ-第422話-spoiler/ read for urself

  50. Seriously, if that’s the chapter, I’m definitely not doing a breakdown ’til next week. Damn you Kubo. Just damn you!….If I do a breakdown, expect many snide remarks, jabs at Kubo and a very short Breakdown

  51. LOL @ Kisu – I agree, if that’s the chapter, I think Tite’s title of troll-god will be well deserved.
    No finish to the yammi fight? Mega-happy ending? (wayne’s world) I will bet that even characters we thought had died, didn’t die… which might be cool if grimmjow is still out there…

  52. *Tite bursts into Prawl’s hovel*


    *Prawl mutters something about being better off dead than reading trolled chapters*

    Tite: You dale charrenge me Kisuzachi! I unreash bland-new technique flom Ryujin Jaakka!

    *Kisu notices that Tite merely duck-taped a road flare to a generic sword, then calls the police*

    *Prawl returns, and notices the police trying to tase some japanese guy waving a burning sword at police, shares a pizza with Kisu, as the cops use deadly force*

  53. *disguised as a police officer shoots Kubo multiple times*

  54. Bleach is out!

    Better than the past…countless chapters actually. Surprising, I just actually wanted that Arc to end and now that’s it’s over anything else will be accepted. A time to slow down and develop a PLOT for the next arc. I’m glad the Hougyoku didn’t just give up on Aizen…no…even better. Aizen gave up on Aizen! Way to stick it to…yourslfl…*sigh*

    Looks like Kubo is already jumping in to things with that cliffhanger. Hollow Ichigo taking over?

  55. lame chapter… but what does this ending mean?

  56. wow, i know this arc has been dragging on, but killing yammi, supposadly the strongest espada offscreen? without even showing why he was zero? even i think this chapter was full of fail. and im one of the few bleach fans left here!

  57. maybe he was just a big mass of negative physical energy, no special abilities, so just a boring figh that we dont need…
    why did ichigo break down? he’s falling hougyokuish :OOOOO

  58. Prediction! Somehow Aizen managed to plant his consciousness into Ichigo at the last second. In the next chapter he’ll just pop out of Ichigo’s head and go “Pwned!”

    Btw I liked Kubo’s justification for not showing the Yammy fight by saying it was “Boring as f*ck”

  59. or maybe ichigo lost control of his hogyoku :O

  60. Oh, Yammy’s still alive. He even met Hollow Tiny.

    So we have…

    The Hougyoku taking control of Ichigo

    Aizen taking control of Ichigo


    Ichigo’s hollow side springing out.

    Either way Kubo is making some effort to give Ichigo his power back without any real explanation.

  61. Hmm.. That’s odd. Kisu’s breakdowns are usually out right about now. Guess this week’s chapter was too much for everyone huh? Kenpachi pretty much summed it up with those three words. Kisu, if you’re still doing the breakdown, do try to be gentle with Kubo. He has a delicate constitution afterall..

  62. I wasn’t disappointed in this chapter b/c I have .00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000002% faith in Kubo nao. Trying to make us feels sry for Aizen WTF!
    *kubo bursts into the room* Kubo: Kanton u havu insurato me foru the rasto timu!
    Me: Didn’t shoot you before.
    Kubo: Sirencu I wiru kiru u *takes out the sword with road flare duct taped to it* Preparu to die *Kubo charges me* BanKA..* gets shot in the head curtesy of my desert eagle*

  63. Ichigo isn’t going hollow, the spiritual pressure of his friends is just overwhelming him….
    See now that he is no longer a shinigami, he has no spiritual pressure of his own, while they all have retained their spiritual preasure. Ya know from all the training they did so that they could actually be something other than canon fodder around Ichigo back when he was an uber shinigami.

    That would be what I would do… Knowing Kubo though it’s probably the hollow thing, then as he gets his ass kicked in his inside world while hollowfication goes on he’ll probably re-stumble over the part of him that is his shinigami powers so…

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