Naruto 510 breakdown: Overkill at its sexiest! Contest winners, bubblition competition, official debate and demotivational poster inclusive…surprised we have enough space left for the breakdown itself? Me three! XD

In honour of the woman of the hour. And what a smoking hot woman she is.

Hello, fellow narutards! Tis I, DarkAvatar, bringing you this weeks Naruto breakdown!

Now I know what you’re all thinking. “Where’s my Pickles?” I hear you ask. Some of you do prefer your breakdown served with Pickles, and I fully understand that. Others are simply displeased to find out that the Big Mac they ordered was also served without pickles, and I can sympathize with your frustration too. In either case, there is no simple answer to your question. There is, however, a solution, and I present it to you now…

Shameless self-advertising FTW. Pickles would be so proud XD

*forces his gaze away from them legs…them sexy, sexy legs…*

Whatever the reason, Mr. Pickles has decided to take a day off…every day for the next few weeks. Until he returns, I’ll be your resident crackpot/breakdown author (we all know there isn’t much difference XD). So sit back, relax, grab that Big Mac by the waist and tell her that you’ll never let her go, as I proceed to help you take your first step into what promises to be an exciting chapter of the Naruto manga.

Before I begin though, I’d like to dedicate this post in memory of my Dad, Sasa David. It’s been a full month to the sad day you passed away, and I for one will never forget you. Thank you for making me into the man I am today. Love you, Dad.

Now, for the breakdown.

There seems to be some variety in the reactions people have had to this weeks Naruto release. Some good, others…not so much. Overall, I enjoyed this chapter. Despite the increasing complexity of the plot to the point most of us are left dizzy by all the twists in it, it had its moments of awesomeness, most of which was brought to you on a shining silver platter held in Konan’s sexy hands.

It also came bundled with some crazy revelations that raise more questions than they answer. But one step at a time, I say.

A hot chick and a never-ending sea of paper? Mr. Xerox must be having one hell of a wet dream.

Straight from page one, we are thrown back into the action we left in last weeks chapter: the epic Konan VS Tobi fight! And I gotta say, it’s funny just how many biblical allusions Kishi attaches to God- err, Nagato, and those who serve him. Konan could have done anything to attack Tobi, anything at all. And yet she chose to turn the water into a sea of freaking paper and divide it like Moses. I have to agree with the multitude of you guys screaming “OVERKILL!!!” because it so is. I mean, 600,000,000,000 exploding tags? WTF!?!?

…and he still didn’t die. O_____O

But finally we did get some interesting insight into Tobi’s space/time hax. And apparently, it’s not so hax after all.

1) Before he can teleport himself away, Tobi has to solidify himself first, making himself vulnerable for a few critical moments.

2) He takes quite a bit longer to absorb someone or something else, as opposed to just himself. This includes attacks and explosions, which is apparently why he was still damaged by Konan’s first attack last chapter even after absorbing it.

3) He can only stay untouchable for five minutes.

It’s still a formidable jutsu, however. But with the right information, Konan was able to completely pwn his ass. This is the first time anyone has ever seen Tobi and his reverse Kamui so completely overwhelmed before. Even if he did manage to escape, it still doesn’t take away from Konan’s awesomeness in this chapter. I mean, damn, not even Minato himself could get Tobi so desperately cornered that he’d show his whole hand. Konan’s awesome level just went way over 9000, and I am officially a fanboy.

And then, that most dreaded of techniques – plot no jutsu – decides to rear its ugly head once again.

If the buttrape itself doesn't make you scream, the sad cliché will...

Turns out Danzo isn’t the only one with the supreme Uchiha hax tech. Tobi also has the ability to use Izanagi too, and apparently at a whole new level than anything Danzo ever imagined possible. Danzo only ever managed to use the technique for a minute at a time, but if we take what Konan said about her ten minute explosion literally, Tobi must have had his activated for at least five. At least five, and still have enough juice left for a full bad guy rant at Konan before his eye closes.

He then proceeds to shine a little light on the power of Izanagi, and give a background of its usage by Rikudou Sennin himself and the nature of his chakra.For an Uchiha to be able to cast Izanagi effectively, he/she must have both the bloodlines of the Senju and the Uchiha in his veins, limiting the jutsu to a select few. Tobi goes on to explain how Danzo was able to perform an incomplete Izanagi with Hashirama Senju’s DNA. Then, he gives a brief run -through of its history, explaining that Rikudou Sennin’s Yin chakra forms the basis of the Uchiha’s powers: Imagination; while his Yang chakra forms the basis of the Senju’s powers: Vitality. By mixing these two chakras together, Rikudou Sennin was able to create life forms through sheer mind power and breathe life into them. Later, he commands Noah to build an Ark before he floods the world and sends the ten plagues to destroy Egypt.

Oh and apparently Madara is just…Madara. Whoever saw that one coming? >_>

According to himself, Madara lost the battle to Shodaime Hokage just so that he could obtain his abilities. Seems like a shonky excuse at best, but apparently he was successful, embodying two of the Six Paths needed to obtain the power of Rikudou Sennin. The Paths now appear to be bloodlines (Kishi has been reading WAY too much Dan Brown) based on different characteristics of the Original Sage, as opposed to the abilities wielded by Nagato, and now that he has two of them, Madara now intends to gather the last four and become a Sage of the Six Paths himself.

Oh and speaking of Nagato…he’s an Uzumaki too!? WTF!? Since when has RED HAIR been an indication of an Uzumaki lineage!? Oh hell…Gaara, Sasori, Tayuya, the Mizukage…even freaking KARIN…they’re all Uzumakis too!?!?!?

Ramen just isn't enough for THIS Uzumaki...

The chapter ends with Konan attempting a last-ditch effort to protect the Rinnegan and Nagato, halting the ceaseless rain in Amegakure to perform some unknown jutsu, causing a rainbow much like God did as a promise to the world that he would never flood it so much again. Tobi stops her, squeezing the life (and Nagato’s location) from her before she apparently dies. With the battle finally over, Tobi approaches the body of the God of Amegakure, ready to take the Rinnegan from him and thus acquire the Third Path.

…but you know what? The way he’s smiling, I don’t think it’ll be just as easy as waltzing up and relieving the corpse of its eyes. I’m sure Nagato and Konan have one last surprise waiting for the Sage wannabe. Guess we’ll have to wait and see next week, won’t we? XD


The bubble contest winner was a hard one to pick, seeing as there were so many great entries. But there had to be a winner, and this week the winner is UrbanVolcano with his first victory ever!

...go girl power?

Though I do believe an honourable mention is in order for my Honourary Samoan Brother, Spill7, for his bubblition entry. You always seem to think of something no one else has thought of, and I lol’d hard at yours. Unfortunately the winner had been decided before you posted your entry dude. Still, it has awesomeness in spades XD


As for the debate, both sides put up a good argument…for just about every other noteworthy ninja in the manga OTHER than the two we were debating XD

Seeing as Ino and Tenten couldn’t keep their own debate focused on themselves, I’d call it even. Except I’m not allowed to. So, this weeks winner (or loser, unless being more useless counts as an achievement) goes to Tenten, for no other reason than because I found out that a friend of mine is getting married on October 10th, 2010 (10/10/10). It’s a sign, people. o_O

So useless, she beat HERSELF up. A fine competitor for Sakura, I'd say.


Insert caption here...

Have at it, people 😉



I propose a battle of the Kages! The Hidden Mist clashes with the mightiest of Shinobi in Kumogakure!

The Mizukage...


The Raikage...

I’m gonna run this debate a little differently than normal. I’ve proposed a match-up between two shinobi which we don’t know much about, and the same extends to their abilities. Because of this, I’m allowing a little leeway in regards to how you explain/use their abilities in this debate. If you propose something related to the use of their abilities that can’t be proven in the manga and your argument is convincing enough, I will allow it. This is more of an experiment if anything, an attempt to make a WRA debate as close to a traditional debate as possible. The more convincing side will win this debate. Have at each other, people!

Closing thoughts…

~ I don’t believe Konan is dead for a second. We already know that something must have happened following her blackout, because she was obviously brought back to consciousness again so that she could divulge Nagato’s whereabouts. She will make an appearance in the manga again, I’m pretty damn sure of it.

~ Oh and in case you missed Salamiyo’s four seperate posts saying that he predicted Nagato was an Uzumaki, I’d like to bring to attention the fact that Salamiyo predicted that Nagato was an Uzumaki. Well done Salamiyo for your correct prediction; it seems you were right in predicting Nagato was an Uzumaki!

~ Tenrai had a very interesting theory on how Nagato recieved the Rinnegan, how Tobi may have given it to him, and what Itachi may have given Naruto. Read the full comment here.

~ Oh, and did I mention that Salamiyo predicted that Nagato was an Uzumaki?

That’s it from me, people! Have fun and always be awesomeness!

– Darks


~ by DarkAvatar on September 16, 2010.

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  2. Excellent breakdown i dare say Darkness. Really enjoyed it to say the least.

    And i am sorry to hear about your father. 😦

  3. second!

  4. Third!!

  5. Yondaime Hokage!

  6. Fifth.

    Thank you for the breakdown Darks and my condolences for your father.

  7. 6th
    Pickles you have my condolences I myself lost someone my great grandmother passed away 2 wks ago.


    lol Kanton it was MY dad who passed, not Pickles! Though I’m sorry to hear about your great grandmother, dude. This years August/September is crap for everybody, it seems.

    – Darks

  8. WTF!!! Dark that was clearly bias Ino will always be the weakest most useless . Should we have a birthday party at the same time for Naruto and Love (bleach)
    excuse me for the mixed up

  9. Great breakdown Darks. I’m very sorry for your father and I hope you’re ok.

    Since the last part of the breakdown agrees with my theory of Konan being alive and because no one will read it on the old breakdown (maybe not even on this one T_T), I’ll post my long comment on why I think Konan is alive.

    I know everyone’s saying that Konan must be dead, but I completely disagree with them for the following reasons.
    First: Konan was using a jutsu, probably a very strong one. but she was interrupted by Madara who seemingly “killed her”. Didn’t that same thing happen with Kisame?
    Look at the similarities. Both interrupted, both looked like they were killed.
    Second: Konan said she was almost out of chakra after she used her explosive paper jutsu, yet she tried to use a killing technique to finish Madara.
    Konan also said “It doesn’t matter if I’m scattered to the wind, I will stop you”. “Scattered to the wind” means that she was going to turn into paper and might have lost control of her body (or died), thus allowing the wind to blow her away after she used that last technique.
    She wasn’t able to finish it because Madara choked her. He probably didn’t even wait and see if she really died, just like Pain did with Hinata.
    “Time to go”, but Hinata stops him.
    He stabs her and Naruto transforms. He doesn’t have time to check if she’s still alive because he has to defeat Naruto.
    I don’t think Madara strangled Konan as carefully as he would have if he was unscathed. He didn’t have time to see if Konan was dead because he was in a hurry to get the Rinnegan. He was also heavily damaged.
    Third reason: We only see Konan’s eyes closing. We assume she’s dead. Lots of people believed Obito was still alive after we saw him being crushed and closing his eyes (like Konan did), so Konan could be alive too.
    I think she escaped towards the village by turning into paper. A few Rain Nin found her and brought her to a medic-nin so they could save her life. After she’s completely healed she searches for Naruto to be “a pillar to sustain his bridge”.
    Or maybe she’ll be blown directly to the Leaf Village (almost impossible, I know) where Tsunade heals her. Even though she’ll think Konan’s from Akatsuki, I don’t think that Tsunade’s the type of person that would kill a heavily damaged person, even if they’re an enemy.
    These are the reasons why I think Konan is still alive. I’d like to know what other people think, if they agree or disagree with me.
    Lol, I’m finally done ranting.

  10. @Dark: WOW! Fast and great breakdown… Too bad Konan dies without seeing Naruto succeed on this one. T_T

    @the_bubblition_runner_up: Epic! LOL!

  11. Great breakdown Darks! Here’s a toast to your late father! May he live eternally in your memories 🙂

    @Kanton – It seems your great-grandmother was blessed with a long life, I’m sure she cherished it, especially with grandchildren and great-grandchildren! My condolences for her passing.

    @Breakdown – Darks, I couldn’t agree more on Madara’s poor excuse for losing. I mean why not win and take Hashirama’s power? Lol, he probably wasn’t planning on losing to Hashirama, but still managed to partially achieve his objective by somehow gaining his power.

    I really hope your right, and that Konan survived. I have been converted to a fanboy as well hehe, and there just aren’t that many useful and pretty kunoichi to be fans of in the manga lol. Her information on Madara would also be extremely useful for Naruto you’d think. I interpreted that the genjutsu was implied to have happened before she blacked out,and that the black out was her actual death. I hope I’m wrong, but we’ve seen Sasuke use genjutsu on someone and only show the effects not the actual jutsu.

    @Bubblition – Woo! My first victory! Nothing quite works like bashing feminism 😉

    @Konan the Barbarian – lol

    @debate – ok I’ve been wondering, how the heck does Terumi’s top stay on when she’s fighting? It’s a good clothing choice for a call-girl…

  12. Awesome job Dark! I never gave my thoughts on the chapter. Nagato is an Uzumaki, Nagato is the 3rd of the 6 Paths (so is Madara collecting people now?), Madara says he’s Madara (for the umpteenth time), Madara has Izanagi, Madara gained Hashirama’s powers by…losing, The Sage of 6 Paths created the 9 Bijuu, and Konan made 600 billion exploding tags and declared she was a bridge of support. Alright chapter but I enjoyed it more for the “WTF” information than anything else.

    1.) I read Tenrai’s theory but I’m still wondering how Madara gave Nagato an eye technique and why he just doesn’t give himself the Rinnegan.

    2.) I’m surprised that Madara declaring that he’s Madara for the 100th time convinced people he’s Madara. I still think there’s more to him than just being Uchiha Madara. There’s a reason for the mask. There’s a reason people just don’t believe him. There’s a reason why he was surprised when Kabuchimaru summoned that dead body in a coffin. I won’t even say “I told you so” when it’s revealed that he’s not fully who he says he is. I’ll work on saying something else.

    3.) 600 billion exploding tags = lolwtf.

    4.) Konan isn’t dead.

    5.) Everyone has Yin/Yang chakra and that’s how clans like the Nara and Akimichi clan use their special abilities, by physical recomposition of the Yin/Yang element. It needs to be explained more.

    We know Yin = Mental and Yang = Physical. Together they form a specific jutsu depending on what chakra you use?

  13. @Dragon and Darks – I get your argument, but Konan says herself, “My role ends here” I think she fully intended to die and somehow take Madara with her. She had finally truly reached the same faith in Naruto that Nagato had when he sacrificed himself. Nagato and Jiraiya died reaffirming their faith in Naruto. That theme is shown here with Konan as well. Also, given everything she knows about Madara, you’d think he’d be careful enough to fully finish her off. That being said, Kishi certainly made it ambiguous as to if Konan actually died or not, so I will hold out hope that she somehow survived.

  14. @Super – I think Madara is Madara, but like you said there’s a reason for the mask and the secrecy. You know what I mean? He IS Uchiha Madara, but that’s not all he is, or he’s changed fundamentally somehow. I also think Madara speaks consistently in half-truths. He never really lies, but he never really tells the truth too. This makes other characters and us leap to conclusions on who he is and what he’s saying. We definitely need to be careful defining him just by seeing he had two sharingan.

    Also, if you don’t mind, I’d like to hear your reasoning as to why Konan isn’t dead. If it’s the same as Darks or Dragon you can just say so, but I just really want to be convinced that she’s alive lol.

  15. Sorry for the triple-post, but I’m trying to clarify on what I’m thinking about Madara. I said he speaks in half-truths, and I guess what I’m trying to say is that his existence is a half-truth as well. Like when he says he is Madara. He is telling only half the story so to speak. So essentially his identity as Madara is a half-truth, but not the whole truth. Am I making sense anyone?

  16. BUBBLE1: You can see my chest if you look up my skirt enough.

    BUBBLE2: Give me a few more seconds Madara, I want to give the audience more fanservice.

    I know, lame, but still. XD My condolences about your father, and awesomeness breakdown. :3

    Burger King > McDonalds.

    And fucking sixes by the way, how do they work? XD 😛 Tobi obviously has that pattern for his yin and yang seeing as he prefers manipulation and destruction, an ultimately destructive and dark purpose.

  17. Ah, I understand you and I agree. Some part of him is Uchiha Madara but I think there’s more to him than that. He’s not all Uchiha Madara. He’s also someone else. Not limiting this to Obito of course.

    My reasoning behind Konan not being dead is a gut feeling so I’d have a hard time explaining it. 😉

  18. He’s probably using Zetsu to gain the senju powers which explains the darkness on his face and thus why he hides his face with a mask. This is huge speculation as its probably way too early to tell, but I think Madera is a false s.s.p. where Naruto will become a true one from the inside out.

  19. Hey all,

    Haven’t posted in a while as I have been busy with the fist weeks of my first year in college, posting in my “intro to international relations” class right now actually XD

    Anyway, loved this chapter… When I fist saw the rainbow panel I wanted to shoot kishimoto for bombarding me with ridiculous sentimentality and clich, but then madara interupted it kanye style and awesomeness was restored… most suspenseful moment of the chapter for me…

    Obito theorists (I guess I am included, it intrigues me) should be all over this chapter. It is a huge revelation that madara chooses to break his mask and uses his left eye instead of his right… also the dark coloring of that side of his face…

    Also, hope we get a glimpse of sasukes eternal MS soon 🙂

  20. @adakis: ROFLMFAO “…but then madara interupted it kanye style…”

    @Madera quote panel: “Trademark Uzumaki hair color”–So does this mean that the rinnegan is a latent ability of the Uzumaki clan? Is that what their swirl symbol represents? o.0 So maybe the Naruto’s version of the s.s.p. would be kage bunshin in sage mode with shared vision and then sprinkle on top of that some hiraishin. Now thats some pretty powerful and unpredictble chakra spamming!


    Care Bears reference, anyone? 😉

  22. Bubble1: Butterfly in the sky.

    Bubble2: I can go twice as high.

    Caption: Take a look. It’s in a book. A reading rainbow.

  23. Lol I have votes in the debate poll XD

  24. Long time no hear, Dark. You have yourself a breakdown to be proud of.

    On a very personal note, my condolences to you on the loss of your father. It’s been five long months since my mother passed away and I totally “get” where you are. Your father will always be with you and I know for a fact he is with you now and is proud of everything awesomeness that you have done. Some advice: take time to grieve when you need to and be good to yourself.

    To the breakdown: I have to admit, my brain was twisting once Madara started rambling about that Sennin. Gawd, there’s only so much a brain can handle at once. However, we expect nothing less from Kishi, right? I do not believe Konan is dead and that there are more surprises lurking on/in/around Nagato’s corpse.

    I also wondered about that redhead thing (no guys, even though I have red hair, I am NOT an Uzumaki). I was just thinking about that this morning. Remember when we wondered who the hell else had the Sharingan back with Danzo? Now, it’s “who the hell else is an Uzumaki.” Let’s see:

    –Tsunade (not a redhead) is an Uzumaki through her grandmother, one of the previous Kyuubi Jinchuuriki

    –Kushina (a redhead) …duh!

    –Naruto (NOT a redhead but a son of a redhead)…double duh!

    –Karin? (a redhead who needs a haircut desperately) OMG, that would be hilarious…

    –I’d swear both Juugo and Yahiko were both redheads but then I’m just a redhead who doesn’t know any better

    –Gaara is a redhead; and a Kage. Does that mean??? His father was both, as well…

    Well, anyway, this is getting good despite the mind-bending plot but there are several things I want to see:

    –the summoning shark delivering the message of the location of Naruto and Bee (remember, Tsunade did NOT want to hide them; egg on the face of the other Kage)

    –what the combination of Itachi’s Sharingan and Sasuke’s Sharingan equal. That should be an interesting shape/color combination

    –what Itachi actually gave Naruto? Hey, he’s already proving that his dad’s teleportation is not an impossibility anymore. What’s to say he didn’t get a dojutsu?

    –When does Konoha figure out all the stuff Naruto’s been up to (controlling Kyuubi chakra, etc.)

    Ahhhhhh…the possibilities are endless!?! Awesome!

  25. Sorry for spamming but, Super, I’m with you on the 600 billion exploding tags. Why did we have to know exactly how many there were? Is there a significance to the number other than “I’m gonna blow your ass to Mars, Madara” ?

  26. Hey Darks great job dude, let the Pickles take his vacation he needs it, Hy Penny long time no see.

    Now to the chapter. Well I think Super actually said what I was about to point out, and that is that the blood lines are not paths.
    The Yin and Yang are chakra that almost every ninja has, the only difference here is the fact that the Senjuu, Uchiha, Uzumaki and probably the Hyuuga too have a more purer form of the one the SO6P had or his children had.

    It’s not about paths like NAgato used or something like that. Do not confuse the powers Nagato achieved by controlling both the Yang chakra via his Uzumaki heritage and the Yin chakra via the supposedly Madara implication, in him obtaining the Rinnegan.
    The paths were a power Nagato chose to use resulting from his achievement of the rinnegan.

    So to say that the clans are paths is ridicules seeing as there are a out of clans out there, and quite a few that are really powerful.
    So how do you chose witch is the correct path.

    We already know that the Uzumaki the Senjuu, uchiha and Hyuuga are great and pure descendants but how do you find the rest, cause by your understanding Madara has to steal power from two other clans in order to achieve the complete form of the Rikudo Sannin himself.

    @ Penny actually Tenrai had a good prediction about Itachis gift stating more or less that with the power he gave Narute he’d have both Senjuu and Uchiha blood coursing through his vanes so thus making him a real SO6P the same way Madara made Nagato a Sage himself.
    So now the question is, will sasuke have to obtain Senjuu DNA in order to become even stronger, or will he settle with his EMS, witch by the way we don’t know how badass it really is yet.

  27. About the debate. I voted for the Raikage but it was a close call tough for me. My reasons are the following.
    The Raikage is a bad ass MOFO and with the lightning armor on this guy could behead you in a blink of an eye.
    The dude can use powerful taijutsu in combination with his lightning fast ninjutsu for a easy and very fast kill.
    But the 4th Mizukage has not one but 2 kekei genkai and she actually has 3 natural elements she can use and I bet she has complete mastery of them seeing she’s the only person in narutoverse we know with 2 kekei genkai.

    Now those kekei genkai can even melt the bones of the Susanoo, that’s saying a lot. And to my knowledge the susanoo bones are more “powerful” then the lightning armor, so it would be a breeze to stop the RAikage with either one of the kekei genkai.

    The true question here, ANd I’d like to here opinions, is if the mizukage has time to attack or will the Raikage be to fast for her.

  28. @ Darks and Pickles and Super and Tenrai and who ever cares. If this debate style works can you guys grant me a Tobirama vs Minato debate in the next weeks pls.

  29. lol great breakdown darks as for the debate
    Raikage would own one hand style ;]

  30. Condolences, Dark.

    I’m glad you acknowledged Konan’s awesomeness in the breakdown. A lot of people have been complaining that she “ended up being just another female ninja” but I dare say she proved to be extremely powerful and smart. She is only the second person we’ve seen give Tobi a hard time. If not for Izanagi, she’d have snuffed him out for good.

    I liked this chapter a lot. I think the revelations have been consistent with earlier chapters, even if surprising. Also, I still think there’s a reason we’ve yet to see Tobi’s full face. Dramatically speaking, you don’t hide something deliberately from your audience unless the reveal would spoil something.

  31. This whole post should be marked as a spoiler since it is orange!

    Dark – My condolences regarding your father. It has been nearly 8 years (in October) since mine passed away. IT is a difficult thing.


    #1: You damn right it’s shaved Madara…

    #2: …And your sorry Emo-ass will never get any of it!

    Somewhere in the back of his mind, Madara is wishing he had taken Orochimaru’s tongue, for just such an occasion

  33. Bubblition:

    Bubble 1: F**k rainbows and pretty confetti!!

    Bubble 2: I WANT A UNICORN!!

    Caption: Nagato, you promised..

  34. Bubblition:


    Bubble 2: KONAN ANGRY STOMP!!

    Caption: Madara! You wouldn’t!!

  35. lol RIP Konan’s unicorn

  36. Bubblitin: Ok we have a rainbow now where is my skittles
    I have massive cravings and I WANT IT NOW.
    Caption: Konan don’t tell me your…..

  37. I’ll re-post my theory here, seeing as how some people are discussing it, just in case anyone wants to see it or make an easier reference.

    Here is the post as is:

    “Well, I guess we know why Naruto looks like the sage of the six paths in body now, whenever he uses the Kyuubi’s Yang chakra.

    “By administering vitality and physical energy which forms the basis of yang power, he would breathe life into that form.”

    So Naruto essentially has half of the Sage’s power in the form of his body and vitality, due both to his blood as an Uzumaki, who are related to the Senju, and due to the yang power of the Kyuubi, which makes up the basis of that same power. That is why Yamato commented on the life force and vitality his power emitted and how his mokuton reacted to it. The only thing he doesn’t have to be a complete Sage like Nagato was and Madara apparently claims to be, is the yin powers, which obviously make up the power of the Sharingan and the Uchiha.

    Now we know that Nagato was an Uzumaki which means he inherited the vitality and physical energy of the Sages as well and I believe that Madara gave him the powers of his own eye technique to complete the other half of that power in the form of yin.

    Yin and Yang combined together created the Rinnegan and gave Nagato the full power of the Sage of the Six Paths.

    It also makes me believe that this same power is exactly what Itachi foresaw in Naruto as well and it may be exactly why he transferred some of his own power to Naruto. Naruto, like Nagato was, is an Uzumaki and Itachi, by giving him his own power, might be filling the same role Madara may have fulfilled for Nagato. If Naruto manages to access that power, he may become a new Sage of the Six Paths by completing both halves.

    If the power of the Izinagi can make dreams become reality, then Naruto’s dream of peace may not be unreachable after all. I also still believe that the Uzumaki may be more closely related to the sage’s youngest son than the Senju are, because they show more of those traits in the form of vitality and physical energy. Why else would Madara use Nagato instead of a Senju as his way to create the rinnegan?

    One last thing, I also believe that Madara’s form of the Izinagi and as a Sage of the Six Paths, is still also incomplete as well, because it looked like he was losing sight in his left eye after he used it. This may be why he needs the Bijuu, because they seem to be a necessity when it comes to assuming the complete form of a sage. That may be why Naruto appeared to look like the Sage after gaining control of the Kyuubi, because the Kyuubi is essentially the closest thing you will get to the Juubi. It may also be what Madara was talking about when he mentioned needing the bijuu to become “complete”.

    Wow, all this is gonna make my brain implode. T__T”

  38. Actually, I have more reason now to believe that Tobi is somehow associated with Obito. Konan herself said that Madara needed to absorb himself with his own technique, which is something I have suggested was the case before, when I tried to compare it to Kakashi’s Kamui.

    I believe that they are the same technique, because they both perform the same action (Absorbing things into another dimension). They even look the same. The only difference is that Tobi knows how to target himself with the technique. It may also be why he said Kakashi’s tech wouldn’t work on him, because it is pointless to teleport someone into another dimension if they can just get out themselves again.

    Now, some may ask why he still had a left eye intact, if that was the case, but here is my explanation for that. I believe his left eye was an implanted eye, as opposed to a real eye. I also believe that was the exact reason why it had to remain hidden (in a similar manner to how Kakashi covers his implanted eye), because unlike his right eye, it could not be deactivated willingly (Because it wasn’t his original eye) and would consume chakra if used consistently, just as is the case with Kakashi.

    In fact, the chances are that Tobi will just replace it with another new eye now if the Izinagi blinded his left eye. That may be the sole purpose of his left eye in the first place, a last saving grace if he ever was defeated in battle, and it may also be what saved him for Minato’s rasengan.

    However, there are still some questionable parts to my theory, like how he gave the Rinnegan to Nagato if that happened before Obito was even old enough. But seeing as how we never saw him as he was when he did so, we can’t tell if he was using this current body at the time, or another different body. So he could still be Madara using Obito’s body, in a similar manner to how Orochimaru operated by moving from body to body. Obito may have just been his most recent victim.

  39. @ Tenrai, in regards to your last post and “why is Madara keeping his eye covered”.

    Actually I was thinking, Kakashi only keeps that eye covered because unlike the uchiha he doesn’t have what it takes to activate and deactivate the Sharingan. But Madara already is the best of the uchiha and shouldn’t find it difficult to switch off an eye as he wishes.

    So that only says one thing, he really isn’t Madara, or if he is the other body speculation comes in again. I’m not sure it’s Obito because he just doesn’t fit in with the time plan, but one thing is for sure, if that is indeed Madara with another body, the body isn’t uchiha.

    Also I posted this last breakdown and I thought I should show it to you guys if you didn’t red it.

    I came to the conclusion that Kishi made another error.

    At the Sasuke vs Danzou fight Madara said that Izanagi was a tech forbidden to the Uchiha, but what uchiha could even perform Izanagi when only a fusion of Senjuu and Uchiha blood could do it.

    Basically only the sage of six paths could do it and no one else.
    Until Madara supposedly stole Hashiramas power, so how could someone even know about it and how it worked without the SO6P being there to show them.

  40. I can’t believe Konan died…or well, we don’t know, but her light faded…


    Caption: Even in Naruto, the Medieval Times can be referenced only when a girl is kicking arse

  41. Oh, and something:

    ‘Oh and speaking of Nagato…he’s an Uzumaki too!? WTF!? Since when has RED HAIR been an indication of an Uzumaki lineage!? Oh hell…Kurenai, Sasori, Tayuya, the Mizukage…even freaking KARIN…they’re all Uzumakis too!?!?!?’

    Kurenai doesn’t have red hair, lol

    That isn’t important, but I like picking apart things until the vultures won’t even eat them

  42. Errrrr, I was actually thinking Gaara…I = epic fail lolz. Will correct.

  43. Just because red hair is a signature of the Uzumaki, that doesn’t mean only Uzumaki can have red hair. <_<

    I mean, all the Uchiha have black hair, so you could say that is also a signature trait of their bloodline, but that doesn't mean only Uchiha can have black hair, so that isn't a very accurate thing to assume, to be quite honest.

    I am not sure why everyone is getting so worked up about that particular subject.

  44. Maybe it is only the female Uzumaki who have red hair. O_O

    *Runs away from all the Pein fans.*

  45. Awesome Breakdown Darks

    @ Who is Tobi? – Madara inside Tobi’s body… but not in a surprise sort of way but in an Oro sort of.. wait scratch that.

    @ Naguto being an Uzumaki – Soon we will find out there is no other clans everyone is just all somehow related to the Uchiha or Senju, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sakura is some how related to Naruto… Pink is almost Red right… Though even if its true its not really a wow shock, the Uzumaki where refugee’s and fled to neighboring villages.

    @ Madara giving Naguto the Rinnegan – Why not give it to himself?? could it be that by creating this perfect body Madara gives people these abilities hoping it will mature and some day combining it all… Sasuke (Perfect Uchiha Eyes, Naruto Body of the Sage, Naguto Rinnegan Eyes too @_@, Senju/Uchiha Blood). Like Oro trained the bodies he went to or experimented till he got the right combination of skills etc…


    No one mocks Pein

    Bubblition: I’m not really a woman!!
    Caption: Rainbow Flags… You all should of Known Kishi wouldn’t let a female be this bad@$$

  47. I think people take what was said by madara “giving Nagato the rinnegan to direct”.

    He didn’t give him the eyes himself, only transfered some of his uchiha power to Nagato in order for him to fuse the Yang chakra he already had from his linage with the yin one provided by Madara.
    So that’s why he obtained the eyes. Madara could not do that for himself probably and now that the eyes are finally his for the taking there’s no stoping him from obtaining what was rightfully his.
    Sort of “you reap what you sow” situation.

    It’s actually not that hard to figure out, that’s why I think Tenrai’s post was awesomeness in the idea that Naruto could also become a Sage via the power Itachi transfered to him. So the fact of the matter was that Nagato actually couldn’t give Naruto the power of the rinnegan, only by having a transfer of power from a uchiha could Naruto obtain such power.

    The only thing is, why doesn’t Naruto have the rinnegan now:

    I thought of the following thing. Maybe Itachi placed a fail safe in Naruto along with the transfer of power to only fuse his essence with Naruto at the sight of Sasuke’s new EMS witch in fact are Itachi’s own eyes. Until then Itachi’s gift is sort of off limits to Naruto, why I actually don’t know, but to me this is the most plausible scenario yet.
    And this is all added from previous posts by a lot of people on the blog especially the one Tenrai posted about the transfer of power between Uchiha and Senjuu or Uzumaki.

  48. Who will win, in a big place, Raikage O_O and in a small Area raikage 😛 I mean in a small room u know he is gonna get down 😉 I mean close range fighter and all *cough cough*

  49. Bubblition:

    Konan: OMG! It’s a double rainbow, all the way across the sky!!!!
    caption: -eke2k6

  50. Hulloo WRA! Before I give my thoughts on this week’s chapter,and the breakdown of course, there are quite a few things that i’d like to unload so this may be a bit long-ish. First off; Reading the breakdowns after the chapter comes out has become my weekly indulgence (a sort of a ritual if you will) for the better part of a year, though for the life of me I cannot remember how I got from googling I Hate Sasuke to a place where, when I first read the name I thought: Well, some people sure think highly of themselves. We Are Awesomeness-a name that came off as slightly egotistical but moments after reading a few posts and comments, it eventually dawned on me that was rightly justified albeit a bit of an understatement because really, it goes far beyond that. Awesome. Monumental. Legendary. Epic. If there exists such a word to exceed the highest form of exultation, I will find it – and mebbe fancy it up a some more before offering up to the genius who started all this (the blog that is). Anyway, on to my next train of thougt; Having been an anonymous stalker..err..i mean follower, of some of the regulars here, I thought, what better time than my first ever commentary to say:

    Super, Tenrai, Pickles, Ahsan, Cookie, Kanton, Prawl, Penny, Mandie, Dragon, Dark, Urban and Kisu – I absolutely love you all! These mangas are a joy in itself, with the exception of the tradgedy that is Bleach (once upon a time I liked it, now I like making fun of it). But for me, reading your insightful and provocative discourses and the witty and spasmodically hilarious banter that goes on in this blog, is like having desert. See, no matter how the main course tastes, desert makes all the difference. If it’s good then it’ll seem a bit more special. If it’s bad, then desert will be the pick me up I need so I won’t feel like I’ve wasted time going over something pointless and leaving quite a bitter aftertaste. Speaking of eating, thanks to you guys, I’ve learned to NEVER eat nor drink when reading this blog. Many a time have I been known to occasionally spray my laptop screen with water (klutz as I am, thank god I’ve never ,managed to actually do any damage to it) or choke on chips upon chancing on a particularly funny post. And I daresay death by “foodal chokage” or drowning from milk or soda (and halfway through an unlady-like snorting kinda laugh too!) is undignified to say the least. Nevertheless, it’s what makes this place a cut above the rest so kudos to you all.

    And here a come at last to the final part of my tirade. Super-sama, what can I say except your posts have been and probably always will be..well, SUPER. Cap’n Pickles, Tenrai and dear Kisu, since before you had your breakdown debuts, I never had an inkling of doubt that yours would be nothing short of epic and though it’s been quite some time since the debuts, each week you give us epicness – Signed, Sealed and frickin’ Delivered! So to the four of you, I bow in awe of your greatness. But there was actually one other person whom I’ve been watching same as the other three (I swear to god I’m not a stalker!!!) and I kept thinking; I wonder when he’ll write one of his own? Don’t get me wrong. You’re all awesome – it couln’t be said enough. I thought, I just know his would be an interesting read and his perspective has always held a certain fascination for me (pretty much the same effect with Kisu and Ten) and I know he would never EVER disappoint. So I waited and waited and waited some more until, when I visited the site today, I saw..I saw.. Darks has FINALLY made the debut I was waiting for! Darks, man, you’re aces! Awesome debut! (Damn reports! Kept me from seeing it earlier.) So in light of the fulfillment of the wait, I signed up and wrote this embarassingly long commentary to say the things I’ve been dying to say for more than a year. On a final note, Urban, forgive me if I may come off as overly familiar but I just gotta say, you’ve come a long way in your commentaries and I’m fair quivering in anticipation for the time when I’ll be reading YOUR breakdown debut.

    awfully long, i know, but please try to humor me. 13 months of supressed comments people! my bestfriends have always told me that me on a roll is scary. well, i won’t be having any of that here. afterall, i like this place too much to even contemplate on trying to scare people away.

  51. Bubblition:

    Bubble 1: I won.. I won.. I won the LOTTERY!I can finallu buy ,y way outta here. Here’s a million. Go shove it up your ass Madara!
    Bubble 2: Hope you choke on it too, you freak!
    Caption: Ah yes..the rainbow will guide her towards her new found freedom – and maybe some more money, a pot of gold to be exact..

  52. “…would be kage bunshin in sage mode with shared vision and then sprinkle on top of that some hiraishin. Now thats some pretty powerful and unpredictble chakra spamming!”

    He would probably also share knowledge all at the same time too; although that would get pretty hectic over time.


  53. Sorry for double post, but….

    “@ Naguto being an Uzumaki – Soon we will find out there is no other clans everyone is just all somehow related to the Uchiha or Senju, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sakura is some how related to Naruto… Pink is almost Red right… Though even if its true its not really a wow shock, the Uzumaki where refugee’s and fled to neighboring villages.”

    This is probably why Kishimoto gave Sakura pink instead of red hair in the first place, that way she wouldn’t be thought of as an Uzumaki, or, at least, not a direct one. Her mother or father probably was an Uzumaki (if this is the case) and the other one probably ended up with white hair like Suigetsu, perhaps? Then again, DNA-like stuff might not apply here, and it could just be pink hair, seeing as Naruto didn’t get orange hair, but, rather, he got his father’s yellow hair.

    “@ Madara giving Naguto the Rinnegan – Why not give it to himself?? could it be that by creating this perfect body Madara gives people these abilities hoping it will mature and some day combining it all…” Does this mean Madara = pedobear too?

  54. lightning armor > water/earth/fire and crazy combos of the 3… She’d be like “Oh what a waste of a fine looking nig*crack*!” Ligat bomb in lightning armor to the FACE. Winner is E… next debate bitches… boom

    and 20 bucks says like 50% of the bubble comment are spirt bomb realated

  55. This chapter told us exactly what Ying and Yang Chakra is and it made me think about the type of Kyuubi chakra that was sealed into Naruto.

    Minato sealed the Yin chakra into himself and the Yang Chakra into Naruto, as stated here:

    That means Naruto only has the physical energy and vitality, just like a Senju. I think that the only way to become the Fourth Rikudo is to somehow obtain the other half of the Kyuubi’s chakra, the spiritual energy and imagination.

    I don’t think Itachi gave him the powers of an Uchiha to make him the Sage of Six Paths, but maybe a way to access the Fox’s Yin chakra, with the same results and giving him more power.

    Or maybe Kabuto will revive Minato with the Kyuubi’s Yin chakra in his body and Naruto will fight him, thus obtaining the other half of the Nine Tails’ chakra.


    previously i was bent on that madara is only using obito’s body but reading this chapter and seeing the “emotion” with which madara insisted nothing can be changed “THERE IS NO light” etc i though why not really obito ? first of all its pretty damn clear now its obito’s body anyone who disagree must be a close friend of kishi or something >.<
    look what was obito's life? trying his best but never quite there? a "disgrace" to his clan aka kakashi was stronger than him . and suddenly when he finally gets the sharingan then he makes friends with kakashi then he goes to rescue his love [ rin :P] he almost dies ? just like that ? crushed by boulders? thats hell! seriously if i were in his position i would be thinking this too that there is no peace etc

  57. I guess I’ll do a bubble, too:

    Konan: There are many colors in your homo rainbow!
    Caption: Don’t be afraid to let your colors fly!

    (South Park FTW LOL)

  58. Whoa I haven’t posted in ages (was just lurking lolz 😛 ) But anywayz, i just wanted to say that Darks, you did an awesome job on the breakdown your dad would be proud 🙂 Oh and i became a konan fan when i saw her animated in the Pein arc in Naruto Shippuuden now with this chapter i became a total fangirl lol.

    @Ahsan: I’m a tobi/obito supporter too ;P Great points you made there!

  59. The debate poll seems to be way too close for there to be a clear winner, so I figured i’d get this debate started.

    I think a lot of you are underestimating the Mizukage. The Raikage’s formidable speed and raw attack power are entirely due to his Lightning Armour. Unfortunately for him, the Mizukage’s Boil Release has been shown to melt away even tougher substances (Susano’o), and that acid mist wasn’t even at full power. She could also cover the field (and her opponent) in freaking lava, preventing his movements. On top of that, she’s a master of three different elements, showing that mastery in the form of two Kekkei Genkai (the only character in the manga with such an ability). The Raikage is just a steroid junkie with an overpowered taser tech.

    Versatility, resourcefulness and formidable jutsu. The Mizukage is taking this one home XD

  60. DAMMIT KISHI! Stop hanging out with Kubo! Most of this chapter felt like one gigantic ass-pull that opens a few plotholes (especially with the yin yang stuff)

  61. to my Honorable Samoan Father, may you rest in peace, and live thru your son, as he is the best!! much love to you Darks.. my deepest condolences goes out to you and your family.


  62. Dammit Kishi Do you kno how long it took me to make those explosive tags!!!!

  63. . @ DARKS “Unfortunately for him, the Mizukage’s Boil Release has been shown to melt away even tougher substances (Susano’o), and that acid mist wasn’t even at full power. She could also cover the field (and her opponent) in freaking lava, preventing his movements. On top of that, she’s a master of threedifferent elements, showing that mastery in the form of two Kekkei Genkai (the only character in the manga with such an ability). The Raikage is just a steroid junkie with an overpowered taser tech.”

    Versatility, resourcefulness and formidable jutsu. The Mizukage is taking this one home XD

    Dudeeeeeeeeeeee battles are so from just resoursefullness and versatility these days , take kakashi for an examaple that dude’s the most versatile and resourcefull ninja on hell but will he win agai st say naruto’s raw ‘power the answer is no. Because kishi writes this maga this way. And he also possible couldnt have given poor ol’ kakashi naruto like chakra because that would have been overkill hell kakashi would be the head hokage or somethin’

  64. Ah the manga..It’s regrettable that after that eyebrow-raising feat (the sheer number of explosive tags is just beyond inconceivable to me, seriously!), we are presented with a picture of a wilting badass kunoichi, an actual rarity in the Naruto world. If Kishi somehow manages to create a female character who stayed true to her awesomeness ’til the end of the series, I’m gonna..I’m gonna strip nekkid, shove myself into a bigass oven and bake myself! I mean, c’mon, Sakura sure as hell won’t be stepping up her game anytime soon. That ship has sailed, gone on 5 world cruises, on it’s way to the 6th and she still won’t board. That being said, there are a few issues that’s been hammering at me since this chapter came out:
    1.)Madara.He’s the ultimate enigma in the series. The way he speaks is so bizzare, in that he speaks in the 3rd person point of view and follows with the first person. (Uchiha Madara blah blah..I, Uchiha Madara blah blah..). There are some freaks who actually do this kind of thing but it seems to me like it’s not so much as a quirk in his speech pattern but rather like, in his raphsodizing about “Uchiha Madara” (his greatness and his plans), he forgets that he’s assumed that identity and immediately reverts back to the first person point of view. As for the Obito/Tobi theory, hey, I’m all for it. Especially since that part where his mask broke and that uncanny resemblance to Obito’s quarter of a face came to light. However, Kakashi and co. were in the middle of a war so they probably had more pressing concerns than retreiving the body of a fallen comrade. But explain to me how it is that at the end of the gaiden, there clearly was a pair of goggles alongside the flowers at the memorial shrine. Maybe they did bring back his body or they put one like his in commemoration of the one he always wore. Either way, I still secretly hope that this theory pans out, if only to see the look on Kakashi’s face(priceless).
    2.) How will Madara go about in using his version of the 6 paths? Clearly, it’s different from Nagato’s version of using one corpse per path. He used 2 of them just now with his performing Izanagi. So absorb the paths unto himself so that all 6 will be within a single entity much like the original sage, maybe? How exactly?
    3.)What specific power did he obtain from Hashirama? It has to be a Senju-related one. Can someone from one bloodline use another bloodline’s defining power? Well in his case, I’m guessing it shouldn’t be that much of a problem considering that the Senjus and the Uchihas are two halves of what once was one whole. So I’m more than convinced that whatever Itachi gave Naruto has to be an Uchiha-related power. Seeing as Itachi’s an exceptionally shrewd guy, I’m sure he foresaw all this and I just can’y wait to see the look on Madara’s face when he realizes that Itachi pulled a fast one on him again. What he said to Naruto troubles me though; “..though I hope the day never comes when you have to use IT”. Kinda sounds like whatever IT is comes at a high price. Let’s face it, the most awesome jutsus always do. Be it chakra, any numerable body parts, your youth, your soul and of course your life as mode of payment. Makes me wonder if it took some kinda toll on Rikudo’s life when he created the Juubi and consequenty the 9 Bijuu after he split it up. I mean, seriously, to create a creature with power far beyond human comprehension and out of nothing but imagination and give it the breath of life?! There are just no words for it. This had to have some side effects on him one way or another, even if he IS Awesomeness Personified. At the very core, he was still essentially human; subject and susceptible to human frailty (even more so since he’s that powerful). The 7 Deadly Sins could’ve easily come into play (Yes, there it is. An allusion to a certain religious concept). Seriously, if you had THAT much power, wouldn’ t you be curious or tempted or even just once, think of using that power the “other” way?

    *NOTE: Incidentally these are the kind of thoughts that come waltzing in my head since more and more things about he So6P are being revealed. This is pure speculation so don’t ask me to provide concrete evidence to support my assumptions. Feel free to debunk any of my statements, enlighten me on my questions and point out things I may have overlooked. I accept any and all criticisms with a fairly open mind.

  65. @debate Mei can melt Susanoo bones but E can break them.

  66. @kanton – I doubt that. ^_~

  67. Bubblition:

    “i have no feet”

    “Skittles taste the rainbow”


  68. @spill7: LOL!!! Nice… also, no fair putting effort into it!

  69. I think we all need to remember that Konan did in fact kill Madara, but he used Izanagii to alter reality. Damn I wish I knew what that jutsu at the end was. It had to have been badass since it was her last resort.

    @debate, very hard choice.

    In one corner we have this:
    (hot damn, I couldn’t help but smile at Chojuro’s comment about Zabuza in that chapter. ZABUZA ARE STILL TEH MENZ!)

    And in the other we have this:

    So basically, the Mizukage can kill the Raikage with one hit that can be spread over an entire area, but the Raikage can one hit kill her too and do it much faster. The Mizukage would have to use her Lava Release since it doesn’t take hand signs, and anyone using hand signs against Bee and the Raikage are dead (by the time you make one your head’s flying off). So the Lava Release could keep the Raikage at bay while allowing her enough time to make hand signs and use her Boil Release to melt him away. The thing is, I think the Raikage could easily outrun a mist, but if that’s all he can do (he only uses Nintaijutsu) then he won’t die and she wont win either.

  70. btw, it seems Konan also knows this jutsu:

    That must take a ton of chakra to use 😦

  71. Goddammit, her i go again -_-‘

    When Madara said he gave Nagato the Rinnegan its most likely he set up the events that led to Nagato awakening it. That raises the question of how Madara know Nagato was the Sage’s reincarnation

  72. Damn dose anyone actually read my posts. Everything that was last discussed here about madara the debate and Nagato and the yin yang, I already made a solid argument about.

  73. @Dark E breaking Susanoo’s bones

  74. Bubblition:





  75. @Eugen: WRA is like Babylon. Dont fret there are those silent readers who do read and understand, but have no voice.

  76. Couldn’t have described it better my self Triple-B ;), still is frustrating some times.

  77. Nice breakdown.
    I lol’ed at the Konan demotivational poster. Tobi gonna loose that one!
    Sad to see Konan died,… Although we didn’t actually SEE her die and we also haven’t seen her chest. A rule that applies to all Akatsuki members who are gonna kick the bucket… But, that could be false hope on my part.

    @ Eugen,
    “So to say that the clans are paths is ridicules seeing as there are a out of clans out there, and quite a few that are really powerful.”

    Could be, but I believe the paths do represent bloodlines. Or rather the ability to use the jutsu the clan represents.
    Uchiha (sharingan) = Genjutsu, Senju = Ninjutsu and Uzumaki = Fuinjutsu.
    That fits with Madara claiming he’s now 2 paths in one body (Uchiha and Senju) and explaining Nagato was the third parth (Uzumaki).

    “So how do you chose witch is the correct path.”
    That is the million dollar question. The Senju, Uchiha and Uzumaki are easy. The Senju and the Uchiha have been in conflict ever since the Rikudo died and the Uzumaki are distant relatives to the Senju. The Huuyga could be a Rikudo bloodline too but that’s IF the Sharingan actually did derive from the Byakugan. If that would be the case than the Huuyga would be the direct descendent’s of the Rikudo’s oldest son, not the Uchiha. However, there’s always the possibility that the Byakugan derived from the Sharingan. But, seeing as Madara has shown no interest in the Byakugan what so ever, it might just be a Kekkei Genkai that has no (direct) connection to the Rikudo Sennin. It could be an evolution of several bloodlines that used dojutsu proficiently. If it is the 4th path the path would fall under Dojutsu. That leaves 2 paths. My guesses are those 2 paths are Kekkei Genkai and Senjutsu. The only problems is that there are no clans with those features. Kekkei Genkai seem to be random, or a possibility to someone with exceptional Ninjutsu skills, which would bring us back to the Senju. Another possibility is Taijutsu but, like Kekkei Genkai and Senjutsu, there’s no clan famed for their ability to use Taijutsu.
    Perhaps those ‘paths’ did pass down into clans but those clans died out before the Senju and Uchiha signed a peace treaty.

    About the debate, I agree with you Eugen, Mei can win this if she can release her jutsu before the Raikage gets to her.

  78. Bubblition Contest:

    This is how big it was.

    AND IT FIT!!


    She’s talking about a hat… Or the Raikage…

  79. @redbaron: Hyuuga are famed for their ability to use Taijutsu.

    @Eugen: I really find your Idea about Naruto’s failsafe unleashing when he encounters Sasukes EMS, I never thought about it working that way.

    @Anyone: Mito and Hashirama, they had a kid would that mean their child was born with 2 paths? And Uzumaki Trade mark red hair genetically speaking strong attributes are passed on, so why is it Naruto has blonde hair? Even Jirayai claimed that Naruto was the only Golden hair boy around.

  80. @Eugen: I really find your Idea about Naruto’s failsafe unleashing when he encounters Sasukes EMS quite Interesting and realistic, I never thought about it working that way.

  81. @burst he got it from his father.
    Also Kishi concern for Hyuugas it like Kubo and Bankai/anyone who fought a mental retard/those in Hueco Mundo/Unohana.

  82. @kanton: I know he got it from his father. I meant that Uzumaki Red hair should be a trade mark of a Uzumaki given that Narutos last name is such so why is it he has blonde hair, unless Minato like many others in the past have suggested that he has more to him than meets the eye. I was just suggesting the fact that maybe his blood has a rare quality unknown to us, when we look at the facts he was able to contain a large amount of Kyuubi Chakra and didnt change in appearance this could suggest a Path Quality.

    Also what could we classify a Path quality, obviously there are the Main Uzu, Senju, Uchiha and Byakugan. But given that there are 2 more unknown paths what could be classed as a Path for example, being born a Jinchuriki Baby could that mean something?

  83. @ Black Burst, I was actually thinking about that kid, who ever he is he should be one powerful dude/dudete, and I’m really curious as to why kishi never mentioned him/her by now.
    It is fact that Mito was pregnant and gave birth to a child, what we don’t know is what became of a child who inherited both the awesome skill in ninjutsu from the senjuu and fuinjutsu from the uzumaki. This kid had a blood line better then Naruto’s or Nagato’s.

    The only way to top that is to have a senjuu father and a uchiha mother.

    So the thing with the kid of the 1st hokage is a really cool mystery I can’t wait to have answered.

  84. @Eugen: Perhaps at one point the Kid( I would prefer Dudete ) went back to Uzu homeland to restore her Uzumaki clan. A fate that one day Naruto will try to accomplish I hope, but that would proberly be 300 chapters from now.
    Lol, I was also thinking more like the only way to top that would be Byakugan mother(Hinata) Uzumaki father(Naruto) 🙂

  85. @ Blackburstboom,

    No, Hyuuga are famed for their ability to see chakra points and hit them using their Byakugan, a Dojutsu. Gentle Fist, the Hyuuga taijutsu is based on the use of the Byakugan. Without the Byakugan the Hyuuga would be no more effective with taijutsu than any other shinobi.
    Perhaps the Byakugan becomes the Rinnegan after a mixture of the Hyuuga and Uzumaki bloodlines. Nagato was exceptionally skilled in sealing techniques to the point that he could summon a statue capable of sealing all 9 tailed beasts, and his Rinnegan shares traits with the Byakugan.

  86. @redbaron: I can somehow sense that your younger than me no offense. The thing is Hyuuga do have the Byakugan and they are more effective than other shinobi, the thing is my friend no matter what the case is yes their Taijutsu is regarded as the best around and they have Skills that Kills.
    You tell what better Taijutsu there is and Ill happily agree and if you say Guy’s Taijutsu Ill say the Hyuuga have a technique to crush the 8 gates, which they do.
    I no longer think byakugan/sharigan/rinnegan transforms into this or that, they just are.

  87. “I can somehow sense that your younger than me no offense.”

    Could be, if you’re older than me but not if you’re younger. Or we can be the same age… Judging someones age is stupid no offense. Especially when you try to indirectly insult someone. Adding no offense to your words doesn’t allow you to say anything you like.

    About the Hyuuga, ask yourself this. How much damage does the Gentle Fist cause when not aimed at chakra points? That would just be poking someone. Compare that to Gai and Lee’s Strong Fist. Furthermore, the Kumogakure ninja’s weren’t trying to steal the Hyuuga techniques, they were trying to steal the Byakugan. Ao hasn’t incorporated the Hyuuga techniques into his body, he incorporated a Byakugan. What is the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about the Hyuuga? The Byakugan. I’m not saying they’re not excellent taijutsu users because they are. I’m saying they’re famous because of the Byakugan and without it they would be a random clan with no real exceptional skill. Therefor, the Byakugan is the basis of the clans existence and prominence.

  88. @kanton – actually, susano’os bones are still intact in that pic, which is amazing considering what Raikage just did to them. ^_^

  89. LOL regardless of teh subject wra’s comments are always epic XD

    *runs away as herd of people chase him*

  90. At everyone here, I’m 21 and most of your are probably my age but that doesn’t really count here. What counts is that we’re a family here and each one of us has a voice.

    We can say what ever we thought about the manga and debate over it, with the testosterone level as low as we can, but the idea is that we should just have fun with it and enjoy ourselves.

    As for the Hyuuga I think both of you (Triple-B and Red) are right:
    The hyuuga first and foremost are known for the byakugan, so as for were this all started they fit in the same category as the sharingan, being a doujutsu “path”. But at the same time it’s one of the best taijutsu clan ever.

    I was actually thinking of another great taijutsu clan, well not any more, but if the rest of the Kaguya had skills similar to Kimmimaro’s “dances” they would be really close up there with the Hyuugas regarding hand to hand combat.

  91. @red, you need to read the chapter again. Mangastream made some changes. Nagato isn’t the third path, he is the third Rikudo Senin. Who the second was is a better question

  92. @dark if you look carefully the mid lower left bone snapped.

  93. Bubblition:


    “LAST CARD !!!!!



  94. @eugen triple b and red well of course that’s true for anyone with a Kekkai Genkai since Sasuke/Madara would be dead a long time ago.
    Bubblition: With this Rainbow I summon 600 billion Skittles
    Caption: Skittles taste the effing rainbow .

  95. @redbaron: I just woke up and am dissapointed that I did offend you I had drinks last night and got the Hook ups with this chick I like she is younger than me by the way. So I felt in my element before I crashed out. Thing is she trys to tell me how I feel or what things are and it annoys me cause Im older than her and I want to say that yea I getcha please dont explain. Im 24 okay.

    When you said: Nagato was exceptionally skilled in sealing techniques to the point that he could summon a statue capable of sealing all 9 tailed beasts, and his Rinnegan shares traits with the Byakugan.
    I was thinking: Yea I know that I read too, and was surprised that you had to tell me that when thats like BASIC knowledge for a Narutard. And it reminded me of her and Im not saying you remind me of a girl either, lol. But yea I said that you were younger than me in referance to that last line.
    I didnt mean it like OMG THIS REDBARON HES YOUNGER THAN ME WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS… I dont have that attitude back in highschool I picked on Bullies so dont think I would pick on geeks cause I was actually smart and strong 🙂 but I just skipped out on English classes to smoke cones behind the Agriculture block so my grammer is terrible thats why I like Blogging cause its like me trying to catch up and learn English again.

    You actually made me feel a little guilty now so Im ranting trying to say sorry *tears in eyes* so lets talk Manga again 😀

    I in truth I believed yea even though Hyuuga have Byakugan doesnt mean their not class A Taijutsu users they have had eyes for however long and without those eyes they would have never invented the Taijutsu its like if the TV wasnt invented we would never have Laptops, Im not sure if that was the right Analogy. But even though they have the eyes you cant say that they didnt earn the Skill.
    Eugen just Pointed it out Kaguya clan they are good Taijutsu fighters but only reason he is cause of his Bones and strengths which without that he would of never developed exceptional Taijutsu skills. Anyone can fight a fight but because of their triats they have Taijutsu that surpasses all.

    Im going to have Brekkie now its 3:16pm just goes to show you what type of night I had 🙂 And it was Good 😉

  96. Oh and my mates dont read manga though I wish they did cause its Awesome. If they knew I did they would proberly laugh at me and I would happily laugh back and say STFU defending the Pride of all Manga readers, so this is like the only place I get to properly express my love and passion for manga.

  97. @elatedpuppy – Thanks for the praise and welcome to WRA XD

  98. Cripes! I made a HUGE boo boo.. WRA people, please do not crucify me..I was riding on a cough syrup high when I typed my previous post and being just marginally better and bored at being an invalid, i happened to make a quick visit and realized that I HAD said THAT (the THAT in question would be when I said the Sage fashioning himself a Juubi a la God). I feel like a colossal moron making such an oversight, and here I was a self-professed Naruto addict. Oh the shame! The horror! FORGIVE MEEE…

    *runs away crying tears of white hot shame*

  99. *comes back not as “elatedpuppy” but as “dulychastiseddog”*

    @Darks: Dō itashi mashite..looking forward to your next one!

  100. @puppy – don’t touch your mustache? O_O

  101. all this hyuga talk is stupid. Not that you guys are stupid, the Hyugas are stupid. If I had an eye that could see for miles in extreme detail, why the hell would i want to get close and use Taijutsu? IF used correctly, the byakugan is the most hax dojutsu. What use would 12 eyes with shared vision have against a sniper that’s a mile away? Or what use would black flames, kinky genjutsu and an astral giant have against someone you can’t see because they’re so far away?

    Damn I wanna punch the Hyuga that thought it was smart to use the Byakugan for Taijutsu :-/

  102. @Darks: aww,really cute..i said, you’re welcome. (my friend’s teaching me simple japanese phrases so when i go to japan and get lost, i’d know enough to ask for directions) i was just practising. ;p

  103. @kisu – Well, that’s great that you’ve thought of an awesome use for the Byakugan, and I’m sure a sniper would be a fearsome addition to any village’s arsenal. Problem is, right, that I have yet to see any weapons sophisticated enough in the Narutoverse that could be used for sniping in the first place. Doesn’t matter if you can see for miles, cos I’ll bet you 50 bucks and your entire henta- errrr, Shonen Jump collection that you couldn’t throw a kunai that far. Personally I don’t see what’s wrong with using the Byakugan for hand to hand combat. It’s quick, it’s incredibly effective, and can stop most shinobi in their tracks. Respect where it’s due, buddy. ^_^

    @puppy – lol I know. Here’s hoping your friend teaches you enough to translate the directions you get, too ;). Oh, and if you’re going to Japan, get used to corn soup. They sell the stuff EVERYWHERE.

  104. @Darks, techniques are created as the need arises. If they could invent gentle fist, I have no doubt they could invent a long range jutsu. And if jutsus don’t cut it, they could always use a sniper rifle (surely they exist if these are around >_>):

    Ps. who told you about henta-err…umm…my hen tie collection?

  105. @kisu – that has got to be the crappiest rifle/shotgun I have ever seen in my life. I don’t care how good the Byakugan is, you ain’t killing jack shit with that oversized pez dispenser.

  106. Hmm..All this talk about Hyuuga..Well, regardless of whether they’re awesome or not, I do believe Kishi’s laying the groundwork into shining some of the spotlight on them once more. It is rather timely to have brought up all that Yin/Yang business, especially since its very symbol is in the Hyuuga clan’s crest and is seen every time Neji or even Hinata uses the Hakke. I don’t really see the point in making all that hype about the Hyuuga (them being the oldest and “strongest” clan in Konoha and whatnot) only to subsequently shove them into obscurity. And yes, I read Kanton’s take on that. But see, Kishi is NOT a failed fashion designer-turned-mangaka. He hasn’t and won’t be distracting us with cape-wearing-stick-bearing-eyeglass-sporting-mustachioed goofballs. Let’s give him a bit more credit than that.

  107. I imagine Mei can turn her body into poisonous mist, sort of like how Kakashi can use an electricity clone.

    Maybe she uses corrosive mist clones?

  108. @dark: LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha!

  109. I have a prediction. If this discussion about the hyuuga’s being the 4th path is correct, then i predict that they will try to take the by Byakugan from Hinata. Then neji will die protecting her. Cause in naruto a lot of the rookies hae dies when they were young (refering to like kakashis team). i think that one of the rookies is going to have to die eventually. I predict it will be sauske who will kill neji as well. So we can have a sharingan verse byakugan.

    Just remember i predicted this first i think

  110. i think madara is under a mask bc he has *drumroll* the 1st’s (or some other notable senju’s) body

  111. im pretty sure tht in the rescue gaara arc akatski have a meeting wer they mention havin a memeber with the bakugun but i cnt find a source

  112. I dont remember that. At all but i switched from the anime to the manga after that arc so i might have missed it.

  113. “Im 24 okay.”

    So,.. that means I’m older than you. ^__-
    But I wasn’t offended. So all is good.

    “When you said: Nagato was exceptionally skilled in sealing techniques to the point that he could summon a statue capable of sealing all 9 tailed beasts, and his Rinnegan shares traits with the Byakugan.
    I was thinking: Yea I know that I read too, and was surprised that you had to tell me that when thats like BASIC knowledge for a Narutard.”

    I know it’s obvious. I was just pointing those thinks out to prove Nagato’s Uzumaki heritage (exceptional sealing ability) and the relation of the Rinnegan to the Byakugan.

    “even though Hyuuga have Byakugan doesnt mean their not class A Taijutsu users”
    “But even though they have the eyes you cant say that they didnt earn the Skill.”
    I never said so, I even admitted they are formidable taijutsu users. The only thing I’m saying here is that the Hyuuga clan is famous for their Byakugan, a Dojutsu. If it wasn’t for their Byakugan they wouldn’t have developed the Gentle Fist techniques.
    So, when speaking about bloodlines in terms of paths or power, the Hyuuga would most likely be the Dojutsu path, instead of the Taijutsu path. Taijutsu itself doesn’t involve chakra so it is less likely to be pioneered by the Rikudo Sennin.

  114. come on people, mangastream made a correction. Nagato i s not the third path, he’s the 3rd Sage of Six Paths. So Madara is NOT collecting paths.

    @Darks, I didn’t mean that clunky old rifle. That was just to prove that contrary to popular belief guns do exist in Naruto. It was also to show that they can be made. So had the necessity arose, a sniper rifle could be made. Or at the very least, a Bala-like jutsu.

  115. @Kisu: Well ya gotta admit the man has a penchant for collecting stuff – tailed beasts, eyeballs and i daresay he has a secret stash of right-side arms in his lair. Dude just keeps getting ’em lopped off.As to the paths thing, I prefer to look at it as trying to piece together a very confusing puzzle. Still gotta “collect” the pieces though, or the magical beast won’t appear to grant your wish.

  116. @ Kisu,
    “Two of the six paths are now one being.”
    Looks like collecting paths to me.

  117. @red, that could mean that two of the Sages are one being. Very vague. Perhaps there’s another translation floating around?

  118. @kisu – Or perhaps Kishi was high this week…>_>

  119. @Dark and Kisu Kishimoto was smoking KO with Kubo this week.

  120. I’d like to see Neji vs Sasuke. Does genjutsu work against the Byakugan? I bet Neji would beat him. Then Naruto would save Sauske before Neji gives the finishing hit.

  121. @ the kage debate. The Mizukage would take the win. She would be able to engulf the whole arena with her acid. Maybe she can also make Lava Clones. that would be really fun to see. It seems that the Raikage is built for pure power. He has speed, strength and raiton cloak. This all is very potent… but just for close quarters combat, the Mizukages’ skills reach far.

  122. @elatedpuppy

    I know this reply is a bit late, because I generally avoid going online on weekends, so I didn’t read your post until now, but thank you for your words earlier. They are very uplifting and inspiring.

  123. Sasuke would win in a fight between him and Neji simply because I doubt the Gentle Fist technique could penetrate Susanoo.

    If Konan can turn herself to paper without I assume having been tampered with like Suigetsu, I would assume that any significantly gifted shinobi could turn themselves into other things, Like Gaara could turn himself into sand or something… < _<

    Battle of the Kages, hmmm that's a tough one but I have to go with… a draw. Mizukage would do massive possibly fatal damage to the Kazekage, but he would ignore it for just long enough to deliver a powerful, possibly fatal strike to the Mizukage. That or they would discuss their differences over tea and biscuits <_<

  124. In terms of the debate, I reckon the battle would actually be over very fast, one way or another.

    The Mizukage could, as has been suggested, create a cloud of acid mist to fill the battlefield, which would cause a lot of damage to the Raikage. However, at the same time, the acid would not kill him instantly, so he could just as easily take her out in the time it takes for him to be brought down.

    One way I can see the Mizukage countering this is by creating a wall of lava around herself. Because the Raikage is strictly close combat from what we have seen so far, his only way to get to her would be to plow through the wall of lava with his own body and if the result of that is anything similar to what we saw happen with Sasuke’s Amatarasu, he would be killing himself in the process.

    However, in saying that, I also don’t think the Raikage would just wait around for the Mizukage’s acid to kill him while she sits happy in a wall of lava. He’s to stubborn for that. If that really was his predicament, he would go straight through that wall of lava even if it ended up killing him and he would probably take the Mizukage out with his own death as a result.

    I see this battle ending in a draw either way.

  125. @tenrai – Raikage’s speed is entirely due to his raiton armor. The acid mist doesn’t have to kill him to defeat him; as soon as the mist melts the raiton armor, E is helpless.

  126. @Darks

    Lol, I didn’t mention the Raikage’s speed or his Raiton armor in my post, mostly because I don’t believe the Raiton armor would provide any protection from the acid mist whatsoever regardless of whether the Raigake uses it or not.

    Sasuke had his susanoo active while the Mizukage used the acid mist on him and it still didn’t protect him sufficiently. If the “ultimate defense” couldn’t stop that kind of attack, then the chances are that the Raiton armor wouldn’t help either.

    But that doesn’t mean the Raikage isn’t stubborn enough to fight anyway, even if he is being slowly burned to nothing without any real defense. He is incredibly strong and he will likely do anything it takes to land a blow on the Mizukage, even if it results in his death. Either way, I have to admit, the Mizukage has the best measure to battle against his speed. A good defense and an attack that can cover an entire area in deadly mist, inch for inch. The Raikage would either have charge in and try to deal a killing blow as quickly as possible, regardless of damage to himself, or he would have to retreat away from the acid mist and bide his time.

  127. I guess it just goes to show the perfect offense is the perfect defense.

  128. @andy – tell that to Konan’s 600,000,000,000 exploding tags O_O

  129. @elatedpuppy – I’m even later to the party than Tenrai, but I as well say thanks for the kind words. I’m in awe that you have placed me in the company of such venerable WRA veterans. Hopefully, I don’t crumble under the pressure >_> lol
    Oh and welcome to WRA!

    @eugen – it’s possible Kishi made an error with Izanagi, but maybe Izanagi was written on the tablet so anyone with a Sharingan could read it? And then it was forbidden by the Clan? Or maybe Madara read on the tablet itself that it was a forbidden technique? Who knows, if Kishi made an error here I’m sure he can justify it somehow. I think the reason it took Madara forever to figure out that Danzo was using Izanagi is because a) he didn’t know Danzo had incorporated Senju and Uchiha into himself and b) Danzo was using such an incomplete form of Izanagi.

    @Kisu – maybe the gun was Kishi’s version of an Easter Egg? I could see Kishi being a hardcore gamer.

    @debate – I think the Mizukage takes this one. She’s a predator and Raikage is her prey O_o.

    Ok, for real this time. I don’t know what pH level Mizukage is capable of putting out, but its simple chemistry that as the acid mist enters the atmosphere and mixes with regular water vapor the concentration of hydrogen ions becomes diluted. So unless she has control over the mist after she has expelled it (to keep it condensed) the larger the area of the battle the weaker her acid jutsu becomes. If Raikage gets her outside he can effectively nullify her acid jutsu. So that leaves Lava Release against Raikage’s speed and armor. I think the Lava will burn through his lightning armor (I haven’t taken Electromagnetics yet, so I’m just guessing as to how Lava and a strong electrical field could possibly interact). But since Raikage could dodge Amaterasu, I don’t think he’ll have trouble dodging Yoton no Jutsu. I also don’t like Lava Release as a defense. Unlike Gaara’s chakra infused sand, I haven’t seen any evidence that the Mizukage retains control of the Lava after she spits it out. Even if she somehow builds some sort of protective barrier with her lava, it will cool relatively quick (think seconds), at which point it becomes no better than earth. It just so happens that lightning is strong against earth in this manga. And as Tenrai, imnotreallyhere and others have pointed out, Raikage won’t be timid. He’s huge, he’s fast and he doesn’t hesitate. I think I have to give this fight to Raikage.

  130. i sure hope age here is irrelevant since im 37.. i hope there isnt anyone to talk to me the way the above has thru age..i love naruto.. one of the best stories and art in a long time..

    i love 1010’s theories here since he writes so well and so thought thru.. makes me happy to read his posts..

    have a nice day everyone!!


  131. @urbanvolcano87

    Actually, it is suggested that she can control the acidity of her mist at will, mostly because she willfully neutralized it after it escaped the confines of the room she had Sasuke in.

    However, your points are very good regardless. ^ ^

  132. @debate: Since she’s from the land of mist, she should be able to create water jutsu. She could be able to do the basic water attacks that we’ve seen (i.e. water prison) What if she used clones and Raikage (beings soo impatient) would want to get through them, so he would hit one and that clone would be a trap. So he’d get stuck in a water prison. I don’t know about how dense the water could become since it has been shown to be weak or strong in certain parts of the story. In the case, I’m going with strong and it might be hard for the Raikage to get out. He wouldn’t be able to move; how can he use his speed? His lightning? His physical strength? How is that for keeping him still? Now she would be able to do anything she wants to him. “how about a lave induced bath!!”

    @Sauske vs Neji: Well, we don’t know how the gentle fist would counteract the Susanoo. But I have a theory!! Remember how Susano acts like an extension of the body of the user. So any damage the Susano obtains, the user would feel it too. So what if the Susano were a living thing? You’ve all seen it’s evolution. When it was bones, when it started getting it’s muscle tissue and when it became a fully formed organism. So why wouldn’t it have chakra points? The only thing bothering me is the Amerterasu… I don’t know if the pure chakra (taijutsu can burst throw any ninjutsu). Then I thought of the Raikage cutting through it with his Lightning armor. Then I thought of how Gai sensi beat Ksames Ninjutsu with his taijutsu. So I think the person with the purest taijutsu ever created should be able to hand Amerterasu and beat Susano (and in extension Sauske.)

  133. *handle Amerterasu

  134. @Tenrai – haha, I knew you wouldn’t miss that XD

    True, Mizukage does say she’ll make the mist less acidic and it is implied that she is successful in that endeavor. But, Kishi does not show us how exactly she accomplishes this. Now, a normal person makes an acid solution neutral by adding a base to that solution (i.e. baking soda, anything with Hydroxide ions). It is very likely that the Mizukage could use a similar approach. Instead of having direct control over the acidic mist and somehow magically making it less acidic, it would be more plausible for the Mizukage to spit out a basic mist to combine with and neutralize the acidic mist, turning it into harmless water vapor. If this is the approach she used to neutralize the acidic mist, then she still encounters the same problem of atmospheric water vapor diluting her acid mist in an outdoor setting since she would have no direct control over the mist to keep it concentrated.

    Does Kishi put this much thought into it? …. I don’t know.

  135. @urbanvolcano87

    Actually, that is something to consider, however, there is no guarantee that any base mist that she sends out will engulf all of the acid mist successfully in time to prevent it from harming anyone else. Secondly, we see no outward physical signs to show that she was releasing any other gasses into the atmosphere, so that possibility is just as probable as any other theory we might come up with regarding the Mizukage’s kekkei genkai.

    I also based my viewpoint on the fact that the Mizukage herself seems unaffected by her own technique, which may further suggest her control over it or, in the least, her ability to make her own body immune to its effects.

    In any case, even if you are correct and her technique is dampened in effectiveness proportionally to the volume of space she uses it in, (which, technically speaking, would likely be the case regardless) that doesn’t mean that it won’t be sufficient enough to kill someone with. When she used the acid mist on Sasuke, it was already melting the walls around them within the first few seconds that she had filled the room with acid, which strongly suggests that it has a very high concentration of very strong acid. She also has the ability to release more acid if she needs to account for a larger battle area and she has also shown the ability to fire her technique in a concentrated blast for direct attacks as well.

    What it really comes down to is how potent the acid itself is, and that is a factor that we, unfortunately, cannot judge accurately given the short time we have seen her use it in.

  136. @thelaughingwiseman

    You can’t assume that the Mizukage can use water jutsu simply because she is from the hidden mist, just like you can’t assume that a Hokage can necessarily use Katon jutsu.

    However, because the Mizukage has two Kekkei genkai, one which utilizes earth and fire to create lava, while the other utilizes water and fire to create an acid mist, it stands to reason that she can use all three elements in the form of earth, water and fire.

    The degree to which she can use jutsu in either respective elemental field, however, is unknown, so it would be better to base any argument in a debate on what we know more for certain, rather than a very acute assumption of what jutsu the combatant might be able to perform. Otherwise people will pull that kind of reasoning apart.

  137. @Tenrai – I agree, we just don’t know enough about the jutsu. Also, as you pointed out the potency of my argument varies based on the potency of the acid (hehe). It essentially comes down to how low a pH she can produce, and how fast she can fill the area with the mist. I don’t think the acid mist will have any effect as a direct attack because the Raikage will just dodge it. Any use of the acid jutsu against Raikage will be as an Area of Effect jutsu, and for all those gamers out there (who’ll know more about it than me, cuz I’m not a hardcore gamer) know that the bonus of Area of Effect is that it can hit a larger area, but the drawback is that it is weaker. As you’ve said already, this probably means that the acid becomes weaker proportionally with increasing volume. But the effectiveness still depends on the original potency, and Kishi is vague with how potent it is. It starts melting the room and Susanoo, but not enough to kill before Sasuke gets his chakras replenished and breaks out. If Sasuke can do it, then Raikage could do it in equal or less time.

    Also, even if Mizukage can directly control the acidity of the mist once she’s spit it out, she cannot control its movement. This is evidenced by the fact that 1) she needed to enclose Sasuke in to use the jutsu and 2) she needed to neutralize it once Sasuke broke out of the enclosed room to protect her comrades. If she could control the movement of the mist, she wouldn’t have needed to change the acidity or enclose Sasuke in the first place. Therefore, Raikage still gets the advantage if he can take the battle out of an enclosed space and to the outdoors (if they don’t already start there). Since she can’t control the mist’s movement, nothing is stopping it from dispersing or drifting or whatever in the outdoors. This means she would need to constantly be re-spitting acid to keep the air around her significantly acidic. Raikage can either shoot for a gap in time where the acidity isn’t that bad, or feint and wait for her chakra to run out, then finish her.

  138. @urbanvolcano87

    I am actualyl enjoying this discussion. Lol.

    But yes, that is mostly correct. It seems that the Mizukage’s acid mist is a very situational ability. So it means that she either has to be fighting in an enclosed area for the ideal effects, or she has to create the ideal situation herself by other means. She could, technically, achieve this using her lava element to create a wall, keeping her enemy detained, but if she is trappened in a small room with the Raikage, how long she will survive is questionable at best.

    At the same time, if she just tries to trap or assault the Raikage directly with lava, he could probably dodge it without too many problems. However, I don’t see the Raikage assaulting her directly if she surrounds herself with a wall of lava, without causing considerable harm to herlself, but once again, that means she will be playing defence most of the time and drawing out a battle with an opponent who has bijuu level chakra reserves is not ideal.

    The real question is, will the Raikage keep his cool and bide his time until the Mizukage traps him or runs out of chakra, or will he lose his temper and charge in head on? That would be the real deciding factor. I am not voting for either, to be honest, because there are still too many uncertain factors as to the Mizukage’s actual abilities, so for now, I will concede with a draw still and remain on the fence for this one.

  139. If it happened in the manga E would win due to sexism.

  140. @Tenrai – I’m glad your enjoying the discussion as am I.

    Mizukage’s acid mist should come with a warning label “Caution: Do not use when breezy” lol

    Agreed, Raikage has a short temper, but when he was facing Sasuke, he did think he was facing his brother’s killer so I’m sure Raikage’s short fuse was shorter than ever. He probably won’t be as impatient against the Mizukage.

    I agree that we haven’t seen the full extent of the Mizukage’s powers (we’ve probably seen enough of the Raikage’s since he was battling Sasuke for some time). But I’m not going to let uncertainties count in favor of the Mizukage, so until the Mizukage proves otherwise, I’m voting for the Raikage.

  141. @elatedbunny, zehahaha I see you recognize the awesomeness that is Kisu. Welcome to the Dark Side of the Forc- err I mean..Welcome to WRA :D…yeah that’s what I meant >_>

  142. “that could mean that two of the Sages are one being. Very vague. Perhaps there’s another translation floating around?”

    Or that the Senju bloodline and the Uchiha bloodline are a path and that Nagato was a complete Sage with all six bloodlines/paths. That leaves us with the question; how did Nagato get Senju, Uchiha and the other 4 (or 3 if we consider the Uzumaki to be a path) paths.
    But it could also be a translation error.

  143. I don’t know why, but I’d like to watch Shikamaru to fight Kabuto in the future.

  144. @debate: Can anyone please remind me what happens when you add an electric charge to water? Oh yeah! Hydrolysis! That’s when you get hydrogen gas and hydroxide(which is basic). He could neutralize the acid instantly with his raiton armor! His only defense against the lava would be to get up close to her. My guess is that the Mizukage is not a powerful close range fighter like the raikage is and she is probably vulnerable to her own lava attacks. So… I’m sorry, but she is so being curbed! I give her two seconds before all her teeth are knocked out!

    @2of the 6 paths debate: It’s most likely a “lost in translation” thing. Bloodlines were never referred to as “paths”.

    BTW!!! Does anybody else find it amusing that Madera is keeping his “Senju powers” together with duct tape? He’s not much better than Danzo. lol!

  145. @elatedbunny

    Welcome to wra dude

    i didnt see your comment earlier but as i have a habbit of pressing ctrl + f and writing ahsan i spotted your comment xD .welcome to the awesomeness that is wra i hope you enjoy it here 🙂

  146. @elatedpuppy

    sorry for the typo in your name X_X

    “I cannot remember how I got from googling I Hate Sasuke to a place where, ”

    lol i think the answer is that some of the members of this blog [me , marks , tenrai… ]actually created a website called i hate sasugay [sasuke] xD to show our hate 😀

  147. hi all, i wanted to post earlier but cant find time -_-
    nice breakdown dark!
    thanks for mentioning me and… well u know, i dun wanna say it xD but i was laughing about it especially when i thought “damn u…” and then u mentioned the same thing again xDDD
    rly good.
    and im sorry for ya dad, but he raised a good boy 🙂
    well….wait… good boy…
    DAMN!!! DARK U ARE TOBI!!!!!!! :O :O :O
    kishi is a shreeewd guy :O

  148. Spoilers are out.

    My mind is mushy now… X__x

  149. I don’t understand spoilers. 😦

  150. what?..what?!..kaeru?frog costumes?umm..I..I umm.. *sigh*
    I need to lie down. My brain refuses to process the information..

  151. WTF!!!!!!!! *gets frustrated and blows up everything in sight*

  152. Very sad spoiler. I hope Konan isn’t dead, even though it looks like it. T_T

    I’ll say more once the chapter’s out.

  153. strange spoiler….
    so darth tobi is on the way to get naruto? what abaout sasuke? oO

  154. Seems to me that Madara is not collection people/paths. Seems more like he is finding people who had the opportunity and bloodline to achieve SO6P power. If madara did find a way to give nagato rinnegan, because he was uzumaki clan, then I would put all this as an experiment. Just like sasuske… He is making him stronger and providing itachi’s eyes for him. If he though he could be defeated because of the power ups of sasuske and Naruto I don’t tnink he would have given itachi’s eyes to sasuske. He probably needs sasuskes eyes for something if not himself eventually. Just seems like there is still a veil on his plan.


  156. Naruto is out.

  157. Some of the translation from last week’s chapter seemed kinda weird and caused some discussion/confusion, especially when madara talked about gaining Hashirama’s power.
    I discovered mangafox and it looks like the translations make a little more sense in some cases. Especially regarding madara:

  158. That was actually a good chapter, even though it was mostly a flashback, however, what is really exciting is what it is building up for.

    It looks like Madara now plans to capture Naruto finally. The real question is whether he will succeed or not. I am really curious as to how things will play out from now on and whether Naruto will become another victim of Akatsuki (having his bijuu extracted), or if he will avoid that fate.


  159. Apparently Madara doesn’t need holes in his mask to see, his new mask is just weird.
    Or maybe he’s turning his whole head into the juubi’s eye :s

  160. …wtf?


    *Reads Bleach*
    Ok, so it could be worse. That was a close call

  161. I’m just going to ignore Jiraiya, Yahiko, Nagato, and Konan dressed up like frogs…>_> Write it off as attempted humor and cuteness. 🙂

    Besides that I thought it was a nice and touching chapter. I wish I was right about Konan being alive. Sucks she had to go out like that but at least now she’s with her best friend, sensei, and lover. Ohhh yeah. It’s probably best that she died because she was probably all alone anyway and she wasn’t doing anything important being a girl in Naruto and all.

    Yeah, I’m still confused about how the Rinnengan belonged to Madara and why he still covers his face. An explanation on how he gave someone the Rinnengan would also be cool. Does Madara not have the Sharingan anymore? Kabuchumaru said he has a new set of eyes so did he replace both his eyes with Nagato’s Rinnengan…opps I mean his Rinnengan since the Rinnengan was his in the first place. He was just letting Nagato borrow them. And what’s up with the new mask? Guess it represents his plan better. Really looks like the Juubi’s eye and he is trying to obtain it (the Juubi).

    Well, I wonder if more questions will pile on or if we’ll get some answers 2 weeks from now.

  162. If he’s trying to become the next sage-o-6 then he’s probably got the eyes implanted now. Seems like that would be a good pwr up to start declaring you’re gonna go hunting down the dude who’s got control of the 9-tails. But what is he gonna do about Bee? Doesn’t he need him first for the “balance”?

    @rn: I think the two tomoe at the bottom are his eyelets. The one at the top is sitting on the middle of his forehead as a bullseye for Naruto’s head shot

  163. My guess is he exchanged the one eye he sacrificed with Izanagi for one of the riningan, but time shall tell.

  164. great chapter, but is Madara indeed implanted the rinnegan eyes, does he still heave the teleportation power now. Or will he be inherit Nagato’s skills.

    About the mask is like kahmix said, the two tomoe at the bottom are holes for the eyes to see.

  165. somethings strange about all this.
    dont forget, madara never planned it this way, he also needed the reincarnation jutsu from nagato for his own purpose, this plan is only a replacementplan…
    what was his original plan? he gave nagato the eyes for some reason, maybe cuz tobi is no uzumaki? maybe nagato was able to do something different than “tobi” can do with the rinnegan?
    i just dont get 1. how did tobi get such rinnegan eyes and 2. why and how did he give it to nagato?
    3. gaYned hashiramas power? o_O (no offense…)

  166. Well…part with dressing as a frog was weird…but overall …it was sad chapter. Even seader then previous one.

    I like how Kishi present us love between Yachiko and Konan. One picture and that is all. The rest we can imagine. 😀

    So that was even one “pain reason” more to create “Pain”.
    Nagato feel guilty for killing Konan’s true love. 😦

    Kanashii! So sad! 😦

  167. @salamyo don’t worry all uchiha’s are yaoi.

  168. I’m sad that Konan’s dead.
    I hoped Kishi wouldn’t have done this. She’s the only strong kunoichi and we still didn’t see what jutsu she was going to use against Madara.

    Anyway, I won’t believe she’s dead until Naruto finds it out. Back in Part I, in Sasuke Retrieval Arc, Choji and especially Neji seemed dead, but after that we find out that the Nara have a special medicine that can save Choji and there’s a special medical jutsu that can regenerate wounds.

    Sadly, the flashback she had and the words she spoke confirm that she is dead.

  169. truly a sad chapter…too bad for the three ame orphans, they were great characters and i would have liked kishi to tell us more about them…madara will probably reveal to naruto how he gave nagato the rinnegan but i think that that’s about it.

    love madara’s new mask, even though i don’t get why he uses it…i mean, he’s not hiding anything except for the sharingan. as salamiyo said, there must be a reason why he gave nagato the rinnegan. otherwise he would have used them himself. so it’s likely that he didn’t transplant them to himself…maybe he took out his EMS…i’m looking forward to that, but i don’t think it’s likely.
    kishi also made a mistake…why would madara go for naruto when bee’s still out there?

  170. Who will be the new lider of the village hidden in rain?

  171. I enjoyed that chapter. I liked the flashback, it was short and sweet, plus it was cool that Kishi confirmed Konan and Yahiko were lovers. And the next panel showed Nagato smiling oustide the door which was pretty cool and sort of affirmed for me what Nagato had told Jiraiya. All he wanted was too protect Yahiko and Konan.

    I really like all the Ame orphans. I think it would be cool if Kishi did a spin-off, like Kakashi Gaiden, just a couple chapters of story detailing a part of the Ame orphans fight for peace as Akatsuki.

    I’m very sad Konan died, but as Super said she was probably pretty lonely, and now she can reunite with her sensei, best friend and lover. Hopefully they can all celebrate a job well done together.

    Btw, the more Kishi sheds light on the ame orphans and Jiraiya’s time with them, the fact that Nagato killed Jiraiya is becoming more and more twisted. Those two are gonna have some reconciling to do in ninja heaven.

    On another note, Kishi certainly has been piling up the wtf situations in the past couple chapters. He has absolutely bombarded us with information and suggestive imagery. And to think I thought we were at a part in the story were we started to get answers to everything, not more questions lol. I’m really excited to see how Kishi pulls all of this together.

    Madara is really possessive about Nagato/his eyes lol. Kabuto is like “nice eyes” and Madara is like “They were mine all along idiot!”

    @truepain – madara knows from Kisame’s message that the 8 Bee and Naruto are chillin together, so he likely is going to go try and grab both of them at the same time. He just said nine-tails, but I think it was meant to be inferred that if he’s getting the nine-tails, he’ll be planning on getting the eight-tails at the same time.

  172. I predict that Jiraya, Nagato, Konan, and Yahiko in Frog costumes will provide much fodder for the next caption contest =]

  173. @cumulus: Nagato and Konan already said it – Naruto is the new leader of Hidden Rain 🙂

  174. I really liked the new chapter. I even liked the young Ame-nin in frog suits. It was funny to see that, even as zany as Jiraiya was with Naruto, he used to be even worse LOL.

    I guess Madara gave Nagato his rinnegan for the same reason Magneto gave Rogue his power in the first X-Men movie: because what he wanted done was extremely risky. We saw how badly ravaged Nagato’s body was because of summoning the gedo mazo and all.

    I also continue to maintain Madara’s physical body is contained in Kabuto’s obscured coffin, so he probably needed someone else to revive his true body, hence his comment about Nagato being meant to save the revival jutsu for him.

    Also, in light of the more accurate translation of last chapter, I would guess Madara himself was the second rikudousennin, with Nagato being the third.

  175. if nagato could revive anyone… even some1 dead for so long, wouldnt he have revived yahiko or jiraiya? or his parents… i think theres like a something that we dont know about how nagato’s revival technique worked…

  176. hey wait.. Madara has a fan… does that mean he’s a wind chakra user?

  177. @amar: Agreed. We need to know more about just how the rinnegan techs work but I imagine it’s something simple like Madara as he is represents a disembodied spirit, so maybe Nagato was meant to reunite the spirit with Madara’s original body, after summoning it or something.

    @arpatu: I’ve wondered that, too, especially since he’d be adept at fire jutsu, being an Uchiha.

    I took a closer look at Tobi’s new mask and the third tomoe on the forehead is just a design, not a hole like the other two.

  178. No, I think the back story on the Uchiha is that their crest or insignia is a fan that represents the blowing of flames, and the Katon fire jutsu is common among em. Not saying that he can’t have wind element, but I don’t think that’s what his fan means.

  179. @kahmix: Sure but if he *is* also a wind user, his fire jutsus would be far more powerful than usual. Given that he is supposed to be the strongest Uchiha of all time, Madara would have ridiculous combo techs if he is both fire and air.

  180. And – it might show Naruto what a hard core wind user can do. You know, “training in the field”, so to speak. After all, you know Madara and Naruto are gonna tangle, and Madara is gonna test Naruto’s SO6P skills. Hopefully Naruto will get some SO6P training from… um… Madara? Hmm…

  181. I am not sure about who will win naruto/ madara. But I am sure that madara replaced his izanagi eye with a rinnegan, however, I feel like one of his eyes will look like the jubi with rings and tomaes

  182. Im not sure if any remembers but I posted a few links of observation on the Konan battle against Tobi and I assumed that it had already taken place, because of the fact that Tobi Mentioned before that he had the Rinnegan and he was going to use it for war. But now I dont know what to think maybe he used Rinnegan copy eye balls but never got the desired power affect from them but now its final he has the Rinnegan. Love the Mask by the Way I havnt read comments above so ill read them after this but seeing the new mask Im guessing like we all have that all previous masks represent a power level or a evolution level he has undertaken, also when he smashed his Fan into the ground I got the impression he doesnt really need to spam his Ghost form tech.

    @What the Rinnegan can do: I assumed that when Pain was absorbing souls or killing people he somehow was storing them or sealing them withing himself kinda like how the 9 Tails has souls sealed within its chakra or the Gedo Mazo how it Consumes souls. This technique could be some kind of Chakra level increaser or something along those lines.

    But am so excited this Arc is Over also just quickly, Tobi has mentioned that the Eyes were already his and ive tried to understand exactly what he means. And I assume 2 things hes powerful saying that everything belongs to him cause hes strong enough to take it or that Eternal Mangekyo Sharigan is more Powerful that say the Eyes he has now and his quest for power is him trying to regain that lost power.

    Seeing Tobi now I still dont think its Safe to call him Madara after what Kabuto said, and if Tobi can absorb dead bodies and become stronger like so, Whats not to say he didnt do the same thing to Itachis Body seeing how he actually has Sasukes Eyes?

  183. @BBB: I think, when Madara alluded to already having the rinnegan, he was talking about the fact that it belonged to one of his loyal Akatsuki members. It never occurred to Madara that Nagato and Konan might betray him. Also, Madara knew that, in the unlikely event Nagato was killed, he was fully capable of taking the rinnegan back. I don’t think he feared someone else trying to use them because I’m certain only certain very powerful members of particular breeding (i.e. Uzumakis and Uchihas) can develop or use the rinnegan.

    See my earlier post about the contents of Kabuto’s coffin. I think Madara *is* Madara, just not all there. His body and spirit are separate from one another.

  184. But madara told naruto that he’d MAKE him fight sasuke. So I’m wondering if we’ll even see a naruto/madara fight. At least, not at first. Madara kinda makes it seem like there’s some hidden objective in wanting them to fight. Maybe the battle b/w em would unleash something Madara needs for his next step to “completion”

  185. lol just realized this but madara completely lies to Sasuke here

    looks like this wasn’t a mistake by Kishi after all, given his new mask

  186. @ursamajour: I can agree with everything you said yes I see exactly now what you mean, thanks for clearing that up it puts things into perspective.

    Kahmix: From your statement and what Im coming to assume the battle between Naruto and Sasuke, win or loose 1 of them gains a Path.

  187. Okay let me just put this out there Madara with the power of Senju and Uchiha had the power to control Izanagi for 5 mins(but the eyes never loose the light) is that correct?
    Well if so anyway Izanagi could control the Imaginary Reality. Now I take it that the Rinnegan had the power of Life and Death so he now has the power to perhaps make illusion real like Tsukyomi but in reality, if so and Im thinking this will be an intended goal but with all those Sharigan eyes he has he could proberly resurrect/create his own Sharigan warriors.

  188. sup all. great chapter, kishi keeps us goin just when we think we got a hold on thangs. now about madara’s mask, i am seeing a metamorphoses happen from the first mask we see him in, when he talks to itachi b4 the massacre. the lines on the mask were running vertical. then next mask is the swirl he wears during the 9tail attack. Almost like a uzumaki right??? and now the (very cool i might add) Rin-sharigan. i believe its all connected somehow…
    And his fan is something he had when fighting Shodaime
    Makes me think its really Madara. Now remember the only ones who knew madara were Pein and Konan, and Zetsu if i am not mistaken. Orochimaru had left b4 tobi joined. Now what could be so bad that oro left the organization

  189. Awesome breakdown Dark! Sorry about your father, my grandfather pasted away last august and he was just like a father for me.

    Debate: Mizukage all the way. @_@

    Bubble 1: Don’t touch my rainbow..
    Bubble 2: BAKAAAAAAAA!!!
    Caption: In my world everyone is a pony and they all eat rainbows and poop butterflies.. ahhhh

    PS. By Katie in Horton.

  190. @Darks: Sorry for not saying this sooner but my deepest condolences on your loss. Between my mother and I we lit 6 candles this year. We lost 4 relatives(my father included) in the hospital less than 2 apart from each other in the years of ’05 and ’06. It was tough, but the way I see it now is, every year I light a candle and remember them, those candles become a testament to who they were in my life. Oh, and by the way, Great Breakdown!


    Karin: “This script is fucked!”
    Karin: “Where’s my agent!”

    Kishimoto drops the bad news…

    Perhaps Madera is going to “attempt” to turn Naruto into a vegetable by first using genjutsu to fool him and then use the rinnengan to pull out Naruto’s life force. Perhaps his plan is to make Naruto into a soulless vessel holding the kyuubi, so Madera can just take him to Gedo Mazo. Naruto could probably resist the genjutsu by developing a better relationship with the kyuubi, right? On a more exciting note, I think Dark Zetsu will finally reveal his true nature(my theory) in this fight! Actually, both in this manga fight and in the anime, where Sasuke is invading the Kage meeting and white zetsu sells him out. Sasuke then becomes possessed by dark zetsu and kills the Samurais. This killing totally goes against his “no unnecessary killing” policy! Let me show you why I came to this conclusion.

    Where did white zetsu go? Oh, in the bottom left frame, he’s in the snow rejoined with Dark Zetsu! In the next page Madera says “Begin” to BOTH dark and white, but in the kage meeting only White Zetsu pops out, yelling, “Sasuke is here!”

    Sasuke is very angry that White Zetsu sold them out and suddenly Karin notices evil chakra in Sasuke, darker than a level 2 curse. In the manga and in the anime please remember that it was Sasuke that ordered the unnecessary killing, not Suigetsu. I believe that its a translation error. The biggest problem translators have are with pronouns and reflexive verbs. Anybody who has been following the manga and/or the anime will attest to what I’m saying.

    Here we see Karin noticing Sasuke’s chakra become dark.

    Here we see white zetsu pop out of Sasuke. This doesn’t prove anything, but Naruto came to some kind of conclusion. “Now I know for sure.” Now I’m not saying that dark zetsu is particularly in Sasuke, but more so I’m saying that perhaps he put a dark spore in Sasuke that grows on hate. Of course I could be wrong, but let me know what you guys think. I think Dark Zetsu is split in half. One half with White Zetsu and the other half with Madera! I could be wrong, but it would explain how somebody can rip off their own arm like a Mr. Potato Head! Also please note that the level of informatics that the White and Dark Zetsu have are very different from each other and that they have to fuse in order to feed.

    What’s inside of Sasuke?

    What is Naruto hiding?

  191. Whats up everybody! i havent been on in weeks, i havent even read the past few chapters. although i did check in briefly and read the incredible debate of unadulterated awesomeness that was darks and tenrai defending poor ol’ orochi all alone. Good sh!t guys, i must tip my hat to you, if you didnt win, you came damn close.

    imagine my looks of shock and surprise when i first read 509 three days ago and see konan going to work on effing madara!!!Now i know why kishi never puts his ladies on screen. they’d make all the boys feel completely insiniffigant. xD seriously, that was a badass fight, and i for one think its even more badass that she died in the end. it was perfect, however im not sure how i feel about madara having hashirama’s powers and having somehow produced a rinnengan…he was already placed on such a high pedestal to begin with, no one was able to touch him for the longest, and now that naruto and sasuke have just about enough between the two of them to beat madara, he goes and mainlines rinnengan water to unveil a level of hax not seen since dragonball GT…… idk

    this ones kinda tough, we havent seen much from either one, but enough from raikage to go off of. but we’ve only seen mei perform a couple of techs..i cant choose a winner cuz i dont know if she’s long or closr range, although close range isnt likely. still possible. but thats one of the deciding factors. if she’s mid to long range as opposed to close to mid range she’d have a good chance at the W

    well, thats all for right now…probably the longest post i ever typed, ive been in one spot of thirty minutes, my neck hurts!>_<

  192. @western WRONG!!!!!! It’s pretty obvious that you don’t read Bleach.

  193. Naruto is up on mangastream!

  194. That was an awesome chapter but why the hell is everyone messing with the 1st Hokage’s DNA and body!? XD First Madara, then Orochimaru, then Danzo, and now Madara again! O_O Leave the poor man alone. I think Madara is using the 1st Hokage to bring life into all those Zetsu’s…?

    Lol, anyway the exchange between Gaara and the Tsuchikage was pretty funny. The upcoming war should be a great battle, I hope it happens!

  195. @super: Then now, Kaburochi wants to experiment with the love child of the 1st and Orochimaruo.. @_@

    We both kinda sorta posted on the wrong breakdown…>_>


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