Bleach Chapter 420 – Deicide Was Puked from Superchunky

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After a grueling day of school…errr I mean community service, I decide to turn on my laptop and ease my pain by reading some manga. Good Idea. So after I read Naruto and watched Bleach episode 288, I decided it was time to read Bleach. Bad Idea. Almost as bad as that time I had to watch “The Wiggles”, on second thought, it may be even worse because I actually had my expectations up.

One thing that really piqued my interest at the beginning was “Aizen has finally completely evolved!”. This means Aizen has no more get out of jail free cards, or it means Pokémon’s creator finally threatened Kubo with a lawsuit :P. It also means what we see now is all we’re gonna get. In other words, If Aizen loses now, there’s no chance of him coming back, and if he does, Kubo’s already questionable writing skills will come under further scrutiny.

Anyway, the chapter starts with Ichigo using the Final Getsuga, as Aizen looks on in amazement, but before the move takes effect, Ichigo has a flashback to his training (as predicted by many here). Zangetsunator breaks Ichigo’s sword with just one hit. One thing I noticed is Ichigo’s appearance, which means he’d already been fighting for quite awhile (probably 2 months). Anyway, Ichigo comes to realize what we knew from day 1, Ichigo can’t possibly beat Zangetsuinator.

Superdude summed it up best "You’re even more hax than Aizen, and that’s terrible."

Zangetsuinator asks why wont he fall, but Ichigo says he wont fall until he learns the Final Getsuga- most likely because he knows Zangetsuinator won’t actually kill him since he hadn’t done it a long time ago. Zangetsuinator attacks again as Ichigo contemplates Zangetsuinator’s state of mind. Ichigo manages to parry the attack, and then he throws away his zanpakuto as Zangetsuinator attacks once more. Ichigo treats us to a scene reminiscent of this one (Kubo does it again lol) as Zangetsuinator pierces him. Ichigo gets stabbed by the blade but doesn’t get damaged by it because he has finally accepted Zangetsu.

That's the 454758th time Ichigo's been pierced by a "hot" guy, I think he's starting to like it

Zangetsuinator then begins to cry as he tells Ichigo that the one thing he wanted to protect was Ichigo himself (once again I was right). He goes on to say that’s why he doesn’t want to teach him the Final Getsuga, because the “Final” means he’ll lose his Shinigami Powers after its used (someone predicted this, Kisu gives you your props). The scene then goes back to Ichigo completely transformed. The Final Getsuga makes you become Getsuga, according to Ichigo. Ichigo uses Mugetsu as the whole terrain is consumed by darkness (eat your heart out Ryujin  Jakka).

Aizen-sama realizes that he can’t sense him just as Isshin and others couldn’t sense him. They couldn’t sense him because his powers were Hollow, Shinigami and Hogyouku, as opposed to just Hollow or Shinigami. This made him 3-dimensional. But now it seems Ichigo has gained a fourth power to put him above Aizen. There are only two realms we know nothing about, the King’s Realm and Hell, so I hypothesize Ichigo’s power has something to do with one of these realms.

Kisu’s thoughts:

1. The chapter was overflowing with excellent Art. In fact, I’d say this whole chapter was Art porn, it was so good, especially Mugetsu. Anyway, does this means Isshin used Final Getsuga in the past? If he did, why would his powers be returning? Also, who could warrant the use of Final Getsuga other than an opponent like Aizen?

2. Ichigo’s power.I think I figured it out. In DBZ, human-saiyan Hybrids could gain access to higher levels of power than humans or Saiyan’s could get on their own. An example is Goku. As an adult at the end of Dragonball, his power level was only 260, but by the time Gohan was only 4 his power level was over 1370 and he had no prior training or fighting experience. I think this is what Kubo’s gonna use to justify Ichigo’s growth.

3. Can you help Aizen find his cat?

~ by kisuzachi on September 15, 2010.

53 Responses to “Bleach Chapter 420 – Deicide Was Puked from Superchunky”


  2. Good grief Kisu! Fast as hell and awesome job again!

    I was thinking the exact same thing when Ichigo “accepted” his Zangetsu/Hollow self. Naruto and his dark self scene under the waterfall Bleach style. Good grief, well at least Kubo didn’t have the gall to actually make Ichigo “defeat” and overwhelm his opponent in that battle. That would have been to much BS to handle.

    If Isshin had the Final Getsuga Tenshou then why didn’t he just use it and defeat Aizen? Is it a one time thing? I just hope Ichigo and Aizen kill each other in a single strike and Chad becomes the main protagonist. Yes…remember Chad?

  3. I will post last post since the new breakdown is out!!:

    I really liked this last chapter, Bleach’s artwork is just awesome!!! also Aizen got owned!!!! finally!!!!
    Although this chapter left me with a lot of Q’s what will happen next, will we have some chpaters of non action!!! I mean, there will be no more shinigami stuff for a while right? until Ighigo recovers his powers….
    The thing that pisses me off is that we won’t see the FGT again, cause that would mean no more shinigami powers again!!!! hahaha Why is this happening!!!!! First the Hollowified Ichigo was awesome but we can’t see him anymore, now we have another excellent transformation yet we won’t be able to see it anymore it’s just pure BS!!!!!!

    By the way i called it before!!! Aizen couldn’t sense Ichigo’s reiatsu because it was just to damn big, overwhelming, etc…. that it couldn´t be sensed by anyone…..

  4. third!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. no fourth

  6. 6th cuz I’s don’t wanna be 5th.

  7. The most amazing chapter ever!

  8. lol becoming getsuga turns ichigo into a ninja. It’s ok if Ichigo loses his shinigami powers now, because he’s replaced them with chakra, jutsus and sharingan. That’s right, you heard it from me first! Everywhere under Ichigo’s bandages are sharingans. And so Kubo can one up Kishi, Ichigo is gonna have Sharingan, Byakugan AND Rinnegan implants.

  9. You know, when you go back and read all the chapters, I think this will be the chapter that shines…like a polished turd.(at least he polished it this week!) This fight wasn’t about Hero vs. Villain. It was about like 11 heros vs. villain lol. What upsets me is the lack of a struggle for ichigo. His last real fight was 2 months long with himself, it was probably epic. And then it ended with make up sex. Then, he comes out and scoffs at Aizen>9000, and makes a point to show that out of all the fights, Aizen ranked as one of his perspectively “weakest” match. I can see why everyones been so mad about it. Almost like ss4 Gogeta vs. omega shenron. Where’s the epic Frieza fight? Maybe even Cell? Buu even? really, this fight is just…lopsided. I wouldn’t be mad at all if Ichigo was getting beat to the brink of death. His epic hallow form comes, and that gets beat to death. Then, as all hope fades, they teach him this power, and THEN he goes out and owns Aizen. That would make me much much happier.

    LOL @ urbanvolcano87, I love your comments man. Awesome.
    All in all, Bleach either took a step for the better, or yet another step to the rear with this. Bleach is about to change big time.

    @Kisu, your right…I hate to admit it because I really wanted this fight to go and prove you wrong, but I was let down lol. I’ll buy 420 taco’s please.


  11. @kisuzachi: I believe the reason Ichigo is of a higher dimension is because of where he comes from, the land of the living. Aizen comes from only spirit particles. Aizen obtained hollow powers by using the Hougyouku, which allowed him to unite it with his powers. Ichigo, on the other hand, has spiritual and physical properties and then, through his training, gained hollow powers. That is why he is one dimension higher. In other words the will of a real human being is much more powerful than a fabricated one(Hougyouku). You know good vs. evil or soul society vs. Hueco Mundo or good thoughts vs. bad thoughts…etc. etc. The dimension above all of this is the being who gets to decide intricately not just to be both, but have the power to make choices. The truth is being both sides of the coin can be nothing or it could be everything, but without purposes and choices(traits of being human) it is meaningless. So it makes sense that with but a simple choice Ichigo can slice open a giant garbage can and throw away all of his shinigami powers(plus Aizen too!) and become a normal human.
    Ichigo’s sword represents his basic human ferocity and intent to kill. I believe it explains the nature of Ichigo’s sword and the darkness it wields. His evil ghost just represents his frustrations on getting what he wants.
    As to why Ichigo has no riatsu: its because he has risen to a new level where he realizes the weight of his actions and the will to do it. He is deciding as a human being to undue what he started Matrix style. He is going to take the piece of paper Aizen is written on, crumple it up along with his powers, and proceed for a 3 pointer in the garbage can. It’s that simple. It probably undoes a lot of stuff.

  12. He is undoing everything like a big bottle of BLEACH!

  13. Bleach acts in the same way the bleach you use on your clothes does except the manga Bleach is for your though process. It whitens the mind and completely erases all thought until your mind is just a blank slate Kubo can implement anything on.

    And it works remarkably. There is no thinking or logic to reading Bleach anymore. No plot or development. Just mindless, inconsequential, blank reading.

  14. So I take it once this attack is over Aizen will still be alive and Ichigo will become a Hollow, and then hopefully Ichi eats Aizen to finish him and doing so Ichigo becomes the New Villain Ill be satisfied with that outcome.

  15. But If Ichigo loses his Shiginami powers does that mean Bleach is ending? BUt he does look quite kick ass…

  16. @superdude, that was remarkably accurate. Tite manages to get away with making half-assed, pointless chapters, and then he’s applauded for doing it. It saddens me that at one point Bleach was my favorite manga 😦

    @visionary, I disagree. Ichigo’s “body” right not is nothing but spiritons (spirit particles) like Aizen’s. Ichigo has 3 planes of existence; human, shinigami and hollow, which is why he was on Aizen’s level according to Isshin (who is only a Shinigami). However, none of this is even close to a good explanation as to why Ichigo is stronger. In fact, using the Final Getsuga didn’t remotely make any sense. He was already stronger, so why would he waste a one-shot move like that?

    I think “ajd” sums it up best. This is all too easy for Ichigo. Aizen took out everyone before him when he was normal, then he evolved to a stage where Reiatsu meant nothing and he was even beyond reason, THEN HE EVOLVED AGAIN, at that point he should have been a mini black hole, THEN HE TRANSFORMED AGAIN! The universe should have collapsed just because of his existence. And if we throw out the logic here and just watched for the purpose of fighting, it is still a huge disappointment because this is supposed to be the best fight in the series, and compared to Ichigo’s previous fights, this one is a cake-walk so far 😦

  17. The next thing that’s annoying is Aizen’s transformations and how they’re handled. Frieza clearly said he was holding back and told us exactly how many transformations he had, Cell did the same and Buu could evolve infinitely, but Aizen’s transformation has suddenly reached its limit? No foreshadowing? *sigh* And its been established that the Hogyouku will transform him if his life is in danger, so why is this suddenly his last transformation? Logic dictates as long as he is in danger he will get stronger, but I suppose reason means nothing anymore

  18. @ajd “Then, as all hope fades, they teach him this power, and THEN he goes out and owns Aizen. That would make me much much happier.” hell no dude even that doesnt make any sort of remote sense even that would be like ss4 goku [aizen] getting beat by krillin or yamcha or some kid. AIZEN LITRELLY PWNED ALL OF SS THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL A KID WHO TRAINS FOR SOME MONTHS OR TRANSFORMS CAN BEAT HIM JUST SIMPLY NO WAY

  19. The 10 rules of bleach
    1. NO matter what happens NEVER USE YOUR BANKAI NO MATTER WHAT Unless you’re very popular.
    2. Female are useless no matter the power (Heals anything possibly destroying anything or stabbing it twice for an insta-death)
    3. Unless you are a strawberry you have absolutely no chance of even scratching the Aizen.
    4. If you’ve been fighting in Hueco Mundo or are have been fighting Mental Retards don’t worry you’ve been forgotten.
    5. Everytime Aizen is attacked he usually either appears miraculously unscathed ordigivolves evolve with the Dawn stone Hōgyoku.
    6. If You do attack Aizen, he will swipe you in fashion similar to a credit card and there’s a high chance that you WILL lose an Arm
    7. You can defeat an enemy if they stab you. Then there the stab of love.
    8. If you see Ichigo even for a moment and you’re a shinigami you will survive.
    9. All it takes to defeat a Uber powerful rival is A getting a hole in your chest or a short period of time whether it’s three months or three days.
    10. At one point in your life you WILL lose your arm on occasions legs.

  20. @kisuzachi: Ichigo would lose as his older self. He would run out of spiritual energy and then turn into a hollow which is probably what Aizen was planning on having for lunch.

    Reason crumbles to will

  21. I remember many chapters back, making some kind of sarcastic comment about Aizen was way ahead of everyone, he was in Deicide 20 (mockingly, and assuming there would not be a deicide 20) when all the other characters were still in deicide 4 or so… good times…

  22. Ok, there are few things I need to get off of my chest… First of all, there is no proof that Ishin EVER used FGT, he could have lost his powers simply by using his gigai, which was explained by Urahara in Rukia’s case! Second, Ichigo “losing” his Shinigami powers does mean that Hollow ones r gone as well (since they r two parts of one) and at the same time it doesn’t mean that Ichigo will actually end up powerless! I think he gave up his Shinigami/Hollow powers the moment he merged with Zangetsu/HollowIchigo! The reason why he speaks as if he lost them is probably coz he could never go back to his previous state and that this new state is actually his new form (I know that there IS a downside to all that, but we just don’t know it yet)! Also, the name “Mugetsu” sounds a lot more like the name of a Zanpakuto, than an attack name…!? Hopefully the last two arcs will show us the proper picture…

  23. @Setvius: Welcome, when you put it that way your absolutely right.
    Mugetsu what if this is the name of the First Zanpaktou of his Family line the Origin.

  24. hahahaha where is Gimmerjow, Yammy, Kenpachi, Byakuya… why are they so forgotten O_O

  25. @pein0avenue – lol because Kubo literally forgot about them dude. He realized halfway through the Fake Karakura Town Arc that having every known good character in the series fight every known bad character in the series in one-on-one battles effectively froze whatever remnants of a plot were left. So Kubo hurried up and had Aizen kick everyone’s ass single-handedly, and probably quite literally forgot about the characters he left stranded in Heuco Mundo lol

    I hope everyone realizes we’ll probably never see the end of the Yammy-Byakuya/Kenpachi fight because it would just be retarded to depict that fight AFTER the Ichigo-Aizen manga-culminating battle

  26. @BlackBurstBoom thx though I’m an old member/admin here lol Yes, I think now that you mentioned it, Ishin’s Zanpakuto is Engetsu, Ichigo’s Zangetsu… it surely has something to do with their bloodline. Though I wouldn’t exclude the bloodline of Ichigo’s mother, we now nothing about her and yet I somehow feel she is crucial in the whole Bleach story…

  27. @ pein see rule number 4

  28. hey hey hey guys seriously COMME ON

    i know tite’s a downright idiot and he might as well give bleach the Coup_de_grâce with this chapter but i dont believe it . i still think aizen will NOT DIE HERE instead maybe ichigo will die or something 🙂 or maybe thats what i want >.> <.<

  29. HAHAHA Yo quiero un taco!
    Liked your breakdown Kisu. FGT Ichigo looks badass all ninja like. Ichigo is now on a higher dimension than Aizen called NARUTO REALM. He doesn’t need reitsu now that he has chakra like someone else above me said.Seriously though, I think if it’s between King’s realm and Hell realm I would say King’s realm. Hell I don’t so and feel like they wont talk about it in the future much since

  30. OOPS hit wrong key and didn’t finish commment…..-_-

    I was going to say they probably wont touch on the subject of hell too much since the new bleach movie is in hell or something. Looks Ichigo enters hell or is captured there(iono). I just saw a teaser trailer.

  31. i think it was very specific when ichigo said shinigami powers, this probably means that ichigo will now go hollow berserk on everyones ass because his shinigami self can do nothing to stop his hollow part. which means aizen might actually die, with the zero division coming in to fight the “monster” threatening to enter the kings realm, and mistake hollow ichigo for that monster. he would match perfectly since the he’s a demi-god carrying a sword and no one would recognize him except for ishida and inoue, but they’re stuck in hueco mundo. it would be interesting to see that as the next and final arc, i bet if that were to happen even grimmjoww would comeback eventually to stop hollow ichigo.

    if aizen lives, which i’m assuming we’ll have hollow ichigo and aizen go at it forever…. god this is getting to be a really boring series story wise… even dragonball was around longer before they got to the damn dragons of gt (and god did i hate that)

  32. hmmm… so Ichigo gives up his shinigami self and succumbs to his hollow side as the ultimate self-sacrifice, for his friends, to destroy Aizen. Ichigo then becomes a true Vasto Lorde, and the new villian of Bleach! And then, Aizen (surviving Ichigo’s attack of course) becomes Darth Ichigo’s master! Then the two of them set on a Galactic, err I mean Soul Society Conquest! The final arc revolves on how Ichigo’s friends and comrades must now face the former friend and ally in battle. Hope seems dim until Ichigo and Inoue’s secret son, who also has the gift of becoming unbelievably strong unbelievably fast, firmly believes there is still some good left in his father. Then in a final trilogy-culminating moment, Ichigo’s son convinces his father to betray Aizen and throw him into the core of Heuco Mundo! Unfortunately, Aizen, with one last flap of his Butterfree wings, uses poison powder on Ichigo, eventually killing him. T_T

    Kubo! You magnificent genius!


  33. @urbanvolcano, BRAVO! That has got to be the most plausible theory (knowing the way Kubo is) I’ve ever heard about Bleach XD

  34. @urbanvolcano Aah, that explains it the reason Orihime didn’t restore Ichigo reiatsu completely.

  35. @Kisu: I thought it was more appropriate to post my reply here. Dude, I can’t thank you enough for your breakdowns. Honestly, they’re the only ones keeping me from quitting the manga altogether. I’d really like to give Kubo one supersized kick in the crotch for seducing me into reading it only to heve me pick up trails of deterioration. Seriously, if he cuts back to another Don Kanonji group moment, I WILL go on a killing spree, saving Kubo for my last kill! Still, I can’t just stop reading the damned thing! Years have been invested. So, Kisu my man, keep the awesomeness alive and help readers like me by making this Kubo thing and all the shennanigans he entails a lot easier to swallow. Cheers!

  36. @elatedpuppy, you are officially my favorite WRA-er! (Sorry Prawl, Superdude, Darks, Tenrai, Ahsan and Kanton, but now you’re all tied for second place instead of 1st)

  37. T_T

    kisu GIVE ME YOUR EMAIL X_X NOW mail me at , need it >.>

  38. Theories from the world’s biggest Bleach Lover/Naruto Hater (He still read it just to complain) and he loves NaruSasu fusion fanatic he also thinks that the hug Naruto gave his evil side has become his most powerful jutsu.
    Anyway with that aside there are some interesting theories here

    1. Mysterious persons who sent Grand Fisher after Ichigo.
    2. Mayuri, his identity, what he found in szayel’s lab, his connection to urahara and his hatred towards ichigo. (he promised that Ichigo will be sorry he survived the karakura battle)
    3. Ryuken, Ishida and whole Quincies vs Shinigami deal that has been going on.(and I mean, come on, Ichigo vs Ishida, Grim Reaper vs Angel, etc, it has been foreshadowed with both their final forms and storyline)
    4. Royal King, his nature, why he was locked in, is he evil or good, etc. Royal Guards, etc.”

  39. @Kanton, I’ll be sure to address your questions as best I can in the next breakdown. Oh, Takashid also said something 2 weeks ago that I can finally reply to. I’ll deal with all of these in the next breakdown

    @Ahsan, I kept your email since I met you last year 😦

  40. i also thought i had it in my contacts i remember adding you when you sent me tnat awesomeess sage v.s uchiha fic o.o but seems i was wrong x_x

  41. @kisu – hmmmmmmm…

  42. Don’t feel bad Darks, but I gotta go with the dude/dudet who understands the awesomeness of the Kisu B-)

  43. @kisu – You shouldn’t have done that… *insert Elegy of Emptiness statue here*

  44. *burns the Ocarina and gives Darks a cookie*
    *pats him on the head*
    See, u’re all still loved O_O….just not as much as elatedpuppy >_>

  45. Oh god…hope spoiler remains unconfirmed. Knew something was going to happen but BS.

  46. All these questions you guys have are answered in One word. Kenpachi….How did ichigo get so strong so fast ? Why is it that all these powerful characters go down without using bankai ? How is it that all these powerful espada go down to inferior (or seemingly so) Captains ? Who is it Aizen fears when all this madness began so much so that he locked them in hueco mondo ? Did ichigo’s dad us final getsuga ? Where the hell are ichigo’s sisters ? See how Kenpachi fits nicely as the answer ? Oh by the way as far as polihed turds go …..

  47. I read the Bleach spoilers and…Kubo never fails….to fail.

  48. it’s out.

  49. Well, I guess it was the only way it could end, considering how hax Aizen had become.

  50. So, is this the end then?

  51. And in the end Aizen never really got killed…. so is it ok to assume he will come back later on???

  52. It’s definitely not the end. Kubo dropped too many teases about the Soul King to end the series. I don’t see how Ichigo can continue being a viable focus for the series, however.

  53. After mention of this Soul King I have the feeling that Quincy are really Holy Good Guys and Death Gods are just some kind of Neutral followers, So Ishida is and Hopefully gonna step up to the Plate as the New Hero? Or that Girl who grew up with Ichigo?

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