Naruto 509 Breakdown: GIRL POWER~!! Whoa, wait a minute. Am I reading the right manga? Demotivational poster and official debate both inclusive. If I were female, I’d probably be bumping to Cheetah Girls right now.

*reads the latest Naruto*

Ma-Masaka! Imposhibru! However the hell you wanna say it!

A female, and she’s…*gulps*…kickass and…*bleeds*…useful?! OMG! What is happening to manga?!

What next? If you give your Butterfree a Dusk Stone in daytime, it will evolve into a Shiny Scyther?

*reads the latest Bleach*

Oh for God’s sake…

Shut the hell up, mental midget. -___-

Hello, Internet, WRA, and evil monkeys on computers. You’re probably wondering why on God’s beautiful planet earth this breakdown is actually early. Well, I might as well use the opportunity to announce to you all that Dark Avatar and I will be launching our very own chocolate milk factory this week, so I’ll need all the time I can catch to get things rolling.

Our product is named Pimp Juice. And our slogan? “Come and have a taste. You know you want to.”

…Yea, Heaven knows I need a psychiatrist in my life…

It does wonders, I tell you...

On to the subject of Naruto and this past chapter!

If I haven’t expressed it enough so far, allow me to do it some more: Konan is awesomeness! This chapter felt like something of a Spice Girls music video. I kept waiting for the moment when everyone would break into song and dance, singing about about how men are so icky and dumb. Then Madara would take off his mask to reveal that he really is Sporty Spice. You know, the one that looks like she’d kick your ass and then gloat about it to all her friends at Booty Boot Camp.

You’re obviously lost by now, so I’ll be clearer. This chapter was all about girl power, baby! And while it featured just a single female being all kickass, at least it’s a pleasant turnaround from Kishi’s otherwise sexist ways. Still, it won’t surprise me if he turned right back and revealed that “she” really is Haku’s long, lost twin.

Go figure...

In spite of this core quality, the direction of the chapter’s content continued almost constantly to shift between lady action and what can be considered a much more passive constitution, which naturally comprised a lot more talking than actual walking. All the same, save for a little drag here and there, it was excitement throughout. And with the latter of the chapter’s two major said constituents came some interesting revelations for too ridic to have even been made into theories prior to this time. Almost makes you question its verity. And going by the dodgy reputation of the revealer, you can say that a little suspicion is understandable.

First, Akatsuki was actually made by Yahiko. But then, it was Madara who “made” him create it. Next, the Rinnegan was actually given Nagato by Madara himself. And finally, and most indisputable of them all

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you heard it here first! Nagato had the Sharingan!!

Whaaat? I ran out of copy paper!

Interestingly enough, while Konan insistsΒ his her former playmate, Yahiko, was the founder of Akatsuki, you’ll remember that she and Pein were the ones taking instructions from Madara right after Sasuke began manifesting the full extent of his Emo-no-jutsu. Seems like a pretty nifty position for someone “riding on Akatsuki’s coattail,” don’t you think? Arguably, this adds some credibility to the first of Madara’s claims.

Being two of the pioneers of the organisation, one would imagine that following Yahiko’s demise, either Konan or (most probably) Nagato would take the lead role. Yet, there they were taking orders from the one who now claims to have been behind it all from the beginning.

This isn’t helping your case, Konan. Almost makes you wonder if a little mind control was involved once again. But that may be just a bit too Farfetch’d…errr…I mean far-fetched…>_>

Everyone hates a bad pun...

Not so believable, however, is Madara’s second allegation. Yet, there isn’t very much riding against it, either, except the fact that Madara tends to be a shady as Swiper the Fox…(I have little cousins…don’t look at me like that!) That, of course, isn’t substantial enough evidence to sway a person, and so I call stale meat…*cough* Sakura. Oh, sorry, I meant stalemate. <_< A little confused today…>_>

In any case, it doesn’t matter very much. Nagato had it, and he was a badass mofo with it, allowing him “lead” Akatsuki up until the point of his death.

That being said, it’s all too apparent that Yahiko must have been even more badass-ly superpowered as well, when he was alive. I mean that’s the only logical conclusion to be drawn, since he had Sharingan all over his head…

You know Kishi was thinking it...

Still, unless Madara can pull a Jesus-no-jutsu out his slimy ass and convince Konan that the Rinnegan is his, this fight will only continue. And my Pickles-senses say until the next chapter when it will either end or be interrupted.

But let’s face it, Konan’s odds are not looking too great at the moment. A moment of brilliance and character spotlight followed by a flashback can only spell doom. It would be too bad, really. You can tell that she has planned for this one, and isn’t just picking off whatever forms at the top of her head. Many a time, though, that isn’t enough.

The way Madara is now, Naruto would butt rape him six times over before handing him to OJ Simpson for finishing touches. So it’s hard to imagine he has nothing else up his sleeve. Hey, maybe this is even the reason he will end up with the Rinnegan.

Haa, endorsement deals are so FTW. Jealous? πŸ˜€

Nowadays, I see that I’m beginning to find it harder and harder not to talk about the true identity of the self-proclaimed Uchiha Madara, and this chapter didn’t put in very make effort in making that any easier.

If you think about it, the kanji, まだら, rendered Madara, may be translated into English to derive “spots.” By some stretch of the imagination, it can be interpreted as if to illustrate multiple facets and sides, and possibly even existences. Or in this case, “spots;” and much like with aΒ dalmatian, all of which are based off of a central being.

とび, rendered Tobi, has a few more interpretations into English, including “construction worker,” and even “bird;” all of which point to a description of being of use by another, be that as a builder or as a messenger. In a sense, it may portray a separate side or part of another; or in different terms… a “spot.”


What? You were expecting me to say something about Obito? Screw that!

That theory can go suck on a big…fat…juicy lemon.

Yea, this is me being bitter…wanna fight about it?

*sees masked Obito/Madara supporters coming up on the horizon, swinging baseball bats and 9-irons*

Pffft…Baron’s got my back!

*turns round to see empty space*

*turns back to see mob now only two feet away*

Sigh…just not the face…

As they say in Hollywood…I believe I am totally f*cked…


Here it is! Your contest for the week…

Insert possible caption here.

Let’s see you make it count. πŸ˜‰



I’m serious. I want to know who is more useless, so you’ll actually be debating over who fails more. Winner takes on the queen, Sakura, next week. (Not really…)

In the meantime…


Peace and love, brothers and sisters! πŸ™‚

But give me love over this.



~ by Captain Pickles on September 11, 2010.

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  1. FIRST!

  2. SECOND!

  3. THIRD!

  4. 4th . Aizen sama ftw >.>

  5. 5th.

    Tenten FTW! O_O

  6. 6th. Great Breakdown Pickles! You have me convinced, I’m officially in the Jiraiya/Madara camp!

  7. Hey guys I have recently gotten back into country and am glad to finally get a chance to really tear these new chapters a new one. First of all, I read the comic again aaaaaaaaaand I saw no reference to Nagato being given nor possesing the sharingon. Yes Madera say he gave him the Rinnegan, but no sharingon. Maybe I missed something, please let me know if this is the case.
    Anyway on to the debate. Most useless. The award goes to Ino. Her role in the series has not been one of a capable comrade one can trust in. Rather she is just the pretty blonde all japanese want that is there to serve as eye candy. She had one use in the series that she did well, she tracked down Hidan and Kakuzu by taking over a bird. To be honest, she served as great comic relief when her and Naruto were paired in in the Chubby Paradise episode.
    Ok, Tenten is the girl I want to know more about. Seriously, her expertise is the usage and training of every Ninja Weapon known to man. I want to see more of her actually wielding a ninja sword or actually displaying actual martial arts. She is the more no nonsense girl who cares about actually getting the job done and actually being a ninja. Noone ever saw her pawing after sasuke or any guy, she was to focused actually being a ninja. She also kicks ass against her clone, and Yagua from the Curry of Life. She has had some pretty bad pairings as opponents, but I think of all the characters she is the one that we would all wish to see more of. I actuslly believe she could kick my ass. Ino……not so much.


    -a ninjas most feared weapon

  8. I actually disagree. My vote for most useless kunoichi goes to Tenten. She’s a one trick pony, and that one trick is pathetic.

    *flashback to temari vs- no, no I can’t bring myself to re-live the shame again…*

    Ino has her mind hax jutsu, which granted is quite limited, but her father Inoichi has been shown to use the same tech to great effect. He is undeniably badass. She, my friends, at least has SOME potential. Tenten, well…she isn’t gonna get any better.

    @accordionninja – Tenten may kick your ass, but Ino would make you kick your own ass instead. XD

  9. Kyuubi.

    *Walks into the room, sees Pickles one the ground severely beaten*

    Don’t worry, I still got your back.

    *Picks up Pickles broken back, puts it in a duffel bag and walks off*

    I’ll wear your skin with pride. ^__^

  10. If Konan was smart, she’d take a page out of nagato’s book and send a clone to do the dirty work fighting. She might be able to damage madara in the process and let him think he kills her in the end. She’s good with clones too so it looks likely she wouldn’t directly sacrifice herself. Besides, all the akatsuki members die two deaths so she’d be back.

  11. Bubblition: Konan…I know they weren’t breasts. I’ve known for a long time you had big, squishy balls. Why do you think I was all over them?

    Caption: Even guys that seem moderately straight can pop out of the closet at any time.

  12. BUBBLE 1: Sorry…
    BUBBLE 2: I just stole your virginity.
    CAPTION: You didn’t even see it, or feel it. That’s how badfasst he is.

    Tenten has weapons which she can use her chakra on to make even more powerful, A.K.A. use puppeteer strings, and also enhance her weapons with chakra potentially. She also has a seemingly unlimited amount.

    Ino’s more useful as an intel-gatherer of sorts, and she can also cause the enemy to potentially attack each other, etc. etc. depending on how strong a character’s will/mind is.

  13. Sorry for double comment, but because nobody said it, and because I come across too many sixes as is, I came across two, maybe three others today; although I have come across other numbers too obviously…


  14. Bubblition

    Bubble: Konan… Just shut the f**k up. Go clean or something.

    Caption: … Go girl power?

  15. Bubblition

    Bubble: Chocolate Rain! Makes us happy ‘livin in a gay

    Caption: Yesterday he was singing R Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet…

    LMFAO at Urbanvolcano, that was pretty good. It’s also ironic I just put a comment on useful jutsus about these two. A draw would be nice, ino possesses tenten then jumps off a cliff.

    In all seriousness, I made fun of TenTen a while back saying “the only person she’s ever defeated in the entire series is herself, and she struggled.” Ino has NEVER won a fight one on one, she had a draw with SAKURA! Before Sakura even knew anything remotely useful. Is TenTen technically even a ninja? She has no family background, she only knows how to summon play toys, and her kekkei genkai is the ability to have two numbers in her name. TenTen may win in track record of fights, being 1 for 2, Ino being 0 wins, 1 draw, 0 losses. These two are geniuses of failing. I’m not even going to consider a fight between them conclusive on who is more useful.

    Personally, Ino has my vote for more useful here. She actually has some cool family background, she actually has a job (at least admitting to herself she’s not a real ninja), and she can be a medical ninja, despite all her impressive failures over the years.

    TenTen…has two numbers in her name…FAIL!

  16. @ – accordionninja
    That sharingan comment threw me too, I had to go back and read the chapter again before it hit me. Pickles was joking. Nagato’s eye was bandaged, and you’ll see in th next image Pickles implied everyone with a bandage had the sharingan.

  17. @Amaterasu: Ahhhhh, ok I get the joke, I see what you did there.

    On my other argument, TenTen was my fav character to use on Ninja Revolution for the Wii.

  18. In that same game Inos special move was to call Asuma over and have him stab the opponent. She cant even have her own special move in the game.

  19. Tenten has no defenses against Ino’s mind transfer. Tenten’s jutsu can also be dodged by anyone athletic and flexible enough, so with Ino’s “suckish” past she should be plenty flexible enough

    @Pickles, DAAAAAAMN YOOOOOU! Another endorsement deal!? Even though I’m very bitter and petty, I say excellent breakdown!

    *calls Taco Aizen for a pay increase*
    *gets the threat of being Kensei’d*
    Kisu: “Hahahaha! Did I say pay increase? I meant gay and cheese hehehe”
    *gets pay reduced in return for living*

    I hate you Pickles >_>

  20. Bubbilition: Hard times don’t create heroes. It is during the hard times when the ‘hero’ within us is revealed.

    Caption: Being a hero is about the shortest-lived profession on earth.

  21. Bubblition:

    Yahiko: “Kisu knows what Pickles REALLY meant by chocolate milk”
    Caption: And if this doesn’t make it into the top ten he’ll reveal it to the world πŸ™‚

  22. Bubblition contest:

    Yes, these bandages cover up sharingans, byakugans, rinnegans,… Hell, even the eyes of Tenten’s mother.

    There’s a reason why he’s Akatsuki leader… I just haven’t figured it out yet.

  23. Bubblition:
    It’s true. Nagato DOES give me the deepest “care” of them all. But I predict in the future he’ll thrust many more rods into me…and they will hurt…because….

    Caption: …because they’re black!

  24. Pickles, why do you say Nagato had sharingan? Just because of the bandage?

  25. Bubble: Yes… I got some work done. They’ll never take away my beautiful face.

    Caption: Yahiko. Tell me what you don’t like about yourself.

  26. I think Konan will trap Madara temporarily, but go seek Naruto’s help to protect Nagato’s Eyes. Opinions?

  27. @ursamajour – Pickles was joking. Like Amaterasu77777 posted earlier, Pickles was making a play on everyone secretly having a doujutsu, most notably Danzo. Danzo’s bandages covered Shisui’s eye and in the chapter Nagato is shown with a bandage over his right eye, so Pickles joking said that Nagato had the sharingan. He went on to joke everyone in the chapter with a bandage had a sharingan as well.

    @Pickles – I liked the joke fyi πŸ™‚

    @debate – these two are just soo damn useless, I can’t figure out which is more uselesser O_o

    @arpotu – with Madara’s space-time ninjutsu I don’t think she’ll be able to seal him, but she might be able to force a retreat like Minato did! That’d be awesome.

    @Konan’s predicament – anyone think someone from the 5 Kage Alliance will show up at the last minute?

  28. *firecrackers appears around a window then I burst through the window* I HAVE RETURNED!!!! *cricket chirps then get shot* -.- stupid cricket. *looks at debate* WTF!!! 0.0
    @kisu Ino mind transfer is SLOW so it can be dodge with ease.
    @dark well Tenten well had a bad draw *remembesr Sakura vs Ino and shudders* Also if she has reach that level why didn’t try it during the fight against Hidan & Kakuzu. Face it she’s worthless Kunoichi.
    Btw are we using fillers as reference. Also INO MEANS A FREAKING BOAR FOR CRYING OUT LOUD

  29. @kanton – I don’t think the debate is about who would beat the other in a fight, more than who is the most worthless and useless kunoichi overall. Ino’s tech has uses inside and outside the battlefield – as an offensive jutsu, to spying via animals, her father demonstrates the ability to fish through ppls memories and have opponents turn on each other. Plus she’s a healer. She has potential at least. Tenten lost hers when she got floored by Temari.

  30. @ ajd – “Is TenTen technically even a ninja? She has no family background, she only knows how to summon play toys, and her kekkei genkai is the ability to have two numbers in her name.”

    I laughed my ass off at this! Also, after reading this, I think Tenten would make a better stripper than a ninja… she summons “play toys” and gets down on it on stage.

    @ Everyone – At some point I do believe Kishi will reveal that Tenten and Lee are Maito Gai’s kids… he just forgot about them.

    The lesson here is: Condoms break… Maito Gai’s condom erupts with 7th gate blue semen… THERE IS NO PREVENTION, YOU’RE PREGNANT… YOUR MOM’S PREGNANT… HELL, YOUR DAD MIGHT EVEN BE PREGNANT… that’s what it means to catch a 7th gate nut from the “Magnificent green rapist…err… “BEAST” of the Leaf”

  31. @prawlkage

    Implying that Tenten might be Gai’s daughter, is an insult to Gai. <_<

    However, I will digress. Jokes aside, Tenten isn't actually really useless, so much as simply lacking any form of focus with regards to her character. The truth is, she isn't actually a bad fighter if you really consider things sinserely, she just hasn't been in any battles to speak of other than in the Chunin exams, where she was matched with the wrong opponent, and when she fought against herself, which is obviously not a good way to measure how strong she is relative to anyone else.

    She did nearly blow Kisame into smithereens though. *OMGCOUGH!*

    But let's ask ourselves the question. If Tenten was pitted against Sakura, Ino or even Hinata in the chunin exams, who do you think would have won?


    "Is TenTen technically even a ninja?"

    Last I recall, shinobi in the real world used real weapons, including shuriken, etc, as opposed breathing fire or staring at someone to death. So, technically speaking, Tenten is actually closer to that depiction of a real ninja than most other characters in Naruto are. Lol.

  32. β€œIs TenTen technically even a ninja? She has no family background, she only knows how to summon play toys, and her kekkei genkai is the ability to have two numbers in her name.”
    @ajd A few things I’d like to point out. 1) what does family background have to do with anything because Lee doesn’t have a family background either. Also, the true question is Ino a ninja.
    @Dark True, but the keyword is “potential” unless she uses the abilities she is useless. TenTen if anything can provide decent support for her teammates.

  33. lol it does sound funny but according to a poll i did wayyy back tenten pwns ino πŸ™‚

  34. @Ahsan

    I think everyone pwns Ino. If there was a vote for the weakest shinobi in Naruto, it would probably be her. X__X

    It’s sad too, because we’ve recently had a glimpse of how cool the Yamanaki’s abilities can actually be. She would be a lot more powerful if she learned more of her clan’s secret techniques rather than trying to be a medical ninja.

  35. BUBBLE 1

    Yahiko: You want some too Konan? Beware though, dick’s too short a word for my dick…nagato calls it PNEUMONOULTRAMICROSCOPICSILICOVOLCANOCONIOSIS!

    Caption: when Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious just isn’t long enough…

    p.s.- PNEUMONOULTRAMICROSCOPICSILICOVOLCANOCONIOSIS is 45 letters, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious only 34. and yes, i don’t know how to pronounce it…

  36. @truepain – you can listen to the pronunciation at, check it out, you never know, dropping that bad boy at a party just might help you get lucky πŸ˜‰

  37. Family jutsus are useless. If you come up to me and tell me you’re a Naara then I’d instantly know I need a flashlight. If you’re an Aburame, then I know I need bug spray. If you’re an Akamichi I know I’ll need a treadmill and vegetables. If you’re an Inuzuka I know I need some of Naruto’s gasses. The best ninja have a whole bunch of techniques. I’d say a ninja with no theme to their arsenal is the most dangerous opponent you can fight (*coughKakashicough*). Plus even Aizen agrees with me, you have to diversify. A Yamanaka using Katon would throw you for a loop now wouldn’t it?

  38. @truepain

    Ek se maar niks. O_o


    If the Yamanaka’s skills were so easy to determine in a battle, then why was Ao, one of the Mizukage’s elite bodyguards, taken for a ride? (Litterally).

    Even the Yamanaka can take the skills they have and add diversity to them in unique and interesting ways. Of couse, they have to take that innitiative as well, rather than just spamming their family jutsu in their most basic and primal forms. It’s like Sasuke taking the Chidori and learning new and interesting variants to it. It doesn’t just happen, you have to make it happen.

    Using other skills outside of your family’s is great as well, but just remember, if you don’t play to your strengths, then you will only ever be a jack of all trades and never a master. And as Gai has shown us, you don’t need diversity to pwn the enemy, especially if you are a master of the power you DO weild.

  39. @Tenrai, I say a Jack of all Trades is better. Over specialization has left many species extinct for a reason. What if Guy fought someone immune to Taijutsu? What then? He’d have to fall back on his ninjutsu and I don’t think he trained it to the level it should be. Kakashi is the smartest ninja in that respect.

    Also, no one even knew Fuu was a Yamanaka. If Ao hhad known he’d have probably put up mental barriers through genjutsu, like Pain did to that random Ame-nin.

    look at it this way, someone with B-level jutsus from 5 elements is in a better position than someone with S-level techniques from only 1 element. It would be awful for a ninja to lose solely because the opponent knew their last name. These ninjas need to diversify πŸ™‚

  40. i see what you are saying kisu but kakashi isnt a jack of all trades xD he’s a master of em πŸ˜‰

    master level usage of earth/water/lightning @_@ then tijutsu … genjutsu …. ninjutsu…. damn he really is a jack of all trades >.<


    Let’s take a closer look, shall we?


    That there "microscopic" prolly isn't helping Yahiko's cause any… O_O

  42. @kisu – immune to the AFTERNOON TAIGAAAAA!?!?!? Never!

  43. lol, I guess Jiraiya, Nagato, Itachi and Kakuzu all qualify for Jack of all trade status as well XD

  44. Don’t forget Hiruzen, Mei (fifth Mizukage) and Orochimaru.

  45. I’m curious did anyone noticed I was gone this weekend.

  46. @kisu

    You need to remember, it is pointless for Ino to try and use fire jutsu if she doesn’t have a fire affinity. The same goes for any other element.

    Jiraiya and Itachi weren’t jacks of all trades either, because Jiraiya mostly focussed on senjutsu while Itachi mostly focussed on his clan’s jutsu strengths. (I.E. Katon jutsu and his sharingan).

    Nagato could be considered that, but then, it’s funny how he discarded 99 percent of all his abilities to use only six different techs, while dedicating a seperate body to use each one. Maybe he also saw some wisdom in it.

    In any case, I already said that it would be great if Ino learned other jutsu as well, but my point was that it would be stupid not to play to her strengths. Telling her not to use her family jutsu would be like telling Itachi not to use Genjutsu. Most shinobi don’t know who they are fighting until the battle starts, so if the enemy evades that first fireball jutsu and figure out that Ino can use fire, then what? She would have wasted her time developing in an area she isn’t great at and now she can be easily countered or avoided.

  47. @kisu – I agree with what you’re saying. If Shikamaru never learns anything besides variations on his family’s Kagemane he is going to continue to get his ass handed to him by Akatsuki level opponents no matter how much of a “genius” he is.

    @Tenrai – I also agree with what you’re saying. If Naruto hadn’t found ways to vary his Rasengan for the better and eventually create a new technique (Rasenshuriken) out of it, he wouldn’t have defeated Pein or the Kyuubi.

    @both – therefore I propose an intermediary between the Master of One Trade and a Jack of All Trades which I would like to call the Master of Several Trades. This guy knows that in order to be an elite ninja he has to do two things. First, he has to master certain techniques to an elite level to even be considered elite. Second, he has diversify his techniques and learn new techniques to diversify his arsenal so he is readily adaptable to all situations.

    As examples of Master of Several Trades, I’d like to present Itachi, Jiraiya.

    Itachi was a master of the sharingan and it’s Mangekyou-derived ninjutsu (most of his clan can’t perform those), genjutsu (even not related to his sharingan), kanton jutsu, kage bunshin and taijutsu (calling to mind his use of deception and kage bunshin). Let’s also not forget he had Suiton jutsu though we don’t know to what degree his mastery was over it.

    Jiraiya was a master of senjutsu, the summoning techinque (which he used in great variety), kanton jutsu, rasengan, and most importantly his hair jutsu! err. wild lion’s mane technique. He also knew some Earth Release Techniques.

    Nagato could’ve been a Master of ALL Trades so he is a bit of a tough cookie in this argument, but thankfully he chose to devise an extremely effective strategy based on the 6 paths techniques making him a Master of Several Trades. Effectively he chose to master the 6 paths technique which are elite level ninjutsu and are very diverse. Also let’s not say only one body can use only one jutsu, cuz that’s not true. Remember, Deva Path can use at least Shinra Tensei, Bansho Tenin, Chibaku Tensei, Shapeshifting Technique, Rain Tiger at Will Technique, anddd Sealing Technique: Illusionary Dragon Nine Consuming Seals. I would probably also consider Nagato a master of Taijutsu (he’s confident enough to send in a Shinra Tensei-less Deva Path to fight both Naruto and Gamabunta)

    I could do more, but I’m running out of steam haha. I would probably put Tobirama and Minato as Master of Several Trades as well. Less is known about them, so I’m making some assumptions, but we know Tobirama was a master of Suiton and Space/Time Ninjutsu and we know Minato was a master of Space/Time Ninjutsu, Rasengan, Summoning Technique (he was able to immediately summon Gamabunta), Taijutsu (virtue of is amazing speed and instantaneous reflexes), as well as several sealing techniques including Dead Demon Consuming Seal.
    For both Minato and Tobirama, I’d say they knew several diverse techniques (they probably know more than shown in the manga) and are masters of them at the same time, making them Masters of Several Trades.

    can’t.. keep… typing..

  48. Well said, urbanvolcano87. Well said.

  49. @urbanvolcano87: Couldn’t agree more. Just did my dirty work. Nicely put.

  50. Lol, how did we get from debating Ino and Tenten to discussing the merits of the greatest ninjas in the Narutoverse?

    Actually, that’s it. I call it a tie. Ino and Tenten are so worthless, they can’t keep their own debate centered on themselves. They’re officially equals. XD

  51. @dark it officially ended when tenrai said this “I think everyone pwns Ino. If there was a vote for the weakest shinobi in Naruto, it would probably be her.”



    Nagato: I’m siiiinging in the raiiin, just siiinging in the rain!

    CAPTION: Musicals suck… even if you add ninjas!


    So Madara can use Izanagi… why’d he seem so curious about it during Danzou fight, then? And he has both Senju and Uchiha blood? How the heck did THAT happen?


    Yahiko: Ok, you ask “why are we fighting for a flooded, rain-soaked hellhole?” Haven’t any of you seen “The Warriors”?

    CAPTION: The Warriors also had ridiculous outfits and fought for a worthless piece of land (Coney Island)

    how could Nagato got rinnegan? he was Uzumaki (genjutsu type?) and than maybe eye transplants? how Madara could steal firsts power? I think Madara wants to make Sasugay the 4th Rikudo (after him and Nagato) through stealing Narutos power… this is starting to go crazy πŸ™‚

    i think Itachi gave Naruto some of his eye power to make him rikudo- whe Iatachi was fighiting Sasuke one of his eye started going blind much earlier than other…

    So, Madara is just Madara after all. It’s good to finally see his full face. Only question is, why the secrecy and duplicity about his identity.

    soooo, after all, i was right!
    my theory is now confirmed: nagato was an uzumaki, he was from narutos family. madara is truly strange, after all, theres something suspicious there, i just wait until this chapter is out. itll be thrilling!!!

    ah and remember: i predicted nagato being an uzumaki πŸ˜‰

  60. Spoiler Alert:
    I knew it was too good to be true Madara with his SharinHAX KArma Houdini Boring invincible villian complete monster vs a female (whom Kishi has shown time and time again to be a sexist and is known to be the victim of the Worf effect)

  61. @You πŸ™‚
    I opened my email and noticed so many mails, I thought Ill read the last and see whats going on Boom… my eyes scanned and recorded the spoiler I said Damn under my breath and came to say something about spoilers, and that its better to wait or read spoilers your self. Im preety sure if you want a spoiler you look it up your self.

    Coming to complain I scroll down and there are 4 spoilers and I tried to resist but caught another Im just focusing on typing my complaint but I understand Im just Pissed that I wait patiently for the face of Madara and you have to throw out who he actually is… Maybe Im wrong and shouldnt be angry but why the Fuck not. Im really hoping that your wrong I should just wait for the realease and happily accept what ever comes.

    For example I know Naruto isnt Rikudo or anything but If I saw a spoiler that said he was and it was 100% confirmed I wouldnt say shit I would let you be surprised by it.

    Anyway Im at a stage in my life were im finally learning to truly Tolerate people for who they really are good or bad, Im truly not angry just upset that you couldnt wait a day.

    Or Maybe say SPOILER ALERT

    Do a few spaces like so and Post so I know its spoiler when opening Email but then thats to much respect for the average person for to truly consider, or better yet if someone posts a spoiler dont feel the urge to post multitudes of the same spoilers its just so ignorant and stupid you have google if you dont understand learn yourself or do your own research.

    This isnt a Rant its a Testament.

  62. I think Tenten also would have likely been able to lay traps on the fly if she took pointers from Shikamaru.

    Also, tentens in Japanese are what you use to make a sound heavier than it actually is. So for instance, ‘ta’ with a tenten would become, ‘da.’

    ha becomes ba, ka becomes ga.

  63. Sorry for double post, but I liked this too. XD β€œIs TenTen technically even a ninja? She has no family background, she only knows how to summon play toys, and her kekkei genkai is the ability to have two numbers in her name.”

  64. Bubble: Don’t stay to long you say. Why it’s not like anyone has gotten sick before.
    Caption: Fridge Logic don’t even try to comprehend it.

  65. Bubblition Contest:
    Konan(on a previous unseen panel): What are you gonna do now, Yahiko?

    Yahiko: Whatever I feel like I wanna do. Gosh!

    Caption: At last, Yahiko had his Napoleon Dynamite moment.

  66. Bubble:

    My bubble is a snowman.


  67. Bubblition:

    double bubble..


  68. Since we’re in bubble shapes

    Bubble: My bubble is like Gaara’s gourde..

    Caption: Instead of sand, it stores water.

  69. *gourd* rather..hehe

  70. Bubble, first ever.

    Bubble: God, dose Nagato really have a sharingan like Pickels said??
    Caption: Pickles, the man who can change the manga…….

    pickles!!!!!! dont forget my name in your next breakdown when you write that the great german sausage already made the theory of nagato being an uzumaki πŸ™‚

  72. new chapter is out!

  73. 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

  74. I’m so sad. Awesome chapter though.

  75. WTF!? nagato was an uzumaki??

  76. Poor Konan.:( A sad chapter.
    But it will be awesome in the anime verson. I grew fond of Ame orphans. All three of them ends up in such a sad time. All of then want to change world to be a better place and in the end, they all die…. but with a hope in better tomorrow.

    Back to chapter. So we learn two things. Madara has two eyes, and Nagato is an Uzumaki.
    Uzumaki clan have such a bad luck. Same as Uchiha clan. Sorrow, death and pain in both clans…..

    I love the idea that Nagato is an Uzumaki. That gives us hope that one day, Naruto may have rinnegan too. And it’s nice to know how strong ninjas were actualy members of that clan.

  77. And yes…spoiler picture was FAKE!
    Back to Obito – Madara theory. πŸ˜€

  78. So Madara has two sharingan eyes. But he keeps one covered up much like Kakashi covers his up. And was that a shadow covering Madara’s other eye or was it a black eye or something?

  79. damn i am getting a bad feeling that the manga will soon turn into a direction where villains look like butterflies …

  80. i mean cmon create stuff through imagination then why did the sage even bother making monsters when he could have just made a bunch of cookies instead? i think the guy was evil!

  81. Poor Konan 😦 That was a hardcore beatdown…and on a girl 😦

    So MY theory was right. I knew the Bijuus weren’t just chakra.

  82. Well at least that explains why Naruto has a “so full of life chakra”.
    He has achieved the sage’s yang power by conquering and obtaining the power of the kyuubi.
    Now we’ll see if sasuke’s gonna have the power to turn imagination into reality with his new EMS.

    I’m also thinking Madara only uses the second eye every time he needs to use Izanagi, and after he uses it he would exchange it with the ones he has in the gars, because now he already lost the light in his second eye.

    But what exactly was Konan gonna do with the rainbow tech, what was that all about? And why did the rain stop.

  83. @eugen: konan was trying to use destructo disk.

    honestly, i did not like the chapter…i was hoping madara was hiding more then just another eye…and the fact he used izanagi is just so lame… and poor konan, just when i was starting to like her.

    i bet the place where nagato and yahiko were hidden is going to be important in the future…i can just feel it!

    madara says that the rinnegan is the third path, while senju and uchiha are the other two…what do you guys think the other paths are???

    ps-the spoiler screwed up a lot this week…the strange madara pic and the fact that madara says that he’s the second rikudo while nagato is the third…

  84. oh, and one more thing: i don’t think that the sage had rinnegan, at least not after become a jinchuuriki…look at the pic

  85. so madara use the “yin” powers because he has both clans power…so that means naruto is using the “yang” powers to breathe life but would that be thanks to itachi? and if it’s true did itachi knew about this all along? @ truepain maybe all bijuu, juubi body and a sealing technique

  86. I object to this chapter. Every Akatsuki member died after their chests were exposed. I haven’t seen Konan’s chest yet! Kishi stole from us!

  87. @Truepain: looks like the rinnegan to me. As for the paths Madara’s mentioning, I think it refers to clans descended directly from Rikudousennin: Uchiha (ultimate genjutsu), Senju (ultimate ninjutsu), Uzumaki (ultimate sealing/summoning), perhaps Hyuuga (ultimate taijutsu) and two others (senjutsu and control of life/death??).

  88. Soo…Madara has the power to turn his imagination into a reality? I thought his power was broken enough but this is just ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as 600 Billion Explosive Tags!!! Anyway, maybe that’s why he has all those Uchiha eyes, to use Izanagi and just replace the eye that closes forever. I don’t know if he even lost his eye after using the technique though.

    Alright, so Nagato was an Uzumaki. Madara fought and lost on purpose to Hashirama and in the process somehow gained the powers of Hashirama’s Senju bloodline. Madara can only become intangible for up to 5 minutes. Konan is just another female support. A bridge I think she put it. Why have dreams for yourself when you can aspire to be a bridge of support for someone else? -_- Madara has a sharingan in both eyes.

    [All Of The Following Links Open In A New Window]

    Now here’s something interesting. Yin/Yang elemental power (is that the 6th element Nagato possessed? Sure)…

    Was used by the Rikudou Senin to create the other 9 Bijuu (using the Juubi’s chakra).

    So is Kishi giving us hints to how the Yin-Yang powers he was talking about chapters ago works?

    The Yin/Yang elemental power when combined with the 10 tails chakra was able to create other Bijuu. I guess with just using your own chakra you can use the Yin/Yang elemental power to…stretch your shadow, grow bigger, put people under illusions, and heal people. Kishi has a hell of a lot of explaining to do.

    P.S. 600 BILLION!?!? WTF!?!?!

  89. So did Konan really just sit around counting explosive tags all week. Those are a helluva lot of bombs. :/

  90. Madara said most of them were exploding tags so let’s be generous and take away…10 billion (that’s a hell of a lot) exploding tags. Alright, now she has to prepare 590 billion exploding tags. Let’s say it took her…20 years to prepare those exploding tags.

    29,500,000,000 exploding tags per year.

    2,458,333,333 exploding tags per month

    81,944,444 exploding tags per day

    3,414,351 exploding tags per hour

    56,905 exploding tags per second

    All over the course of 20 years. Konan was a very busy woman. This is a hypothetical situation of course because she didn’t even know Madara for 20 years! Remember she setup all of this for Madara while she was working in Akatsuki so…good Lord I don’t know how much Red Bull she was downing just to get all of this done.

  91. I think Madara plans to use Izanagi, his imagination into reality, in order to re-establish the 9 beasts’ uniformity, so that it is the tenth beast again.

    Remember how the Gedo Mazo statue or whatever has its eyes open after each bijuu is absorbed? Perhaps that amount of chakra needs to be absorbed first or something?

    Also, at someone else’s question, the beasts were made because apparently the original sage felt that the power was too much for anyone to control, so perhaps he used his remaining power in order to use Izanagi in order to cut the beast into portions?

  92. Sorry for double comment, but by the way, I get the feeling that tenth bijuu power = 9!. A.K.A. 9 factorial.

    1x2x3x4x5x6x7x8x9 Or was it plus? I’m not certain.

  93. Uhh…anybody else notice that in the new chapter that Madara said that Nagato was part of the Uzumaki clan?

    Check that out!

  94. there was a lot of info in this chapter.. but that 600billion exploding tags didnt seem like it did anything.. even in the panels themselves.. i didnt even see anything that resembled an explosion that last 10 minutes of exploding tags..

    i never saw Nagato as an Uzumaki ever.. that was so out there i think it took everyone by surprise..

    im kinda lost for words after this chapter.. as so many new stuff happened that everyone had expectations for..

    tobi obito.. that theory is finally dead..

    i am also wondering why, Madara’s hidden eye was kept hidden for so long?? did anyone else feel like the story was going somewhere else as the mystery that surrounded it with the hype was leading somewhere else.. somewwhere with a stronger meaning..

    all to just see he [as an uchiha] has 2 sharingans.. well wasnt that expected.. considering he and his brother were the first Uchihas to unlock the Sharingans..


    meh.. great chapter but the reverb is not what we all were reading the last 10 years..

    so far we only know of 2 Uzumaki’s with red hair.. Kushina and Nagato.. but Madara made a point to say it was their clans heritage or something like that.. but Karin who has red hair is from the village of Grass.. if i remember correctly.. and she was like the only other red head..


  95. omfg last chapter was awesome!

  96. Wow, Spill7, you didn’t even skim anything. And ninjas often use masks to hide their identity anyways. Maybe Madara used one because of why Kakashi might use his mask, because he doesn’t want people to see his face and what he’s done, to be obscured by darkness and mystery.

    Also, it is kind of expected that Nagato would end up being an Uzumaki, and perhaps Karin is too, seeing as the descendants were spread all over the world.

  97. Sorry for double post again, but someone’s post reminded me as I was reading up a little.

    I get the feeling that Uchiha is a descendant from Hyuuga because you remember how it’s stated that genjutsu is the use of chakra to divert and manipulate chakra network inside a person’s body or whatever? Well, the Hyuugas probably originally used their sight in order to use the gentle fist technique, but it’s likely that the mutation came as a result from using genjutsu, A.K.A. (probably) darkness.

    I think shadow technique is likely a mixing of dark and light chakra as well, but a lower version of it. More light than dark chakra is probably used, due to the fact you have to manipulate it physically after giving it life.

    Mind altering, etc. probably uses more dark chakra than light chakra. Due to the fact that most of this is mental, but it affects physically, rather than just putting the person into a seemingly blank state like genjutsu tends to do.

    If no one reads any of my longwinded comments (again?) I’m going to be a little sort of pissed.

  98. Effing sorry, but the paper technique is probably a combination of light and dark chakras as well. Probably similar to the shadow technique.

    Also, I can see Konan having made that many tags over an amount of years, especially considering she probably had a ton of time on her hands. Akatsuki is supposed to be considered nightmarish to begin with, and considering there are techniques such as tajuu kage bunshin no jutsu, I highly doubt it took that long…? Especially considering chakra can apparently last as long as possible, perhaps?

  99. @ holydemonandy –

    i dont know what you mean “you didn’t even skim anything”

    also i wasnt refering to the world of ninjas having masks.. i was discussing towards madara showing his face only to a select few and not to us the viewer.. i was wondering why it was held on such a mystery when the manga cleary states madara is madara..

    i was never one to believe he was anyone else..

    it is just the fact that us the viewer were kept at a distance from it and in the end madara is madara as was always..

    also i dont not believe that karin is from the uzumaki clan as it states she is from the village of grass, this was shown when sasuke was killing her and she had her flashback to it..

    also i dont see how previous to this chapter that you can claim nagato was uzumaki..
    on every forum everywhere this was so out there that it shocked everyone..

    so i feel you are just playing on the fact the chapter of today states it and you claim it was your original theory..

    i would like to see where you mentioned this in the past.. otherwise i just dont see how you could have came up with it..


  100. my thoughts on chapter besides it was awesome..

    RIP Konan – You were a cool character. I feel especially bad for her because she had nothing and no one. I mean she pretty much died alone, but if she found solace in acting as a support for Naruto then good for her. I just wanted her to be happy in the end haha, but I guess that’s too much to ask for any of the Ame orphans. Here’s holding out a bit of hope that she somehow survived even though it is highly unlikely. Also, Kudos to her for figuring out Madara’s space/time techniques weaknesses!

    600 billion explosive tags??? I think Kishi might have overindulged here haha. To add onto Supertrek’s math (although mine is much easier lol), Konan says she prepared 600 billion tags to provide a continuous stream of explosions for 10 minutes. That’s 60 billion explosions per minute and 1 billion tags per second… 1 billion tags per second?? Overkill much? lol

    Oh great, Madara has even more eye hax.

    I agree with ursamajour, I think the paths are clans descended (so far Uchiha, Senju and Uzumaki) directly from the Sage, although I’m curious as to how that fits in with Nagato’s 6 paths, if it does. Also, Madara speaks of how Izanagi was the combination of just Uchiha and Senju powers. I’m wondering why you just need 2 of the 6 other paths’ for Izanagi or if it’s because Uchiha and Senju are the two primary paths.

    So who thinks Izanagi is how Madara survived the Amaterasu attack Itachi planted in Sasuke?

    I really wish I could just grab Nagato and tell him to read that whole stone tablet in the Uchiha basement to me.

    Anyone notice how many cool characters have died? Kishi!! Why save Choza, resurrect Shizune, revive Tsunade, and leave that worthless Rookie Nine untouched, but kill Jiraiya, Itachi, Deidara, Nagato and Konan?! DAMN YOUUU!! Minato was awesomeness so Kishi made sure he killed him off before the manga even started lol. Watch out guys, Kakashi doesn’t have much longer.

  101. oh and one last thought, although Madara has supreme confidence and arrogance in his evil plan, the end of the chapter shows how unsettled he still is by Nagato’s betrayal.

  102. remember Madara said that the Izanagi will cost the eye losing the light permanently.. his left eye here is still open.. you can see in here while he’s saying that it’ll cost the light to permanently lose that the left eye is starting to close..

    his left eye here was closed already…so that means his left eye closed already and why all along he uses mask(except to conceal his identity).

  103. UrbanVolcano87: I like you, you make sense to me. I think Madara was surprised that Nagato actually found Peace in death and this Unsettled him. Though Madara and this new revelation reveals Rikudo’s True Power level it makes Naruto all the more Fun Again.

    So Bloodlines and the greatest of them are paths, I feel so inclined to Believe now that we’ll see Konoha 9 in Action. To me and I want your Opinion who is the 4th Path out of Hinata and Neji or even Hanibel. Byakugan is a Path but I wouldnt have any Idea about the other 2.

  104. Well, I guess we know why Naruto looks like the sage of the six paths in body now, whenever he uses the Kyuubi’s Yang chakra.

    “By administering vitality and physical energy which forms the basis of yang power, he would breathe life into that form.”

    So Naruto essentially has half of the Sage’s power in the form of his body and vitality, due both to his blood as an Uzumaki, who are related to the Senju, and due to the yang power of the Kyuubi, which makes up the basis of that same power. That is why Yamato commented on the life force his power emitted and how his mokuton reacted to it. The only thing he doesn’t have to be a complete Sage like Nagato was and Madara apparently claims to be, is the yin powers, which obviously make up the power of the Sharingan and the Uchiha.

    Now we know that Nagato was an Uzumaki which means he inherited the vitality and physical energy of the Sages as well and I believe that Madara gave him the powers of his own eye technique to complete the other half of that power in the form of yin.

    Yin and Yang combined together created the Rinnegan and gave Nagato the full power of the Sage of the Six Paths.

    It also makes me believe that this same power is exactly what Itachi foresaw in Naruto as well and it may be exactly why he transferred some of his own power to Naruto. Naruto, like Nagato was, is an Uzumaki and Itachi, by giving him his own power, might be filling the same role Madara may have fulfilled for Nagato. If Naruto manages to access that power, he may become a new Sage of the Six Paths by completing both halves.

    If the power of the Izinagi can make dreams become reality, then Naruto’s dream of peace may not be unreachable after all. I also still believe that the Uzumaki may be more closely related to the sage’s youngest son than the Senju are, because they show more of those traits in the form of vitality and physical energy. Why else would Madara use Nagato instead of a Senju as his way to create the rinnegan?

    One last thing, I also believe that Madara’s form of the Izinagi and as a Sage of the Six Paths, is still also incomplete as well, because it looked like he was losing sight in his left eye after he used it. This may be why he needs the Bijuu, because they seem to be a necessity when it comes to assuming the complete form of a sage. That may be why Naruto appeared to look like the Sage after gaining control of the Kyuubi, because the Kyuubi is essentially the closest thing you will get to the Juubi. It may also be what Madara was talking about when he mentioned needing the bijuu to become “complete”.

    Wow, all this is gonna make my brain implode. T__T

  105. New theory! Madaras actually kakashi from the future! He loves to hide is face and his left eye is stronger than the right. And you will never see his jaw! Hahah πŸ˜€

  106. hmm…you know, I’d normally say shadow clone can do things very quickly, but the highest number was supposedly 1000. Lets see here…600,000 tags/second divided by 1000 = 600 tags /second/clone.

    Yeah, This is my bored, realistic calculation for an avid 20 years of doing this every day. probably a generous 8 hours a day, and at a tolerable, singular productive rate. (she’s not a big shadow clone user) She’s good at controlling paper, right? Multiple pieces at a time, right? Let’s graciously assume she could make…20/second.

    20 (tags) X 3600 (60secs^2) X 8 (hours) X 365.25 (days w/ leap year factored) X 20 (frickin’ years) = 4,207,680,000. (find years that we’re trying to achieve here) = *drumroll* 6.66 years of repeated, 20 blast/sec rape-age. Hey, can we officially call this the strongest jutsu yet, or beat around the Konan’s bush here. And don’t answer, I don’t want to know where your minds went there.

    Basically, Kishi is facepalming here. We’re all so damn literal sometimes, and he was asking for it there. In a nut shell, getting a grudge form Konan = attack now, because that grudge will build into you being fucked.

    Nagato = Uzamaki? WTF! Okay I’m over it. No but seriously, what a mind F*&#. Uzamaki = Red hair? Way to not even take into account the character that the ENTIRE series is based on lol.

    Not sure about this chapter, but I think after thinking my self thoughtless, I thought it was good…And then there was Bleach…*sigh*

    (If you liked this novel, please send your fan mail to ***DATA CORRUPTED***)

  107. Well, my comment was cut off on the necessary portion of my concept, so I’ll throw it in here, other wise, I’d look even more insane:

    Now, 4,207,680,000/10 minutes? NOOOO! Think of the very middle of a Rubix cube (3x3x3). That’s Madara. Now, how many cubes are there? 26. The cubes = very high, absolute maximum amount of explosives needed per second to surround a foe. Let’s bring that # down to 20 per second…hmm…that’s the rate the tags were made! So, in a reasonable application, and a shit ton of chakra, and adjust for the 16 hours down time in the original equation…so, really just need to do 8 hr/24 hr (only diff in equations, hours cancel, which is 1/3) X 20yrs->(to find years that we’re trying to achieve here) = *drumroll* 6.66 years of repeated, 20 blast/sec rape-age. Hey, can we officially call this the strongest jutsu yet, or beat around the Konan’s bush here. And don’t answer, I don’t want to know where your minds went there.

    Basically, Kishi is facepalming here. We’re all so damn literal sometimes, and he was asking for it there. In a nut shell, getting a grudge form Konan = attack now, because that grudge will build into you being fucked.

    Nagato = Uzamaki? WTF! Okay I’m over it. No but seriously, what a mind F*&#. Uzamaki = Red hair? Way to not even take into account the character that the ENTIRE series is based on lol.

    Not sure about this chapter, but I think after thinking my self thoughtless, I thought it was good…And then there was Bleach…*sigh*

    (If you liked this novel, please send your fan mail to ***DATA CORRUPTED***)

  108. Yes I did it i finally made a sale in a manga.

  109. and dont forget, i predicted it that nagato is an uzumaki πŸ˜‰
    maybe even my theory of the eternal izanagi will come true xD
    but my 2 questions are:
    1. who the hell is in that coffin???
    2. what is THAT jutsu naruto has to learn??? if izanagi is the ultimate jutsu if an uchiha gets senju blood, whats the ultimate jutsu a senju/uzumaki will get if he gets uchiha blood?? (itachis gift?)

  110. While I was watching english anime I had a thought. Anyone else think that Sasori might be distantly related to the Uzumakis?

    Also, just because Karin grew up in a different country, doesn’t mean her parents weren’t refugees from the whirlpool country.

  111. nice breakdown 1010.. i very much agree with your theory of Itachi and giving the power to Naruto.. after i read your comment it really flowed together and made sense..amongst Kishi’s chaos ..


  112. well, now it gets confusing -_-
    everywhere a redhead pops out u say hes uzumaki? Oo
    well i made the point of nagato being an uzumaki not only cuz of his hair colour, but of his abilities: HUGE chakras, GEDO MAZO sealing, his character and story were kinda uzumakish O_O
    and i thought: naruto uses kage bunshin, nagato used 6 paths, tha was kinda similar, the hair colour was only the cherry on the cake πŸ™‚
    but according to the abilities, well karin… ahm she has somekinda weird chakra, is a great sensor and can heal very great. sasori had great chakras and abilities too, but i dont exactly say: HEY THEYRE REDHEADED, THEY MUST BE UZUMAKI!!!!
    but its possible somehow.
    i already made up this theory when naruto fought kyuubi, supertrek may remember it, cuz he answered that my theory was interesting.

  113. I know everyone’s saying that Konan must be dead, but I completely disagree with them for the following reasons.

    First: Konan was using a jutsu, probably a very strong one. but she was interrupted by Madara who seemingly “killed her”. Didn’t that same thing happen with Kisame?

    Look at the similarities. Both interrupted, both looked like they were killed.

    Second: Konan said she was almost out of chakra after she used her explosive paper jutsu, yet she tried to use a killing technique to finish Madara.

    Konan also said “It doesn’t matter if I’m scattered to the wind, I will stop you”. “Scattered to the wind” means that she was going to turn into paper and might have lost control of her body (or died), thus allowing the wind to blow her away after she used that last technique.

    She wasn’t able to finish it because Madara choked her. He probably didn’t even wait and see if she really died, just like Pain did with Hinata.
    “Time to go”, but Hinata stops him.
    He stabs her and Naruto transforms. He doesn’t have time to check if she’s still alive because he has to defeat Naruto.

    I don’t think Madara strangled Konan as carefully as he would have if he was unscathed. He didn’t have time to see if Konan was dead because he was in a hurry to get the Rinnegan. He was also heavily damaged.

    Third reason: We only see Konan’s eyes closing. We assume she’s dead. Lots of people believed Obito was still alive after we saw him being crushed and closing his eyes (like Konan did), so Konan could be alive too.
    I think she escaped towards the village by turning into paper. A few Rain Nin found her and brought her to a medic-nin so they could save her life. After she’s completely healed she searches for Naruto to be “a pillar to sustain his bridge”.
    Or maybe she’ll be blown directly to the Leaf Village (almost impossible, I know) where Tsunade heals her. Even though she’ll think Konan’s from Akatsuki, I don’t think that Tsunade’s the type of person that would kill a heavily damaged person, even if they’re an enemy.

    These are the reasons why I think Konan is still alive. I’d like to know what other people think, if they agree or disagree with me.

    Lol, I’m finally done ranting.

  114. Hey, is that Samehada on SO6P’s back? it possible SO6P created that sword… as a strange experiment..?

  115. After reading through all of your posts since the new chapter I came to the conclusion that Kishi made another error.

    At the Sasuke vs Danzou fight Madara said that Izanagi was a tech forbiden to the Uchiha, but what uchiha could even perform Izanagi when only a fusion of Senjuu and Uchiha blood could do it.

    Basically only the sage of six paths could do it and no one else.
    Until Madara supposedly stole Hashiramas power, so how could someone even know about it and how it worked without the SO6P being there to show them.

    Other than that the chapter was great, I’m guessing we’ll get to see Sasuke’s new eyes pretty soon now.

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