Bleach 419 – Deicide Beyond Reason

Pickles gets money for mentioning Pokémon, Tenrai sells human body parts on the black market and Superdude directs "adult-friendly entertainment". I get money from making shameless plugs for Taco Aizen. Am I a sell out? I sure am T_T

Heeeellloooo WRA! I have bad news.

*goes into  a flashback*

Flashback Narrator: “Previously on Kisu’s Bleach Breakdown.”

“*Kisu returns and shoots Itab in the head*”

*flashback ends*

Yeah, apparently breaking out of an insane asylum, killing all the doctors and burning the building down to the ground only to return and kill a stalker was “against the law”. I blame those stupid treehugging hippies. What does all this mean? Simple, No more early Breakdowns because I have to do community service *mumbles about Kanton always getting away with assault*. Aaaanyhoo, welcome to Bleach 419.

What can I say about this chapter other than “IN YOUR FACES! KISU WAS RIGHT FOR ONCE!”? At this point Aizen is going the way of Cell. Cell had 6 forms in total, Aizen has 5 now, and its pretty obvious the Final Getsuga won’t kill the big Bad with only one hit, so its very likely Aizen will transform one final time.

The chapter started with Aizen teleporting in disbelief that Ichigo had miraculously grown so powerful (never underestimate the power of plotkai Aizen). He was dumbfounded by how a simple human could stand on equal ground with him, let alone be stronger than him.

Well...Ichigo kinda has more fangirls than you...especially after the whole Butterflaizen thing >_>

Ichigo adds insult to injury by giving Aizen a Hannibal Lecture. This had a profound effect on Aizen (just imagine Naruto being killed by a Rasengan and you’d get how Aizen felt) and made him snap. He yelled to Ichigo that a human should not be so arrogant while facing him. The Hogyouku then reacted to Aizen’s rage and forced another evolution (*sarcastic tone* such a refreshing concept that’s never been done before). Aizen’s new form is just…wow.

Remember those fangirls you lost, well yeah, you don't have any now >_>

Kyouka Suigetsu isn’t fused to his right hand anymore, now it is his right hand, and his butterfly wings have turned into creatures reminiscent of the worm-like creature Hollow Ichigo used in episode 233 (Kubo is taking ideas from fillers now?). He gains a mask as well as three Hollow holes.

Interwebz chatz r b-yond rezonz lolz

With all this new power flowing through his godly veins, Aizen attacks Ichigo and creates a massive crater with his cer- err…I mean with his energy attack. He’s a god, not a hollow after all. However, Ichigo blocks it with his left hand and is quickly captured in what can only be described as a Japanese schoolgirl’s worst nightmare come true:

Ichigo looks delighted at the thought (*pukes after thinking about it*). Somewhere a fangirl squeals as they start drawing

Aizen tells Ichigo that due to him losing his mask, he has regressed back to being simply a Shinigami and says he’ll be destroyed by one who has transcended to something greater. Ichigo interrupts with just 1 word “Finished…?”. He then says its time to use his Final Getsuga Tensho.

Kisu’s thoughts:

1. The whole powering up thing seems wrong. Back when Aizen was a Shinigami, his Raikoho (a mere level 63 Hado) was powerful enough to dwarf the buildings in the area, but his attack this chapter barely made a crater that size. Then when Aizen had come out of the Chrysalis Form, merely touching him was bad for your health. But ever since he evolved past his first evolution, he really seems weaker (thought it could be that Ichigo is so strong he makes Aizen look weak), and with each evolution he looks more and more like a Hollow. So could it be that transforming is actually weakening him (this happened with Buu, every time he transformed he became less dangerous)?

2. The Hogyouku acted on its own and transformed aizen, so does this mean he doesn’t hav as much supremacy as he thinks he does?

3. I’m really sick of Ichigo and this new-found cockiness of his.

You know what this breakdown needs? A Kubo Tite.

“So, there I was being Kubo at an anime convention. Two hot cosplayers were hitting on me. One was dressed like Hinata from some manga not as popular as Bleach, and the other was dressed as Orihime, she even had the boobs. Now I know you may think its sick that I think my creation is hot, but hey, we all have our kinks.

Anyway, I brought them to my hotel room and they used Yammy’s Gonzui technique to try to suck out my soul. So I increased my Reiatsu and I got hard as a result. Because my Reiatsu shot up, my Zanpakuto grew a few inches. I shoved my Zapakuto into the girls and pulled it out then I Bankai’d all over them. The next morning I sneaked out through the window. I love my life!” – lol dirty humor at its finest 😉

By the way, did anyone else feel cheated by this chapter? When I started getting in to it I was already on page 19 lolz. Anyway, I really don’t like how Tite is handling Aizen’s character. He’s just a screaming lunatic now and has forgotten that compared to him, Ichigo’s as dumb as a rock, in fact, compared to Aizen, Ichigo’s even dumber than a rock, he’s as dumb as Orihime. All I can say is:


~ by kisuzachi on September 9, 2010.

40 Responses to “Bleach 419 – Deicide Beyond Reason”

  1. Come one, come all, Kisu’s break-down of Bleach is out 😉

  2. Too fast ya gotta slow Down Kizu 🙂

  3. S.E.C.O.N.D. 😀

  4. By the way, on pages 7 and 8 of this chapter I thought the Hogyouku was starting to take control of Aizen’s body and kill him, like I said in a breakdown of the first Deicides (long time ago -_-).

    I think it will stop making him transform soon and decide to possess him, thus killing him. Hogyouaizen will have one final transformation and then Ichigo will kill him.

  5. @kisu: How many transformations did you have to go through to get to tell a dirty story like that?? It might be more accurate to say that you got Supertrek’d instead of Kubo Tite’d. 🙂

  6. @sockarlu, dirty story? I have no idea what you’re talking about. I simply described a battle in a hotel room 🙂

  7. @ Kizu
    I think that the Hougyokus Will is simply a Design put in by Urahara to unleash the full potential of Spiritual Power within certain people, and Aizen has just been the Lab Rat all this time leaving Urahara the True Dark Genius.
    See Ichigos cloak disintergrating I think Ichigo is at the same stage Isshin was when losing his reiatsu, but his Hollow powers will allow him to get his reitsu back by Hollow terms feeding on other Hollow or simply eating the Hougyoku like the Skull Knight eating a Behilet, Aizens Winged eyes remined me of Berserk art design.
    Though thinking about Dragon Ball Frieza this should be Aizens final form or he has one last burst of extreme power which is consumed by Hollow Ichigo or simply destroyed and then Finally Aizen goes to Hell.

  8. @Kizu
    Can you land good chicks at these Conventions? Or Nahhh..

  9. @black: Only in Kisu’s dreams… although those dreams are every guys dream on WRA so yeah….

  10. lol kisu basically all that happened this week was aizen transforming and damaging ichigo. he evened out the playing field somewhat, and you still call it trolling?

  11. @Kisu, Aizen is arrogant by nature. The whole friggen manga, he’s been the arrogant, never wrong dick head. Now, He isn’t strong enough to back up his words. He’s having quite a normal reaction for a villain whose washed up. This transformation is completely different than the last ones. I think this is the one that is gonna stick, or at least he will not change much from. Ichigo is apparently going to be killed off or something along those lines, so shame on him for being a bad ass for once. I’m hungry now…

  12. *reads last weeks breakdown*

    *re-reads edited pic of Aizen with new speech bubble that says “You’re screwed when I transform…again, Ichigo!”*

    *comes back to the present and shoots kisu in the head for jinxing the story*

    Ok, Aizen. That’s enough. You officially have turned this manga into a half assed joked. This was in all honesty the lamest bleach chapter I’ve read. He transformed again!?!? I’m officially boycotting bleach for a whole week…till next weeks release when we finally see Ichigo tear apart that son bitch for good. ^_^

  13. I think this transformation confirmed that Azien is going to die. I mean look at it, he looks completely hollow.

  14. OMG they made Aizen into the Ten Tails beast!?!
    All we need now is for ichigo to use the FGT to seal half of Aizen into himself and the other half into Ishin, cause it’s not plagiarism if it’s done backwards =P

    I still think Aizen will survive, as I don’t think Kubo Tite has any better villains lined up.

  15. woot reading this chapter on a 3.2 inch screen made this chapter look awesomer[sarcasm]

  16. This could possibly be THE worst final battle in manga history. Its sad because Kubo gave everyone else some epic battles.

  17. @Takashid, look at it this way. Captain Aizen was the second most powerful Shinigami, right behind Yamamoto. He knew he wasn’t a god, and also knew his weaknesses. That’s what made him powerful. But now he’s all brute force, so he’s just a generic villain now. No better than the average Power Ranger “monster-of-the-week”. Another transformation only means he’s become even less dangerous. I think Kubo realized he made Captain Aizen too smart, so he went out of his way to make him dumb. Why would he do this? Simple, Ichigo is all brute force, while Captain Aizen had more brute force and was a master at the Xanatos Gambit. So to make things fair for Ichigo, he dumbed down Aizen. And that’s why this fight will put the final nail in the coffin for Bleach (unless something changes).

  18. @Kisu – I agree, this would be the worst victory/battle… fucking Omeada gets a longer battle than the hero? wait! omg! what if Omeada becomes the new main character?

    I hate to say it, but I’m actually hoping for kubo to troll this one

  19. Yes, let’s be realistic. Captain Aizen would have absolutely used his Suigetsu immediately upon seeing Isshin/Uber Ichigo. Then game over, Aizen can achieve his goals without much worry. Gin would have been the ONLY one who knew how to stop him. Instead, “I don’t need that any more, I’ve gotta try my new hax out.”…FAIL! I wish Urahara would have managed to kill him in that BAMF way. That would be funny at least. I’m glad Ichigo is strong, I’m alright with how fast he became strong, I’m not happy Aizen is so fricken stupid now, yet now I just want him to die. Here’s the better question: What becomes of Taco Aizen when he’s defeated?

  20. “What becomes of Taco Aizen when he’s defeated?”

    Doesn’t really matter. I got 11 more payments to get, even if he dies >_>

  21. @ajd: Aizen goes to Hell.

  22. BLASMEPHY!!!!

    AIZEN-sama is god !!!

    god cannot die let alone go to hell , you shall face god’s wrath blackburstboom !!!

    no one can escape AIZEN-SAMA’s wrath @_@

  23. *Part of a conversation between Pein0Avenue and I.*

    tenraisenshi: But Azien has apparently surpassed Shinigami and Hollow.
    tenraisenshi12:56: So what does that make him?
    Avenue0Pein: a Swollow O_O
    tenraisenshi: Lol!

    Just thought you guys would appreciate that. Lol.

  24. YOSH!!! Awesome post Kisu! Lol, the power scale consistency has been out of whack in this manga since the Ichgio vs. Kenpachi fight. Does it makes sense that after…around 5 I think transformation Aizen is getting his ass handed to him by Ichigo? No…so I don’t even try to focus on it. Damn, this chapter wasted to much panel space on reaction shots and nothingness. Kubo went with the typical Bleach chapter. ~_~

    And Ichigo lost all expression and likability~!!! This is Ichgio —–> “I’m bored” -_-

    Hip Hip Hooray, I like you even less now! You’re even more hax than Aizen, and that’s terrible.

  25. wait.. so is Aizen a swallow or a butterfly??? This manga confuses me 😦 lol

  26. @urban

    He swollowed a butterfly. O_o

  27. @Tenrai and pein, LMAO! A Swollow! That’s epic XD! I almost dropped my laptop because I was laughing so hard lol

    @Superdude, to tell the truth, I think the pacing of this chapter was super fast. Lol, like I said in the breakdown, I started to get into it at page 19….only to realize now I’m on page 19 :(. One thing’s for sure, Kubo knows how to make money >_>

    It’s sad when the worst fight in your series is supposed to be the most anticipated moment of that series. This reminds me of the anti-climactic Hulk Hogan vs Kevin Nash fight of the 90s (I wasn’t even 10 then SO IM NOT OLD! >_<)

  28. I really would like to see Aizen go into explanation again about who Ichigo really is because Isshin cut him off before.

  29. Swallow?

    He looks more like a Horigami to me =P


    All of you shall suffer aizen sama’s wrath

  31. That’s Greed’s face almost with Asura third eye
    Plagarism of Soul Eater and FMA ppl

  32. @Kanton, ANOTHER ONE?! Seriously, we have got to start numbering these. Tite should get his own series, you heard of “The Spectacular Spiderman”? Tite’s series would be “The Phenomenal Plagiarizer”

  33. didn’t i show you the secret convo i heard in the last breakdown where tite decided to kill ichigo here [ a plot twist] and introduce a new hero

    -yellow hair
    -eye technique
    -super mode
    -more than one soulslayers hence more than one elemental effinities*

    remember 😉

  34. Hellsing the next victim

  35. with Negima mixed in hair changes color and grows

  36. Also Kisu I’m the weapons arms dealer

  37. new chapter is out

  38. I really liked this last chapter, Bleach’s artwork is just awesome!!! 😀 also Aizen got owned!!!! finally!!!!

    Although this chapter left me with a lot of Q’s what will happen next, will we have some chpaters of non action!!! I mean, there will be no more shinigami stuff for a while right? until Ighigo recovers his powers….
    The thing that pisses me off is that we won’t see the FGT again, cause that would mean no more shinigami powers again!!!! hahaha Why is this happening!!!!! First the Hollowified Ichigo was awesome but we can’t see him anymore, now we have another excellent transformation yet we won’t be able to see it anymore it’s just pure BS!!!!!!

  39. By the way i called it before!!! Aizen couldn’t sense Ichigo’s reiatsu because it was just to damn big, overwhelming, etc…. that it couldn´t be sensed by anyone…..

  40. That’s not even Ichigo anymore. Just die already Aizen and end this arc.

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