Most powerful jutsu competition. Make sure your vote is counted for the best ninjutsu the Naruto world has to offer!

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Hello everyone, it’s Tenrai Senshi here with a new, fun post for you all. I decided that seeing as how it has been a long time since we last had any real competition post, such as the likes of the strongest shinobi in Konoha post featured some time ago, I thought it might be a fun idea to have a similar voting competition, only this time involving our favorite jutsu rather than our favorite characters.

The rules are pretty simple. I am going to give a fairly long list of what I think could be considered amongst the strongest or most useful ninjutsu that exist in the Naruto world, along with what I believe are each of their strengths and weaknesses. From their, you guys vote for what you believe to be the single most effective jutsu among those, carefully considering each one’s individual nuances, and the top ten will feature in a second post after the votes have been tallied.

The only restriction is that the entries being shown are limited to ninjutsu only, while genjutsu and taijutsu are off limits this time around. (Doujutsu like Amatarasu, as well as many kinjutsu, are still considered a form of ninjutsu and will be counted).

Note: Votes aren’t the only way to ensure your favorite choice gets the top spot. Debating is not only welcome, but it is encouraged as well and a convincing argument can easily push one choice above another in rank regardless of the number of votes either has. So get involved and have some fun.

Here are the jutsu I believe are worthy of mention, in no particular order. So, let us begin!

Amaterasu: The undying black flames...


Known as the undying black flames said to come from hell itself, Amaterasu is mentioned to be one of the most powerful ninjutsu in existence. Reaching temperatures as hot as the sun and capable of consuming anything in their path, including other normal flames, it will continue burning non-stop until its victim is reduced to nothing.


– Extreme damage potential.
– Is cast directly through eyesight, meaning no hand seals or preparation is required.
– Flames will appear directly on the area that the eye focuses on, making it an extremely accurate attack that is nearly impossible to avoid.
– Almost no defense can stop it permanently.


– Amatarasu is extremely strenuous for the caster to use, consuming a large amount of chakra and even causing severe damage to the eye, which can result in permanent blindness.
– High risk of collateral damage, due to the consistent and inextinguishable nature of the flames, which will burn for seven days and nights, non-stop, regardless of environmental conditions.
– Can be avoided by effectively obscuring or blocking the user’s line of site.

Chidori/Raikiri: The song of a thousand birds...


Named after the easily recognizable sound it makes while active, Chidori focuses a large amount of lightning-natured chakra into the tip of the users hand, which can then be delivered with an extremely fast, close-ranged, thrusting attack for a massive amounts of damage. The nickname ‘Raikiri’ or ‘lightning blade’ comes from the legend that user Hatake Kakashi was even able to cut a lightning bolt in half using the technique.


– A very fast, powerful and concentrated attack that can penetrate most defenses quite effectively and cause tremendous damage to the target.
– Can be changed to suit different circumstances through varying forms of shape manipulation, making it very versatile in the hands of an expert user.
– The high speed at which the technique is used and the complete absence of collateral damage when used correctly, makes it a very effective, single kill, assassination technique.


– A significantly short-ranged technique that requires the user to close any distance between them and their target as quickly as possible, making it unsuitable for long ranged battles where the target is unreachable.
– Requires the Sharingan to use effectively, due to the extreme speed used while performing the technique and subsequent tunnel vision incurred, which allows for easy counterattacks.

Shiki Fuujin: The harvester of souls...


By invoking the powers of the Shinigami, or Death God, the user can seal their victim’s soul away permanently, resulting in their death regardless of any exceptional physical conditions, such as immortality or an extreme healing factor. However, as a result, the user’s own soul is consumed as well, resulting in a similarly shared fate.


– Because the technique affects the opponent’s soul, and not their physical body, there is no known physical defense that can protect against the Shiki Fuujin.
– If the technique manages to hit its target, their death is almost guaranteed, unless the user lacks the physical strength to maintain the jutsu effectively during extraction.
– Can be used to seal even the most powerful of opponent’s souls away, with only one notable exception so far being the Kyuubi, whose chakra had to be divided in half to seal effectively. However, this was more a limitation of the human body’s ability to contain all of the Bijuu’s chakra rather than any actual limit with regards to the Shiki Fuujin itself.


– The user will die along with their victim regardless of the success or failure of this technique, meaning that it is, essentially, a ‘last resort’ suicide technique.
– Can only be used by non-jinchuuriki.

Hiraishin: The soft flicker of a whispered death...


An original technique created by the Fourth Hokage, Namikaze Minato, the Hiraishin is a space time jutsu that allows the user to instantly teleport over vast distances in the blink of an eye, using a special seal formula or kunai to mark the destined location.


– The technique allows the user to immediately change location in an instant, making it perfect for direct attacks, evasion, reconnaissance or even as an quick escape option.
– Can be used to mark an opponent’s body, allowing the user to appear at their location at any time, regardless of distance, making it useful for tracking purposes and assassinations as well.
– The user can teleport him/herself or anyone/anything else they are touching with the technique, regardless of size or mass, as shown when Minato was even managed to teleport the Kyuubi some many miles away.
– Due to the fact that, theoretically, any location can be marked for teleportation, the Hiraishin can also be used to set up traps in advanced, or to travel long distances to previously marked locations with ease, making it a very versatile and useful jutsu with a wide variety of applications.


– A unique seal formula must be used to mark the location that the user wishes to teleport to, making the technique heavily reliant on special kunai designed specifically for that purpose.
– The user cannot travel to a location that has not been previously marked, limiting the practicality and scope of this jutsu significantly.

The Rasengan: A spiraling tempest of destruction and shining a beacon of hope...


A very powerful, A-rank ninjutsu originally created by the Fourth Hokage, Namikaze Minato, that is formed by focusing a large amount of spinning, concentrated chakra into the palm of the user’s hand, which is then delivered with a sweeping attack for varying amounts of damage, from as little as a concussive blow to disable the opponent, to an earth shattering impact that will tear the target asunder.


– Size of the sphere can be changed to reduce or increase the amount of range and power the technique has, making it very versatile.
– A highly concentrated technique, much like the Chidori, it can effectively penetrate just about any defense with a highly focused attack.
– The Rasengan can be used many times in succession despite its high power output, with little noticeable respite to the user, compared to other techniques of its level.
– No hand seals are required.


– It is very difficult to master, taking up to many years to fine tune the chakra control needed to use this technique effectively. To this day, Naruto still uses a shadow clone to help him create the Rasengan due to the high difficulty of learning.
– Much like the Chidori, it is a very close ranged technique that requires a direct hit to be effective. In a long ranged battle against an opponent that is out of reach, its usefulness is severely dampened.

Edo Tensei: Aka, 'Rent a Crowd no Jutsu...' <_<


A forbidden technique first used by Tobirama Senju and then later by one of the three legendary Sannin, Orochimaru, as well as his apprentice Yakushi Kabuto, Edo Tensei allows the user to resurrect the souls of those who have died by using a sacrificial body as a host vessel. Once summoned, the resurrected individual will assume their original form as they existed in life, including the retention of their memories, personality, abilities and even any Kekkei Genkai they may have possessed.


– Allows the user to summon powerful allies to the battlefield to fight alongside them, the likes of which can even include deceased Kage level shinobi, effectively turning the tide of any battle in their favor and giving them a more diverse spectrum of abilities at their disposal.
– Resurrected souls are immortal and can regenerate any damage sustained near instantaneously, meaning they cannot be ‘killed’ by normal or physical means. The only way to end the jutsu is to remove the soul of the resurrected individual from their vessel, or to, theoretically, kill the user controlling them.


– The amount of resurrected individuals that can be summoned at any given time is limited by the amount of sacrifices used, making this a very costly technique (in human lives) to perform, despite its very high power potential.
– A special tag must be inserted into the resurrected individual’s body for the user to maintain full control, otherwise they will retain their free will.

Susanoo: An unfathomable rage, made a terrible power...


Usable only by pure-blooded Uchiha who have mastered the use of the Mangekyou Sharingan in both eyes, Susanoo encases the user in a powerful, protective shell in the form of a spiritual avatar. Once active, the form of Susanoo will defend the user from any and all attacks, physical or otherwise, as well as provide its host with new and highly destructive forms of attack.


– Provides the user with a near-impenetrable defense that can deflect attacks of exceptional magnitude, including the likes of S-ranked jutsu such as Kirin.
– Susanoo provides the user with multiple new forms of offensive abilities, including mythical weapons of great power which seem to vary from one user to the next.
– Susanoo can move with its user, and has shown quite a lot of versatility when doing so. It can also be used in partial forms for quick attacks or defenses, making it a very practical technique in any battle situation.


– Susanoo appears to cause the user a severe amount of agony while active and is very taxing on their stamina and chakra levels, making prolonged use very detrimental.
– Much like other Mangekyou Sharingan techniques, the use of Susanoo causes severe damage to the user’s eyes and can eventually result in permanent blindness.

Kirin: Vengeance raining down from the heavens, a searing light of justice that burns everything in its wake...


An original technique created by Uchiha Sasuke following his mastery of Chidori, Kirin allows its user to harness the power of nature itself, by drawing out an arc of lightning from an overhead thunder storm in the form of a massive dragon, in order to strike at their foes for devastating effect.


– Because the user is drawing lightning directly from the static electricity found inside a living thunderstorm, no chakra is needed to actually form Kirin, meaning that the only chakra needed for the technique, is for the purposes of controlling and directing the mass of lightning to suit the user’s will.
– The speed at which the technique hits its target is akin to that of a natural lightning strike, meaning that Kirin is virtually impossible to avoid.
– Massive damage area and long attack range.


– Because Kirin uses lightning from a thunderstorm itself, it cannot be performed if weather conditions do not meet its requirements, meaning that the user would have to try and replicate those weather conditions through other means. This makes Kirin a very situational ability.
– Kirin is a one shot ability that takes a lot of time to prepare, which means that if the technique fails to destroy its target, it cannot be performed again in the same battle, unless the necessary conditions are recreated once more.

Shinra Tensei: Heaven's retribution, the vengeance of a pain filled heart...


A jutsu only ever seen being used by the Rinnegan wielding Nagato and his alternate persona, Pein, Shinra Tensei allows its user to push any matter within a certain radius around themselves outwards and away from them, using powerful gravitational forces, with their own bodies acting as the epicenter for the effect.


– The strength of Shinra Tensei can be increased or decreased for varying effects, from as little as a small push to move objects gently away, to a devastating shock wave that can level an entire area a few miles across.
– It can repel even the highest level jutsu, making it equally suitable for both offensive and defensive purposes.
– No hand seals are required and the jutsu can be performed without any body movement from the user whatsoever.
– Only a five second minimum recharge window.


– The more strength used up to perform Shinra Tensei, the higher the recharge time incurred will be, which will leave the user highly vulnerable to a counter-attack.
– High risk of collateral damage.

*Note: I didn’t make the five second recharge window a weakness, because I don’t believe that it is a weakness at all. After all, most techniques take a few seconds just to cast, much less recharge, so it is actually an advantage to have such a high level technique that can be cast so often, so quickly.

Rasenshuriken: The power of a hurricane, in the palm of one's hand...


An original technique created by Uzumaki Naruto during his chakra nature training with his sensei, Hatake Kakashi, Rasenshuriken is an evolved and completed form of the Fourth Hokage’s original Rasengan, whereby wind-natured chakra is added to the techniques effect, tremendously increasing its damage, range and overall power.


– Massive damage potential.
– The technique can be thrown, under the right conditions, making it suitable for long ranged combat.
– Because the damage inflicted by Rasenshuriken is done so at a microscopic level, there is little the victim would be able to do to defend themselves from the attack.
– Even if the victim survives the attack, their entire chakra network will be completely destroyed on a cellular level, making any further chance of battling, or even movement, virtually impossible. It is also theoretically impossible to heal said damage.


– The jutsu can be just as harmful to the user as it is to the enemy, if delivered at point blank range through a physical attack, meaning that throwing the technique is the only safe way to use it without risk.
– The dense, rotating mass of chakra is impossible to throw without a great deal of control and power, making the use of Sage mode, or a similar state, necessary to throw the technique effectively. This means that Rasenshuriken is essentially an incomplete technique without the use of those conditions, much like Chidori is incomplete without the Sharingan.

Kamui: A void of darkness that consumes all in its wake...


A powerful Mangekyou Sharingan technique unique to Hatake Kakashi, Kamui allows the user to focus their gaze on a specific and concentrated area in order to create a rift at that location, which will absorb anything caught within it into another dimension.


– Much like Amatarasu, Kamui is aimed by focusing one’s gaze upon the desired target area, meaning that it is near impossible to avoid by normal means, while hand seals are also unnecessary for activation.
– Kamui can absorb anything it comes into contact with, including other jutsu, making it equally suitable for attack and defense and very difficult to protect against.
– A concentrated attack with little risk of collateral damage.


– Despite being cast through eyesight, Kamui is a very difficult technique to learn to aim with properly, compared to other similarly cast doujutsu.
– Massive chakra drain.
– Like all other Mangekyou Sharingan techniques, Kamui causes damage to the eye that can result in permanent blindness.

Chibaku Tensei: A calamity of ultimate destruction...


A technique that is suggested to have been used by The Sage of the Six Paths to create the moon itself, Chibaku Tensei is an immensely powerful jutsu that allows the user to release a small, overwhelmingly dense black sphere that travels far up into the sky, where its gravitational forces then attract all matter within a large radius up towards it before compressing it into a tightly compacted sphere, leaving the entire surroundings completely devastated, while the earth itself is torn apart from the effect.


– Massive damage area, spanning many miles across.
– Once caught in the gravitational force of the jutsu, it is virtually impossible for the victim to escape.
– Creating your own moon is a fun pastime.


– The ridiculously high chakra consumption needed to maintain this technique makes it impractical to use in most battle situations.
– Excessive collateral damage.
– What goes up, must come down…

Kage Bunshin no jutsu: Aka, 'Create a Crowd no Jutsu'... >_>


A forbidden technique and signature trademark of Uzumaki Naruto, the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu allows the user to replicate their own body multiple times, creating identical clones that share all the original user’s characteristics, including appearance, memory, personality, fighting style, chakra and even the jutsu they are able to use.


– Because the clones created have real bodies, even down to their chakra networks, it is impossible for the opponent to differentiate between the real user and his replicates, even with doujutsu such as the Byuakugan or Sharingan.
– Kage Bunshins can use any jutsu or fighting technique that the original body can, including any effects granted by kekkei genkai, making this a very powerful and effective way to multiply one’s own effectiveness in battle or under any other conditions.
– Any experience or knowledge gained by a Kage Bunshin will be transferred to the original user’s memories once they are dispelled, making this jutsu invaluable for reconnaissance or training as well as an endless amount of other possible applications.


– Because the user’s chakra is split evenly between each body he creates, this technique has a very high stamina drain, making it less practical for those who don’t have massive chakra reserves at their disposal.
– Although knowledge and experience gained by the clones is transferred to the original user when they are dispelled, any fatigue suffered, mental or physical, will also be accumulated as well.

Let the battle for the greatest jutsu begin!!!

Well, there you have it people.

Those are what I consider to be the best jutsu in the Narutoverse that we know of so far. However, there were a few that just missed the list, mostly because there wasn’t enough information about them to make an accurate assessment of their full potential. (One such jutsu would be Tobi’s unnamed space-time jutsu.)

However, if you feel that you know a jutsu that I may have missed, which you believe deserves to be on this list, please mention it in your comments and vote for the option “other” in the upcoming poll. If enough people agree with your choice, or if you make a convincing enough case, your choice may make it into the top ten.

Also, please remember that you are voting for the best overall jutsu, not just the one with the most powerful or damaging effect. So, for example, although Chibaku Tensei clearly does more damage than a Rasengan overall, it also has severe handicaps that the Rasengan may not, such as its extremely high chakra consumption, which means it can be used less often, etc. Weigh up the pros and cons to each jutsu according to your own view of each and then vote for the one you believe is the most effective overall.  Or better yet, give a list of your own top ten in the comments and why you believe they deserve their places.

Good luck everyone!


~ by Tenrai Senshi on September 8, 2010.

122 Responses to “Most powerful jutsu competition. Make sure your vote is counted for the best ninjutsu the Naruto world has to offer!”

  1. F I R S T

  2. F I R S T

    …after Dragon. X_x

  3. Great post Tenrai!

    Edo Tensei could be the perfect jutsu, but only if you summon someone extremely powerful.
    The human sacrifice part isn’t ok with me, so I wouldn’t use it.

    Shiki Fuujin’s price is too great. It isn’t unavoidable and you might sacrifice your life for nothing if you don’t have enough energy left to take your enemy’s soul.

    Amaterasu and Kamui take away too much chakra. If they’re used at the beginning of a battle, then you might have too little energy left to fight and if they’re used at the end of one, you might use up all your chakra and then die. Also, they can be avoided if you’re in constant movement, or if you’re extremely fast.

    Susanoo doesn’t take away only chakra, it also takes away life force to mantain it. If it’s Itachi’s version then it is almost invincible with the Yata Mirror and the Totsuka Sword, but Sasuke’s version can be defeated with a strong jutsu. I think the cons outweigh the pros.

    I wanted to vote Rasenshuriken, but it is just too easy to dodge. You just have to jump and every ninja in Naruto can jump VERY high.

    Kage Bunshin can only be used by someone with great chakra reserves and the clones can be defeated easily.

    Kirin is too situational, like you said Tenrai. If someone is able to block it with a barrier or avoid it, then it can’t be used again.

    Chidori is similar because it can’t be used many times, but it is near-deadly with the Sharingan. If you don’t have it, this jutsu becomes too easy to dodge.

    Chibaku Tensei might get my vote. Nagato has the ability to use it twice (or more) when he has already used large amounts of chakra and it is very powerful. If someone else used it, then it would be weaker.

    Hiraishin, if used by someone at Minato’s level, is a great jutsu. Hitting someone with a Rasengan can almost kill them and you can get close enough in the blink of an eye.

    Shinra Tensei can be used quickly and doesn’t need to be used to destroy a village in a fight between two people, so five seconds is all that you need to recharge. My vote goes to this jutsu.

    It all comes down to who uses the jutsu. If they have as much chakra as Nagato (or a bijuu) then they can use a technique multiple times or for an extended period of time, thus eliminating some Cons.

  4. third: you missed quite a few. For example:
    Imari(Menancing Ball).
    Ryusa Bakuryu (Quicksand waterfall): it can change the landscape
    Kuchiyose: Kirikiri Mai(Quick beheading dance): it did tear down a forest in minutes
    Suiton: Daikon no jutsu (Great shark missile): It absorbs your opponent chakra and gets stronger.
    Jujutsu: Shiji Hyōketsu (Curse Technique: Death Controlling Possessed Blood) Hidan’s tech
    Satesu Kaiho (iron Sand world order): Impossible to dodge spikes and it also traps your opponent.
    C0: An explosion with a Ten mile radius
    C4: Micro bombs that will destroy you every cell.
    Raiton: Yoroi (lightning release Armor): It enhances your reflex, speed, defense and strength tremendously.

    That’s all I have so far

  5. @kanton.

    Some of those I considered, but eventually decided against. However, I didn’t think of Deidara’s C4. @___@

    I may just add that the the post, actually.

    The menacing ball I don’t consider ninjutsu, so much as just a pure chakra blast, otherwise it would have easily been up there.

  6. The shark missile I also considered, but seeing as how we have only heard about what it can do and have never actually seen it in action, or how much damage it could potentially cause, there wasn’t enough info beyond what we would assume its potential is.

    As for Hidan’s jutsu, the downside to that is that you have to be immortal to use it and I doubt there are many people who can claim to be immortal. And either way, it just didn’t feel like something that I would consider to be among the best ninjutsu. If you think otherwise, though, you are welcome to give me your top ten list.

  7. If filler jutsus are permitted, you could count En no Gyōja’s Fury/Spirit Bomb jutsu as one of if not the most powerful in Narutoverse. It has great range capable of leveling an entire village, and spammable with no harm done to the user.

  8. lol awesome post ten

    susano’o for the win


    “while hand seals are also unnecessary for activation.” kamui doesnt need hand seals any more it only did in the start 🙂

    and why did you use sasugay’s image for susano’o [winner >_>] itachi-sama would be betteh >_> <_<

  9. so i’ll say it because kisu hasn’t yet, the one tech that you are missing that fits what you described as the qualification to be the best justu is the replacement tech(any of them not just wood), it is very versatile can be used by any ranking ninja.

  10. @urisas

    There are a lot of versatile techs that I didn’t include here, unless of course I wanted the post to reach 10 000 words. In any case, that is what the comments section is for. 😉

    I am hoping people will add a lot more to this post than I can alone. ^ ^

    Remember what I said guys, the votes are only a guidline to help me choose the winner, but a good list with great reasoning behind it counts for a lot more.

    So even jutsu I didn’t mention are still elligable.

  11. I just thought about some other techniques:

    Since you put in Kage Bunshin, maybe you could briefly talk about the other elemental Bunshins and their advantages over others. For example, Lightning Bunshin: once dispelled it shocks the opponent… and so on. Maybe you could put in “Various Elemental Bunshins”, even though it’s not so important.

    Another jutsu: Kuchiyose no jutsu! It is very important in the series and it has a great variety of summons, from weapons (Tenten… *shudders*) to protective Rashomon to animals.

    Super strength punches and kicks. They have enough blunt force to possibly kill someone in one hit.

    Choji’s super powerful punch technique.

    Kiba and Akamaru’s killer Dual Wolf Fang:

    Kimimaro’s final jutsu.

    I’ll put in more once my Internet starts working again. @_@

  12. My vote went to Hiraishin. It’s just so useful. Can be given to friends or family in case they run into any trouble, the mark can be hidden on important documents/objects in case they get stolen or lost, and they enable the user to get to otherwise inaccessible areas.

  13. I’d say the Rasengan’s short-coming is the LACK of versatility. It can only be in the form of a sphere while the Chidori can become anything from a current to a sword (also Raikiri is a more concentrated Chidori and is a S-rank jutsu).

    Anyway, it was a hard choice between Shinra Tensei and Chibaku Tensei, but I had to go with Shinra. Just thinking about all the dest- all the kindness I can do through that move makes me ecstatic 😀

    Kisu’s thoughts:

    Shadow Clones: nah, too many downsides
    Mangekyous: I’m not gonna live my life as a blind dude
    Chibaku: Yeah making a moon is appealing, but it isn’t practical in every situation
    Kirin: WAAAY too conditional
    Rasenshuriken: too much chakra

    Now i f we’re talking ultimate jutsu, its clearly Shinra Tensei, and if we’re talking the most useful jutsu, then nothing beats a good ol’ Replacement Jutsu 😀


  14. 1 thing I 4got about the chidori is that loud chirping. How can THAT be used for assassination. IF I remember correctly, everyone in the Chunin Exams could hear it being used lol

    Kisu’s Top Twelve:
    1. Shinra Tensei(for obvious reasons)
    3. Lightning Release Armor (because it pounded Sasugay’s emo ass into the ground)
    4. Water Shark Bombs and its variants (the Sharks can sustain themselves and can attack the opponent savagely before exploding)
    5. Water Release: Great Waterfall, or a better name, Water Style: Giant Vortex Jutsu
    6. Rasengan (self-sustaining ball of boom)

    Non-Attack Jutsu:
    7. Replacement Jutsu (its just so damn awesome. If the video games are anything to go by, they take up negligible amounts of chakra, plus the fact that Academy students can use it also means it takes a small amount of chakra)
    8. Summoning Jutsu and its variations (going into battle on your own is a lot more risky than summoning giant animals, or even a group of animals, to help you)
    9. Hidden Mist Jutsu (it creates a mist so thick your opponents cant see you. As long as you know what you’re doing you could just cut the enemy’s head off)
    10. Barriers (whether to just warn you of your enemy’s location or literally keeping them outside, barriers are just awesome)
    11. Shapeshifting Technique (better than simple clones)
    12. Puppet Technique (what better way to fight than by using instruments of death that can let you get a feel of your opponent?)

  15. Awesome post Tenrai! When you told me you put up a new post I was expecting something nice but THIS exceeded all my expectations!

    Hiraishin FTW! I was bouncing back and forward between Shira Tensei and Hiraishin but the 5 second delay compared to Hiraishin’s “no second delay” won me over. It’s just so quick, chakra efficient, deadly, effective, and leet it makes most of the other jutsu look like crude child’s play.

    Plus, we all know Minato would whoop Pein’s ass in a battle. Isn’t that right Kisu? 😉

  16. wat about the hashirama senju MOkUTon!!

  17. @dragon all of those beside the seedling fern are Taijutsu. This is NinJutsu.

  18. @Superdude, you are trifling with forces beyond your mere human comprehension 😡

  19. How could you guys forget, sexy no jutsu or better yet, harem no jutsu! XD

  20. Six Paths is best overall nuff said

  21. @lackofimagination

    The mokuton is a kekkei genkai, not a specific ninjutsu, just like the Sharingan is a kekkei genkai. However, the sharingan allows its user to cast ninjutsu.

    The problem with mokuton, was finding specific jutsu out of it that would fit on this list. I can’t just put mokuton on in general, because that covers a wide range of jutsu, in essense.

  22. @tenrai Jukai Koton = instant forest

  23. Great Post Tenrai! But you forgot A Thousand Years of Death! 😉 I’m sure you’ve considered this, but I’m guessing we’re not counting senjutsu in this one? I would use Sage Mode as the actual ninjutsu.

  24. Alright, my turn. So we’re voting on most effective jutsu here, not most destructive. So to me that means the most powerful jutsu that are also spammable. That brings me to two on that list: Hiraishin and Shinra Tensei. They are far and away my top two, but I think I’m in agreement with Super and Darks. I’m voting for Hiraishin.

    Here’s my top five:
    1. Hiraishin: I’ve always favored high maneuverability, but the real strength of this jutsu is it’s utility and ability to combine with other powerful jutsu (as we saw when a Hiraishin + Rasengan pwned the untouchable Madara). I think the picture you posted says it all, Tenrai, just look at him taking out that entire troop. Btw has anyone thought of how more effective it would be to use kage bunshin in tandem with Hiraishin? Imagine two or three Minato’s flying around via Hiraishin with Rasengans.. Damn.

    2. Shinra Tensei: Awesome power, super spammable. It’s combination of arguably unparalleled offense and defense, added in with the fact the user doesn’t even have to move makes you look like the ultimate badass.

    3. Rasengan: Better than chidori because it causes less drain on the user. Solid attack power, but you can control the amount of power you pump into it.

    4. Sage Mode (If it’s allowed): Again this is great for it’s utility. Naruto went from average to godly by the incorporation of Sage Mode with his Kage Bunshin and Rasengan techniques.

    5. Kage Bunshin: Ultimate jutsu for misdirection. We’ve obviously seen Naruto use it effectively, but in my mind one of the greatest Kage Bunshin users was none other than Itachi.

  25. I would also consider Deidara’s C1 bombs due there spammability, explosive ability and ability to create misdirection. I would just reference Deidara’s fight against Gaara as a case study of the effectiveness of those little guys.

  26. I personally don’t like leaning on trump cards to win a battle, instead I would want an arsenal of effective and reusable jutsu like my list above to continue to work over an opponent until an opening is made.

  27. @urbanvolcano87

    Yeah, I didn’t know if Sage mode could be considered ninjutsu, so much as just an enhanced natural state. Kinda like the 8-gates for Gai and Lee, or the fusion form Kisame has.

    But that is just my view on it. I may not be correct.

    Your list looks good to me. So far it looks like the Hiraishin is taking this one.

  28. Hiraishin hands down it is the most versatile and useful jutsu. I’m a little surprised more people didn’t pick it! Now I do believe there should be an awesomeness category as well…

  29. I still say Shinra Tesei are teh bestes

  30. im with kisu . Shinra tensai takes 1st
    But susan’o takes 2nd and hirashin 3rd

  31. Well, I’m all for Hirashin, Shinra Tensai, Susan’o and said others, but think about it. Could you even imagine even A clone with Shinra Tensai? Effectively independent (possibly) of each other? Or like Urbanvolcano stated, Hirashin? Susan’o? Don’t even get me started on that. All these techniques that are considered “tops” right now are Scarcely compatible with each other. However, if the capability of using shadow clones with these moves existed, dear lord I couldn’t even fathom the awesomeness you could produce. Just adding shadow clones makes it a whole new level.

    Now lets take out the theoretical crap. Shadow clones, as stated, are perfect distractions, as they can do whatever the original can. The physical trauma can’t be too bad, since we’ve seen Naruto’s clones on SEVERAL occasions be absolutely obliterated, yet he doesn’t seem too beat up over it at all. Chakra strain, yes that is a factor for sure. You can effectively study your opponent’s battle tendencies form several angles at the same time, with out truly moving a finger. If you need to track something, and you don’t need to be the most stealthy about it, look no further (Byakugan w/ shadow clones = perfect recon covering massive areas) See Zabuza battle for awesome uses as a low level ninja fighter.

    The about what the other jutsus can offer to better yourself/make life easier. Rasenshuriken could maybe be a quick fix to cut the grass, but…no, the neighbor will just have another reason to hate you then. Shinra tensai wouldn’t be bad for that one guy who pisses you of a lot though. (Several irrelevant thoughts like these coursing through my head right now)

    Yes, I am aware of just how taxing this jutsu can be, and in a few cases in my argument, only large pools of chakra users can use it. However, who said it had to be a battle jutsu? Even If you can only make 1 clone, you can learn/train 2X faster than before. Imagine you need to read a 100 page book containing some sort of information. Make 10 clones, each reads 10 pages, and that’s that. (Though I could foresee someone like Naruto doing this and being mentally exhausted immediately, you’d probably need to rehash the process a few times)

    I think I’ve overstated the Jutsu I believe to be the Ultimate. Ultimate in training time hax, Combination potential, battle prep/ real time strategy, level needed to use, and defensive (really more evasive) capability. I feel mad respect for the first three I first mentioned, and are in order, my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th pick, but come on now people. Shadow clones made Rasenshuriken possible, you can’t even make it without them. And let’s face it: Harem no jutsu was not only awesomeness, but also made pervy sage motivated to teach Naruto.

    Like I said mad respect for the others, but shadow clones are absolutely the most valuable in the the amazing ways you can variate it…*coughs* 3rd using shiki fuujin with shadow clones *cough*

  32. @ajd

    I agree with you. I personally believe that the Kage Bunshin is the best jutsu overall. Just look at all it has allowed Naruto to achieve.

    He can use the Rasenshuriken because of Shadow Clones. He got years worth of training in a few days thanks to the Kage Bunshin. He was able to overcome Pein’s five second recharge interval thanks to his bunshins throwing him across the battlefield. He was able to achieve Sage Mode thanks to his bunshins even despite his handicaps with the Kyuubi’s chakra and he was able to use them to figure out how to defeat Kakuzu, by gaining their experience from battling him without any risk to himself. Etc…

    And that isn’t all. They are also able to perform any jutsu the user can. One Naruto with a Rasengan is cool, but imagine 1000 Naruto’s with Rasengans. One Naruto throwing an explosive tag is cool, but imagine 1000 Naruto’s throwing them at once. Talk about a rain of destruction. O_O

    And let’s not forget all their other uses as well. Itachi using his clones as explosive weapons. Kakashi using his as a lightning trap. Naruto using his as henged weapons to trick his enemies. The list of uses are endless, and different users can create such interesting combinations.

    Imagine if Deidara was able to use Shadow Clones. I mean, he has a self detonating ability that has an explosive radius of 10 miles or something like that, with its only real weakness being that he has to sacrifice himself to use it. A shadow clone can take the place of his original body and perform the jutsu for him, yielding the same result, only without the downside of dying. Instant village pwnage with no risk to the user.

    And, as you said. Imagine 100 Pein’s with Shinra Tensei. Imagine 100 Minato’s all using Hiraishin at the same time. Shadow clones also carry all the weapons their original user had, that means you can multiply the amount of special kunai Minato can throw by 100x. He could literally cover the entire battlefield with kunai, meaning he would be in Hiraishin heaven.

    I am really surprised more people haven’t voted for the Kage Bunshin as the best jutsu, or at least considered it. I mean, it is great not only because it has so many uses in itself, it also supplements every other skill the user has, all other jutsu included.

    It is easily the most versatile jutsu ever created.

  33. @ajd – you make a good case there lol.

    So, my understanding of your post is that shadow clones are awesome for personal development and multiplying the effects of a jutsu, yeah? I actually initially thought kage bunshin was the best jutsu too for the same reasons, till I really gave Hiraishin a good think over.

    However, there are several drawbacks. Firstly, chakra expenditure. Unless the tech is used by a character with jinchuuriki-level chakra, the chakra that is expended is huge. Let me give you an example. You said:

    “Even If you can only make 1 clone, you can learn/train 2X faster than before.”

    Now, that there statement is true. However, by halving your chakra, you have effectively halved your stamina, and thus the amount of time you can train. You may be able to gain experience two times faster, but you can only train for half as long before you tire, thus there is no gain in actual experience accrued overall. This is why Kakashi states that Naruto is probably the only ninja that could pull off that particular training technique due to his extremely high chakra level.

    Secondly, the information gained is not made available to the user until he/she dispels the shadow clones involved. Yes, the user can observe a battle from several angles, but he doesn’t gain access to the intelligence until the jutsu is dispelled, and by that time, the intelligence may have become redundant. Once dispelled, a huge portion of your chakra is lost, and to continue gathering more information after the jutsu as been dispelled, more shadow clones need to be made, further taxing the user.

    The reason I voted Hiraishin over Kage Bunshin is because while shadow clones can make life easier, Hiraishin is potentially a LIFE-SAVER. Think about it. If you’re caught in any sort of danger that you cannot physically escape from, all you need to do is activate Hiraishin and *poof!* you’re back home or at any other destination that you’ve left a mark. If your family or friends ever need your assistance because they themselves have fallen prey to some kind of danger, you can teleport straight to them, provided you’ve given them a mark, and then teleport those you’ve rescued back to safety. If any important intelligence is stolen from your village by enemy ninja and you need to retrieve it quickly, you can teleport straight to the document provided you’ve marked it.

    Yes, Hiraishin is heavily reliant on proper marks being left in preparation before it can be used, but when you think about it, the necessary preparation can be done in your spare time. You can make a stack of papers marked with the hiraishin mark and attached to important documents, given to friends, family and squad members to carry on their person at all times, have marked kunai left in places of interest (sentry posts, enemy headquarters, favourite restaurants, etc.) so you can quickly travel back and forth between your village and places of interest and also report any intel you’ve gathered straight to your own headquarters to be dispatched to the rest of your forces. And while shadow clones can only be used between two points a certain amount of times before the user tires out, Hiraishin can be used repeatedly

    And if Kage Bunshin can be used with other techniques to devastating effect, then I submit to you that Hiraishin can be used in a similiar fashion. The same byakugan user who otherwise would need to reduce his chakra level to a third in order to make three sets of byakugan for scouting, can instead use hiraishin (hypothetically speaking, of course) to travel between three or more predetermined points, for the same effect (if not greater, depending on the amount of places teleported to) but with significantly less chakra expenditure. A combatant can view the same battle from multiple viewpoints using hiraishin, again with significantly less chakra expenditure and can be used repeatedly to continue gathering intel without the need to continue making more clones and thus reducing your chakra even further.

    “Ultimate in…defensive (really more evasive) capability.”

    No, hiraishin takes that particular title, as my above comments explain.

    Hiraishin still equals teh shit, in my honest opinion.

  34. @ajd and tenrai – and I though I was putting kage bunshin higher on the list than most lol. I agree with everything you guys are saying about it, and I might be persuaded to bump it a little higher on my list, but my major problem with it is the Kage Bunshin technique lacks the finishing move all by itself. We’ve seen many, many characters beat up dozens of Naruto’s clones when he attacks with solely Kage Bunshin and Taijutsu. Despite all of kage bunshins perks, an effective ninja needs an effective killing/finishing technique and kage bunshin just isn’t one without the addition of another technique like Rasengan. That’s why it isn’t higher on my list.

  35. i believe that techniques like kage bunshin, body flicker technique, substitution technique, edotensei and so on shouldn’t be considered if we’re talking about the most powerful jutsu. these techniques are very useful but to defeat an enemy they have to be used WITH ANOTHER JUTSU.
    the kage bunshin technique, if used in a battle, has to be considered as used on its own and not with rasenshuriken, rasengan, etc. otherwise it’s obviously going to be the strongest technique. it is the most useful, since it can be used with other techniques, but let’s remember that not everyone has as much chakra as naruto.

    to choose the strongest/most powerful jutsu, you have to consider it as the only technique the ninja can use. i initially thought of FTG, but if it’s the only jutsu you can use then the only way to actually defeat your opponent is to get beside them and stab them. i’d have to say shinra tensei since it’s both offensive and defensive, can cover huge areas and is spammable. it also has very little drain on your stamina.

  36. @truepain – “it also has very little drain on your stamina.”


  37. @DarkAvatar

    You make a good case, however, I think that all jutsu adhere to similar limitations when it comes to stamina and chakra usage. Including the almighty ones such as Chibaku Tensei.

    Obviously the user will determine the effectiveness of a jutsu and that goes for all jutsu, including ones like Chidori, etc. I mean, look at Sasuke. he was only able to use Chidori three times in a row before he was completely fatigued. That doesn’t mean Chidori has too high a stamina drain. It just means Sasuke didn’t have enough stamina to use it effectively.

    However, I do agree that the high stamina cost is a hinderence, but then, all jutsu have a downside don’t they? This is just the Kage bunshin’s.

    Even still you can’t deny the fact that Kage Bunshins can effectively make every other jutsu anyone has at their disposal, more effective. The Hiraishin is excellent, I will agree, but it just doesn’t cover as wide a scope of uses as the Kage Bunshin. Imagine Minato, with the Hiraishin and explosive Kage bunshins like Itachi’s. Epic pwnage. @___@

    Of course, that isn’t to say the Hirashin isn’t just as important, it is just an example of how the Kage Bunshin can make any other technique have more endless possibilities. Deidara’s self destruct was just another example of the pure epicness the Kage bunshin can achieve if used properly.

    Oh and as for your comment about making two clones to train and getting tired more quickly, that was a clever way of looking at it, but just think, if you train in half the time, (turning 4 hours of training into two hours of double training) that still gives you more time to go and do something else for the rest of the day. Like studying your jutsu or eating Ramen. 😉


    Other characters were able to beat up all of Naruto’s shadow clones because he never used them properly. Once again, it is a case of how skilled the user is, but if you look at the battle with Pein, it was a completely different story. Naruto used far less shadow clones, but he used them far more intelligently.

  38. @dark
    what are you huhing at?

  39. @truepain

    *Eats Truepain for disagreeing with me and making some sort of sense.*

  40. @Tenrai – I agree, Naruto learned to use his kage bunshin very effectively, but he still needed a Rasengan to finish Pein off. If he had been fight solely with Kage Bunshin, he wouldn’t have been able to finish him. I agree in that Kage Bunshin is probably the most versatile, but even the most skilled user will probably need another jutsu to finish off a target.

    @Kage Bunshin – As for arguments about the amount of chakra needed for use, I think we need to assume the user will have at least the same amount of chakra as Naruto. Let’s face it, all these jutsu are situational. A user will need the Sharingan to use Susanoo or Amaterasu or Kamui, or the Rinnegan to use Shinra Tensei. Not just anyone can use those techniques. Since we’re assuming the user would have said doujutsu, then I think we can assume that the user will also have Naruto-size chakra.

  41. @truepain – you said what I was trying to say better than me. Thank you lol

  42. @urbanvolcano87

    Nice points. It is all very situational, which is why I guess we have to try and look more at the jutsu themselves rather than who would be using them. Hmmm…

  43. So far, my top three, in no particular order, are…

    – Kage bunshin
    – Hirashin
    – Shinra Tensei

    They have the epic factor. They have diversity in different applications of use, they have a lot of potential power and they are spam-able. @__@

  44. @truepain – im “huh”ing at your assumption that Shinra Tensei consumes very little chakra, when in fact we know otherwise.

  45. @tenrai- if we consider kage bunshin as the only jutsu a person can use, then it wouldn’t be in the top three. unless you’re naruto, i’d be pretty useless against techniques like amaterasu, shinra tensei, etc since the user would only be able to make a few of them.

    i want to put susanoo or amaterasu in, but they’d be useful for only a handful of fights…after that you’d go blind…unless of course you have the EMS. i find deidara’s techniques to be powerful and they are spammable. same thing goes for mokuton, even though we don’t know any really powerful mokuton technique. iron sand is powerful too. let’s not forget kakuzu’s earth grudge fear, both powerful and useful since you practically have 5 bodies.

    but really guys, the debate is between shinra tensei and FTG…no other technique is on their level(i’d put madara’s teleporting technique on the same level but we really don’t know enough about it)
    according toshinra tensei gets the win since the debate is about which is the most POWERFUL jutsu. someone only using FTG would have to get near the shinra tensei user to actually hit him. even if he throws kunais, they’d just get repelled. the hirashin user would have to have the perfect conditions to defeat the shinra tensei user…

    the full scale shinra tensei uses up lots of chakra, the normal one doesn’t. has pain/nagato ever felt tired after using the normal shinra tensei? the time when he gets defeated by naruto doesn’t count…he was low on chakra and has just invaded a village, destroyed the village, fought against sage mode and frog summons, fought 6 tailed fox, and used chibaku tensei.

    ps-does anyone know what happened to Fu and Torune? i mean, are they coming back or should they be considered dead? XD

  46. @pein – “i initially thought of FTG, but if it’s the only jutsu you can use then the only way to actually defeat your opponent is to get beside them and stab them.”

    That’s all you need, my friend ^_^. Same way he took out that entire army of enemy shinobi in a matter of seconds. Tell me that that is not a clear example of how powerul this technique is.

    @tenrai – “However, I do agree that the high stamina cost is a hinderence, but then, all jutsu have a downside don’t they? This is just the Kage bunshin’s.”

    The only downside of the Hiraishin is it’s reliance on special marks left on kunai. That can be countered by preparation, and ANY ninja has the ability to prepare in advance. Chakra drain limits the amount of times a jutsu can be used, and no other tech uses up quite so much chakra as the shadow clone jutsu.

    “The Hiraishin is excellent, I will agree, but it just doesn’t cover as wide a scope of uses as the Kage Bunshin.”

    Not true, as I outlined above. It simply covers a different range of situations that kage bunshin cannot. Instant intel/comrade retrieval, for one. And as I said before, Kage Bunshin can make life easier, whereas Hiraishin can save lives. That personally was the deciding factor for me.

  47. @pein – “the full scale shinra tensei uses up lots of chakra, the normal one doesn’t. has pain/nagato ever felt tired after using the normal shinra tensei?”

    Nagato has an enormous chakra pool though, which is possibly why it never seemed to tire him. Kinda like Shadow clones never seem to tire Naruto, yet they’d drain the heck outta any other ninja.

    “someone only using FTG would have to get near the shinra tensei user to actually hit him. even if he throws kunais, they’d just get repelled. the hirashin user would have to have the perfect conditions to defeat the shinra tensei user…”

    As super said a while back, it’s a five second delay vs instant teleportation. Shinra Tensei blocks one kunai, then the user has to fend off the rest of the kunai thrown after the first one for a whole five seconds. Against the big shinra tensei, the FGT user just teleports away, and then comes back to finish the now vulnerable shinra tensei user.

  48. So we are having a three way battle between Shinra Tensei, the Hiraishin and the Kage Bunshin. <_<


    *Continues to eat TruePein*


    *It simply covers a different range of situations that kage bunshin cannot. Instant intel/comrade retrieval, for one.*

    I thought the Kage bunshin would cover those two quite nicely, actually. Although, not in the same manner.

    *Eats Darks as well.*

  49. @tenrai – no not exactly. The clones would need to locate the missing comrade/intel first before being able to retrieve it, and then it would need to escape without getting caught. Hiraishin does not suffer from those two problems. It teleports the user straight there – saving precious time – and then teleports the user straight back to safety, eliminating any danger of being caught on the way back home.

  50. @DarkAvatar

    Actually, the Hiraishin user has to find their comrades first as well, because you can’t teleport to a location that hasn’t been marked before. Getting out is easy enough, sure, but you still have to find them first. Unless they are comrades that are close to you that you have given a kunnai.

    Same goes for the intel. You need to know where you are teleporting first, before you can get there, and even then, you need to mark that location with a kunnai, etc.

    In any case, in my response, I said that the Kage Bunshin still allows the user to cover those circumstances, only in a different way and that point still stands.

    To get away with your comrades, you can use Kage Bunshins as a distraction, creating copies henged as your comrades and yourself and spreading them out in different directions, so the enemy won’t know who to track. With the Intel, a Kage bunshin, or even hundreds of them, can be used to scout enemy territory. Kage bunshins allow you to cover more ground quicker with multiple clones and once they are done, they just dispel themselves.

    Both are examples of how a Kage bunshin can fulfill the roles of gathering intel and retrieving comrades. That was the focus of my reply, but I still said “Although, not in the same manner.”

    However, combine Kage Bunshins with Hiraishin and suddenly you have an even better outcome, showing how diverse Kage bunshins are in complimenting the user’s power and effectiveness in ANY situation and with any jutsu or fighting skill.


    All ninjutsu needs to be supplemented by an inherent skill from the user, after all, a fire jutsu is useless if you can’t aim it. The Hiraishin is useless if you can’t throw a kunnai or create seals, both skill of which are needed to make the jutsu effective. So saying the Kage bunshin is useless without other jutsu, weapons or skills to make it effective is like saying the Hiraishin is useless without the use of Kunai or the ability to make seals. All jutsu supplement the user’s power, but you can never solely rely on nothing but that jutsu alone, otherwise it will obviously be a fail.

  51. @tenrai – I believe I answered those points about locating the missing intel/comrade in my earlier post, though I’ll repost it again if you’d like. ^_^

    “Hiraishin is heavily reliant on proper marks being left in preparation before it can be used, but when you think about it, the necessary preparation can be done in your spare time. You can make a stack of papers marked with the hiraishin mark and attached to important documents, given to friends, family and squad members to carry on their person at all times, have marked kunai left in places of interest (sentry posts, enemy headquarters, favourite restaurants, etc.) so you can quickly travel back and forth between your village and places of interest and also report any intel you’ve gathered straight to your own headquarters to be dispatched to the rest of your forces. And while shadow clones can only be used between two points a certain amount of times before the user tires out, Hiraishin can be used repeatedly with little risk to the user.”

    “However, combine Kage Bunshins with Hiraishin…”

    How would you benefit from having more than one of yourself using a space time jutsu that lets you teleport around the field in a blink of an eye? Maybe you’d get the job done in a third of a blink of an eye, but what’s the point? Whether you use kage bunshin or not, it’s still done faster than anyone else can react to, and if you do it yourself you save chakra.

    “Both are examples of how a Kage bunshin can fulfill the roles of gathering intel and retrieving comrades. That was the focus of my reply, but I still said “Although, not in the same manner.” ”

    Can, but who did it better? Hiraishin was infinitely faster, far more chakra efficient, and had a near-zero chance of failure. With kage bunshins, theres no guarantee that you’d find the person/item that you’re looking for to begin with, plus theres a limit as to how far a clone can be from the original before it can no longer sustain itself and dissipates ( On top of that, there’s the fact that the enemy ninja may still find the original ninja, especially if the kage bunshin user can’t make a lot of clones (ie. anyone who isn’t Naruto).

  52. @elfarren – thanks for the link you used against me in the Konan vs Temari debate we had on IRA last year. XD

  53. @Darks

    “How would you benefit from having more than one of yourself using a space time jutsu that lets you teleport around the field in a blink of an eye? Maybe you’d get the job done in a third of a blink of an eye, but what’s the point?”

    Actually, I was more referring to the ability to throw more kunai and and mark more locations in a faster speed, thus making the Hirashin easier to deploy. Preparation is all good and well, but it is even better when there are more than one of you preparing.

    And my point was still about the Kage Bunshin fulfilling similar roles, just in different ways. I never said in the same way, now did I? I was only pointing out the diversity Kage Bunshins have. You tried to give me examples of how the Hiraishin was diverse in different ways and in response, I gave ways of how the Kage Bunshin could also fill those same roles. That’s all.

    Yes, the Hiraishin could do it better, but could the Hiraishin help you train faster? Could it help you form a Rasenshuriken? Could it help you go into Sage Mode while you are battling? Would it allow you to blow yourself up without dying? No. So the Kage Bunshin can still fill most roles that the Hiraishin can, although some not as well, but there are a lot of roles the that the Kage Bunshin can still fulfill that the Hiraishin cannot. That was what I was trying to get to, although I didn’t get that across very well. Lol.

  54. The Kage bunshin is great for direct attacks, reconnaissance, distractions, scouting, intelligence, training, shielding and it can supplement all other skills and jutsu you have by multiplying their effectiveness.

    It can also allow you to achieve things you can’t with only a single body, such as jutsu creating, overcoming obstacles, midair fighting (using clones as a jumping platform), or even other suplimentary effects, like how Hiruzen used it to seal more than one body with the Shiki Fuujin at a time (In that instance, the effectiveness of his jutsu was basically tripled.)

    Kage Bunshins are the awesomeness. @__@

  55. @tenrai –

    “Actually, I was more referring to the ability to throw more kunai and and mark more locations in a faster speed, thus making the Hirashin easier to deploy. Preparation is all good and well, but it is even better when there are more than one of you preparing.”

    That and all of that last paragraph that you posted means that Kage Bunshin no Jutsu is good as a supporting technique to set up other techniques. I haven’t yet seen any conclusive evidence that suggests that kage bunshin is the more powerful jutsu in and of itself.

    Oh, and since we’re talking about jutsu performing the roles of the other but in a different fashion…

    “Would it allow you to blow yourself up without dying?”

    Well, it’d let you deploy a bomb manually and then get out of range before it exploded.

    “Could it help you go into Sage Mode while you are battling?”

    It could get you away from the battle so that you can gather sage chakra, and then you could head straight back into the fray. ^_^

    “Could it help you form a Rasenshuriken?”

    It could teleport you somewhere where you have an ally who could help you form a rasenshuriken, and then teleport you back to use it.

    All this is besides the point though. If you really wanted to compare the power of these two abilities, you’d pit them against each other. Hiraishin has been used to take out an army of shinobi. Shadow clones would suffer the same fate.

  56. @Darks

    Oh and one more thing. Zabuza’s water clone can’t wander far from its body, because chakra is needed to sustain the technique. A water clone doesn’t have its own chakra network, so it stands to reason that if it moves to far from the user, there will no longer be anything sustaining its form and it will dissipate.

    Shadow clones don’t have this drawback, because they are real bodies with their own chakra network. We have seen Naruto create clones that have traveled kilometers away from his original body and still sustained themselves.

    If you recall, Naruto had two clones gathering sage energy at the toad mountain, and that must have been a few hundred miles away from his original body, seeing as how it would take weeks to travel there. Yet they did not disappear.

  57. “Well, it’d let you deploy a bomb manually and then get out of range before it exploded.”

    That wasn’t what I asked. Lol.

    “It could get you away from the battle so that you can gather sage chakra, and then you could head straight back into the fray. ^_^”

    Note: I said “while battling.” You can’t battle if you have run away to a quiet place.

    “It could teleport you somewhere where you have an ally who could help you form a rasenshuriken, and then teleport you back to use it.”

    If the ally doesn’t know how to form the technique, or doesn’t have wind-natured chakra, then he cannot help you create the Rasenshuriken. If Naruto had to go through what was essentially years worth of training to develop the Rasenshuriken, how is some random person who has never used it supposed to help you form it so suddenly, without any experience in creating it in the first place?

    That would more likely end in a horrific accident that would end up killing you and your ally. Lol.

  58. -_- this is getting nitpicky now…

    Darks – “Well, it’d let you deploy a bomb manually and then get out of range before it exploded.”
    Tenrai – “That wasn’t what I asked. Lol.”


    Darks – “It could get you away from the battle so that you can gather sage chakra, and then you could head straight back into the fray. ^_^”

    Tenrai – “Note: I said “while battling.” You can’t battle if you have run away to a quiet place.”

    Do the specifics of the above two examples really matter? End result is the same. Bomb goes off with no harm to the original and user re-enters fight with replenished sage chakra. Both goals achieved differently.

    “If the ally doesn’t know how to form the technique, or doesn’t have wind-natured chakra, then he cannot help you form the technique.”

    IF is the key word there. I’m merely presenting this approach as an option.

  59. @Darks

    “Do the specifics of the above two examples really matter?”

    Yes, they do. battling someone at the same time that you are gathering natural energy is very different from moving away from the battle and doing it. If you leave the battlefield, you give your opponent time to set up traps, move away from the location, heal himself, put others in harm’s way, gather more chakra, etc, etc.

    If you are still battling him, however, you can continue to keep tabs on his actions or you can continue wearing him out while making sure he doesn’t do anything sneaky, all the while your clone gathers natural energy. The results are vastly different, so yes, it is very relevant.

    Same with the self destruct vs a bomb placement. When Deidara blows himself up, he sacrifices his body to achieve an incredible power yield, effectively causing an explosion 10 miles across. He can only achieve this by using his own body as a bomb. Dropping a bomb vs sacrificing yourself as a bomb can yield very different power outputs and thus very different results. Sacrificing a clone as your real body instead, allows you to level a village without any harm to yourself. At the same time, if no-one knows you are a clone, the enemy may even try to engage you, thus you are effectively drawing more moths to the flame and more shinobi to their demise.

    Normally when people see a bomb, they tend to run away from it, not towards it. That wouldn’t be the case with a shadow clone.

  60. Omg Tenrai, we’re debating specifics now. There’s no fun in it. If I wanted to debate specifics, I’d say stuff like “but we aren’t talking about deidara and his jutsu, we are talking about shadow clones and that’s it” or “if the original body could fight it’s opponent on equal footing normally, then there’d be no need for the clone to gather chakra in the first place” or even “why the hell are you debating when you could be spending this time eating something seeing as you’re so bloody hungry lol”.

    Come on, dude, this debate is going in circles. I still say that Hiraishin is the more powerful jutsu as it has been shown to be devastating JUST BY ITSELF. The only opponent that shadow clones have taken out themselves is freaking Mizuki. Nuff said. XD

  61. @DarkAvatar

    No, we actually haven’t seen the Hiraishin be devastating on its own. We have seen the Hirashin be devastating with the help of others, or other techniques.

    1: When Minato used it to defeat an army, he had to have people throw the kunai for him so that he could do what he needed.

    2: When he defeated Tobi, he used the Rasengan to deal the blow and a sealing technique to stop him from using the Kyuubi.

    Both of those instances do not show the Hiraishin being effective on its own and I can’t recall any other instances shown in the manga, where it is effective on its own. Once again, it supplements all of Minato’s other skills, allowing him to deliver the almighty Rasengan to his foe in the blink of an eye. That in itself is incredible, but right now you are taking away the Hiraishin’s strengths with your own reasoning.

    If we look at it that way, then the only foe we have seen the Hiraishin take out by itself, is actually no-one. O_o

    In any case, I am sorry if I am being a pain. You are more than welcome to your opinion and I didn’t mean to make you irritable. My opinion doesn’t count on this post anyway, so it actually doesn’t matter what I say.

  62. DUDE!!! SPECIFICS!!! LOL!!!

    “…he had to have people throw the kunai for him so that he could do what he needed.”

    My specific reply to that would be “Hiraishin the jutsu is the teleportation itself, not the set-up. By pure definition alone, I can safely say that Hiraishin took out an army by itself.”

    But that would be nitpicky, and there’s no room for that is there? lol

    “That in itself is incredible, but right now you are taking away the Hiraishin’s strengths with your own reasoning.”

    Dude, this nitpicking is taking away from the strengths of both our sides in this debate. I say we’ve done our best, seeing as we aren’t gonna agree with each other, now lets let the American kiddies deal with the debate when they wake up for school tomorrow. XD

  63. @DarkAvatar

    Indeed. Thank you for the good debate.

  64. [this post is here for no good reason.]

    Spammer. <_<

    Indeed. I even spam myself on occasion. ^_^

    …much like I’m doing now…>_>

  65. What happened here? XD Hiraishin is the best jutsu? Ok. All I know is that if I had to pick between the two I’d rather teleport around awesomely than clone myself.

  66. Geezz.. I go get breakfast, and I come back to a battlefield littered with dissipating shadow clones and special seal marked kunai.

  67. Hmmm.. I skimmed through the debate, and it seems to me like poor old Shinra Tensei got left out 😦 haha no matter. I still think Hiraishin is the most effective jutsu. If you pitted a Kage Bunshin user against a Hiraishin user, the Hiraishin user would win. Both users would rely on kunai or swords or taijutsu to defeat their opponent. Hiraishin facilitates that defeat quicker and more efficiently. If you pit a Shinra Tensei user against a Hiraishin user, the Hiraishin user makes the most out of the 5 second delay. Heck, if he just marks the ground he’s standing on and takes a step back, I bet he could time the Shinra Tensei blast to the effect he could just teleport inside of the blast when it reaches the point between him and his mark, essentially dodging it and giving him 5 seconds to take down the Shinra Tensei user from close range.

    My final four in order of effectiveness:

    1: Hiraishin
    2: Shinra Tensei
    3: Kage Bunshin
    4: Rasengan

    I dropped Sage Mode due to definition, not usefulness. I believe a Kage Bunshin user would probably beat a Rasengan user, so Kage Bunshin gets bumped into 3rd place!

  68. @Super – I think I can speak for everyone when I say that I also would rather you not clone yourself 😉

    Just kidding!

    But seriously…

  69. I agree, it’d be to much for even me to handle. Besides, I’d rather have the ability to teleport…anywhere…>_>

  70. @supertrek89

    I don’t think it is safe for you to know any jutsu. T__T

  71. *observes super “dropping” hiraishin kunai in female changing rooms*

    Anywhere, indeed.

    *secretly remembers kunai locations for later use*

  72. If I knew Shinra Tensei the world would have a new overlord. A very sexy pink-haired overlord >_>

  73. Rasenshuriken still hasn’t reached its full potential yet. By extremes.

    What would make it even BETTER than what I’ve originally thought of is if you combined it with hiraishin.


  74. @urban: shinra tensei got left behind because i wasn’t defending it. anyhow, why did you put rasengan fourth? there are so many better techniques…

    @tenrai and dark: i’m not gonna read all of you posts…i really don’t feel like it, i’ve got a headache.
    anyway, returning to where we left off:

    “As super said a while back, it’s a five second delay vs instant teleportation. Shinra Tensei blocks one kunai, then the user has to fend off the rest of the kunai thrown after the first one for a whole five seconds.”

    it’s not like the shinra tensei user is an idiot. he could block the kunais by
    a) throwing his own kunai and knocking the marked one’s in another direction
    b)using shinra tensei in the direction of the person thowing the kunai. so or the person moves or he’ll get hit and lose.
    c) look at how nagato blocked these kunai. they weren’t all thrown at the same time:

    “Against the big shinra tensei, the FGT user just teleports away, and then comes back to finish the now vulnerable shinra tensei user.”

    okay, he’d teleport away and not get hit. the thing is, where’s he gonna come back? under 6 feet of rubble a mile away from the shinra tensei user? or maybe the kunai would just be completely destroyed…

    as i proved, the FTG user wouldn’t even get close to the shinra tensei user. assuming that he somehow gets close, whose to say that before he has the time to stab the ST user? by coming close, he’s a much easier target. it all depends on whose reflexes are faster…

    “All ninjutsu needs to be supplemented by an inherent skill from the user, after all, a fire jutsu is useless if you can’t aim it. The Hiraishin is useless if you can’t throw a kunnai or create seals, both skill of which are needed to make the jutsu effective. So saying the Kage bunshin is useless without other jutsu, weapons or skills to make it effective is like saying the Hiraishin is useless without the use of Kunai or the ability to make seals. All jutsu supplement the user’s power, but you can never solely rely on nothing but that jutsu alone, otherwise it will obviously be a fail.”

    this has nothing to do with what i said. i said that the debate is which is the most powerful jutsu. to do that, you have to consider users that can only use that justu. a person who can only use kage bunshin would never beat someone who can use only susanoo, amaterasu, shinra tensei, FTG, etc. he’d have to get close and beat the other user to death.
    kage bunshin is useful if the user has a lot of chakra and his clones can use jutsus.

    p.s.- dark i’m on your side for the kage bunshin vs FTG debate. sorry guys but dark, super and i aren’t gonna comment for a while…we have more important matters.

    *dark, super and truepain teleport to the female changing rooms*

  75. Well, at least someone see’s how awesome shadow clones are.

    @Darks, I would agree on saving lives with preparation, but did that save obito’s life? It can be broken down into ifs and buts all day, so lets not do that.

    Hiraishin REQUIRES preparation for even a master to use. It can’t be easy to learn or master, and if you make a mistake, or someone’s figured you out as your “observing them” from the three set spots on the floor that have kunai in them, something like shinra tensai would put you down and make you hurt. You can’t save anyone if you’re killed because you were trying to do what shadow clones can safely. Now, it’s something that jutsu wasn’t designed for. the jutsu was designed for teleportation to catch enemies off guard and getting from A to B instantly. (or C, or D…etc)

    Shadow clones have extreme power. Just both jutsus themselves have 0 attack power, but ninja tools and other jutsus are what make them deadly. Would you rather face 100 people with 100 explosive tags, or 1 person who can throw 1 explosive tag in any which space. I wouldn’t fight either, but I’d rather only get killed by 1 tag than 100. We just saw how Konan hit Madara hard by overwhelming him with explosives. Really, I don’t know why Naruto didn’t just do this against pain. And it’s all about skill with weapons. Pein just sat there while Naruto came flying with an obvious rasengan and was hit! Couldn’t he have just as easily used a kunai or explosive?

    I think you’re still undercutting the shadow clones abilities. aww, class time…

  76. “dark, super and truepain teleport to the female changing rooms*”

    *calls the cops*

    That’s what you get for not bringing me along >:)

  77. The madness has arrived!

    whats wrong with this argument is that we don’t understand what “the most powerful justsu means”.

    if we are talking about in terms of sear destructive power Chibaku Tensei wins due to its massive area of destruction.

    If we are talking about the most concentrated power… it would be the Chidori/Raikiri since it can pierce most anything.

    All justus use power in different ways therefore there can not be a most powerful jutsu. Since there are also the amount of times one can use a jutsu…like the eight gates can only be used once in a persons life but could be the most powerful. Pain was able to bring half a village to life with a jutsu.. so could that one have the most power?

    A sharp mind is the best weapon one can have.

  78. @ajd – I’d rather face 100 ppl. At least I know where they are and have something to run from, whereas with the Hiraishin user, I don’t know where he’s next about to pop up. You may rather die by an exploding tag but me? Oh no sir, I’d rather not die in the first place. ^_^

    And if I had Hiraishin, I’d teleport away before anyone could get me.

    And the point of my “hiraishin can save lives” thing was to present to you a way in which hiraishin can be used, not how it has been used in the past.

  79. @pancake

    As I said, you need to heigh each ones pros and cons. So, for example, chibaku tensei is stupidly powerful when it comes to raw destruction, but it is not as practical as say, a chidori, which can be used more often and is more versatile.

    It’s up to you which one you believe is the best jutsu. It is purely based on your opinion, that’s all. I believe shadow clones are the best because of how much more effective and powerful they can make someone, but that is just how I see it. It’s kinda like comparing a sword to a gun with three bullets. The gun has the advabtage because of range and power, but if you miss three times, the swordsman will pwn you, because he never runs out of ammo. So which weapon is better?

    At the end of the day, if there was a clear winner, there would be no point in voting. But because there isn’t, it is interesting to see what reasoning people come up with to support their favorite choices.

  80. madara’s eye technique is probably the cheapest thing out there, he can simply stand around the battle field doing nothing and never be touched, i’m not sure if genjutsu works on him in that state though, and he can apparently fight very powerful and skilled opponents with that one technique alone, which proves to me it is one of the best ones out there.

  81. @alec – indeed. Thank bloody goodness it wasn’t included lol.

  82. Ahhhhh. So this is based only off of opinion.

    Then I say Edo Tensei is the most powerful jutsu. It gives you the power to call upon the dead thus giving you the power of many different jutsu. So based off of who you are fighting you can bring a ninja with a jutsu that would match/counteract any jutsu you encounter. You could also attack peoples emotions, by brining back people they loved using this jutsu.

    The fact that this jutsu is using other jutsu via the dead soul is not a problem since the original ninja is really only using Edo Tensei. You can not make the same argument about Kage Bunshin no jutsu since the clones ARE the original ninja. So based off of this list and my evil thinking mind…Edo Tensei is by far the most powerful jutsu on this list.

  83. I think the best jutsu Naruto has to offer is Ino using shintenshin to possess tenten, Then jump off a cliff. That is truly the best use of a jutsu thus far.

  84. ^absolutely agreed

  85. @truepain – I have Rasengan fourth because I’m operating off the idea that we’re debating the most effective (powerful and spammable) jutsu. Where jutsu like Susanoo, Amaterasu, Kirin, and Rasenshuriken are way more powerful than Rasengan, they aren’t nearly as spammable. Also, since most effective jutsu is also a function somewhat of preference, I’d rather have a “spiraling tempest of destruction” (hehe) that I can use over and over again, than Amaterasu and Susanoo that I can only use so much in a lifetime! Not to mention the side effects of Amaterasu and Susanoo include heavy chakra depletion, excrutiating pain, bleeding out of almost every orifice and eventual blindess. Now, we don’t quite know what the side effects of these jutsu are for an eternal mangekyou user so I shelved that idea. Kirin and Rasenshuriken are great, but you only get 1 and 2 shots per jutsu. I would not be comfortable walking onto a battlefield with a jutsu I can only use once or twice and that’s it. Edo Tensei… I’m not big into necromancy, especially if I have to kill comrades to use the jutsu. Uh.. let’s see, Kamui has the same side effects of Amaterasu. Shiki Fuujin.. yeah that’s a one and and your life is done jutsu. Not so hot on that. Ah, Chibaku Tensei probably wins in the most power catergory, but you can only use it once or twice per fight. Still provided you have tons of chakra (which I think we’re agreeing the fictitional user would have tons chakra) you might be able to use this 2 to 3.. maybe 4 times total. It is pretty tough to escape a Chibaku Tensei, so this is probably 5th on my list. As for what comes up must come down, well, I disagree with that, the moon is still in orbit. Nagato just released his Chibaku Tensei because it had failed. Chidori loses to Rasengan because Rasengan is way more spammable.

    So yeah, that’s why Rasengan is way up on my list. As I said earlier in this post, I’m not a huge fan of leaning on trump cards I can only use once or twice in a fight. I much prefer a powerful, but still reusable arsenal, so I can out-maneuver the enemy. Maybe that’s just my preference, but I hope that answers your question as to why I have Rasengan 4th 🙂

  86. @urban: okay, i get what you’re saying…but i’d rather have deidara’s bombs or, better yet, kakuzu’s earth grudge fear. i don’t know why this jutsu hasn’t been taken in consideration…it is ninjutsu after all.

  87. @truepain – agreed, I actually prefer Deidara’s C1 bombs. He was very effective in taking out Gaara with those little guys. Deidara’s bombs could definitely challenge Rasengan’s spot on my list. As for Earth Grudge Fear, it no doubt is a powerful ninjutsu to have 5 lives, but it requires hearts from other ninja which, like Edo Tensei, I personally wouldn’t enjoy collecting. But I can understand if Earth Grudge Fear is higher on other’s lists. That being said, I think Earth Grudge Fear, like Kage Bunshin, lacks a finishing move. It is effective in preserving the user’s life, but probably requires another jutsu to finish off a skilled shinobi.

  88. I am surprised no one has listed any of Gaara’s jutu, Desert Burial alone seems rather impressive to me, also the ability to turn just about any battle field into a desert. Prison Sand burial deserves mention here as well for the ability to plant your opponent 200 meters beneath the earths surface.

  89. O_o Why is Kakashi watching Lucy?

  90. I said it before and I say it again, if we’re talking most useful jutsu its definitely the Replacement jutsu

  91. @kisu – because replacement jutsu is lame and not fun lol
    Anyway, I would argue that Kage Bunshin is a little more useful than replacement jutsu, cuz I think replacement jutsu is a bit of a one trick pony. I also definitely think a Hiraishin user would destroy a replacment jutsu user. I mean replacement jutsu couldn’t even get Sakura to beat that dude with the air cannons in his hands.

  92. @urbanvolcano, its the case of “a skilled person with a pebble can kill an unskilled person with an Ak-47”. You use Hiraishin, but when you hit my I poof away and before you know it, the real me has a kunai stuck in your throat, or better yet, the real me high tailed it outta there 😀

  93. @kisu: are you kidding me? before you even get to poof away you’re dead…and even if you somehow managed to poof away then whose to stop the FTG user from teleporting away as well?

  94. @truepain, has anyone ever foiled a Replacement Jutsu? Its the most bastardy of all the bastard jutsus out there. Its easily the most useful jutsu, while Shinra Tensei is the strongest. Seriously, just play ANY Naruto video game. Imagine using the last of your chakra when your health bar is almost gone to try to beat your opponent, only for it to be a log and your opponent ends up behind you and stabs you. Its happened to me quite a few times in the Ultimate Ninja games and that’s how I found a new respect for it. Even though what I just described was a video game scenario, it also applies to the Naruniverse since its basically the same.

  95. @ajd: What a waste! The best jutsu would be to use Tenten and ino as sacrifices for Edo Tensei to bring back Tayuya and Yugito Nii (2 tailed jinchūriki). This way you have two obedient slaves! Ino and Tenten became useful for something! Necrophilia no jutsu FTW! 😉 bow chika wow wow.

  96. @kisu – “a skilled person with a pebble can kill an unskilled person with an AK-47”

    Time for yet another episode of…


    Episode 7: Chinese History

    During China’s history, in the Ming Dynasty period, soldiers from the Imperial army slaughtered monks from a dissident monastery. These monks of course were highly trained in Kung Fu and it’s traditional weaponry, whereas the soldiers used qiang, a type of matchlock rifle. Gunpowder and a rudimentary gun allowed soldiers who had only months of training defeat highly skilled monks who in some cases had 50-60 years training. Imagine the damage they could have done with assault rifles…

    “replacement jutsu…is easily the most useful jutsu.”

    You’ve given only one use for it, while kage bunshin and hiraishin have been shown to work in a broad range of scenarios, making replacement jutsu a one-trick pony. In fact, Hiraishin would work just as well to teleport behind your enemy and nail him. Just ask Tobi. ^_^

  97. @kisu – “a skilled person with a pebble can kill an unskilled person with an AK-47″

    you have to assume that both the Hiraishin user and the replacement jutsu user have the same skill level, not that the Hiraishin user is unskilled and the replacement jutsu user is skilled as your implying. If you bring the individual user’s skill into the equation then you are debating who is the better ninja, not which is the more effective jutsu.

  98. @kisu – “a skilled person with a pebble can kill an unskilled person with an AK-47”

    I disagree. That phrase is like saying a well trained Ino could kill an untrained baby. Not gonna happen. Anyways, no. replacement is the ugly step-sister of shadow clones. If you had one jutsu as a trump card, as what the common argument has been, would you really want replacement jutsu? it may be good for gathering fire wood, but no thank you.
    Can we consider Kamehameha as a jutsu? lol

  99. @Darks, ajd and urban, Zetsu seems to agree with “a pebble blah blah blah” 😉

    I’d rather have replacement jutsu than any of these though (except for Shinra). Imagine copping a feel on some randm girl, then you get slapped, ONLY FOR IT TO BE A HUGE WOOD (no pun intended)!

    On a more serious note:

    1. It can be used anywhere (all you have to do is substitute with something)
    2. No preparation necessary
    3. Takes up a virtually non-existent amount of chakra (even Academy Students can spam it)
    4. Can get you out of a pickle and immediately sets you up for a counter-attack (or running away)
    5. Spammable

    “If you had one jutsu as a trump card, as what the common argument has been, would you really want replacement jutsu.”
    Yes. Why? Because it gives me the option of fighting back or running away (and knowing me, I’d probably go with the latter >_>)

    Replacement FTW.

  100. @kisu – And what if there is no log in the vicinity for a replacement jutsu? Short of carrying one on your back for just such an occasion, I don’t see much use to it.

  101. @kisuzachi

    I have to agree with most others on this one. The Kawarimi no Jutsu has its charms, and it is most certainly useful, but it just isn’t on that level of complete awesomeness as the Hiraishin is.

    Not to mention, its uses are far more one-dimensional.

    It can be used to get away, sure, but that’s basically all it can do, while a jutsu like the Hiraishin can fulfill that use as well, in addition to allowing you to perform other feats, like traveling far distances in the blink of an eye, marking others to track them regardless of any distance between you, transporting others including yourself anywhere you have marked before and for direct attack purposes.

    The Kawarimi no Jutus simply lacks that epic factor and overall power needed to make it on the list. The Hiraishin is basically a leveled up and enhanced version of the Kawarimi, so it is only natural people will choose it instead.


    It was the best pic I could find. <_<

    @everyone else.

    Some of you have listed jutsu that you believe should be on the list, but the question is, would you have placed those jutsu in your top five or ten best jutsu?

    There were a multitude of jutsu I could have considered and all of them are powerful in their own way, but I couldn't accommodate for them all because if I did, the post would have been WAY too long. So I tried to gather a list of what I believed people would consider the best. At the same time, I also gave everyone a means to add their own as well, just in case not everyone agreed with me.

    But seeing as how only one person voted for the option "Other" (which may be Kisu), I am assuming that basically none of the other jutsu being listed in the comments are what anyone would actually consider to be the best jutsu. So are people are basically mentioning them simply for the sake of mentioning them, or do you truly believe they deserve to be in the top ten?

    In any case, I don't mind either way. But if it is the latter, then it would be nice to see each person's top ten list (even if it includes jutsu that are not in the post), so that I can get a better idea of where each jutsu falls overall. Otherwise I will have to go by votes, or the debates, the latter of which mostly involves only a few of the jutsu mentioned.

    Thanks everyone for being so involved though. ^ ^

  102. @Darks, you can replace yourself with anything really.

    @Ten, it might not be epic or covered in awesome sauce, but it gets the job done. The Hiraishin would get my vote over the Kawarimi only if it didn’t require preparation. Plus when you substitute you could leave explosive tags all over the log. I call the Kawarimi a “gateway jutsu” because once used it sets you up for almost any kind of counterattack…unless your opponent uses it back on you.

    @urban, we kinda have to assume that an expert is using all these jutsus. We can’t assume a noob is using Shinra Tensei or Hiraishin, so we can’t assume a noob is using Kawarimi.

    Plus, this jutsu is so vital its taught to ACADEMY STUDENTS (aka the worst of the worst…apart from Tenten and Ino >_>)

  103. also @ Ten, nah I voted Shinra. Always gotta go with the rinnegan I always say 🙂

  104. @kisu: gotta agree with you there. always go with the rinnegan!

  105. @kisu – agreed, so therefore the phrase you and Zetsu like should change to “a skilled person with a pebble can kill a skilled person with an AK-47″ to fit our assumptions. I disagree with that new statement, I think I’d place my bets on the skilled person with the AK-47 over the skilled person with the pebble. Just like I would expect the skilled person with Hiraishin to beat the skilled person with Kawarimi. The Kawarimi may be good at getting away (unlike in the video games, in the manga the kawarimi user tends to pop back up in some random tree rather then poised to strike the attackers back) but it’s just not effective for offense. We know how effective Hiraishin is for offense. Minato used solely that jutsu to take out armies. No one was using Kawarimi to take out armies.

  106. @urban, so now its taking out armies eh? Ok, didn’t the Shinra Tensei destroy one of the 5 great armies with one hit? XD

    Anyway, the user of Kawarimi can pop up anywhere. Choosing to hide is only one of the many options. I could even make a Hiraishin user kill a comrade with Kawarimi.

    As for being skilled, that’s a subjective term. Being a blackbelt means you’re a master, but among black belts there are higher degrees. A first degree blackbelt is very likely to lose to a 5th degree one

  107. @kisu: what are you talking about? about every single sentence you wrote was wrong…
    1) FTG did take out an army…take a look at the kakashi gaiden…
    2)how can a kawarimi user make a hiraishin user kill his own comrade? where are you gonna get the comrade? its not like you find them lying around…
    3)wtf does the blackbelt stuff have to do with what urban said? hiraishin is better then kawarimi…you compared two users of the same martial art…

    if kawarimi is such a great jutsu, why doesn’t every single ninja use it to get out of a tough situation? kisame could have used it to escape from bee, naruto, yamato, etc. he even had logs beside him. or he could have used one one of them and make them kill each other. instead he didn’t. instead he didn’t…so maybe it’s not as great as you think.

  108. “1) FTG did take out an army…take a look at the kakashi gaiden…”

    lol u misunderstood. I know it took out those Iwa nin, but since he brought up taking out an army, I gave him a jutsu that does it better, Shinra Tensei.

    “2)how can a kawarimi user make a hiraishin user kill his own comrade? where are you gonna get the comrade? its not like you find them lying around…”

    Let’s say his comrade was in the area, all the Kawarimi user has to do is substitute with him so he takes the kunai to the gut, not that hard to do 🙂

    “3)wtf does the blackbelt stuff have to do with what urban said? hiraishin is better then kawarimi…you compared two users of the same martial art… ”

    Nah, it had everything to do with what he said. He was comparing skilled people, so I gave a real world comparison. And the styles really don’t matter was well. Let’s say a 3rd degree blackbelt in Jujitsu fought a 1st degree blackbelt in Karate, the outcome is still most likely that the Karate guy will lose

    “instead he didn’t…so maybe it’s not as great as you think.”

    I put that as PIS (Plot Induced Stupidity). One could also say why don’t the Hyuga use their Byakugan for long range combat since that seems smarter, or why Deidara didn’t use a clay clone then detonate it instead of himself, or why didn’t Deva Path just move out of the way of Naruto’s Rasengan. Kishi wanted them to die, so they died.

  109. my list

    1-ftg , you can escape/attack/dodge/ out of nowhere 🙂 easy to use . doesnt take much chakra either [does it ? minato seems to use it easily ] a good and better replacement for subsitution jutsu

    2-shinra tensai … well what can i say anyway ? the almighty push ? XD LOL


    what happens when you put your life on the line ? you get the best defense and the best offense in the same place . a giant to protect you from attacks . further strenghtened by the mirror of [what?] and a sword that seal everything it touches for ever

    4- kamui

    before you kill me let me explain! unlike amretsuri kamui can be cast immideately and very accurately! . that chakra arrow remember? that missile heading at choji remember? unlike amertasuri kamui can do it in less than you can say do it . its like you see a guy standing and next moment his head is not thier LOL …… though what i really want to see is how would kamui fare against susan’o and its nature changing mirror ? any guesses ?

    5- tsukyomni

    i repeat a sentence by asuma

    “what’s wrong kakashi , one second your’e telling us not to open our eyes and the next your’e on the ground ”

    6-chibaku tensai

    takes some time but the end result is “dude you just got owned”


    you need a good aim LOL but sure is deadly if hit

    8-kagebunshin + ressangen/chidori

    great combo 🙂

  110. forgive me

    diedra c4 takes 8th instead of kagebunshin and ressangen combo

  111. oh, disregard my previous top 12 in that case Ten. This is Kisu’s REAL Top Ten:

    1. Shinra Tensei (pretty self-explanatory)
    2. Bansho Tenin (sure it might not be as flashy as Shinra Tensei, but when you remember that not even light can escape strong enough gravity, you gotta have it high on the list)
    3. Hiraishin
    4. Great Water Shark Missile (the darn’d thing absorbs chakra while its attacking
    5. C4 Karura (only Plot no Jutsu saves anyone that comes in contact with it)
    6. Lightning Release Armor
    7. Tajuu Kage Bunshin (they’re only useful when you make a bunch of them)
    8. Gedo Rinne Tensei (the only jutsu that TRULY revives people)
    9. Earth Grudge Fear
    10. Susanoo (what good is this jutsu if it kills you while using it?)

  112. Kanton top 10:
    1. Six paths(Yes it’s a ninjutsu and everything that comes with it.)
    2. Hirashin
    3. Daikodan (great Shark missile)
    4. C4 Karura
    5. Raiton:Yoroi
    6. Komu no Jutsu (Skilled mist): It did melt Susanoo’s bones)
    7. Mokuton Hijutsu: Jukai Kotan: Instant forest
    8. Earth Grudge Fear (Your soul Heart is mine
    9. Ryusa Bakuryu (Massive destruction)
    10.Mind Eye of Kagura (Massive detection range)

  113. @kisu – about armies, I was just using that one example to compare Hiraishin and Kawarimie, but if you want to spin it into an argument for Shinra Tensei, that’s fine. Shinra Tensei IS an effective army killer, but the problem is that almighty push doesn’t discriminate between enemies and still fighting or wounded comrades. Hiraishin allows the user to do so. If you show up on a field of battle between Konoha and Iwa and use Shinra Tensei, you’re gonna hit you’re comrades as well as the enemies. With Hiraishin you can take out all those enemies without taking out your own guys as well.
    As for the whole skilled person thing.. I’m just trying to say in order to compare the jutsu fairly, we must assume that the two ninja have the exact same skills, and are, in effect, clones of each other. That way they are both 3rd degree juijutsu users who think and act alike. So the winner would win on the merits of the one jutsu they were using, and that’s it. The point IS so there is no variability between the users besides the jutsu. Whether it’s degree of skill or style of teaching, you have to assume that they are the same.

  114. My Top Ten!

    1. Hiraishin
    2. Shinra Tensei
    3. Kage Bunshin
    4. Deidara’s C1 bombs
    5. Rasengan
    6. Chibaku Tensei
    7. Lightning Release Armor
    8. Summoning Technique
    9. Rasenshuriken
    10. Bansho Tenin

    > 10. All those hax/harmful sharingan techniques.

    600. Kawarimi lol

    I’ve explained my reasoning for most of the above list earlier in the post. Still I’d be more than happy to explain my reasoning behind the placements of any of the above jutsu should anyone be truly mystified by my list 🙂

  115. @urban – …I don’t get it. *tilts head to side*

  116. @Darks – haha are you asking me to explain my whole list? a**hole haha jk

  117. @urban – Yes, please. And if possible, rearrange your order. It’s the Feng Shui. XD

  118. I think the most powerful jutsu is…

    PLOT NO JUTSU!!! Dun, dun, dun…!

    I mean, let’s face it. It’s the Jutsu that allowed Sasuke to summon Manda without any chakra. It’s the jutsu that defeated Nagato and made him submit to a book. It’s the jutsu that allowed Sasuke to pull a Hawk summoning contract out of his bum and it’s also the jutsu that gave Naruto his whisker marks!!!

    Well, I’m not sure about that last one, but he was able to go six-tails vs Pein because Plot no Jutsu made Hinata sacrifice herself. The list just goes on and one…

    I therefor dub Plot no Jutsu a Kinjutsu of the highest caliber and forbid it from any further use by anyone. <_<

  119. 8 gates

  120. NARUTO’s Kage Bunshin will conquer all!!

  121. you have missed impure world Resurrection and narutos eternel shisui sharingan.

  122. @Kaif

    Actually, I mentioned Edo Tensei (impure world resurection) and at the time of this post, Shisui’s MS sharingan ability hadn’t been shown yet.

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