Bleach 418 – Deicide too many


When Kubo's a rollin', even video games get trollin'

“Dude Wtf!? OMFG!? Over 9000! Mudkipz!”

Those are the thoughts that ran through my mind while reading this chapter. I have to admit, I found myself cheering for Aizen this entire chapter. He was way out of character this chapter, but it was awesome! However, I’m not too fond of Ichigo’s rapid development to say the least. Anyway, welcome to this week’s Bleach Breakdown.

We know Kubo can't refuse his trolling urges πŸ˜‰

The chapter starts off with Aizen being all cool. It seems he was just as dumbfounded as we were about how Ichigo could do that to him last chapter. He figures that Ichigo turned his Reiatsu into a stat cheat. He gave up his Reiatsu and used it too boost his physical capabilities, but if that’s the answer, it only raises more questions. I’ll get to those later.

Kubo's attempt at making Aizen look 😦

After Aizen delivers his weekly monologue he attacks Ichigo and causes massive collateral damage when Ichigo deflects the strike. Aizen goes on to say he’s so powerful he can essentially alter reality at his whim. He then says he’s glad Ichigo got so strong because now he can test his power out and not even he expected to gain this much power from the Hogyouku.

Butterfree, I choose you! Tackle attack!

Aizen strikes again and this time they are at a stalemate. Aizen says perhaps a zanpakuto’s true form should be being fused with its Shinigami’s arm, like Kyouka Suigetsu and Tensa Zangetsu are right now. He then brags that his evolution is better than Ichigo’s and says he can finish him in an instant. He swings and Ichigo abruptly catches the blade with his bare hand (this is one of the questions I mentioned above). Aizen is bewildered by this, just like me, and then in a fit of rage and frustration uses a supercharged version of his Kurohitsugi, because the last time he used it, it was about as big as Komamura, but here it looks like it could hold (Tengen Myou Komamura’s Bankai). Ichigo then completely blows it away with one swing and has sustained no injuries too boot (that’s the second question). He then tells Aizen that it was his power transforming the area and not Aizen’s and says he’s stronger than him as well. He then slashes Aizen and the chapter comes to an end with that.

Question #1. How could Ichigo catch a blade with no injuries received whatsoever? An Arrancar has Hierro, which makes their skin hard in proportion to the amount of Reiatsu they have. Kenpachi has something similar. His Reiatsu is so enormous that it makes potential injuries from a weak opponent null. But these are all Reiatsu-related abilities, so Ichigo should have gotten cut. Why didn’t he?

Question #2. According to Aizen-sama, Shinigami can nullify other Shinigami’s attacks if their Reiatsu is much higher. So a Captain can nullify a Kido attack from a 3rd seat. In one instance, Aizen even nullified Soi Fon’s move with his enormous Reiatsu. So here’s the question, how could Ichigo nullify Kurohitsugi if he currently has no Reiastu?

Overall, I enjoyed the chapter in its early stages. It was nice seeing Aizen-sama going all out and actually be interested in a fight. I was also hoping that he’d put Ichigo in his place for being so arrogant last week when he said, “I’ll end this in an instant”. But the later pages where I was seeing Ichigo make a joke out of the man that has been in unstoppable God Mode for almost 40 chapters was very unbelievable and irritating. I wonder how next week’s chapter will be…


~ by kisuzachi on September 1, 2010.

56 Responses to “Bleach 418 – Deicide too many”

  1. its out. My first breakdown on my new laptop πŸ˜€

  2. Your Fast Today.

  3. @BlackBurst, Kisu’s always fast! πŸ˜€

    No wonder I can’t keep a girlfriend 😦

  4. pfft… i think your new laptop was slowing your timing down. I came over here after reading it and expected it to be here and I had to come back 5 minutes later. Get the lead out!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    To give a shot at both your questions it could be simply put that we just don’t know enough to answer just yet. We see blade catching all the time in other media where the person being attacked was not even scratched (of course they caught it with two hands and not one). And him nullifying the coffin spell by brute strength alone can just be explained by him gaining so much power from being in the space-time room. You may not like him gaining so much power so quickly, but people out in the real world gain strength when confronted by danger or stress by the release of endorphins and adrenaline. So why do people have such a hard time liking quick power ups by any character not just in Bleach?

  5. @sockarlu, hey, blame my 3 year old nephew. He broke my old laptop last night :D. Anyhoo, it isnt that we don’t like quick power ups, its just that we don’t think 1 power up can be = to all the power ups Aizen got. And even before those he was basically unbeatable.

  6. @ Kisuzachi
    Aizen said, His Reitsu is now Physical Power for the Spiritual Body, So I think hes kind of like Superman with a Sword.

    But he still must have Reitsu for his Getsuga Tenshou unless his Sword cuts away at Reitsu and Absorbs it for attacks including that now Ichigo and his sword are agglutinated. He basically is his sword so maybe his power is no longer like that of Shinigami/Hollow but more Akin to the Quincy in how they Absorb Reitsu from the Atmosphere, to use through the weapon.

    I dont know much about the Kido but Aizen repelled 4eyes Kido in the Pendelum arc, and Ichigo to out a 90# Kido. Like it was nothing I cant imagine Physical power to be enough to destroy space time itself. But Aizen destroyed that thingy in the inbetween world so maybe the explantion can be explained by the those terms.

  7. Maybe it’s just because we don’t know enough about what happened with Ichigo and what he has gained. Maybe it’s like Aisen said a while back. He is grooming Ichigo to be more than what he is. Maybe this was Ichigo’s power all along. Perhaps your equation is wrong. Maybe Aisen has been gaining all these powers/transformation to equal to Ichogo’s potential.

  8. Ichigo = Gohan when you think about kubo’s plagiarizing skills

  9. Can anyone clarify who if any of the espadas were vasto lordes. I know the anime recently had Halibel as a vasto lorde, but I don’t remember the manga ever stating the fact.

  10. @doom, Espadas 1-4 were Vastos according to the latest databook.

  11. In terms of Powerlevels this is my Logic.

    5th D. Aizen > Urahara/Yourichi/Isshin.
    Hougyoku Aizen < Urahara/Yourichi/Isshin.
    Evolved Aizen – Zero Squad.
    TrumpCard Aizen – Neo Ichigo.

    Also going over the Issue again Aizens Referance to the Zanpaktous and their Altered/Enhanced Form. In my Mind could be the final stage beyond the Bankai that Zero Squad Death Lords possess. This would also make sense if later its known that
    Z-Squad could of handled Aizen if need be seeing how they surpass the power levels of Shinigami anyhow.

    If there was another level what would be cooler than saying BANKAI!!! Really loud…Anyone?

    Please Correct Me or Rip my Brain πŸ˜€

  12. Hi guys… This chapter is gonaa be nasty when they animate it, finally some scrappin’…. Ichigo isnt a DBZ character he is Apocalypse from the X-Men. Just watch in the next couple of chapters he is gonna tell Aizen ‘ I am as far beyond you as you are beyond them (other soul reapers)’. Aizens go nna keep trying to evolve until he finally explodes from overload. Ichigo being so powerfull, the 0 squad is going to come attack him because no One should be that powerfull. Just watch-Just watch.

  13. I actually liked this chapter. Hate hate HATE Aizen. Was satisfifying to see him get rejected at every turn lol.

  14. @Return_of_Ra – OMG, I still remember those words from Apocalypse they were Epic.

  15. How come bleach haters always get the breakdowns?

  16. Zero Squad won’t be anything special. They’re just above-average Captains after all. And we know for a fact they’re all weaker than Yamamoto. They’re the Vasto Lordes of Shinigami.

    Anyway, I think I’ve figured out Ichigo’s power boost. Normally a Bankai increases Reiatsu, but Ichigo’s compresses his and makes him faster and stronger as a result. What if all he has done is truly master his Bankai? If he could compress his Reiatsu to a level where its like its not there he would get a phenomenal boost in strength and speed. But that still doesn’t justify being “stronger” than Aizen

  17. @black: I like your predictions! I think it could be very plausible.

    @Ra: wow…i forgot all about those words…love it!

  18. @hell: Haters make life more fun. And everyone is a critic. So while you may not like his style of writing, I find Kisu’s style pretty humorous.

    @kisu: Interesting idea. But doesn’t the final attack of Ichigo’s banki require Reiatsu to use? And if he is compressing the Reiatsu, that is a TON to compress btw, then it has to go somewhere. Maybe to his sword, and that is how the final attack is released? Ichigo is just biding his time until his sword is “powered up” and then he releases it?

  19. What if in fact Ichigo is not surpressing it, but it is so overwhelming that it feels like nothing….
    Quoting Aizen…”Sensing absolutely nothing is impossible”— but wht if it really was “Sensing aboslutely everythong is impossible”

    It can go the other way, i think!

  20. @everyone – what if Ichigo is really Gai in disguise!?!?

  21. @dark: We have already established that he is Tite’s manifestation of himself in the Bleach manga. πŸ™‚

    @everyone: I felt on Dark’s emphasis that we are playing on the “what if” situations to a extreme a bit. Love the thoughts though! πŸ™‚

  22. @Everyone, No I dont think we are playing on the “what if” situations because we are Otaku thats what we do but NARUTO Owns the “what if” catagory, I mean literally people.

  23. @dark no he is actually Furinji Hayato.

  24. kisu, usually i find myself agreeing with you on this sort of thing, but this time no. youre seriously complaining about the lack of logic now? really!? after god knows how many weeks aizen trolled the fuck out of the entire gotei 13, vizards, gin, and apparently decided that reason no longer applys to him, after all that BS you are complaining when it goes the other way for once? its okay for aizen to be all powerfull for the whole friggen series (stalking you since you were born ichigo, planned the whole series… LOL) but ichigo cant be cool for two chapters? i could give a shit about aizen. if theres one thing kubo did right its making us hate him. im sorry for the rant, but i find it a little dumb that after all the complaining here each week about aizen being overpowered, now everyone complains when he isnt overpowered for a total of 2(wow thats alot!) chapters.

    P.S i also find it hilariously ironic that people are now saying that Ichigo is kubo’s author avatar, when 4-5 weeks ago everyone was saying that was aizen.

  25. @dark-Everybody knows Gai is Kenpachi…dont they?

  26. Thank god someone said it lol. I’m actually enjoying Ichigo’s attitude. He hasn’t been very confident about too many fights recently, but now, he’s making Aizen shit his…wings? I’ve been pissed off at Aizen ever since Urahara did those bad ass moves and Aizen was like, “Oh, I should be dead. Good thing I learned new hax.”

    I’m excited/scared about what happens after this fight. Ichigo winning/not being dead already makes him the strongest non-Aizen character in the manga. This makes me think 2 things:

    1)New characters, who must have been hiding all these years, come and are even more powerful. Will they really accept a currently living shinigami/human as an equal? Do the Gotei 13, who have lost their commander, just say, “Oh well, we haven’t even filled the other captain slots, what’s one more gonna do?”

    2) Manga is coming to it’s climax. The end is near. (Better not end this fast/one sided)

    I, personally, am enjoying this arc regardless

  27. Hahahahaha!!! Ichigo threw his reiatsu away! Why didn’t I think of that? I mean when we left him he was fighting a fusion of his zanpakuto and inner hollow, I should’ve known his solution would be to kick them into the garbage! Anyone wanna bet that Tite never explains how exactly Ichigo’s new superpowers work and how he got them? If he’s original, he might come up with making Ichigo a super-strong, super-fast humanoid born on the doomed planet Krypton, where his real parents jettisoned him to Earth before their imminent destruction!

  28. @Urbanvolcano87 I sense much sarcasm and Kubo bashing in you. What did Kubo ever do to deserve all this hate? Oh yeah…nvm.

    …How will all this effect the definition of the term “aizened”?

  29. @everyone – Innit refreshingly ironic that Ichigo stopped Aizen’s sword in the same way Aizen stopped Ichigo’s sword all those lifetimes ago in the Soul Society arc? For a refresher, see below:

    Play him off, Keyboard Cat!

  30. or seen here in the anime:

  31. @kanton – LOL

  32. @Takashid, that’s exactly why I don’t like Ichigo being so strong. Aizen has been trolling everyone for almost 40 chapters now. I mean, Ichigo’s only been a Shinigami for 8 months, and everything he’s learned thus far are through a slew of shortcut methods. There’s nothing wrong with shortcuts, but it stands to reason that someone who does things the right way will know more than someone who did it through a shortcut (hence why the Captains are much more well-rounded than Ichigo). Anyway Aizen is over 105 years old and so is his plan, but this kid comes along and is beating our Villain Sue, badly at that? Let’s remember Aizen could beat anyone in this manga with very minimal effort…before he transformed. Now he’s transformed 3 times and Ichigo’s pwning him after only 3 months of training? Yeah right πŸ˜›

    @ajd, Ichigo’s story is coming to an end, not Bleach. In the new databook Kubo said he’s gonna bring in a new protagonist, one that’s older than Ichigo. Plus its not like this story could continue with Ichigo. Just look at how much more powerful than the other characters he is.

    @hell, Bleach is my 2nd favorite manga. I like it more than Naruto, but its fun making fun of Bleach’s lack of a plot πŸ™‚

  33. Great short breakdown Kisu!

    So many deicides…next chapter should be Deicide OVER 9000!!!
    Because Ichigo looks like he’s stronger than everyone and their mother… @_@

  34. I really enjoyed this chapter, but i get this feeling that ichigo is going to die at the end of this arc. They already plan to bring in a new protagonist. What if the sudden growth of power from ichigo has the same effect of opening all 8 gates in naruto. It grants you a major power up but comes with a high price. If ichigo is forcing all of his reiatsu into his body couldnt that cause a huge strain on his body. Could this be why issin lost his powers. Maybe thats the cost of gaining such a increase in power.

  35. well kisu, i agree with you that it doesn’t make sense, but hey, who was it who decided that reason no longer applied? aizen. so i find it hilarious that no ichigo has apparently done the same thing and now its backfiring on aizen.

    for a more serious answer, i think we are just going to have to wait and see. we dont know what happened over the 3 months, my personal theory is that he mastered the FGT in 1 month and spent the last 2 constantly training. but a theory ive heard, to explain ichigo’s attitude change, is that the reason Tensa did not want to teach ichigo the FGT is because using it will cost ichigo his life/powers, hence the “final” part of the name. that would explain why ichigo is all serious now and not his usual self. lastly, id just like to point out that we don’t know if aizen is right about ichigo tossing his reiatsu for physical strength. aizen is GUESSING, he has no idea wtf is going on and he doesnt want to belive that ichigo surpassed him. plus, ichigo did not confirm it when he asked.

  36. @Takashid, GASP! Are you saying Aizen is in denial? He’s so frightened by Ichigo’s power that he’s trying to find a reason as to why Ichigo appears to be stronger? Hahaha. That was according to plan. Aizen expects us to think that. He ‘understands’ us πŸ˜€

  37. Great breakdown Kisu! I just have to say Aizen is…wrong. Ichgio has reiatsu or none of the above would make sense. Your questions account for that Kisu.

    (Note: Spiritual Pressure = Reiatsu)

    It’s true, you can’t even cut someone if they overwhelmingly have more reiatsu than you. Ichigo with no reiatsu shouldn’t even be able to scratch Aizen. So Aizen is just wrong. Ichigo didn’t throw his reaitsu away. Ichigo just has so much reiatsu it’s beyond sensing to those on a lower tier of power. I believe you brought it up before regarding Isshin’s comment on Aizen’s reaitsu. ‘Only someone on the same level can feel it’ (loose quote). Well, Ichgio is on his own level now and no one can feel his massive reaistu. Just 3 months…that’s BS. This is Bleach.

  38. Don’t you know all ready the fourth wall won’t protect you

  39. FGT = Final Getsuga Tenshou, FTG = Flying Thunder God. Does this mean…Ichigo is really Minato…with OCD!?

    @super – that’s just what I wanted to say, but couldn’t be bothered typing all those words. ^_^ thanks man!

  40. just as expected but

    i call bullshit on this one seriously how the hell can that kid beat aizen because he trained for few months ! to hell with it , stop failing already tite >_>

  41. @ahsan, I knew you couldn’t resist WRA for much longer :D. Glad to see you agree with me

    @Superdude and Darks, my above questions really screw with Aizen’s little theory don’t they? WAIT A SEC! DOES THIS MEAN I’M SMARTER THAN AIZEN-SAMA!?
    *gets bottles of champagne, cranks up the music and invites Superdude’s “employees” ;)*

  42. Chained-arm Ichigo = Ultimate Gohan

  43. Is there anywhere you can read the new data book online?

  44. Ichigo has no reiatsu because, just as Aizen is now beyond “reason”, Ichigo is beyond reiatsu.

    I still think Ichigo is or contains Aizen’s original pre-hogyouku hax-orb.

  45. jdizzlex, yeah there are lots of places (well you can download, but not read it), but do you know how to read Japanese?

  46. Great breakdown kisu.
    I call shenanigans on the whole arc, Urahara makes an appearance, defeated anit-climaticly, Isshin, makes an appearance… once again defeated anti-climaticly, Aizen uses hax to combine Bleach with Pokemon and now Ichigo spends a few months in, what basically is the Time Chamber from DBZ and is now on a whole new level to Aizen… i feel asthough Kubo may have given up with Bleach to be honest, just trying to finish it quickly before he gets even more abuse off the fans πŸ˜›


  48. Check this out guys, it’s a spoof of bleach by gintama..

    I guess we are not the only one who realized that Kubo is trollin’..hahahahh

  49. I cant read japanesse amd i cant download it bc i use my iphone. So am I s.o.l. then?

  50. I think Ichigo is going to pull a Chao-tzu on Aizen.

    He’ll use some new technique called “Not-Kamui” or possibly “Kablooey” on Aizen, and they both die in the process.
    Then once he ‘dies’ he’ll travel serpent way (not snake way, that would be PLAGIARISM) and he’ll meet King Koi (not KAI)

    This allows Orihime to take center-stage. And after some training with Roshi—err… Yamamoto (he’s not dead) She’ll learn the new attack
    (which is a pure blast of sexy energy)

  51. @prawl – I nearly died from laughing so hard just now.

  52. Kubo : (to editor) hey man if i give ichigo yellow – naruto like hair and renji a kakashi like mask and a cool eye technique will bleach start to become awesome again ?

    editor : dude just do the flying ,time chamber, grow hair longer to show power level and the frieza like -evolution right now we’ll see rest later we already have a huge list ya know

    -masked mysterious final villain
    -rubber body
    – eye techinque clan etc etc

    kubo : hey i got an awesome idea lets just kill ichigo here and add a masked guy with a sharingan and yellow hair and super * mode as our hero

    editor : dude you freakin rock thats an awesome idea lets do it , but first lets make it look like ichigo would win and then kill him now that would make an awesome twist !

    kubo : yup i already drew some pages of it *hands em over *

    editor : aaa but these are all just straight lines O_o

    kubo : nooes that’s our new hero attacking with his brand new sword grr i mean soul slayer

    editor : cool cool lets do it !!!

  53. @ahsan *somewhere Nick Simmons is spying on there conversation*

  54. Nick Simmons *whisper to himself while taking notes* Yes, that is a good idea. I’m glad that I thought of disguising myself as the janitor and planting all of those cameras.

  55. Chapter’s out!

  56. Aizen transforms AGAIN like you said Kisu. πŸ˜‰

    He almost defeats Ichigo but then he’s going to reveal the Final Getsuga Tenshou.

    Nothing we didn’t expect. -_-

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