Naruto Shippuuden 175 Breakdown. A hero’s return.

Hello everyone and welcome to another weekly Naruto anime breakdown and, for all intents and purposes, what could be called the real end of the Pein invasion arc.

All I can say is that it has been quite the roller coaster of a ride, with as many ups as there were downs and a few twists that definitely left our brains reeling from an overexposure to craziness. For better or for worse, it is now in the past. One chapter comes to a close in our epic tale and another new journey begins in its place.

But has this particular story arc etched itself permanently into our hearts and minds, or was the end really just that? The end…

And will I ever stop asking these weird questions at the beginning of my breakdowns? O_o

Damn... I knew I shouldn't have kicked him there. Will he ever walk normally again? T__T

All weirdness aside, I had mixed feelings while I was watching this chapter. A lot of it was what I had expected coming from the manga, but once again, the subtleties of music and sound add another dimension to anything that may have previously been considered simplistic or mundane, making it vibrant and colourful.

I honestly do believe that the sound alone makes the biggest difference in the way emotions are absorbed while watching the anime episodes and, once again, this episode doesn’t disappoint. From the very start, as we see Kakashi sitting by the creepy campsite with his father, who has about as much life in his expression as pigeon caught in the epicenter of an atomic bomb blast, an ambiance of finality slowly began to seep through into my skin (weird huh?) and yet at the same time, a feeling of the hope of a better tomorrow remains ever-present. I felt that the anime handled this scene well, for all intents and purposes, and a small amount of extra dialogue really helped flesh it out more, even though, in the end, it still felt like it was missing something that it needed to help make it feel more complete.

It did, however, afford me an interesting opportunity. I thought that seeing as how Sakumo is probably the closest glimpse we will ever get at seeing what Kakashi’s face might look like under the mask, I decided to do a little merger of their physical features to see how it would turn out. Kakashi’s face with Sakumo’s mouth and jaw instead of his usual mask, compliments of myself and my trusty photoshop. ^ ^

And viola!!! Hmmm... I wonder if the number of fangirls will change positively or negatively after this. Let's ask our local Kakashi expert Ahsan. @__@

If anyone wants me to put up a comparison shot, showing the difference with the mask on and off, or just next to Sakumo, just let me know. Now, moving along before some Kakashi fan kills me, we switch back to Naruto and his company, as Nagato leaves some final parting words for our blond hero right before he dies, words Naruto will likely carry with him for the rest of his life.

I found this scene to be very deep and moving. The way Nagato warns Naruto of the impending suffering that he will have to face and the hardships he will have to endure and survive while still remaining true to himself, really gives us a sense of what Nagato himself must have felt. He had really been broken down in life and I guess these few words he is now offering are his last gift to help Naruto from being broken in the same way as well. One line in particular caught my attention.

“You may try to find meaning in death, but there is only pain. An unbreakable hatred…”

I think there is a lot of meaning in that sentence alone. When we lose someone close to us, someone we love and care for deeply, we find ourselves lost and we just want to understand why it happened. We want to find a way to justify it, so that the pain we feel doesn’t hurt so much, but all we are really doing is trying to save ourselves from an overwhelming sense of loss and hopelessness. In the end, however, there is no way to truly understand it and the pain never really goes away. All we can do is try to accept it and find the strength to move forward again. I also think that this was another important message needed to help Naruto move forward again, past the death of his sensei and towards a brighter future.

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Oh wait... I just farted... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

My favorite part of this episode, however, was after Naruto had finished saying his goodbyes to Konan and started heading back to Konoha. Wandering alone in the forest, the exhaustion from the battle with Pein was finally settling in.

Watching Naruto waver over each step he took, hearing the sound of his breathing become deeper and more strained and seeing his face fall faint while his eyes became heavy and laced with fatigue, it really does make you feel like just walking over and giving him a helping hand. It makes you wonder, though, what would have happened to Naruto if he had just been left there to his fate, alone, in the same way he was left alone and injured in the forest as a child. What if no-one cared whether he made it back to the village or not in the same way they never cared for him in the past? What if he was still just a hate-filled memory everyone wanted to forget…?

This scene really does give you a fleeting glimpse of that sense of loneliness, of that strain and hardship one faces when no-one is there beside them. Then, just as Naruto’s body had finally failed him, just as he began to fall towards the earth at his feet, someone was suddenly there. Someone was waiting to catch him…

This time, you won't be forgotten. This time, someone will help carry you when you no longer have the strength to move forward alone anymore...

*Tries not to cry. Eats Marksman as comfort food.* T__T

When Naruto finally does return to the village, he is greeted with a true ‘hero’s welcome’ at last. The same villagers and fellow shinobi who once regarded him with nothing more than loathing and discontent, were now offering him all the praise they could muster.

Greeted with smiles and laughter, cheers and tears, I think Naruto finally received some of that acknowledgment and acceptance he had always craved for his entire life and yet, in a way, it also seemed to discomfort and even scare him to a degree. However, that stands to reason giving the complete absence any similar kind of attention given towards him in the past.

Now I bet he wishes he was invisible. @__@

All other things aside, one part that did catch me as a bit odd in this episode was the sudden placement of the flashbacks that show Naruto’s growing acceptance by the village narrated by Ebisu, flashbacks that were meant to happen quite a few episodes ago but were strangely absent at the time.

I am glad they have finally found there way back into the anime again, however, I do feel like there placement detracted from the focus a little bit, even though the theme remained consistent with Naruto’s return as a hero. It just felt a bit drawn out, I guess, but it was still pleasant overall, regardless.

Against all the odds, against all the pain and loneliness, he still kept going forward. The ability to never give up won Naruto the affection he desired, but he would have never achieved it if he had ever allowed himself to be defeated.

One thing I noticed in particular, during this flashback, was how in the past, everyone from the older generation referred to Naruto as “The demon fox” or, “The fox kid”, which shows just how much people associated him with the monster he contained and how they saw him as nothing more than a monster or, in the least, a reincarnation of the Kyuubi.

But as time passed, they slowly grew to accept him as one of their own, and began referring to him by his real name, “Naruto.” The whole scene was actually very clever in its implementation, because once again it brings us back to Naruto’s name, the same name that identified the hero of his sensei’s novel and the same name that he inherited as a keepsake from the one person who had taught him the most about kindness and understanding.

It is a name that represents his individuality and his humanity and it is a name that now brings hope to all who hear it.

A teachers hope for his student is fulfilled. Iruka's tears reflect the endless joy in his heart as he witnesses Naruto's moment of praise and acceptance.

Well, that’s it from me this week. I hope you all enjoyed the episode and the breakdown!

Anyway, I know I may be shooting myself in the foot with this, but I decided to give the caption contest another try. Let’s see if you guys can move it forward again, but I guess that’s up to you all in the end if you want to or not.

Here is this week’s screen.

*Insert Caption here.*

I guess all that’s left is the preview for next week’s episode, which is actually another filler special episode. However, this one may actually be interesting, especially considering the fact that it deals with a much younger, pre-graduate Naruto and his first meeting with the one teacher who would eventually end up changing his life.

It is also a fitting tribute to Iruka, given his important role in Naruto’s life that I feel he never really got enough attention for. I have high hopes for this one.

Well, see you all soon!

Cheers! ^ ^

~ by Tenrai Senshi on August 30, 2010.

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  4. Caption:

    ‘…but just before he died, Kakashi, Nagato made me swear to bury him with his pride. It shouldn’t be too hard to find, just keep a lookout for two guys in “DarkSenshi” t-shirts stomping all over it.’

  5. Yondaime!!! Yeah, awesome and in-depth breakdown Tenrai… just a soothing ending for that peinful arc!

  6. fifth

  7. *runs to piss on Nagato’s and yahiko’s graves* That was for Hinata.

  8. *nagato’s spirit enters truepain’s body and picks up an axe*

    *starts heading for kantonkage, darkavatar and tenrai*

    heeeeeeeere’s nagato!

  9. @truepain

    Woah, woah, waoh!!! Hold on there a minute. Why am I a target?

    Firstly, I do not deficate, or perform any other ghastly acts that involve bodily excretement, in public, or anywhere else other than my bathroom, thank you very much.

    Sorry Darks, you are on your own there, although Kantonkage seems more than willing to join you.

    Secondly, running towards an extreme onmivor (as Kanton would put it) in a threatening gesture, especially one that is particulalry hungry right this moment, is not very condusive to a healthy lifestyle, or very wise. @___@

  10. *gets unpossessed*

    sorry bout that tenrai! XD

    *gets repossessed and charges at kanton and dark*

  11. Great Breakdown Ten. However, you forgot one particularly important scene. The scene where Naruto made a little memorial for Jiraiya with the paper flowers Konan gave him and the copy of “Gutsy Ninja”. It wasn’t present in the original manga, but was added to the Volume release and that’s why the anime put it in, so it isn’t a filler moment. Excellent photoshop skills 😀

  12. @Kisu

    Yeah, I did notice it, but I just didn’t know what to say about it. But that’s what the comments section is for, so you guys can add what you felt about the episode. That and for people to randomly butcher one another, it seems. <_<

    *Takes out popcorn and eats Kisu.*

  13. *somehow manages an escape from Tenria’s stomach after being eaten as confort food* T__T

    Despite being covered in stomach Juices and saliva, i must say; Excellent breakdown Tenrai. Your insight into the depth of emotion that this episode portrayed, exquisitely complemented the writing of this breakdown.

    I must also agree, it was a good emotion filled episode. The quality was good to.

  14. Now if you will excuse me….

    *runs away with my hands in the air screaming*

  15. *zips up jeans and freezes truepain with water-bending* heh. That’ll do it.

  16. Btw tenrai, I edited my caption entry to be a little more g-rated. Now you can join in all you like! ^_^

  17. *looks at the true pain icicle ties it on to a giant catapault and launches him who knows where.* Pain is not a Woobie destroyer of worlds.

  18. Caption: Naruto: Kakashi…
    Kakashi: Don’t say it…
    Naruto: You know I have to
    Kakashi: DON’T!

    Yay! The Caption Contests are back! ^_^

    Great breakdown, although I didn't watch the episode.

  19. CAPTION: Though happy that Kakashi was alive, Naruto felt a bit depressed at missing his chance to try Necrophile-no-jutsu

  20. *escapes Tenrai’s stomach, and throws Tenrai-Bile filled balloons at random bloggers, then fasions a sword out of one of Tenrai’s ribs*



    *An army of mental hospital workers arrive, defeat Prawl, and feed him back to Tenrai*

  21. Caption: I now bestowed upon you the piggyback of youth it was past down from Gai and now I shall pass on to you.
    *Get hits with tenrai bile balloons* :[ *shoots at mental workers and prawl then grabs Prawl’s broken body puts it on the same
    catapault and launches him somewhere far*

  22. CAPTION: Naruto: Thanks Kakashi for letting me be seme for once.

  23. wahahaha i’m back!

    kanton, didn’t pokemon teach you anything? it’s useless to launch people in the air. they’ll just come back the next episode.

  24. Ow, someone stole my rib. T___T

    You know, those things aren’t like teeth, they don’t just grow back every time you pluck one out.

    *Takes rib back from Prawl and whacks him over the head with it.* <__<

  25. @Ten
    @_____@ your teeth grow back everytime you lose one? I didn’t know you were related to Kisame… >_____> This makes things much more clear.

    everybody needs a
    Gently into


    good break down bte ten!


    NARUTO :
    if you can’t see only me. i would force you into a corner where you won’t have any choice but to rely only to me… i would force you to love me…and only look at me”

    CAPTION: “in order to have you… i would bind you by any means..atlast Naruto is the seme this time..=p

  27. @truePein true they always come back *grabs truepain then puts him on the catapult again* only to blasted away again *activates trigger and launches truepain again* >:)
    Caption: Kakashi Ok now stop smiling for that is a sign that your getting to comfortable.

  28. There is two things I never understood.
    1) How retarded is Konoha?
    2) Why does everybody address Kakashi as Kaka-sensei?

  29. The new episode is out.

  30. the new episode was great! For once we don’t get useless filler 🙂

  31. they should just used the opening and ending promo instead of that hour of worthlessness I really liked this episode as well.

  32. whats the episode about… cuz i’m debating on whether to watch it or not

  33. LOL kakashi noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    what can i say he looks “odd” without the mask xD

  34. Nice breakdown. Now to go watch the ep…

    @Kanton: 1) Very but not as ‘tarded as Suna. 2) It’s because of the “s” sound at the beginning of “sensei” and at the end of “Kakashi.” Since they blend together, the convention is to sorta combine them, hence “Kakasensei.”

  35. Quick little message:

    I am appalled. I visited the main page for Chatroll earlier, and it has all gone down the toilet. I mean, it is SERIOUSLY messed up. After they joined twitter and stuff, it was all moneymoneymoney and everything was screwed up.

    I can honestly say, R.I.P. Chatroll…

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