Rate This Weeks Manga 28/08/2010

Yo folks! Once again i return to give you your fun packed post of rating joy 😀 Before i start though im announcing that i am going to be retiring from writing the post as of the 7th of September due to school work and getting bad grades in my GCSEs last year (For those whom do not know what a GCSE is, its basically what people in the UK take to get qualifications in order to do jobs etc etc. savvy ?). Anyway basically im saying this incase any of you dedicated readers wanted to take over, atleast untill christmas, and i shall announce the new author next week in my last post for a while.

Anyways lets get onto the rating before i bore you all to death…

Going to skim through these rather quickly to be honest, so sorry incase you wanted my usual in depth rating.

Fairy Tail was good this week, its nice to have a break from all the fighting now, ending chapter of the current arc. Gets an 7 out of 10.

Bleach next as it usually is… and shockingly i must say i actually enjoyed this chapter, only for the reason that it shut Aizen up from the usual: ” i know what you about to do, therefor ive already won” *kills enemy, gloats and maybe does a little dance*…. well maybe he doesnt do a little dance, but would be more entertaining the some of the previous chapters we’ve seen in the past few weeks. Bleach gets a 7.5 out of 10 this week for 2 reason, one somebody shut Aizen up and two it involved epic facepalms.

NEXT!… Naruto

All i can say is, hurray for a Flashback that didnt take up more than half the chapter :D. We saw some epic youth skills being shown at the start, which made me wonder, why didnt Gai just do this in the first fight and save us the trouble of having such an anti climatic battle. Was it just me or was it the fastest Akatsuki defeat so far ? bit rubbish if you ask me *dodges angry reader’s thrown objects* Naruto gets an 8 out of 10 this week from me.

And finally we come to One Piece, which although is doing a runner for 4 weeks, was still an awesome chapter, but thats One Piece for ya… always awesome that beats the rest  *dodges Naruto, Bleach and Fairy Tail fan’s thrown objects*.

Basically this was  just the set up for the 4 week break, after its finished i’d imagine that the time skip has happened and they’re all arriving to meet each other. Anyway before i go into a breakdown of the chapter im going to give One Piece 8 out of 10.

And since i only watched it yesterday im going to throw this into the post aswell …

Im givng it Over 9000!! because i enjoyed it greatly … i will say no more and leave you all to your merry making.

au revoir

~ by Captain Awesome on August 29, 2010.

22 Responses to “Rate This Weeks Manga 28/08/2010”

  1. First!

    Bleh, who reads One Piece!?

  2. 2nd
    Yeah what dark said.

  3. @dark I just hope your prepared for the OP mob because I’m always *takes out cannons* prepared.

  4. third!

  5. yo dark… i’ll let u think that orochimaru can beat pein but i wont let u insult the best manga of all time… One Piece… i just hope ur not one of the pple that gave bleach a 10… bleach lacks any sort of plot

  6. @omar true Bleach has no plot whatsoever but this chapter was good.

  7. so im like kinda having a tough time giving it a good rating… because on its own its epic, the episode was full of epicness… but the fact that ichigo is strong enough to beat aizen now, and that aizen no longer uses any of his powers seems ridiculous and is just one big plot hole so yeaa..

  8. Hey, how about instead of dissing Bleach every week, we just accept that it is what it is? Maybe in the end it’ll tie together, maybe not. There was a point in time where Bleach was awesomeness. Hell, it wasn’t that long ago. (even though the best arch was save Rukia) Hey, I’ve spent about 3 years of my life on it, and just because Bleach’s story is dead, doesn’t mean it can’t go hallow. (lol, the irony) I feel sorry for Kubo really, Imagine getting writers block, having to produce material in a set time, and having your massive fan-base begin to turn hostile.

    I’m done ranting lol

  9. “i’ll let u think that orochimaru can beat pein but i wont let u insult the best manga of all time… One Piece”

    OP is my favorite manga right now, but I take offense to that. Dragonball was the best manga of all time…you blasphemous heathen 😡

    Bleach – 8
    One Piece – 7
    Naruto – 9

    @ajd, I thought the Rukia arc was boring actually. The battles weren’t over-the-top enough for my tastes. But ever since the Bount Arc I’ve been hooked on it. Bleach is my Dragonball replacement and will always have a special place in my black hole of a heart…..no matter how hard the plot is to find 🙂

    Kisu’s Bleach story breakdown:

    characters: A
    fight scenes: A+
    premise: A
    plot: C

    Kisu’s Naruto story Breakdown:

    characters: C+
    fight scenes: B+
    premise: A- (ninjas….its been done before)
    plot: A+

    Kisu’s OP story breakdown

    characters: A
    fight scenes: A
    premise: B+ (pirates…its been done before)
    plot: A

    These are just my opinions of course >_>

  10. don’t get me wrong guys, if i didn’t like bleach i wouldnt bother to read it every week and watch all the anime episodes. But of the three big ones its the worst. And kisu I agree with u on bleach regarding characters in terms of how cool they look and their abilities, but i think the character development is lacking, especially since the last like 200 episodes have been

    Also for OP id say that pirates have been done b4 but not like that, but i agree almost entirely with ur grades. and i also take it as a pseudodbz. Now i think dragonball was definitely the best in its time, but its close to one piece for me right now, just because of replay value. I’ve watched bleach twice all the way through (tried a third time and stopped really quickly) watched naruto 2 times also but its still pretty good when i rewatch, one piece i’ve seen 3 times and still want to keep rewatching to catch all the details and cuz its such a rich story. dbz can’t really watch it anymore, and db is still awesome, so id say for me DB and OP are like tied at #1 but i think OP will surpass it by the end (and i think naruto deserves better than a C+ in terms of characters) think chuunin exam, and all of akatsuki, awesome characters… but i mean OP, Naruto Bleach, FMA, Deathnote DB are all frickin amazing (only ones i’ve really read)

  11. “last 200 episodes have been a war basically” is what was supposed to be typed

  12. amar: the last 200 episodes of bleach have not been a war. its been a skirmish, if that. nothing but endless one on one battles between about 30 people max. thats not a war for me, no matter what kubo says. the Whitebeard war in One Piece, THAT was a war. explosions, armys, clashing groups, and countless interesting clashes between powerfull characters who kept changing opponents as the tide of the war shifted. bleach is nowhere near that in this “war”.

  13. sorry if i sound like im picking a fight amar, im not. i just get irritated when people say bleach is having a war, and decided to rant a bit.

  14. I apologize for my rage rant earlier. Bleach is my least favorite out of the tops, but I’ve been seeing comments recently about people realizing how much they hate it. That’s not fair, and not true. I vote you can hate the story when it’s done. A lot of people are dissing OP also. You all love them, and you know you do. Just try to show some more support for them, that’s all.

    YEAH! LIFE! WOOOOO!!!!…that’s a pep talk for me as well lol…I’m done. *backs out slowly*

  15. @Dark: Obviously no one reads OP! Everyone is just pretending to

  16. *Eats Eatencookie* @___@

  17. Everyone has their own opinion.

    I personally think that One Piece is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! 😀

    *turns around to see Tenrai devouring eatencookie*


  18. *Glares a whole in his stomach and climbs out* *realises she killed him* Oh damn not again! O_O *Edges away slowly whistling innocently*

    @Dragon: Well thats a blatant lie

  19. Wow this has to be the most comments ive ever had on my post 😛 So any offers folks on taking up my job ?

  20. @amar, well counting the huge amount of reruns Toonami aired of DBZ in the 90s and early 21st century, I’d say I’ve seen every DBZ episode at least 9 times. And yet I still drop everything I’m doing to watch DBZKai (despite the obvious attempts at censorship). DBZ is like a gateway drug..its really a gateway anime. Once you watch it, you’ll really want to watch other Shonen series. For me and all of my friends, OP and its weird art was originally a turn-off (but it was mostly due to 4kids’ awful dub). I gave it a shot when Ace died and its been my favorite since…but my friends stick to Naruto and Bleach.

    Also, I gave Naruto a c+ for characters because they’re all carbon cut outs of each other and have little to no personality and have severely overused the “bad childhood = bad person” cliché. Every team follows the same dynamic, 1 female (always useless) and 2 males (one being the “leader” with the females attraction, and the other being second to the leader). The three leads are just the young versions of the Sanin in my opinion. This whole “recycled character” thing became pretty apparent after the Kakashi Gaiden. Don’t even get me started about the entire season of fillers.

    Bleach’s characters are VERY original. The women aren’t useless damsels (except Orihime), the battles are almost as over-the-top and exciting as DBZ’s. Plus Toriyama’s (the creator….of DB) the one that got Bleach published in the first place (Shonen Jump originally turned it down). That speaks volumes for Bleach. One complaint I have however is Tite’s inability to draw different faces. If you took off Ukitake’s hair and gave him an orange wig he’d look just like Ichigo and so would Byakuya. Also, for the past 200 chapters its been one big battle, so very little plot there. Then there’s the anime and its mid-battle filler arcs, which are REALLY annoying.

    End of Kisu’s rant. Many things were better left unsaid >_>

  21. One Piece > Naruto > Fairy Tail > Sogeking’s used toilet paper > Bleach > Sakura

    I still read Bleach because i need something to bash every week so yea.

    Anyways starting Soul Eater…now THATs awesome XD

  22. @pumpkinbread you are exactly about soul eater is better than bleach because Okubo means greater than Kubo literally.

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