Bleach 417 – Deicide a lot

If Tite wasn't as subtle about plagiarizing

Heeeeelllllllooooo.  This is Itabuzame, Itab for short, and I’m Kisu’s evil stalker. Unfortunately, after Kisu read this chapter he became crazier and more unstable than usual, and I had to lock him up in an insane asylum. Now I’m better than him in every way, except at losing debates >:). But before I get to this Breakdown, I’d like to point out a few things Kisu completely missed last week.

1. Last week’s cover page had all of Ichigo’s forms EXCEPT this one. Either Tite forgot it, or it’s been Ret-Conned (or it was just too freaking ugly for that cover page).

2. Gin concealed Rangiku’s Reiatsu through a little spell called Hakufuku. To jog your memories, it was the same spell Momo used to escape way back in the Soul Society Arc. It muddles its target and is actually a Bakudo (binding spell).

This chapter gave me what I was hoping for, someone on par with Aizen. But it left a bad taste in my mouth. I think its the fact that everyone else was useless while Ichigo is suddenly so much more powerful than Aizen that he can actually be boasting. Well let’s get to it shall we.

Ichigo, that's terrible >_<

The chapter starts where last week’s left out, at Ichigo’s arrival. Apparently he now has a black glove, Tensa Zangetsu’s guard is now larger and he has a chain wrapped around his arm. Anyway, he arrives, then immediately tries to sense Karin and Yuzu (his little sisters) and discovers they’re still safe- probably still asleep. We get a few pages of Tatsuki and Keigo looking at him and having little exchanges with him and thoughts of their own.

But Tatsuki said one thing in particular that caught my attention “I don’t feel anything. I feel an overwhelming power from him [Aizen] but from Ichigo…Why can’t I feel anything?”. Now you may be wondering why is this important, but remember what Isshin said about that only someone in Aizen’s place could feel him? This means Ichigo has attained that same level of power Aizen had back then.

This raises more questions however and also confirms Kisu’s earlier thoughts. Ichigo’s new form would be a better match againt the normal Captain Aizen and not this fully evolved Butterfree form he’s in. Reason would dictate that Aizen’s new form is far beyond anything a mere Bankai could be able to achieve- oh wait, reason doesn’t apply anymore :P. But if only someone on Aizen’s level could detect his Reiatsu, why is it then that Aizen can’t detect Ichigo’s? Is Tite trying to tell us that Ichigo is on a whole other level? I really hope that’s not it.

One particularly funny scene was when Ichigo called everyone by name, but completely messed up Zennosuke’s. Sucks to be a mid-level Shinigami doesn’t it? Anyway, Tite wastes an unusual amount of pages to show Ichigo looking at Gin. Remember back when Gin first used Kamishinin No Yari he was calling Ichigo a coward, in an effort to shake him into being a man. No Gin sees that Ichigo can be trusted to fight Aizen.

The unthinkable has happened! Someone cut Aizen's Hannibal Lecture!

Ichigo tells Aizen that they should fight somewhere else, but Aizen assures him that he wont be able to do any damage to him, so it is ab unnecessary request. But before he could finish his sentence, Ichigo forcefully pushes him to a new location. So powerful was that push that it left scratches on Aizen’s face, much to his surprise. It seems next week the battle will begin. Let’s hope Tite tries to keep this battle reasonable and have Aizen pound Ichigo into the ground before he finds a new resolve or whatever.

*Kisu returns and shoots Itab in the head*

Oh, he already took care of the Breakdown. I guess he wasn’t all bad after all. High 5 Itab….oh yeah…I killed him…Oh well! On to the poll!

~ by kisuzachi on August 25, 2010.

39 Responses to “Bleach 417 – Deicide a lot”

  1. Its out

  2. Oh my god this is the first time ive been first!!!

  3. O_O

    KISU!!! Th-That’s impossible!!! WTF just happened here!? I swear you have a time machine dammit!!!! XD Lol, I’ll read it after I finish One Piece! ;p

  4. Holy $#!t

  5. Finally Aizen gets a shut up hannibal even if it was planned I still enjoyed it.

  6. YOSH!!! Great breakdown Kisu! I still don’t think Ichigo is more powerful than Aizen. If he is I can’t believe it. Ichigo trains for 3 months and he’s stronger than Aizen!? The man who beat Yoruchi, Urahara, and Isshin!? Without a sweat. The man who has the most hax weapon in the world and along with it an infinitely powered Dragon Ball embedded into his chest? I think Ichigo has the advantage now because he’s in Bankai mode. Once Aizen releases Bankai tables will turn. Unfortunately if Aizen releases his bankai and shows us all he has the more likely he is to die this arc or at least be defeated.

    This is not what should happen. No one should be able to beat Aizen right now. Ichigo’s power gain is even more unrealistic than when he achieved Bankai in 3 days. At least his opponent was only captain level though. Now his opponent is beyond captain level, beyond shinigami level, beyond hollow level, and beyond Butterfree level. His power doesn’t even makes sense to me it’s so hax.

    Anyway, I enjoyed this chapter. =)

  7. “and beyond Butterfree level”

    ARE YOU SAYING…Aizen went past lvl 100!? O_O

  8. Perhaps Ichigo’s dues ex machina is stronger than Aizen’s. Or maybe Aizen should have saved up his dues ex machina for his fight with the main character.

  9. ugh.. I thought this chapter was torture. All we got was a close up of Ichigo’s eyes every other panel between him naming every person there (at the rate of one name per panel none the less). And then FACE PALMMMMM. Chapter End.

  10. I think this post by Gstyles from mangastream forum gives some pretty plausible answers to the whole ichigo bein uber powerful all of a sudden thing..nonetheless..I jus cannot wait for the ending!! 🙂

    ” Originally Posted by Gstyles
    Now where to begin, firstly, Ichigo’s new look is appropriate. I suppose we can call his height change a growth spurt, as he’s still going through puberty. Also, if he can gain this power from the period of several months he spent training against his inner self, then Ichigo’s potential as a shinigami is arguably exponentially higher then even Yamato. I mean, what would the result be of 100 years of Ichigo’s training? Pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

    As for Aizen not being able to sense Ichigo’s reiatsu, now THAT is something to be discussed. It opens up room for a ton of speculation. Now comparing Ichigo to Aizen, it’s pretty obvious right now Ichigo is stronger physically, then Aizen is. So in terms of power, we can say hes stronger then if not equal in strengthd to Aizen. So why would he not sense reiatsu? Multiple possibilities.

    I speculate Ichigo’s state is a perfect balance, an absolute harmony between his shinigami and hollow self. This is almost like a “bhudda” or “nirvanic” state, where his power becomes so pure and true, it cannot even be sensed at all. This is evident in the fact that, not could Aizen not sense his reiatsu, but neither could the girl (I always forget their names). The gap between them is extraordinary, and yet neither could sense his reiatsu.

    I think its possible Ichigo may have reached the true state Aizen tried to fabricate for himself. Aizen simply tried to will himself into the perfect being, almost like taking a shortcut. But Ichigo, brought himself to some kind of supreme level naturally, through harmonizing the elements of his inner being.

    SO interesting, and god damn, I can’t wait to hear more.


    Ichigo’s overwhelming strength will be pitted against Aizen’s regenerative abilities.


    A. Aizen is like a newborn and still not use to his powers, as the fight progresses, Aizen will pick up on whats going on throughout the fight, and become more adept, eventually matching Ichigo in terms of power and skill. Then they will fight on equal ground. That, or Ichigo will push Aizen into the missing element, and Aizen will undergo the true “transformation”.

    B. Ichigo will simply walk over Aizen’s body to the point where the damage is so intense, the Hogyoku can’t repair his body. Essentially, Ichigo will just decimate aizens existence. I wonder if through brute force he could literally annihilate the Hogyoku within Ichigo’s body. I never considered this, and I doubt it would happen. But what we’re seeing from Ichigo, it’s completely possible he’s LEVELS beyond Aizen, and Aizen’s about to get curb stomped.

    I’m leaning towards, A, and it will be extremely interesting to see not only how Aizen adapts to this new Ichigo, but what new abilities Ichigo has gained, in league with the FGT.

    And I think the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of this chapter which EVERYONE should note is this.

    Ichigo doing all the wild, powerful, mach speed actions we’ve seen, without the use of his mask. Obviously, he’s in some type of advanced or perfected Bankai state, but we’ve seen nothing related to his hollow state. So even if Aizen pulls a new form, Ichigo’s still got an Ace card as backup.”

  11. I can’t believe Ichigo actually touched Aizen’s face!!!

    Aizen will get angry for ruining his butterfly beauty… XD

    Great breakdown Kisu!

  12. Hilarious breakdown.

    You should have made a poll as to how many panels Kite is going to dedicate to “WTF!?” faces in the next chapter. I’m betting one from Aisen when Ichigo “powers up” and then about 2 more from Ichigo’s posse back in the city.

  13. I think Ichigo’s new form/power and the fact he doesn’t have an reiatsu stems from him figuring out what he really is. Remember when Aizen told Ichigo, “Ichigo, I am your Father!”… I mean when Aizen told Ichigo that he wasn’t what he thought he was, and Ichigo was like OMFG I’m an alien! Well, whatever Ichigo is, is what he is now… Does that make any sense?

    That Nirvana between shinigami and hollow is a good idea too though..

  14. as i read this chapter [thx to a friend] i had a huge urge to come here and say

    “way to go tite , keep on trollin’ ” 😀

  15. urban, in one day u’ve become one of my favorite pple on this website… now all thats left is for u to b obsessed with one piece and i’ll go crazy… anyway… i realize little by little (actually pretty quickly) that i hate bleach. its so dumb and theres no plot or consistency at all. I mean the images are cool, the action is awesome, but if we want to see little plot+ lots of action, we already had dbz. and at least then they explained the training. Ichigo being beyond reason, aizen not using kyoka suigetsu at all anymore, no bankais being shown, and all these uber powerful captains getting their ass kicked so that in 1 month ichigo surpasses them all is bull. i mean its gonna suck when they introduce the royal guard or the new enemy and it turns out ichigo is a fly compared to them and then he turns SS4, sorry i meant 3rd level hollow plus 4th level bankai and kick their asses

  16. Actually, Ichigo’s only been a Shinigami for 8 months and he’s surpassed the Captains, who’ve been training for centuries, and Genryusai who’s been training for at least 2000 years. Yep…I call bullshit!

    I also found this. Apparently, a fan bashed Orihime, so Kubo tweeted about it. All I can say is, ouch.

    “時々勘違いしてる子がいるから言っとこうかな。読者にあるのは作品の話を変える権利じゃない。その作品を読 むか読まないかを選択する権利だ。気に食わなければ読むのをやめればいい。

    Sometimes I wonder what to say to kids who makes these mistakes. Readers don’t have the privilege of changing the story. It’s whether they would read that story or not is the privilege. If you don’t want to read a story, then you’d better stop.

    もしBLEACHよりも面白いものが描ける才能があるなら、すぐに漫画家になるべきだ。面白ければ必ずBL EACHより成功する。絵が描けないと言うのなら、努力して編集者になって漫画家にアドバイスすべきだ。本 当に能力があれば、どこへ行っても歓迎される。

    The thing is, if you have the talent to draw a story that’s more interesting than Bleach, then please become a mangaka soon. If it’s good, then it’ll definitely be more popular than Bleach. If you say that you can’t draw, then do your best and become an editor so you can give advice to mangaka. If you really have the ability, then you’ll have good reception anywhere you go.

    才能も無く、努力もせず、そのくせ与えられるものに不平を言って、努力する人間の足しか引っ張れないような 奴は、目を瞑ってどっか隅っこに挟まって、口だけ開けて雨と埃だけ食って辛うじて生きてろ。

    Because if you don’t have the talent, nor have the effort, and yet you want to tell me that pathetic little complaint, you’re just some guy who’s trying to hinder a person who’s actually working hard, so close your eyes and hide in your corner, open your mouth only to eat rain and dust and maybe you’ll actually live somehow. ”

    Then he tweeted again and said:

    “俺がRTしたことで雑言を見てしまった織姫のファンや、気楽にBLEACHを楽しんでる読者のみんなも、申し訳ない。ただ、他人の意見で俺の描き方が変わる可能性はゼロなので、そこは心配しないで下さ い。

    If I had replied with foul language and an Orihime fan, or any reader who comfortably reads Bleach saw that, I’m sorry. Remember, a stranger’s opinion has ZERO chance of making me change my story, so please don’t worry about it.

    一部だろうが全部だろうが、受け手に媚びて漫画を描くという事は、責任を受け手に押し付けるという事です。 自分が心から面白いと思っていない作品で、他人に金を払わせる事は、詐欺です。それが俺の考え です。

    Whether it’s one part or all of it, saying that I draw to flatter a reader is to abuse my responsibility to the reader. If it’s a work that I knew from my heart is not interesting at all, or just a way to force money out of other people, then it would be a fraud. This is what I think.

    人によります。 10年の間に色々見てきて今の考えに至っています。 RT @saskimah: @tite_kubo たとえ有名な漫画家さんでも多少は編集(?)の意見(こうしてしまったら読者が離れる、とか)に左右されて 描いてらっしゃるのかと思ってました。少し安心しました。

    That, even more. In ten years, I’ve seen pretty much everything, but that just now was extreme. RT @saskimah: @tite_kubo I was thinking, what if it was a famous mangaka or some editor who had more or less the same opinion(that way, it’ll be different from just a reader), would that have an influence on what you draw. I’m a little relieved, though ”

    So basically, Kubo’s saying if you don’t like Bleach you can suck it. Well its still the best manga to poke fun at, nothing can change that 😛

  17. I really like Ichigos new form! the long hair is a little emo-ish but he can pull it off. His left hand is creeping me out though…. it looks all hollowy. anyone else notice that?

  18. @bb: Well he did train for a month in that place. Thinking back on the chapters I don’t recall a side door leading to a kitchen and a stove so I don’t think he ate anything. Let’s see you go a month with out eating and see how you turn up. I kinda expected someone to look a little on the malnourished side.

  19. I get the feeling Aizen will lose this battle, but not the war quite yet. He probably planned for the possibility that he would lose to Ichigo, He probably has the Zero guard under his control and plans on using them to replace his Espada.

    So basically I predict that Aizen will lose, it will have been part of his plan all along so that he could further Ichigo’s evolution. And that he will leave while a member( or several members) of Zero Guard whips Ichigo’s backside handily.

  20. Losing would be apart of Aizen’s plan! Holy crap that man is a genius! xD Lol, I hope it doesn’t come to that. That’s on par with predicting the future. Wait…he’s done that before many times now…O_O

    @Kubo’s Twitter: “Because if you don’t have the talent, nor have the effort, and yet you want to tell me that pathetic little complaint, you’re just some guy who’s trying to hinder a person who’s actually working hard, so close your eyes and hide in your corner, open your mouth only to eat rain and dust and maybe you’ll actually live somehow.”

    LOL! Why is he getting so upset over a complaint!? Does he never hear complaints about his manga and this one somehow got through his ‘Yes Men’ enraging him greatly? Pffft.

  21. @super Aizen is, was and will always be a Magnificent Bastard

  22. am i the only one waiting to find out wat happened between espada 0 fighting kenpachi a bayakuya? the last time they fought was a lil b4 awesome-blind-man turned into evil-blind-whitout and eventually to evil-ugly-fly-watever-tht-thing-is-one-again-black

  23. *nods in total agreement with Superdude*

  24. @bijugami no your not that it’s that kubo forgotten. How you may ask? Aizen planned it.

  25. @all, Renji will be the one to finish Aizen. Don’t ask how, you already know. Everyone knows he’s the true main character of this manga.

    Well, This battle can either be awesomeness or Ichigo will just die again. Kubo is pretty good at mixing naruto and DBZ plot lines.

  26. -de-lurk-

    Hey all. Is anyone else beginning to wonder if Ichigo either is or contains Aizen’s proto-hogyouku?


  27. @ursamajor, Aizen IS using his protohogyouku. Remember, he said he offered Urahara’s Hogyouku to his Hogyouku, which means the one he’s using now is his.

  28. Kisu, I agree that’s the most obvious–and, hence most logical–explanation but I was wondering if it was so straightforward. After all, Ichigo’s power was “awakened” when Rukia (who contained Urahara’s hogyouku) stabbed him with her zanpakutou. I know Urahara’s orb was supposedly sealed but I can’t rule out the possibility that this was what Aizen meant when he said he had offered his hogyouku to Urahara’s. It would track with Aizen’s keen interest in Ichigo’s development and his assertion that he had orchestrated Ichigo’s journey from the very beginning.

  29. I know it’s a little late but here my opinion on last week’s cover page. I don’t think that was a mistake because Ichigo fought battles in all of those forms except that one.

  30. @ursa, very likely, But your reasoning is flawed.

    “I agree that’s the most obvious–and, hence most logical–explanation but I was wondering if it was so straightforward”

    You forgot that reason means nothing in Bleach anymore 😛

    @Kanton, well 9in that form he fought the Vizards…and if you count the anime, he fought Zangetsu and Muramasa in that form as well 😀

  31. but they weren’t the enemy and it was training.You and I both know that the fillers don’t count. 😀

  32. I think Aizen is just testing Ichigo… he REALLY couldn’t sense his riatsu, and maybe that worried him, when he first thought of that moment happening back in chapter 1.
    It’s also possible that Ichigo really IS super saiyan now, and can has a hogyoukyou burger, though I think we all know this is less likely (at least I hope he didn’t get a SS4 upgrade)
    That’s nearly as cracked as the idea of fusion with Orihime… FYOOOUU-JUN-HAAAAAA!
    *Paul ponders ‘fusing’ with Orihime in his own way, then gets hospitalized with wanker’s cramp*

  33. Aizen talks and grow wings then Ichigo catch sword causing Aizen to go psycho and fires black coffin.

  34. Aizen is “Surprised” by Ichigo’s power.

  35. Ichigo is full of traquil fury and making Aizen look like a total fool for once

  36. agglutination n. The act or process of agglutinating; adhesion of distinct parts. A clumped mass of material formed by agglutination.

    just read it 😀

  38. seems I posted on old breakdown page 😦 ( and Dragon was faster again…)

  39. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Spoiler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Someone turn that Yellow please.

    OMG they made Aizen into the Ten Tails beast!?!
    All we need now is for ichigo to use the FGT to seal half of Aizen into himself and the other half into Ishin, cause it’s not plagiarism if it’s done backwards =P

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