One Piece Chapter 598 IS OUT + 596 Breakdown! New Demotivational Post Included!

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YOSH!!! Welcome WRA to the Chapter 596 Breakdown! This is going to be a short one because I’m going to be honest with you and tell you nothing much happened that we didn’t see coming.

*dodges a knife*

Now, before you start throwing sharp objects let’s review what happened! Everyone resolved to get stronger to help Luffy out in the future. Yep, that’s about it. It was, funny, entertaining, and interesting stuff but we all saw it coming and it really didn’t advance the plot any. I’m really waiting to find out what the message is and then the timeskip. Oh, and Luffy’s training with Rayleigh of course and an update with Kuma, Shakky, and the Thousand Sunny would be nice.

Here’s this week’s Funny One Piece Short and BOPP!

In honor of Franky he’ll entertain us with this dance! You wish you could dance like Franky. ;p Epic Franky dance by MisfitsGraves. Badass One Piece Picture by Kotatsu Kaizoku. It’s kinda sweet. o_o

Breakdown Start!

Kisu caught this before anyone else. Lol, I think it's safe to say the scantalators put that in there and not Oda...or did he? >_>

That’s Sabo on the front cover! *Gives Fearvano the thumbs up sign for the ‘Sabo Is Still Alive’ theory* 😉 I really like this cover page for many reasons. Notice Ace’s tattoo. No crossed out “S” in memory of Sabo. This is like a ‘What If’ cover. What if Sabo was never attacked by the Tenryuubito and grew up with Ace and Luffy? What if Ace didn’t die at the war? Lol, what if they never paid their bills and ran from giant gorillas? Just look to this cover for your answer.

Nothing can save you from the craziness of the crew Nami!

Regardless of my above introduction I really enjoyed this chapter even if it was predictable. It was an awesome chapter and it set up events for something bigger. The long awaited Strawhat reunion with crew members much stronger than ever and not just physically but mentally. Nami is on Weatheria hassling old men to get stronger for instance. You do what you gotta do right? I’m really excited that Nami is learning about the weather in the New World before heading over there. Remember when she first entered the Grand Line completely unaware to the sporadic weather conditions? Even though she quickly adapted it was a folly on her part as navigator to not have information on the Grandline’s weather before heading over there. Thankfully she learned from that mistake and with the spare time she has she’s learning about the New World weather to prepare the Strawhat Pirate’s invasion of the second half of the Grand Line. On top of that she’s getting a few weaponry upgrades…but don’t tell Haerdas that. This stuff isn’t supposed to be used for weapons…>_>

Who could...>_>

Now was it just an exaggeration when Haredas said these inventions could “plunge the entire world into chaos”? And I thought it was very humble for Nami to proclaim she was just an “average” Navigator. That’s not very Nami like but it’s a necessary realization. Just like Luffy accepting he is weak.

Skull Joke!!!

Lol, next we have Brook! He’s been captured and shipped off to the home country of the Longarm people and is now a freak show. Well, this freak show has a show to put on and it’s going to be a #1 hit soon. Please look out for it on the radio and as soon as Brook puts on a concert I want tickets. I thought it was funny and revealing how hard Brook wants to try to help Luffy, who he sees as his “light”. Notice how Brook tries to go from 45 degrees to 40 degrees.  A funny gag or something deeper? Him resolving to work harder no matter the difficulty is what I think. Rock on Brook! Booonneee to beeeee wiiiiilllllddddd!!!!

Must've kept targeting Luffy.

YES! Robin is going to meet Dragon! Just how can she become “stronger” by meeting up with Dragon? Well, even Robin wonders this but she’s bound to improve some way. As I said before I think her improvement will be more mental than physical. Eh, actually all of the Strawhats are improving mentally with their determination but for Robin it’s different. I’m talking about knowledge. She can learn so much from Dragon and that’s her specialty. After all, knowledge is power. 😉

This perfect the way it is.

Hands down and quickly becoming a favorite character in this manga Franky makes an appearance to win this chapter! Lol, the entertainment his actions bring are endless. His face, hilarious. His personality, SUPPEEERRR!!! Alright, apparently there was a passage leading to a hidden lab behind the lab Franky blew up so there’s a greater cause to Franky’s actions you see? Franky is a genius. >_> There Franky finds more plans of Vegapunks’ and more interesting to note the “weaponry” plans for Vegapunks’ cyber animals! Hell yeah, now that’s what we’re looking forward to! I’ll be looking for a beam cannon attached to his torso the next time I see him. Lol, and on that note let’s end Franky’s part with a tale of the legendary ‘Sacred Burning Beast of Baldimore”! XD

P.S. Don’t press that second ‘Self Destruct’ button Franky.

Is this Enel "All mighty power" or Buggy "All mighty power"? Lol, what am I saying? It's Captain Usopp level power!

Lastly is the “weakest” member of the Strawhats, Usopp-san! To me he showed the most determination and will to get stronger out of all the Strawhats so far. His determination reminds me of Luffy after losing Sabo 10 years ago. He admits he thought he could just sit around an follow Luffy to Raftel, to his dream of achieving Pirate King. No, that’s not going to happen unless Luffy has help. Luffy needs Usopp’s almighty power! Luffy needs everyone by his side, step by step through this journey. Not behind him even if Luffy is the leader. Even though Usopp has always been there for Luffy this sit-back-and-watch attitude deep inside Usopp’s heart was preventing him from reaching his full potential and usefulness to the crew. Usopp was already useful before. Just think about how awesome he’ll be with this hesitation banished from his heart! Ahem, anyway Usopp asks Heracles-sensei to train him. Seems like ‘Pop Greens’ will be playing an important role in the future for Usopp’s weaponry. Oh, and forgot to mention Usopp won’t be fat the next time we see him!!! ^(^_^)^

I knew there was something wrong with Heraclesnnnnnnnn~

That ends this breakdown and I just noticed it’s not really “short”. Hey, it’s shorter than usual…>_> Overall, I really enjoyed this chapter. The comedy and quirks of the different crew members is definitely something One Piece has been missing for awhile now. It’s really refreshing to experience them again. Plus, it’s awesome to see how they’re all so appreciative of Luffy and extra determined to be there for him in the future. The Strawhats are going to be a force to be reckoned with when they get to the New World. Just think about how prepared they’ll be compared to the Supernovas who just headed straight there. Shows just how smart Trafalgar Law really is eh?

Here’s this week’s Demotivational Poster! Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀

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207 Responses to “One Piece Chapter 598 IS OUT + 596 Breakdown! New Demotivational Post Included!”

  1. Still three chapters left until 600. We still need to see Zoro resign himself to the island. The send-off to the timeskip will likely involve Luffy.

    What else can we expect until then?

  2. Hmm…an update on Sabaody Archipelago so we can see how the Thousand Sunny is doing along with Duval and Shakky’s situation with Kuma. Maybe Oda will reveal the message before the timeskip and not when the crew get back together and say, “Hey pretty clever message Luffy. So who thought of it?” I’m hoping to see what Buggy’s letter from the WG was about. A quick glimpse at any of the Supernovas (particularly Bonney) would be nice. Ivankov and Dragon discussing the situation with Kuma. Blackbeard Pirates breaking things. Lol, that’s just from the top of my head.

    Oh! And of course Aokiji’s situation with the Fleet Admiral position. I wonder what will happen with that. I bet he’s going to deny it or the higher ups will offer it to Akainu instead.

  3. The Marines will need to have an active role in the New World if they’re to stay relevant to the plot. If Akainu takes over the Marines, that will mark a major shift in policy. I’d expect to see a strong fisted response to piracy and significantly reduced tolerance for the Four-less-one Emperors. If this is the case, we’ll likely see an update in the next few chapters.

    I agree that the Sunny situation needs to be resolved, and I don’t just mean the thing with Kuma. Sunny-Go is also one of Luffy’s nakama. Where will it be during the timeskip? With Luffy being so close at Marine Ford, it would only make sense if he picked it up before leaving the region.

    Or at least he would try. Kuma may have blasted the tenth Straw Hat off for its two year odyssey.

  4. LOL Breakdown Super! I find those ‘wise’ old men to be waaaaaaay toooooooooo gullible.

    most importantly, Smoker will be taking down New World Pirates and getting stronger 😀

    Crocodile will still be a magnificent bastard.

  5. Great breakdown! 🙂

    What I kinda disliked in these chapters was the fact that the strawhat pirates are only getting stronger NOW.
    What have they been doing during all this time?

  6. Did anyone else hear hear what Usopp wants to do?!

    He wants to do something harder than becoming the pirate king itself.

    He wants to become a true sniping king! But everyone knows that position is taken by Sogeking. Gud luck surpassing Sogeking Usopp. pfffft

  7. If timeskip is 2 yrs which seems like so long in the OP world I wouldnt mind seeing the StrawHats return with their own Flags and Nakama, and all of them become Supernovas by the Time they Join back up that would be Awesome.

    Besides that I wanna know where CP9 are, and Enel’s progress, and Don Krieg and his 2nd would be cool and Snelly that little Prick.

  8. Super: i think we have seen the last of the supernovas and blackbeard till after the time skip. we have already had progress reports on all of them, and the whole thing oda had going with putting their names under them seemed like an indicator to me that we wouldnt see them again. but we do need to se what will happen with the marines! cant wait to see akainu becoume fleet admiral.

    Dragon: what do you mean? they have been getting stronger all throughout their journy. its just that now they have hit a point where everything is much,much, harder, and they actually have to stop traveling and train before they can keep going.

    Personaly, i liked this chapter because more then anything, its a testament to Oda’s abilitys as a storywriter. if Naruto or Bleach spent a whole chapter just showing the main characters bit by bit like this, we would probably be furious, or say kubo was trolling again. with One Piece though, we are fine with it, even though most people had already predicted that this would happen with the strawhats, nobody cares XD.

  9. @Gunslinger: A major policy shift that I would welcome with open interest. Akainu as the Fleet Admiral would make things a lot more tense and hectic for the Strawhat Pirates…hell, all the pirates. The only thing I worry about is will Akaniu be behind a desk or out on the seas chasing pirates still after becoming the Fleet Admiral. This is all of course assuming he’ll get the position.

    And if Akaniu becomes the fleet admiral, lol, when any of the Admirals are promoted that’ll leave a vacant seat. There should be 3 Admirals and 1 Fleet Admiral. Who will fill in that vacant seat?

    @Kisu: Lol, Smoker is going to be held up in some jail as a warden or something supervising prisoners. Think Magellan or Hannyabal. I bet he won’t get as much action out on the seas as he’s used too.

    @Dragon: Yeah, they were getting stronger and learning before but their main focus was on escaping their islands and getting back to Luffy. Now after Luffy’s message they know that they can wait. They can stay put and focus on improving in their areas so it’s a matter of a new focus and determination now.

    @Pumpkin: Lol, I can’t believe I didn’t notice this!? How can Usopp ever overcome the great hero Sogeking!? Nobody has ever strived to achieve such a feat. Becoming the Pirate King is a walk in the park compared to beating the hero that came from the island residing in all our hearts. xD

    @Blackburstboom: Their own flags and nakama? o_o Nah, the Strawhats only go under 1 flag and that’s the flag of the skull donning the straw hat. They can make new friends but none for their own personal crews and if they make any friends over the time skip they’ll part when the original crew get together. Sepaking of Gin (Don Krieg’s 1st mate) I also want to see if he made it to the New World.

    Sanji vs. Gin Round 2!

    @Takashid: Yeah, you’re probably right. I just throwing things out there that Oda might show us before the time skip, presuming the time skip is on chapter 599 or 600.

    I think the difference between One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach are the likability of the main and side characters. In Naruto people loathe, and I mean loathe, the main characters Kishi has concocted. Sasuke and Sakura, nuff’ said. The side characters are also not well liked. Ino, Ten Ten, Chouji, and yes even Hinata. With Bleach the same thing. Ichigo is one of the most generic protagonists to date. I don’t even remember the side characters. So if Kishi and Kubo concentrate on main and side characters for an entire chapter people would indeed be annoyed.

    Of course not all the main and side characters in One Piece are liked but there’s no intense hate like I’ve seen from Naruto and Bleach fandom towards their respective manga characters.

  10. i liked that bit about vegapunk studying human cells, i was think that it would be cool if franky could breath underwater, by the use of modifing his human parts or modifying the other parts in his body to do something like split the hyrdron and oxygen so breath under water (that if he dosent already have that ability will him been powered by cola would he need much oxygen if not than he could water off the island travel the see bed (find alot of sea stone that would come in handy) lol but wat i think franky is going to do is probably make a ship that can cross the ice (from the ship blueprints he found) can store it in the 4 docking station on the sunny go, aswell as creating weapons to better arm himself and making the amour stronger he will probably get some weapon idea to add to sunny go power making it a super super super ship lol. if franky does make a little super ship to go in dock 4 and nami brings a flying ship i geuss that they just need to out the waver in nami’s room or in the workshop of frankys (he could put a weapon on it lol). frankys little stunt with the buring tiger rug will stop the marines from looking at that part of the mountian for him lol

    the island that nami talking about the one with lightning rain do u think its the same one as the mad monk was seen near because the crew mate said lighting coming out of the ground (which makes u this that its not the same one) but the old lady said that u need a umbrella which is for rain (makes u think that it is the same one) when nami was talking about the weather ball wat was she talking about , the one on the table in the picture looks like it shows different weathers (possibly predict the weather), the ball like defense that he had to walk in stomy easyliy (not realy a weapon so i dont think so), or the little weather ball crarrying different type of weather. my guess would be the last one and after much cheating she does they decide to help make her weapon better with it.

    both franky and nami are getting places to live so i think that time skip is going to me around 6 months.

    not much to say about brook but, wat the fuck are u going to get stronger.

    robin will be compleyly trusted by dragon and given some info on the places that if inneed of help in the new world there are some revoltionarys that would help, she will meet up with ivanko and learn about luffy and sanji, ivan will make some meals there that give strenght helping her get stronger, she will probably ask dragon if he as located and of the pornoglifs. if obin meet up with ivanko and learn about sanji i think that ivan will contact and to tell the masters that when he has collected all the recipe’s then he will get to talk to robin over the den-denmushi and after that she will so pick him up when they are both ready to return to luffy (telling sanji that he will get to speak with robin will give him alot of determination)

    usopp getting new weapons and strenght (plus no longer a scardy cat lol ) but in order for him to keep using the seeds of the plants for weapons i think he will have to take some back to the ship and grow them (woth robin’s help).

    next chapter (597): zoro, luffy explanation of the messages, sunny go, and the message to buggy (possible time skip for the last panel)

    chapter after that (598): time skip and having each member on there way to meet up (could be thinking about what that did before the time skip to get stronger, if so then the next chapter will also consits on flashbacks (possible 599))

    chapter after that (599/600): luffy fighting on equal terms with rayliegh (admiral level) and waiting for the his crew to arrive, fleet admiral aokji doing his duty’s as well as smoker in the new world, possble buggy with his massive crew, blackbread, some of the supernovas.

    chapter after that (600/601): the reast of the supernovas and at the end luffy just barely beats rayliegh and u see a showdow aproch (the first of his crew getting there).

    i know it was too long but i was looking forward to this chapter after the break ut nothing really epic happened

  11. so… did anyone notice that brookes island is called SWORD mountin island?

  12. @Smurf: Hot damn, that beats out my comment. Brook will get stronger through his music. He’ll make new scores and we know what his music can do. It can be used as a weapon! I don’t think Luffy will be fighting on Admiral level after the timeskip though. To early for that and a little cheap for my tastes.

    @Takashid: Hmmm…actually that’s really a mistranslation. “Kenzan” is the Japanese translation for pin-holder. Just do a google image search and you’ll come up with images like these.

    Now notice the shape and formation of the island.

    Yep, don’t trust the translations from Mangastream quite so much.

  13. Improvement in Brook’s musical combat will play a large role in his overall powerup. Consider that Brook is currently at the home of the most powerful musical combatant we’ve seen so far, the Supernova Scratchmen Apoo.

  14. yea brook could become so good at music combat that he would control people like puppets to fight there allies

  15. I don’t know if anyone noted this already or not, but those long armed people that Brook’s hanging out with look suspiciously like Apoo… relation perhaps?

  16. need help on finding a manga all i know about it is that :
    a guy start working for a lingire company and he can tell a tell a girl size either by just looking or touching (cant remember)
    also i think its kind of old and has had more than 100 chapters easy (i think i saw a raw of it a couple of years ago and it was like chapter 300)

  17. anime was epic… jozu ftw

  18. Hey Kisu, remember when you said X-Drake’s dinosaur form has the Rinnegan?

    Look what I found when I was re-reading the manga:

    Now the Rinnegan users are three.


  19. O.o no comment sofar
    Everytime i think about commenting then i forget to do so,..
    the day after i think i commented but i didnt O.o
    well anyways as usual great breakdown super!
    ur right not very much happened just the rest of the crew and flashing possible upgrades.

    Im a bit worried about robin tho i hope she will get some physical upgrades aswell. although every crewmember has its own specialties if they want to be up against blackbeards crew they all need to improve when it comes to raw power. Im sure Awesome Oda Sensei will figure it out tho 😉

    Men franky is gotta become awesome he keeps rocking every chapter 😛
    An update on the sunny go would be awesome that would also give us more insight on kuma and shakky and all.

    The anime is great btw was waiting for the start of the war for a while now! the only epic thing to happen now is luffy entering this war!
    Lastly am i the only one getting the feeling that the manga is getting way further ahead on the anime? cus i think alot of the specified upgrades of the crew will be covered in the anime and wont be shown on the manga anyways i would love that, cus we would get the see unique stuff in the anime and no fillers =D

  20. @fearvano
    I watched episode 461 and 462 last week and the slow pacing nearly killed me. There was a 20 minute delay from Whitebeard using his power to the arrival of the tsunami.

    I think we’re in for…

    a very…


    (Tune in next week for the conclusion to this sentence.)

  21. gunslinger47, the following episode was much much better

  22. @Dragon: LMAO! Great find! XD

    @Anime discussion: Yep, I believe I said this already but episode 461 was like watching a wind up toy that had trouble starting. Didn’t really find any good pace until the later half of the episode. Episode 462 rock my socks though! with Jozu, Marco, and Oaz making an appearance all in 1 episode!? Plus Akainu and Kizaru! Lol, the only thing that episode was missing was Whitebeard’s laugh! XD

    Now to make a random discussion what do you all expect to see next chapter? Zoro training? The message revealed? Luffy training or maybe Rayleigh mentioning the parameters of the upcoming training? I still want an update on Sabaody Archipelago…>_>


  23. the whole world has gone mad
    i just read that there will be no one piece for a month after this week please tell me its not true or the will be a rocord number of sucides this coming month the world has ever seen

    Lol, I think I edited my comment the same time you posted. xD Wait…this is nothing to laugh about. T_T Oh, and yes it’s a confirmed break.


  24. no,… no it cant be true! after we just got threw a two week break? whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Oda sensei!? can someone link the source for this horrible news so i can read it myself?


    this is what i got for the spoiler this week
    Zoro, Perona and Mihawk in Shikkearu island. Perona use Negative Hollow in Zoro and Mihawk. Zoro understands Luffy’s message that is revealed this chapter. They explain D. family and it seems they can eat 2 devil fruits. Luffy still in Amazon Lily training with Jinbei and Hancock. Or something like that…
    Despite the fact that they explain the D. family and the message so soon (and in one chapter) it seems more plausible.

    there was another spoiler but it said that the time skip was going to be 5 year so it;s probably fake

    Got the info about 1 month hiatus on this site (i hope that is false)
    its on one of the pages

    both spoilers on page 5 aswell

  26. Heres a link for more info regarding the month long break T_T

  27. so its possibly going to be like shippudden with the new world and if he taking 1 month to plan everything out then its going to be alot of changes so im going for 6 months to 16 months time skip

  28. @Smurfclassic: Cool spoiler I had the feeling it would happen like that.

  29. I didn’t expect 597 to be the breaking point. I guess Oda has something else planned for 600.

    Now that I think about it, we have sources saying that Oda was trying to get the Strawhats headed onto the Grand Line for chapter 100.

    You may recall the scene, just before the headed up Reverse Mountain, where they all placed their heels onto a barrel and declared their dreams. In addition to being Chapter 100, it was also planned as the first chapter of Volume 12.

    Sanji: I want to find All Blue.
    Luffy: I want to become the greatest pirate.
    Zoro: I want to become an invicible swordsman.
    Nami: I want to draw a world map.
    Usopp: I want to become a brave warrior of the sea.

    Chapter 600 would be an ideal place to renew their vows and head towards the Red Line.

  30. guys, one manga has a pretty good spoiler out if any of u are interested images are included so if u dont want to see that dont click on the link…


    looks like it will be a 2 year gap until they meet again


    when they all meet up in 2 years i think that they are going to have one of those meetings like they did when they meet up after being separted on skyisland and with each person telling what they have obtained they will also have there flash back. after the months break i hold it starts off with a double chapter and gives all the crew there flash backs

  33. OH NO… I am gonna kill myself if I have to wait that long for the awesomeness that is One Piece…

    Wait a sec.. maybe I can make a profit if I sell suicide supplies to manga fans..*Evil Laugh*..

    If anyone wants poison,Rope or permission to jump off Balcony.. just contact me and I will arrange for your smooth transition to the next dimension, for $9.95 only..

    ONE MONTH KNOCKOUT PILLS: Take one and you will wake up next month, for $99.95 only.

  34. NOOOOO i cant deal with a one week break… damn now im gonna have to rewatch the anime or reread the manga

  35. A MONTH LONG BREAK???!!!!!!???

    NO WAY!!!! TT_TT

    I just finished reading One Piece from the beginning…
    Did I bring all OP fans bad luck?

    *hides before someone blames me*



  36. One Piece is out and I just had a fangasm looking at the front cover… Ok, time to read.

  37. OMG WTF is wrong with ODA??? A for week break???? A whole month??? You have got to be shitting me!!!!!

    The world is coming to an end!!!!!

  38. that’s so cute, Luffy ranks Smoker right up there with Aokiji. Nice to finally know what Haki is!

  39. Oh and something just came to mind, are the animals on this island stronger than Shiki’s animals?

  40. Yeah!! finally after all this years we have the answer!! feels kinda nostalgic hahahaha!!!!…

  41. Sweet chapter! Everyone should realize that Oda needs time to think and process where this manga will be heading after this timeskip. This is a BIG timeskip and the manga will be headed to the New World soon. It’s like a completely different world. Kishi also took a month off before getting into Shippuden. Time to think. Time to plan. Rushing would only make it more likely to screw up.

    So use this time now wisely. Crying in a sad and lonely corner…>_> Lol, jk.

  42. Well I have thought things through, and I’m also going to power up myself!!! Whith 20 cans of ice cream due to the depression!!! I’m gonna look just like ussopp after this month!!!!

  43. I knew it would be two years =P

    A whole month without One Piece?
    It had better be a triple chapter when it returns!!
    But seriously I can’t wait to see how all the straw hat crew evolve and grow as characters.
    My Predictions:
    Ussop – Will have gotten stronger as well be less of a coward(He’ll still be a coward, it just won’t hinder him from doing what needs to be done), Also he will be carrying a whole new arsenal of weapons

    Nami – Will have upgraded her weapon, and have even more knowledge of the seas and weather, she will also have probably robbed that poor sky island blind.

    Sangi – Will have learned the battle food recipes as, become much stronger as well as incorporated a bit of Nekama Kempo into his arsenal.

    Chopper- Will have new rumble ball, which will have even more transformations as well as allowing him to become and control the big arsed beast mode.

    Brook- will have mastered 40 degrees!! and have some new musical techniques in his arsenal, will also be a stronger swordsman.

    Zoro – will have learned to control haki, and have advanced considerably in the ways of the sword, sadly he still won’t be able to go from point A to point B with a map and a trail of breadcrumbs.

    Nico Robin – will have learned much about strategy as well as gained some contacts in the revolutionary army. Will also have a working knowledge of the history of the New world/Red Line.

    Franky – Will have acquired new technology, will have at least one inappropriately placed beam cannon, and will have stuff to upgrade the Thousand Sunny. My guess is he’ll be off the cola and be powered by something with a bit more kick to it by then.

    and finally

    Luffy – Will have gained a lot of strength, to the point where he won’t have to spam gear second all the time. Will have greatly increased his control over his haki, but will still have a long ways to go. Will be the equal of an admiral.

    4 weeks… 4 weeeks… 4 WEEEKS!! Why couldn’t it be bleach goes away for four weeks instead…..

  44. i dont think he’ll b equal to an admiral yet, but other than that i agree with u

  45. im pretty resigned to this oda break now, oda deserves it after all the awesomeness we have had so far. and i cant wait to see whats in store for us once its over… heres a question to the class, does anybody think Oda will change the series title after the 2 year break? make it “One Piece: New World” or something? that would be kinda cool. anyway super, since we have a month to wait for any new one piece chapters(sob) maybe you could do a breakdown for the Strong World movie? and now that we know about haki, lets have more debates!

  46. @Takashid: Ditto.

  47. *suicides due to no One Piece for a month*

    Revive me in four weeks…

  48. I love timeskips. Developing characters in appearens and personality. I like the direction Oda ist taking right now. The Manga has to grow older as the readers advance in years as well.
    Only thing that disappointed me ist Luffy tattoo. Not to mention the fact that it only was there to tell the SH about the meeting time. I don’t see it in the current chapter. Is it gone allready.
    Maybe it wasn’t a permanent one -.-‘

  49. the only thing that is keeping me alive is the fact that its going to be an amzaing chapter in four weeks

  50. as much as in want to see them all together in the next chapter i want to see luffy and rayliegh on the island will rayliegh saying that ‘you defeated the strongest animal on the island within 1 year and now you have even been able to wound me’ (blood dripping from head or mouth) luffy beaten into a rock blooded but laughing, then rayliegh thinking to himself that ‘luffy didnt become adaptive to just one of the haki’s he seems to have good control on all three of them’ (or could say it out loud) also luffy should be saying that he taught him alot and will have to work on the rest himself cause 2 years it up time to meet up with the rest. rayliegh say’s that its been fun training him and he’ll train him a bit more on the boat ride to shabondy archipelago becasue he need to coat there ship u should also train during that time aswel; while u wait for your crew to arrive, be yes from luffy as he gets on hancock’s ship.
    on the last page something to show the location of the other either a big map with shabondy in the middle (shown a small so the scale is big) also little black dots labled with each of the crews wearabout (all incoming to the meeting place. or them all shadow figures meeting a the ship.

    still no mention on buggy or what happen to the ship god dammit

    i hope that oda get to treat it like a first chapter after this one break like say 57 pages that wouuld mke up for the break

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    PG 1
    Marine HG

    ”Damm that blackbeard caused another mess again” marine A
    ”I know but that’s not the only thing we have to worry about some of the supernova’s are starting to make a name for themself’s asell” marine B
    ”yea, but atleast we dont have to worry about strawhat and his crew they havent shown up at all in the last 2 years” marine C
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    ”Don’t know mybe slipped past us and went to the new world and died” marine C
    ”That would be for the better, with mihawk and hancock not anwser in there summons, if he appered now i dont think the marines would be able to handle it” marine B

    PG 2
    Blackbeard and Crew

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    ”Huh??” Van augur
    ”i first felt it change about 4 years ago, back when crocadile was still and warlord, but it felt like it stopped these past 2 years” blackbeard
    ”well not stoppe more like waiting or perpearing for something” blackbeard [i wonder why]
    ”captain did u say the newspaper, looks like the rookies are having a good time hahah” Jesus durgess
    ”hahahahaha, its there right to have fun hahaha, but i wonder were that strawhat went havent heard anything about him in a while” blackbeard
    ”think he died captain” Doc Q
    ”No he wont die that easy hahaha” blackbeard

    PG 3
    Kamabakka Kingdom

    ”cant believe he actual got all of the reciepes and defeated all of the masters on this island”
    ”i know he’s really gotten strong, but i cant believe we werent able to dress him up”
    ”but i cant believe he didnt stay longer, he was really cute”

    PG 4
    Kingdom of Torino

    ”tunnki-chan really made some really amazing medince while you were here”
    ”i know and i still cant believe he read all these books”
    ”i cant believe he left though it was really nice having him here”

    PG 5

    ”she really learns fast that girl”
    ”and she also helped alot with the barganing on the blue sea, for islands in need of certain weather”
    ”but do u think that it was ok to let her make a weapon out of our most greatest invention”
    ”i could really cause alot of damage is its used for the wrong reason or incorrectedly”
    ”dont worry over these 2 years that she been with us i could tell that she a good girl”
    ”sir, there seems to be a ship missing its seems that nami has stolen one”
    ”WHAT!!!, i thought you said that she was a nice girl, hurry after her”
    ”HAHAHAHA, let her go she’s just trying to get back to her friends faster”
    ”But sir”
    ”its ok, thanks to her we have alot more knowledge of the blue sea as well as the reasearch she help compelete”
    ”true, i guess we can let her go this one time”

    PG 6
    Future Kingdom of Baldimore

    ”i can’t believe that he gone now”
    ”yea he was amazing how he made that boat and the weapons”
    ”true his gienuss far supasses ours, its not since vegapunk was last here that ive seen someone that smart”
    ”but was it ok for him to take all of those blueprints from this lab aswell as the ones from the others”
    ”yea i sure it would be ok, after all they were just sitting there cause we coulndt do anything with them”
    ”hahaha, thats true, but ont you think that he could have gotten a better power sorce than cola if he tried”
    ”yea, he certianly is a strange one”

    PG 7

    ”he’s gotten alot stronger these past 2 years, looks like it was worth ignoring the summons by the WG”
    mihawk looks at the wanted poster of zoro on the table next to his wine
    ”this bounty dosent even come close to the amount he could get if he showed of his new strengh to the goverment”
    mihawk looks up and starts laughing, flash back shown on zoro and hihawk in forest
    ”during the spars i had with him in the deepest part of the forest i cant believe that he progressed far enough for some of his attacks to reach here”
    mihawk shown looking up and the being no roof becasue it was cut off

    PG 8
    habitaed island near Boin Archipelago

    ”cant believe he gotten stronger that me” said heraclesun
    ”after i was stranded on that island all those decades ago i spend years trying to get out but never being able to”
    ”sir here’s your drink, Why are crying” shocked look on waitress face
    ”cant believe he became betting that me his sensei, and helped me get off that island, and he seemed like he did it easily aswell”
    waitress thinking that he is some werido

    PG 9
    Bartigo, Island of White Sand

    ”you sure you shouldnt have tried to persuade her to stay dragon”
    ”no, i think she know better than me were she belongs” said dragon
    ”yea, but with her Devil Fruit ability, and having both haki of oberservation and armaments, she has been a big help over the last 2 years”
    ”yes that she has, but i intrusting my son to her it seems like the place she want to be”
    ”i know your right, but i am just saying she could find allies in need of help and from afar she could sprout bodyparts and use them as a inpregnable shield when she used haki of armaments”
    ”thats enough, i know were your coming from but its not like goal dont coinced she will be more help in helping my son in becoming pirate king hahahaha’
    ”yes sir” flashback of robin leaving dragons farwells
    [were ever the wind takes you robin know that you always have a place here] dragon

    PG 10
    Teena Goona Kingdom

    ”i can’t believe we let him escape our most profitable freak”
    ”nothing we could do though when he has an instrument in his hand, we were like puppets to him, we had no way of stoping him”
    ”i know, but who would have though that he would just bide his time in that cage writing songs after songs until getting ready for the time when her needed them”
    ”i know, even his last song as he was leaving i can still feel the effects of”
    ”me too, i am still very weak”
    i.e like zango hypontised his men to get stronger, brook played a song that made them weaker

    PG 11
    Amazon Lily

    ”i cant believe that luffy couldnt stay any longer after we havent seen him in 2 years” said Ariadne
    ”i know but didnt he seem much cooler than he was 2 years ago” said Sweetpea
    ”i know, iknow and he seemed alot stronger aswell” said Ariadne
    ”do you think that Hebihime-sama will be able to see him go when they reach shabondy archipeligo” said Sweetpea
    ”that true its going to be hard for her to say goodbye but he did say that he will come back one day” Ariadne
    (Margaret just sits that with and lonely look on her face)

    PG 12
    Ship on-route Shabondy Archipelago

    ”Luffy are sure that you don’t need to rest instead of training all the time” said hancock looking at luffy
    ”yea i dont have long until i wont be able to learn from rayliegh anymore, i got to get as much trainging as possible” said by the figure not in clear view
    ”ok” said hancock with a dissipointed look on her face
    ”luffy has become really strong hasn’t he onee-sama” said marigold
    ”yea” depressed look contiunes on face becuase she knows she wont have a lot of time until they part
    ”hebihime-sama, shabbondy arcipeligo is now in view”
    ”really were” said luffy as u see a shadow jump onto one of the snake pulling the ship.

    PG 13
    ship pulling into a grove on shabondt archipelago

    ”these the sunny go” say luffy ”pull along side of it please”
    ”so that luffy ship” pirate A
    ”wow so cute” pirate B
    ”luffy are crew here yet” says hancock (i think i will have to stay and see if those two women on luffy’s crew will get in my way)
    shadow figure closes his eyes and says ”no they don’t seem to here yet, but some of my friends are”
    ”hey strawhat” said hachin
    ”luffy-chin” said camie
    hachin, camie and pappaggu are seen on the deck waving at luffy

    PG 14
    Sunny go

    a shadow seen on the deck of the sunny along with rayliegh, camie, hachin, hancock
    ”hey everyone, havent seen you all in a while” said luffy
    ”luffy-chin its so good to see that you are alright” camie said while crying
    ”haha, ofcourse im alright, oh let me introduce you this is hancock thats her crew” luffy said while pointing up to the pirate ship where they all can be seen on deck waving back
    ”the warlord!!” hachin said with a worried look on his face
    ”it’s ok she really nice” hancock starts to bluss after she hears luffy call her nice, her crew goes wild at how good hancock looks while blussing
    ”ok” hachin still cautios
    ”nice to meet you” camie says while blussing
    ”……..” hancock just stare at them
    ”rayliegh how have you been” says hachin
    ”fine hachin it looks like you did i good job protecting the ship while i was unable to coat it”

    PG 15

    ”did you keep the coating gear in the ship like i asked you to” said rayliegh
    ”yea it’s all there, why are you going to start coating it now” asked hachin
    ”yea luffy’s crew should be here in the next few days, i want to have it read for them when they get here” explained rayliegh
    ”yea ok ill help out while camie and luffy catch up” said hachin
    ”thanks for everything your done rayliegh” said luffy
    ”sure no problem luffy, you should leave word with shakki that you’ve arrived your crew will proabably do the same when they notice that the ship not here” said rayliegh
    ”ok thanks”

    PG 16
    sunny go setting off

    ”luffy it should take me about 3 days to finish the coating on the ship, follow the vivie card and meet me in whatever grove you are in if you get yourself into trouble” shouted rayliegh
    ”ok no problem” said luffy
    ”oh and keep training” rayliegh said as the sunny go vanished from view
    ”ok ill stay with shakki if your heading back hancock” said luffy
    ”NO!!! im staying for awhile anyway, ummm umm” hancock stummbling to what excues to use
    ”yea we havent seen shakki in years so we thought we might stay and catch up for a while” sandersonia said when she noticed that her sister didnt have and reason for not leaving
    ”yea your right, the rest of you girl look after the ship for awhile” said hancock
    ”we’ll lets go!!” screamed luffy
    ”yea!!!” camie screamed along side him
    remember that becuase camie is a mermaid then she wont be able to walk fast luffy offers to carry to but in fear of what her sister will do marigold picks her up and says that she do it

    PG 17
    on-route to shakki house

    ”nee-sama we’ll go on ahead i really want to we shakki” said marigold (this should allow them to have to time together alone) thought marigold
    ”ok sure” said hancock
    A few seconds go by and hancock finaly realizes that she alone with luffy, and now becoming nervous on what to talk about
    ”luffy, did your training go well during these 2 years” hancock struggles to say
    ”yea, it was really hard, but i manged to learn alot from rayliegh, and i also learned something that going to come in handy soon” said luffy
    ”ohh, ok????” hancock said while wondering what luffy was talking about ”that’s good then”
    eventually arrived at shakki place

    PG 18
    Shakki’s place

    luffy burst inside
    ”shakki how have you been” luffy says while not even waiting waiting for the answer jumps over the counter and start rading the fridge
    ”Fufufu, monkey-chan it good to see you are all right after what you’ve been though, im fine aswell” shakki said as she giggled at the sight of luffy eating anything in sight
    ”oh and i have word with each member of your crew over the den-den-mushi on bored your ship, well with the exception of zoro” shakki informed luffy
    luffy looks unbelieveably happy but that dosent stop his hand from moving the food food the fridge to his mouth
    ”really….that’s…great” luffy muttered in the intervals between one mouth full to the next
    ”but im a little worried about zoro though” shakki mentioned with a concern look on her face
    ”hahaha, it’s ok he probably forgot the number to the den-den-mushi, so what did then say” luffy says now paying atention now that there is now more food left in the fridge
    ”they all said that they will be arriving in a week, but that was about 5 days ago so im guessing they will be here in a couple of days”
    ”realy, realy, i want to see them soon” luffy said with an over joyed expreression on his face
    hancock looks upset, shakki noties this and the smiles and with already knowing what wrong she still asks hancock ”hancock what wrong, you dont look well”
    ”no its nothing” hancock says proudly as if not to seem weak
    ”hey shakki, can you call the rosy riders for me please” asks luffy
    ”sure but what for” asked shakki with a confused look on her face
    ”nothing much, just need some information aswell as thanks them for looking after the sunny go”
    ”(information….)…ok sure” said shakki

    PG 19
    rosy riders arrive at shakki’s place

    ”hey luffy goot to see your ok” says Duval and rosy riders
    ”hey guys thanks for looking after the sunny go while we were away, shakki was just telling me that it was a hard task with everyone after the ship, but im sorry i need your help again”
    hancock dazed out looking over at luffy, shakki start to giggle looking at hancock
    ”WHAT!!! are you serious what do you need information like that for” Duval say while worrying
    ”haha, it’s ok dont worry about it i will tell you about it after you get all the information, i might need your help aswell in getting this information shakki” says luffy
    ”no problem it monkey-chan need it i will always help”
    ”ok, we’ll do it” says duval reluctently

    PG 20
    30 Hours later at shakki’s place

    hancock’s feeding luffy
    duval barges in panting ”i’ve got …. the info … you wanted” colapses after handing luffy the information
    ”thank’s alot,i owe you one”
    ”luffy, what did you ask him to get” hancock says while angry at Duval for barging in when she was happyly feeding luffy
    duval notice’s a killing intent and see hancock looking at him, altough mezerized by her beauty he still quickly leave the room
    ”yea i also want to know why you had me use my information network to get information like this aswell” shakki say while looking perlexed and handing luffy the information she has gathered
    ”it’s nothing really its just something thats been bothering me since we first docking here in the sunny go 2 years ago” luffy says while looking at all the information
    ”but when i was here there was little we could do but now with a little trick i picked up from rayliegh i can do something about it”
    hancock remembers when luffy said that he learnt something that is going to come in handy
    scence changes to the outsie of shakki’s house at the bottem of the stair’s, 9 figure are seen gathered together laughing, some saying ”long time no see” and one saying ”robin-chwa, nami-scwam”

    PG 21
    shakki’s place

    ”so what is it thats been bothering you luffy” asks hanock ready to destory whatever it is that been bothering her luffy
    ”it’s the slavery on this island, i dont like it when i see it, so i asked all of you to get information of the slave trader shop of SA, aswell as the merchents that capture slaves”
    ”and all the slaves that are currently still on SA, so im going to find all those that deal in slavery and destory them all aswell as set all the slaves free” explains luffy
    hancock thinks about the person that free her (he’s just like him) and starts to blushe
    ”WHAT!!! thats what you had planned that totaly insane, but even if you do have all the info and i know your strong enough to destory them but that still leave the problem with the exploding neck rings” says duval
    ”yea yea, without the keys they will just explade if you try to take them off” underling A
    ”thats what the problem was when i first got on this island i didnt know of a way to get neck rings off without them exploding until i saw rayliegh do it during the auction, i also rememember hachin telling me its haki” says luffy
    ”so during my training i asked rayliegh about it and her said that it was color of armament and he could teach it to me if i wanted to” explained luffy
    ”hahaha, just like monkey-chan you aswell plan to do something so cool” an impressed shakki says
    ”but it’s going to be tough on my own trying to get this all done before rayliegh finish’s coating the ship and my crew get here”
    ”and doind this without catching to much attention of the marines cause im not quite ready to take on an admiral yet” luffy say while scratching his head
    ”your not alone we’ll help you in anyway we can” say hancock and luffy looks around to room to see all the smile faces with everyone in agreement
    ”yea thats right!!!” a voice coming from outside, luffy instanly recognises the vocie start to smile as he runs to the door and opens it

    PG 22
    full page spread with Luffy at shakki’s door and 8 shadow figure in his view

    ”i like the plan captain” says the shadow with 3 swords
    ”thouse who look women up need to pay” says the guy smoking a ciggertte
    ”treating people like items or monsters that the can hurt whenever they want it something i can no longer stand” says the larger shadow that looks like an ape-man
    ”as long as we dont have to buy the slaves freedom im in captain” says the shadow with longer hair and a pole
    ” fine with the plannn tooo” says the shadow with the long nose
    ”being looked up for other people profit and amusment is something i cant stand” said the shadow with an afro and a cane
    ”chaining people up when that have done nothing wrong and force them to do hard labour is not very nice” says the shadow of a lady in a long coat
    ”this plan is SUPER!!!!! i cant wait to start” said the shadow with no pants on

  87. SUPER!!!!! Smurfclassic that was Awesomeness, 5 STARS + Hi 5 😀

    Loooong and Satisfying, Thanks 4 the OP Fix 😉

  88. I think that ,other than Luffy, only Zoro, Sanji and Nico Robin will learn how to use Haki. Zoro and Sanji will specialize in Busoshoku Haki, while Robin will specialize in Kenbushoku Haki. I don’t think anyone else will learn how to use Haki.

    I think Brook will learn new songs. The villagers that “summoned” him believed in demons, so I think he will learn cursed songs that have strong effects in battle.

    Once Super does the breakdown, I’ll re-post this comment and add more. ^_^

  89. I’ve been gone for to long. Let me start working on that breakdown tonight.

  90. thanks for the comments just thinking about do a follow it, welcome any imput and would love to see someonelse perdication

  91. Smurf: i like your prediction, it would make sense for luffy to attack the slave trading, but i dont think that will happen next chapter. personally, i think since there are 2 chapters left till chap 600, the first 2 after the break will show us the new one Piece world, who became the new fleet admiral, what blackbeard, the yonko, and the supernovas have been up to and how they are doing. my own prediction is that after the 2 year skip, Blackbeard will have taken Whitebeards position as a yonko and they are still 4. i think that we will see glimpses of the crew and luffy during those two chapters and then they will reunite in chapter 600.

  92. @takashid:sounds good but i dont know why everyone is bothered wuth chapter 600 does it have a speacial meaning?? it something happen before is other milestone chapter??

  93. it doesnt have to but oda usually does cool things on milestone chapters

  94. all those who wanted to them to meet up on chapter 600 because them wanted something big to happen, would it be ok if i make something awesome happen on my chapter 600

  95. smurf: for your prediction? sure go ahead.

  96. the last part of the one piece episode 465 if pretty funny (last 1:30 or so)

  97. loving hancocks reaction to see luffy aswell as graps

  98. the only thing i didnt like bout 465 was that theres a lot of like time consuming pointless things… like the first 10 minutes consist of “Ace-gun… OARS!!!, Ace-gun… OARS!!!” and then baby Ace crying… but overall an ok episode… i need to see hancock-sama vs. smoka… thats what i’m looking forward to

  99. there really streching out some of these episodes, that one with oars was dragged out to the point that i was just like “hurry up and fall idiot!” honestly, it looks like they are planning on dragging out the next episode as well, so its just the one chapter where luffy talks to whitebeard… sigh. btw super, is the new breakdown gona be out anytime soon?

  100. 3 more painful weeks till the next OP chapter!!!! OMG this long wait really is not awesome at all!!!!!!

  101. Im bored, I was thinking about the Sunny and when everyone comes back what upgrades it should have.

    Nami – Weather Knot farm on board and a New world Isle Weather Map

    Robin – Communication Snail farm

    Ussop – Pop Green farm and other Weaponised Seedlings

    Chopper – Medicinal Plant farm, and Techno Missles

    Franky – Sunny Mecha which attaches all upgrades to the Ship like, Ice Breaker at the Front and Flight/Hover/Glide mode to handle the Weight distrubution at the Back. And Soldier dock system upgrades –
    -The Mini Merry will be a Powerful Battle Franky
    -The Submarine will be more capable than Laws Sub
    -The Waver will be modifed by Nami later as a flying weaponised Weather Machine

    Any other things that could possibly go on Im curious I think I could of missed something.

  102. One of these days I’m going to stop being lazy and work on that breakdown Takashid. One of these days…lol, really it’ll be out next week.

    @Smurf: Wow, nice prediction! ;D

    @BBB: Nice! I would like to the Thousand Sunny to have a horn. A big loud fog horn so just in case it runs into traffic out on the sea.

  103. my one piece perdiction by smurfclassic

    one piece ch 599

    PG 1
    Outside shakki’s store

    ”everyone’s, mine so glad that everyone’s ok, and got my message” said luffy
    ”haha, well it wasnt hard to figure it out, it had to something simple with you” said nami smileing
    everyone thats laughing and agreeing, luffy starts laughing along with them
    after that the laugh stops and everyone’s got a worried look on there face and then nami starts talking ”hey…luffy”
    ”huh” luffy with a confused look on his face
    ”are you ok, you know with what happen with ace, i sorry we couldnt be there for you” nami says with the beginning of tears in her eyes
    ”oh right, well yea i couldn’t except it as first” says luffy, flashbak to him going wild on amazon lily (i really couldn’t) thinks luffy
    ”but now i can, im sure ace would want me to keep following my dream” says luffy with a nostalgic look on his face, behind is a flashback picture of luffy, ace and sabo looking out to sea.
    ”yeah, your right” nami says as she wipe’s her eye and then starts to smile, and for does the rest of them.
    ”oh and dont worry about me being alone i had help so i wasn’t alone” says luffy behind him a shadow of a figure is coming out of the entrace of shakki’s place

    PG 2
    outside shakki’s

    as hanock comes into view, robin takes a battle stance and says to luffy ”isnt that the warlord boa hancock luffy”
    after hearing this chopper, franky, nami, zoro, brook, and usopp take a battle stance
    sanji looks at her and his eyes turn to hearts, but remember that looks cant can be desiveing so tries to take a battle stance but while looking at her hearts start to appear from his head
    ”easy everyone, she’s really nice and she helped me alot” luffy says while tring to calm them down, they all take luffy word for it becuase not being there for him when they were most needed left them with a little gratitude to hancock
    hancock blushes after being called nice, after this becuase sanji no longer thinks of her as an enemy his legs give out and he turn all red looking at her
    ”hancock let me introduce, this is franky, chopper, brook, usopp, zoro, robin, sanji and nami” says luffy pointing to one after the other, hancock only really pays atention to nami and robin, but feels relieved because see thinks they arent arent as beautyful as her
    ”excuse me, but can you show me your pants” brook says, but in response to this hancock’s temper is shown when dealing with men (other than luffy)

    PG 3
    outside shakki’s

    hancock on reflex does a jumping turn kick towards brook that will turn him to stone, but on reflex luffy also color of observation relizes thats its not a normal kick so uses color of armament and stops hancock leg easily by grabbing it
    hancock ashamed of the attack that she did on one of luffy’s crew without realizing it, but luffy understand that and says ”it was an accident hancock i know” then luffy smiles towards her, from luffy being so kind and smiling from her disgrace hancock nealy faints and ends up on the floor
    the sound of a sword swing is heard aswell as it going back into its scabbard but from the look of zoro it dosent look like he moved a muscle, showing speed thats he has never shown before which could have easily cut hancock’s leg if it had gone anycloser to brook
    sound of the rocks breaking can be heard from under sanji leg were the ground if breaking showing that the sanji was also ready to move
    sounds of machine part retracting after being instinctly activated from franky after realizing that a crew member was about to be attacked
    nami swings her pole around stopping the lightning from above hancock to strike and starts disapating
    seed drop back into usopp’s bag and his weapon if returned to his back in a blink of an eye like he’s done the same thing over a million times
    an extrem killer intent from behind franky disapears after chopper eats a red ball of medicine and the out grown horns and hair begin to retract and his size becomes smaller, then chopperr is seen appearing from behin franky
    brooks cane goes back together, flowers disapear from behind brooks back that they were there to protect brook just in case no one stopped hancock, ”yohohoho” from brook
    robin smiles and so does the rest of the straw hat crew becase they all realized the each other was ready to defend, so after smile they continue to reminse and talk about how much everyone has changed and grown stronger

    PG 4
    outside shakki’s

    hancock was not aware of the danger that she just avoided because of the rolacoster of feeling that her was feeling one after another;
    angry at brook for being asked that question
    embarrassed aswell as angry at herself for not being able to contain herself
    upset at the thought of nearly hurting one of luffy’s friends
    relived for being stopped before anything happened
    happy and excited from luffy toching her leg when he stopped her, because these emotions hit her one after another she didnt have time to notive the others movements or there killer intent
    but becuase the rest that just exited shakki’s house were not blinded by the emotions that hancock was going though they all saw what went down in a matter of seconds and each of them had a cold sweat at what they saw, including shakki who has seen more than they have after being a pirate over 40 years ago
    but they all remained silent becuase hanocock didn’t notice and it would have hurt her pride.
    after the the talking dies down luffy says ”let’s go inside we have alot of work to do” everyone smile and agress

    PG 5
    inside shakki’s store

    everyone has entered shakki’s bar with usopp coming in last carrying a large box that he just manges to get though the door
    ”what’s that usopp” luffy asks
    ”yea ive been wondering about that aswell ask nami” while staring at the box
    ”its some plants that have seeds i use for my new weapons and i was wondering if i could store them here shakki until i can put them on the sunny go” usopp ask shakki politely
    ”yea sure no problem” shakki replies
    ”speaking about the sunny is rayliegh coating it already” asks franky
    ”yea, he left to do it a little of a day ago, he should be done in a couple of days” says shakki
    ”that explains why when we came to SA and followed the vive card it pointed to the see and we couldnt stop rayliegh” says chopper while eating some cotten candy that shakki just pasted him
    ”how’s the sunny go been shakki’s i thought that with what we did here last time there could have been trouble with the marnies trying to get ahold of it” says a worried franky
    ”nothing really happen just some weak bounty hunter that even the rosy riders could take take of” says shakki with a suspious look, camie i shown sitting down behind shakki with a suprised look at what shakki just said, then think (she must not want them to feel guilty about what happened) flash is shown of shakki getting of the boat and standing next to kuma behind the face of a now worried camie

    PG 6
    flashback of kuma and shakki at the sunny go

    ”your on our side right kuma” shakki says while looking up to kuma, but after kuma looks at her his eye glow red and just as he’s about to attack shakki’s realizes she move out of the direction of the boat and shout’s ”set sail, ill handle him some how just get out of here” shakki’s says as she doges kuma’s attack
    shakki stand’s there looking up at kuma wondering if he is going to follow the sunny go or fight her, so she stays ready to move incase he goes after the boat
    shakki’s wanted poster is shown and that changes kuma’s priorty and he starts to consentrate his attack on her, shakki is shown avoiding a few attacks from kuma
    hachin is shown sneaking back onto Shabondy archipelago after coming from duval’s base were the sunny go is discreatly covered up in case passes by on the way to SA might see it
    hachin is finally shown getting to shakki’s bar after being careful not to be seen only to find that shakki’s is collapsed in the doorway all bloody
    ”SHAKKI” hachin screams and shakki’s opens her eyes and smile a bit
    ”it’s ok hachin, ive all ready stopped the blood i just need to rest now, keep the sunny go hidden, i was able to damage him a fair bit but i dont know long it will be until he get repaired” shakki says just before she passes out

    PG 7
    Flashback over and inside shakki’s house

    ”oh, if nothing really happened then that’s ok, i have some weapons and new improvments that im going to make to the sunny go on the ship i brought i need a save place to keep them so they dont get stolen, these weapons in the wrong hands would be very bad” says franky now worried about the ship he used to get here after beong realived that the sunny go is ok
    hancock after finally being back to her usual self (staring at luffy) but being able to follow there conversation and realizes that this is a great chance to get back on good terms with luffy’s friends after what she did early and says ”you can keep your ship next to mine then no one will go near it and if you still don’t think your equipment you havent onbeard is safe you can always put them onboard”
    ”really that will help out alot thanks” franky says now becoming realived and after looking at her he starts to blush a little
    ”did anyone come one a boat that need putting near my ship or another stuff that i can help out with” hancock says trying to get on the rest of there good side
    ”i put the ship that i got from the skyisland onto of the trees, it should be safe there” nami says like its nothing, but everyone one except for chopper is suprised
    ”skyisland, really is that were you were sent off to nami” says luffy suprised, hancock is shown angry biteing her thumb nail (he talked to her so casually her and called by her nami) ”does that mean it’s a flying ship” says luffy with sparkling eyes
    ”yeah, i was a skyisland that studied the weather, i helped out alot so they gave me a ship (well they would have if i asked for it) and i was able to learn alot about the weather in the new world” nami smile and makes a fist and is very proud of what she accomplised
    ”i dont need any help with my stuff either i left them on nami’s ship” says chopper, eveyone is also suprised at this as well
    ”how did you leave them on her ship that above the tree” says franky
    ”i also flew here on a giant bird that i made friends with on the island that i was sent to, i saw something on top of the trees whem i got closer i realized it was nami hiding her ship so i left all my stuff up there and after we cover the ship nami jump onto the my friends back and we flew around the SA looking for the boat, after we couldnt find it we got off, said goodbye to my firned and started to make our way here”
    ”oh amazing, that just like you to make friends with a animal” luffy says with a big smile on his face, all the other’s are also smiling
    ”shut up, even is prasie me its not going to make me happer” chopper says doing his usaul happy dance, after that all of the strawhat member burst out laughting, realizing that even though even has change they are still the same people deep down

    PG 8
    inside shakki’s bar

    ”oh ive got some stuff that i need to keep safe can i keep them on your lovley ship hancock-sama” sanji says while fantasizing about taking a walk with hancock to her ship like it’s a date
    ”sure” hancock says but dosent really take much notice of him and now back to staring at luffy, sanji notices her not caring and thinks that she’s dosent mind being alone on a walk with him (back into his fantasy world)
    ”sanji, just some recipes that i havent read yet that need to be keep secret, when you get to eat the stuff im making im sure you’ve going to find it better that anything you’ve had before” sanji says with a very confident look, luffy mouth start watering
    ”sanji FOOOOODDDDD!!!!!” luffy shouts,
    ”not yet we have some more important stuff to do first right” says sanji at the same time the other member that havent said if they need to put anthing on hancock boat (zoro,robin,brook) all says that they dont have anythiny that needs safe keeping
    luffy realises that its more important that the mission he wants to achive is successful than him eating some nice food even though he’s not hungry ”ok, but we’ll need a meal before we start the freeing the slaves” luffy says
    ”yea i make sure something nice is perpared for just before we start” sanji says even though he isnt showing it he also cant wait to show off the recipes that he got 99 masters he defeated
    Robin is shown standing over the information collected by both rosy riders and shakki

    PG 9
    Inside shakki’s bar

    ”luffy is it ok is if i look over all of this data and see the best way to plan the attack” robin says while plotting all of the place there are stores on a SA map, aswell of the personal slaves in a different color on that same map
    ”sure, i was just going to free each slave one after another until they were all free” luffy says, everyone in the bar starts laughing except for hancock who just keeps think that he like the man who set her free
    ”yea, i figured you would do something like that, doing nothing but making us worry, we can use my ship to travel some of the slaves to were we can help them also it can create different weather like fog, if we do that mybe we can go longer without of finding out who we are” says nami, luffy is overjoyed by a flying ship that can change the weather
    ”we’ll also help out in freeing those slaves, consider all of the kuja pirates at your disposal to help you with whatever you need” insists hancock with a serious look on her face and behind her face is a flashback of her and her sisters as slaves
    the reason that she offered her crew to help might have a little to do with helping out her most loved person and more to do with the fact that she know what it’s like to be a slave
    ”thanks they will come in real help if we want to get this done before rayliegh gets backs and we get discovered by the maines” says robin as she chuckles at the thought of the marines finding them
    robin start formalating a plan with easy even though she is planing the movement of both the crews aswell as shakki and the rosy riders that shakki just informed them will also be helping, this comes easy to robin after the time she spent with the revoultionary army
    ”robin you seems to find that easy, like youve done this many time before” mutters nami with a suprised look on her face with looking at the plans even though she can understand them and follow them she herself know that she woulndt have been able to make these plans in the short of time that robin has had
    ”oh really, its probably because i have done this a few times before” robin answer with smile and continuing with her work
    ”really were i mean its not like there are many places that you can make these sorts of plans, was it before to meet us or during these last 2 years” nami’s says quickly because she really wants to know the answer, now everyone is also intrested in were she learned to be able to do this because they dont konw much about robin’s past and she hasnt yet told them what she did the last 2 years
    ”oh its was in the last 2 years, i didnt to do anything like this before i joined up with corcodile and even then he was a cunning guy so i didnt do much, but i guess the work that i did helping the revolutionary army these last 2 years is helping me out here” replied robin as if it was nothing but everyone one is shocked
    ”revoultionary army!!!!! you mean you meet with luffy’s dad dragon” nami shouts
    ”oh yea, i guess you really cant trust much of what the newspaper says about him even though he is the leader of the revoultionarys he not that bad of a guy” robin says this clamly, luffy not really intrested about his dad because he understands that each person has there own path to follow, however luffy is intrested in someonelse from the revoultionary army
    ”Robin did you meet ivan-san when you were there” luffy says as he remembers all the help he recived from him

    PG 10
    inside shakki’s bae

    ”you mean ivankov luffy, sure i meet him after reading the newspaper and finding out that he helped you out alot i had to find him a thank him personally, he just said that he also had to thank you and hopes that you’re well” robin says this and smiles after noticing that luffy is happy to know that he’s fine because during the fight was the last time that he saw him
    sanji is shown while a angry look on his face after the mention of invankov and behind him is a flash back picture of him beating the hell out of sanji, robin notices this and laugh becuase ivankov told her that he beat the snot out of a guy called sanji this is shown in a flashback behind robin’s picture
    ”anyway i think that i might need to contact them to see if that can help the freed slaves get off the island so they dont become slaves again” robin says this as she get told there is a den-den-mushi in the back room from shakki
    after contacting the revolutionary army she mentions ”they will be sending someone and boat to pick up the slaves and take them were ever they wanted to go, they said they might not have enough room for them on 1 boat, so they said that as long as there is a place of them to hide them will make as many trip as they need to help out people who have been abandoned by the WG”
    ”SUPER!! leave it too me i will make a house that they can stay in to keep them out of view until they can live normal lives again, also with a little help in collect and cutting the wood (franky looks at zoro as he back to training) i should be able to make a ship for them aswell, just need to pick up some stuff from the shops here on SA” says a overjoyed franky
    everyone in the strawhat crew just smile because they knew he would welcome the challange of buliding a house and a boat aswell a freeing all the slaves in 2 todays, franky realizing that he dosent have much time to everything he starts working on making a large house under the root and tells them than when the start to inform him
    ”oh luffy you said that you could take the collar off without the keys, how do you do that???” asks a curious robin, this sparks the intrest in all of the people in shakki’s bar as well all of the Strawhat member flashback to the what rayliegh did in the acution house 2 years ago
    ”oh yea, its something everyone can do with enough training near the need of my trainging i thought about this plan to free slaves and i asked rayliegh to teach me how to do the same thing that he did in the acution house, i took me about 1 week to be able to do it aswell” luffy says as he sits down to start explaining how it works
    ”you have to extend your haki color of armament around the color and the break the collar and open it up while comtaining the explosion and tossing it aside quickly, to be able to contain an explosion the size of the necklace i had to practised using the cannon balls from hanock ship that i asked for” luffy informs them, they all look suprised to see that luffy thought so much ahead
    hancock then suddenly reallizes that is what the cannon balls that she was asked to deliver were for

    PG 11
    on-route back to shakki’s

    shakkis is shown with some of the kuja pirates and a stock load of food and other supplies
    ”did you get everything shakki-sama” asks a kuja pirate, behind her is a flash back of franky and sanji asking her to get whatevers on the list they both need
    ”yea i got alot of food and all the needed supplies with the money that some of my kind customer donated for a worthy cause and also saved money with the shops having a discount sale, i mean these clothes with come in use aswell for the slaves that havent been given proper clothing” says a smiling shakki
    the kuja pirates have an awkward forced smile as they each recall shakki beating some money out of some last minute customer that just walked into her store before they even had a chance to purchase anything, aswell as beating the shop owner until they selt there product to her for a unreasonably low price
    ”it’s a good job it was you who went to buy the suppiles i dont think anyone would have been able to get a discount this good” says the kuja pirate trying to keep on her good side after seeing how scary she can get
    ”well if monkey-chan or any member of his crew went into a shop i think that could have gotten it for free as soon as the shop owner noticed them but that would also be bad for us if they notified the marines so i went instead” says shakki while chuckeling
    shakki and the kuja pirates return to shakki’s bar to find nami ship outside with franky admiring it aswell as luffy begging to have a ride on it but still getting refused until after the mission is over
    ”oh looks like your back and have gotten to stuff i asked for” franky says while taking the stuff the kuja pirates were pulling in carts ”i’ve decided after inspecting the roots for the trees here to instead of chopping them down and buliding a house that some people could spot if they are close, im going to just hollow of the big tree roots and use the wood i get from inside to bulding proper living quarter inside the tree root”
    ”AMAZING, wouldnt that be kind of hard franky” says an impressed chopper, with all the other looking down at the big roots that are below
    ”it’s a fair bit harder than buliding a new house from scratch but it’s not all that difficult and it’s better to keep secret incase the slave’s owner come looking for them” says a serious franky, sanji is shown behind franky taking the food from the carts that were carrying them into shakki’s bar
    ”franky if you bulid a kicthen i will be able to make the food there later instead of traveling back and forth from shakki’s to deliver food” says sanji as her enter shakki house to start perpareing some food for the first slaves to arrive
    ”OK!!!!! you do that franky, sanji and the rest of use each have jobs to do” says an excited luffy and he climb onto the nami ship with the rest of the strawhat crew, hancock looks dejected because they have to part for a while so she can back to her ship and start the plan of sailing to first grove they are about to attack
    ”ok luffy you jump down after the fog is completly covering the grove” says nami as she starts the weather machine on the ship ”your the one that needs to keep out of site the most even though we havent done anything to get noticed in the last 2 years they should still remember you from the incident while the tenruybito as aswell as the war” nami says disheartedly if case if made luffy remember abot losing ace
    ”there are 3 slaves store on this grove and only a few personal slaves, hancock and her crew are taking care of the personal slaves and one of the slave stores, zoro and you and chopper will take care of another slaves trader store, and me nami, brook and usopp will take care of the last one” robin says trying to keep if as simple as possible for luffy and zoro to understand
    ”if any of the group find slaves that dont have keys to the collar’s then try will red up a red signel, that will be for you luffy when you see that remember to go emidently to that location, your the only who can relase the collars you dont need to worry about there being enough people to take care freeing the slaves were you are because most of the rosy riders will be with you incase you have to leave” robin tell luffy trying to stress the improtance
    ”use them to get to the signel if u need to luffy, the owners might activate the counted down to the explosion so you need to hurry” says nami

    PG 12
    nami’s ship

    ”zoro if there’s any slaves that you cant find the keys for then cut the chain that bind that and have to go to luffy as fast as they can” says nami to the zoro and after he agress then she then asks him ”i want you to get of the money in the acution house you can find, and when we come to pick you up make sure to get it all on the ship” nami says with a cunning face
    ”WHAT why should i have to do that for you!!!” shouts an anoyyed zoro
    ”dont you remember that you owe me money from lougetown” nami’s replies
    ”i repayed that and then you said there was intrest and that got me to help vivi in promise of use getting money fror helping her” argues zoro
    ”yes your right but we never got that money did we, and counting all the days of intrest that you own me i think that the only way for you to pay me back is if you get all of the money from all of the stores you attack” nami’s says as she grabs zoro shirt and leans in with a scary face
    ”ok…ok, but after i dont owe you anything” agress a reluctent zoro, luffy is shown not caring about there conversation just looking down as the fog keeps spreading waiting for it all to cover the grove, everyone else on board is chuckeling at zoro being forced to do as nami says
    ”what about the other acution house that hancock is going to nami, how do you plan to get all of that money” ask robin while smile straight at nami, nami learns in so no one else can hear she
    ”well im sure u noticed hancock feeling towards luffy with the way she been acting” whispers nami, robin nods ”well all i did was says that luffy was very hurt the last time we were hear and when we wanted to buy back a kidnapped camie but we didnt have enough money, so i told her that he would to really happy if she collected all of the money she finds at places she attack and gives it to us so that if anything ever happens like this again luffy wont be upset by not having enough moeny” continues nami with a devious smile on her face and robin continues to laugh
    after they get ready to attack nami also starts talking to chopper ”your going to be with those two when they are attacking and i dont know how much stronger each of them are but if they are not careful the slaves might get hurt during the attack or have been hurt by the store owner so i want you to try and keep them under control and take care of any injured people”
    ”ok, just leave it to me” says a confident chopper
    ”ok i know i can count on you, oh and luffy and zoro arent the type to be able to find the keys so im leaving that up to you and the rosy riders” nami says while everyone starts laughing execpt for the sulking luffy and the pissed of zoro
    all look down at the grove and see that its about to be completely covered in fog and they get ready to jump down after tying off the ship to the tree in the air and just as they are about to jump off and proceed to each slave shop robin starts talking
    ”remember for this plan to work it needs to be done fast we have another 5 grove we have to attack today if we want to get them all before rayliegh returns with the coated sunny go, as soon as you of free all the slaves have a couple of them on each of the flying fish they will take them straight to shakki’s bar, hopfuly by them franky would have made big enough quarter to keep them if not have them stay a shakki’s house until he’s done” mentions robin
    ”when they are no longer any flying fish the rest should be able to fit on hancock’s boat and she will take them to grove 13 by sea, if there are any more then we might be able to get them onboard the ship and fly to shakki’s bar but we need to try and avoid that if possible, keep the baby den-den-mushi on to keep incontact” robin says looking to the rest of the members but stop as she see there confident look
    ”these over 100 slaves on this grove make sure to get them all!!!!” shouts a excited luffy and jump down just before the rest

    PG 13
    nami/brook/robin/usopp attacking the slave shop

    ”we have gotten all of the slaves out of there cells, knocked all the other personal here unconcious but we can’t find the key’s!!” shouts nami standing buy all the money she collected from the back room
    usopp shown thinking, brook shown rounding up the slaves and telling the ones that are scared not to worry, robin using her powers to try and find the key but its taking to long
    ”they seem to care more about hiding the location of the keys that hiding the money” says nami
    ”well that to be expected given that the total price they want for all the slave far exceeds the money they have in the shop, we should have keep the store manger concious to get the location out of him” says robin shown with her eyes closed looking for the keys still with her powers
    ”YOHOHOHO!!! looks like the others are having a better time that we are” laughs brook with baby den-den-mushi speaking from inside of his skull
    ”were nearing the time limit of staying here should we forget the keys and have luffy take care of each of them when were all get back to shakki’s” says a worried and impatient nami, looking at the slaves
    ”no there too many of the them and it will wear luffy out not to mention that its too risky incase these wake up” says robin with her foot ontop of a store’s peronal
    ”I’VE GOT IT!!!!!!” shout usopp after he done thinking, everyone looks usopp’s way
    ”what do you mean you’ve got it” annoyed nami says at usopp who’s showing a smug look on his face
    ”well first we need to get everone out side the building, hey can you help me with these people please” usopp asks the strong looking slaves to help move the store’s personal near robin
    everyone now out side of the store
    ”nami i need your help on this one” asks usopp then nami hits him over the head for getting cocky earlier making everyone think he can to it alone
    ”just hurry up and tell me what i need to do” says a smiling nami now that she is needed
    ”when we were talking ealier you said that your new weapon and make just about and kind out weather if just by someone who know how, like yourself” usopp says to nami and she tells him that he’s correct, everyone else looks on confused
    ”then do u think you can make a mini tornado” says usopp with a smug look on his face pointing at nami
    ”yea its not too hard, ive done it before but i dont see how that going to help here” nami replies only to make usopp act more outrageours
    ”well make a mini tornado and have it destroy this empty buliding and i will do the rest” says usopp at nami who now look worried but eventualy gives in after seeing with confident look
    ”OK but you better not screw this up!!” shout nami as she starts using her weapon

    PG 14
    outside the slave shop

    nami just made a mini tornado and its heading for the slave store
    ”i know we said that we were going to destory all the places that a keeping slaves, both store’s and house to make it so they never want to this thing again but wont destroying it make it harder for use to find the key’s” says robin as everyone including the slaves are worried apart from the usopp
    ”don’t worry, the island that i was sent to in order to get off it i didnt only need to get stronger but i need to notice the tinest movement becuase everything on that island was about to eat you, inclusing the island” says usopp with a dipressed look on his face just remembering what happened, everyone is shocked about what he’s been though speacialy the part about the island trying to eat him
    ”but becuase of that it will come in handy here” usopp says as the tornado is just started tearing into the store, everyone stops talking and usopp has a very serious look on his face with his goggles on
    the tornado has ripped though the whole of the store and the stuff is swilering around and the suddenly usopp draws his weapon and fire’s a shot and tells nami that she can stop the tornado now, about 30 seconds later the tornado disapears and usopp runs off in the direction in which he fired and after another 30 he is shouwn running back with the keys in his hand
    ”ive got them, see i told you not to worry” says usopp who’s now boasting to the slaves as he opens there neck collars, nami is socked that usopp was able to find the keys in the swiling tornado and robin is even more shocked as to who he did it because fireing at a moving target after finding is increadably difficult but what even harder is judging how much the corse of your shot is going to be change while shooting into the tornado and timing it just right to hit the keys
    ”YoHoHoHoHoHo AMAZING, usopp-san now as soon as we get everyone out of the buliding we’ll be able to find the keys alot fast if they won’t tell us the location of the key’s” says a laughing brook while looking down at the unconcious people on the floor
    ”no it’s best to try and avoid doing this to often” robin informs brook
    ”why?? robin-chan” says a confused brook
    ”just look around you and you can see why” repiles robin as everyone starts to look around they notice that the area’s fog is nolonger covering them
    ”the tornado blew the fog away and if we keep having to rely on this method then the chance of us getting spotted increase” robin says as they all begin to walk out of the current area into a place were there is more fog
    ”right the hancock ship is here now you all just need to get on and we’ll see you soon ” nami says while smiling after reciveing a ton of parise
    ”we have aranged for a safe place to sleep and some food for you, and after we’ve freed the rest of the slaves on this island we secure safe passage from here to were ever you want to go” robin informs the slaves afer she notices there worried look when they board hancock boat and part ways
    ”BROOK we are done hear and are heading back ship, we had no problem on this side” choppers voice is heard over the baby den-den-mushi with luffy and zoro in the back ground
    ”you almost sacred me to death then, although im already dead YOhohoho” brook says as he hears a voice calling him from inside his skull, nami then whack brook on the head and take the baby den-den-mushi of him
    ”no we had no problems either we’ll meat you make at the ship to discuss what’s next” says nami as they are shown walking back into the fog

    PG 15
    back on the weather ship

    all the members are now back on the weather ship and are talking about what to do next with each other aswell as hancock who is on her way to shakki bar and the rosy rider who have just dropped the few slaves that each had and are now on there way back to luffy and crew
    ”so what
    now do we take care of the next grove or rest for a while” ask chopper
    ”no if we want to achive what we came here to do we need to keep going until we need to rest” robin says looking down at the map of SA and crossing off the grove that they are currently in
    ”yeah your right”says nami
    ”well what next” asks zoro
    ”they are a few grove with only a couple of slave shop on them we will split up and each take on after we have freed the slave we’ll meet up by the shore and with them and hand them off to hancock, is that alright with you hancock i know is not a very exciting job but its the most improtant” asks robin
    ”no problem if it’s for luffy i will help out” replies hancock everyone smiles after hearing it but luffy dosent seems to take much from it only that hancock will help out
    ”thanks your really helpful hancock” says a joyful luffy hancock is how blushing and saying its nothing big
    ”my snakes will be able to do that without anyone being on board the ship so i suggest that me and the kuja pirates take the grove surrounding grove 13 were shakki’s bar is and escorting them to shakki’s on foot” says hancock to everyone over the den-den-mushi
    ”yea that would be great and helpful but you wouldnt have the cover of the fog will it be alright” asks luffy ”they might find out that you are helping me and you could get into trouble with the world goverment”
    ”it’s ok aslong as im helpful i dont mind making myself and enemy of the world” hancock replies and she is shown with her legs gave way with she heard that luffy was worrying about her
    ”alright then we’ll keep in canstant contact as contiune for as long as we can” says robin everyone else is shown nodding there heads in agreesment last panel shows 12 hours later

    PG 16
    shakki’s bar

    luffy and crew come though door and are greeted by shakki and aswell and hancock who as just returned a while ealier
    ”were sanji and franky” asks luffy
    ”sanji cooking in the house below that franky made and franky is looking for matierals that he can use for buliding a ship, he’s really amazing he only just got finished buliding the house inside the root not took long ago” says shakki at the strawhat crew members who look suprised
    ”it took franky that long just to build a house for the slaves???” says nami looking at the rest that were also confused
    ”well yea with the amount of slaves there about he had to use up the whole of the root he said that there were enough room to hold nearly 1000 people is they all slept close to each other” shakkis informas them expecting them to be suprised at it being able to hold 1000 but noticeing that they arent they just says that its to be expected that it took that long then if he made it that big
    ”yea and sanji has been cooking no-stop trying to help the slaves, there color in there face seems to have gotten better but then are still looking alot depressed i think is becuase they are still on this island and they are worried that they are going to get captured again” says shakki and soon after that brook realizes that he can do something for them by playing a song to cheer them up so he leaves to go play for them
    after brook leave they all begin to discuss that they have done about 1/4 of work that needs to be done but with them getting into the rhythm of freeing the slaves they will be able to free alot more in the next 12 hours, franky enter soon after then finish there dicussion
    ”hey i see you all made it back” says franky with a depressed face and tone luffy notices that franky is down and goes over that ask why
    ”what up franky i thought that you would have been more lively” asks luffy with the other behind him sitting down also paying attention to what wrong with franky
    ”well it’s just that i cant frind enough wood to build a boat big enough to carry all of the salves, at this rate the revoultionary amry are going to be making more trip that they have to” says franky and everyone can now understand franky worries, shakki comes from behind the bar and looks at the map that show the location of the slaves stores
    ”well why dont you go with them on the next time they go out” shakki says to franky, everyone turns around and looks a shakki with a confused look
    ”i dont mean join in, just the next time you go out why not attack this place” shakki says as she points to the groves that are on the edge of the SA map that are labeled docks everyone leans over and looks at the map
    ”we can easily change our next attack to there buy why i dont think that you would find much extra wood on the docks that you would it you cut dont some trees” says nami
    ”thats not all they so there because of everyone docking the ship the most of the ship are coated there aswell, but some people hire cheap coats because they cant afford the price to coat a ship with a good coater so naturally some of the ships that have been coated end up damaged after then try to submerge the ship in the water so there are alot of ship around the shore that you could fix up, i mean it not like you have to make 1 big ship to carry the slaves, you could also fix up to ship which is faster and easier” says shakki looking at everyone’s face’s as they change from being without hope to smiles
    ”ok that seatled then we will cover the docks with fog as we attack and franky will get whatever he needs to make the ship, i also want brook to go with luffy’s group the next time around” says robin, everyone apart from the ones who were recently with brook during the attack dont know why robin said this so they all have a confused look on there face
    ”why robin??” asks luffy
    ”well brook has a song that can get the store personal the side with us and handing over the key’s willingly, its was alot easier than just knocking the out, i thought that it would help you have an easier time” says robin, luffy is shown with a impressed look on his face while looking a brook and then agrees
    ”first thing we need to do is rest and have something to eat then we will attack tommorrow” says robin as she circles the next target ‘the docks’ ans the leaves with the rest of them done to eat and rest below

    PG 17
    kitchen of the house that franky bulit

    ”is there anything i could do to help out” salve girl asking sanji
    ”a cutie pie like you should enjoy food not be making it, just leave it all to me i can handle everything just fine” says sanji while thinking (i need to keep these dishes a secret from everyone, the way they protected them on that island shows how valuable they are)
    ”SANJI!!!! FOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!!” shouts luffy as soon as he enters the house startaling all the people inside bur nami gives him a big hit to the head for shouting to load which also cause the slaves to feel realvied and they start smiling and laughing, brooks music can be heard by everyone after they have entered the house
    ”looks like brook is playing” says nami everyone start to listen and they cant help but feel relaxed after hearing it ”it’s sounds like a new song of brooks, did her make it during the last 2 year” nami says
    ”here you are nami-swan, robin-chwan, hancock-sama (only thing he’s aloud to call her) your meals i think you will find that very intresting” sanji says with joy on his face of having them taste his new recipes for the first time, the rest of the crew have and very angry look while they see sanji serving them first, sanji notices
    ”yours is over there” sanji points to the table full of food, as soon as they bite into it and swallow there facial experssions change as they notice some think different about there bodys
    ”what’s this i feel like my energy is coming back” says luffy as he if stuffing his face with food, the rest also make grunts and nod in agreement but cant stop themselves from eating to says its good
    ”yea on the island that i was sent to i got these recipes that can greatly effect ones body that one your eating now will give you your energy back basicially its for endurance” sanji says pointing to the food that luffy eating ”brook told me that you’ve been working non-stop for the last 12 hours so i new you would be hungry and tired so i made that for everyone” sanji smiling with a face thats shows he’s proud with himself
    ”won’t we have to worry about the food suppile running out if you let luffy keep eating like that, i mean we did get alot of food but that was for the slaves” says nami to sanji with hancock in the background next to luffy trying to feed him some of her food
    ”no i knew this was going to happen so i asked the kuja pirates to take the food that they found in the slave stores that they were using to feed the slaves, and on there way back after the food shops says that the hancock-sama had alot of food they gave it to her for free to get inher good graces” sanji replies to nami while not even looking instead looking at hancock happy expression and going of into his own little fantasy thinking that its becuase of the food he made, until he notice’s hancock feeding luffy then his love struck expression turns to anrgy
    ”good thinking sanji-kun” says nami in a cute voice to try and get sanji to calm down after she notices his anger and it works ”we all need to get some rest we will be attacking again in the next 7 hours” nami says a she and robin walk over to hancock and asks if she wants to sleep with them, hancock agrees only because she is going to use this chance to see if they have any feeling of love towards luffy

    PG 18
    30 hours later

    ”luffy there’s only 1 grove left” says robin as they all sit down tired after doing all of the attack but luckly they all when to plan so far
    ”thanks guy after this last attack we’ll only have to worry about the slaves getting off the island and we can just wait for rayliegh” says luffy to the rest of them
    ”dont mention it, we all didnt like what was going on this island when we first stepped on it over 2 years ago” says nami dead tired but still smiling, sanji then walks carrying meals for each of them to get there strengh back even though he also is dead tired from all the cooking he has been doing
    ”hey sanji how are they all doing down below” asks luffy with a piece ofmeat hanging out of his mouth, everyone paying attention
    ”well they are squezzing together but they are happy that they free and cant wait to get off the island” sanji says as he sits down while lighting his cigarette after blowing some smoke he smiles
    ”thats good, you and franky have done a great job”says luffy as everyone agrees and they start laughing
    ”its nothing for the new and improved SUPERRRRR!!!!! me” franky says while drinking one cola bottle after another ”also i finished the 2 ship like asked and have kept then near the shore line for when we need them”
    ”ok that great” luffy says with the look of have a fair bit of energy after finishing sanji perpared meal and looking around to the find that the rest are also the same, shakki emerges from a back from where she keep a den-den-mushi
    ”i just got a call from both rayliegh and the revolutionary army, each said that they will be here in a couple of hours” everyone faces light up with the though of seeing the sunny go again and a end to this mission
    ”ok just this last place left” says usopp as he looks at the map and them has a curious look on his face
    ”luffy why did you leave this place for last, i mean it would make more sense to attack grove 60 last and then make a break for it stright after because its closet to the marines” asks usopp which also grabs the attention of everyone in the room as they look towards luffy
    ”well that place is the same place that tried to sell camie last time and seeing as this time around we are destroying entire bulidings that have anything to do with the slave trade i thought that we should all be there when that happened” luffy says with a giant smile on his face and the rest of the crew now realise want luffy want with the last place and each has a sight smile and thanks him, the only person that has been not following is hancock after she found out with place they were attacking next
    hancock is shown with a deep concern look on her face over luffy after she remembers who owns this last slavery house, she only reemembered who it is because he’s a person who discusts her nearly as much as the tenruybito because of his personality and the bisuness that he is involded in, and the possibilty of him being close, hancock looks down at a world goverment letter adressed to the warloards

    PG 19
    Marines HQ

    ”how many do you think will show up this time after the summons” marines A (high ranking officer)
    ”one or two is we a luckly but that dosent matter we just need to discuss the current problem and then inform the rest of the warlord on the dicsion” marine B (another high ranking officer)
    ”hahahaha that why i love coming to these meetings” said the voice of the man walking though the door, both marines quckly turn there heads towards the door
    ”it seems your here as usaul doflamingo” marine A, a big smile is shown (bottom half of doflamingo’s face)
    ”Of course i came, i love come to what the marines squrime and then ask for the help or pirates kill other pirates HAHAHAHAHA!!” he says mocking the marines infront of him but they are even more shocked at whats behind him
    doflamingo walks forward with the shadow behind him also following and the both sit down at the same time
    ”i didnt expect to see you her…. MIHAWK!!” doflamingo says in a arragont voice
    ”we i had a feeling that something was going to happen on SA below so when i got this summons i and had no other reasons to decline, so has anything happen” mihawk looks towards the marines
    ”no nothing big has happened that we know of…oh wait there was a report of some slave shop getting destroyed one after the other with no sign of stopping, but considering that we have deny no knowledge that they were there we havent been getting involved” says marine B looking at a file infront of him thinking that in fact they ae doing them a favour by destroying them becuase they wouldnt be able to with the world nobles wanting slaves
    ”hmmmm is that so” says a intrigued mihawk this also catchs doflamingo intrest as he wonders why he is so intrested in what happening on SA
    doflamingo has a little flashback to a few hours before he arrived at the meeting were he gets a call from the owner of the Auction house in Grove 1 saying that anything to do with the slave trade has been destroyed in the last few days and even though he knew doflamingo said that hedidnt want anything to do with it 2 years ago cause he thought that the war with whitebeard was more intresting, he still though that he should call because he was worried that he is next
    doflamingo is shown saying ”after the war with whitebeard it’s gotten boring so if whatever happens at this meeting dosent intrest me than i will come down a see is its more intresting tere” says a laughing doflamingo, flashback ends
    ”looks like its getting intresting again hahahaha!!!!” doflamingo says with a crazy smile as he leaves the room on his way to SA, the marines want to stop him becuase they havent gotten to discuss the reason they summoned that yet but after seeing how crazy his smile if they froze up in fear and was unable to stop him

    anyone like the next chapter of my perdication

  104. @ Super: I actually like the Fog Horn idea but its incomplete without headlights in case yea they run into traffic out at sea in the dark 🙂 I watched the OP anime filler where they land in the Marine base and the Marines use Fog horns and Headlights so they can Navigate so its a Must.

    I was thinking underwater Periscope, it has so many potential uses. And 1 more let me think ummm… Another type of Sound Horn which calls the Kraken = Laboon
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    @Smurfclassic: I like it Dude, edit and post it onto a Predictions Onepiece website and Im sure many others will like it aswell 😉

  105. Luffy has used color of observation or something of the sort before. When he was fighting mihawk doing the whitebeard war he was about to hit mihawk with jet bazooka but stopped because he had a vision of his arm being cut off.
    Sorry for not having a link to it lol but looks like we will see luffy fighting mihawk soon in the anime.

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    I just want to tell people that all though the concept of Haki, Will of Fire and Resolve these concepts are true its what they refer to as the Secret in the Real world you can use this, another thing I love manga but instead of reading its good to actually live life like your favorite characters and be free.

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  136. Ill reply cause I seen your email messages..
    Ashan Im not you I keep my word.. that and my balls I dont break for no one 😀 interpret your own experiences and become Enlightend. I read Manga cause Berserk was my inspiration and Guts was my Absolute Idol growing up cause I didnt have a father figure so if you can understand my mentality Ive never backed down from no one Physically.. The good ol days.. But like Guts he didnt know what the meaning of Love was and cause Ive defined this emotion as Truth I know how things like the world works and I also know when Guts realises what Love is like I have nothing in his world can destroy him 😀

    Im an Immortal Soul I never Die.. Its a shame some people dont understand this concept but if you read books besides Manga I recommend a Book by Erich Von Daikin – Chariots of the Gods.. This Book should Rip you out of your Matrix.

    I know what I write might not mean anything but a Joke to some and maybe Im not the only one but I do have a life besides the computer. And for some this is their only escape thats why I say get the fuck up and talk to someone besides these repeaters.

    Ummm Yea thats all I have to say oh and Im not FUCKING SMURF FUCKTARD! If you thought you were clever or someshit.. but yea live long and prosper and just Love man its all about love the Hippys were right, Goverments are the Darkside and everyone is Crazy, I just cant wait till it all goes down.

    But I just want you all Too Awaken and actually be the person your spirit was born to be 😀

    And reason being, I aint and have no need to come back to this site or any other is cause I read my manga by myself and use my own interpretation I tire from you babel. But I also Apprecitated it aswell there are a few especially Omar, Urban Volcano, Ajd, Eugen and Kizu – cause your Punctual not like this FUCKIN SUPEREGO PRICK no offense but you are 😉 and there are more im sorry I cant remember, its just I didnt relate to your comments but cause I love you and everyone else now, you dont need to relate to me cause I love you for who you are no matter what 😀

    Okay I wish insted of oline chat we could of sat together and spoken about manga.. Farewell, Fuck there is no turning back once you pass the checkpoint in life keep your word and be the person you were before you wanted to be someone else.. bye and goodluck.

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    supertrek89 said this on August 27, 2010 at 3:13 pm (edit) ”

    “@Everyone: The breakdown will be out late tonight.

    supertrek89 said this on August 28, 2010 at 11:39 am (edit)”

    Keep your promises or I’ll put you in a Tenrai suit and throw you to Kantonkage

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    @spoilers i havent seen OP for 4 weeks and now ill resist those few days more also!

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    Next time theres a OP break like this your not getting revived lol…

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    Well, for what i’ve seen Luffy is only going to appear only in the last page, and leaving us with a lot of Q’s and wanting even more!!!!

  147. @otepgaara
    What?? the raw on mangahead shows luffy in color in first 3 pages !!.. (I just wanted to see the number of pages .. I swear !!)

    Alas.. my hopes of a 40 page chapter are dashed (only 22 pages 😦 )

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    Yep, Kryptonite had better be his only weakness

  152. @toomuchconfusionism (damn that was looong ha!)
    Yeah I know he is on color and in the front page but what i meant is that i think that Luffy will not take action/appearance in this chapter until the last page, at least that’s what i think, and we will only see the crew in this chapter…

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    no worries, i was gonna post the link but noticed you were a step ahead of me.
    I’ve been following the discussion all this time and some amazing predictions have come up.
    @ smurf: awesome job on the predictions. Some things were a bit unbelievable, even for One Piece but otherwise, i was hooked 😀
    @ super: not to bug you but if you do a chapter 598 breakdown, will you be doing the usual catch up highlights for 597?

    @ everyone, it’s good to have One piece back and it was a funny ass chapter. usopp still hasn’t changed hahahahahahaha 😀

  170. Damn, such a great chapter and an awesome read! Really enjoyed the color pages and everything else that followed. Someone said it before but yeah, there were some translation errors. One being Luffy said Rayleigh left him half a year ago out of the 2 years of training and Rayleigh says he hasn’t seen Luffy in a year…nice.

    Anyway, USOPP!!!! You’re even more awesome than before! Miraculous! Nami and Usopp made an awesome fighting duet!

    I’m a little disappointed all Nico Robin did was stand there reading a newspaper for her entire appearance but she looks good. 😉

    Brook is a freaking soul legend known far and wide! I’m surprised the Marines didn’t capture him before. I guess they were fans.

    Chopper is as naive and funny as always. I noticed that cucumber innuendo too.

    Sanji! Your left eye!!! I wonder what’s under his right…/sarcasm.

    I think it says B7 not 37 on Franky’s shoulder.

    Can’t wait to see Zoro. He has that Rayleigh looking scar over his eye.

    Luffy is a beast and I can’t wait to see how strong her is. Best panel of the chapter for me is when Luffy throws on his hat and says, “Let’s go!”. Sets everything in motion.

    Edit:@Xd0tks: Yeah, just real quick highlights. I want to get on with the new chapter and talk about new exciting things like Chopper finally got his stick!!!!! XD

  171. WTF!? That fake Robin had a cucumber in front of…a dark place and was offering it to Chopper (a child) for him to come with her? That’s messed up!

    Apparently Zoro’s now Shanks’ twin

    Anyhoo, most awesomely of all…..dadadadadadada dadadadada daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *drum roll*

    SANJI! Yes ladies, he has returned. Be sure to close your windows and doors at all times 😉

    Also, I guess now we know why Aizen and Urahara called the Soul King an “it” lmao! Oda punched Kubo right in the kisser.

    Usopp, dear old Usopp.

    Nami looks even more slutastic with long hair!

    Hancock deserved that for what she did to Smoker. Never knew she was so kinky though.

    Can’t wait to see who the new Fleet Admiral is. I don’t think its Aokiji, cuz if it were Oda would have just said it was instead of keeping us waiting.

    I also noticed one other thing. Apparently bounties over 100 million mean nothing now. Those two guys Fat Luffy was talking about had really high bounties, but they’re throw away characters. I wonder how high bounties will get now. Perhaps we’re seeing a Dragonball-like thing here (eventually the power levels got so high that Toriyama just stopped using actual numbers)

    Most importantly, WHEEEEEEERE’s SMOKAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Here the link!!!!:


  173. The Caribou Brothers probably have such high bounties because they killed so many Marines. Rememeber bounties don’t only determine strength but perceived threat to the Marines and their way of life.

    Now that I think more on it Franky’s shoulder probably says “37” and not “B7”.

    A progression from 36. He was the 36th Battle Franky. His other 35 ships he created as a child are memory. Now he’s 37, a new Franky! I miss his old haircut though…T_T

    @Kisu: Nah, Zoro didn’t lose his arm. You can see him holding his left sword below his waist.

    Speaking of that color spread…

    Just remember chapter 1. Kinda obvious but I like pointing this stuff out anyway.

    Edit: LMAO!!! Brook is the Soul King! xD

  174. @Superdude, nah the angle on that blade is off if you compare it with his sleeve

  175. awesome chapter!!
    man that sure as hell was one hell of a break, but its finally back
    about zoro’s arm i sure hope it isnt cut off, that would be kinda lame but allright
    usopp has just entered the bad azz ranks although he starts really low but hes gotten more awesome!
    as for brooke a living legend lol i wonder what kind of other power ups he has gotten.
    I really wonder what kind of info and strength robin has gotten but i guess that will have to wait for a few more chaps.
    Lmao at chopper hes as retarded as ever ^^ in a good way ofc =D

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    The one thing I am really curious is what happened with Shakky and kuma..

    Lol.. The fake strawhats are gonna be a fun Cannon fodder..

    And also, did you guys see the first page (Jump cover)..Rayleigh looks just like Gandalf.. lol.

    And is it just me or did both Robin and Nami overtake Hancock in hotness..

    Damn gotta count down to the next week too..

  177. @Kisu: We don’t know where Zoro’s hand is at and it looks like the length of the sword is too long for the CS and runs off the page. The angle of the sword doesn’t seem off to me for him to be holding it. The angle of the sword seems off to me for it to be one of his sheaths. I think we should just wait until the next chapter comes out. I guarantee you though Zoro didn’t lose an arm. If he did you can write the breakdown. 😉

  178. @superdude, what if, now dont hold me to this, but what if Zoro learned to hold a sword with his feet? You know, like monkeys can. Plus he was on an island with a ton of warrior monkeys (the second most powerful type, right behind monkeys with huge exposed chemical x-induced brains)

  179. I’d shoot Oda in the foot where it would be appropriate.

  180. super: but if you shoot him in the foot we might have another break…

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    ill shoot you in your ovaries if you shoot oda ^.^

    @ kisu

    the one who’s on chemical x seems to be you ^.^

    @ zoro

    if he did loose an arm wont his santoryou [ wtf ] would go to waste ? even if he does loose it franky will just build him a new one

  182. @ahsan, I stopped taking chemical x years ago. Let’s just say it wasn’t strong enough to make the voices stop 😉

  183. Some news for you guys , i was working on app for WRA . i finished . what it basically does is make use of the rss feed of wra and quickly views the newest posts and then you can read em quickly too ^.^
    i sumbitted it on the ovi store [nokia app store] hopefully it will get approved

    so all you folks having NOKIA [ lol i can hear pickles somewhere xD] phone get ready to have wra on your phone 😀

    here’s a screen cap of the development version ^.^

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    No wonder he says “SCARY!!, YOU’RE SCARY ROBIN!!”


  186. Wait a minute forget subliminal, that img was just to darn direct!!!!

  187. congratz OP fans you have convert 4 ppl to read the ridiculously long manga you love.

  188. I mean it in a good way

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    You sir are a hero to procrastinators everywhere, in your honor we shall throw a parade…
    Ya know, whenever we get around to it =P

  191. how come on it says that the next chapter is going to be out in over 9 days that sounds like there is going to be a break next week

  192. with the new style of the swords i am guess that they got dammaged over the time that he has been training with mihawk and mihawk took him to the same blacksmith that he uses, and also has the scarab alterd, or recosimized to make the stronger ,with his left eye i am guess that its damaged and hasnt been using it so keeps his eye closed but chopper will have a look at it even thoug zoro thinks its a lost cause and with chopper new skills we be able to heal it

  193. robin is on grove 12 and moving to grove 13 so she will be there soon and sanji will be drooling over her when she gets there, chopper will want to meet up with everyone else an luffy to elp get back robin (the fake one) so he’ll rush to grove 13 only to notive that robin was there and sanji then ask who were them other people, robin shows the poster saying that it might have something to do with this.
    i think that brooks new attack is that people faint because his music is soo good i.e the was a someone saying ‘get the strechs for the people that faint’

  194. @smurfclassic – it’s obvious that Brook’s new attack is to sick his rabid fanbase on whomever he wants =P

  195. Pfffft, my internet is lagging. I released my breakdown weeks ago, it has yet to arrive…>_>

    For those who are starting One Piece I strongly suggest starting off with the anime. I emphasize “strongly.”

    Cool work Ahsan!

  196. super: are you serious? the anime’s pacing is worse then any other series i’ve seen! they do good with the epic moments, sure, but really it cant compare to the manga.

    btw, for my fellow one piece fans, i recomend you take a look at this, these little reviews are hilarious, normally only naruto is done, but she(?, i dont know this person) has started doing One Piece now as well. its a great review XD

  197. oops forgot the link:
    check it out, its hilarious!

  198. @super: what with you and strongly pushing the anime, do a breakdown for this chapter, oh and for a poll have one for luffy’s reaction to fake luffy and some option, be intresting to see what other people think is going to happen after that encounter

  199. @Takashid
    I loooooove Gabzillaz journal breakdowns! they are hilarious. they make every naruto chapter 100 times better. no lie.
    I’m so happy she is doing One piece now too ^___^

  200. bbgurly14: seriously. i think the only reason im still reading Naruto is so i can enjoy her journals. I am so happy she has finally caught up with one piece! i was laughing for so long after reading her breakdown of the latest chapter. cant wait to see her breakdowns for the chapters after this!!!

  201. what do you think was in the bag the luffy was carrying?
    i think its either meat or gold that he found on that island
    if it meat he will probbly other it to fake luffy as a proper apology, then the fake luffy will shoot him in the head but instead of it rebounding like it normaly would luffy uses haki of armaments and the bullet get crushed like it would for superman

  202. O.o this weeks anime was awesome!
    Loved the comic relief hancock dono is great lol
    also crocodile was doing great
    Mihawks entrance was epic

    @chapter 598
    Who do you guys think kidnapped fake-robin? the World government or someone else? bounty hunters or so?

  203. double post,
    i wonder if theres gonna be a breakdown this week,.. ^^
    dont feel pressured xD

  204. @fearvano, those kidnappers were too wacky to be from the WG.

    Goddammit, I need to pick a side. I can’t decide between Pirates (Crocodile and Sanji) or Marines/Navy (Smoker and Akainu)

  205. just thinkiong but who do you think will win between oars and the 3 rumble ball choppter?

  206. the kidnappers were probably guys from the rev army and dragon. I doubt that they were happy to hear of Robins decision to leave and they’ll want to get her back asap by any means necessary.

    And Oars jr would win because he had a huge ass sword lol. If your talking about zombie oars though…. then zombie oars would still win because he’s a zombie

  207. I can’t believe i went this long without OP…and the amazing part is that even though it was a regular length chapter it seemed to give out more action and info than a double chapter would have done.
    I think the new fleet admiral is Akinu the cold hearted bastard which is ironic because he’s lava lol..
    I as thinking this whole week of how zoro would be able to fight if he lost an arm and im still answerless. Mihawk who is considered the greatest swordsman often fought with Shanks, but when he lost his arm he no longer dueled with him. Although Shanks has Haki(probably Kings) i don’t think Mihawk saw him as a worthy oppenent.
    Franky looks Awesome being huge like that but i already miss the hair..
    Nami and Robin….they instantly get +10 Awesomeness Points.
    Im just excited for the next chapter…

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