Fairy tail 196 breakdown Guess what? Mistguns plan sucked… and failed. Surprised? Well if you are, then something’s wrong with you.

Hello hello! How is everybody doing? I’m doing AWESOME—–ish…. I just moved into my dorm room on Sunday and I finally get to enjoy the college life! Oh it has been a long 18 years @___@ but I’m all moved in, meeting some new friends, and am waiting for this useless freshmen “Welcome Week” to be over and for classes to start this Monday ^___^ And with the start of college… I have some disappointing news. I, like most new freshmen in college, am very nervous about my classes. I need some time to adjust to the college system and to get into a set routine. So until that time, there won’t be any FT breakdowns coming from me TT____TT

Now on to the breakdown!

Chillin' like a mofo.

The chapter starts with mistgun explaining his plan (again) to P.Lily and how he must be the king of this world because he is both an exsheed and a member of the royal army. Lily’s response is basically to say that he’s full of shit XD Then the two just continue to talk T___T and it goes pretty much like this….

Lily: “I will not kill you! Edolas needs your strength/will. Don’t be a little bitch and take responsibility for your actions!”

Mistgun: “chaos wont be settled like this >_>“

Lily: “then I’ll be the vill–”

Mistgun: “NO! you saved me, you deserve happiness”

Lily: “See! Now you know how it feels. Whoever will die it’ll only cost sorrow”

Mistgun: T____T

T___T only took him 7 years to realize this plan was a bad one

Then out of nowhere a little nobody soldier appears and tells P.Lily that people are destroying the neighborhood XD At the scene of the crime the villain reveals himself…. IT’S THE GREAT DEMON LORD DRGNEEL!!! MUAHAHA…. X____________X

LOL he has horns… so I’ll give Natsu a plus there. The cape is a new look too, it kinda fits him ^_^

I LOOOOVE the look on P.Lily’s face on page 14– Classic.

Mistgun never shows enough emotion… a super shocked more cartoonish look on his face would’ve been priceless.

So Natsu has “captured” the King and is holding him hostage, while his “servants” wreak havoc around the town.

Of course Gazille pulls off the evil look very well and looks bad ass as well. *sigh* I miss evil Gazille…

Wendy on the other hand…. Well I don’t think she has a mean bone in her body at all XD


So apparently one of the flying cats (I forget his name already >.<) overheard P.Lily’s and Mistguns conversation and went to tell the dragon slayers who decided to pretend to be bad guys so no one had to die. Isn’t that predictable sweet? Oh but there’s more to Natsu’s plan then it seems! Our dragon slayers aren’t just going to be taken down by Mistgun… P.Lily is somehow involved. Any ideas as to his part in this plan??

ANNNNND to wrap up this breakdown I will say this: Natsu would be a badass bad guy if he were one! But only if he was serious the whole time >_> He totally pulls off the serious-bad-guy look. I like it ^___^

I bet Natsu got evil lessons from Gazille to pull off this look.

Well. That’s the end of this breakdown. I hope you all enjoyed!  Thank you to everyone who read my breakdowns and/or commented on them! I really appreciated it. And thank you very much, Super, for giving me this awesome opportunity–  I had a lot of fun writing these and reading the comments, and I‘m going to miss it. Hopefully I’ll be back… I don’t when though! So I’ll say goodbye for now TT____TT

Goodbye for now! XD



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33 Responses to “Fairy tail 196 breakdown Guess what? Mistguns plan sucked… and failed. Surprised? Well if you are, then something’s wrong with you.”

  1. first

  2. BB!!! Awesomely funny breakdown!!! You will be missed for the time you are gone and just to let you know your spot will always be open for FT Breakdowns. Come back whenever you’ve adjusted to college, lol, come back whenever you feel like it. 🙂 I don’t care who I may replace you with I’ll give them the boot if you decide to come back…>_> You were the best Fairy Tail writer this site has had. ^_^ No doubt.

    You just made this chapter better than it really was. >(0_-)>

  3. OMG!!! Kantonkage is first!!! Run for the hills, it’s the end of life as we know it!!! T__T

    *Throws farewell party for BB and eats all the guests.* @__@

    We will miss having you here, but I am sure you will be back. Please don’t even lose touch and if you ever need a friend to talk to, you will always know where to find the craziest bunch of misfits that will be sure to bring a smile to your face.

    *Hugs BB.*

    *Glares at everyone else in the room.* She’s mine!!! <_____<

  4. *gives farewell and takes out a present inside is Gale-Force Glasses* Good luck with college BB *then Loads guns* You should know this by now *points at Tenrai* Don’t let go for your sake.

  5. Great breakdown BB!!

    We’ll miss you…

    Good luck!! 😀

  6. XD
    thanks for all the good luck everyone. I will definitely pop back in here every chance I get!


  7. Ehhhh, we’ll try…>_>

  8. need help on finding a manga all i know about it is that :
    a guy start working for a lingire company and he can tell a tell a girl size either by just looking or touching (cant remember)
    also i think its kind of old and has had more than 100 chapters easy (i think i saw a raw of it a couple of years ago and it was like chapter 300)

  9. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/50575907/1 newest chapter

  10. Holy sh*t Lily has shrunk and Lisanna is still alive

  11. http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=876383470 raw chapter

  12. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/21943154/1
    new chapter translated

  13. Great chapter in my opinion.

    When P.Lily met Gazille thought °He can’t be his cat, he’s too human-like!” but Hiro Mashima made him shrink to Happy and Charle’s size, so that’s ok. I hope he’s strong like before…

    Btw, if Lisanna’s in Earthland that means she has magic inside her body and she might be the Lisanna that Natsu knew…
    But didn’t she die when Elfman went crazy while using Take Over?!?


  14. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/12190416/1 new chapter it was very heartwarming T.T

  15. Kanton and I are the only ones who comment… *throws bone at kanton* 😦

    Nevermind, the chapter was really great.
    I don’t care that it didn’t have any action, it was full of emotion and that’s what counts. 🙂

    Lisanna wasn’t dead, but I think it will be strange for her to meet all her friends after 2 years.
    I hope she doesn’t die “again” soon, though.

  16. Chapter 200 is OUT!!!


    Btw, new breakdown please? 😀

  17. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/70259148/1
    new chapter *cuts bone into multiple pieces with sword*

  18. Yea see it’s been posted three times

  19. Great chapter.

    A bit of partying after a long arc and the introduction of a new threat, the new Magic Council that Natsu will probably beat up soon.

    This guy (who might be another Dragon Slayer) doesn’t look evil, just sad and a bit emo. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/70259148/22

    He even looks like Sasuke… O_O

  20. @dragon Sasuke is an angry Emo. This guy is blessed with suck

  21. I just looked at the first 2 pages of Fairy Tale. Im not sure if I should incorporate this into my Manga Database, I have like 8 Manga that I love but Im curious is it worth the Read and if so which manga does it most resemble?

    Also its on like chapter 200 how many Arcs have passed? And are those 4 characters the Pink hair guy that other dude and those 2 girls with red and Blonde hair are they good characters to grow and love? Also has it got Comedy that is like OP?

  22. @burst
    there are currently 9 arcs slowly entering it’s 10th arc
    yup they are definitely some characters you can grow and love.
    And yes it’s very funny.

  23. Thanks Kanton your Opinion was enough, 9 arcs thats like alot I think more than Bleach. Ill start reading it and maybe Ill start blogging for it, Cheers 🙂

  24. @burst Yes we have snagged another one
    Don’t forget ERZA-SAMA the greatest secondary main female in shounen history
    1) She a badass. (unlike other manga *cough*bleach*cough*Naruto*cough*)
    2) She’s hot.
    3) Her magic is awesome
    4) She gets plenty of panel time.

  25. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/83689791/1
    Another Fairy tail rocks early releases.

  26. S-class promotion tournament gonna be awesome

  27. I just saw the chapter.

    The first pages with Lucy and Cana are just… WOW. @_@

    I wonder if Super read this chapter. If not, he really should. 😉

    Hot girls aside, I wonder who will win the S-Class Wizard Promotion Trial?
    I vote Juvia, even though I think Cana will probably win so she won’t leave the guild.

    More importantly, who is that dying person in Charle’s vision?
    I think it’s going to be Gray (even though he won’t really die) because Natsu and Cana are crying a lot; they both have a great relationship with him and they would be very sad if he died.

    Btw, Mest Gryder is eeevil! I can feel it.

  28. Lol I said I “saw” the chapter. I meant I just saw it was out and read it.
    I came here to post the link for the chapter but then I saw Kanton had already done that. 😀

  29. @dragon loved the bath scene. 😀
    Too bad there won’t be much Erza action. 😦

  30. http://www.mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/79123739/1 latest chapter

  31. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/30567380/1
    Fairy Tail 203!!!

  32. Awesome Yay for Bikini girls Squick for gray

  33. Lucy and Cana you’re screwed definitely

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