Two Weeks to Make a Good Chapter and Tite Trolls again. Two Weeks = Double the Fail! Bleach 416 Deicide 18

*wakes up*

*turns on laptop and goes to mangastream*

Oh cool, new Bleach  chapter is finally out. Can’t wait to start reading

*finishes reading*


I may be charged for treason, but my tacos taste beyond reason. Buy it

Well what can I say about this chapter? *sigh* Looks like I was right. That weird thing in Aizen’s hand was his attempt at making a Hogyouku. But according to Aizen, his was incomplete, no matter how many souls he fed it, so in the end he offered up Kisuke’s Hogyouku. Yeah, that’s basically the whole chapter. Sad, no?

I here its pretty good! Shameless advertising FTL >_>

So while Aizen is killing him, Gin gives us another snippet of his past. Apparently he became a Shinigami to change things. Anyone saw Bleach Fade to Black? Well if you have, you’ll see that Shinigami are douches to people from Rukongai. So is that what Gin wanted to change? The corruption of the Soul Society?

So Aizen runs his sword through Gin then slams him through a wall and Rangiku jumps several buildings in a single bound to land where Gin is, BUT SUDDENLY! Mr. Walking-Cliché (the protagonist always beats the hero) shows up, its the black-robe-wearing-ginger with Isshin on his back. Now, judging from the color page we got, this is apparently a form even stronger than Ichigo’s “Whoop-ass Mode” (the mode that stomped Ulquiorra to oblivion), because his forms were ascending in power from right to left and this new form was ahead. Now even though I really don’t want Ichigo to beat Aizen, I gotta admit, his new form looks cool as ice.

Kisu’s thoughts on Aizen-sama’s new form

The butterfly is a recurring theme in Bleach (Hell Butterflies, Soi Fon’s mark, and the whole evolution aspect of Aizen’s transformation), so it isn’t as weird as I first thought, its just Kubo following his theme. Then I also stumbled upon this on wikipedia. So here is the question. Aizen dreams of becoming a god through the Hogyouku, but could it be that the Hogyouku is instead dreaming of being Aizen? Could it be that perhaps the Hogyouku is influencing him? I don’t know, why’re you looking at me? But one thing’s for sure, no Final Getsuga (still just a mere zanpakuto technique) can kill Aizen, only this can:


Here’s a little something for actually reading this chapter.

A spread of all the Vice Captains and their Captains from 100 years ago, released in the new Bleach databook, MASKED. Who are they you ask? Well let me get to that.

Sojun Kuchiki- Byakuya Kuchiki’s father

Chikane Iba- Tetsuzaemon Iba’s (Komamura’s Lieutenant, the guy with the funky shades) mother

Shin’emon Kotsubaki- Sentaro Kotsubaki’s (Ukitake’s co-Lieutenant, the guy) father

Kenpachi Kiganju- the Kenpachi killed by Zaraki with one hit

Seinosuke Yamada- Hanataro Yamada’s older brother

Marenoshin Omaeda- Marechiyo Omaeda’s father

For everything on the book, including Kubo interviews with lots of new info (like the new protagonist of Bleach when Ichigo’s story is over), check this out:

Kisu out!


~ by kisuzachi on August 18, 2010.

40 Responses to “Two Weeks to Make a Good Chapter and Tite Trolls again. Two Weeks = Double the Fail! Bleach 416 Deicide 18”

  1. *sigh* really short Breakdown 😦

  2. First and lol great breakdown

  3. First, right kanton? *slips him $20*

  4. Great breakdown Kisu! 😀

    Lol, you summed the entirety of the chapter up in a few short words. Marvelous isn’t it? Lol, Ichgio’s butterfly swatter bankai reminds me of some spoilers I stumbled upon. I’ll see if I can find them again and post them here.

    Anyway, the chapter was ballocks. He used an entire page to say “I’m sorry!” Was that Kubo’s secret way to apologize to the readers? Lol, while trolling us with a wasted page. The sneaky bastard. And what in the world did Aizen take from Matsumoto?

  5. The proper name would be Getsuga Tenswatter.
    *takes 20 then takes out guns and keep my eyes peeled for a certain extreme omnivore*

  6. @super

    I can only think of one “thing” that you can take away from a woman and will left her crying.. 😉

  7. So I am confused…I read through the interview…where does it say that the series will switch protagonists? Can anyone help clarify that?

    And I didn’t think the chapter was that bad. I’ve seen worse from professional book writers. TBH…I liked having the creepy guy turning around his morals and us getting to find out why he turned out the way he did.

    Maybe Kubo is a deeper author than we give him credit for…

  8. @sockarlu, making fun of Bleach is all in good fun. We actually like Tite’s *holds back laughter* we actually like Tite’s work. Isn’t that right Superdude? 😉

  9. @Sock: What interview? o_O

    @Chairman: I understand. It sure looked like it.

    @Kisu: Oh yeeaaaahhh!!! This is some deep stuff we’re reading here. Gin betrays Aizen, Aizen morphs again, Gin is defeated, Ichigo is done his training and appears when all hope seems lost. You know, in all seriousness I don’t care about the predictability. I’m more pissed on how little he puts in 1 chapter. He could have easily squeezed that into 10 pages. Easily! He wastes so much space with…uselessness! People’s feet, eyes, nothingness, blank space, black space, blood, sword swipes, explosions, and lol he even had a whole page to say “Sorry”. ~_~

    We waited 2 weeks for this. Even a 1 week wait isn’t worth such a waste of a read. Lol, and if someone asks me why I even read Bleach. I do have the hope (false hope?) that it’ll get better. That it’ll be like the way it used to be. In the meantime, I just do it for the laughs. In the meantime I have found those spoilers but they link to another blog so with Kisu’s permission I will post them here. ^_^

  10. “You know, in all seriousness I don’t care about the predictability. I’m more pissed on how little he puts in 1 chapter. He could have easily squeezed that into 10 pages. Easily! He wastes so much space with…uselessness! People’s feet, eyes, nothingness, blank space, black space, blood, sword swipes, explosions, and lol he even had a whole page to say “Sorry”. ~_~”

    That all = more money. Tite love teh moneys :D. But yeah, I have that same complaint about Tite *sigh*. Well at least Bleach brought some much needed laughs 😀

  11. Also @ Superdude, sure, go right ahead 😀

  12. Lol, ok. You can read the “spoilers” here.

    It’s updated all the way to chapter 424! Best spoilers in the world. 😉

    Edit: Chapter 424 is on the last page of the thread (Page 5).

  13. @kisu Yea, think of the poor trees.
    @super same here I just like to have false hope.

  14. @superdude, this just reminded me that Aizen STILL has bankai! I call shenanigans if Ichigo even scratches him

  15. Those chains on ichigo’s arms kinda look cool but, its also kinda emo for me.. but hey, what do i know?

  16. it looks like the chain on tensa zangetsu has grown really long and wrapped around ichigo’s arm… hmm its kinda sad thats the only thing that surprised me this chapter.

  17. First time for everything I didnt think I would cry for Gin especially for Bleach, Saddest moment so far.

    Oh Gin, PLEASSSSSEEE LIVE!!!!!!!

  18. Gin wanted to make Rangiku smile when making love, instead of being raped having to cry through it all.

  19. Blackburstboom: yeah this is a pretty sad chapter. things look bad for gin, but who knows? unless kubo confirms his death next chapter, he might still live. he is pretty popular after all, and these chapters have shown that he does have some “good” in him, even if it is only directed to matsumoto. and we all know about death and kubos good guys…

  20. I still don’t think Ichigo should beat Aizen even after the training. Aizen’s powers have been hyped soooo much from his initial betrayal of Soul Society, to controling all the Espada, to fusing with the Hougyoku, to evolving into a butterfly, to planning out this entire damn thing! Even Ichigo’s training in the Precipice World. Not to mention he has the cheapest shikai power in the manga and he hasn’t even revealed his Bankai. Ichigo can go Vasto Lorde on Aizen and shouldn’t be able to beat him.

  21. hey i just realized something, Aizen actually failed once.

  22. @Kanton, “Aizen” and “fail” should never be in the same sentence unless “cannot” is between them

  23. i agree super… the only way he shouldve died was at gin’s blade… that was the only way to kill him cuz he had more information on aizen than anyone else and caught him off guard… but no…. butterfly shit has to happen… uhhhhh

  24. @kisu true but he did say himself *gasps* Aizen admitting a failure impossible. Another thing, Kubo made another mistake because Aizen is wearing his captain coat when Kisuke was captain and exiled before he became one. well anyway this is where he admits his *gasps* failure.

  25. Lol, you’re only under the delusion that Aizen failed. In reality he planned out his “failure” which wouldn’t really make it a failure at all since he succeeded in his planning…which was to fail…>_>

  26. “Lol, you’re only under the delusion that Aizen failed. In reality he planned out his “failure” which wouldn’t really make it a failure at all since he succeeded in his planning…which was to fail…>_>”


  27. I know I know it just shocked me seeing Aizen say “failure” directed towards himself.

  28. need help on finding a manga all i know about it is that :
    a guy start working for a lingire company and he can tell a tell a girl size either by just looking or touching (cant remember)
    also i think its kind of old and has had more than 100 chapters easy (i think i saw a raw of it a couple of years ago and it was like chapter 300)

  29. Taco Aizen is awesome!

    I especially like the “nacos bell hueco mundo” with extra hogyoukyou sauce, and a side of spicy espada sticks!

  30. @Smurf: No clue…

    @Bleach: I notice Bleach whitens clothes and also your mind making it a blank slate of nothingness while reading.

    But in all seriousness the next chapter will be AWESOME!!!!

    compared to last chapter…>_> We can only hope so.

  31. Now then, I have a few things to say:

    1: The battle to subdue HollowGetsu was Kensi’ed. Possibly the MOST IMPORTANT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT BATTLE WAS KENSI’ED. Wow Kubo… we’ll only get flashback snippets.

    2: Notice Ichigo’s sword arm? There’s some differences. The chain of Tensa Zangetsu is longer, and is wrapping around his arm, and… Zangestu has seemingly FUSED to Ichigo’s arm, his hand’s turned black.

    3: The Anime is having to fill in plotholes, or extra information. Last week’s ep of Bleach extended Harribel’s death to a whole ep, with a Flashback… revealing she was a Vasto Lorde, and, as a result, confirming Barringan and Starrk were likly VL’s too. Harribel also looked very human even as a VL, which explains the lack of change when she ressurected. She also seemed to be *gasp* a NICE Hollow.

  32. I’m actually glad Kubo skipped that hollow inside battle training. He’s done it before and it skips him having to explain how Ichigo beat the combined forces of Hollow Ichigo and Zangetsu. If he tried to explain it or create some cheap way for Ichigo to win the outcome would have been that much more terrible. Also, I really want this arc to be over with as soon as possible so let’s get on with the Ichigo vs. Aizen fight.

    I enjoyed this week’s episode but I was astounded by how weak Haribel was! So damn weak when an Arrancar (or whatever the hell it was) with a cracked mask could push her around like that. And that’s the power of a Vasto Lorde!? Aren’t 10 Vasto Lordes all that is need to “overthrow” Soul Society!? *facepalms*

  33. @Superdude, well when a Menos (Gillian, Adjuchas or Vasto) becomes an artificial Arrancar, they get a vast boost in pwer. Remember Nnoitra as the 8th Espada (back when the Espada were much weaker I might add) was sent out to capture Vastos on his own, and Nel only tagged along because she wanted to protect him. I felt the anime did a good job in that regard. They stuck to what the manga established. Now if a weak Adjuchas could become so powerful from artificial Shinigamification, imagine how powerful a Vasto would become. More powerful than an average Captain. And Harribel was certainly more powerful than an average Captain (Hitsuyguya isnt average, olus she was fighting him AND 2 Vizards and not losing any ground against them). I’d say Vastos lived up to the hype the MANGA gave them, not what the fandom gave them however >_>

    @allosawyou, technically, the anime isn’t covering plotholes, they’re just making the manga better. Kubo’s new databook said Espadas 1-4 were Vasto, so the anime just gave her a flashback and character development to highlight all this.

    *goes to collect money from Tite for defending him*
    *looks at money with a sad face and tears flowing*
    “Look how low I’ve sunken! Making sense out of Bleach’s plot for a few extra bucks!”


  34. Bleach is out folks! Let’s prepare ourselves.

    Good Lord I actually enjoyed that! Is that background I see near the end!? Though there still should be no way in hell Aizen could lose!

  35. *Looks suspiciously at the money Kubo paid Kisu, notices George washington looks suspiciously like Aizen*

    “WAIT KISU, He ripped you off!

    *Kubo shoots Prawl*

    KUBO: Darmn you strupird amelicarn… you foir my pran again!

  36. @ Super – That may be background, and I agree, I don’t think Ichigo will simply beat Aizen’s ass. It’s alot more likely that this will be like the first round of Goku vs. Freiza, that being that at first, Ichigo will get stomped, and then become super Hollow-Saiyan-Vaizard-Shinigami – whatever and fight Aizen again.

    Next Chapter dialogue: (also, will it really be deicide 20? damn Kubo, try something different for a title)

    Aizen: You… I… I totally knew you were going to do that, because I’m Aizen… and next, I see that you will simply give up and let me destroy everything… right? right? you will let me do that, because I am the all-knowing Aizen!

  37. er…is it just me or is Ichigo now officially a nazi? No offense intended to anyone…it’s just that his sword??????

    Ahh…yes, it was a good chapter, 3rd time lucky for Kubo. Let’s see, I count sensor abilities (reiatsu sensing), changes to his outer and inner structural anatomy and chat? It’s all good.

  38. do u guys seriously think thats a good chapter. I can summarize that chapter in a sentence. Ichigo grabs aizen by the face at super speed, surprising everyone… as usual ichigo got a powerup that will make him invincible. and no1 elsecould not even the entire gotei13

  39. Aizen and Old Yama were kinda even and Urahara, Yoruchi and Isshin could defeat Aizen as a Shinigami.

    Neo Aizen could then defeat everyone in SS only Gin with the know how pulled off a Killshot, which only increased Aizens power to another level in which no one in soul society could touch him.

    Perhaps only Zero Squad could handle him now and aswell Aizen and Ichigo are basically equal its only Aizen cant gage his opponents power just like everyone else before couldnt gage Aizens power.

    And so far Im assuming that they both still have their Bankai’s Ressurecions and Ultimate Trumps hidden, within the next 4 weeks the fight should be over thats if it doesnt switch back to Hueco Mundo.

    @darkgenie: The Manji symbol on Ichigo’s sword represents love and mercy. If it were reversed to look like the Nazi flag then it represents strength and intelligence.
    The symbol is used by many Buddhist cultures, by different names, and because of its association with Nazis, it has become a bit of a controversy.

  40. Failed to say what I really meant, I think Ichigos Evolution or powerup is justified due to the fact that his spiritual power is now stable and controlled. And hes the only one so far who has attained his power it will be even cooler when the other Vizards learn the Technique to do so.

    Plus we still dont know what makes Ichigo so special so he still has a long way to go.. So Just be Fucking Grateful that you can read for Free.

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