Manga Deprived? Give Up Some Suggestions!

Hey WRA, I know many of you, as I, are feeling somewhat deprived of an essential part of your being. You feel like there’s something missing in your life. You’re just a shell of your former self, an empty cocoon waiting to break free spread your wings and fly off like a butterfly into the sun, a captain without his crew. Why do you feel this way? No, it’s not only because you haven’t gotten your temporary manga fix this week. As important as that is you’re missing something else this week. This week is different, for you see this week ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’ has hit theaters. Have you seen it? No? Then you’ve got 1 foot in the grave my unwittingly naive friend. Seeing that movie is now a mandatory dietary supplement your body needs to survive. It will make up for your manga loss this week. That movie is just that damn awesome!

Have you ever seen someone killed burst into coins? Have you ever seen a guitar battle with supersonic waves of power? Have you ever seen Michael Cera kick so much ass you left the movie wondering how much his ‘Badass Meter’ must have rose? If not then you haven’t seen ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’. If you haven’t checked it out, if you’re just siting around bored out of your mind, if you have $7 and you want to spend it wisely. Head to your local theater and check out that movie. I guarantee you, you won’t be disappointed. If you are and you want your money back see this guy.

He’ll handle all refunds and lack thereof. >_> Ah, but this post is not just about my enthusiasm fanboyish love for this movie. This is just my personal recommendation for what anyone can do in a week without manga. The general idea; go to the movies. Now there are a ton of other activities to dwell in and I would like to hear your thoughts. What do you all do in a week without manga and what would you recommend to others?

What, am I bored? Lol, don’t be silly.  ^_^


~ by supertrek89 on August 14, 2010.

15 Responses to “Manga Deprived? Give Up Some Suggestions!”

  1. hmmm…. what am I doing with my awful mangaless week? I’m catching up on all the WRA posts I haven’t read because I was too busy reading manga 😛

  2. i just simply read more manga . For example i used dis week to catch up to the recent BAKUMAN chapters.

  3. I did the next best thing. Put all my hopes in my 4 favorite animes (Yugioh 5ds, Naruto, Bleach especially and One Piece) and browse through random forums…life without manga is so empty T_T

  4. I used this manga-less week to read all the Naruto chapters from the beginning and then I’m starting to do the same with One Piece.

    I might do the same with Bleach too. @_-

  5. I use this manga-less week to do…well military stuff i guess…wait, that’s worse than doing nothing, I got jipped!

  6. Hmm. Well, I just got back from a two day party! ^^ And last week all i did was edit characters I make on a wikia. (I won’t advertise it incase people would not like it) But I also contemplated starting to read Kekkeishi. So, who knows… >_>

  7. I was spending my holiday week at my sister’s playing Heavy Rain! Almost forgot Naruto about that *ducks*, twas an aaaaaawesomeness game!! 😀

  8. well luckily enough for me, this mangaless week was very convenient i spent tbe whole week packinv for college 🙂
    TT_TT I already miss my bed.

  9. Lol, my gravatar has been stolen! I need to change before rumors of a twin start up. >_>

  10. Haha, sorry about that. It just reminded me of L and I just couldn’t resist. Once again, I’m sorry. I don;t usually do this and I’ll change it if it bothers you.

  11. Lol, no it’s alright you can keep it. It’s a cool picture but I’m already changing to a more bloody Luffy. 😉

  12. Oh my. And thanks.

  13. I have an idea…..*yackles Super*

    *jumps back into the shadows*

  14. I used this manga-less week to…

    READ MANGA! Sorta. The SCOTT PILGRIM COMICS!!! (or “graphic novels”…whatev) The stuff the movie’s based on 😀

    I got pretty addicted to it, so it was all over in a few hours. If you do read it, be warned…you’ll HAVE to see the movie after you read it.
    The comic FORCED me to watch the movie the next day.

    Oh yeah, here’s a link to it if anyone’s interested

  15. Oh, I forgot to mention that while I had no manga from the big three, I still got to read my new favourite manga, Deadman Wonderland, and let me tell you, it’s freaking EPIC! 😀 😀

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