Naruto 505 Breakdown: Hater senses…tingling! I know you’re here somewhere, Kanye West!! Last week’s matchmaking debate results inclusive. *Kirby dance* Because nothing is late when you’re dancing like a pink ball with eyes and shoes.

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Salute, signore e signori! My Italian is rudimentary, to say the most, but I get around Assassin’s Creed. 😉

I come bearing gifts: gifts of poorly worded sentences and criminally malicious intent. Don’t it just sound dainty?

Tonight, my binary friends, we dine in hell I’ll be taking you on a routine tour through the magnificent and sometimes wacko world known commonly as the Narutoverse.

We will come across an angry slug, an angry pig, an angry dog, and an angry schizo.

I hope you brought your anti-Sakura spray. >_>

Middle-aged and lonely? Fall in love for all the wrong reasons.

This one chapter was a message; albeit one wrapped in an envelope of the finest gourmet Swiss chocolate served with edible gold and Norcian black truffles.

It was a simple message in that it signaled to us all a distinct indication of the aftereffects of the happenings preceding it. And while, on its own, it didn’t exactly mark an event of any particular significance, it was presented in such a way that made it all too delicious to devour.

"I eat noodles, fried rice, and people with independent thought. I'm Chi--" *gets caught by a dozen throwing stars* X__X

Discounting the splash, the first three pages of the chapter were dedicated to spotlighting the first of two such “aftereffects” stated above, that being Naruto’s new-found resolve and reaffirmed purpose. No doubt this was brought about by the moral boost supplied by his mama.

Sometimes, it just takes someone’s pat on the back to say “Hey, you’re not doing so badly.” A nice little pep talk will also work to similar effect in restoring enthusiasm and will. And when Naruto once again, proudly declares to himself his dreams and ambitions, you know mommy’s work here is done.

It was all that he needed, really: a pick-me-up. I mean there’s only so much a kid can take until he starts putting on make-up and dyes his hair black and purple. And that’s when he starts Finding Nemo…without the N…>_>

What was that? You say this joke in reference to the segmented chakra of the Kyuubi which is in the shape of a giant sphere, dwelling deep inside of Naruto's subconscious, therefore giving substantial truth to the above exclamation? No, silly, he's talking about testicles. 🙂

Now, the second “aftereffect” is a bit more interesting.

This one is brought about courtesy of the most prominent feature of the past few chapters, and that, as you may have guessed (aren’t you a genius) is Naruto’s taking over the Kyuubi.

There has been some measure of uncertainty as to what precise effects this would have on Naruto, and this chapter aimed at clearing the air a bit. This, of course, was its primary objective, and you don’t need to have read the title to deduce that much.

The question now is: what the hell is with this new form?


I’m more than positive we all remember this. It was only a few chapters ago when we first witnessed the Super-Saiyan-over-9000 (with killer tats) look for the first time, and I must say, I most certainly wasn’t expecting it back so soon. Nevertheless, it does still look coolbeans to the max. I probably will never get tired of Naruto being aflame with pure, undiluted, yellow awesomeness.

We've all seen the kind of stuff that comes out of the Kyuubi's openings...and it ain't pretty.

Still, that does little to suppress the confusion that instantly sets in.

Why the frack doesn’t he look like a pissed off mother fox that has just lost her young cub (to prostitution)?

With the exception of the key extending through the right arm, this form looks exactly like the one we saw after Naruto had successfully pwned Foxy.

Obviously, it’s a complete far cry from what we would have come to expect. Even Bee, who went through the exact same method to gain control of his beast doesn’t take up anything vaguely resembling this. Without a doubt, this must have something to do with this new (Sage of the Six Paths) seal.

In a way, it does add a sense of uniqueness with Naruto, which is always welcome. And it also does help that this  form  is far more practical for battle than a 40-foot chakra beast, which really is just one massive target to pick at.

Let's kill the stereotype...before it kills us...

Well, whether or not you like it, you best start getting used to Naruto looking like a cross between Goku and Travis Barker, because no matter how much Kyuubi chakra he borrows, it will always look the same. That much, we can tell, since the first time we saw this form, Naruto had just absorbed all of the Kyuubi’s chakra.

Me? I ain’t complaining. Since the Cloak of Pwnsomeness is gone, Naruto could use something more to up his cool factor.

Speaking of the Cloak of Pwnsomeness, many are beginning to wonder if Sage Mode has now effectively become useless in almost all regards.

Now, I believe it isn’t such a stretch to say that Naruto may find a way to somehow integrate this new “Kyuubi” form with his Sage Mode. Remember the Saguubi eyes? Those ones that made Nagato soil his life support system (limited emo edition). That was a clear signal to how these two abilities are compatible in some respect.

Regardless, whether or not Sage Mode is being shoved aside, there is no doubt that the Sage training will forever prove invaluable in its giving Naruto his control and focus. That is something that cannot be taken away.

I wonder what this makes Naruto...>_>

Before we get ahead of ourselves in talking about more power-ups, let’s first understand this new one.

A teleport technique and a right-hand smash. But all I saw was a yellow flash.” (Killer Bee — Mangastream)

By a million and one miles, this by far was the best line 80 Cent has ever let out his mouth.

But for now, never mind the badassery and let’s focus on the main issue here.

Can Naruto teleport?

Oh yea, I’ve seen the comment section. Many have been raving over how Naruto can use Hiraishin. Well, I hate to rain on your parade (not really) but this can’t be the case. Apart from the fact of how completely random it would be for Naruto to suddenly pull a Flying Thunder God out his ass, there also is irrefutable fact riding against this assumption.

You know I had to do it, right? >_>

For one thing, as Madara pointed, the pun with the “yellow flash” is not in reference to Minato’s FTG, but his extreme natural speed.

Again, the technique can only be used with those special markings as Minato demonstrated.

Also, it can’t possibly be an advanced form of the technique which eliminates that one requirement, because Killer Bee described seeing a “yellow flash.” He will only see a yellow flash of light if and only if actual movement takes place. As such, it’s safe to say Naruto traversed very quickly so that all that could be seen was a fleeting blur of yellow, rather than dematerialize at one point and reassemble at the other.

In the end, while it would be cool as hell if Naruto could use FTG, the only real logical sense to be made of this is that Bee used the word “teleport” in the figurative light, suggesting that Naruto moved at such incredible speed, he may well have poofed and un-poofed.

Lol! OMG! He looks like an emo tranny hula dancer...with gills! Hey, cutie, why don't you shake your spiky tail feather! Ahahaha!

And how could we forget the best part of the whole chapter? MAITOOO GUUUYYY!!!

Oh yea, he’s back, bitches!

I must say, I had always had the feeling that he and Kisame would meet one more time on this island. It seemed like too much  of a coincidence that he just happened to be one of the escorts to the same place his destined enemy is at.

So are we looking at the final battle between the two? Maybe KB joins forces to end Jaws? Or will Naruto decide he could use a practice dummy?

Well, what happens next is anyone’s guess. All I can promise is that it’s about to get very wet. >_>


Here’s your material for the week.

Insert possible caption here.

You would do well to note that Gai here has already begun a thought process. Your job here is to complete it.

Make it count!


And the obvious winner is…

Hip hip hooray, how wonderful, you two...

There simply is no time for a new one, so let’s just discuss the weather.


My apologies for the lateness of this breakdown. There was a slight mix-up somewhere. You can complain if you like, I’ve taken enough flaming boulders to be able to take a hit.

Does that make me an object of hatred?

Well, that’s for you to know and for me not to give a shit about.

Ciao. ^ ^

Tell me your own politik.


~ by Captain Pickles on August 10, 2010.

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  1. First!!!!

  2. Nidaime-sama!!!!

  3. Great breakdown! The end felt kinda threatening…

    Just joking! *is waiting for dart to hit me in the neck but nothing happens* O_O???

    Thoughts on chapter: Not SO special, but delivered in a great way (exactly what you said).

    I was disappointed that Naruto doesn’t have Version 1 and 2 Fox Forms and can’t turn into the Nine Tailed Fox and still have control like Killer Bee, but that could be redundant. Speaking about KB, I think he should have a Rikudo Sage form too, but different from Naruto’s (without the swirls and horns and similar to his seal maybe).

    I can’t wait for Guy vs Kisame showdown!!!

    Maybe Killer Bee will show some other freakishly powerful ability too?!!!?

  4. Does anyone else think maybe Kisame the way he looks we know he is combinded with Samehada, but it kinda resembles Zetsu somehow I rekon.
    And plus because Kisame and Samehada have the same Chakras then I assume Zetsu would aswell which he does, the only thing is Samahada doesnt speak.

  5. Come to think of it, even though we saw Naruto absorb all the fox’s chakra before bragging to Bee and Yamato w/ the effects I think there’s still a chance naruto might have more than one form in super saiy, I mean Kyubi control mode. If the chakra conforms to his will then a more badass version might be in store during an intense fight.

  6. BUBBLE:

    ” DYNAMIC ENTRY!! Oh…It’s squishy in here. Btw, I don’t yell *surprise* like the others ”

    Caption: Like Orochimaru, Rock Lee experiences the joy of hurting the one he calls “master”.

  7. Fifth

  8. Great breakdown as always captian P!

    A thought occured to me. Does anyone think naruto will be getting another power up before the sasuke fight? Sasuke just got EMS yes. But madara also wants to sync him with gedo mazo. To me, I think that kishi will have them be equals by the time they brawl so does that mean naruto needs one more power up? Or is EMS simply not enough to handle rikudo cloak naruto? Then again, there’s no gaurentee tha sasuke will get synced with gedo mazo…

    Wow… I really hate typing on my itouch -_-

  9. seventh!

  10. Bubble contest: What?!! m-my son???!!!

    Caption:Are you really surprised?

  11. Awesome breakdown. You put the Awe in Awesomeness. Without you it would just be someness and that’s just strange.

    About Naruto’s new Super Saiyan/Rikudou Sennin look,

    Naruto is in control of his Bijuu’s chakra whereas Bee is in control of/helped by his Bijuu. The Eight Tails is cooperating with Bee and lending him power without trying to take over Bee’s mind/will. The Kyuubi isn’t cooperating with Naruto. Naruto can now access the Kyuubi’s power without any trace of the Kyuubi’s will. When Bee taps into the Eight Tails power, the Eight Tails will comes with it. That’s probably what makes Bee transform and keeps Naruto ‘human’. Two Jinchuuriki completely able to control the power of their Bijuu’s but with entirely different results.
    Naruto, for one, is still susceptible to genjutsu. When he gets trapped in one Kyuubi won’t snap him out of it like the Hachibi did with Bee. On the other hand. The level 2 Jinchuuriki transformation, going from a human form with a chakra cloak to a miniature Bijuu, damages the body of the Jinchuuriki as cells are rapidly destroyed and regenerated by the Bijuu. That shortens a persons lifespan. So Bee can’t use his Bijuu’s powers forever whereas Naruto can.

  12. amazing breakdown , you’re awesome pickly poo 😀

  13. Awesome breakdown as a reward instead of flaming boulders I’ll launch Chocolate ones instead.

  14. as for the weather , its been raining and floods in the surrounding areas of my city so its run out of petrol and i have to walk on foot >_<

  15. “Th-this is what I am on the inside?!?!”

    Bubble: “A gay FISH?!?!?!”

    Caption: Do you like fishsticks? Do you like to put fishsticks in your mouth?

  16. Does he still have the four element seal? it looked like the same seal, but idk for sure, some might say it couldnt be. ive always been confused on the subject, what i thought was he was going to attempt to control the kyuubi, and if he failed then the key would be used to lock the seal back in place. when i suggested this on a OM forun someone told me that could never happen. i also said that if he did succeed then he’d be able to tweak the key to any degree he wanted without being overtaken, but everyone agreed the seal was gone for good. once he won his inner turmoil the seal came back but then his transformation properties changed, so my question is, is it the four element seal that affords him his new skills or is it a new seal? and if it is the latter how could he just create a seal with such perameters so quickly? im very confused, opinions plz

  17. Oh, one more thing on whether or not this is naruto’s “final” form. This page makes it seem like naruto plans on talking things over w/ the fox at some point, getting him to cooperate. I mean, if he had to seal him away (and you saw how much power he still had when he was gonna try to blast naruto to bits) then he still has the ability to release him. Then he might take on more of a fox-like appearance if their wills are synched

  18. @western: apparently it’s the same type of seal the SO6P’s used as the fox pointed out when he got sealed again. It’s not specifically described how naruto learned about it, but considering the Uzumaki clan’s past and lineage of sealing knowledge I guess we just have to assume that it came “naturally” to him in the moment of his battle with the fox and his discussion and history lesson w/ his parents

  19. @western: sorry, I take that back. He used the seal that was given to him as the “key” from the frogs that minato passed down for him. But I don’t know if it was ever mentioned what “type” of seal it is

  20. @Pickles, how dare you, you little Gastrodon! Kisame is clearly a Garchomp 😛 Sweet breakdown.

    “The level 2 Jinchuuriki transformation, going from a human form with a chakra cloak to a miniature Bijuu, damages the body of the Jinchuuriki as cells are rapidly destroyed and regenerated by the Bijuu.”

    We know this is true for the malicious Kyubi, but Killerbee spams his transformations, and doesnt even show any adverse effect. The guy’s 35 for duck’s sake lol, that means he isnt being damaged. I still say in a combat situation Chakra Cloaks are better.

    @kahmix, u just reminded me how sad I felt for the Kyubi in that chapter.

  21. Btw, JUUBI!

  22. Great chapter, great breakdown. Speaking of chapter there won’t be any this week for the uninformed.

  23. MAYBE there is a level 2 of this Jinjuriki training. I think its still not over. It just so happened that Kisame was out but the training may still not be over.

    i just thought that the second part of the training is Naruto will train the Kyubi so that they could work together like the Hachibi and Bee.

    That the training will resume after the battle with Kisame….

  24. Great breakdown. I especially liked the racism. Seriously, what the hell was that?

  25. @pokekage, I’m sure Pickles meant no offense. We should learn to laugh at ourselves more. Almost every comedian theses days makes those jokes lol. Besides, Kishi’s the racist >_>
    I think when Pokekage says WTH, he’s referring more to the manga itself than the breakdown lol. Thanks for the defense, though. 🙂 ‘Sides, I can’t be racist against my own race…not unless my name is Uncle Ruckus.

  26. @kisu: eh, kinda. personally, it was kinda funny, but most comedians make fun of themselves before they make fun of others.

    But enough of that – what about those SO6P horns on Naruto’s head?!? Sa-weeet!

  27. @arpotu: “sa-weet”? is that ghetto-gangsta-style like “sheeeeeet”? O_o

  28. @gudoruto: Yea I thought that too cause he can still go into lvl 2 where his skin blasts off, maybe now he can just do straight up Mini Kyuubi version like when Bee changed his skin didnt blast off.

  29. Bubble: what!!!! I look like Susan Boyle @_@

    Caption: That is so not cool dude

  30. Or instead his skind doesnt Blast off and the Kyuubi itself forms on the Bones around Naruto so people can say Naruto wears the Kyuubi like a Coat, Kinda like how they say Madara controls the Kyuubi like a Pet.

  31. @supertrek

    Actually, according to official release dates, there will be one this week. The release date has it listed as Wednesday, 11 August. I think Mangastream was just making an assumption when they said there might be no jump this week, because they said “it is probable” but they didn’t actually say it was certain.

  32. Great breakdown 4 a epic chapter Pickles.

    So just here wondering if level 2 of the training will allow Naruto to summon the kyubi like minato summons Gamabunta. Remember Naruto summoned Gamabunta and made him fight 4 him. Just somethin i think would be cool,anyway

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    Bubble: 1000 YEARS OF DEATH!!!!

    Caption: Gai never saw Kakashi coming…

  34. Thought Bubble:

    The other side of “if you yell surprise first”.

  35. I think i’ll change the caption

    Thought Bubble:

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is the face of the receiving end of “It’s not rape if you yell surprise first…”

  36. I enjoyed this chapter, mostly on the pour action potential qualities. And of coarse Gai made it much greater.

    BUBBLE: The one who will destroy the world as we know it…in bed

    Caption: Dynamic Entry?

  37. Now I am confused. Some spoiler sites have the manga released date listed for this week, but mangastream says there won’t be any this week. X__X

    Which one is right? T___T

  38. @kahmix
    its the key to the seal on his stomach isnt it?thats why jiraiya got messed up when he tried to manipulate kushina said she taught minato the sealing jutsu he used to seal the fox?if so would that explain why he mentioned the SO6p sealing techs? still, i’d like to know how it all works…it looks like when he inserted the key into the “door”, he became capable of “locking” or “opening” the seal to varying degrees. The risk in doing this was not being able to separate the will from the chakra, making him transform uncontrollablely which what his problem was to start with right?

  39. Bubble entry:Yamato sepnpai, am i doing it right?

    Caption:you’re never too old to learn new tricks…

  40. since naruto already have full control over the kyubi, does it mean he is still subject to gengutsu? Well, just like killer bee, no one will be helping naruto once he’ll be caught by sasuke’s gengutsu. second time here..*hoping no one eats me..shudders*


    j/k, no one will kill you here, just severly bash you into the floor. No hate here, just occasional anger outburst

    However, very valid point there. All the powers in the world mean nothing if he gets caught in genjutsu. Maybe someone has the time to clear this up?? My gut says somehow he is immune to most still/now

  42. Thanks a lot ajd. I was not able to control my posts but i noticed it was already taken cared of by the admin. *grinning

  43. Captain, awesomenesss as always, great job with everything.

    About the seal, I think it’s actually a modified version of the original seal that kept the fox at bay only this one was obtained by the fusion with the fox chakra.
    Just a guess, lately Kishi left a lot of info unexplained so it’s only the speculation on our part that can help us elucidate things for now.

    As far as genjutsu goes, remember it only takes another chakra to be inserted into you to snap you out of a genjutsu.
    Naruto can go into his subconscious at the time he’s under genjutsu and just take a little of the big ball of fox chakra to weak himself up. You don’t actually need someone else to do this if you have different types of chakra in you.

    I also debated this a while back as to how Naruto can also use sagemode to snap himself out to. Using the outside NAtural energy
    he could break the genjutsu, theoreticly at least, but it dose meet all the demands needed to snap someone out of a powerful genjutsu.

    As far as the fox cloak goes,the Baron is wright, Naruto doesn’t have control of the beast yet he only has it’s chakra, probably once the kyuubi and NAruto become bffs the 1st and 2nd bijuu forms will be available for Naruto again, it actually makes perfect sense.

    I only wonder how would Bee look if he took the hachibe’s chakra like Naruto. Could he have some strange cloak like Naruto’s SO6P look?

  44. @ wildseme don’t worry Human here will eat you, just keep an eye out for a creature that looks like a Tenrai Senshi,if you see one of them then this message is probably useless.

  45. the post eat my “NO”(human here will eat you) Tenrai was that you ? :))

  46. bubble: I’m Bruce Lee with a permanent sugar rush.
    Caption Guy after looking at Kishi’s character designs.

  47. @tenrai its obon week that means nothing released this week.

  48. off topic; is there any way to edit posts?

  49. @Western: Not unless you’re an author or editor of the site.

  50. @ Kisu,

    If that’s not damaging I don’t know what is. The fact that Bee can handle it is entirely non related. His cells are being destroyed and regenerated at a rapid rate and we all know there’s a limit as to how many times a cell can be regenerated so by using the transformation Bee is shortening his lifespan.

    Here the Kumo ninja explain Raikage has told Bee not to transform. Why would the Raikage say that if there are no side effects to the transformation?

    As for chakra cloaks being better in combat. We don’t know what the effects of Naruto’s SO6P cloak are. In a fight with a strong genjutsu user Bee will have no problems but Bee was susceptible to the Amaterasu, perhaps Naruto’s new form keeps him from getting hurt by that attack. I’ll wait until I see the new Naruto in some good action before I state which one is the best.


    Come on. Don’t act surprised. The Roundhouse Kick is a dead giveaway… >__>

  51. @super
    I see, thnx
    @chakra cloaks
    i think this new form naruto has shown has something to do with the key to the seal, and the method used to access the chakra, like some people said he’s filtering the will of the fox out so its just pure energy.i just reread naruto vs the kyuubi, and when he finally wins after kushina comes out,it looks like the key is printed on his arm, id post a link only i dont know how to, however its 499 page 12. so i think its the same seal, or more precisely, its a new seal made to match the same key.when i first saw the key i thought it would be used in a kind of similar fashion. with it he could do what jiraiya did during they’re training period right? he should be able to tweak the seal to varying degrees but in order to really do it he had to master filtering the i dont think its a new seal, rather its the features of the original,idk.i wanna know some more opinions..

  52. @westernjango: When you look at the seal displayed in the Panels holding Kyuubis Chakras there are 4 Gateways which are the 4 element/elephant seal w/e. I believe thats the original variation of the seal or what it should be but in containing those chakras that are now stored in the 4 Element Seal, he resealed the Kyuubi with the same Jutsu just more power that altered the Jutsu which now seals the Will of the Kyuubi.

    Does that make any logical sense at all?

  53. @blackburst
    So basically by removing the seal and then conquering the kyuubi he’s able to seal off the part he doesnt need and keep it separated from the chakra……

  54. Yep yep yep thats right. So when, and if the Kyuubi gets extracted or released the Kyuubi’s Will is unable to take back its chakras, cause they aint there.

  55. hmm, maybe thats where jiraiya went wrong.maybe he didnt understand the necessity of the filtration process. instead of removing the seal and then sealing off the will, he turned the seal just a little, to train naruto’s resistance toward the kyuubi’s influence, which results in naruto being taken over due to the will latching on to his emotions.if so i dnt think that method was ever possible…

  56. Yea you would think Jiraiya being a Sage he would of taken Naruto straight to Mount Myubokuzan so they could of explained the whole thing and trained him in Sage mode.

  57. will the manga come out this week?

  58. @redbaron, lol so you’re saying Bee willingly shortens his lifespan? Bee has never ever implied that transforming weakens him. Remember Naruto was unconscious after his while Bee just spams his and is unharmed after. The Kyubi and Hachibi are far too different for us to use what’s normal to Naruto as a standard for the other Biju and Jinchuriki. As for what the Raikage said, transforming into a giant clumsy beast with 8 tails cant be good for the city he transforms in can it?

  59. Obon Festival, eh… So its the time of the year when their ancestors comes back huh.. Maybe if kishi works this week, he will be haunted by his ancestors..

  60. sorry to go out of the way , but just wanted to let ya guys know that i will be away for sometime next year . 🙂 might read the site through my cell once in a while [cellular data plans are expensive >_<] bye guys 😛

  61. we will miss you ahsan and u interesting post on discussions and debates 😛


    Lol, have fun wherever you’re going. That’s all that matters. We’ll miss ya. 😉

  63. If Ahsan goes, who’s gonna help me defend Kakashi and bash Sasugay?

  64. @kizu
    I can do both of those things! XD however atfer seeing naruto’s power boost from open/relocking the seal, i wanna see what powers sasuke gets from Ems. i never thought they would get this beast. i know this probably usless hope, but i really hope this doesnt turn out like S-cry-ed, where kazama/naruto and ryoku/sasuke are completely beyond any man’s level of combat. i know they’re destined to clash and i cant wait to see that fight, but i still want there to still be high class ninja who could always give them a run for their money….

  65. @ahsan:

    waaaaaaaaaaaa! you’re going to be missed.. Where are you going anyway? If you dont mind me asking.. ^_^v

  66. @western, its already S-cry-ed. Barely anyone can match up to Sage Mode (Shikaku even said to Shikamaru that no one in Konoha can help Naruto now since he’s on a completely different level, that’s when he only had Sage Mode) and Sasuke’s MS allows him to compete with the strongest Kage right now (The Raikage). After these power ups are done, ur either a Sasuke fan or a Naruto fan, cuz everyone else would be sub par.

  67. BUBBLE:
    No…… No….. I cant quite possibly be Tenten!!!!!!

    Forget a caption . Tenten Youh Suck!!1!


    CAPTION: . . . .

  69. @ Kisu,

    Do you not see the skin burning off?!?
    Whether Bee is weakened by his transformation isn’t being discussed here. What is being discussed is the shortening of a Jinchuuriki’s lifespan. If there are no risks (there obviously are) why doesn’t Bee immediately go into a level 2 transformation during a fight. It’s small and makes him practically invincible.
    And the argument that Bee wouldn’t willingly shorten his lifespan. Bee isn’t exactly the most tactical ninja around. Judging from his attitude he probably doesn’t give a damn.

  70. Oh and I’ll support you in defending Kakashi and bashing Sasuke till the day I die. 😉

  71. probably becuase of the break that people have started colouring in the last couple of chapter for one piece, blach and naruto you can find them here

  72. @kisu i shall also help with bashing Assuke and defending Kakashi.

  73. Well its good to knoe I have reinforcements. Who do you have Superdude? 😉

    @redbaron, like I said before, we don’t know if what applies to the Kyubi applies to Bee as well. And the reason he doesnt go to level 2 is probably because he wants to conserve chakra, we now the 8 tails doesnt exactly have limitless chakra lol

  74. kakashi is overrated.

  75. Salamiyo is overrated.

  76. Actually, I kinda agree that kakashi’s a bit overrated. Even kishi knew the skill level of his own character when he bucked the popular fan reader’s trend and prevented him from assuming the hokage throne. I’m just sayin’…he’s skilled, he’s definitely cool and a favorite character, but I think he gets more credit for his ability to pwn than he deserves.

    On another note *starts passing out* ….I….need….new….naruto chapter….NOW (my avatar says it all)

  77. I are awesomeness…

  78. And why is kakashi underrated?

    I would like to here your reasons for that random statement that seemed to have popped from no where. O_o

  79. cuz he got nearly no chakra.
    he’s more a 1on1 guy.
    and he cant do anything if his opponent is too fast.
    he’s weak for genjutsu.
    how could he become hokage?

  80. Kakashi all he needs is his own style White Fang Senjutsu to nullify the effects of the Sharigan MS or another MS eye to gain a his very own Eye technique.

    Seeing how Naruto affects Yamato that kinda gives him a potential powerup equal to the first, Im wondering if Narutos energys will effect Kakashi somehow?

    @Salamiyo: Yamato got a Powerup so will Kakashi and to a lesser extent Sakura 😉

  81. Nice, we have a new debate this week.. Kakashi. Underrated or not?

  82. @salamiyo

    Actually he has very high chakra levels, it’s only his sharingan that causes him problems because he is not a true Uchiha.

    He took on a lot of enemy chunin and jounin during the invasion arch and he battled Hidan and Kakuzu at the same time.

    I have never seen him having trouble with an opponent faster than himself. In fact, what battle has he ever been in where he has been outmaneuvered?

    He is not weak against genjutsu. In fact, he is the only person other than Sasuke that has managed to resist Tsukyomi to a reasonable degree, even though he is not a pure Uchiha.

    He could become hokage because he is strong and he has fought kage level, s-ranked opponents, such as Hidan, Kakuzu, Deidara, etc. And because he is highly intelligent, which is even better for leading purposes.

  83. Oh, I would just like to say happy birthday to Marksman, who, just about an hour ago, advanced an entire year in age. (Funny how that works <_<).

    Happy birthday Marks! As a gift, I promise not to eat you for the entire day.

    *Eats the birthday cake and all the party guests instead.* @___@

  84. @kizu
    I hear you bro, im just counting on this war to have some redeeming moments for the konoha and suna nin, no matter how powerful naruto and sasuke are, they cant fight a war with just them. as for sasuke being on par with the raikage, i think that fight was showing that raw power will only get you so far against opponents of that calibur. He exausted all of his chakra not dying against the raikage, and if zetzu didnt conviently replenish his chakra he’d be stain on the wall… so i think that even though naruto and sasuke are more powerful than they should be, they can still get owned if they’re not careful…..Btw, how’s this for helping you bash sasuke O.o

    @kakashi debate
    I wouldnt say that he’s overrated or that he’s unfit to be hokage. sure, his chakra pool isnt great, but lets think about what he can accomplish despite that handicap. He beat zazuba while protecting his dumbass group of kids.He kept up with kakuzu long enough for shikamaru’s plan to work and for naruto to come, and in a way beat since he destroyed a heart,if he was normal, that would’ve been the end. he kept up with pain with no intel. He mastered the use of sharringan including the use of MS even though he’s not an uchiha. He did all of this in spite of his small chakra reserves, which it seems is the only thing that makes him inferior. however now that i think about it, in most of his fights he’s never lost due to an inability to keep up with an enemy. in fact during the pain fight, he died because he completed his last technique that depleted the very last of his chakra. now, i know, thats a bad thing cuz he ran out of chakra and the reasons for a loss dont matter but kakashi is one of the best and if you ask me with more chakra he’d be a litte too strong….

  85. BUBBLE:
    WHAT THE …

    Go Tenrai! Eat him alive

  86. Ahh night shifts, they give plenty of time for thinking about debate material.
    So, I’m almost neutral on kakashi’s ranking in the power level sense. But he’s a favorite of mine, which makes my ultimate stance on him a little hard. But here’s why I think he’s only SLIGHTLY overrated:

    1) Yes, he beat zabuza but don’t forget that before their rematch he needed both sasuke and naruto to help him out of that jam zabuza had him in (and could have killed him in). Remember that water prison doohikey?

    2) He needed naruto’s help, and even said he did, to defeat an itachi clone that was @ 30%. A hokage level ninja doesn’t need such assistance.

    3) Without making excuses for “he coulda beat this guy if this and if that”, he only took out one of Kakuzu’s hearts. One. After which he proceeded to get pwned to the max until more help came. He was a split second from being killed twice in that fight, being saved by others, not himself. (btw, I don’t think he was fighting hidan and kakuzu at the same time by himself. Other konoha nins were fighting with him)

    4) His “fight” with deidara wasn’t a fight. It was a pursuit. One in which he couldn’t kill deidara either. Which brings up another good point, if you think (or read) back to Sasuke’s fight against deidara, I hate to say it, but I don’t see any way Kakashi comes out on top in a battle b/w the two. Sasuke’s use of the sharingan was far superior in that fight (no I’m not a sasuke lover) than any string of sharingan use we’ve seen from kakashi. Not only that, but it was a long battle, which kakashi couldn’t have sustained (a handicap most seem to acknowledge) using the sharingan, which would’ve definitely been necessary against deidara.

    5) He lost against only two paths of Pain. Naruto in sage mode beats all six. If Naruto was at hokage level at that point, that means by default kakashi is not. More support of this argument comes from Jiraiya, who supposedly (according to Pain) could have defeated Pain if he knew his “secret”. Nevertheless, he didn’t, and died. BUT, Jiraiya with an incomplete sage mode and much more ninjutsu than naruto posesses was at hokage level, I’d say roughly equivalent to naruto with his complete sage mode. With kakashi at a lower overall level than these two at that level, I think that takes him out of kage level pwr ranking (yes, even though the village would’ve appointed him)

    6) His mangekyo trump card has primarily been used for defense, after which he’s severely handicapped. Which also must mean he doesn’t have other good defensive options to pull out. He couldn’t even save sakura from sasuke after using it. Again, someone else had to step in and do the job. Not very good marks on his resume

  87. @kahmix

    I don’t think the elders would consider him for the position of Hokage if they did not think he was strong enough. Also, I don’t understand this reference people always make to Kakashi having low chakra.

    We have seen him using multiple high level jutsu such as the water dragon, multiple times in a row, without running out of chakra. The only time he has run out quickly, is when he uses his MS, and that is only because he isn’t a pure Uchiha. Other than that, his chakra levels are actually quite high comparatively speaking.

    The only problem is, he keeps comparing his own chakra to Naruto’s, which is obviously much higher than Kakashi’s, or just about anyone else for that matter.

    The fact that he has mastered over 1000 jutsu, with multiple elements, has the advantage of ranged and close combat variations, is as smart as a Nara and is fast shows us that potentially speaking, he is one of the most capable shinobi in the series. Yes, I do agree that some fans overrate him, but that happens with a lot of characters, not just Kakashi, and that includes the likes of Naruto and Sasuke as well.

    But that doesn’t mean Kakashi himself is anywhere near a bad character. He just ends up fighting the wrong opponents. I mean, seriously, fighting Pein and Itachi is just plain unlucky for anyone. Orochimaru couldn’t even beat Itachi and was basically embarrassed by his quick defeat. Itachi even added salt to the wounds by just chopping off his hand instead of killing him outright.

    Also, saying Kakashi is not kage level, just because he couldn’t beat Pein, is not very accurate. I mean, Jiraiya couldn’t beat Pein, could he? Does that mean Jiraiya isn’t kage level? Or what about Tsunade? She expended all her chakra just keeping the village safe, much less still being able to defeat Pein, yet she IS a kage. Do you think Gaara would beat Pein? I don’t think so, and yet he is a Kage as well.

    You just need to remember, that Pein was beyond Kage level, so using him as a way to dislodge Kakashi’s capability is like using the Death start to disprove the power of a Super Star destroyer. (Weird comparison, I know. <_<)

    At the same time, Kakashi was fighting Deva path from the beginning, Pein's most powerful body. As far as I recall, Naruto only started getting his butt kicked when Deva path came back online as well. So, in the least, Kakashi proved himself by being able to hold out so long against a body that pwned Fukusaku (whom Jiraiya stated he was a tadpole compared to), Shima, Gamabunta, Gamaken, and the other giant frog whose name escapes me, as well as half of Konoha. Deva path even managed to trap Naruto in Six-tailed form, and it was only when he went 8-tails that he managed to escape.

    Against Kakuzu/Hidan, I also recall Kakashi saving Naruto as well. Actually, he pretty much saved everyone, including Shikamaru, so their victory is his victory as well.

  88. And thus the sun sets on what will come to be known as the blackest of days for WRA. Grab the remote and change the channel, folks; Obama’s about to give a press conference declaring a day of mourning to be added to the national calendar of events. Friday the 13th, August 2010. The day Hatake Kakashi was besmirched within the comments section of a WRA breakdown.




    Didn’t any of you numb nuts go to school?! Grammar 101, right up there with “q followed by u” and “I before E, except after C” is the golden rule and the 11th commandment “thou shalt not combine within the same sentence, kakashi and overrated, lest Kishimoto cast thee out, yea, even from the gates of Shonen Jump, where thou shalt lie amongst the forgotten pages of Harry Potter and Twilight till the end of time.”

    This is Kakashi we are taking about. Is there any amongst us game enough to debate Kakashi’s taijutsu skills? His mastery of ninjutsu? Genjutsu? Tactical thinking? Superior intelligence? Sex appeal? I say to you, game on, and may the biggest fanboy win.

  89. /RANT

  90. then the list isnt obvious enough:
    in fact he’s not bad, but he’s not strong ENOUGH.
    he’s smart and he can gather information very quick, but that’s all, he can’t do more than just COPYING jutsus!
    his own jutsu is only the chidori and maybe some minor element jutsus…
    he can control the sharingan, but he cant handle it and we dont know how he obtained the MS so we cant tell if hes responsible for getting it!
    he wasnt able to DEFEAT most opponents (i mean REAL opponents, not some nap-nins), ok, he saved naruto in the kakuzu fight, but honestly, he only took ONE heart, we dont know how many ppl were capable of that before, but he wouldve lost! if u are strong or weak doesnt matter if u lose, thats just it, there is no diference in him or tenten, losers are always the same.
    and he wasnt able to safe obito AND rin, he failed, how could he fight for the whole village if he cant safe his friends???
    yeah tsunade somehow lost, too but she safed the whole village with her chakra, we dunno what tsunade can do too, maybe if she had enough room for her fighting style and was at 100% maybe she’d ben a tough opponent to pain? we cant tell, but we KNOW how kakashi lost.
    ok hes somekinda cool, but hes a loser and way ovverrated, hands down.

  91. As you can see, Kakashi was facing both Hidan and Kakuzu simultaneously.

    @salamiyo, I find your lack of faith disturbing. Kakashi took out 2 of Kakuzu’s hearts for the record. U BLASPHEME! How dare you compare Kakashi and Tenten. The thing is, Tenten is a loser through and through. When she goes into a fight she always has 0 chance of win, with Kakashi, you actually expect him to win.

    Plus he defeated one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist in a difficult fight. A difficult fight is when you and your opponent have info on each other because it tests how you’ll use that info. Kakashi made better use of his and once he got serious he easily got the drop on Zabuza (it pains me to say that). Winning a fight against an opponent you just met comes down to a lot of luck because they could have a slew of jutsus that can screw you.

    As for Obito and Rin, well wasn’t Kakashi just 12-13 at that time and a WAR with STRONG ninja going on??

    There is also no chance in hell Tsunade can be Pain. She fights strictly with taijutsu. Pain could just Shinra Tensei her into a mountain and break her bones. The fact that Kakashi nearly got the drop on Deva (he only got screwed when Asura intervened) speaks volumes for his abilities. It also shows that he would be a better Hokage than Tsunade because he has a cooler head and thinks things through. Remember, Tsunade’s the reason Konoha got blown up in the first place. If she kept her mouth shut he would’ve left, giving them time to make a counterattack (but she wasn’t thinking that far ahead, something Kakashi would’ve done)

  92. I mean really, didn’t she go to strategy classes? When an angry person that you cant hope to beat is leaving, don’t make them angrier.

  93. @salamiyo: I can agree that Kakashi’s kinda overrated, but not that he’s a loser and he can’t do anything.

    There’s his jutsu list in this page:

    I admit he uses his Sharingan a lot (but doesn’t spam it as much as Sasuke), but he has many other elemental tecniques and a few chidori variants.

    “his own jutsu is only the chidori and maybe some minor element jutsus…”

    I guess you could say the same about Sasuke, then. His only jutsus are fire element jutsus, tecniques he learnt from Orochimaru and Sharingan tecniques.

    “and he wasnt able to safe obito AND rin, he failed, how could he fight for the whole village if he cant safe his friends???”

    Just because he wasn’t able to save Obito and Rin, it doesn’t mean he can’t protect the village. Tsunade was unable to save Nawaki and Dan, but she put her life on the line for the village and might have been strong enough to damage pein heavily (ONLY with intel, just like Naruto) if she was at 100% with her Creation Rebirth tecnique.

    On that last point I think she would be able to defeat all of pein’s bodies except Deva path. If he uses Shinra Tensei or Chibaku Tensei, she’s done for.

    “losers are always the same.”

    I guess that means that if someone beats Naruto with his new powerup he’s a loser just like Kakashi.
    The fox’s chakra makes him stronger than anyone in Konoha (arguably), but he’s still a loser just like Tenten?

    O_O The enormous demon fox which can destroy villages can be compared to Tenten.


  94. @salamiyo – how exactly do you judge a winner and a loser? I would think that self sacrifice in defense of your friends/students does not constitute a fail. Kakashi held his own against Deva Path (and if you say me “pfft, so what?” I am hereby revoking your status as a Narutard) until he got gangbanged by Asura from the back, and instead of using his Kamui to defeat at least one of the Pein Bodies and possibly save himself, he used it to protect Chubby- I mean, Chouji, and get some critical information out to the Hokage, information that would help turn the tide of the invasion in Konoha’s favour.

    Furthermore, can you elaborate as to how having a thousand jutsu at your disposal is a weakness? So what if he can copy other ninja’s techniques? The closest anyone else has ever come is Orochimaru (who, despite being criminally insane, was still widely regarded as a prodigy) and that was by stealing bodies and performing some rather questionable “rituals” involving children. Yeah, I think copying is far more efficient. And less disturbing.

    I think Dragon and Kisu have covered all your other points so I’ll end my comment here. Your move, friend.

  95. @kahmix
    1.fighting while protecting a group of kids isnt the same as just fighting someone.if you notice the next time he fought zazuba, when sasuke was comparable to haku, and naruto was at home, it was much easier despite all the info zazuba attained by faking his death.
    2.I kinda have to agree, but have you considered that he didnt even know it wasnt itachi?if he’d known that, he probably would’ve just told them to go ahead.
    3.seriously, who’s ever heard of having 5 HEARTS? maybe if immortals were a commonly seen problem in this world that’d be valid, but every quote “immortal” we’ve ever seen was a part of atkatsuki, which was “shrouded in mystery” from the start, so…what?
    4.Once again, his only actual problems were having to put up the rash actions of naruto,funny how that always happens… not gonna touch that i said, he didnt get killed, he did it to himself.
    6.i concede

  96. All good points made on the kakashi debate. Being over or under rated is purely opinion so I don’t see how this one can have a clear “he is or isn’t”. But I wouldn’t agree that he’s like Tenten, that’s pretty funny actually, but really not true.

    As for whether or not he’s at kage level just because the elders were going to appoint him, I don’t really correlate the two the way others do. They needed someone to represent Konoha in the alliance meetings and thought he’d be the best one, they even said in that chapter that “the Sand would approve”. Who else would they appoint? Yamato? Nobody knows the guy. I think his appointment was a matter of position, like a politician, not necessarily based on how badass he is. To clarify, let me ask this: Could kakashi have beaten any of the first five hokages in a straight up fight? That’s a huge NO on the first four hokages, and a maybe against Tsunade. What about Jiraiya? No. Orochimaru? (who killed the 3rd) No. Itachi? No. And there are probably others on this list…

    I’m only saying all that to point out that he’s not amongst the absolute strongest, most capable ninja in the manga and therefore overrated by a lot of readers who mentally place him in that category. Just my opinion, but he’s still one a my favs.

  97. OK why is everybody bashing Tenten aka non-existent when you should be bashing Ino instead. No appearances doesn’t necessarily make you worthless because look at the Hyuuga clan for one. Ino gets more screen time but still is useless the lack of bashing is disturbing. She is a freaking Boar for crying out loud.

  98. @kahmix – you assume that Kakashi would just recklessly charge in and attack a Kage head on? Kakashi is fast, very clever, and waits for the perfect opportunity to strike. In other words, he’s an actual NINJA. I don’t think he could take out any of the existing Kage’s in a one-on-one brawl, but then, he’s never really been a brawling type of guy. What I do believe, however, is that Kakashi could easily assassinate any of the existing Kage’s with a good set up, and that makes him dangerous no matter which way you look at it. Is Kakashi Kage level? For sure. He’s not weaker than any of the current Kage’s, he’s just a completely different kind of ninja.

  99. @darkavatar
    i always did wonder if kishi would show someone being assassinated,like after chuunin exams, once naruto and sasuke were more well rounded,maybe have one of them on an assassin type mission, but nope…
    i also agree, he couldnt slug it out with bee or raikage, he’d have to do it in a handful of moves. with all the jutsu he can perform he would just have to be patient,and observant which is how he always is..

  100. @ Kisu,

    Do you see the skin burning off or not?!? What does that mean? Exactly, cells being destroyed. What does the Hachibi do? Exactly, it mixes its chakra with Bee’s blood and creates the mini Hachibi. Damage, damage, damage. We can see what’s going on, that’s evidence enough. Bee clearly damages himself with the transformation. nuff said. Is there a difference between the Kyuubi and the Hachibi? Off course, one extra tail and a shit load of power for starters and perhaps the Kyuubi’s chakra is more dangerous to use and shortens a lifespan quicker but that doesn’t alter the fact that Bee clearly damages himself and therefor shortens his own lifespan.

    “And the reason he doesnt go to level 2 is probably because he wants to conserve chakra, we now the 8 tails doesnt exactly have limitless chakra lol”

    Yeah right. Bijuu’s are basically massive chakra beings without equals among non-Jinchuuriki ninja (not counting Kisame off course). There’s absolutely no reason for a Jinchuuriki, especially one with the ability to control its Bijuu, to conserve chakra.

  101. @westerndjango – kishi tried to, but his high school biology teacher sucked so bad at teaching that he accidentally gave Kakuzu 4 hearts instead of one. O_o

  102. @redbaron, *sigh. I’ll just paste something I said earlier

    “The Kyubi and Hachibi are far too different for us to use what’s normal to Naruto as a standard for the other Biju and Jinchuriki.”

    For all we know, Killerbee could have turned into candy and the thing growing back could be vanilla ice cream. So far its been made blatanly obvious that the Kyubi and Jubi are entirely different from the other 8. Also, the Hachibi ran out of chakra before…..

  103. @Darks, sadly i have to disagree with you on one tiny little detail.

    “he’s an actual NINJA”

    Sorry but the only NINJA of this series was Zabuza. Kakashi’s fighting isnt exactly what you’d call “discreet”. But I agree that he’d probably be excellent at assassinations.

  104. well maybe not the most discreet, but with his doton technique, and a coulpe of tracking dogs, he could jump out of the ground all of the sudden and kamui said target’s head away…i think this would be a good spin off after naruto;Hatake Kakashi’s badass assassination stunt!!
    OMG just thought of sumthing.
    Bubble:kakashi?overrated?but wouldnt that make me….?
    Caption:we still love you guy, we still love you..

  105. meant to put stunts, but w/e

  106. @kisu – LOL because carrying a two handed broadsword taller than yourself is the very model of “discreet” hahaha

  107. The Hyuuga would make the best assassins.

  108. Wow

    Bubble: Is this what I am on the inside? Because I was pretty sure I was a blue lotus that was pretty much ablaze! OoO

    Caption: When a 15 year old boy makes you think you’re something that you aren’t. Thanks Lee, we love ya! (Neji does! :3)

  109. @DarkAvatar: I don’t think I ever mentioned a potential battle plan for our boy against a kage, but okay.

    And well, which one is it? How can you say kakashi wouldn’t win in a straight up fight against the kages we’ve mentioned but then say that he’s not weaker than them in the same paragraph? By admitting that he wouldn’t win a straight up fight you’re saying that the only way he’d win is by catching any one of them off guard in a battle. So here’s how that translates: He’s @ a lower level, would need a “cheap shot” opening to win, isn’t evenly matched, therefore not at kage level, and therefore is a character susceptible to being over rated. I didn’t say he’s totally over rated, but even in your defense of kakashi you’re kinda proving the point you’re debating.

  110. well, technically, orochimaru has the most assassination with two kages…well, does the death of sarutobi count as assassination?im not sure


    Not really, seeing as Sarutobi killed himself. Not that it’s much of a fair marker for Kakashi seeing as there’s been no reason for him to target a Kage in the manga yet.

    – Dark

  111. “LOL because carrying a two handed broadsword taller than yourself is the very model of “dis”

    Yeah especially since his enemy only gets to see it once their beheaded. Silent Homicide Technique ring any bells lol? Suigetsu wasn’t using Zabuza’s sword correctly

    @Kanton, the Hyuga can be the strongest ninjas in this series. Too bad they’re all on pot. What IDIOT thought of using the Byakugan (an eye that can see things clearly even kilometers away) for close combat? Surely they could have made a fighting style around killing your opponent from far away.

  112. Or the Hyugas could just by guns. Yeah, guns exist in this story.

    Just look behind the counter to the right. That guy has a shotgun

  113. @kahmix
    So you’re saying not having high abilities in combat makes somebody unworthy of being a kage?there arent any other attributes one would look for in a hokage other than pure strength eh?i dny agree, for example lets look at tsunade.she’s not the greatest fighter,however she still got the job becasue she has the necessary skills to do whats expected of as for kakashi, i know he’s not a star player. but i still believe he’s smart to take on a kage before he hits his limit, chakra wise.he’d probably get f!*ked doing it but he could do it.
    however i think i should make my stance on this more clear. i dnt think kakashi is god mode,but he isnt overrated, at least to me because he could give anyone a run for their money provided he laid out a plan within an appropriate amount of he cant beat everyone, but he can find their pattern,give them hell, possibly injure them, and live to see the konoha hospital.XD

  114. @kahmix, well Tsunade would lose against Raikage, so would Gaara and probably Onoki, do does that make them less than Kage level? lol

  115. @kahmix – I’d check the use-by date on the dictionary you’re using to translate my words. What I said was that his skills are honed for a different type of combat than straight out frontal assault. This does not mean he’s weaker or at a lower level, rather he plays to his advantages and his opponents weaknesses. This is not “weakness” or being a “cheap shot”. This is called “fighting smart”. Intelligence is just as much an asset as physical prowess.

    The concept of being evenly matched is antiquated. A combatants’ goal is to take the other guy down. Only an idiot rushes into a fight they’re not suited to.

  116. @western: There’s a lot that could be taken out of all I’ve said about kakashi so far, but I think you and I are actually on the same page. I never said kakashi isn’t WORTHY of being appointed hokage. He’s a genious, he’s skilled, and experienced, and strong. However, the conversation got focused on his battle level, not his appointability. I do think he’d be an appropriate kage appointment, but that wasn’t the discussion.
    I don’t know if I can be any more clear to the fellow debaters here in saying that I have a “mental ranking” of kakashi that is at one level, but I simply think others put him at a higher “god” level, to use your term, inappropriately. Whether it’s due to popularity, or their own perception of his battles so far. Whatever the reason, it’s just opinions. No more. No less

    @Kisu: I think you’re stretching my comments out of the context of the discussion

    @Dark: Whoops, misread you there. And I don’t discount his intelligence, analysis, or tactical advantages. I actually agree with you, especially on your last point. Can I just say my opinion is swayed by the way his battles have turned out? He’s never been the clear pwner in any one except the rematch with zabuza. And since there are a handful of characters in the manga, including some he’s faced, that FAR outmatch him, I don’t rank him in the top tiers, that’s all.

  117. I say Kakashi can beat Gaara and Tsunade. I dare someone, ANYONE, to prove me wrong.

  118. Pffft, as if Kakashi could stand against the psychopathic emo. Why do you think he *lost* against Sasuke? why do think he couldn’t reach Sakura in time? Sasuke’s emo pressure weighed him down till he was almost slashing at his own wrists in frustration…or depression…either way, Kakashi has demonstrated a clear weakness against emo pressure and such a handicap would make all the difference in this matchup. *nods head wisely*

  119. @kisu well Kishi did but a imagine the possibilities say if they a long ranged tech say for example: Kidomaru arrows. One word: ultimate sniper.


    EDIT – ultimate sniper = 2 words LOL
    – Dark

  120. i’ll just get into debate by saying MAITO GUY he’s in KAGE lvl looooool, he and kakashi are almost tied up in their challenges xD so that mean we got another kage lvl jounin, sweet! HELL NO! I don’t agree, he’s not within the kage lvl, if u just sy that u’re bashin cha likes 3 sannin (That’s why Tsunade was appointed in the 1st place, # sannin remember the 3 strongest dudes in the village, saying kakashi is better than her make me laugh and cry at the same time), like all previous kages, and the other kages i’ll even say danzo was WAY better dan him -_-, kakashi cudn’t defeat any of the above if it was necessary, now if in the event of tsunade dieing he wud be the most suitable char to be kage that doesn’t mean he’s kage level, he just got mentally what it takes to be the kage, cuz if it was straight down to kage lvl persons they wudn’t have any1 to appoint unless naruto that is too immature
    @kizu- we don’t have enough info on tsunade to say she just uses taijutsu we only had the orochimaru fight to get some of her potential, now u bashed her u gotta bare the consequences, what makes me say that tsunade is better than kakashi hmmmm, she’s the world greatest healer type shinobi, hmm she’s one of the 3 sannin, she’s the best shinobi on konoha, hmmm she wud tear u apart wid a finger, hmmm oh and i forgot she’s at kage level -.-
    Nevah bash the othah kages PLIS O.0 or i’ll rasegan u to death,

  121. @acklikxx – I didn’t understand most of what you typed there, but I don’t agree with any of the points that I could understand. And Kisu did not say that Kakashi was better than Tsunade, rather that he would win in a fight against her. I would agree with him in that regards. You’d have one helluva debate on your hands if you were to try and disprove that.

  122. @acklikxx, the only strong Hokages were the 3rd and 4th, arguable the 2nd as well. I’d also like to add that in abilities, Kakashi could easily be considered Kage-level.

    “we don’t have enough info on tsunade to say she just uses taijutsu”

    After a couple 100 chapters that’s all she can do. No one ever said she “has 1000 jutsus” or anything like that. We know she isnt a genjutsu type either. So yes, all she has are medical jutsus and taijutsu. Kakashi has 1000+ different ways to attack Tsunade.

  123. Btw, isn’t Tsunade FAR WEAKER than the other 2 members of the Sanin? lol

  124. @Kisu Well that’s because Orochimaru is always molesting bodies away from others.

    *looks at earlier comments and Sweatdrops* -__-‘ Yea, that was two words my bad.

  125. hey i just thought of something related to naruto’s new abilites.he has the kyuubi’s chakra,all of he doesnt have to deal with the will, he just grabs the energy now…so, whwat does any of this have to do with sage mode?right now i thought back to naruto’s first lessons on senjutsu, fukasaku explained that chakra is form by combining physical and spiritual energy.for senjutsu however there is an extra step in adding natural energy to the mix by meditating.lastly he explained the risks of using sage mode without the proper control, without massive reserves to begin with, it would overpower the student and they would transform…now what im getting at is about the part where he talked about balancing the chakras.there had to be a very specific and stable balance in order to mantain.all of this leads me to one of two scenarios.since he can wield the fox’s chakra as his own, he can use a higher ratio of chakra to balance with the natural energy making his sage mode last longer than it does,he wouldnt even need clones to mantain it, he could just use a massive amount of his chakra so the senjutsu grows in proportion

  126. i forgot to add scenario two:
    trying such a reckless technique would result in konoha displaying a giant frog/fox statue 0.O

  127. @ Kisu,

    So you don’t have a valid argument against the fact that a transformation damages the host. OK.

    I’ll show you again.
    Damage. FACT!
    The transformations Bee undergoes are identical to Naruto’s. Same transformation, same rules. Yes the Hachibi and Kyuubi are different, perhaps the transformations doesn’t damage Bee on the same level as it did with Naruto but you can clearly see the damage. And to restore that damage either the Hachibi or Bee himself needs to regenerate cells. Cells don’t magically appear out your ass, even when your a host.

    And here you are THINKING because the 8 tails is one tail down in the power ladder that the transformation can’t possibly pose any threat to Bee… >__>

    Is it that hard to admit you’re wrong?

  128. @redbaron, I’ve admitted to being wrong before lol. BUT not this time. I’m not convinced until someone tells him its damaging. I’ve said it at least twice before, the Kyubi is completely on another level. That 1 extra tail makes the Kyubi FAR beyond Hachibi’s level. Remember this is the same Kyubi that cant be entirely sealed, while the Hachibi can. The power gap and the hatred is just too vast to be compared. The other 8 Biju play by different rules than the Kyubi. But as you can see, I’m really not that interested in THIS debate, I like the Kakashi one better 🙂

  129. Still Hyuuga would make the best assassins I dare anyone to prove me wrong.

  130. Sorry Kisu I know your a power house debater but you a wrong, kyuubi can’t be sealed by the reaper death seal all at once, but before that it was sealed in the firs’t wife and in Kushina whole.

    So the kyuubi beinge massive as it is can be sealed fully, only not by the reaper death seal.

  131. Oh and as far as Baron’s view on the matter of Bee being hurt by the transformation, let’s face it how can that shit not pose serious threat to oneself. Maybe the cloud jinchurike like yuugito and bee were trained to use the full power of there bijuu in a fight with enemies such as akatsuki, yuugito fully transformed against Kakuzu and Hidan but look were that got her even if she was a powerful jinchuriki that just goes to show that u can’t take risks against powerful foes.

    In Bee’s case remember how much he held back when Sasuke came with taka after him, even in that stage Bee owned them and Sasuke would have been history if it were not for the girl he impaled himself. The only thing that made Bee go all 8 on there asses was his lack of dragging out a fight, we all heard he’s impulsive and reckless just like Naruto, so after he transformed he still owned big time.

    And he probably would have beaten Sasuke after using his Amateratsu only thing was Bee wanted to learn Enka instead of fighting a already weakened Sasuke with only a child Juugo by his side.

    I got a little sidetracked but my point is, jinchuriki don’t spam unnecessary transformations unless the threat is demanding them to.

  132. And now on to Kakashi, just like Tenrai said, Kakashi has a lot of chakra only thing is that chakra gets eaten probably 3 or 4x as fats when he uses the Sharingan, not being a inheritor of the Sage of six path’s son didn’t grant Kakashi the chakra needed to fully control the eye, and remember the even if the sharingan is covered as is usually is the case with Kakashi, the rate with witch the chakra is used in his body is still accelerated from what he would normally have if he didn’t have the eye. This is said because Kakashi can not close the Saringan, I don’t actually understand why he can’t close the eye at will especially now when he achieved the MS and has far more skill whit it.

    But taken into account that is a major drawback even for a prize such as the Sharingan for Kakashi.

    If Kakashi could come to terms with the Sharingan a little better, and by the end of the year I think kishi will power up Kakashi’s sharingan a lot, he could surpass almost all the kages in power.

  133. @ Kisu,

    Exactly, only half of the Kyuubi’s chakra is sealed inside Naruto. Naruto’s transformations aren’t done with a complete, mountain sized Kyuubi making the transformations much more comparable to the other 8 Bijuu.
    And I’ve shown you the damage it does twice already. It’s as clear as day. But, if by whatever chance you missed it, here it is again;
    If that’s not damaging than Sasuke’s wound at the top is just a little flesh wound. ^__^

    *pokes Sasuke’s gaping hole with a stick, and prods his wound too* 🙂

  134. Anyhoo, hasn’t ANYONE seen the gun? Kishi messed up. Guns > Ninjas 🙂

  135. No Kisu, you won’t talk your way out of this one. @__@

  136. @kisu that was a mistake
    * then joins redbaron in torturing Assuke not just poking but also using lemon juice, bleach (both the recent chapters and the liquid) and salt*

  137. And I like pineapple pie.

  138. @redbaron – “pokes Sasuke’s gaping hole with a stick” <<== this would either very painful or very enjoyable for the emo known as Sasugay.

  139. @redbaron, goddammit you saw through my ploy. Fine. I concede…..I’ll get you for this someday though >_>

  140. Sasuke has a gaping hole? Well he IS a Hollow >_>

  141. @ Kisu – *Kicks open WRA doors*
    I heard you needed help bashing Sasuke, and beating small emo-children… I’m here to help!

    *Creates a vortex and drags all WRA bloggers into a typical GANTZ chapter*

    Muwhahahaha… unless you read GANTZ and know whats up, you’re all pretty much fuct!

  142. @ Dark, Kisu – Sasuke’s gaping hollow-hole would probably emit a lavender cero, or “Cero-homosexualuxxx”

    *Tite breaks into Prawl’s bunker with his zanpaktou (handgun)*

    Tite: You durmb amelican! You stear my idears fol rast time! BANKAI!!!

  143. @prawlkage
    i HAVE read read gantz, and i will opt for path of korono ones gonna kill me,ill disappear into nothingness.XD

  144. @western – AWESOME! also, that means you’ll have a duplicate of yourself somewhere to help you kick ass

  145. @prawl it would be Cero el Maricon.
    *Kubo turns towards Kanton*
    Kubo: Not another one I hate you Kages PurotoKaiiiiiieeeeee (PlotKai) *is squealing because I shot him between the legs* Go bother Nick Simmons the guy who plagiarize your manga. *takes out mini-Jupiter and blasts Kubo then creates a second order hyperresonace and teleports somewhere outside the Gantz world*

  146. When I look at this Photo I think 2 things, and together they both symbolise somthing relating to Sage or Juubi.

    1.The left symbolises Sasuke/Itachis method of unlocking MS through murder thats why it has long nose ugly features.
    And the right symbolises Tobi/Kakashis method of unlocking MS through whatever means and because they both wear masks.

    2.The left symbolises the Uchiha with the Susano and Hawk summons I think those summons are like Tengu summons that come with the eyes.
    And the right symbolises the Uzumaki with the mask that looks and represents the frog.

  147. And seeing how the Gedo Mazo is Juubi’s body those Rings that Akatsuki have connect you to its power I think and when the Juubi is revived it makes you into little Juubi Paths.

    And again you know when you see the Juubi suck lifeforces outta Hanzo and his peoples, Obviously those souls are sealed inside the Juubi. Now remember those souls that was inside the Kyuubi’s Hate.

  148. @ Black Burst, I was actually one of the first to state that Gedo Mazo was indeed the Juubi due to the fact that Nagato summond him and the fact that it’s blindfolded as not to see his real eye, and on top of that it has 10 distinctive cut like wounds on the back that could represent the lost tails. Also it’s the main container for the bijuu so it would only make sense but as good a this prediction is, it’s still a theory non the less, until we know for curtain that the juubi isn’t still sealed in the moon we can’t speculate if gedo mazo is indeed the juubi or not, by the size of it i can say that is’s a little small but probably with all the bijuu inside it will grow in size and power.

    I guess we’ll have to wait and see about this one like all the other taboo shit kishi makes us wait extremely long periods of time for.

  149. I think this Theory is Fact Gedo is Juubi nothing can change my mind. Good call though Eugen I would never of thought it, I believed it was the container that would transfer it later but Im thinking if Juubi is in the moon, and its being Summoned as a statue and only comes to life when Sucking lifeforces and absorbing the other Bijuu then By Golly Its Gotta Be.

  150. Instead of repeating the same F-ing comments all the Time, why cant there be a page within WRA with Naruto facts and we’ll all vote for what the most likely scenario and outcome will be kinda like Betting???????????????????????????????????????????????????

  151. You know what would be epic? Is if Naruto used Demon Windmill Shurikens for the inside of his chakra shurikens (and ultimately adding so many elements and stuff that they become hurricane shuriken), and like many puppeteers, attatche chakra strings to them in order to move them around like a puppet.


  152. Sorry for double comment, but to make this even better – use Haku’s ice mirrors along with ice shards being thrown out of the hurricane shuriken, along with bits of dirt and iron and sand, and tons and tons of wind and maybe some water for wet sand! 😀

  153. I must have Shonen Fever, I meant my previous post in a Good Constructive Way.
    I realise there wasa that thing Super did about the Eyes but that wasnt enough I rekon, WRA needs upgrade how do you say it I think it goes Nuff said…

  154. Would be even cooler even he could detonate it at will.

  155. @ Black Burst, great idea man, we should have a section were discussed theories that come to curtain conclusions are kept for later look-ups. So if we conclude that a majority of people say that a theory like gedo mazo is the juubi and it remains concluded as such.
    So when someone that didn’t know the outcome of the discussion starts re saying what was already decided we could just point him to the section that shows him our majority’s decision on the matter.

  156. That’s actually a pretty good idea. And if for discussion’s sake someone does come along with a point or two contrary to the majority point of view, trying to support it with screenshots and actual events from the manga, they can get beat down and told how wrong they are! xD
    ….oh wait… nevermind. Bad idea.
    Baahahaaa, jk guys

  157. @prawl
    Hell yea, and this dupilcate wont disappear with one hit.

    Bubble: omg, im already 32 years old!what have i been doing?

    Caption:Naruto chapter 1036:Rock lee’s mid-life crisis

  158. “*Tite breaks into Prawl’s bunker with his zanpaktou (handgun)*

    Tite: You durmb amelican! You stear my idears fol rast time! BANKAI!!!”

    Dammit Prawl, u made me choke laughing LMFAO

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  171. Hey happy bday marksman!

  172. I think the sage mode training had something to do with the way Naruto transformed. To my knowlege the other jinchuruki weren’t trained in the Sage arts. I don’t know why, but I think it’s the way Naruto sealed the beast. He had to have used sage chakra to seal it. How else would other peoples chakra react to Naruto’s new “Fox” chakra, if it hadn’t been tainted by sage chakra?

  173. happy birthday marksman!

  174. btw: who did kakashi pwn all by himself?
    no one?
    ah okay 🙂
    who is dis “marksman” btw? Oo


  175. @salamiyo:

    Haku..hahaha.. and according to Narutopedia, he has 42 S-rank so far sooo.. around 42 bad guys?

  176. @salamiyo Also Kakashi pwned Zabuza in their last encounter.

  177. i dun want to count that zabuza fight, cuz in the real fight, he wouldve lost if the kids didnt help him.
    i just wanna show that all this and that is just opinion.
    i wasnt comparing tenten and kakashi this way, i just wanted to say that everybody who loses is the same, no matter how they lost, of course kakashi would beat tenten with 1000 yers of pain.
    and actually we dun really know all of tsunades abilities and yeah i hope kakashi gets a huge power-up.
    and well u can say, if tsunade didnt make nagato angry, he wouldnt have used the H2-shinra tensei, so that naruto had time to take care of the other bodies.
    no1 in the entire manga would be able to face all 6 pains at full power together at the same time, if the 6 pains were at the kage meeting, this manga would be without any kages now.

  178. @salamiyo:
    “if the 6 pains were at the kage meeting, this manga would be without any kages now.”

    I would highly doubt that.. Those kages weren’t made kages because they are weak..

  179. @salamiyo
    Kisuzachi said this and i quote; *I find your lack of faith disturbing…* x_x

  180. @salamiyo – “we dun really know all of tsunades abilities”

    …right, and I suppose Sakura can shoot kamehameha waves from her ass. -_- What kind of point are you trying to make? If a character in a manga has not been shown using an ability, it does not exist until proven otherwise. It’s a no-brainer. Debates would be downright stupid otherwise.

    Please let’s stick to what is fact and leave speculation behind.

  181. Whats about with the Tenten bashing when you have INO.
    Ino has never won at all whether it was filler or not neither an unnamed forgettable mook or a mook with a name and personality. She is a perfect example of uselessness and being worthless *shoots everyone with the baka cannon and listens to the wonderful orchestra that I have made*

  182. Spoiler anybody?

    Naruto 506 confirmed spoilers

    Guy: What the hell is that?!!
    Kisame: That green beast. Dammit.
    Killerbee: Yo Fish face. This time you gonna become fish paste.
    Kisame: Argh…. Your rhymes are irritating me. Kisame fuses with Samehada again.
    Kisame then makes some handseals and enters a level 2 stage of Samehada. He becomes a more larger grotesque shark.
    Guy: What the hell?
    Killerbee: Damn yo. Thats an ugly shark.
    Motoi: It’s hideous.
    Several ninja are alerted..
    C: Its that guy from Akatsuki again. I thought the Raikage and Bee took care of him.
    Darui: It was probably a clone. Lets go.
    -Scene switches to Naruto-
    Naruto goes into sage mode and breaks the wall so his foot can get free.
    Naruto darts out of the cavern and winds up outside.
    Naruto: What the?
    Kisame: Two Jinchuuriki. Things shall get interesting.
    Kisame slams his tail fin onto the terrain and a huge wave of water comes from behind.
    Kisame: HEHHEHEHE
    Naruto: Fuuton: Dividing Blow Technique.
    Naruto thrusts his palms forth and a burst of wind erupts from his palms that knocks back the water into the ocean.
    Kisame: WHAT THE ?!!!
    Guy: !!! *Naruto.*
    Killerbee: This is one bad host. This guy is now toast.
    Naruto: You fight me.
    Zetsu watches from a tree. This is bad… Kisame needs help.
    Dark Zetsu: Lets tell Madara.

  183. Thats a Prediction, find a real spoiler.

  184. @kantonkage: As right as you might be about Ino being useless, I still like her tits in the anime.

  185. Opps, my bad…hahaha.. guess its the closest thing to a spoiler that i could find.. x_x

  186. I just noticed… people have very violent ways of escaping impending digestion.

    *Looks down at big hole in chest.* T__T


    A word of caution. Debating against Kakashi on a blog where some of the most notorious Kakashi fans prowl, is like climbing a glass skyscraper covered in tiny sharp needles with your bare hands.

    It’s a long way up… @__@

  187. @ Salamiyo

    I am Marksman. The Incredible Marksman, that is.

    And if i am not correct, you just asked who kakashi has pwned all by himself.

    Well let me ask you this:

    Who on naruto, besides the chunin exams, have pwned anyone by themselves?

    In mostly every fight that has occurred in naruto, everyone has had a little help one way or another. Kakashi isn’t the only one.

    Jman had help fighting pain with pa and ma frog. Does that make him a lousy or over rated ninja? Naruto had help fighting pain. Does that make him a lousy over rated ninja?

    Sasuke had help fighting danzou. Does that make him a lousy, underated ninja?

    The obvious answer to any of these questions, is no. Just because he lost against pein and itachi, two of the only fights we have EVER seen him loose, this does not make him an over rated ninja.

    He lost against pein, the leader of akutski, the god who had never lost a battle, defeated jman, destroyed a village, and still had enough in him to fight an 8 tailed fox.

    He lost to itachi, the man who defeated maru, the man who wiped out a clan filled with skilled uchihas. The man who had to be half sick, blind, and dying of a random disease with a fixed fight for anyone to defeat him.

    And even then, despite all of this, kakashi put up a decent fight.

  188. @ Marksman – Kakashi IS a lousy ninja, but only when facing Madara, since Madara simply laughs off everyone’s best attacks.

    @ Dark – ROFL @ Sakura shooting kamehameha waves from her ass… that would almost make her useful!

  189. How about a crack-tacular spoiler?


    *Gai and Kisame continue to fight*

    Kisame: Oh no, not this retard again!

    Gai: I heard that, and now you’re gonna pay!

    *Gai grasps Kisame by the head and draws him in*

    Gai: NOW! SUCK IT!

    Kisame: NOOOOOOO!!!!
    (Samehada): GIGIGIGIGIGIGI

    *Kisame resists, but Gai opens the 8 gates*

    Gai: NOW! To open the 9th gate!

    Kisame: 9th gate? WTF!


    *Kubo appears and kills Gai, cause he be trollin’*

  190. *then nick simmons plagiarizes that very exact scene with new characters named Hobo and Bi.*

  191. @ prawl

    Kakashi is not a lousy ninja. And Madara wasn’t laughing very much when he fought the forth.

  192. “Kakashi IS a lousy ninja, but only when facing Madara, since Madara simply laughs off everyone’s best attacks.”

    Everybody is a lousy ninja when facing Tobi. Except the Fourth, who pwned Tobi’s ass and made him run for the hills.

    But seriously, I agree with Marksman and all other Kakashi defenders. Kakashi is the best Jonin you’ll ever find.

  193. SPOILER ALERT!!!!

    according to the spoilers it shows the last coffin that kabuto had and i think it minato


    I know who it was! It wasn’t Minato!!! It was…

    Red Herring! 😛

  195. I guess it’ll be Tenrai…eating the content of that coffin..

  196. It probably was Aizen cause Kubo be trolling.

  197. I think Konan should come back into the mix during the war sportin’ Hanzo’s salamander summon. It’d be cool to see what that thing can do.

  198. Omg, a spoiler has finally been released!!!!

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  204. on mangahelpers is full translation of ch.506, so manga may be out in short time… after “2 weeks” finally we’ll see Guy opening 7 or 8 gates 😀

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  206. @ Marksman, Redbaron & others – Yes, I realize the 4th kicked Madara’s ass, and meant to add that, and even noticed my mistake – approximately 2 seconds after I hit ‘Submit Comment’

    Also, My mocking of Kakashi is more sarcasm than anything else…
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  210. hey earlyer ppl said that everybody in the naruto universe has had help but the Minato fought Madara and beat his ass in on his own with no help thats pretty impressive

  211. *makes it to the prty in time to kanton shooting tenrai and facepalm* “once again,cant say i didnt see this coming”
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  213. yes yes happy birthday,meant to include that last comment but time was of the essence as im sure you can tell from the many grammer errors..XD anyhow have a good one

  214. new chapter

  215. You may all thank me for letting everyone know when all of this weeks chapters have been translated. Everybody *points guns at tenrai* except you.

  216. Thank God for Gai! Lol, did Naruto sprain his ankle!? What happened to his quick healing? XD Anyway, great chapter. I wonder if Gai will have to open the 8th gate to win.

  217. most likely he will.. and maybe after he is done with naruto new powers, maybe he will somehow give life to maito guy.

  218. @chapter:
    Tiger vs Shark huh… who would win?

    So much for his quick healing, but i think it will heal faster but not that fast..hahaha.. Gai might use the 8th gate and die afterward, but i guess it wont come to that.. i hope so..

  219. If the Eighth Gate is opened, what new technique will come from it? Maybe an Evening Elephant…?

    …or Twilight Werewolf? :O

  220. @meta: Lessee… he’s done morning peacock and afternoon tiger. I’m thinking “evening cialis” or “late night black snake”…

  221. It could be “Late Night with David Letterman no jutsu”..

  222. KISAME IS THE SECOND STRONGEST AKATSUKI (only behind Pain)! I dare ANY of you to prove me wrong! He’s facing down 7 gates while he isnt even at full power! Kisame kicks ass! Now I feel proud that Kisame is the first part of my name (the Kis in Kisuzachi) 😀

  223. @kisu one guy Itachi

  224. @Super

    Actually, in his words, he wrecked his ankle. So if it is wrecked, and he is still able to walk, maybe that healing is working after all. Lol.

    Actually, I believe the only reason that was put in was to give Gai a chance to fight. I see one of two things happening…

    1: Gai fights valiantly against Kisame but eventually gets overpowered and Naruto arrives dramatically right at the last moment to save him. Then we have Naruto vs Kisame. Or…

    2: Gai unleashes his eighth gate and defeats Kisame himself, but because of it, he ends up slowly dying due to the damage caused by releasing that power. However, I don’t think Kishi will just kill off another character like that right now, so I believe if that happens, Naruto will end up healing Gai. Think about it, in the last chapter, we saw that his new power is overflowing with vitality and life, even causing Yamato’s Mokuton to sprout twigs and leaves. I believe that he may be able to use that vitality to heal others as well or give them strength and energy.

    Whichever way it goes, once Kisame is defeated, I also believe that Naruto will probably use Sage mode to track the other shark with the information scroll so that it can be pwned. I don’t think sharks have ill intent like humans do, so he won’t be able to track it through his new Super Sayan mode by tracking its feelings or evil nature.

  225. Happy Birthday Death. 😀

  226. Happy Birthday Death!!!!

    Thoughts on new chapter:

    Great. 🙂
    I hope Gai will not have to open the eighth gate because then he’ll die. T_T

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  252. @ Kisu, kisame’s just like Naruto, but unlike Naruto he didn’t try and find other means to get stronger (refering to Naruto learning sage mode instead of relying on the fox).

    And for all we know that bijuu like chakra you said kisame has naturally, could just be the chakra samehada feeds him we actually don’t know for a fact that it’s his own natural chakra.

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    I actually don’t see why he isn’t at full power. For the last few chapters, all he has been doing is spying on Bee, fused with the sword. In other words, he was just resting and watching, so he should be at full health and chakra.

    Lets not forget to into account how much chakra he absorbed from bee, who btw has the 8 tails bijuu’s chakra flowing through him as well. He took enough to make bee literally exhausted. So to say kisame is not a full power is just a theory that has yet to be proven, not a fact.

    @kisu: You make it seem as though kisame has just finished defeating 100 battle ready ninjas before waltzing up to fight with guy.

    Kisame was only hit once by Naruto and once buy guy. That, of course, was before he sucked bee dry of chakra and healed himself.

    And last i checked, Ninjitsu, tiajitsu, and genjitsu using is what drains chakra.

  256. @Marksman, did you read what I said above? lol. Bee isnt at full power. Besides, do you remember when he fought the Kisame clone? It took quite a while for Samehada to drain him down, so he Kisame still isn’t at full power because his normal chakra reserves are the amount a Biju would have. Kisame is just one cool guy and isn’t backing down, that’s why this fight looks fair. (does this look like the Kisame we know and love?)

    @Eugen, its obviously NOT an easy technique to learn or Kakashi would be able to open more than one gate. But anyway, its no different from the Curse Mark because it forces out chakra you don’t normally have. Kisame is fighting with what little chakra he was able to absorb.

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    Your theory remains just that. A theory.

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    And why is he saying “Yeeeaaahh” as if Samehada absorbing his chakra is a nice feeling???


  260. @Eugen, Kakashi has only been seen doing the Primary Lotus, and that takes only 1 gate, then that’s only in the anime and movies.

    As you can see, Bee used up quite a bit of chakra helping Naruto. and here, its clear that Samehada takes 6 tails at a time. So, Kisame got about 6 tails worth of chakra. there its evident that Kisame has the power of a Biju. Six chakra cloak tails does not a Biju make.

  261. “And why is he saying “Yeeeaaahh” as if Samehada absorbing his chakra is a nice feeling???”

    He didn’t notice that until his chakra was almost gone. The “Yeeeaaahh” is from the relaxation of Samehada massaging his arm. I know because I let Siberian Tigers gnaw on my shoulders and neck when I’m all tense.

    About the chapter; It’s interesting to see Kisame doesn’t need Samehada to absorb energy of others but it does disappoint me somewhat. The speed at which he absorbs chakra is identical to Preta path which is strange because every Path of Pain can use a technique on a level far beyond ‘normal’ Shinobi.
    Furthermore I’m disappointed in the fact that Naruto ‘sprained his ankle’. I mean, come on! He taps into the power of the beastie of all beasties and sprains an ankle?!! That’s like saying you tap into Michael Jordans skills and miss a lay-up. Kishi fucked up big time. But I guess he did have to come up with something to keep Kisame alive.

  262. Kisu,

    You’re kicking yourself in the face with those examples.
    That’s six tails with one swipe!! Not with Samehada latched on for several seconds.
    That explains Kisame has the chakra levels of a Jinchuuriki, not a Bijuu. A Jinchuuriki is just a host TO the Bijuu.
    This shows that as a Jinchuuriki transforms his/her chakra levels rise. Jinchuuriki have enormous amounts of Chakra to be able to ‘hold’ their Bijuu but their chakras are nowhere near a Bijuu’s.

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  264. @super same here but i have mixed feelings towards itachi

  265. kishi screwed up by making the pain fight so early on because now no1 else other than madara is close to as strong as him. Liek pain could own all of akatsuki, and since naruto beat him, naruto can beat all of them. I actually think that nagato could’ve killed naruto if he wanted to at that fated reunion. i realized that after watching the anime episode…

  266. @redbaron, soory bro, but a Jinchuriki is a being with a Biju, which means they have the biju’s chakra plus their own. Its a matter of how you look at it I suppose.

    Several seconds? Not quite. He only had 2 panels to absorb before he let go. 6 tails does not equal Kisame’s usual chakra.

    I never kick myself….unless Sasugay’s involved >_>

  267. @kisu: What makes you think that 6 tails worth of chakra isn’t enough to fill him up? The only thing i’ve heard so far is that he has biju like chakra level but remember that there’s a BIG difference in chakra levels between Shukaku and the Kyuubi. (and they both are bijus)

  268. We should actually drop this debate about kisame not stealing enough chakra because so far all he’s done was stick to Bee and spy and then take chakra from him and the guy with glasses from konoha, chakra he might have lost from sustaining Naruto’s injury but recovered through samehada.

    So case closed.

    Oh and kisu pay attention to what supafreak said, Kisame is a essentially a bijuu with no tail, and since we have a difference of unknown potential from Shukaku to Kyuubi, kisame might not have had even what half of Shukaku’s chakra might have been if that.

    So essentially u can deduct that by those 6 chakra tails Kisame stole from Bee he actually gained more then his usual full of juice power.

    So please no more excuses for the guy, because he’s well pumped up for the fight and I don’t see him as a underdog what so ever, even if he left Samehada behind, or if it left him, either way the fight is well balanced in my opinion.

  269. @supafreak and Eugen, we know the Kyubi is stronger than all the other Biju and is on a completely different level, but we don’t know if that’s the case with the other Biju.In fact, I’d say the others are equal since they can be completely sealed in a Jinchuriki, that means they’re all about equal. So that means Kisame’s chakra levels would be equal to that of Hachibi. So 6 version 1 tails won’t do anything for a man as strong as a Biju.

  270. @kisu: Every Biju can be completely sealed in a jinchuriki, even the Kyuubi.

    Here Kushina says that Mito sealed the Kyuubi into her body. She sealed it with ALL it’s chakra.

    In those two pages you can see the complete Kyuubi inside Kushina and also when it comes out of her.

    Even though Minato says it’s “physically and conceptually impossible to completely seal it all” what he probably means is that it’s impossible to completely seal it with the dead demon seal, because it is possible to seal it completely with other tecniques.

  271. @kisu: i dont agree with that. the 8 other bijus are definately different on their chakra levels, just not so crucial like the kyuubi.
    because every tail resembles chakra level.
    i have a different theory about this case when kisame sucked up 6 tails, cuz in the following pages, bee entered “stage 2” of this hachibi chakra transformation.i believe its more like a jinchuuriki has his own amount of chakra and can add/control the same amount of biju chakra without taking damage, bee can control the full “stage 1”, that means he has somewhat great chakra pools. depending on the willpower of the jinchuuriki, he’s able to control a specific amount of bijuu chakra exceeding their on chakra pool, causing damage to the jinchuurikis body, automatically. this theory makes it seem that bee has MUCH more chakra than naruto, but i think it only shows how much chakra only ONE tail resembles from the kyuubi, because this “stage 2” seems to start right at tail number 4 in narutos case. that means 8 hachibi tails = 3 kyuubi tails.
    and the tail-thing itself shows that the bijus are different, if kisame takes 6 tails from the 8 tails, what would it do to shukaku or something? kill them right away?
    @omar: lawl… this fight was needed and u seem to forget kabuto… he controls the whole dead akatsuki bunch… if kabutos facing anyone with this army in 1on1, who can beat him? there’s nobody in the entire manga on this crazy level…yet…

  272. @salamiyo: I hadn’t thought of Kabuto with his six corpses…

    Kishi practically replaced Pein!! *gets rocket launcher and goes on a plane to Japan*

    Kabuto summoned six bodies (if you count the unknown one) so, just like with Nagato, they will fight for him and he might control them from far away.
    If he fights with five of them, they will be six, just like the paths of pain!
    Kabuto might kill someone’s master just like Pein did with Jiraiya…

    *arrives to Japan, goes to Kishi’s house and rings the doorbell*


  273. “A Jinchuriki is a being with a Biju, which means they have the biju’s chakra plus their own. Its a matter of how you look at it I suppose.”

    Exactly, and it’s only until the Jinchuuriki taps into its Bijuu’s power when the chakra levels rise. So, yes Kisame is on the same level as a Jinchuuriki but Bijuu’s are on a completely different level. For example, Karin only noticed Bee’s full power when he transformed completely and we know for a fact that every tail boosts a Jinchuuriki’s chakra level.

    “Several seconds? Not quite. He only had 2 panels to absorb before he let go. 6 tails does not equal Kisame’s usual chakra.”

    And you know the time span of 2 panels? And you know the usual amount of Kisame’s chakra? I don’t think so.
    I only look at the facts. The fact is Samehada was able to absorb 6 tails with a single ‘slash’. No matter how you look at it, that’s a shitload of chakra in a very little amount of time.
    Here Samehada is clearly taking more time to eat Bee’s chakra. How much exactly is purely speculation but you can bet your ass it’s more than enough to fuel Kisame’s jutsu.

    “So that means Kisame’s chakra levels would be equal to that of Hachibi. So 6 version 1 tails won’t do anything for a man as strong as a Biju.”

    Nope, wrongo. The Tailed beasts are in order of power as evidenced by Shukaku’s and the Two Tails inability to produce Menacing Balls.

  274. “So, yes Kisame is on the same level as a Jinchuuriki but Bijuu’s are on a completely different level”

    No. Biju are mindless creatures that can’t use their abilities fully. A jinchuriki is far more powerful than a Biju because they have control of its abilities plus their own innate powers.

    Ok then, here Bee is stationary

    And as you can see, only 6 tails were lost.

    “Nope, wrongo. The Tailed beasts are in order of power as evidenced by Shukaku’s and the Two Tails inability to produce Menacing Balls.”

    I say incorrect. Neither Kishi, nor the anime team for that matter, have stated that tails = power. If that’s the case, no village would accept the Shukaku. And there would be an uproar that a non-main Village like Takigakure got the 7 tails, which by your logic, is the third strongest.

  275. “And as you can see, only 6 tails were lost.”

    My mistake, only FOUR were lost. >:)

  276. @kisuzachi: “no village would accept the Shukaku” If someone gave you 5 bucks, wouldn’t you take them?
    Plus, i think that the reason the villages didn’t go into a free for all brawl is not because the bijus have the same amount of chakra but because the amount of people killed in that fight would be enormous.

    I’m 95% sure that tails=power… since every time naruto gains a tail his power increases incredibly (with one tail he couldn’t even kill sasuke but with 4 he almost killed jiraiya). Also, i think it’s a bit harsh that you call a biju a “mindless creature”. Remember how the kyuubi was able to speak? He was extremely powerful even when tobi wasn’t controlling him and he even wanted revenge for all those years he had to put up with kushina.

  277. “Biju are mindless creatures that can’t use their abilities fully”

    Like Kyuubi after being freed from Kushina’s body and Tobi’s control? It looked to me like Kyuubi was well aware of its abilities and used them to its fullest. Same goes for Shukaku. although still atached to Gaara, he wasn’t being controlled by Gaara or using Gaara as a medium like the Kyuubi did with Naruto. And it’s clear as day that Shukaku’s Renkūdan is no where near as powerfull as, for example, the Hachibi’s Menacing Ball was.
    Just look;
    8 Tails Menacing Ball
    We don’t need Kishi or the Anime Team to tell us there’s a difference in power. It’s as clear as day.

    And the 6 tails at once is done here;

    One swipe, 6 tails. I’m not making stuff up you know.

    And what do we have here;
    Kisame stating Hachibi is the second most powerful Bijuu?!! That must mean there’s a third most powerful Bijuu too… ^__^

    Man, not even Kisame is on your side… >__>


  279. This sucks.

  280. Here it is again.

    “Biju are mindless creatures that can’t use their abilities fully.”
    Kyuubi was in full control when he was freed from Kushina´s body and Tobi´s control. Same goes for Shukaku who wasn’t being controlled by Gaara or used Gaara as a medium like Kyuubi did with Naruto.
    And about the power difference, we don’t need Kishi or the Anime Team to tell us an extra tail means more power. We can see it for ourselves.
    Shukaku’s Renküdan; and the page after that
    Hachibi’s 8 Tails Menacing Ball; and the page after that.
    It doesn’t get any clearer than that.

    And here is where Samehada absorbs 6 tails;
    6 Tails, one swipe.

    I wasn’t making that up.

    And look what else I found;
    Kisame stating Hachibi is the second most-powerful Bijuu?! That must mean there’s a third most-powerful as well…

    Man, not even Kisame is on your side on this one. >__>

  281. Finally, it posted…. ^__^

    Sorry for the quadruple post.

  282. hi redbaron 😀

  283. @supafreak, we know that when a Biju is giving power to a Jinchuriki, the amount of power is measured by tails. But do you think a 1 tail Naruto is = to the Shukaku (if yes, then you’re saying CS2 Pre-time skip Sasugay could beat the Shukaku)? And since the other 8 Biju can be completely sealed, they’re all on the same level.

    “Also, i think it’s a bit harsh that you call a biju a “mindless creature””

    Look at the Sanbi >_>

  284. @kisu: i hope u never think about joining politics……..

    but again, when i read about this “time-skip”, what did naruto do these 3 years? O_o

  285. sorry for double post but @kisu:
    i’m doing a real life example now; imagine u got a basket, a not so big one oO then u fill in 1 tomato… there’s still much space left, u throw in another tomato and u still got space! :O
    when u got 8 tomatos the basket is full! then u get a bigger basket, where u can put in 20 tomatos :O
    u see where im going to?
    every jinchuuriki can hold a different amount of chakra in themselves.
    it shows that these 8 bijus dont go beyond a limit, but it doesnt show that theyre all on the same level, only that theyre not on kyuubis level and there are only few jinchuurikis able to control a biju. kyuubi was sealed WHOLELY in kushina, she just cant control it.

  286. @kisu The Bijuu are like bombs just because it’s the weakest doesn’t deny the fact that it can cause massive damage.

    “Also, i think it’s a bit harsh that you call a biju a “mindless creature””
    “Look at the Sanbi >_>”

    True Sanbi can be consider mindless but look at Kyuubi, Hachibi and, Shukaku. They have been shown to speak intelligently well Shukaku not so much. Kyubi is not mindless at all that’s for sure

  287. I say they’re all on the same level (except the Kyubi) because if they weren’t, people wouldn’t say “Biju level” because that would be such a vague term. If every Biju was wildly more powerful than the one with one less tail, people would say “He’s Sanbi level” or “He’s Yonbi level!”.

    @salamiyo, hehehe. If I go into politics I wouldn’t have any need to debate. The mafia is still useful these days >:)

    @supafreak again, if someone gave me 5 bucks, then gave everyone else 50, I’d throw the 5 bucks back in their face. No village would want the short end of the stick.

    @Kanton, and strangely, those Biju you listed all have Jinchuriki. Wild Biju are mindless retards. More like animals than actual demons.

  288. Kisu just admit it man, when your wrong your wrong, there’s no one here that likes to counter for no good reason not even for the debate’s sake. But to say all bijuu are equal except the kyuubi, c’mon man that just stupid, there’s a reason they got more and more tails and the difference is substantial from one to another.

    If u say that all the bijuu are equal then think about the yuugito vs kakuzu and hidan fight, if that was Naruto or Bee in the beast form fighting Kakuzu and Hidan I can bet you Hidan would have been lucky to be left with a finger intact after the fight, if that.

    This is pointless to debate pure facts that actually don’t need exemplifications. It’s something so logic that it doesn’t need explaining so for that reason alone it’s useless to discuss something we all already know.
    I don’t mean to offend you Kisu but when a majority shows you pure, relative, true facts and you don’t agree with them it’s just your pride that holds you firm on your position and nothing else.

  289. @Kisu “no village would accept the Shukaku”
    I only have one question. Why wouldn’t Suna accept Shukaku when it can control suna making it perfect against potential invasions?

  290. @kisu – cmon man, you’re questioning what is in the manga and thus is law. It is stated that a bijuu’s power correlates directly with the amount of tails it has.

    “But do you think a 1 tail Naruto is = to the Shukaku (if yes, then you’re saying CS2 Pre-time skip Sasugay could beat the Shukaku)?”

    No. Not me, not us, KISHI says he can. If the manga says it, it is true. You should be debating Kishi himself on the strangeness of his manga.

  291. Kisu,

    Come on man, you just completely ignored my post which shows very clearly that there’s a difference between all the Bijuu’s.
    You say apart from Kyuubi, all Bijuu are identical. I showed you the massive difference between Shukaku and the Hachibi AND that Kisame says the 8 tails is the second most powerful Bijuu. If the 1 to 8 Tails were identical he wouldn’t make that comment. He would just say something like “that’s a Bijuu for you”.

    “I don’t mean to offend you Kisu but when a majority shows you pure, relative, true facts and you don’t agree with them it’s just your pride that holds you firm on your position and nothing else.”

    That does seem to be the case here.

  292. @red – I agree. However I am probably worse than him at time lol.

  293. “I don’t mean to offend you Kisu but when a majority shows you pure, relative, true facts and you don’t agree with them it’s just your pride that holds you firm on your position and nothing else.”

    Yes, my pride is rather large, but it has nothing to do with this debate, I can assure you 😉

    @Kanton, I know, that’s what I thought as well. I was waiting for someone to bring it up just so it doesn’t seem so far-fetched to me.

    @salamiyo, sorry, I didn’t see your post :P. Thanks dude. You just helped me prove something I’ve believed for years, Tails=power. I just wanted you guys to give me definitive proof. And you have. The basis of my theory was

    Kirigakure: Sanbi + Rokubi = 9 tails in total
    Iwagakure: Gobi + Yonbi = 9 tails in total
    Kumogakure: Nibi + Hachibi = 10 tails in total
    Konohagakure: Kyubi = 9 tails
    Sunagakure: Ichibi + desert = perfect defense
    Takigakure: Nanabi = just because no other Village would get it

    But the thing that ruined this theory was the Juubi showing up in the story. If you add all the tails together you get 45 tails, not 10.

    However, many of my other assertions are still in fact true.

    1. Kisame isn’t at full power because he says he cant absorb THAT much chakra. And Bee used up his chakra helping Naruto.

    2. A jinchuriki is more powerful than a Biju.
    I emphasize the point that I said “WILD Biju”. The Kyubi can’t be compared to the other Biju. We know it probably makes up half of the Juubi’s chara on its own (or at least way more than the other Biju), so it isn’t far fetched that it isnt retarded like the Sanbi.

    (I’d post a link, but it really only had about 4 pages in the manga. And I’m sorry that you’d have to sit through the torture of the Three Tails arc in the anime, but its the only way to know if I’m lying and that in fact the Sanbi was really a genius)

    And somehow, all of this = Kisame not being at full power. Kisu out.

  294. “Kisame isn’t at full power because he says he cant absorb THAT much chakra. And Bee used up his chakra helping Naruto.”

    It actually proofs Kisame hasn’t got the chakra levels of, or the storage for something like a Bijuu. This shows us the level 2 transformation is at least 6 level 1 tails more powerful than a level 1 transformation. Kisame stating he can’t absorb that much means he’s got no way of storing or having the chakra amounts of a Bijuu. Even a Level 2 transformation is nowhere near the real deal.

    “A jinchuriki is more powerful than a Biju.”

    Name one example of a Jinchuuriki being more powerful than for example Shukaku without using the chakra of the Bijuu inside them.

    “And somehow, all of this = Kisame not being at full power. Kisu out.”

    Who says Samehada wasn’t filled to the brim with chakra. Kisame took chakra from Samehada, not from Bee.

  295. Wow, you REALLY aren’t getting it red. A Jinchuriki can totally destroy a clone of its Biju if that clone had the exact same power. So a Jinchuriki is more powerful than the Biju inside of it if it was wild. Lets see…could Naruto w/ the Kyubi beat the half-powered Kyubi Minato fought at the end? He would decimate it.

    “It actually proofs Kisame hasn’t got the chakra levels of, or the storage for something like a Bijuu.”

    Let’s see, Bee was going for him. He obviously meant he couldn’t absorb that much THAT quickly. He has to get hit, be slapped into a tree and lose Samehada before all that chakra was finally absorbed

    In other words, it took him a whole two pages to absorb that much, but in this week’s chapter, he only got two panel’s worth.

    “Who says Samehada wasn’t filled to the brim with chakra. Kisame took chakra from Samehada, not from Bee.”

    If he took it from Samehada, why would Bee keel over?

  296. need help on finding a manga all i know about it is that :
    a guy start working for a lingire company and he can tell a tell a girl size either by just looking or touching (cant remember)
    also i think its kind of old and has had more than 100 chapters easy (i think i saw a raw of it a couple of years ago and it was like chapter 300)

  297. @ Kisu,

    No I think YOU’RE the one who’s not getting it. I said name one Jinchuuriki who’s more powerful than any Bijuu WITHOUT the power of their own Bijuu. And a Wild Bijuu isn’t less powerful, it’s less efficiënt.

    “Let’s see, Bee was going for him. He obviously meant he couldn’t absorb that much THAT quickly. He has to get hit, be slapped into a tree and lose Samehada before all that chakra was finally absorbed.”

    If that’s what he meant he would have said something like: “I won’t absorb it in time”
    He didn’t case closed.

    “In other words, it took him a whole two pages to absorb that much, but in this week’s chapter, he only got two panel’s worth.”

    Again, there’s no specific time span for a panel or a complete page. Just read Bleach, it can drag one second out across an entire chapter. The Lariat is done at extreme speed. It’s definitely a lot quicker than Samehada munching on Bee’s arm.

    “If he took it from Samehada, why would Bee keel over?”

    You’re assuming Samehada only channels chakra through but it doesn’t. Like Kisame it can store Chakra too.
    Here Samehada grows after eating 6 level 1 tails.
    That leaves us with the question; how much chakra did Samehada already have before it started feasting on the weakened Bee and how much can Kisame take before he’s at 100%?
    A question both of us don’t know the answer too. The difference however is that you just assume Kisame isn’t at 100% because you THINK he has Bijuu level chakra’s and I have shown several facts, including remarks from the Sharpedo himself, that he isn’t and can’t be as powerful as a Bijuu.

  298. @kisu: “@supafreak again, if someone gave me 5 bucks, then gave everyone else 50, I’d throw the 5 bucks back in their face. No village would want the short end of the stick.”

    Short end is always better than no end. We’ve all seen what happens to villages with no jinchurikis or bijus.

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