Naruto 172- A Glimpse Into the Troubled Past of Pain

Hai all! This is the Artist Formerly Known as Mandi here bringing you this weeks Naruto Anime breakdown. Tenrai is lucky enough to go off to the coast this weekend so I said I’d cover for him.

This weeks episode as you know if you’ve read the manga is very emotionally packed. I decided that I feel really bad for Nagato. But Pein, not so much. Yes I know they are one in the same, but not really. Nagato was just a lost little boy, Pein is a murdering psychopath with a god complex….. see where i’m heading with this?

So Naruto wants to hear the story of Pein and company. Here’s what I don’t get from this first part. The Konoha ninja thought Nagatos’ parental unit were ninja….were they smoking crack? They weren’t wearing a ninja uniform and there’s a freaking kid. HELLO! Baka. And then to have the nerve to be like OMG I’M SORRY. Like that does a whole lot. *rolls eyes* But we do see the activation of the Rinnegan. Quite like Naruto, Nagato’s powers didn’t activate until he was emotionally distraught.


So Nagato starts walking looking for food. Then along comes a dog, OMG TINY! Now I can understand being a bit stingy during war time, but for a poor kid who is starving to death to just be turned away when a simple loaf of bread would have kept him alive? That’s harsh shit right there.

Living in today’s society where war time orphans are so readily taken care of, it boggles my mind that this is happening. Yes yes I know, it’s a society where the war is actually happening on their soil. But still, to turn away hungry children because you can’t turn a profit on them? That’s just messed up and kinda depressing.

So we learn about Yahiko’s dream to rule the world, quite similar to Naruto’s dream to become Hokage….While it’s awesome that Nagato found Yahiko to look up too, I think that’s also where things started to go wrong for the kid…I mean aside from his parents dying and such. Because Nagato ends up sharing the dream, and when Yahiko dies that same dream is what twists the innocence of Nagato into the monstrosity of Pein. Honestly, I think Nagato would have been better off without Yahiko. But then again we wouldn’t have Pein as a protagonist now. Because A- someone better could have come along and turned Nagato into a decent human or B- he would have died. So yeah, anyways.

The kids stumble into the middle of a battle between the Sanin and Hanzo. If I was them I would have been pissing myself, but I guess living in a country that’s at war cures you of that.  Yahiko decides he wants to be trained by the Sanin, once again another decision that leads to disaster in the end in more ways than one.


They head off to find Tsunade and Co., heading deep into the war zone. Ok, so the little helmets they wear, I really think it makes them look like crazy demented teddy bears >.<

They're creepy, they're cuddly, they'll suck the soul out of your body! Get your demented teddy today!

After minutes of searching they finally find the what they are looking for and next week we get to see the meeting between the Sanin and “Child of the Prophecy.” Make sure to check it out next week.

This week I won’t be doing a caption contest, but here is last weeks winner!

You know he’s about to get kicked right?

Congratz to Kantonkage!

Instead of a demotivational poster this week i’m going to post this funny picture I found while scouring the tubes.

That’s it for this week everyone. Sorry it’s not as up to par as Tenrai would have done. But he’ll be back next week. Have a good week!


~ by Miranda on August 9, 2010.

23 Responses to “Naruto 172- A Glimpse Into the Troubled Past of Pain”

  1. its 5 am i randomly get up and open my laptop click on the most visited sites in firefox and end up being first ^.^

  2. great breakdown mandi


  3. Nindaime *Points Mini-Jupiter At Tenrai and narrows eyes* -__-

  4. Yosh i won twice. It would be even funnier if you somehow got Kensei from HSDK I quote “why can’t the world be more Ero.”

  5. I love how the anime explains those big helmet thingies they carried on their backs, cuz in the manga I was wondering what was up with those things. Then the anime shone again when it explained how finding the Sanins weren’t as easy as the manga made it look. Then the anime showed that they actually gave the food they stole back to its owners. That just touched me. Despite their suffering, they weren’t inhuman enoough to make others suffer. And the anime kicked ass with its sad music.

    As for the whole Yahiko thing, I’m glad he met him. But that’s why I’m disappointed. I was hoping for a mini-filler, perhaps 3 episodes, showing how Yahiko and his gang gained such prestige. But instead the anime did a pointless promotional filler that just throws plotholes into the story.

    Yep, Nagato’s story in the anime kicks the manga’s ass royally. And this episode perfectly captures why Nagato/Pain is my favorite character, and why Yahiko is one of my favorites as well (he’s definitely in my top 5). I give this episode a 9.

  6. *only to realized he is nowhere to be found* X.X Well I agree with you that Yahiko is the biggest Pain in the ass both figuratively and literally.
    By the way the name’s Kanton. .

  7. @kisu I agree with that worthless filler could have been put into Nagato/Konan flashback not Hey remember when Naruto wasn’t the sharpest Kunai in the punch and a Butt Monkey. While the most worthless Kunoichi was afraid to let him know it. And Sasuke pulling off a Plot-no-jutsu earlier don’t they know he was a squishy ninja during that time.

  8. sorry Kanton, I missed an N i’ll fix it

  9. *Looks at Kantonkage shouting second.*



    *Eats the Mini-Jupitor and then stuffs head into a pillow and tries not to laugh.*

  10. hey everybody! i haven’t posted in a while…time to get back into the awesomeness!

    anyway, i agree with kisuzachi: they should have made a filler about what yahiko and the whole gang….and i’d love a filler about how pain defeated hanzo!

    and yes, nagato is right…PORN WILL SAVE THE WORLD!

  11. @Mandi

    Thanks for covering for me while I was gone.

  12. @tenrai i forgot to mention that the mini-jupiter had a remote-controlled with enough laxative to make a couple of blue whales sick. *activates detonator while smiling sinisterly*

  13. Great job Mandi! I haven’t seen the episode yet but when I do I’ll comment more.

  14. god, tiny seems forever ago… is it mean that i still want to throw that little guy up in the air and shoot him with a shot gun while whistling show tunes? and by little guy i mean young nagato, not the dog…

  15. @Alec nope because I want to do something similar.

  16. 173 was good. Sucks that they stuck so strictly to the manga. They could’ve added some fight scenes between Hanzo and Nagato….or better yet, some scenes of Yahiko kicking ass. I guess we’ll never know how strong he was now

  17. Yahiko’s death was Narm couldn’t stop laughing.

  18. I just watched 173 and seeing Nagato now Im way more inclined to believe he was the Rikudo incarnation even though people have spoken about it I kinda didnt let it sink in. I thought before mutation or w/e but I BELIEVE NOW!
    And seeing the Sub titles when he said Gedo Statue I always thought even though it was small that it was Gedo Mazo was just the Name but the way it came out it being alive feeding on their lifeforces plus its a Summon.

    I thought it was just the container, but now Im more inclined to think and believe Gedo is actually the Juubi’s body even looking at the back with those horns on the back and it moving and fighting and the nine eyes I didnt really see it before but I now know that its the Juubi because now I know 100% believe yea Nagato is the Reincarnation and that for reason or another made Nagato that much more awesome in my eyes.

    Too Clarify I was touched deeply in this episode I havnt really watched the Anime cause Im more interested in the Manga but this episode was worth the watch. And its so AWESOME that Jiraiyai trained the Sage of Six Paths Nagato is Doubly AWESOME. Such a good Character and seeing him in action and hearing his Voice actors Voice I mean thats my sole reason for watch mainly cause of the voices.

  19. Also whatelse I realised from this episode and I noticed it from the manga too but yea Danzou had his Sharigan eye and he was with Hanzou so everything Hanzou was doing was by Danzou’s Will.
    Yahiko, Nagato and Konan’s group were the nuicense too Hanzou but to Danzou mainly.
    Danzou being more of a Konoha bad guy to other clans like for example the ninjas Danzou took out when he was goin to the Kage meeting their clan I think after things settle down we’ll understand the reprecussions of Danzous Actions in the Nija world now that Root can explain their guilt and of course Information.

  20. @kantonkage, good to know wra-er’s are still cold and heartless with a sense of humor.

  21. @Everyone

    Hey guys. Unfortunately, my internet has been dead the whole day, so I haven’t been able to upload my breakdown yet (I have been commenting from my phone mostly). It is already complete, sitting snugly in Microsoft word, but until I get a proper connection, I won’t be able to upload it. T___T

    Sorry to keep everyone waiting.

  22. Well, just finished the episode. All I gotta say. Damn Konoha ninja. -_-

  23. More like damn you rhyming names. and Yahiko for running into the Kunai when he could have faked it.

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