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-One Piece Chapter 595 Breakdown Below-

YOSH!!! Welcome WRA to the One Piece Chapter 595 Breakdown!

*sniffs air*

You smell that? Yeah, I know you smell it. Smells like ocean breeze. Smells like blood. Smells like fun. Smells like adventure! Smells like The New World is right around the corner! Every Supernova is there excluding Luffy, Zoro, and Law, and you can bet when those 3 get over there the awesome factor of the New World will rise by at least one hundred percent…at least! Hold on a minute-

*sniffs again*

I smell fish… GAH! I forgot we have to go through Fishman Island first! Is it bad that I kind of want them to just skip over that island and get to he second half of the Grand Line? Yes…yes it is.

Here’s this week’s Funny One Piece Short and BOPP!

Old man with a big wound! That explains it! xD Funny One Piece Short from MapleAtk. Badass One Piece Picture by Cloud-Dark1470. Yeah I know, pretty badass ain’t it?

Alright to the breakdown!

Excuse me for being hasty to get to The New World but entails so much. Mainly, the crew would be back together again.

He does make a fair point there.

This was a great tease chapter once again. Oda is just showing us glimpses of what The New World can be and building up the anticipation from there. People running in thin air. Islands that spew lightning. Islands with mountains under construction!? This is a crazy place to be but one person is missing out on all of it on purpose. Perhaps the most popular Supernova outside of the Strawhat Crew, and that’s Trafalgar Law. He decides to just sit back and chill like a villain on a sleeping bear while his main competitors move forward through The New World. A wise move really. Let the competition run wild and pick each other off so he can come in finish up the slim pickings and get his title. It’s just the beginning of the New Age. No need to rush.

A man can only take so much before he turns into a dinosaur.

The other Supernovas aren’t doing much anyway besides taking on small fries and discovering new wonders they’ve never experienced before. The one Supernova that’s taking leaps and bounds has to be X Drake. He challenged a Yonkou! Not directly…but he’s instigating him by attacking one of his territories. This means Drake wants to meet Kaidou and what he does from there is anyone’s guess. Does he want to join Kaidou’s crew and travel The New World under the best protection one can receive? Does he dare challenge Kaidou, one of the 3 remaining Yonkou of the New World? No, that can’t be it. He has something to tell him. Some information of vital importance he must get to him. As a former Marine Officer this information is most likely top secret and known to only a few of the WG higher ups. And whatever it is it might have something to do with why Drake defected from the Marines.

*sniffs* That was...beautiful! T_T

The last Supernova I want to talk about is Jewelry Bonney. It’s sad to see but it looks like to me she’s out of the race. It’s a shame to I really liked her. 😦 But it’s not like she’s out of the story, oh no far from that. Bonney has become a really interesting case this chapter. After attacking Blackbeard and soundly getting her ass kicked, Blackbeard arranged a trade with the Marines! A Supernova for a Marine ship (probably a special ship)? Now why would the Marines trade a ship for a pirate even if she’s one of the Supernovas? Real interesting and it gets even more so when Akainu says and I quote, “When I heard you ran away from the government it alarmed me but- that’s all over now.” She ran away from the government and I’m not talking about as a pirate running away from the authorities. She was involved, integrated, with the World Government in some way and she ran away (escaped?). I wonder what significance Bonney would have with the government that would “alarm” Akainu. The man who just made the entire Blackbeard crew run in his wake! Yes, that man was “alarmed” by Bonney’s running away. I’m sure as hell curious to what role she played.

Before I go on give me a second to rant about Mangastream’s translation for a bit. First, THIS should have been “Fly!” Not “Fleet”! It doesn’t even sound right! This almost as bad as “Forsooth!” -_- Second, WTH is a “Marutabune!?” Couldn’t they translate that? Did they want us to learn a little bit of Japanese this chapter and thank them later whenever a “Marutabune” came up in a future conversation? ‘Thank God Mangastream taught me what Marutabune was or else I couldn’t finish this conversation. Thanks Mangastream!’ -_- Just call it “Log Ship” or whatever it translates too! -_-  Lastly the coarse language. I addressed Bonney’s use of the word “fuck” in the comments section and I would like to know more people’s opinions on it. I know her use of the word was appropriate for the situation but the simple question is, did the author himself (Oda) write it? I don’t think so. I believe whatever the authors writes should just be translated into its exact English counterpart…or at least its most accurate. Thetranslation of the chapter as a whole was fine for me but these little points added up irks me. I’m grateful to the translators obviously but when someone screws up somebody has to complain.

*ends rant*

"Thank you". Don't say anything else.

Ah yes, Doflamingo that crazy pink feather wearing bastard. =) I hate him but he makes things exciting. We see…but not really…the person he is taking orders from and we know this. He’s high up in the World Government and he wanted Moria dead. But Moria is alive! I knew it (it was obvious)! He just “disappeared”! Moria’s shadow abilities or a little help from his invisible friend?


Now we’re back to the original theory of what Luffy’s message was. Just wait, train, make good use of your time, and stay safe. Simple…resourceful…smart. But surely there’s more to the message like a meeting time and place. They’re not just going to randomly meet up when they think the time is right and just so happen to all have that same date in mind are they? Lol, I think not. Unless that date is Luffy’s birthday…>_> I just snuck in a theory on you all there. 😉 So Chopper Mask *cough*Chopper*cough* comes back to the island and decides to practice his medicinal skills and learn from the new culture of the Torino Kingdom. Lol, Chopper’s interaction with the tribe was quite funny. Talking about how stupid they looked out loud. XD Now Chopper is ready to serve the crew as best he can. Oh, he was doing that before trust me but now his resolve is even greater. His determination more honed, and he understands just how much Luffy and the crew mean to him. He sees what Luffy has done for him and Chopper makes it his goal to help him any way he can. I believe he’s working on new Rumble Balls and better control of his Zoan powers. Most likely that final stage which turns him into the frightening but powerful monster he can’ control.

He had the spirit but unfortunately he also had the ass kicking.

Lastly it’s Sanji! A man amongst men not influenced by any number of “candies” you surround him with! He too is going to be practicing in his own area of expertise, to serve as a better cook for the crew. By learning “Attack Cuisine”, a secret cooking method that has been passed on through the cooks of the Kamabakka Kingdom. In order to learn this he has to defeat 99 masters of Newkama Kenpou. 99 masters eh? So not only will Sanji get the recipes if (when) he wins he’ll have gained so much fighting experience and new moves from his constant fights from master level opponents! And guess what Ivankov is a master of? Yep, Newkama Kenpou so most likely Ivankov is the 99th master. Or maybe there’s a twist and she’ll be number 100 or something. Lol, I’m looking forward to it however way it goes.  All the crew members are trying their best to be their best in there respective postions, but overall as members of the Strawhat Crew. I’m so proud! T_T

What a brave man! O_O

That ends this week’s breadown! Winner of last week’s debate takes it from the general consensus in the comments section.

The Gold Lion Shiki!

Picture from Oban39

Sorry Ace but you’re just not at that level yet, but you could’ve been. 😦 And Shiki’s dance skills are amazing. o_o

In honor of Shiki’s victory here’s your demotivational poster! Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀

P.S. No chapter next week.


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  1. Aha! First! And I don’t even read one piece XD

    Still, I read the breakdowns. Nice one, super!

  2. Lol, thanks Dark. Now you can start reading One Piece! ;D

  3. Good Breakdown Super ;)I agree not in your exact words, Bonny Is going to be like chain raped by the WG and Tenryubito.

    Drake He knows VegaPunks Ultimate Mad Scientist plan to Take over the world controlled by Machines Muhahahah.

    Man I Imagine Enel being Yonkou in the New World if he was on that Island where that Monk is going.

    @Everyone: Who Would Win, Law vs Buggy?

  4. @Black: Thanks and you know who would win. 😛

    BUGGY THE CLOWN!!! Lol, no really it’d be Trafalgar Law just on principle. Honestly, I don’t know how’d be able to hit Buggy with his splitting abilities but if Law can figure out Buggy’s weaknesses (his feet for one) then he can win. There’s no way Buggy can defeat Law though.

    @Anyone: A few more complaints about translation.

    1. Blank boxes of no translation at all. That’s just lazy.

    2. Sanji wants the male crew members to gain more sexual bodies than Nami and Robin? Uhhh…no, I don’t think so!

    Yes, Mangastream did change and fix up all those problems but as we all know their chapters will disappear and future generations will be stuck with this garbage translation.

    *sigh* -_-

  5. A-a timeskip? *falls to knees in despair* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo!!!!!!

    *springs up cheerfully*

    Oh well, I’m sure it will make everyone stronger and make the reunion that much more sweeter! Am I right? 😀

    Chopper’s going to get stronger (become a monster? Isn’t that a little extreme little guy?) but it makes sense. Out of the entire crew, Chopper’s the one who’s had the least power-ups and he really needs to hone his skills to keep up with all the strong guys in the New World. Same with Robin, and I can’t wait to see what she’ll be up to with the Revolutionaries! *pleaselethermeetDragonpleaselethermeetDragon!!*

    Sanji, save for his brief lapse at cross-dressing (seriously, what was up with that?), remains a man among…okamas which really isn’t saying much but still! He’s actually going to get some new cooking skills as well as fighting skills. Although, am I the only one perplexed at the convenience of okamas happening to master cooking martial arts? If there’d been some foreshadowing at New Kama land back in Impel Down, I’d be a little less critical, but I guess I can roll with this!

    Also Blackbeard, are you just waiting to grow a Snidely Whiplash mustache or something? How villainously cliche can you get? “Zehahaha, I have you now, my pretty!” I half-expected him to tie Bonney to some railroad tracks!

    Speaking of which, it seems Bonney has some kind of checkered past, so I doubt this is the last we’ll see of her. Not only does she have some connection to the World Government, as ominously hinted by Akainu, but she seems to have some emotional connection to Whitebeard as well. We saw her crying at his (then apparent) death and betrayal: Makes you wonder just who she is…

    Next in One Piece: Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Robin, Franky, and Brooke’s adventures! I have a feeling that Zoro’s going to swallow his pride a little and ask Mihawk for some training, or just stubbornly continue to try and get past the Combat Gorillas while Mihawk watches amused. Speaking of which, did anyone detect a kind of father-son, mentor-student dynamic going on between the two of them? It would be nice if Mihawk becomes more than just Zoro’s rival, which would make their final duel that much more dramatic! 😀

    Ah yes, Shiki can dance! How could I have forgotten! 😉 It’s all over Ace!

  6. Goooood Breakdown Super-dude. Forsooth.

    Well when it comes to the translation, mangastream really hasn’t f’ed up lol. Fleets means moving quickly, so its not wrong to say time fleets. And forsooth means indeed. And perhaps Marutabune is the name of the ship, y’know, like Thousand Sunny is the name of Luffy’s ship. I STILL trust mangastream more than Sleepyfans though 😛

    X-Drake is one BAMF! Bah! I still say Ace would win!

    @Superdude, well at least they try to fix up there mistakes. Remember they get the chapters out EXTREMELY early so you cant expect an absolutely perfect translation the first time lol.

  7. Btw, X-Drake’s Dino form has the RINNEGAN!!!!!!!

  8. @Elisha: Short timeskip (months) FTW! If it’s a year I guess I can do with that too but just the thought of everything we’ll be missing out on when all this time we’ve been so up to date with Luffy’s adventures… I guess nothing much can happen if he’s just training though but everything else around him will be shifting dramatically.

    Lol, I understand your thoughts on Blackbeard’s cliche villain attitude but at least he’s acting like a real pirate.

    The “attack cooking” and Sanji landing on that island may not be so coincidental. Kuma and Ivankov use to bunk on the same ship as Revolutionaries. If Ivankov ever cooked much of the crew would know about her “attack cooking” but not necessarily the secrets of course, just the existence of it. Kuma most likely knows Sanji is a cook and fighter so he sends him to Newkama Land. Now, is it to much of a coincidence that Newkama Land has “Attack Cooking” which is probably what you were stating? Every culture has different styles of cooking. No matter where Sanji landed he could’ve learned something new. Yes, it’s a good coincidence Newkama Land has “attack cooing”. A coincidence but not far of a stretch at all. 😉

    @Kisu: Lol, I know what “fleet” is. I’m saying “Fly” would have sounded better, that’s all. And Forsooth is old English. When did Franky start speaking like Shakespeare? o_O And Marutabune is definitely not the name of the ship. It translates to something like “Log Ship” or “raft”. And then there are my above points in the comments section about more screw ups…>_> Overall, the translation was decent, definitely readable, and for the most part understandable. Just the little things, they add up.

    I didn’t notice! Rikudou Sennin got reincarnated into a dinosaur! XD

  9. @supertrek89
    When I first read “forsooth” I had assumed that Franky was back on the tea. It’s slightly less hilarious given a literal translation.

  10. i think that robin will increase the range of her powers and the strength by digging up the birgde ruins and she could discover some secret that the slaves over the last 700 year have put on the walls or something (possibly the reason for the brigde being built) also she could meet up with dragon becuase i think that the times skip is goiing to be atleast 3 months becuase sanji has to defeat 99 master on that island and avoid being dressed up as a girl so basically no asleep.
    i also want the last place in the docking system to be something that franky made that can fly from the blue prints of vegapunk or the one that nami will bring with her buying off the sky island people

  11. @elisha2kings: i dont think that they all will be in the next chapter becasue each chopper and sanji both had 4 pages each

    i have seen all of the anime 2/3 times and some episodes seen over and over like the one were luffy punchs the tenryubito lol and now because i know that there is a little difference in the manga i downloaded all chapters and seens the fist 110 but i wondering if i should finish

    i think that the strawhat crew will get i new bounty new and sanji will get a picture from the video log from px’s databank as well as adding brook to there crew list (hope they put the connection to his old poster.

  12. i was just watching 385 ‘arriving at halfway though the grand line! the red line’ when they were using the submarine and i think that franky should put on a deploy system on the top and have it so it can take/put stuff from under ship so they can take the sea stone bottoms of the marine ships (if possible) and like if the were a situation like arabalster when the goverment ships were surrounding the island soo there was no escape them they could put bombs under all the ships without hem noticing (on the stern like with merry cause if that break then that cant use the ship again lol) and have them all blow up at the same time when they are trying to get away

    strawhat strenght lvl when they get back together i want them too all/most of them be able to take out a px each

  13. y are pple saying that there is no chapter next week. it doesnt say that anywhere on the scans.

  14. because robin is the brains of the crew i think that once she hears about haki and the things that it can do she sets out to learn everyone possible think haki has to offer and i think that when franky learns about haki increaseing attack power then mybe and upgrade to a cannon on the sunny go aswell as himself

  15. wouldn’t it b hilarious if marines arrived on kamabakka kingdom and got an image of sanji dressed as a woman to update his wanted poster lol

  16. “wouldn’t it b hilarious if marines arrived on kamabakka kingdom and got an image of sanji dressed as a woman to update his wanted poster lol”

    That would just be cruel 😦

  17. @Superdude, I see your point. But some translators just dont like making things easy.

    Onemanga translation of Tosen talking to Hisagi: “Even now, there was not a shred of fear in your words.”

    Mangastream translation: “I didn’t sense even the faintest bit of trepidation in that drivel you just uttered to me.” lol

  18. man i’m waiting patiently for the new anime episode to come out… WHITEBEARD!!

  19. i know wat u mean it should have been out around now i think. its about ace and whitebeard’s past
    with the new plants i want chopper to make a pill that give back stanima like ivan injection so he can give them to the crew even if it means that the next day after they will suffer the side effects

  20. @Omar: JUMP is taking a break next week, I think it has something to do with a holiday. I don’t know why it wasn’t mentioned in the end of the chapter.

    Edit: Here Mangastream tweets about it.

    So really there’s also a high chance of Naruto and Bleach not coming out too.

  21. Am i the only one that thinks that the reason Moria disapeered is i dunno due to a bear looking man who makes people disapeer?

    Maybe he has some humanity left in him lol

  22. Speaking of Franky…. how the heck is he gonna survive on Barjimoa Island after blowing up Vegapunks lab? someone reported the incident to Marine Headquarters, Franky can’t possibly be safe there for long, right?

  23. Hi all.. This is my debut comment on WRA.. Serious follower for almost a year though..:)

    I am determined to make the longest debut post on WRA..:)

    Firstly one piece rockzzz.. There exists no other manga which you can read for the 4th time and not get bored.(Naruto couldn’t even make it 2nd time..:P )

    I have a verrry old doubt though.. if grandline is that tough to get into (get out of) how did some people get out of grand line??
    example:sef the red leg, don krieg and co, mihawk in the Baratie arc. I can see only three ways for this to happen:flying or getting on to the red line at mariejoa and walking all the way around (lol),both are not very feasible for the above cases. Third is, sail through the calm belt,Maybe mihawk could do that, definitely not others.

    Now thats done, lets get the theories cracking.. now super got me started on this with his alabasta theory. I have a possible meeting location in mind which everyone in the crew would remember. That would narrow it down to two places : Thriller bark and Shabondy. I would vote for thriller bark for the following reasons..

    1. It is away from shabondy of which they have painful memories.

    2. We are yet to meet the strange things in the “florian triangle” hinted at in thriller bark arc.

    3. Get to see moria and probably get his support ( I know a lot of people would go Noooess at this, but crocodile was far more evil than moria and Oda made him a good guy)

    4. The one guy who probably wouldn’t get the message is with perona. If zoro went to thriller bark by himself, this is what would happen.

    “Yosh, I am going to meet luffy and crew. Let’s see where the card points to. To the right eh” He turns around to face the steering wheel of the boat and checks the vivre card again “Its saying go to the left, bah the card is broken”.. lol

    But the only problem would be how would luffy find Thriller bark again??
    So my bets on Shabondy and Thriller bark are about 50:50..

    And now to theory 2:

    Who do you think would join the crew when they meet?? its someone they all know of and is actually a nakama of one of the crew.. Don’t get what I am saying?? Yesss.. its Laboon the Whale..

    I somehow feel that laboon would play a more important role than just meet the crew when they have conquered grandline.. and what better time than now to join?? Robin is at east blue so she’ll probably tell laboon and Crocus about Brooke, and Laboon would definitely eagerly take robin.

    One other reason, I think Laboon will join luffy is because they need someone to hold off the giant retard San juan wolf when they fight blackbeard, Even Chopper in monster form would be about the size of an arm to him and so they definitely need a huge nakama.. who better than Laboon??

    One other possibility is if they go back to thriller bark onw of those weird creatures may join them..

    Phew.. thats a lot of crazy theories.. 😛 .. Hope I made a record length debut post too.. 🙂

  24. Wasup everyone 😀

    @ toomuchconfusionism: Welcome to WRA, and i hope you enjoy your time here. And yes, this may be a subjective opinion but OP is the best hehehe 😀

    I’m keeping this short for one, but I just had to comment on OP episode 461 that just came out.
    Is it just me or does Whitebeard’s laugh sound so damn retardedly funny ?! I couldn’t help but burst into laughter everyime i heard it. It’s too much for my senses. But damn, seeing him in action in the anime, you really do get a good sense of his dominance and power.

    I loved the episode.

    Anyways, just a lil something for now.
    🙂 😀 😛

  25. i have been looking at the past chapter the looking at even order between chopper followed by sanji and the only connection is that the oppersite recuritment order so if coud be usopp, nami and then zoro last pages luffy and mybe kuma with sunny, then the chapter after that will have robin brook and franky, possible luffy and rayliegh mybe the explaination of what that message was (16 rings) or they could leave that until they all meet back up with is im guess in less that ten chapter (not sure on time skip lenght) or mybe about buggys letter,

  26. @ Confusionism: Welcome to WRA! 😀

    LOL! The thought of Laboon joining there crew really cracked me up. xD Not because the theory is silly, but because Sanji would probably say, “We’ll never go hungry again with this emergency supply food at hand.” And Luffy would try to eat him. It’d be Chopper’s initiation into the crew all over again.

    I can’t see Laboon joining the crew though because the promise he made to both Luffy and the Rumbar pirates was for them to sail the “entire” Grand Line and Meet Laboon at the end. If they meet up now they’ll be ruining that promise. It’s like the same situation with Shanks not wanting to see Luffy or take his Strawhat back until the time was right.

    What were those weird monsters in the Florian Triangle?! I’m still confused about that and wonder what role they’ll play in the future if any. Lots of theories and definitely the longest debut comment on WRA (at least in the One Piece section). Congratulations. 😉

    @Jetpack: Hmm…a possibility but I think Kuma is completely turned now and even if he did have a shred of humanity left in him he wouldn’t expose it just yet by saving Moria’s life.

    @BB: He’s SUUUUUPEEEEERRRRRRR!!!!!! The low key Marines on that frozen island wouldn’t stand a chance against him and I’m sure he can hide out somewhere.

    @Xd0tks: Is it just me or did they give Shanks his arm back in the anime? >_>

    @Smurf: I think Oda is making it random or covering which ever character’s story fits the pace of the current chapter the best.

  27. @ super: OHMY GOSH, i hadn’t noticed that til now. How could I have missed that. They defo gave Shanks his left arm back hahahahaha. I’m guessing that’s a big mistake on the artists’ and animators’ behalf. Oh well, it happens, but even so, a mistake like that should not occur. This is Shanks we’re talking about.

    Anyways, I wanted to say that you’ve done another great job on the breakdown for this week. I’m really looking forward to what’s in store for us in the near future and the progress the other SH nakama make. As well as the full message that Luffy sent out to them. As others have said, I have a feeling that the message says and has more to it than just get stronger and ready for the New World. I’ve been trying to decipher the message and tattoo on luffy’s arm all this time but have got no further than when i started 😛

  28. @super.. I guess Laboon joining would kinda violate the old promise made by rumbar pirates, but they would have taken him if he was big and strong like he is now. They made the promise only to keep him safe, and probably Luffy didn’t take him because he kinda hoped the rumbar were alive and would come back. And so I’d say this promise is not in the same class as the one with Shanks.

    And as an aside, how big is the one piece world compared to(say) earth??.. I wanna know how long would it take Robin to get from where she is to grandline and from there to Shabondy..( I think she is the farthest from the If it is anywhere as big as earth, it would take at least a year for Robin to meet up.

  29. uh this might just be me, but is Marcos voice actor the same as Ichigos from Bleach? he sounds just like him…

  30. btw super is that chopperman joke a vauge referance to Norland?

  31. i read a scanlation of somewere else and instead of throwing flowers on a war wound it was something like (biggest grove made in the battle) or something like that so it got be thinking that the message was something like this
    burial at sea -means that they have already payed respects to ace so the crew dosent have to get back right away
    tossing flowers in the biggest grove after ringing the bell 16 times – the crew repersents the flower and the grove is one of the groves in shabondy and 16 times is the number grove they meet up in.
    i.e meet at grove 16 when ever u can.
    so after luffy is healed he will go there with rayliegh and start some training and because it a lawless zone they wont have to worry about the marines

  32. p.s the message cant be to complicated if zoro is expected to get it lol

  33. @super: are u sure that they will have a break this week because the spoiler sites usally say so by now.

    I Think Someone Had Said, That There Will Be No OP This Week Due To Some Double Issue From Shonun-Jump Or Something Like That. So Basically Op Is Not On Break But The Publishers Are.

  34. good breakdown ones again super!
    i didnt like this chapter all to much but that was just because not much happened sofar. but theres alot to discuss so many happenings that i cant even keep track of them.
    One of the most important things for me is the thousand sunny i really hope that it will be covered whatever happened to it.
    That will also give more info on Kuma if theres anything of the old him left.
    About the other supernovas i sure as hell hope that bonney wont die cus shes awesome 😛
    Laboon joining the crew: yeh i think that will be an awesome addition!

    About the place were the SH’s meet im still thinking it might be Loguetown the place were it all began (16 rings for the beginning and ending of an age, and that is were a old age ended and a new age began) just a theory tho 😛

    So everyone is able to gain Haki? I always used to think u had to be born with it. but this is really kool that means people like zoro will be able to gain it and beat logias. or am i wrong?

  35. i think that coby’s haki is mantara (accoring the wat sky island call it) they said that that type was born with it but it is either born with is and use it becuase u have a strong haki(spirit/will) without any training (like sky island girl), coby did some training and that could have brough it out but we dount know if he was born with it and the snake sister has it aswell and she says that its because other that are not from this island are weak becuase they dont know about haki (also dont know if he was born with it either) but the comment about the king’s haki being the 1 in a million people only capapble makes me believe that all other people can learn each haki given enough time (though training or other methods) except that one.
    shanks king’s haki has been the strongest so far and it lookd amazing when he got on bored whitebeard ship and the force of his spirit cracked the wood lol, got me thinking that when luffy released his in the arena and hancocks hair was blow upwards if he could control it then would he be able to do the same

  36. @Xdt0ks: Ah yes, that elusive message. What was its full meaning. From the crew’s actions all I can decipher with a certainty is that he told the crew to “wait”. Then maybe there’s “I’m alright” and “stay safe” in there. Most likely there’s a meeting time and place in mind. Of course none of this is written anywhere, this is just what I get from the crew’s actions and what makes the most sense.

    @Smurf: Yep, I’m pretty sure there’s no chapter this week but let’s hope I’m wrong.

    As for the different translation you’re probably referring to this.

    And by “biggest scar” they’re probably talking about the giant fissure Whitebeard made in the ground. I wouldn’t go with that translation. Here’s a more accurate translation from Cnet.

    “And finally, standing before the war scars that are still evident in the plaza… / …he scattered flowers thereupon, and engaged in a flagrant moment of “silent prayer”…!!!”

    @Fear: Hmmm…we know that it can be trained and drawn out.

    We know some people can be born with it.

    And we know it can be exponentially improved on.

    I believe people have it or they don’t have it. It’s a latent ability. Even if you have it you may not even know unless you can draw it.

    @Takashid: Lol, I didn’t think that far into it. I was just making fun of Chopper’s first impression on the natives of the island. 😉

  37. if that letter to buggy was an invite to becoming a warlord then i hold they dont explain it until the time skip is over and at most showing buggy paying the role as one or turning them down and having the marines on them saying u shouldnt have done turned it down.
    lol if luffy learn to master the king;s haki and the buggy piate crew comes along trying to take him out while his crew is still not with him i would love it if becuase buggy crew is just all size and no who could really stand up to his spirit that he would just use the king’s haki and have them all unconcious (then do something funny like draw on buggy or something.

  38. @Takashid, yep, you’re right on the money. Both Ichigo and Marco are voiced by Masakazu Morita.

  39. this looks like it could be an interesting manga does anyone know wat manga its from

  40. kisu: ah cool i was right! thanks for confirming that. Morita really makes marco sound awesome, cant wait for some of his scenes in the war.

  41. neeeeed one piece…….(and other shounen)

  42. hey guys just to stir up some debate…. now that whitebeard is dead, who now holds the title of strongest man in the world?

  43. @omar, CROCODILE!

  44. Pffft, Blackbeard no contest. 😛

  45. i think that its a toss up between blackbeard and shanks

  46. @toomuchconfusionism: Keep Those Theorys Coming 🙂

    I think the only way Laboon could travel with the Strawhats is if Franky completes one of Vegapunks designs like a Shrink Ray which attaches to the ship so when Laboon swims into the Docking hatch he shrinks and when he leaves he grows plus there is fishtank on the Boat so it might just work I Hope.

    I doubt they’ll go back only forward I think those creatures at TB are Pluton or something. Also those Creatures could of been the thing that sucked up Capone when you think of the scale of the thing.

    @Super: BUGGY WINS!! No seriously whats Law got agaisnt Buggy, his Jumble wont affect Buggy Buggy can just fly out of the Room and Spam with Buggy Balls, How can Law defend agaisnt that if Buggy isnt in Law’s Sphere of Influence.

    @Title for Strongest M/F in the world is The DF user who ate the Strong Strong Fruit 🙂 Not that Funny right..
    I dont think you can say BB is strongest man as of yet the Pussy ran from Akainu, and Strong doesnt Run away.

    -Its either Snelly the guy talking to Donflamingo
    -Kaido/Kunai who was gonna stop Whitebeard
    -Shanks who stopped Kaido/Kunai
    -Big Mama sounds Dangerous but she will be Ally to Nami cause she is that Fat Pig from Thriller Barks mum me thinks
    -Kong the Admiral so far but in Military Rank it would be Sky Marshall who is boss but I guess that Character hasnt come in yet.

    Nahh strongest is DRAGON cause he is the only Man taking on the World Gov 😉

    Fck Yea

  47. right now i’m between kong, dragon, shanks, and yes rayleigh!!! he swims and slays sea kings left and right. Blackbeard is inexperienced still…

  48. Well, let’s just remember before Blackbeard had the DF of darkness. Before Shanks lost his arm. Blackbeard is the man who single handedly put those scars on Shank’s face. Since then Blackbeard has not only stolen 1 DF but 2! One of darkness and one considered to be one of the most powerful in the world. A DF that grants its user the power to destroy the world. I’d give it to Blackbeard even with his lack of experience with his latest DF. He’s been pirating for over 20 years so he has no lack of experience in that area at least.

  49. probably becuase of the break that people have started colouring in the last couple of chapter for one piece, blach and naruto you can find them here

    and why is that u can always find naruto script sytle perdiction and sometimes bleach but never one piece when one piece is better than the other 2

  50. but super u have to admit that magellan kicked blackbeards ass… he would be dead. So just by that i dont think he’s the strongest in the world

  51. yeah but amar that was before blackbeard got the quake fruit. also blackbeard and his crew beat the hell out of magellan before they left the prison. i think that Blackbeard isnt neccesarily the strongest yet, but hes only a few steps away. i mean he has so much raw power now, all he needs is more experience with it, which he seems to be getting in the new world. i cant even imagine how you would fight blackbeard now, all he has to do is grab you with one hand to erase your devil fruit and then punch you with a quake fist with the other. Instant KO to almost all the major characters we have seen so far except for Shanks, Mihawk and maybe Garp. (though personally i think that garp probably does have a DF) Super also pointed out that even with out his 2 DFs, Blackbeard is friggen tough, even beyond the whole “giving shanks a scar” thing, remember during the battle of marineford when he fought whitebeard, whitebeard hit him with a quake bubble to the face at point blank range. that was an attack that crushed a marine giant, and we know whitebeard wasnt holding back, he wanted to kill teach. Yet Teach got up afterwards with just some blood on his face and continued wrecking stuff the rest of the war. hes practicly made of iron! anyway, i think blackbeard is definatly a contender for worlds strongest, but hes still a few steps away. it seems pretty obvious to me that he will get there though.

  52. ok, sorry for another long post, but i have a crazy theory.
    remember luffy said that he wanted 10 crewmates right? i know theres some debate about this, but i always assumed that ment there would be 10 crewmates and luffy. blackbeards is shapping up to be luffys final enemy, and it seems obvious to me that there crews will be even when they finally clash. but if luffy’s crew will have 11 people all together, that means that blackbeards crew needs one more person to make it even. i thought about it, and i think i know who Blackbeards last crewmate could be: Shiki the golden lion. The reason i think this is because while luffy is sort of carrying on what roger did as a pirate(the same personality that wants freedom, and the “will of D”) Blackbeard is more like the kind of pirate shiki was. (conquering the sea, taking over, and Not connected to Roger’s will according to whitebeard)

    As i was watching Strong World, i noticed that Shiki and Teach have very similar personalitys, and at the end of the movie Shiki is not shown dead, the marines just talk about grabbing him as he falls out of the sky. i thought that was obvious foreshadowing that Oda would eventually bring him back into the manga. Shiki is from the old generation, but i think he would like how Blackbeard is shaping the new age; its similar to what he wanted to do with roger. Also, Super mentioned that if Jimbei joined the strawhats he would be sort of like a sage or advisor, and shiki could be the same thing for Blackbeards crew, sort of a dark sage. he would certanily fit in with the rest of the crew, and it would make the Blackbeard pirates even more of a problem for the WG. As a last note, i think Shiki would join Teach because he wants to see what he can do. Shiki’s big 20 year plan just went up in smoke thanks to a certain strawhat, so he cant challenge the WG by himself now. also, he might want to get back at luffy. so theres my theory, if it happens you heard it here first! 🙂 (and yes, i obviously have way too much time on my hands)

  53. ah.. takashid, the key word pple are missing is that Blackbeard AND HIS CREW, defeated magellan. Not only that but he fought Iva, and Luffy and Blackbeard already, and then had to fight all these legendary criminals at the same time, and Shiryuu who was said to be similar level strength. also blackbeard is too open to attacks… he lets everyone hit him. That’ll backfire eventually.

  54. amar: the key in my statement was BEFORE QUAKE FRUIT. certainly magellan was stronger then him back then, but now that Blackbeard has those two devil fruits he could beat Magellan just by stopping his DF with the Yami fruit and then hitting him with the Gura fruit. and yes he is too open to peoples attacks, i agree with you there. its another thing he has in common with luffy, they both get beat up everytime they fight someone.

  55. that raises another question that i’m unsure of about blackbeards power. does anyone know if he has to touch a person to take away their powers? Because while dragging magellan towards him, magellan can release his most powerful poison and own him

  56. @Omar: I remember when Ace was being sucked towards him he shot BB with a firestar or something then later he grabbed him and his powers are were cancelled so if BlackBeard grabs you your a Goner.

  57. just to keep some discussion goin, is mihawk really the greatest swordsman? we have shanks and the guy from the gorousei and shiryuu… i wonder. also i never quite understood what made level 6 of impel down bad? or worse than any other level. it seemed like a normal jail cell to me? any ideas?

  58. amar: the level six held the absolute worst prisoners. that means the people who commited the worst crimes, but also the strongest people. thats why a breakout from there is so bad, because everyone who got out is either really strong or REALLY evil. bad for the WG either way 😛

  59. @takashid, that’s not what he meant. He means on each of the other 5 levels there’s some kinda torture, but on level 6 they’re just in a normal jail cell 🙂


  61. @omar, hmm I think Smoker and Crocodile stood out more 😀

  62. its reallly annoying me becuase one of the spoilers websites havent change there notice that no was no one piece last week and not only does it remind me that its been nearly 2 week since i had a one piece fix it makes me think for a second that there could be one piece this week and it makes me want to cry

  63. @Smurf: Oh, there’s going to be a chapter this week. It’s to early for spoilers.

    @Takashid: Hmmm…I don’t think we’ll be seeing Shiki on Blackbeard’s crew. That would be an overly overpowered crew, and it’s already overpowered enough. Just look at how strong Shiki was by himself and the only reason why he lost is because he was caught unaware by Luffy’s resistance to lightning. If Shiki does reappear I see him working solo and it would only be for fan service (not sexual). He wanted to work with Roger not for. I definitely can’t see Shiki turning crew mate of Blackbeard.

    @Whitebeard’s laugh: ROFL!!! XD

  64. Super: yeah, i agree with you that shiki wouldnt be a usual crewmate, but he wanted to conquer the ocean, as opposed to Roger wanting freedom. luffy seems to be following rogers path, but blackbeard seems to be thinking of conquering, like shiki. also whitebeard said that Blackbeard wasnt connected to rogers legacy, that he wasnt “the man roger is waiting for”. so it seems that blackbeard is following more in shiki’s footsteps then rogers. so thats why i think shiki will be connected to him, even if he doesnt join teach’s crew. their personalitys are also similar; laughing alot and being silly(example: teach and his pies, shiki’s dance routine) but also very ruthless and cruel when they need to be.

  65. seems like its going to be nami, frank, brook, luffy and rayliegh this week acording to spoiler below maybe vegapunk aswell becuase ealier spoiler run though google transator:

    [Hare-dasu] to be surprised because Nami has treated balloon by room. It is proposed that it want you to become the adviser of a rear weather strictly confidential research that continues for 100 years.
    Nami who understands the news article determines the thing that works for a while at research facilities , saying that “;If this top secret research is completed, everyone is helped by the weather science”;.
    Frankie finds the road to the underground center in the collapsing laboratory. The underground center is an incomplete proving ground that the Vega blowout left. It is declared that the entrance is crushed, it shuts oneself up, and a super remodeling is done.
    Brooke who it is stage of [te-nage-na] and is show. Brooke is a not good putting out though played a melody by the orchestra. The hand length family of the turn is charmed when the violin is played and tempest of applause.
    It is liberated by the jail, and the request of the national anthem is received. “;Because that excited hand length family was dispirited, the tune that decreases enemy’s combat desire should be able to be made, too”; and approval.
    As for the remainder, three person Rayleigh & [jinbee] lives and the woman will live to [rufi] for a while in the uninhabited island where it leaves the island. The corner comes there.
    It was for Rayleigh though it is [rufi] in a hurry and when it wants you to detach only the controller by the ambition, is the voice from the speaker in the corner. Vega blowout of main of the voice.
    As for [pegapanku], it was actually captured by the executive of the revolutionary army by naval forces and arms were developed. The corner aimed at the machine though boarded all alone to help, and was remodeled.

  66. just saw the anime episode. whitebeards laugh is very interesting, its a mix of lolz and awesome everytime i hear it. do they really have to drag things out so much though? that whole scene with luffy and the others on the boat was completly unessacary, and the part with mihawk almost put me to sleep! he steps forword, and we have reaction shots from EVERYONE, going “holy shit is he actually gonna do something?” and then everyone talks about him and doflimingo talks to him, and then FINALLY he attacks, and… we get reaction shots of EVERYONE (seriously, i think i even saw a shot of hina and her boys going huh?) saying “O shit he did do something!” why waste episode time on crap like that if they wanted to end with the cliffhanger oof mihawks attack? give us more war scenes instead! the middle of the episode when they finally started fighting was epic! really, other then the above gripes, it was a great episode but…

  67. got the wrongspoiler but the real one show nami brook franky robin (seen on the spoilres pages but the spoilers writing also says that usopp is in it. and it say ‘i wonder if we get to see the meaning of the messages aswell as zoros devolpement

  68. New chapter

  69. LMAO!!! What an awesome chapter! I love every single crew mate but Franky wins this chapter hands down. Brook comes in a close second with ‘Bone To Be Wild’! XD

    @Takashid: Yep, the pacing is horrible but I enjoyed the second half of the episode when the war started. Whitebeard’s laugh makes me laugh and there’s nothing more awesome than that. XD

  70. Great Chapter! lol @ Cover Page. Oda is one narcissistic bastard “ODA-SENSEI.IS.AWESOME” lol. Sabo looks like a badass as an adult

  71. Awesome chapter as usual..
    @cover page.. I wonder if the “awesome” thing was done by scanlators. Either way, it is definitely true.. ODA SENSEI IS AWESOME after all..
    As much as I like these disconnected “updates”, I can’t wait for a story arc to begin.

  72. so, is that pic of older!Sabo just bait for the fangirls, or should we actually bring back the “sabo is still alive” theory?

  73. thumbs up for the sabo is still alive theory!
    awesome chapter must admit it and yeh franky kicked azz this chapter.
    Now i really hope usopp’n will start moving his fat ass.
    And for Robin that can only become more and more awesome i wonder what dragon has in store for her. anyways any screen time of dragon is awesomeness.
    So a time skip after this chapter or will we just get like montly updates of there progress every week?

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