Rate this weeks manga 05/08/2010

YOSH!! i return from my unnecessarily long break from writing posts for you lot. Also for no actuall reason, i changed my name (again >_>)… so yeah… enjoy.

Now then first things first, im making some changes to the post that i deem necessary… Bleach will no longer be included (for now), for the main reason being the story has gotten so less … whats the word … enjoyable ? its not actually worth writing about just so i can put a score of less the 5 every week. If you feel as though this is a wrong choice tell me in the comments, if you agree with my actions … just give me a cyber pat on the back.

So then lets actually get to the rating… which is what the post is all about… because so far it might aswell be called the rantings of dean or whatever.

Good chapter all in all, the fights over, so its at the point now where everything winds down and the preperations are made for the begining of the next arc. So then what can i rate about this chapter, well i would give it 10 out of 10 just for the reason that the king looks like a scared little baby… however thats not how this works… or does it <_< >_>.

I would have to give this chapter 7 out of 10… the king is defeated everybody is happy, plot is still enjoyable (unlike a certain manga ¬_¬) and its left on a dramatic note :O.

dun dun duuuuuuuun!

Moving on swiftly to One Piece now in which i thought not alot happened, i understand he wants to show what EVERYONE is doing, however i dont think its necessary to show what all the rookies are doing in the new world, i would of thought Eustass, Law, and Bonney/ Blackbeard would only be needed to show, i mean showing Apoo didnt actually contribute to anything but ohwell i wont complain.

I shall give One piece 7 out of 10 for reasons i cant actually explain, i just believe it deserves a 7…

And Finally! We come to Naruto which by far had to be the best chapter this week … anybody who disagrees will have to prepare to be shot. The chapter had it all, Gai, Naruto being completely badass and some comic affect. So by applying all of these aspects together the chapter deserves 1 000 000 out of 10 however since i must stick to the rules, ill give it 10 out of 10.

lets say it together ... 1. 2. 3. BADASS!!!!

and thats it for this weeks post, ive been your host this evening, all thats left to say is…. IM AWESOME!!!

i mean … thanks for reading

cya folks


~ by Captain Awesome on August 5, 2010.

6 Responses to “Rate this weeks manga 05/08/2010”

  1. “Bleach will no longer be included (for now), for the main reason being the story has gotten so less … whats the word … enjoyable?”

    LMFAO!!! XD But I think it’s fun to rate Bleach so you can leave it in.

    What One Piece is only getting 7!? o_O The best part about this chapter was Oda’s cover of the Supernova’s and their progress and whereabouts. They’re the pirates who will have the most influence on the New Age as time goes by. They’re extremely important. We even got updates on 2 of the Strawhats and Blackbeard. Not to mention Moria has been confirmed alive!

    *passes out* X_X

  2. @super: well i surpose when you put it that way i guess it was better than i made it out to be, although i wouldnt put it above an 8. Didnt suck me in as much as previous chapters have @_@

  3. But, but, but…It’s soo fun to give bleach a zero! 😀

    I missed the “rate this manga” discussions. Welcome home. 🙂

    And ofcorse, Naruto was 1 000 000! Goooo Nruto!

  4. I loved Naruto this week. ^_^ It made me smile through the whole chap. And I’ve just notice that Naruto has become a yellow flash Jr. O_O And Gai’s innerself is a shark… Lol xD

  5. DUDE! WE NEED BLEACH! Its fun seeing the low scores every week. But I usually rate Bleach 8-10, its my second favorite manga after all lol

    Naruto….didn’t do it for me. Idk y. It just didnt. I give it a 7

    ONe Piece (my favorite) gets a 9 😀

  6. haha well then since a fair few people want bleach back i shall include it next week. Although people only want it back for all the wrong reasons (just to laugh at its failure XD), ohwell i dont mind 😛

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