Fairy Tail 195 Breakdown– Did you know sharks don’t attack people who read Fairy Tail? IT’S TRUE!!! >_>

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Over here!!! *snaps fingers to get everyone’s attention* It won’t kill all of you to take a break from watching Shark Week to quickly read over this breakdown (hopefully >_>) Those giant 15 ft great whites jumping out of the water to eat those little seals is really something I know! But let us all focus for a moment, shall we?

*gets distracted and looks back at the tv to see some poor person get attacked by a shark*

Ohhh… bloody… @___@ *ahem*

Welcome to the Fairy Tail Ch.195 breakdown!

Good job dragon slayers you made the king have a heart attack. Or maybe he just fainted... or sleeping O___o

Chapter 195 starts right where 194 ended: with our three dragon slayers defeating the King. Where many of us thought this was yet again another battle to show off Natsu’s determination and to have him give the villain the final blow…. Well you’re right. But this time he did it with team work! At least we finally got to see what Metalicana and Grandine look like! ^__^ and you all have to admit, the shot of the three dragons was awesome.

Anyway, the King of Edolas couldn’t believe he tried to obtain the dragon slayers magic and became so overwhelmed that he fainted (I think). Victory goes to the dragon mages.

But right after the battle is over, the floating islands fall and crash down towards the earth. The magic from Edolas is being sent back to Earthland where it will vaporize and become a part of the plentiful source of magic. Mistgun finds this a necessary step in order to restore Edolas. IMO, I don’t think that Mistgun should have abruptly taken away Edolas’ magic like that. What is wrong with letting them keep the magic that still existed until it naturally ran out? Instead Mistgun created immediate panic and chaos. I think this situation could’ve been handled a little more gently T____T

Yes, like saying the worlds over in front of your kid isn't going to freak them out.

I mean could you imagine loosing the main source of power in your world? Magic to Edolas is like electricity to us. We would probably react in a very similar manner if the power in our world suddenly ran out. In fact, if any of you have followed the news recently, you probably heard about the “solar storm” that threatens our way of living! (futurely speaking) Our everyday items like the tv, the lights on the streets, and even our cell phones *gasp!* would become utterly useless. Think how you would react if your basic everyday items just stopped working, and I bet you’d be freaking out just like the people of Edolas too! O___o


Right… moving on. After the next 6 pages of seeing the magic disappearing and all the panic that erupts, the scene changes back to P.Lily and Mistgun. Mistgun goes on to say that for Edolas to survive they need a Villain and a Hero– He being the villain and P.Lily being the hero. Only there’s a few problems to this plan.

1) Mistgun can’t die, he’s too *sexy* important of a character.

2) P.Lily won’t kill him.

3) P.Lily is destined to be Gazille’s cat, so he can’t be king. XD


AAAAAAAND that’s all I got for you all. Sorry, I know its not much of a break down this week, but I worked with what I had. Thank you for reading! Now go back to watching Shark Week, I know I am ^___^

Happy Shark Week everyone!



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14 Responses to “Fairy Tail 195 Breakdown– Did you know sharks don’t attack people who read Fairy Tail? IT’S TRUE!!! >_>”

  1. Ichi!!!

  2. NI!!!!!

  3. San!!!!

    Well, I have to say, this chapter was a bit on the mellow side compared to the previous few chapters. I have a feeling that Mistgun won’t end up dying. Someone will come in, probably Natsu or Erza, and give him a wake up call by going on about how it isn’t right and no-one needs to die, etc.

    In any case, it was an alright chapter. Thanks for the breakdown BB. ^ ^

    *Notices that Kantonkage is second…. AGAIN!!!!*

    *Tries not to smile….* @__@

  4. Shi! Or yon.
    So we are protected from sharks? That’s nice. 😀

  5. I’m not afraid of Sharks but no electricity how would I read WRA now that’s scary.
    *notices Tenrai faint smile and narrows eyes* -__-

  6. @Kantonkage

    I just have to say it….

    Kishi still doesn’t love you!!!! *runs away laughing*

  7. *Takes out a Mini Jupiter and fires at Tenrai *
    That felt nice.
    *watches a mushroom cloud rise from blast*

  8. Great breakdown BB!

    “3) P.Lily is destined to be Gazille’s cat, so he can’t be king. XD”

    LMAO! Poor Lily can’t be king because he’s destined to be someone’s pet. What a life. xD Yeah, good chapter but just good. I already know Gazille won’t die. Just now we have to see how it plays out.

    No electricity = no internet = World War 3. Though, without computers many nuclear weapons can’t be fired so that’s a plus. 😉

  9. No electricity = no internet = World War 3…. with forks!

    No one will die. It’s not that type of anime. P.lilly will be Gazile’s cat. As for Mistgun….he will be edo-erza’s lover. 😀 Maybe….

    Well it’s all different from earth-fairly tail, and if Erza cannot be with Gerard, maybe this two can get together.

  10. Hmmm…. Thats actually what I was thinking P lily isn’t going to be king I know this…because I am Ace…

  11. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/61332782/2 latest chapter

  12. Horrible, horrible chapter. *facepalm*

    The last chapter was great, but this one really sucked.
    All P. Lily and Mistgun did was talking about how stupid the plan was.
    The part with Natsu and the dragon slayers was dumb…

    I hope the Edolas arc gets better than this before it ends.

  13. @Dragon

    Agreed. It was pretty lame in the end. You know, the quality isn’t very consistent in the manga. One week, you have an epic chapter that is really good, the next, bleh…


  14. Lol, I actually thought the last half was pretty funny with them running around and causing destruction. The whole plan is stupid but it’s funny. The first part of the chapter was a pure waste of time, that I can agree with.

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