Double the Fun! Bleach Chapter 414 and 415! Has the Deicide Really Been Done, or is This Just Aizen Being Aizen Again? Yep, It’s Confirmed. Aizen Was Just Being Aizen -_-‘

GIN'S AN ANBU! In that case, whatever chance of victory he had is now 0. This wont end well for him X_X

Hello WRA! Sorry I couldn’t get out 414 when it just came out, I was being tortured all week long, or as some people call it, a family outing. However I have good news (no its not THAT good news, I didn’t switch to Geico), cats are now terrified of me :D. What did I do you may ask? I’ll tell you when you’re older (by older I mean when you lose your hearing X_X).

Chapter 414

Oh man, all you Bleach naysayers got royally served with this chapter. It was epic! I dare say it was better than the Naruto chapter *uses Tobi’s space-time ninjutsu to avoid being hit by rotten fruits*. I’m writing 414 before 415 comes out so I’m still in the dark as to what will happen in 415, but I have a few guesses. I’ll get to that later.

Aizen you smug bastard :->

The chapter starts where last week’s left off, with Gin returning from ‘killing’ Rangiku. Aizen asks if he did the deed, and he claims so. Aizen then tries to sense her Reiatsu, but it has completely disappeared.

They got all of us Gin, they got all of us ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Aizen then says he thought Rangiku was more special to Gin, so it puzzles him why he did it. Like I said, I don’t think Gin killed her, I think he simply canceled her Reiatsu. How would he do that you may ask? By cutting her “Saketsu” (Chain of Fate) or as that translation puts it, pressure points. Gin then goes on to say he doesn’t care about anything, and that he’s a snake. He walks past Aizen then Aizen says its time to create the King’s Key, only for Gin to grab Kyouka Suigetsu and say he’ll chase them.

And here we have Gin demonstrating his taste in fashion, ripped sleeves ftw ๐Ÿ˜€

But that was only a distraction for Gin to launch Kamishini no Yari through his extra long sleeves. This goes to show how meticulously Gin planned this moment. He planned to use his sleeves to cover the act of raising his sword long enough to pierce Aizen. He then says the only way to avoid Perfect Hypnosis is to be holding Kyouka Suigetsu and says that it took him years to find this out. But surely there were many opportunities (like when he was fighting the Gotei 13 and Yamamoto) before Aizen became a god to actually do this, right? Well I think he had to make sure first. I’m sure when he saw Yamamoto grab Aizen and Kyouka Suigetsu it confirmed his information.

Aizen tells him that he always knew of Gin’s intentions, but brought him along just because he was curious as to how Gin would try to kill him. Gin then seemingly shatters Aizen’s confidence when he reveals he lied about his Bankai’s effects. Its speed and length aren’t the most deadly traits, but its the fact that it turns to dust for a moment when it expands and contracts. He reveals that there is a deadly cell-killing poison in the blade and that he left a small piece inside of Aizen. He proceeds to activate and it breaks down Aizen’s cells, splitting him from the inside out.

Some say this is Kubo making up effects because the original Kamishini no Yari was pathetic, but I say it fits. Gin is a snake. Snake’s have retractable fangs (Shinso’s stretching), their strikes are too quick for most people to dodge (Kamishini No Yari’s speed) and they pump venom into their victim’s once their fangs are inside (Kamishin no Yari leaving poison inside its victim). I congratulate Kubo on this Bankai ๐Ÿ™‚

Now here is what Kisu thinks. I don’t think this is the end of Aizen. Just how many of these situations have we had since he killed Harribel? There was the time the Captains impaled him, the time Yamamoto used Ittou Kasou, the time Urahara blasted him with his own enormous Reiatsu, and then there was Isshin’s Getsuga Tensho to the face. All of those were situations where a normal Bleach character would die, but Aizen always emerged from them, and this time will be no different. Also, remember that Gin is only a Captain-level Shinigami. He lost to Hitsuguya in a battle of Shikais, resorting to underhanded tactics to get away. To add, there are still too many questions about Aizen’s character to have him killed off here as well. Why does he want to go to the King’s Realm? Why does he want Ichigo? Why is he so powerful? How did he plan his own birth (Aizen being born cant just be a coincidence, it must be a part of his plan!)?

After I finished reading this chapter, I remembered an episode of Teen Titans where Robin was conflicted about the line between good and evil. Is Gin a good guy? He most certainly is not one. A good person doesn’t screw with someone when they’re essentially on death row. A good person doesn’t manipulate corridors so that the very same former-death-row-destined person faces the one creature that has the power to become the man she had to kill to save him.ย  When Hollows don’t trust you, then you know you’re evil. When a retarded Hollow doesn’t trust you, then you aren’t just evil, you’re messed up. Wonderweiss had no problems with Aizen or Tousen, only Gin. But it all comes down to this, can one act of goodness make you a hero? We all walk the line between good and evil, but there’s just one problem, this line isn’t as visible as people may think. We walk down a path that is essentially invisible, so we may take a wrong step and stray off the path but not realize before its too late. So has Gin found back the light he gave up so many years ago? I think he gave us the answer. Gin is neither evil, nor is he good, he is just selfish, a snake if you will.

Some men just want to see the world burn.

Bleach 415

Gosh darn it. Just as I finish writing 414, 415 comes out. Well here I go.

Looks like I was right up above lol. This chapter was filled with small glimpses into the past. It starts with Aizen collecting some glowing stuff from a group of guys. I say glowing stuff because that CANT possibly be the Hogyouku, considering Aizen didn’t acquire it for at least a century. Unless that is Aizen’s attempt at creating the Hogyouku, it would explain why the Hollowifications he did weren’t as perfect as Kisuke’s and why he knows so much about the Hogyouku. But anyway, are those guys under Kyouka Suigetsu’s control or are they genuinely loyal to then-Lieutenant Aizen?

Ah, Gin's first moment of stalking. So precious. One day you'll grow up to strike fear into the hearts of parents of young children everywhere Gin ๐Ÿ™‚

The scene then goes back to Aizen splitting and Gin quickly grabs the Hogyouku and makes a run for it. Aizen then has, what I like to call, an Itachi moment. Simply put, it’s when a usually calm character goes batsh*t crazy. Aizen screaming surprised the crap out of me lol. But it turns out that his “God Form” was also a cocoon form, just like his “Chrysallis Form” (or Condom-man, as some people call it). Gin then looks at the Hogyouku in his hand and thinks to himself that it’s over. A huge light emits from what’s left of Aizen’s body and a similar figure emerges from it.

My Silcoon just evolved into a Beautifly!

What a surprise! It’s Aizen *extreme sarcasm*. Aizen then reveals that even if you steal the Hogyouku from him, it will only recognize him as its master. So I guess when he said he subdued it he really meant it. He then proceeds to reabsorb it.

Uh-oh. Gin get out of there! His hair grew, that means he's more powerful now!

Aizen confronts Gin and we get another glimpse into Gin’s past. This time we see him looking, from behind a tree (Gin you little creeper), at an unconscious Rangiku as the same men who were with Aizen walk away. The flashback then returns to where we last saw Gin, hiding behind the bushes. He sees that Aizen are them men’s boss and thinks to himself that Aizen is the one he must kill (well he didn’t finish, but I assume its “kill”). We then return to the present just in time to see Aizen slash Gin. Is this the end of Gin? I doubt it.

I really think Kubo is killing himself here. Aizen has now evolved THREE times. Just how far beyond reason is he now? Anyway, getting some new technique shouldn’t make Ichigo even close to Aizen’s equal at this point. The only time I would have accepted that the Final Getsuga would push Ichigo to Aizen’s level was when we thought Aizen was normal, before he had the Hogyouku implanted that is. As much as I like Aizen, he’s become way too powerful now. Anyhoo, I leave you all with this poll:


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49 Responses to “Double the Fun! Bleach Chapter 414 and 415! Has the Deicide Really Been Done, or is This Just Aizen Being Aizen Again? Yep, It’s Confirmed. Aizen Was Just Being Aizen -_-‘”

  1. New Breakdown is out guys! Just as promised >_>


    WTF, dude, I haven’t even read the chapter and the breakdown is out. This Precipice World thing is getting out of hand. X__X

  3. The more powerful Aizen gets, the more ridiculous his defeat, and Ichigo’s victory, will be. Kubo’s gonna make Ichigo’s one move beat him … nonsense.

  4. second… i hate aizen and kubo

  5. That’s what I fear the most. Ichigo defeating Aizen by the end of this arc. Please don’t do that Tite. That would be ridiculous.

    Awesome double breakdown Kisu! ๐Ÿ˜€

    We’re getting a Gin flashback next week to learn the motives behind his betrayal of Aizen…or was it a betrayal of Soul Society and Aizen. Does Gin want what Aizen wants (power) or was he just trying to protect his friend(s)? And WTH did Aizen and his goons do to Matsumoto!? Didn’t look PG…>_>

    Chapter 414: Great

    Chapter 415: Back to the Bleach formula.

  6. 2nnnnd yeah bleach is getting 0.1% more interesting but please finish training ichigo i wanna see the new badassnes that will come with the final getsuga tensho and probably hollow shinigami fusion

  7. Nice Breakdown Kisu as always the true emergence of the condomcoon and ButterflAizen is born
    What does bleach and Naruto have in common?
    A) favoritism to there villian S_Suke
    B) if said villian screams = instant powerup Stupid looking Narm Nigthmare Retardant powerup (naruto) Purple armor (Bleach) butterfly.
    C) the female who loves the main character is either curb-stomped or rendered useless.
    D) if take the first and last letter of the authors’ name you get KO.

  8. @Kanton, lmao! Similarity “D” totally got me! And I see you frequent TvTropes as well “curb-stomped” and “Narm Nigthmare Retardant” gave it away. I just hope you dont spend 4 hours per visit there like I do ๐Ÿ˜› Its like every time I’m about to leave, I see ANOTHER trope that makes me wanna click it lol.

    Well as fun as it is to make fun of Bleach (and I mean its FUN! REALLY FUN!), u gotta give Kubo his props. For me, Bleach is much better when your read several chapters at once. Kubo just doesn’t have the week-to-week release skills that Kishi and Oda have. Bleach is a manga that’s best read 3-4 chapters at a time.

  9. sigh… ichigos gonna need a master ball to catch this legendary…

    well at least it wasnt kyoka suigetsu. maybe there will be some lasting effects to the kamishini no yaris attack.

  10. @Anyone, do you have any idea what that glowing stuff is?

  11. @kisu Yes, I’m a frequent visitor. And I forgot to add new powers as the plot demands.

  12. lol awesome breakdown kisu !XD

    well i for one totally saw it coming . i was like dude how can gin kill aizen ?

    how can an angel kill god ? XD

    as for the glowing stuff …..

    its goodness inside aizen!!! XD

  13. @kisu – the glowing stuff is Kubo’s special ‘Kubo-goo’
    It’s a magic liquid teeming with life… and probably radioactive.

    Either that, or it’s the energy from Kubo’s next bleach weapon “crotch cero”

  14. @Kisu: Orphan’s tears…

    If Bleach is a weekly manga then it’ll get its props when it can maintain a weekly stature of decent quality. It’s supposed to be read weekly so I can rightfully expect to be entertained weekly. Not monthly. ^_-

  15. @Superdude, yeah u know that and I know that, but Tite apparently doesnt know that >_>

  16. so was Rangiku raped?

  17. @boyruns, that’s what I thought, but considering this is a Shonen manga, I’d like to think she was mugged >_>

  18. Lol, let’s pretend we’re not all thinking the same thing. If Matsumoto remembers all of this it makes me wonder why she didn’t report him to Yamamato when he became a Captain.

    Matsumoto: “Hey, that dude and his gang of thugs rap- mugged me! He’s not Captain material. How is he supposed to up hold the values of Soul Society if he’s just a common criminal?”

  19. Yamamoto: “Because he’s strong and if I dont give him this spot they’ll say I’m stereotyping. Nerds cant be Captain and all that jazz”

  20. I think Tite is constantly making Aizen’s form more angelic (white suit, shining light, long flowing hair, cross on his chest, wings and a robe) to contrast Ichigo’s demonic form (evil-looking mask, tattered black clothes, spiky unkempt hair, throwing black energy around).

  21. @kisu odd. Evil looking hero vs Angel looking villain THE embodiment of Nightmare Retardant.
    About Tatsuki and them I think they going “Die”.

  22. The Glowing stuff is Kubo’s Writing skills, Aizen stole them so he could become even more badass.

  23. @Kanton, well Bleach has always been weird in that regard. All the “evil” guys (Arrancars and Aizen, Tosen and Gin) wear white for crying out loud, and the “good” guys wear black (Shinigami). And usually the bad guys are no nonsense kinda guys, but in Bleach all the bad guys have weird quirks (like Aizen’s penchant for drinking tea >_>), while the good guys are no-nonsense assholes (Byakuya, Yamamoto etc).

    @iamnotreallyhere, are you saying Tite’s writing is a shining beacon of hope for this world? O_O

  24. @Kisu more like a shining beacon similiar to a nuke.

    Aizen’s metamorphosis Roflmfao

  25. Lol, what would we do without Bleach?

    Ok seriously though, we know Aizen’s transformations are redundant and overplayed. I’m calling it now. That butterfly form thingy! That’s Aizen’s LAST transformation. He will not change in any major way from this point out!

    The butterfly has left its cocoon.

  26. I JUST FOUND A POSSIBLE PLOTHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “Mayuri Kurotsuchi created a drug that can speed up the perception of whoever takes it to a completely ludicrous degree; if it’s undiluted it makes every second seem like a century (meanings it’s sped up to about 3 billion times normal). When there’s that big of a disconnect between thinking and acting it becomes far more hindering than useful as you are incapable of coordinating your actions. Mayuri states that it’s actually useful if you dilute it to one part per 250,000… but even then every second would still seem to take three and a half hours, which is still far too fast to have any real connections of movement. ”

    Well that’s not actually a plothole. Its more a case of Writers Cant Do Math -_-‘

  27. i lol’d at aizen planning his own birth… i agree, one day aizen just said “i’m bored being nothing, let’s take over the spirit universe and grow an awesome mullet” and he began to exist and here we are today

  28. I found something pretty hilarious. Apparently, Gene Simmons’ son, Nick Simmons, has been plagiarizing Bleach with his comic, blatantly. Here are instances of such plagiarism

    Kubo’s response was (I’m paraphrasing) “I’m more concerned that Gene Simmons’ son draws comics than I am of anyone plagiarizing my work”. What does this mean? Bleach is good enough to be stolen ๐Ÿ˜€

  29. @kisu: O_O I can’t believe it, Kubo getting plagiarized?!? The world’s gone upside down. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    Anyway, I seriously hope Incarnate gets cancelled because of this. From what that post says, it actually was pretty successful! All he did was take Bleach pages, trace them and change the colors!
    I hope he gets sued… ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  30. @kisu well at least it was bleach so it’s know much imagine if it was OP or Naruto One word Shitstorm.
    Maybe he thought he could get away with it, still he should get sued for plagiarism.

  31. LMFAO!!! This is epic! XD Two Bleach’s!? The world can’t handle so many plotholes! XD

  32. “I canโ€™t believe it, Kubo getting plagiarized?!?”

    And now it comes full circle :P. But yeah, the publisher of Incarnate says they wont put out anymore until this is sorted out.

    @Kanton, believe it or not (cuz I couldnt), it was actually the Bleach fandom that reported this to Viz, then Tite Kubo got wind of it.

    @Superdude, a plagiarizer being plagiarized!? The wold cant handle so much ripping-off

  33. @kizu unbelieveableach. Well, if he does gets sued he could always use this infamous catch phrase: “And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids.”

  34. And in non-related Bleach news, the new Bleach databook, MASKED, was released on August 4 (I’ll talk more about it and some of the goodies in next week’s breakdown) and its been confirmed that Espadas 1-4 are Vasto Lordes. Also, the Espada aren’t placed according to fighting ability, they’re placed according to Reiatsu. So even though, let say, Ulquiorra has higher Reiatsu than Grimmjow doesn’t mean he’s a better fighter, which means he could lose to Grimmy :). But the 8th Espada can beat any of them really, as long as he knows what they can do beforehand.

  35. probably becuase of the break that people have started colouring in the last couple of chapter for one piece, blach and naruto you can find them here

  36. THIS IS EVEN MORE HILARIOUS! Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros are planning on making a Bleach LIVE ACTION MOVIE! This is gonna suck so hard!!! LMAO

  37. @kisu i heard of that before everytime I think about i see dragonball evolution

  38. more dragonball de-evolution.

  39. now that i watch a 20 promo of the 4th movie (hell chapter) it has reminded be that its never been really explained at all (did show up in that one episode with the parrot and also when they were being tested by urahara but i think that after aizen there could be another arc if that is involved

  40. the way i understand it is if a hollow is killed the soul and the souls its consumed up until then so to the soul socitey then shouldnt ichigo’s mother be there the only other reason i can think of it that she was a shinigami and when they die they die. but the way them 2 chapter were show when aizen was telling him about his parents one chapter said shinigami and a ……… and the other said a human and a ……..

  41. @smurf, when a Hollow is killed by a Zanpakuto, only its soul is purified and goes to SS, not the ones it has devoured, which is why I think most of the Arrancar will show up in Soul Society as normal souls.

  42. A live action Bleach Movie…

    I’ve learned my lesson from Avatar. Don’t trust Hollywood. Back on topic, I’m actually excited to see and make fun of Bleach this week. It’s like my funny bone is missing from my body.

  43. @SUPER you learned from avatar what about dragonball de-evolution.

  44. THE NEW BLEACH ANIME EPISODE WAS AWESOME x over 9000! I finally respect Harribel as a character. This episode made Aizen even more of a magnificent bastard

  45. new chapter F-U Kubo!!!

  46. dammit! I knew it, gin was a good guy.. at least for rangiku…

  47. lolz? thats about 30 seconds of anime this whole chapter?
    man thats a weak azz chapter after a 2 weeks wait T.T

  48. btw this is the last deicide, makkes me wonder why it was named that way well whatever blah

  49. Gin was screwed over but I never really liked the guy so oh well. What did Aizen take away from Matsumoto? Her reiatsu? Her innocence? >_>

    Meh chapter. Why oh why does Kubo waste so much space on…nothing!?

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