YOSH!!! One Piece Chapter 595 IS OUT + 594 Breakdown And Discussion! New Demotivational Poster Included And A New Age Pirate Vs. An Old Age Pirate! ;)

Read Chapter 595 here!


-One Piece Chapter 594 Breakdown-

Picture from Alphonse13

YOSH!!! Welcome WRA to the One Piece Chapter 594 Breakdown! I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter for so many reasons but mainly because the story is moving forward at such an exponential pace! We are now back on track into breaking into the New World folks! For the first time ever we get a good look at the second half of the Grand Line and just how treacherous it is. Everyone is headed for the final leg of the race and no one wants to get left behind. Hell, I think even Buggy is headed for the New World again! I’m really excited, more than I was for when they first reached the Grand Line, to see the crew reach the New World. A whole new set of islands full of adventure, discovery, and peril. New enemies and alliances to forge, and perhaps one more crewmate. That is if they don’t pick one up in Fishman Island. ^_-

Here’s the new weekly video feature; Funny One Piece Shorts! Plus, the usual BOPP!

Funny One Piece Short by Lexforth! NAMI! XD BOPP by Cats-Cafe. If I was Ronald McDonald I’d say, ‘I’m lovin’ it.’

*jumps into the breakdown*

So this is their retirement plan!? Not bad…not bad at all…>_>

He should have gotten Sengoku and Garp's retirement plan. 'Playing With Food'. -_-

While many people may have Luffy’s hidden message to his crew on their minds it’s easy to forget all the other information and goodies this chapter provided. One being, which particularly made me happy, was the revealing of (Former) Fleet Admiral Kong! Remember he was introduced to us in Chapter 0, the man who Sengoku and Garp were reporting to 25 years ago. My conclusion, Kong looks badass thus he is badass! Even retired he looks like he can kick your ass while having a heart attack. Now all we need to see is the man Magellan was reporting to 20 years ago and one more mystery from Chapter 0 will be peeled back!

Uhhh...if it's not to much trouble I'll take one of the spots as leaders of the world. o_o

After a 300+ chapter absence (199 if you count the Ohara flashback) we get to see the Gorousei again and we’re back to the theme of “balance” in the One Piece world. It seems discussion of whom to put in the 3 absent Shichibukai slots is afoot and they want someone more “influential” *cough*BUGGY*cough* to fill in at least one spot. Excuse me…but didn’t someone just get a letter from the World Government after his roles in Impel Down and the war at Marineford? A pirate who has been able to influence many high bounty pirates to follow his lead in taking Whitebeard’s head…

Smoker no smoking! xD

Back to Sengoku and Garp we find out that Sengoku is retiring from his position as Fleet Admiral and offering his position up to Aokiji. This comes as a surprise to many but some, like Xdt0ks, predicted Sengoku could be giving up his position after this war. What came as a surprise to everybody I believe is the added revelation of Garp also stepping down, in fact he did so before Sengoku.

Now, who will be taking Sengoku’s spot as Fleet Admiral of the Marine forces? Will it be Sengoku’s recommendation, Aokiji, and that’s the final answer? Sengoku’s suggestion can always be overridden and I don’t believe he has the final say. I think the Gorousei do and the admiral that showed the most success in the war was undoubtedly Akainu. The man who blew off half of Whitebeard’s face and succeeded in executing Ace.  For all intents and purposes I would prefer Akainu to take over as Fleet Admiral. Aokiji and Kizaru are far too lackadaisical and laissez-faire. They won’t get things done! Ok, Kizaru isn’t so lazy as Aokiji but Akainu will throw everything and anything at the Strawhats to have them captured dead or alive. He will enforce unprecedented “Absolute Justice”. He will makes things even more chaotic than they are now! For the betterment of the manga I think that the best entertainment would derive from this situation. Besides, it’ll make his downfall and defeat all the sweeter. 😉 Oh, and not to mention Aokiji may follow in Garp’s footsteps and deny the promotion. >(0_0)> Smoker on the other hand is doing anything to get up in position as long as it leads him to his prey.

Coby, you're like the Kenny of the One Piece world. 😉

Just a few more tidbits revealed to us; Mantra is confirmed as an offset of Haki. Maybe they’re just the same thing with different names but it’s always been obvious they had a connection. Coby used Mantra at the end of the war, Coby has Haki. Also, apparently anyone of Vice-Admiral level has Haki so that confirms a few more people who have it. For anyone who thought Haki was rare you should note that nowhere in the manga does it say or even imply this. Just like it never says DF are that rare. From observation you can see many of the Kuja Warriors on Amazon Lily have and use Haki. The only rare Haki is a particular type of Haki (Haoshoku Haki) and you could even go as far and say perhaps certain skills of Haki are rare. Not Haki in general unless you’re comparing with the general populous.

But it would have been funny!!!

Alright, now for the juicy part of the chapter which I will spend short time on. Luffy’s actions and apparent hidden message to his crew. Let’s break it down.

1. With Rayleigh and Jimbei by his side he reinvaded Marineford and sailed one ring around the island. The ritual for “A Burial At Sea”.

2. Solely pushed his way into the plaza and rung the “Ox Bell” 16 times.

3. Threw a bouquet of flowers over the many war wounded and performed a silent prayer.

That was basically it and I was happily surprised! The whole world captured his actions and I can safely say nobody guessed Luffy’s actions fully. ^_^


That spares everyone the embarrassment of being wrong because we were all wrong. ~_~ The ringing of the bell twice represents a disaster. The ringing of the bell 16 times represents the end of something old and the beginning of something new. Usually, it’s done as a Marine tradition at the end of the year. 8 rings to end the year and another 8 rings to bring in the new year, but the time of the year is obviously not right. So people are now taking it as the end of the ‘Great Age of Pirates’ (Whitebeard’s Age) and the beginning of ‘The New Age’ (Luffy’s Age?). The Marines see this as a declaration of war. The Supernovas see this as a challenge.

Can you find Pandaman? This is serious business.

Alright so let the theories roll. The new tattoo on Luffy’s shoulder. 3D2Y? Cross out the 3D (3 days) and leave 2Y (2 years) to mean ‘Meet in 3 days is off, meet back in 2 years’. Ah, how about the ‘X’ as that long forgotten symbol of comradeship? Meet back at Arabasta? Showing Vivi reading the newspaper as appropriate foreshadowing? Then again, the tattoo could just be in memory of Ace and have nothing to do with the message. What’s left is the words in the article which we only know a few of. Those being the 3 points written above. Luffy’s actions which were unlike him. The message could be hidden in there. I can’t figure it out from what has been written. Then there’s the simplest of all theories. He was just showing his crew he’s ok and to put the past behind them and look to the future. I’m sure there’s more theories but if I didn’t mention them it’s probably because I forgot about them, gomen. >_> Just remember, the message is something only the crew would understand and is hinted at by Luffy’s uncharacteristic actions. I’m just saying it now I’m in favor of the Arabasta theory which I did come up with on my own btw! Of course others have thought along the same line. ^_-

Even the craziest of pirates need some A.C.

Lastly, besides the revelation of Luffy’s actions the most exciting part of the chapter for me was a glimpse of the New World!!! Plus updates on a few of the Supernovas. Btw, one Supernova has already been taken down by Blackbeard. Candidates; Bonney, Apoo, X Drake, and Law! The rest have been shown to be ok, besides Capone who’s being sucked up (not by Blackbeard or Enel :P)!  Anyway, the New World looks awesome and fun to explore. The Supernovas are already making it their stomping ground especially Kid and Hawkins *says a silent prayer for Brownbeard-sama* T_T. I just can’t wait for the Strawhat Crew to make it there but first Fishman Island!

The scary thing is, I can't tell if that's a man or woman. *_*

That ends this week’s breakdown! What? It’s after 12 isn’t it…>_> *blames it on something* Here’s your requested debate! New vs. Old. Luffy had his chance now it’s his brother’s turn.

Ace by Saryth and Shiki by MOD-3

Portgas D. Ace vs. Shiki the Gold Lion! Will Ace’s logia ability give him the upper-hand or Shiki’s power to manipulate gravity?

Here’s your demotivational poster. Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀


~ by supertrek89 on August 2, 2010.

40 Responses to “YOSH!!! One Piece Chapter 595 IS OUT + 594 Breakdown And Discussion! New Demotivational Poster Included And A New Age Pirate Vs. An Old Age Pirate! ;)”

  1. LAST!

  2. Bwahahaha! Finally I haz teh internetz! You’ll never take it from me again, never I say!!!

    Ahem, sorry for the veeery long silence but I’ve been in Zurich, Switzerland visiting my gramps who’s on his last leg. Most of my family has come to pay their respects and fight over who gets the china and jewelry. It’s really sad to say goodbye to him, but he seems to be taking it pretty well. I guess when you reach his age, you just accept whatever comes. 😦

    Uh, how can I go from there to One Piece?? Passing of an Era! I honestly think that was what everyone recognized with Luffy: he wanted everyone to meet up in the New World. It also looks like the New World is to the Grandline what the Grandline was to the East Blue. Remember during the Baratie Arc when Krieg’s men ran off from the Grandline and warned Luffy not to head there? Feels a lot like that.

    I’m surprised everyone’s acting so shocked about Kidd’s violence. It was explicitly stated that he got his large bounty from causing massive civilian casualties! He’s a bloodthirsty pirate, why does everyone forget that??

    Speaking of which, when will Luffy and rest’s new bounties be revealed? Any guesses on how large Luffy’s will be?

    I theorize that Blackbeard got Drake, since that poor Dino seems to have the worst luck when dealing with adversaries!

    Anyways, on the New World everyone!

  3. I think Blackbeard got Drake. simple logic: Drake is connected to vegapunk. oda said vegapunk would explain everything about devil fruits. and we need an explantion on Teach being able to use two devil fruits…
    about luffys tatto, i dont think thats a message to the crew, i think its a final memorial to Sabo and Ace. Oh and speaking of Ace, as much as i love the guy, no way he beats shiki. besides what he showed in the movie, Shiki fought Roger, and was implied to be on his level, one of the Pirate Kings rivals along with Whitebeard. and after he got out of prison he went to speak with whitebeard as an equal just like shanks. Ace is good, but hes not whitebeard level good…

  4. new age pirate will be pawned by all old pirate
    who only can stand their if you hold yonkou title
    because if only sichibukai, not all sichibukai strong
    something their power par is to far.

  5. y do u keep saying that kong is retired… isn’t he commander in chief- or like pan-fleet admiral.??? he’s not retired… he’s ranked above sengoku

  6. wow super your’e really good ! i didnt even seee that tatto on luffy and forget that couldnt have ever made those awesome theories about it xD

    rock on super , rock on onepiece xD

  7. @Elisha: Sorry to hear about your grandfather. My condolences to you and your family and I hope you all can get through this time as whole as possible.

    *transitions to One Piece smoothly and graciously* >(~_~)>

    The thing about Luffy possibly wanting everybody to meet up in the New World is that they’d all have to go through Fishman Island. To do that they would all need a coated ship and if they are to go separately that means multiple coated ships. I’d rather see them get to the New World together as a crew like how most of the crew reached the Grand Line together. A joyous moment.

    What I’m surprised about is Law’s kindness instead of Kid’s violence. Law is the supposed to be the doctor of death but he’s only been portrayed as helpful and healing. I want to see him mess people up like Hawkins and Kid. What Law did to the Marines on Sabaody Archipelago was just toying with them. I want to see why and how he earned his dark reputation.

    Luffy’s new bounty will probably be affected by his actions at the re-invasion of Marineford too so we’ll probably be seeing it in a few weeks. Maybe when the crew gets back together and they all get the new bounties together. Just like at Water 7. *remembers Sanji’s face and laughs* XD

    Lastly, I think the person Blackbeard took out was Apoo. Just doesn’t seem that interesting to me. X Drake has a rare Ancient Zoan type fruit and can turn into a Dinosaur!

    @Takashid: Hmm…? How is Drake connected to the Vegapunk besides being a former Marine? Is it because of his knowledge on Vegapunk?


    I take no sides in this debate. ^_^ I’ll just say Shiki has not been shown to have Haki. 😛

    @Santo7patian: Well, just remember the Old Age is over and the New Age is rising so eventually the new generation will pass the old. ^_-

    @Omar: When I say Kong is retired I mean from his Fleet Admiral position. Basically he stepped down from his job as Fleet Admiral and took up a desk job as Pan-Fleet Admiral. A paper pusher. His position is technically higher than Sengoku’s but that doesn’t give him control over Sengoku’s forces. As Fleet Admiral Sengoku has control over the Marine forces. Kong is ultimately an advisor of sorts.

    @Ahsan: I’m not the only one who noticed it but thanks! XD

  8. have kno idea wat could be in this weeks chapter becuase there are too many thing that need to be looked at:
    – the rest of the supernova/look that the mad monk getting onto that island (lol luffy is the only person that could go on that island without protection) this umbrella thing to protect from lighting could be usefull if nami dosent lern that skill to block the weather
    – shakki and what happened with the sunny
    -SH crew making peperation to watever message it was i.e stopping running as fast as can to shabondy or trying to meet up asap
    -what was the letter that buggy got?
    -luffy and rayliegh taling about his plan (maybe a flashback to when he first told him)
    -time skip to when luffy is fully healed

  9. super: yeah, that first line drake says seems to be talking to vegapunk himself. i thought that was some obvious foreshadowing to him knowing vegapunk. and i could have sworn i read somewhere that when he was a rear admiral his ship had been assainged to guard vegapunk or something like that. but maybe im just remembering something wrong…
    So whens luffys birthday? didnt oda say that the whitebeard war would be luffys last adventure as a seventeen year old?

  10. you know what im getting this really bad feeling ……

    there is going to be a timeskip and the crew will train for the newworld [including luffy of course]


  11. super : i agree that someone in new age will surpass the old
    but when talked about battle power right now. i think some one that can stand power of old is the yankou(shank is pure awesomeness -right arm) and maybe some sichibukai(don flaminggo look badass even i don’t like him).

  12. spoilers out on one manga!!

  13. @Shiki vs Ace debate:

    To be honest if shiki doesnt have haki Ace stands some chance but then again shiki can use water as a shield and in the same time he could soak Ace in the water and crush him with his df after that.
    if there would be no water near and shiki really doesnt have haki (which i think he does) then Ace would stand a good chance since Shiki has no way of crushing him unless he got kairoseki in his fake legs or something. But honestly since there pirates theres usually some water near and the fight would go to shiki.

  14. @Smurf: Hell yeah! There are so many things to cover but he can’t cover them all in one chapter unless he skips around a lot, so they’ll be reveled in an eventual manner. It’s obvious he has enough to keep the story interesting and keep us guessing.

    @Takashid: I just think Drake was talking to himself and questioning Vegapunk’s intentions in his mind.

    Luffy’s birthday is May 5th (children’s day!) 😀 I hope it’s coming very soon. If there’s a timeskip it may pass it by. 😦 Unless the timeskip is only in months or weeks.

    @Timeskip: The more I think about it the more I’m leaning towards a timeskip. I don’t know about anybody else but I expect Luffy to become the Pirate King in less than 3 years (the time it took Roger to conquer the Grandline). Luffy finished the first half of the Grandline in less than a year so that leaves the New World to be conquered in 2 1/2 years approximately. Roger conquered the second half of the Grand Line (The New Word) in at least 2 years.

    Now, I don’t think Luffy can conquer the New World in half a year after a 2 year timeskip if it took Roger at least 2 years to conquer the New World. So if there’s a time skip it’ll be like a year or less.

    @Fear: Well said

  15. i was thinking about the 16 bell rings again if it means the end and the beginning of a new age and its supposed to be a place where they could meat it could be able that luffy meant Loguetown although its a huge step back it is a possibillity
    it was the place where rogers age ended and a new age “the pirate age” begon


    Excellent Breakdown Superdude. I’d give you an internet, but I’m all out -_-‘. XD! Those bastards! Smoker can’t smoke!? lol

    Is it too late to give my two cents on the debate? Ah whatever.
    gravity affects things with mass, fire has no mass so…Ace gets the win.

  17. One Piece is out!


    Great chapter! Looks like the crew will be training now until they meet up again. The message was obviously to “wait” but there’s definitely something more. Like a meet up time. Anyway, timeskip = inevitable. I’m betting on chapter 600 crew reunion after Oda shows how all the crew will train to get stronger. They all really owe a lot to Luffy and it’s nice to see how appreciative and knowing they are.

    Blackbeard ran from Akainu! Lol, Akainu is a demon! Poor Bonney. 😦 At least Drake is still in the game and he says, “Up yours Kaidou!” Of course Moria is still alive, can’t kill somebody like that off screen. I guessed awhile ago that Moria just replaced his body with his shadow and escaped.

    One more thing though, the translation was piss. I’m waiting for another translation. I don’t think Bonney would say, “Fuck”.

  18. Damn Oda is really doing the timeskip huh! sweet, wonder how long it will be. darn my guess was wrong, it wasnt drake, it was poor bonney. is she connected to the marines/akainu? the way he was talking sounded like he knew her…
    super: whats wrong with bonney swearing? her crew and her have just been crushed by blackbeard, she is in the worst possible situation, and blackbeard is heavily implying that he is gonna kill them, id be swearing too.
    BTW, does anyone else really love the way oda is putting the supernovas and blackbeard pirates names under them when they appear? idk why, but it makes them look even more epic, like that big pic of blackbeard and his crew, and the one of Kid.

  19. Meh, I just don’t think Oda would write that in but who knows. The manga is maturing… Besides that though there were other “off” things about the translation that I’ll be getting to in the breakdown. 😉

    I’m guessing a timeskip of a few months. Leading up to a big event. ^_^ The way Oda puts the names behind and under each character announcing their awesome presence? Epic!

  20. @Takashid/Supertrek – Yea it reminds me of CowBoy BeeBop with the Bountys, I think Bounts are Awesome 🙂

    So Moria escaping anyone think it was his Move he used when the strawhats were going to do him in, him switching places with his Shadow??

    When BB talks about Marutabune its apparently a Hollowed out raft thats Black beards ship.
    I didnt know that so I looked it up and thats what it says looking at that page again it all makes sense BB is after a vessal that can travel the Grandline and Hold Sanjuans Big Ass.

    I thought it was that Moon Ship or something but it aint so I wonder who took capone someone said it could of Been Enel in the Moon ship, Cool if it is 🙂

    I think Bonney is going to be used to make all Old Marines and WG young again like Akainu.

    Lets start Topic Debate on Strawhats potential Powerup grades or on how they’ll train???

  21. Well for Straw Hat crew to get strong I think Robins has to finish the Bridge, Franky Completes VegaPunks Designs on the Island, Brook becomes like Master Showman Magician or something, Usopp a Hunter Sniper Man vs Wild, Nami’s weather skills comparable to Enel’s, Chopper and Sanji’s Paths are Cool 🙂
    But if they can do all that how long of a Time Skip could that take Half Year ya rekon long enough?

  22. i think moria disappeared because absalom was hiding the whole time… he hid and then saw his master in trouble and disappeared with him

  23. yea that hit the mark Moria’s crew to the Rescue if Perona only knew.

  24. YES! Sanji’s gonna get stronger! He really is a man among men T^T

  25. I’m so exited to see Robin meeting Dragon. I don’t know why, but this could be very interesting.
    I’m still convinsted that we gonna meet old characters there *cough* Sabo and Kuina *cough* >_>’ but thats another topic.

    For now lets see how Luffy manages to control his Super Haki.
    Awww ^O^ Go Luffy! GO! But be ready to meet the others in Chapter 600!!!

  26. so.. apparently San Juan Wolf doesnt turn into a ship or anything,… he swims. thats interesting, i wonder why he is called the great battleship?
    Blackburstboom: how would completing the bridge make robin stronger? i think she is going to train with Dragons people. but does this mean that zolo is gonna train with Mihawk? i mean we know he will beat the monkeys eventually, so what else is there?
    btw i love how shiryu is still “the zolo” of Blackbeards crew, calling him out on all the stupid stuff he does 🙂

  27. I suppose even Smoker needs this time to train. As strong as he is, he still apparently lost to Boa.

    AT LEAST HE BEAT CROCODILE-SAMA!….according to the World government >_>

  28. consdering that the last 8 pages were the straw hat crew way of getting stronger i think that the next will show 3 crew members
    for about 12 pages and then 5 other pages to sum up things that have been missing.
    the spare space in the sunny go solder docking system should be filled up with one of those flying machines that nami rode
    looks like acording to doflamingo moria didnt die but his crew member that can turn invisible saved him

    – chopper i going to find a way to trn into that monster and keep his sense’s with the new plants, aswell as other stuff
    – sanji is well u get wat going to happen to him but i want to know if it is 99 parts of one recipe (from spoilers translation) or 99 different recipes from mangastream scanlations.

    any thought on the next crew mates shown?

    oh i read a spoiler somewere that said next week is a break ? but the scanlation didnt say anything so is there one or not

  29. wow i was actually right about bonney being the supernova that was beat by blackbeard but looks like he didn’t use her power to make him younger. oh well. he looks cooler fat lol.

  30. @takashid: Okay Robin when she uses her Fleur abiltiy at one point Robin uses her ability to fly for like 5 secs. If Robin were to build the BRidge her stregth in DF ability would multiply she most likely will be able to fly for alot longer than 5seconds and her arms would be strong enough to take down Giants, her coordination and Multitasking skills exceed the others also by her completing the bridge that has been in construction for 800yrs she will uncover a lost History and even a brighter beacon of hope for the revolutionarys I dont think she need to train with anyone I think people need her skills more than she would need theirs, Also Dragon knows how important she can be.

    Zoro well if he could train his mind to to resist Perona’s Negative DF then Zoro would never doubt his Swords strike, also if he could defeat those Baboons without his swords or something like that then I think he would of grown as a swordsman I dont think he would train with Mihawk more like leave the Island and cut down every enemey in his path.

  31. Blackburstboom: eh i guess so, but i still cant see working on the bridge increasing robins power. history wise it would be good for her yeah, but i still feel like she will train with the revolutionaries and get some of there tech, like that jamming snail dragon has. as for zolo…

    Anyone: LOL i just came up with a hilarious theory for what zolo is gonna do during the time skip. he seemed like the only one who didnt get what the message was so hes just gonna keep trying to leave the island, fighting monkeys the whole way, and head to the sunny go by following the card. lol except he will get lost on the way(yes, because its zolo, he will somehow get lost even with the card XD) and train as he travels. and right as the timeskip ends and everyone meets back at the Sunny he will show up. and when they ask him about the message to stay and train he will be like “message? what message?” 🙂 this is so not gonna happen, but it would be hilarious if it did…

  32. Hey I have a crazy Theory about that Tattoo on Luffy’s arm 3D2Y and I think its 3D’s is Garp, Dragon and Ace and 2Y maybe 2 Yonkou Shanks and White Beard, tell me what you think?

    In my mind thats the Only reason I think luffy would get that tattoo unless it was just Ink and it means 3days 2years.

  33. But I dont know I was thinking the 3 was Sabo’s Symbol also with the X through it and the next Tat below it Ace of spades Symbol, Just still thinking about the Tattoo.

  34. @Blackburstboom: I thought it might have meant three d’s and two yonkous for a little but to be honest that doesnt really make sense…to me at least. Well i really dont think its a tattoo. Just something penned on for the picture.

    It seems the crew will be developing not just in terms of fighting but also in terms of their individual roles on the ship. For Zoro, Usopp and to a lesser extent most of the rest of the crew, those are actually the same. Thing is, Sanji and Robin have never fought with their cooking or archeology skills (Except for the ramen kempo guy but that doesnt really count does it?) Oda pulled out something really unexpected (Well he does that all the time but anyway…) with Sanjis development so no doubt he will do similar things with Robin. I just have no idea how history could help her in a fight or help the crew to get stronger all the time like attack cooking. Well perhaps she discovers some ancient training thingy….I dunno.
    As for the rest, Usopp makes loads of new equipment like the beetle guy has, goes on a diet and possibly stumbles on a df that helps with his sharpshooting. Brooke learns more attacks with music, like the ones apoo from the supernovas does which i really think arent caused by his df. The rest seem obvious but i think Oda is very capable of surprising us more.
    I just wonder how Kuma knew to send them all to such specific places and then managed to send them there in the middle of a fight. Truly awesome.

    Oh yeah and who thinks X Drake would get owned by Kaido. The dude cant handle a pacifista with the help of three other over a millions….

  35. well i just have to say we’re not sure that tatoo says 3D2Y. and why would it b romanized letters? or numbers? i dont think its that important

  36. seems like jewerly bonney is really wanted by the world goverment, could it have anything to do with her DF powers because if she can change a persons age then the world nobles (selfish pricks) would use er to stay young

  37. MORIA!!!

  38. @Omar: Same reason Aces tattoo was romanised. Probably just coz it fits better and also because you can make it out while only seeing half but kanji could be loads of things. I dunno. It seems like a pretty big thing. Why would it just appear for no reason?

  39. @CyborgFranky: Sanji has that mysterious background I think Red Leg spoke about it also when the Marine Gov took a photo of him there was something strange with the picture and he has the Diable Jamble perhaps both his legs will be on fire plus his new Cooking style like he said will increase the Strawhats HP 🙂

    And Robin I guess she could attack the WG with archeology by knowing of Ancient Weapons, Old Secrets and The Mystery of D which could upset the stability of the WG & Celestial Dragons.

    Yeah Ussopp also getting a DF would be Awesome cause he’ll have to Diet and eat fruit sometime him finding 1 or more would be Kewl. But he’ll prove to Kuma that Sogeking aint just a Name 🙂

  40. The new breakdown is out!


    @Takashid: LMAO! I can see that happening. xD

    @Franky: Kaidou would definitely own X Drake but I think Drake is going in with a plan in mind that won’t involve him getting his head ripped off.

    @Blackburstboom: I think Robin will get stronger in here.

    *points at his head*

    She’ll be helping out the crew with her intellect as she has always done. She was their #1 source of info on Sky Island for archeology. I’m sure she can continue to help them with history and reading the stones. Her DF ability already makes her powerful enough fighting wise I think.

    @Everyone: Please continue the discussion in the new breakdown. =)

    (if you’re still awake)

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