Naruto 504 “Breakdown”: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Motivational (that’s right, I said motivational) poster and official debate (plus last week’s result) inclusive.

Words have a strange peculiarity to them.

Through what we spout out and ink down or conceive in our minds, we each attempt to make sense of our environment and experiences, representing them in a specific selection of the definitive yet inexplicable wonder of words: the principal carriers of intent and signification.

We speak things or write them down and effectively, we express; our deepest thought and feeling carried in these symbols and vibrations, transported through the pages or invisible spaces of an obedient channel and taken in, deciphered by the recipient. And the result: meaning.

We listen and read and thus, this meaning is derived; an interpretation complete; a message transmitted. And what effect is propagated by this meaning? Will it move you? Make you fall in love? Cause you to laugh? …To cry?

A careful arrangement of many such lexical bodies will sometimes produce in one a specific kind of profound effect; some different from others amongst receivers.

Yet, other times, the most simple, most unassuming expressions will come round to generating the heaviest of impacts; like a two-edged sword exacting great power and piercing even to the divining of the soul…

“Thank you.”

That was it.

That was the story of the last chapter. Its meaning.

This is the story of the beginning of the end of the Uzumaki family, the happy family that never was; a story of love, selflessness, and humble gratitude: the concoction meshing to melt the hardest of hearts.

But what went wrong? Why did there have to be so much pain? So much bloodshed? Suddenly, a bundle of joy becomes filled with unquenchable hate: a tailed beast embodying nothing but animus. And so it all snowballs downhill.

But that is the end result.

In the beginning is the tale of one couple’s efforts to preserve their village alive. And by self-immolation of their lives and using that of their newborn son as a catalyst, the way is paved for history to be written; and they will let nothing get in their way. Sobering, mawkish, sappy, indifferent…however you felt about this one chapter, nothing remains to be taken away from its core message — a message that, in the very least, merits appreciation.

Like Itachi and Pein respectively pointed out, we live in a corrupt system where truth contradicts reality and justice is relative. And in their constant, perpetual struggles, many lose sight of the more important things in life, the simple things. Tooth and nail they scramble for the frivolous, forgetting what they really want. But the greater blessings of mankind are within us and within our reach. Yet we shut our eyes and like people in the dark, we fall foul upon the very thing we search for without finding it.

Thankfully, this never was the case for Minato and his wife. They held true to who they were and realized what was even more important, surrendering all to see that this remained whole and unblemished.

Naruto was in fact filled with love before he became a Jinchuuriki. He only never knew it.

Not until now.


5) I’m getting used to these tie things.


Bubble: OK let’s show these Whippersnappers what were made of CHAAARGGE!!!!
Caption: We put our elderly in nursing homes. Konoha puts them on the front line. Well, there gonna die soon regardless.


Bubble: There he is!! The Bastard that keeps putting words in our mouths!! Get Him!!
Caption: Run Captain Pickles, RUN!!!

Kingtuckerviii’s entry is also a worthwhile mention. And it’s kind of true, too. >_>


4) PeinOAvenue

Bubble: OMG we all gonna be crushed!!!
Caption: by hinata’s Giant boobs.


3) Tenrai Senshi

Bubble: We are Konoha!!!!
Caption: Shinobi… they pwn mages any day. <_<

If only the root manga could make a shred of sense. *dodges BB’s rocks* >_>


2) Gavin

Bubble: I want YOU!
Caption: For Konoha Ninja’s nearest recruiting station.

This is exactly what I was looking for! Lol


Buuut, look who dun did it again…

Is it Susan Boyle?!!! Is it Susan Boyle?!!!!

Lol! Dammit, you friggin’ Brits that make me LOL!

It was such a close one between Gavin’s and this Redbaron’s entry, but there can be only winner! Congrats to you, buddy, and good game, everyone. 🙂


It was very fun to watch indeed. And in the end, the explosive (haha) might of the one team prevailed over their opponents.

And the winner…

Yay, you win. Now go use the money to get you some new hair extensions.

Now for this week’s debate, and it’s a special one.

Personally, I couldn’t care less about manga romance, but seeing as a lot of people apparently do, and this chapter specifically brought it to light, well…

Naru X Hina


Naru X Saku

What’s it gonna be?

Sigh, there goes my lunch…

Well, you have yourselves a good day and I’ll be on my way.

But remember…I’m always watching. @__@


Tell me your own politik.


~ by Captain Pickles on August 2, 2010.

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  1. Don’t worry, you can leave hate comments; I’ll know where you’re coming from.

    No criticism is bad criticism. ^ ^

  2. Stealing first, BAD PICKLES

  3. Hmmm, bit of a short breakdown. But then, there’s not much to talk about. The images and words speak for themselves….


    Now kneel before Zo… uh Baron.

    Oh and I guess I’m second,..
    It was purposely short and purposely had no pictures, too. Twas something I wanted to try out, but I also realized it wasn’t the best idea, hence the comment above yours. 😉

    Oh, and I’m your daddy. Muahahaha!!

  4. THIRDDDDDDDDD!!!! now to go read!

  5. Yondaime

  6. *joins bb in pelting pickles only instead of rocks I’m launching flaming boulders.

  7. And about the NaruxSaku, NaruxHina debate. I’m going for NaruxHina. I don’t see how Sakura could suddenly become infatuated for Naruto. I’m sure she loves him but more in a ‘brother’ kinda relation… Hmmm, does that sound as wrong as I think it did?..

    Anyways, for me it would be really cheap if Kishi suddenly made Sakura all smexy for Naruto.
    But that’s just me and Hinata automatically gets a few extra points for,… uhm,… you know… Her ‘assets’. >__>

    @ Pickles,
    I forgot to thank you for the first place. I wasn’t sure whether or not you’d get the reference but it seems Top Gear transcends space and time. 🙂

  8. T___T How did I miss Ten’s bubble entry? and curse u pickles for selecting it! XD
    *wanders off to find giant rocks*
    @Kantonkage yess! now we need a few more people and we can have a riot! ^__^

    I approve of this debate 100% good choice 😉

  9. Great job Pickles.

    As I said, Naruto = Harry Potter.

    Everyone should know my stance on this debate. I much prefer NaruHina over NaruSaku. Lol, see ‘The Pairing Wars’ for more information on that.


  11. Too bad this chapter didn’t have any caption worthy post oh well.*goes to listen to No, Thank You by K-on*

  12. @baron
    congratz, you won again.. but that caption really made ROLF! I remember Jeremy Clarkson said it when the stig took of his helmet and it was Michael Schumacher!hahaha

    For the debate, its naruhina for me.. I cant really picture out sakura and naruto.. Besides, she has bigger love for naruto, she’s very woman like, she’s got bigger boobs, big boobs, and she’s also a skilled ninja and has the courage to face pain. And did i say big boobs?

  13. hey this is 4 the OP fans

    hope the link works
    maby some1 can give me a rundown how to share the data i find


    No not really… Anyways, what I really, _REALLY_ want to show you guys is this:

    This wallpaper… The ONLY thing that would make it more epic is if whips of electricity were rising out of it and slashing the air everywhere around it! AND THEN THE ONLY THING THAT COULD MAKE IT MORE EPIC IS… AFTER IT’S THROWN… We get some hurricane ice action happening! >:D

  15. Sorry for double comment, but…

    @Eugen: “About Hinata, this is a little tricky cause just like the Uchiha this clan is a bit…. on the incest side, if u get me, at least that’s what I always thought, “keep the kekegenkai in the family son, now go and marry your 2nd cousin on your mother’s side!”.

    I don’t know maybe it stupid to think like that but hey to each his own.”

    I noticed this too, and I also came up with an idea by “collaborating” with the person who made this ( fanfiction.

    This author helped me come up with the idea that Hinata could potentially… Instead of marrying Neji, marry a nameless (so to speak) Hyuuga from the main branch; although it would still be incest, perhaps not as closely-related incest?

    Either way, I hate to admit this, but come to think of it, due to the fact that Naruto is a senju, and related to the person that originated from the guy who developed the Byakugan…(?) Wouldn’t that mean he has a chance at marrying the Hyuuga heiress?

    Yeah, anyways, comment, whatever. And what’d you guys think of the picture? I feel like I’m forgetting to mention an idea.

  16. Awesomeness breakdown teh Pickles! 😀 And sorry for triple comment. X3 Ugh. <,<

  17. @CP: LOL… It’s my Bubblition pick too!

    @Debate: Although mommy would prefer NaruSaku, I voted NaruHina on this one. I think it wouldn’t be a nice ending if Naruto gets Sakura because for most of the manga she was never into him. Hinata had long wanted to be with Naruto and he did find her beautiful in the waterfall. The confession ep was also at the heart of this story, so NaruHina FTW! Besides I like quiet girls… 😉

  18. Naruto originally wanted Sakura, and he’s gone through tons of bullshit to get where he is. Don’t you guys think you could hope for Sakura to mature more and faster, that way Naruto can finally get something he really deeply wants?

  19. Nice breakdown Pickles. I enjoyed the depth in your words and I like things like that.

    I also think I understand your reasoning for not using any images. It’s like a good song. Sometimes the music sets the beat and tempo for the mood of any song, but at the same time, sometimes you only need a good voice alone to move emotions the way one intends to. Sometimes the voice is more important and prominent than the music.

    I hope I am making sense.

    Anyway, adding images with funny words may have detracted from the depth of your words and simply pasting the pages as they are wouldn’t really add any value to those words, because we have already seen the manga. Sometimes, words hold all the understanding and depth we need.

    Of course, I could just be completely wrong, which means I am doing a very good job of embarassing myself. T____T

    *Eats everyone.*

  20. @Holydemonandy No.

  21. @ the Captain, you the man, deep & meaningful with the best choice of words for the situation. Undoubtedly your best work yet, cheers.

    @ Andy, I saw the pic a while back and I also took a licking to it, but Naruto has the potential now to become a master of every elemental recompensation and the taboo yin yang.

    So as for Sasuke adding his lightning to Naruto’s Rassen shuriken, I think it’s pointless now.

    @ Tenrai, dude stop eating everyone, if it weren’t for dish, I’d bee digested right about now.
    Go to Cannibals Anonymous and get help, I developed a knife and fork fobia because of you. :))

  22. @Eugen

    Saying that I am a cannibal would be implying that I am human. @__@

  23. @ TENRAI @_@ ahmmmmm……*runs away like the Road Runner in Loony Toons*

  24. O_O Great breakdown Pickles. But I’m going with Naru X Sasu @___@

    >_> There’s nothing wrong with bromance, ask Super. O_O

  25. nice short breakdown i liked the new innovation actually


    lol really the breakdown really was perfect for the chapter 😀


  26. @Kushina: NaruSasu, what relationship might they have given what we have seen so far, if they were a coupling!


    SakuIno or SakuHina… Same as before, and considering we’ve seen an interaction or two with Saku Hina we can at least use our imaginations, right?

  27. Wtf SakuHina seriously Wtf!! Now about NaruSasu don’t you know already that Sasuke is a Revengesexual and has Necrophilia.
    *watch wonder why Eugen ran away roadrunner style then sees Tenrai swallowing someone’s foot* Oh

  28. Right… I’m more interested in what Naruto plans to do with his new found power than all this random coupling.

    I don’t think he even needs to train it. Jiraiya already taught him how to draw out and control the Kyubi’s chakra back in the Chunin Exams. The only problem was the potential to be overwhelmed by drawing out to much and losing control. Now that’s not a problem anymore so technically he’s all set to go. He has full control of the Kyubi now. Signed, sealed, delivered.

    Maybe there are some more steps to controlling the full power of the Kyubi even after subduing it though. Bee can help him out with that. Anyway, I’m excited to see what new jutsus he can come up with with controlled Kyubi chakra (nearly limitless store of chakra) and his wind affinity. I hope he discovers a new element too.

    @Kushina: Lolz 😛

  29. @Kanton: So maybe Sasuke loves to hate Naruto instead of loves him, and has sadistic fantasies with his dead body after finally breaking his ties? Fucked up, but it’s an example of what I’m referring to.

  30. BAH! I’m still saying Narutenten 😀

  31. Well somebody got vote for the Invisible ones. I wonder has anyone noticed that the useless Kunoichi usually 3 times as much of panel time then the useful ones.

  32. Thanks 会長加賀 Chairman Kage, you’re a worthy adversary.


    Seeing as everyone is coming up with some sick combinations, NaruSasu and especially NaruTenten *shudders* makes me want to bring this back to sensible level.
    NaruTsuna or NaruMei or NaruSamui or NaruAnko or….

    *head begins to spin and passes out, dreams about seeing two D’s and F’s on test papers… Grows a smile on his face and drools*


  34. *shoots HolyDemonAndy*

  35. How about NaruSousu for something completely random.

    Still Naruhina FTEW!!!

  36. so where can we read the manga from now on? and for the sarcastic, without having to buy it.

  37. Ok, this is going crazy.. But you know what they say, anything goes! Sometimes forward, sometimes backwards, always fun if you’re open minded… x_x

  38. the same place where most of us been reading it at

  39. for previous chapters try

  40. ?hahaha

  41. NaruHina ftw…..cause Suckura is lame

  42. *Gets shot.* Ugh! *Brings his hand to his heart as it bleeds profusely, red liquid draining out from the bullet hole. Brings the back of his left hand up to his forehead in a dramatic ‘woe is me’ position.* Tell… Sakura… I… Love her…

    Guh… *Dies.*


  43. Am i the only one that thinks that it would be sexy for a hinasaku

  44. How about HinaxNel?

  45. HinaSaku would be kind of sweet. Then Naruto would be left for Ino or Tenten? XD Or Temari! :O There have been some pretty good fanfics for other pairings I think. 🙂

  46. Wow very nice breakdown. It made me feel the need to actually comment.

  47. Spoilers are out.

  48. I actually have a theory now…

    If the Kyuubi’s chakra mixed with Naruto’s chakra while he was in the womb during Kushina’s pregnancy, is it possible that Naruto somehow bonded with the Kyuubi?

    Maybe they shared their chakra and some of the physical attributes and even maybe personality (like Naruto’s mischievous side). If this is the case, it is possible that Naruto already contains some of the Kyuubi’s chakra as his own, before even absorbing it now.

    What I am trying to get at is that Naruto may have already had the other half of the Kyuubi’s chakra in a way. Maybe he is the other half, or maybe by absorbing the dark chakra, he has now become complete?

    When I think about it, Naruto’s chakra is always shown as being warm, while the Kyuubi’s is dark. Maybe Naruto is the light side of the Kyuubi’s chakra and has been all along?

    Why else would he turn Super sa… I mean flaming sage all of a sudden?


  49. Edit – *SPOILER ALERT!!!!*

    naruto learned the flying thunder god jutsu? FUCK YAH lol i knew it was only a matter of time b4 he got that *runs around like an all knowing prophet* he is now the definition of bad ass even if b4 when he got his kyuubi powers this is just icing on the cake of awesomeness… fucking awesome icing that has bolts of lightning shooting out of it with fireworks decorateing the skies above creating the word awesomeness in red white and blue colors *has a seizure from an over exposure of awesomeness*

    Please don’t forget to let people know if you are going to talk about spoilers in your post, so that those who want to avoid them can do so more easily. Thank you. ^ ^


  50. also im with mandi on this sakura = whore. not even an incling in my body feels she should end happily in the manga. i wish a stray bolt of lightning would hit her house so that it would catch on flame while she is tied to the bed post raped and beaten by ninja’s from the village hidden in the clouds while her picture of sasuke is torn into tiny pieces as many blades thrust into her arms and legs encaseing her in a firey stabby prison… and then hinata comes by and spits on the ash pile. 😀

  51. oh and btw im haveing a wonderful week how about u guys? 😐

  52. *poofs into blog*
    *spots incoming flaming boulders*

    I’m starting to get used to this. ;___;

    Thanks for the complimentary comments, guys. I’d appreciate it, but I have just been burned to crisp and crushed to nothingness. Maybe next time…X__X

    @Baron: No worries, it was earned. 🙂 Apparently, I’m not the only one who thought so, too lol.

    @Eugen: Aww, shucks *slaps*…sorry…reflex…<_<

    Since we're on the topic of paring, I would like to suggest NaruBB. It's perfect!


    so naruto has now got FTG but what did it mean about the mokuton, has naruto learnt how to use it now or something. And hes now the best sensor in the world. i think that beats EMS. whats sasukes next power up gonna be?

  54. I’m back from the graveyard! I missed the internet like pein missed Tiny. luckily I didn’t progress to the “destroy everything because I’m emo” phase.

    Debate: Is it really a debate after Sakura tried to play him, and after Hinata confessed? story line-hinata wins. Now on to fan-base influence…Hinata wins. Looks-Hinata. female-hinata. Let’s see…what is the logical choice? I rest my case.

    Lets throw down WRA! I’m iching for some action…or from that last party…
    Welcome back, dude! 😀

  55. 505… i want… gimme…

  56. @Ajd: Welcome back man! WRA missed you like Sasuke misses his mommy! Lol, now you see if I replace “Sasuke” with “Naruto” I’ll get complaints. >_>

    @Spoilers: MY EYES!!! @_@

  57. Well about debate. Hinata loves Naruto. Sakura don’t love Naruto (she loves him like a friend).So I vote for Hinata.

    If Spoilers are corect, how come on earth, Naruto learn a FTG jutsu? And to be so good as a sensor? Naruto is like god in this state. I don’t like that much.


    For the record. It doesn’t say Naruto uses Hiraishin (Flying Thunder God) it says Naruto uses shunshin no jutsu (which is something all extremely skilled ninjas can do). Naruto’s speed is probably what reminds Bee of Minato. Shunshin no jutsu is just rapid movement and as opposed to the Hiraishin it does use up chakra proportional to the distance and the speed at which the user travels. Naruto will most likely be super (saiyan) fast because of his ability to control the Kyuubi’s chakra. But Hiraishin will still be faster.

  59. OOPS. sorry about that ^^

  60. spoiler alert:

    so pretty much naruto does the same shunshin no jutsu as raikage. by that i mean he goes rapid. but yeah hes the best sensor in the world now. but yeah what was the mokuton thing about in the spoiler i didnt understand it, somebody please explain it?

  61. FTG FTW!!!!!! he’s gotta know it, his mom just gave him a whole speel about how his dad used it all the time, how can he not know????

  62. It’s out!

    Go get ’em, boys and girls!

  63. HELL YA NARUTO!!!!! he looks like the 6 Sage, lol he’s gonna beat kisames ass!!!

  64. o btw it makes SENSE that naruto can detect the smallest amount of hatred, thats exactly what the kubi could do then latch onto it

  65. Dammit! It takes too long to load the pages now since practically all of onemanga readers are reading mangastream… x_x

  66. FUCK Chairman i’m stuck on page 14 but this is AMAZIN!!! he’s like the fourth even yamato said it HELL YA

  67. @dricedt
    Good for you, im stuck on page 2!!!!

  68. @Chairman, DUDE YOUR GONNA LOVE IT!!!


  70. @dricedt
    Sh*t!! Im so restless now..

    daaaaamn!!! still page 2!!! will this ever end????!!!!

  71. @Chairman
    try typing 3,4,5 etc and then enter in the URL to change the page, thats what i had to do

  72. Epic chapter. Just a hint of Naruto’s new found power to get everyone excited and his Super Saiyan mode looks nice, and his face is as cool as ice. Awesome elbow blow by Gai too.

    Only question I have know is will Naruto still need/use Sage mode. To me it seems this new power exceeds Sage mode in power and speed but what about healing, resilience and stamina…
    Already looking forward to next weeks chapter. Gai vs Kisame round 3!! Although Kisame will probably get his ass kicked by Gai, Bee and Goku… err Naruto.

    Also it seems Naruto CAN sense a disturbance in the Force. @__@

  73. It should be easy for Naruto to track Sasuke and Madara since they breathe Hatred and Malice.
    Loved the chapter.

  74. All I did was click on the numbers in the scroll-down box to turn the page, it went much faster.

  75. do you guys think naruto will be able to go full nine tails like bee?


    apparently mangastream is being overloaded by readers xD so i thought id give you guys an alternate link the chapter really was badass!

    funny thing is how has naruto surpassed minato ? minato did teleporting without the kyubi’s chakra ! >_>


  77. @Ashan because naruto teleported without putting a seal or w.e on kisame, he just went where he wanted in a flash

  78. in that case perhaps he didnt “teleport” he just went there real fast !

  79. Wow, what an awesome chapter!

    I mentioned something a while back about Sasuke’s true intentions. Part of that is knowing whether or not his evil is an act. It does look like Sasuke has evil chakra, most likely.

    The point is, now Naruto will be able to tell for sure whether or not Sasuke is just trying to pull one over on Madara. Still, I realize most people think Sasuke is an ‘evil’ presence now. I still wonder if there will be a twist involving this.

  80. trust me gavin sasugay is as evil as people get >_> <_<

  81. Again, that opinion is valid. It might be that simple. But, in my mind, if Sasuke stops being interesting then the story falls apart. I think it wouldn’t be that interesting if Sasuke just fell into evil and that was it. Because, I mean, what, are we expecting Naruto and Sasuke to just fight to the death? Sasuke being evil sounds too simple to me, even if Naruto tries his hardest to turn him back.

  82. @gavin – i agree, sasuke being torn between his past values and “evil” make him more interesting than just being straight up evil…

    Also, anyone else kinda dissapointed naruto doesn’t use his jinjuriki power the way every other one does…? …I was looking forward to him using the cloak in sage mode or having a fully formed kyuubi skeleton mode…

    I’m not sure i like him becoming basically a transient being of chakra… maybe it will grow on me…

    I predict sasuke’s MS will give him a similar power though and he will have the rikudo sage outline around his eyes(opposite to naruto’s markings on his body) and will also have the necklace…

  83. @gavin, this is a Shonen manga, not Star Wars lol.

    So basically whenever Naruto gets Kyubi chakra he transforms into that thing? Like I said a few weeks ago, SAGE MODE IS COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY USELESS NOW!

    I miss the chakra cloak 😦

  84. GUY Vs KISAME part II is going to be the thrilla in manilla

    Or possibly, guy is going to die soon, and we get some back-story on him… and how ROCK LEE IS HIS SON!

  85. About Naruto and Sasuke fighting to the death. I don’t think that will happen. That would give Tobi free game to execute his Moon’s Eye plan. Sasuke will most likely redeem himself and they’ll probably join forces to fight Tobi.

    @ Dricedt,

    Naruto uses Shunshin no jutsu which is just rapid movement. Hiraishin is a space/time jutsu.

  86. Hell yeah Naruto! Just using a little bit of the Kyubi’s chakra and look at what he can do! Though, he was just moving really fast not teleporting. It wasn’t FTG. Still, all Killer Bee saw was a yellow streak move to lay a smackdown on Kisame. That’s pretty damn fast.

    But you know who truly made this chapter awesome? Maito Gai! Nuff’ said.

    @Gavin: I knew you’d point out Naruto’s ability to sense hatred and evil chakra in people now. 😉 Didn’t you say there was some kind of evil influence inside Sasuke manipulating him? Like dark Zetsu?

    I agree Sasuke is not simply and completely evil. Though, I don’t believe his source of influence is on the inside of him, rather on the outside. Redemption is still and option and even if it’s only a small pallor of light I believe there’s still some good left in him. It’ll make for a good internal conflict and it’s a regular theme of Naruto. Very few are “completely evil” in this manga.

  87. Personally I think the sage of six paths look is epic.

  88. @Ahsan: Thanks for the other site…it’s waaaayyyy faster!

    @kisuzachi: Sage mode might not be COMPLETELY useless…His new badass mode might not allow him to detect chakra, just negative emotions. Also, he might not have that insane strength that came with sage mode.

  89. @kisuzachi: but there are a lot of star wars references if you look around. plenty of breakdowns have mentioned uncanny resemblances to star wars.

    @adakias, 1redbaron1, supertrek89: I actually didn’t know that people still believed in Sasuke, even if only a little bit. Yeah Zetsu is still a major player and I can’t figure out what his part is yet. I hope it wasn’t only to make clones. I want to see more of him.

  90. @Gavin: “I actually didn’t know that people still believed in Sasuke, even if only a little bit.”

    That’s my line…>_>

    @Chapter: The only problem I had with all these new powerups is now I feel Killer Bee got jipped. This man has been a perfect Jinchuuriki host for years and now Naruto becomes one for a minute and it seems he’s already stronger than Killer Bee. Well, take it all in stride. Naruto is related to the Sage and he got the 9 tails so his power gain would be unprecedented. Good for him…

  91. NIIICCCEEE! I think it wasnt Hiraishin but ultra fast movement.. faster than when one of the 6 pains tried to attack tsunade..

  92. 100% EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i almost jizzed in my pants at this chapter it was orgasmic

  93. iono, there was a referance by killer bee as to the yellow flash, he even said naruto TELEPORTED, and yamato also said he is like the forth, i think he ment he cant control his speed like the fourth could yet but the link between the two goes without question. One can only hope that he uses the FTG especially after having many chapters spam it. We’ll c what kishi has in store!!!

  94. @metachi, he was apparently strong enough to get his feet stuck in the wall with no damage to him. And who needs to sense chakra when you can sense emotions? Not everyone in this manga about ninjas is a ninja ya know lol

    Killerbee said it was a “Yellowflash”. I’m hoping to God Naruto’s new form isn’t glowing yellow. DBZ anyone? Well at least Kishi wouldn’t be the only mangaka ripping Toriyama off *coughKubocough*. Just saying….>_>

  95. This chapter was completely awesome. I only have one thing to say about naruto’s new form:

  96. @kisuzachi, chakra is life-force so even an infant would have a small amount of it. Plus, we dont know the range of his emo sensing powers, unlike with sage mode where he could sense the chakra of everyone in the village (and konoha is huge). Furthermore, since kishi already showed us that the kyuubi’s chakra and merge with sage chakra, I want to that idea develop more. Who knows, maybe naruto and mix the two chakras and create a new kind of chakra or im just pulling ideas out of my ass. >_<

  97. DYNAMIC ENTRY! Oh yeah! An injured Kisame versus a pumped-up Maito Guy is an EPIC! Wahahahaha I think they are at par with each other now that Kisame is injured! i just hope they would not make this fight a long one.

    I wonder how Naruto’s new look would look like in the anime… Hmmm… i really hope that it would not be yellow like Goku’s Super Saiyan.. hehehe im hoping that it could be an orange glow… hehehe

  98. @doomien, yeah but that fusion was done by real fox chakra, not this lovey dovey pansy chakra. If Sage Mode gets thrown into the mix all that’s changing are his eyes. Seriously, he doesn’t even have the Kyubi eyes now *sigh

    Now lets hope our favorite shark doesn’t die here! Otherwise his whole mission (BRING BACK info to Akatsuki) would have been for nothing, filler if you will

  99. Crazy theory time.
    Kisame escapes to the sea. Killer bee cant chase after him, because he is helping naruto get unstuck. So Guy goes after kisame by him self. I think there was a barrier put up to prevent killer bee and naruto from getting out as well as preventing anything from getting in. So maybe kisame knows how to bypass this shield, but guy is close enough to escape from the barrier with kisame. That leaves the battle on the water (kisame advantage) verse guy. Who has been set up to fight kisame for a long time.
    so what do you think of my theory?

  100. @hou1kage: if u found this chapter orgasmic, did u ever try rusty spoons? O_o
    @chapter: wow naruto is a beast now… and btw whats the number of the beast? … yeah! 666… hes the sage of the 666 paths :-O

    i really wonder whats the sense of sage mode now, well it was needed to gain control of the kyuubi, i admit that, but now?
    seems that the qb-chakra IS life energy itself, look at that wood reacting to the chakra, what is that? it creates life Oo
    maybe a hint for instant regenerative ability?
    but i think this means that he IS one with nature literally…so he could gain natural chakra even if he is moving…
    but… well i dun get it…


  101. yah i also notice why emphasize the reaction of nature to Naruto’s new chakra. maybe its an upgraded version of the Sage Mode. Remember how he pawned Asura pein before it reaches Tsunade? Its already fast but this time he is faster. I think there would be a time skip for Naruto to further develop his skills.

  102. WELL PLAYED KISHI!!!! having Kisame come back during SHARK WEEK. classic… seriously >_>
    Chapter was AWESOME. I somewhat hope Naruto doesn’t always appear all 6-sage looking everytime he uses the kyuubis chakra. I liked his chakra cloak and those red-slitted eyes @____@

    I want to know why he looks this way. Bee till has his chakra cloak when he borrows the hachibis chakra. Is it because of the type of seal Naruto had? Can someone clear this up for me?

    “Since we’re on the topic of paring, I would like to suggest NaruBB. It’s perfect!”
    awwww you’re so sweet! 😉
    unless the BB you’re mentioning is Blackbeard from One Piece @___@ *pukes*

  103. @Gudoruto
    Time skip in the middle of the war? No, It will be no more time skip in this manga.

    And I am too anxious to see which color will Naruto glow in anime. I think he will be more white than a yellow or orange.

  104. @Adakias: “@gavin – i agree, sasuke being torn between his past values and “evil” make him more interesting than just being straight up evil…”

    This would make sense if it happened because Naruto was torn between his past self and good.

    I kind of like the new cloak over the old one – it’s a nice change, and it’s less like Naruto is being taken over by something and more like he’s gaining power for himself rather than being used by something. Also, I like the potential symbolics of this because it’s given me a few ideas on stuff colors represent, and the way to give off certain feelings with certain looks.

    @Super: “This man has been a perfect Jinchuuriki host for years and now Naruto becomes one for a minute and it seems he’s already stronger than Killer Bee. Well, take it all in stride. Naruto is related to the Sage and he got the 9 tails so his power gain would be unprecedented. Good for him…”

    You’re right Super, it is kind of unfair, but the last will come first and first will come last, besides, this means that Naruto has way more responsibility to use his power for good than Killer Bee does. Power isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

    @Kisu: “Killerbee said it was a “Yellowflash”. I’m hoping to God Naruto’s new form isn’t glowing yellow.” I’m hoping it’s orange to be totally honest with you. Then again it would make sense if it was yellow due to the fact that Kyuubi’s chakra cloak was red. So! Will Kishi make an orange one when Kyuubi decides to help Naruto?

    @Gudoruto: “DYNAMIC ENTRY! Oh yeah! An injured Kisame versus a pumped-up Maito Guy is an EPIC! Wahahahaha I think they are at par with each other now that Kisame is injured! i just hope they would not make this fight a long one.”

    Yeah, I noticed that too, but no one has mentioned, it appears, anything about Gai’s other self, you know? Which I’m kind of disappointed about. We should have a debate on the potential ramifications of Gai’s attempts at having strength in the face of adversity – which is his age.

    @Kisu: I could easily see people doing fanart of Naruto with crucifix sagemode eyes and orange chakra cloak with Rikudo sage. And the skies would turn blood-red… Much like how they portray sagemode Kyuubi eyes.

    @Salamiyo: He’s only a 666 beast when he’s up to six tails with Kyuubi chakra, otherwise he is and tries to be 777. 🙂 Especially because apparently he gets more than enough sleep. ^,^ Perhaps that is from depression, or maybe he is extremely tired because of all the stress he deals with? Either way, I relate. :3 Well, could relate. <,< 😀

    "look at that wood reacting to the chakra, what is that? it creates life Oo" LOOK AT THEM BONERS REACTING TO THAT BLOOD FROM LOOKIN' AT DAT ASS.

    @BB: The reason for it probably has to do with Naruto no longer being neigh posessed by Kyuubi's will, and, rather, having only the chakra element which takes form to his DNA? That's my theory.

  105. 8 gates anyone?

  106. i think Gai would release all of his gates on this one… and Naruto and Bee is different in a way that Bee befriended his Bijuu and in return lend him SOME but not all of his powers unlike Naruto who controls ALL of the Kyubi’s power… What do you think guys?

  107. @bbgurly14

    EPIC Epiphany time!!!!!!

    I guess chakra is just chakra, at the end of the day. What gives chakra a sense of maliciousness or foreboding is simply the one using it. Their will and intent also molds the chakra in a way and it changes according to their influence. It is their inner nature that reflects in the form their chakra takes physically, seeing as how chakra is made up of a users spiritual energy mixed with their stamina.

    When Naruto was taken over by the Kyuubi’s chakra before, he was simply borrowing that power, but it was still coming from the same source, that being the Kyuubi, and it was also the fox’s inner hatred and killing intent that made the chakra become harmful and in turn, caused Naruto to adopt a similar appearance based on the Kyuubi’s influence and inner nature.

    Now, with the Kyuubi out of the picture, that chakra no longer has that hateful influence. It is now under Naruto’s control and therefore, its appearance is a reflection of Naruto’s true inner nature rather than the Kyuubi’s. I guess that tells us something, and that is that this appearance the chakra forms around Naruto is a reflection of his true spiritual nature.

    So, if it is really a reflection of his true inner Nature, what does that make Naruto? Now this is what I believe.

    Remember the prophecy about the child of destiny? The elder toad mentioned that both Nagato and Naruto were a part of it in some way and now we can see that they have both inherited some form of power from the Sage of the Six Paths. Perhaps, in a way, they are both reincarnations of the original two sons of the sage in their purest form, before their bloodline watered down into the Senju and the Uchiha. So, in essence, the power that both Naruto and Nagato have shown represents the power passed on to each son (Nagato with the original Rinnegan eyes before they mutated into the sharingan over time and Naruto with the body and vitality of the sage’s youngest son).

    It would also explain the choice Jiraiya had to make. In essence, both Naruto and Nagato represented each side of his choice. Nagato (who represents the reincarnation of the older son, who wanted to rule through power) was the choice that would lead to destruction and Naruto (Who represents the younger son who wanted to attain peace through love) represents salvation.

    Jiraiya takes the part of the sage himself, who also had to choose between his two sons as to who would succeed him. Jiraiya chose Naruto (the youngest son), just like the sage chose his youngest son in the past. It is also ironic that Jiraiya is a sage himself by title and a father figure to both. O_o

    OMG…. It all makes perfect sense now. Why didn’t I think of this before? Naruto must be a reincarnation of the Sage’s younger son while Nagato was a reincarnation of his oldest son. Their powers, beliefs and even behavior all suggests that this is true. @__@

    *Has had an epic Epiphany.*

  108. I have just, completely flabbergasted myself….

  109. Well, after reading that, as they say on watch, “I stand properly relieved.” Naruto is kicking ass as a manga and a character. But Gai was the Icing on the cake.

    I’ll think of something when I’ve had sleep, for now. No Sasuke theories from me

  110. *Agrees with Tenrai*

    Dudes… HinaNaru won’t work because he doesn’t fully loves her. And SakuNaru Won’t work because she doesn’t fully loves him.
    So.. I bet Kishi creates a new super hot and super powerful chick just for Naruto when he’s become the greatest shinobi of them all. And it won’t suprise me if Sasuke also like her (if he still is alive). Triangle drama + Sakura and Hinata.. X_X

  111. @ tenrai
    thats some plausible shit my nigga.if thats the case then that means his chakra control is insane, wait scratch that, he still cant control it as we’ve already seen but after mastering this,i think he would surpass tsunade in that aspect, and if its that good, maybe he could gather natural energy like other people mentioned. At the same time it feels kinda cheap since he acquired all this power in about, what two hours of actually trying.and when it really came down to it his mom did it. so idk this is a great theory but the way it played out was rather fast and kinda sasukeesque…..

  112. @Tenrai: Hmmm…I’d say Nagato is more of the reincarnation of the Sage of Paths than the eldest son. He has the full Rinnengan after all unlike the eldest.

    Also Nagato’s ideology wasn’t always bring peace through strength.

    I think if he was the reincarnation of the eldest he’d have the eldest’s core values at heart. But as we can see he didn’t and from events transpired, he always had some inkling of faith in his initial values of bringing peace through understanding. He was just corrupted and changed along the way. Lastly, like the Sage of 6 Paths he entrusted the mission of bringing peace to the world on Naruto. As the Sage entrusted the mission of peace on his youngest son.

    Sasuke to me embodies the eldest son the most for obvious reasons plus he’s a descendant of the eldest. Revenge and the power of the eyes and spiritual chakra are all present. While Nagato may have that too I still think Sasuke channels the eldest better.

  113. @supertrek89

    Yes, I still believe Sasuke embodies that right now, but I am more referring to an actual reincarnation more than just a descendant.

    Also, remember that when the Sage passed his eye powers onto his oldest, that it was likely the Rinnegan he was passing on, not the Sharingan. As ages passed, and bloodlines mixed, it eventually became the Sharingan further down the line. This doesn’t mean its power necessarily waned, it just means that it evolved differently.

    But you have to admit, the similarities are uncanny. And we have seen how Kishi shows a pattern in history. Jiraiya’s choice between Naruto and Nagato, is the same choice the Sage had to make, and Naruto and Nagato are the same as the older and younger sons of the Sage. From what we can tell, their abilities even seem to be the same as Madara described each of the respective brothers’ traits.

    Also, we don’t know if the oldest brother always believed in bringing peace with power either. No-one is born with ideals, those feelings are nurtured over time. That is the case with everyone, including Nagato and the oldest son of the Sage.

  114. Anyway, I have a(nother) theory about what will happen in the future…

    I think Madara may eventually succeed in capturing Naruto and he will extract the Kyuubi’s chakra, essentially killing Naruto (because he know that shinobi die if they suffer from complete chakra exhaustion).

    Then, Naruto will find himself alone in an empty dream, kinda like limbo, just as Gaara experienced as he was dying. Naruto will questions himself and realize what has happened, and that he has essentially died, but before he fades away altogether, Minato suddenly appears (Seeing as how both are essentially in the spirit world, it would be possible for Minato to arrive).

    Seeing his father, Naruto would kinda acknowledge that he has, indeed, died and that he will be joining his family now, but then Minato will tell him it isn’t his time yet and that there was still one thing that he could do to give Naruto hope. So, he gives Naruto the other half of the Kyuubi’s chakra, thus allowing Naruto to stay alive. Naruto wakes up again, given a new chance at life as well as the purer chakra of the Kyuubi.

    In the meantime, Madara, having all nine of his Bijuu, will recreate the Juubi, even if it is not perfect, and grant himself a new body. Becoming the host of the Juubi, Madara will be the ultimate power and he will begin to initiate his plan for world domination. That’s when Naruto arrives, with the power of the Kyuubi’s light chakra fueling him, for one final showdown.

    The Nine-tails Jinchuuriki vs the Ten-tails Jinchuuriki. @__@

  115. @Tenrai: Indeed, a reincarnation. That’s what I believe Nagato is of Rikudou Sennin. Not a descendant of him but a reincarnation taking on his eyes, the full Rinnengan rather than any mutation or variation of it.

    I admit the similarities are uncanny but by similarities if we connect Nagato and Naruto to the two sons and say they are the reincarnations of them, then would that make Jiriaya the reincarnation of Rikudou Sennin? Or is Jiraiya’s role in all of this just symbolic?

    Even if the eldest didn’t always have those values they were his dying and defining morals. I’m saying if Nagato was the reincarnation of the eldest he’d inherit those values instead of the Sage’s.

    Actually now that I think more on it… Seeing as how Naruto and Nagato both are the “destined child” they could both make up the reincarnation of Rikudou Senin.

    Nagato has the eyes and strength of chakra and spiritual energy.
    Naruto has the body and strength of heart and physical energy.

    Together = Sage. Naruto could be the descendant of the youngest son and partly the reincarnation of the Sage. Sasuke would be the descendant and reincarnation of the eldest.

    Edit: Wasn’t the “Yin” (dark) chakra sealed inside the Death God and the “Yang” (light) chakra sealed inside Naruto?

  116. @Tenrai: I actually see Kushina living after having her Biju extracted as foreshadowing for Naruto living even after his Biju undergoing a similar process. A hint to the future.

    And I predict we’ll be seeing a double team of Sasuke and Naruto vs. Madara. ^_- They both have a bone to pick with him after all.

  117. @supertrek89

    yes, I agree on your second post in a way, however, I am trying to find a way to have Madara still attain his perfect body, while Naruto can still hold the power of the Kyuubi.

    It would seem a bit lame if his parents went through all the trouble of sacrificing themselves to give Naruto the power he needed to defeat Madara, only for him to never use that power against Madara, if you know what I mean. He obviously needs the Kyuubi’s chakra for some reason, so it would be a bit odd if he defeats Madara without it.

    That’s why I explained it the way I did. Madara gets the Juubi, Naruto still has the Kyuubi’s power and Sasuke has his EMS. Naruto and Sasuke can double team against Madara, because even if Naruto has the Kyuubi’s power, he is still up against the Juubi, the ultimate chakra, so it isn’t in the least bit far fetched to say that he would probably need help from Sasuke.

  118. Oh, and to answer your question, yin is light and yang is darkness. Or to be more specific, yin is positive and yang is negative.

    Minato sealed the yin chakra with the Shiki Fuujin. The yang chakra he sealed into Naruto.

  119. If Naruto and Nagato really are the chosen sons of the Sage then why did Kishi killed Nagato so early in the story? i think there is more to this prophesy than that…

    And i dont think they could capture Naruto now after his “power-up”. I think if that was the story all along (Tenrai’s Theory about 1st half of the Kyubi being obtained by Madara) then i dont think having the power-up so early in the story is necessary. i mean Madara could have captured Naruto before the power-up.

  120. I really have nothing more to add that needs to be added (and that I can remember 😦 ).

    Although @Gudoruto: Your avatar image really fits that post a lot. It seems a suspicious as your post was.

  121. Couple of ideas:

    1) If Naruto is a “more pure” reincarnation of the Sage of Six Paths (and Nagato was a mutation of the Sage), then is it possible Naruto will also have power over life and death like Nagato had? With that, he can revive all of his dead friends so they can enjoy the fruits of Naruto’s new reign of peace.

    2) Since Naruto is becoming a master of chakra manipulation, would he be able to absorb his opponent’s chakra and funnel it to an externally summoned Kyuubi, thereby inflating Kyuubi to its original HUGE size (especially if he sucks the big chakra pools out of Kisame, Madara, or Sasuke). Maybe that’s how he plans to “make it up” to Kyuubi – restore him, and let him free with no ill will (plus a couple of Kyuubi Snacks (ruh roh Shaggy) I’m sure).

  122. Alright, first of all I want to give thanks to Captain Pickles and the other authors and contributors for their work. Great stuff!!!

    Now, I would like to address the previous conversation I had with the blog. I wanted to find out why the kyuubi could move after having its yin chakra taken out. As reference I used Orochamaru as an example because after his yin was taken out his arms ceased to work, so theoretically the kyuubi should have become a vegetable, but instead it impaled Naruto’s parents. Ok, so maybe we have to accept that this is a chakra monster and its just the way it is. I started rereading onemanga’s naruto from the beginning seeing that there might one day no longer be a onemanga. I found in an issue an explanation of the yin and yang, and you know what I found? The yin grows over time. So that also explains why the fourth’s seal has been weakening over time! It can also explain why Madera has waited all these years to obtain the kuubi, so the yin could grow back enough!

    The reasoning I’ve had for Sasuke being possessed by zetsu is in part the picture of him with a dark figure in the background. It is during his infiltration of the kage meeting, way back, when Sasuke was sold out by white zetsu who happens to be Madera’s subordinate! Does Sasuke choose to declare revenge on Madera? No. Suddenly Karin notices a dark change in Sasuke. And there, in the next frame, is the picture of Sasuke! He is in the palm of some dark figure’s hand and BTW it has the same RIGHT round eye of dark zetsu! Ok. *whew* There I said it. I was wondering the whole time how Naruto was going to get dark Zetsu out. Was he going to try to force him out or psych him out? Naruto’s new powers leans me towards force. =D This also moves the possibility of Itachi’s shared power being the spirit sword(I guess it comes naturally with susanoo? Watch out Naruto!!!)

    Prediction: Dark Zetsu’s secret will be revealed simultaneously in the manga and in the anime. I predict the revealing will be at the kage meeting for the anime and the naruto vs. sasuke confrontation for the manga.

    Happy Belated Birthday Supertrek89!!!

  123. OMG – I just realized that Nagato only wanted Kyuubi to replace Tiny. He just wanted his dog back!

  124. @Arpotu – Hahah at Scooby reference. 😀 And that’s a really good idea. ^,^ least I think so. X3/

    @Visionary: Orochimaru’s arms weren’t working during the process of his arms being taken away from him because Sarutobi was holding him in such a way to keep his arms from moving. Also, great point about the yin growing back over time, that would make sense!

    I don’know if the Naruto manga will be that far ahead by that point in the anime; although it is a very good point…

    As for why I came back here originally, and I’m sure Visionary remembers this, does anyone remember a discrepancy between Naruto’s talk with Jiraiya in the first part of Naruto, before the Chunnin exam final rounds, regarding the color of Naruto’s chakra? Discrepency between what the manga states and what the anime states.

    The english manga, from what I remember, states that Naruto sees his chakra as being yellow, while in the anime, he sees it as being blue.

    Come to think of it, during the fight with gaara, at the very end, when Kyuubi chakra flares up around Naruto – was that orange-ish? Because come to think of it it looked kind of orange to me. I don’t remember for certain however. Like Kyuubi and Naruto chakra. Not sure.

    Either way, it would explain the current chakra colors.

  125. Sorry for double posts, but I only now saw Arpotu’s new reference.

    @Artoopu: I actually learned recently that apparently foxes are part of the canine family, so that does work!

  126. Jiraiya said Nagato was the reincarnation of the Sage. Plus he’s the only person other than the Sage of 6 to have the Rinnegan

  127. @kisu: I don’t have the link handy, but I thought it was more of Jiraya thinking that Rinnegan is a legend, so Nagato must be a mutation to have it… maybe he heard that a true sage had other attributes which Nagato didn’t have (such as a glowing chakra body and tattoos).. I’ll dig that link up when I have some free time, in say…. 2011…

  128. @Tenrai, yin is dark and yang is light. Anyhoo, the eldest son didnt have the Rinnegan. He had spirals instead of the concentric circles, so his eyes were already a mutation. Also, remember the Rinnegan is the “Samsara Eye”. Samsara refers to the cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth, or the Reincarnation Cycle. I say the Sage used the Rinnegan’s power to ensure his reincarnation. In this case he returned as Nagato. Nagato had the same values the Sage held upon death, but over time the values became more realistic to adapt to a world constantly in war. (I’d post a link to where Jiraiya says he’s the reincarnation, but I’m far too lazy to search through the manga, and naruto wiki apparently isnt too big on references >_>)

    Plus think about this. Nagato, had he been born in Konoha, could easily become the Sage of Six Paths, both in ideals and power. But due to being corrupted in a war-torn environment he became Pain instead. Instead of becoming the divine being of love, he became the embodiment of the world’s problems. A clean slate can easily be corrupted.

    Or maybe he chose to ally himself with Madara was because of the wars. In his past life he chose the younger son, but nothing has changed, so he could have decided to try the other son, namely, Madara this time around, and in the end, he decided to stick with his original choice, in the form of Naruto. Perhaps Nagato forgetting the “hugs and kisses” way is symbolic of the Sage forgetting why he chose the younger son, until Naruto reminded him.

    Besides, Madara said the fire of Senju dwells in Naruto (the Sage was neither Senju nor Uchiha…nor Hyuga >_>). Meaning he’s a descendant, and probably not a reincarnation as I’m sure there is at least one person here thinking Naruto’s the reincarnation lol

    @holydemonandy, I dont want it to be yellow becuz he’d look like a Super Saiyan, and knowing how much DBZ influenced Kishi, well it would seem like he’s just doing a Kubo. Here’s a fun fact, in the manga Naruto’s normal chakra is yellow, but I think the anime in trying to avoid being called a DBZ-rip off, gave him blue chakra instead. Imagine the scenes with Naruto screaming with all the chakra around him shooting up being yellow instead….plus he has spiky yeallow hair and blue eyes >_> lol. But yeah, I hope Kishi doesnt color it yellow.

  129. Hey – more fuel for the Tobi/Obito theory. In Kisu’s link above, Madara says this is only the 2nd time he had met Naruto. But – Madara held Naruto when he was a baby – so it would be 3 times. Is Madara intentionally holding information back, or is he clueless cause he’s a new Madara? Discuss….

  130. @arpotu: actually i think he purpously held back info. afterall if he had revealled he held him at birth then that would confirm that he was behind the kyuubi attack. which he doesnt want.

  131. @salamiyo lol salad fingers.. rusty spoons are orgasmic but this chapter beat them hands down!

  132. If I was in the Naruniverse, I’d choose the Rinnegan over every other power up. Screw Kyubi and Biju power, screw Sharingan, Shikotsumyaku, Mokuton, Hyoton, filler kekkei genkais. There’s a reason it’s only showed up twice in x number of centuries >_>. If I couldnt get the Rinnegan, I’d take the Byakugan and use it THE RIGHT WAY. The damn thing can see for kilometers, what retard thought of using it in close combat. Imagine killing an opponent 3 kilometers away!

  133. If I were in the Naruniverse, I’d hide like a little chickenboy, cause I don’t have chakra to save my life!

  134. @arpotu, yeah but then you’d probably die off screen -_-. A better choice would be to be born as a Feudal Lord. No ninja fucks with those guys!….well, except Kisame. He became a massing-nin when he tried to assassinate one….tht’s probably the reason that the Water Feudal Lord doesn’t trust his people

  135. id b a member if hidan’s clan and support jashiin but not fight cuz im a chicken… id just b immortal and not a very devout jashin-ist

  136. @omar: cool, i’m with you (shoves omar in front of oncoming kunai ;)).


    take out the rinnegan eh? on onemanga it say’s “i guess it’s time to collect the rinnegan”. hmmnnn what about it?

  138. @kisuzachi where in the manga does it say narutos chakra is yellow? i had never heard this but i didn’t rea+d the manga until part 2.

  139. @urisas

    When jiraiya asks naruto if he ever felt another chakra within himself, during the summoning training, Naruto mentions that he has. He then goes on to say that if he described it, his chakra was yellow, while the other was different. The anime changed it to blue though, but as it is in the manga, it is definitely written as yellow.

  140. here’s the page.

  141. cool i believed kis they normally have proof and are right. Its funny that the anime changed it i think kis had a point with the not wanting to look like naruto was a ssj. i have mentioned this before but anyone else notice and dislike the change of color around the eyes during sage mode?

  142. @urisas, maybe they didnt want it to look like ssj4. You know with the red markings around the eyes. If you watch the anime’s version of Naruto vs Sasugay at the Valley of the End it looks pretty DBZ-esque, so it makes sense that the anime would try to move away from DBZ by changing the colors of some stuff.

  143. yeah i guess but i loved the way the eyes looked in the manga and when i saw it in the anime i was disappointed

  144. @urisas I too had mixed feelings about it.

  145. @urisas
    I actually didnt notice it, maybe i should reread the pain arc, i thought his eyes were the same…

  146. Eyes were great in anime. I love it more than the eyes showed in manga.

  147. I thought the eyes were the same but honestly, I wasn’t paying that much noteworthy attention.

  148. Hello friends….and hopefully not fiends. I have to say, it’s been a while, and i’ve missed the interesting, lively and engaging chats on this forum.…and more work, what can i say?

    Very well, i certainly saw this coming, back to those times when i was a lot more lively on the awesomeness forum. Naruto’s ability to sense kisame in this situation is something only one capable of the might and power of the sage of the six paths would have been able to do. This definitely feeds the story of naruto inheriting the SO6Ps powers strongly-i.e, through the second son. Naruto is fast becoming a class act, something he is even starting to be ‘shy’ of.

    Someone effectively hammered on the issue of naruto’s new found power. Yes, we all miss the foxes cloak, but then controlling the kyuubi’s chakra perhaps comes with some nice gifts, like being able to shape what you intend the chakra to be. The kyuubi’s chakra has no choice but to respond to naruto’s inner will, and naruto’s innermost will, something he might take a while to even find out/come to terms with, is the fact he’s not just the destined child, but has the responsibilities of a character far huge and massive.

    Naruto having that speed, i’ll like to think it’s the first phase of the fourth’s hiraishin no justu, is absolutely killer. It means naruto’s meeting with his parents were more than just mere talk. Very interesting. This only raises anxiety on what sasuke now possesses with those eyes.

  149. Oh, and kisame is finished, except kishi decides to let out a fart next week.

  150. I’m pretty sure the glow is going to be yellow. Bee said he saw a yellow flash, which could be Naruto’s hair but if the glow was red (Kyuubi’s chakra color) Naruto’s hair would look orange at extreme speed. If it was blue than his hair would look green, which is just stupid. So the aura is most likely golden/yellow

  151. I haven’t stayed in the loop, so I don’t know what the debate was about. But, if it had Deidara in it, and he won, I’m happy. DeiDei is mah favorite character >_<

    Um…Debate: NaruxHina ftew

  152. @pokekgae, and then Kisu would be the first to scream “NARUTO’S PLAGIARIZING DBZ! HA!”. Then many ppl will follow in my footsteps , including reviewers -_-‘. Overall, its just a bad move to make it gold/yellow. Dude, just watch the Yuyu Hakusho episode where Karasu takes off his mask and his hair gets golden and you’ll see what I mean lol

  153. <>

    Great chapter. All of you have interesting comments and theories as always.

    I’m beginning to wonder if Madara is trying to get Sasuke ready to accept the rinnegan. Maybe that’s why he wants him to develop so much so quickly. I don’t think Madara can use the rinnegan for some reason.

    I agree with those who think Naruto will have Kyuubi extracted and survive it. But I’m also beginning to think Naruto will become the ultimate jinchuuriki of Juubi. As for the Rikudou Cloak, Naruto has it because of the combination of his descent from Rikudou and the fact that he’s tamed the strongest of the bijuu. I’m believe Kyuubi is the “core” of Juubi and the current Rikudou Cloak is an incomplete form. When/if Naruto becomes Juubi jinchuuriki, the cloak will be complete.

    As for Sage Mode becoming obsolete, I don’t think so. I think Rikudou Cloak will allow Naruto to power Sage Mode indefinitely, making him ridiculously powerful. It might even be one of the reasons the original Rikudou-Sennin was so strong. However, with Sasuke’s enormous chakra and hate powering the rinnegan, the two will remain evenly matched.

    On another note, I can’t wait for Gai to make some shark steaks!

    Oh, Naru-x-Hina forever!!!


  154. Also, I always thought/hoped Rikudou Cloak was white instead of gold/yellow but oh well.


  155. @ursa, u forget that the Sage’s “cloak” was not because of a Biju. It was most likely because of his Rinnegan so Naruto’s and his are completely different

  156. @Kisu, I didn’t mean the cloak of the original Rikudou-Sennin. I was only talking about the Rikudou chakra cloak Naruto has now.

  157. @Total: I really doht think naruto can sense kisame because of the rikudo’s power. remember that the nine tails can find any trace amount of hatred and latch onto it, i think naruto now has that ability from the fox. He sensed the hate, the ability the fox had, the difference is that naruto isnt a mass of hatred, so he dosn’t want to latch onto it.

  158. I don’t remember who it was unfortunately, but there was someone who was from Australia. I just wanted to say thanks to your country for the flea medication that you apparently use on kangaroos. 🙂

  159. very well…from what i can see, there are quite some predictions to be deduced…

    – kisame would escape somehow. Obviously he looks done for being pitted against naruto, killerbee and yamato, but then if you all remember, madara told zetsu earlier to check up on kisame as he was worried about him. Also kishi had said earlier on he had a lot of plans for kisame. To prove all that, kishi has done the following.

    *he’s made kisame the only akatsuki member to survive after a major battle and face-off with a top character

    *madara clearly had enough concerns for kisame he asked zetsu to check up on him, something he had never done with the others. Turns out akatsuki was an indispensable, side-show project in a manner of speaking: they all had one mission, and for madara, their missions were more important than their lives were. Each, it seems, were assigned to one bijuu and all madara seemed to be concerned about was their achieving their tasks.

    *kishi allowed kisame infiltrate kumogakure so he could gather all that info on their war strategy. Obviously there was always going to be a way he could make out with that info. Zetsu seems to be the way for nor, given his infiltration prowess and spying tactics. Possible he’s with kisame already.

    Very well, point being kisame obviously serves a very important purpose for the manga….and to indispensable to die off early.

    @dricedt: okay, what i really meant was that naruto’s already a descendant of the SO6Ps and hence was entitled to the powers that came with it. Clearly he’s got his present traits from absorbing the kyuubi’s chakra, but even more conspicuous is the fact that naruto was able to sense kisame because of his powerful line of destiny (which could be explained from his descent from the SO6Ps), and suspiciously from the fact he has been able, as a result of that powerful line of destiny, shape the kyuubi’s chakra to react to his own will. Hope that does it for now. Throw more questions if you have the chance.

  160. @total: Kisame’s definitely important to madara’s plans and schemes but i don’t think that necessarily means he’s indispensible (by kishi, that is). Zetsu seems to be more important to madara cuz of his abilities.
    Kisame could easily be killed off and have the story turn out that zetsu “found” him and was told the info kisame gathered before or during naruto’s training with Bee. And him making an exit, stage left, right about now wouldn’t really be early would it? Everyone else has been offed, he’d be one of the last ones. That’d leave madara was sasuke as his only major offensive piece left (but we haven’t seen black zetsu in action yet) and that kinda makes sense considering how the plot’s developing

  161. @kahmix but they’re have been resurrected sort of.

  162. Hey guys, it’s been a tough couple of weeks for me, but I’m slowly but surely gettin’ back to the awesomeness.

    This was one epic chapter and it’s gonna get way more better from now on.
    To see Naruto achieve so much from the kyuubi was nothing short of legendary, also both his parents had a huge merit in all of this.

    I’m still curious as to how Naruto learned the FTG and all the “this and thats” Bee was talking about, powers that are not from the kyuubi’s arsenal.
    But either way Naruto sure hit the jackpot this time, and some might wonder how the f**k can Sasuke match up this time.
    Well we all know the answer to that, it’s gonna take a lot of Supertrek positive karma and some Kishi magic for the win.

    This guys are gonna put to shame every major character in the Narutoverse so far with there skills and some might say if it’s a little to much, I actually welcome the idea and I’m looking with great hope for the future of the manga.

    @ the kisame being a important character for kishi, well we were told that this would be Kakashi’s year but all he did this year was the fact that Tobi gave him the “talk to the hand tech” and the last second denial of the highest status in the leaf village due to Tsunade’s recovery, witch I was actually anticipating.

    So kisame not sleeping with his relatives is not that far from becoming a truth in the immediate future.
    For a fact I know that Naruto,Bee and Yamato won’t take part in this grudge match because this is just Gai vs Kisame all the way, the only thing I hope won’t happen is for Gai to have to open the 8th gate and die, to many of the old jonin died over time and Gai is a trademark to this manga, loosing him would be just like the loose of Jiyraia. And imho kishi killed off to many important people as it is, oh and the fact that he’s bringing the akatsuki for a resurrection album isn’t a good thing.

    I had a couple more things I wanted to add but I guess I’ll add them a bit later on.;)

  163. @ Eugen Naruto hasn’t learned flying thunder god, Yellow Flash is a nickname to Minato’s natural speed, if anything that was just the body flicker technique. Plus FTG requires a seal of some sort and obviously naruto has nothing like that on him. And i agree that they better not kill of maito, he’s too awesome and this doesn’t seem like the time for him to die. I’ll be pissed if kisame gets off the island alive, it’s like you have three jounin and the last two jinchuriki’s, both of which have their beasts chakra under their control, and one of whom defeated pain, that doesn’t spell kismae living in my mind

  164. @ Alec, Yamato dose say teleport tech and not space time ninjutsu, but as far as the seal for the FTG goes, what if minato implemented it and other techniques in the key naruto has for the kyuubi, as far as I see that’s a lot of writing on his body and there was a lot on Gamatora’s scroll.
    So what if Minato left a little more, then just a key to open the seal, behind for Naruto.

    Just a guess but for me it was the only logical way for Naruto to learn those things so fast.
    Something like Sasuke’s implanted fail safe Amataresu against Madara, he didn’t knew he had it or how to use it but it automatically went off, maybe the same happened to Naruto here.

  165. @Eugen
    thats not a bad idea, considering the nature and potential of sealing techniques hasnt been explained in very much detail, and seeing as how he incorparated his seal on kushina’s seal it wouldnt be that much of a stretch for naruto’s to have a bonus or two….

  166. So, sealing techniques… Jiraya knew how, he’s dead. Minato, same. Naruto’s mom, same. Whirlpool village, same(?). I predict Naruto will learn how to do sealing techniques (and very well before he confronts Madara), but who knows how to teach them anymore? The frogs?

  167. Naruto using Hiraishin debate,

    Hiraishin is used by placing markers on an opponent or a destination, throwing marked weapons or traveling to a place that is already marked. Therefore Naruto clearly did not use the Hiraishin. He didn’t mark Kisame, throw a marked kunai or mark the wall prior to Kisame trying to escape. Besides, if Naruto could use Hiraishin he wouldn’t have had any problem tailing Kisame. His foot getting stuck wouldn’t have been a problem either.
    It’s clearly Shunshin no Jutsu. A very fast Shunshin no jutsu but Shunshin no jutsu none the less.

  168. Oi Oi peopleeesssss

    my 2 cents on the matter:
    though kisame says its a teleport technique, it is confirmed that the nine.tails has an incredible speed, what if this “teleport technique” is just that incredible speed and the yellow flash is naruto’s blond hair?

    Counter ma opinion plis :p

  169. @ Welllllll, more or less if u read the other posts up until now this is pretty much what everybody concluded.
    NAruto is using what Shisui was using, the body flicker technique so it’s indeed very very high speed movement and the yellow flesh part Bee was talking about was of course in regards to the trail of light left behind by Naruto’s hair. Just like the white fang’s knife and of course Minato’s trade mark badass speed that only left u staring at the freshly head n shoulders washed blond hair trail before u went to meet St. Peter.

  170. LAst post was for acklikxx, sorry for that :), forgot to paste the name 🙂

  171. @the WRA team and Tenrai

    I write this comment on behalf of all the lurkers that come by this site like rabid dogs clawing for the enlightened morsels that are coughed up from the stomach of someone who shall not be named.
    That being said I know I’m a little late and the wrong thread but I really appreciate the work that goes on here and felt the urge to step up a bit. For one thing when I come here it’s not just for the naruto breakdown, it is also for the fun and the community and especially the extremely well written essays that border on literature reviews at times.
    Ok ingratiate myself, Check.
    Ideas for new discussion, how about everyone talk about their favourite breakdowns. Mine was Pickles’ 504. The latest breakdown is another example of WRA 🙂
    Keep up the great work 🙂

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