Bleach 279-281 Flash Back and Come Backs

Awe WRA!! Pein here with another la… I mean Bleach breakdown. IT’S not late!!

<_< >_>

It just I stopped pretending like I forgot about it @_@ (I didn’t forget actually just been busy)

O_O I usually have this effect when I enter a room... everyone leaves 😦

I know it is another double I unfortunately do not own a hyperbolic time chamber in a precipice world, with a giant choo choo… Though I do have a rubber ducky in my bath tub, but I digress. The past three episodes where pretty awesome, the un-glorious arrival of the Vizards was definitely redeemed by an epic intro of their powers one after the other, though I can never understand why they put their masks on so early in the fight… I mean to defeat the Menos you would need about a Captain level and most of them where so why show off… I enjoy the Vizards because they like the odd side of the family that no one really speaks to, but always around for big events or maybe its just my family that is that dysfunctional…

The Flash back that begins this episode is especially weird, Aizen looks super evil even more then now… The best part of the Vizards and these episodes are the voices, I always dig Ichigo’s voice with the mask on… but moving on oh yeah I just thought of another excu… I mean reason the breakdown is late, I was stuck outside this giant dome and couldn’t get in… don’t believe me O_O its okay it was a bit of a stretch I mean my awesomeness would just get me through anyway… dam <_< >_>

Maybe title of this chapter should be "Short Skirts, Sharp Swords"

The Vizards of course want revenge for what Aizen has done to them… No before all Aizenist start calling Tite Kubo for this utter blasphemy of Aizenism… but don’t worry Aizen is protected by his number one fan boy Kisu… and Tosen @_@ there are long speeches about the enemy of my enemy is my not my enemy but my friend… but instead of saying that they say it over about an hour… okay maybe I’m exaggerating it was 59min58sec, hey don’t blame me if my breakdowns lack sense, this is Bleach and its above reason (hears Kisu shouting from a distance “AIZEN IS ABOVE REASON NOTHING ELSE”

I just included this cause it disturbed me Q_Q



Fine, but then Bleach is above plot 😛

Subliminal Messages... Squad 6 and 9 means something O_O

The Next episodes just began each of the repective battles, and after the last (so many) episodes I am really, really getting sick of these constant skips, I mean really, but in all of it we learnt something really important, any guesses. “Working as a team we accomplish more?”, no, “Forgetting our differences and working together towards a better tomorrow?” No… Really none of you paying attention O_O. Sigh. its this…

Nuff said.... *hears Super telling people "I told you so"

What is awesome about the switching between battles is the sense that there is always activity,  the only problem with creating all this I think Tite (in the manga too) he forgets to continue this trend so eventually we think what the hell happened to (insert battle forgotten about) and when Tite remembers he quickly switches back and we almost forgetting 😦 Though the effect is not as felt in the anime since it compressed its still in the anime it gives a real sense that when off screen the people just stand around and do well stuff, like touch butts… O_O what it happens

don’t believe me…

Lawyer-ed (can also be Aizened but don't need evidence)

Though the battles are leaning more to develop the battles between Tosen vs Wolf man and 6-9 boy… Squad 2/Big Pink Mustache dude and Barrangan… The latter being the main focus, the 2nd in Charge and in my opinion on of the most powerful will be the first up for the Vizard’s true battle. With what many may have seen as a “weaker members” but that would be wrong, this dude makes wall apon wall, maybe his large body stores more Kido @_@ and muffins… This to me though was well put in the anime, his creating each block and the effort and movements used is not shown in the manga, there is seems they just pop up ready, with little required effort, but I find that here I got more of a sense of his ability and I was impressed by the big pink mustache guy, well not enough to remember his name or impressed enough to look up the spelling but still top notch. The Episode ends pretty epically with a secret deal made and Soi fon using her Bankai on Barrangan in the his little box.

Hachigen Ushōda = Pink Mustache Dude

The Episode 280 is pretty cool but out all three Episodes I would offer I would give it to 281, it was in my opinion the best by far. Head and shoulders above the rest, the animation as usual top class, the flash back well put and the general feel was awesome, I never felt like wow is this wasting time, it was one thing after another… Which rarely happens with Death and Flashback episodes. Please have seat so I can explain…

Aizen tea party or plot for world domination you choose

The episode give you a strange sense of being small, the unlimited power of Barrangan, nothing being able to stand in his pressence makes you think of how small and insignificant we actually are, we are all slaves to time and can all die at any minute, we all age and all the works we do will eventually decay and rot to nothingness… (eats some prozac) but he looses so his message must be wrong 😛 The fact that Soifon’s bankai can barely hurt Barragan is true testiment to his strength, and leaves her rock bottom while he still powerful as ever.

I wonder if he yells surprise O_O

Its quite a problem believing one self as a God, (unless you are Aizen) it usually backfire with you being shown dieing by your own ability, Light/Kira – Killed by a Death Note, Pein – Killed by own technique and Barragan, it is shown that his only weakness is his own power. Its the laws of anime/manga you are not god, unless you Aizen 😛


The best part is the Flash back, I always wondered how this would look in the anime since in the manga it made almost no sense how Barrangan didn’t just use respira on Aizen or everything around him to kill Aizen, but it is apparent that Aizen again seemed to be one step ahead of him, the showing of sword made it tough for Barrangan to know exactly when and who to attack since he never truly knew when he was attacking Aizen or being hypnotized. It is Barrangans final actions that really make me enjoy this episode.

We all believe his final act would be to kill the people he was fighting and gain the final revenge when infact his final act was to try free himself from the slavery and servitude brought to him by Aizen himself, the man he would serve would be the man he would want to kill most of all.

Shattered Dreams, The Vow Broken

The Arrancar and Especially Espada have given us as Bleach reader a more indept ideal of Good and Evil, they are no longer the mindless Hollow’s from the first few arcs and not the evil masterminds of Aizen, but people fighting for what they believe in and fighting as soldiers in a war they didn’t want start, some follow Aizen out of respect and some out of fear. In the end, if Cifer, Hallibel, Starrk and now Barragan have shown is that they have many more emotions just like the Soul Reapers…

The King of All Kings and yet his Crown rots like all rotted before him

The Reaction to his death too was interesting, Aizen seems to feel nothing for his former 2nd Espada but the Prima seems most effected, as you may know he is loneliness and I think as he see’s his friends falls one after the other, he realizes if he doesn’t fight now it may mean he would have to suffer alone again.

and with that I make my way back to working life O_O

Hope u enjoy the breakdown


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9 Responses to “Bleach 279-281 Flash Back and Come Backs”


    Now time to read!

  2. second

  3. YOSH!! Great job Pein! I haven’t seen 281 yet (oddly enough) but I read all the breakdown anyway! XD Very well said at the end there. I too think Barragan should be stronger than Stark btw.

    From what I did see of the first two episodes Bleach is quite enjoyable really. Just fighting, fighting, and more fighting. It’ll be like that for awhile and I can’t wait for Aizen to bust everyone’s ass.

  4. third

  5. 4th?

  6. there was a good chapter of Bleach in the Manga’s I couldn’t believe it O_O

  7. stark and barragan were my favorite arrancars and these last few episodes have been pretty neat as they were portrayed exactly how they came across in the manga.

  8. Nice job Pein! I give you 6 Bansho Tenins out of 6. Why six? Because I like to go one step beyond 🙂

    The anime guys have a lot cut out for them, especially with Gin’s Bankai

  9. Episode 281 was awesome!!! I loved how Rarragan was portrayed in the anime and his fighting, much better than in the manga. Everything overall was done better in the anime. Aizen is a real bastard. A powerfully awesome bastard! 😉

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