Naruto Shippuuden 169 Breakdown. Time goes by, so slowly…

*Drags self into WRA and plonks down onto the nearest sofa.*

Well… that was cumbersome. And yes, I am referring to the latest Naruto episode. Hello everyone, and welcome to another weekly Naruto anime breakdown and boy does this episode put the “break” into that word quite effectively…

I am not sure how everyone else felt after watching that, but I can definitely speak for myself when I say that it just completely exhausted me, almost as if the twenty odd minutes of anime sucked the life clean out of me and left me for dead. Although it was interesting in its own way, it was severely lacking in entertainment value, respective to some of the other episodes we have seen.

The Mexican Wave didn't go quite according to plan...

From a philosophical point of view, one can gain a lot from this episode, because there is a lot of hidden meaning in every minute that passes by. That gives us a lot to talk about, thankfully, which means this breakdown won’t be completely without some form of body, but it doesn’t do much more than that.

The greatest problem with this episode is actually the pacing, which, to put it lightly, was excessively redundant. What could have been shown in a matter of maybe six or seven minutes was somehow stretched out into a twenty minute episode that seemed to drag on forever, which made every scene feel unnecessarily long and boring. It’s amazing how one can seemingly move forward for such a long time without ever actually going anywhere. This feeling of dissatisfaction was only further exemplified by the poor animation, which left a lot to be desired.

Character models were lazily drawn throughout and sometimes the severity of such lopsided features and details was enough to make me shake my head in dismay.

How do the living deal with the pain of death? Not even the dead survive such an experience...

Aside from the monotony, there is still a lot of depth in the meaning of this episode, as mentioned before, which is what I will now focus on.

From the moment that Naruto defeated the last body of Pein and removed the chakra rods from his body, you could already see a sense of conflict and confusion in his eyes, almost as if he was some how feeling hesitant about his own feelings regarding his momentary victory.

Of course, he still had one more task he had to complete and that was to face the real menace behind Pein in person. I am sure that inside, Naruto’s emotions must have been in great turmoil. After all, how do you prepare yourself for such an encounter, knowing how much hatred you feel in your own heart? A hatred that is only driven further as he stabs himself with Pein’s chakra rod, which seemingly gives him a glimpse of the deaths caused by Pein, including that of Jiraiya and Kakashi.

When we look into the mirror and see the monster of hatred staring back at us, it can be scary knowing that those feelings are so deeply wedged inside our own hearts…

He looks cross. <_< *Gets pwned by audience for lame joke.* T__T

When Naruto finally comes face to face with the perpetrator behind his recent suffering and the death of his sensei, we see his eyes shift from a golden yellow to a deep red, and the slits that define the fox’s influence over him begin to clearly show through.

To me, this scene was very symbolic. In a way, I think Naruto wanted to lose control of himself. He didn’t want to forgive Nagato, he just wanted to let go and allow hatred to take over, so that he didn’t have to think about what he would be doing once that happened. That way, killing Nagato would be easy.

I think in some ways, that reflects a lot on how society behaves today. Human beings allow themselves to be blind to the problems we face, or to be ignorant of them, because it is a lot easier than facing our own feelings and dealing with the pain that comes hand-in-hand with them. The truth is, by acting that way, all we are doing is allowing more damage to be done while we allow ourselves to feel content by becoming blind and numb to it. I also believe that the presence of both Naruto’s sage eyes and the fox eyes crossing over one another also represent the conflict inside Naruto in a way, as the two sides of his consciousness battle within his heart.

The way Naruto also lets Nagato’s chakra rod hit him also suggests that he wanted his enemy to feel his hatred, to feel his pain and his emotions. It was a form of revenge in its own right, because in the same way Pein acted to make Naruto feel his pain, Naruto responded with a similar gesture.

OMG!!! It's a rabid, carnivorous emo-bunny!!! Run for your lives!!!

In the end, though, even despite all that anger and all that hatred, Naruto still had something to hold onto. Hope came in the form of his memories of his sensei Jiraiya and the words shared between them, as well as the words of his own father, who had placed his faith in Naruto.

It was that love for them that eventually overcame his hatred and allowed him to recollect his mind and, instead of listening to the voice inside his head that was urging him to take revenge, he decided to rather take the time to listen to Nagato and hear what he had to say. Once again, this drives another important message home and that is the lesson of understanding.

It is a lack of understanding that causes ill feelings, because instead of trying to discern for the actions of others and what emotions or circumstances fueled those actions, we take everything at face value and assume that such actions are simply shallow and purely malicious. Imagine, per say, the actions of a bully as he hurts those around himself. A bully is often hated or even despised by his peers, or his victims, but one must wonder if perhaps such a person came from an abusive home life. Suddenly, when we consider that possibility, it is harder to hate that person and instead, we may want to try and understand them or even help them, but it takes that first step to initiate such a healing process.

Taking the time to understand one another can go a long way in healing the wounds that afflict our emotions. We need to learn to be patient, to allow ourselves to take a chance and grow closer to others, before we can let go of our ill feelings and move forward again.

Hatred blinds us in more ways than one. It is up to use to overcome those emotions so that we can see the world clearly again. Only once we have opened our eyes, can we truly notice the suffering of others, even those who may have once sought to harm us...

Is it simply an empty hope to hold onto the ideal that we can truly change the world for the better simply by being more compassionate and understanding? And even if it is just an empty hope, does that make it any less worth trying?

Well, I will leave you all with those words to think about. That’s all I have for this breakdown, so I hope you enjoyed it. ^ ^

Here are last week’s caption contest winners.

4th) BBgurly: The only way this screen shot could be better is if those Narutos were three Minatos instead. ^ ^

3rd) Iaregerman: Ladies and Gentlemen.We present to you…*smoke clears up*
The Naruto pants with improved Durability.They come together in a Bundle of 3 Kage Bunshins. If you transform into a natural Disaster that destroyed the City you love 16 years ago, these pants will not even have a hole.The Naruto pants are over 9000!!!! If you buy them now you will get 2! and I mean 2 talking frogs. Even though one is currently dead. So buy now and you will get 1 Pants, 3 Kage Bunshins and 2 talking frogs.

2nd) Pein0Avenue: When one surprise isn’t enough.

*Insert caption here*

Pein0Avenue: Hey look there’s Kantonkage. No not there in the front, that one second. 😛

*Still can’t stop laughing.*

Kantonkage: I’ll kill you. -____-

*Kantonkage takes out scythe and pwns me.* T__T

And now for this weeks screen… X__X

*Insert caption here.*

Ah yes… this one just had to happen, we all know it. And boy are those even bigger than they were in the manga. <_<

I can only imagine what kind of captions we’ll get for this one, but I am quite sure they will be interesting to say the least. What I really want to know, however, is whether Hinata’s life is in danger because of the wound inflicted by Pein, or because of the risk of suffocation due to the pressure on her lungs.

Anyway, just to let you all know, it seems as though the anime team has decided to throw us a curve ball in the form of a filler from next week’s episode, which is odd considering we are right at the end of an arc. The episode (or episodes, seeing as how there will be more than one from the looks of things) will take place back with the old Team 7 when our heroes were in their younger years.

Here is the preview for the next episode if anyone is interested.

Well, that’s all from me this week. Although the episode may not have been the best, at least the omake at the end redeemed it to some degree.

*Walks away with scythe still protruding from back.*

Sakura and Ino pwnage... That's what you get for being underdeveloped characters. <_<

Funny how Hinata wasn’t in that scene.

Cheers! ^ ^


~ by Tenrai Senshi on July 26, 2010.

46 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 169 Breakdown. Time goes by, so slowly…”

  1. FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Second!!!!!!!

  3. Third!

  4. Caption: OMG! Their power is over 9000, they even have their own aura!

    Caption: Who said the only thing medics take to use for transplants are “necessary” organs?

    Caption: Now we know what Naruto will get at Christmas from Hinata.

  5. Yondaime? 😀

  6. Nice Breakdown Tenrai ^_^ Top 2 in Caption contest Shweet 😀

    *sigh* only Pein will get the disrespect of having a filler inbetween his final arc.. I mean really the 4th is getting enough glory in the manga now he must steal Pein’s in the mean time 😦

  7. Caption: Seems Character development is not the only thing Hinata shows in the Pein arc

    Caption: Reason 198776298492739 to hate Sakura
    – Sakura “don’t worry my healing will reduce the swelling”

    Caption: And the winner of this weeks caption contest is… drum roll please <_<

    Caption: Radiation, not always a bad thing 😉

  8. Caption: They say love can move mountains. Well… I sure hope so. X__X

    Caption2: Gravitational forces… too strong! Can’t keep hands… away…

  9. Awesome breakdown Tenrai. Though i must admit i can’t say the same for this episode. Why does it seem the naruto episodes and quality will never ever be as good as the once were.

  10. Caption: That huge boobs gravitation is hard to resist, even for Sakura.

  11. Caption: Some people say that more than a handful is too much. Some people are retarded.

    Caption: Sakura DOES have an attraction to the chesty ones. Tsunade will be so pissed.

  12. Caption: Hmm… she has those mountains, and I’m, like, flat! I must have them! 👿

    Great breakdown, but I agree with Marksman, the need to make Naruto: Shippuden like they use to make Naruto.

  13. Goddamit. Nagato’s flashback could be handled in 2 episodes as it was only 3 chapters in the manga. They could have extended his flashback instead of giving us meaningless filler. *sigh* the best part of this ep was the part with God Realm getting rasengan’d.

    Btw, check this out (and remember the anime wont even be half as epic *flashes back to looney tunes Pain vs Naruto*)

  14. Great breakdown Tenrai! I thought this episode was a bit dull too and I can’t believe they’re going to fillers right now. ~_~

    Caption: I can locate Naruto’s position by consulting this topographical map of Konoha Mountains.

  15. That made feel better *looks at Tenrai broken body then kicks it somewhere* Anyway nice breakdown Tenrai.
    Caption: Hey stay away from Hinata-sama. I can’t help it they’re so beautiful.

  16. @kantonkage

    So cruel… I feel abused. T__T

    However, my power level is still over 9000. *Eats Kantonkage* @__@

  17. @tenrai *dodges but gets arm bitten off* You cannot stop ME *Fires exploding boulders at Tenrai*

  18. @Kantonkage

    *Swallows flaming boulders.*

    Hmm, it’s just a tad bit spicy, but I suppose beggars can’t be choosers. T__T

    *feels slight tremor in the pit of his stomach.* O_o

    Alas, unfortunately for you, my appetite is incomprehensible. I have swallowed entire blogs whole before!!!! @__@

    (Random blog battles ftw?)

  19. @tenrai *grows arm back* Damn he like Gluttony oh well still I can’t be stopped. *fires more exploding boulders because of boredom*

  20. Kantonkage got his arm bitten off!? He’s Madara!

    @Kisu: That was awesome! Lol, if the animators can’t top that animation then all hope is lost. Can anyone explain why they would hit a filler right before going into a flashback!? It boggles my mind! @_@ Naruto is the only manga of the big 3 that is far enough ahead to not do fillers for at least half a year, yet here we are. -_-

  21. @supertrek

    Who knows. Maybe they’ve received enough bad complaints to finally realise that their animation is severely under par right now. Maybe they are changing around the animation team and they need the filler episodes to act as a smokescreen of sorts until the change is complete.

    We can always hope, can’t we? ^ ^

  22. Caption: Got Milk?

  23. Great breakdown so far, but I think there’s also a hint of masochism inside of Naruto too, the more I think about it and read this breakdown. I’ve heard that pain can help one’s emotions drain, and whether or not that’s true, maybe that’s the how Naruto uses pain, if he does? Hmm… He sacrifices a lot, but I think there’s a slight possibility, despite the high possibility that it’s how you describe it.

  24. *reads comments*

    Gasp! The f-word!! *runs from fillers and accidentally drops caption entry*


  25. this may be a bit of a copy so doesn’t need to be included for nomination

    Caption: lets see how many slogans we can use to describe Hinata’s rack…

    Where do you want to go today? – Microsoft
    Please don’t squeeze the Charmin – Charmin
    Neighbor’s envy, owner’s pride – Onida TV in India
    The Real Thing – Coca-Cola
    Finger lickin’ good. – Kentucky Fried Chicken
    (He)It keeps going and going and going. – Energizer Batteries
    It’s everywhere you want to be – VISA
    Let your fingers do the walking. – Yellow Pages
    I’m lovin’ it. McDonald’s
    It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.Timex Corporation
    Just Do It. Nike
    Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline. Maybelline
    Melts in your mouth, not in your hands. M&Ms
    Oh, what a feeling! Toyota
    We drink all we can. The rest we sell. Utica Club
    With a name like Smuckers… it has to be good. Smuckers
    South African World Cup – Feel it, it is here

  26. @holydemonandy Naruto was always a M he loves Sakura for crying out loud.
    Caption: I must know the secret.

  27. Caption: the true power of the Kekkai Genkai

  28. Caption: don’t touch it…
    don’t touch it…
    //like in the song…, cool breakdown 😀

  29. Caption:

    Damn, a force field. Just when Naruto was starting to get interesting… >__>


    Miranda rights. You won’t even be able to touch her.


    No matter how many times you look at it, it will never happen.

  30. caption: Your Soul is mine!

    caption: almost.. there. (force-field activated) . . . No!!!

  31. Caption : [havent tried this in a while] before you start praising the anime guys for making the mountains taller look below them , they also made hinata pregnant 😉

    awesome breakdown ten

    Caption :

    they are the reason naruto stays away from hinata , yaay for a boobless hinata [the near future]

  32. Caption: Red Bull gives you wings. side effects: includes increased growth complete with force field.

  33. Caption: Next time, on Bay Watch…

    Caption 2: Dammit, I can’t get a proper diagnostics. My powers don’t allow me to see past silicone. T____T

  34. *shoots Tenrai for last caption*
    Caption: I guess her hard work paid off.

  35. @kantonkage

    Such violence. it must be all those times you came second. T____T

    I think you just need a hug. ^ ^

  36. 36th! <__>

  37. Naruto 504 Chapter Confirmed
    Naruto Chapter 504: “Thank You”

    Kushina opposes Minato’s use of Shiki Fuujin.

    Kushina: I don’t want to burden Naruto/my son. I want Minato to live and watch Naruto grow, while I alone die. There is no need for you to sacrifice yourself for me.
    Minato: Forsaking the village, forsaking my country, forsaking my son – they are all the same to me. You should understand, because your own country was destroyed. Besides, our family are “shinobi”!! You, as his mother, cannot win. This is not for your sake, but for Naruto’s sake!!
    There is already the shinigami (death god) behind Minato.
    Minato: I’m alright with dying if it is for my son. That is also one of the roles a father can perform.
    Sandaime and the Kyuubi are staring/glaring at each other. Sandaime puts up a barrier so that the Kyuubi cannot escape.

    The shinigami’s hand extends forth from Minato’s stomach. The Kyuubi senses the danger.
    Minato perfoms the seal. The Kyuubi is in pain.
    Minato comes close to breathing his last.
    Sandaime senses that Minato is not intending to seal everything.
    Minato begins preparations for the Hakke Fuuin (eight trigrams seal).
    Kyuubi: Getting sealed by such a kid… I won’t take this lying down!
    Kushina comes close to breathing her last.

    Kyuubi tries to attack Naruto with all he has.

    Kyuubi’s arm pierces Minato. Kushina enters the fray, so that the Kyuubi will not be able to reach Minato.

    Minato: I said this was something his father could do
    Kushina: Then all the more I, as his mother, should do this. This is the first time I’ve lost any of our (lovers’) quarrels, isn’t it?

    Minato: Thank you, Kushina

    Minato summons Gamatora and passes him the key to be kept with Jiraiya (TN: the one that Jiraiya uses to unlock the seal to help Naruto with training on Myoubokuzan)
    Sandaime: I finally understand the situation at hand.
    Gamatora disappears.
    The shinigami is holding the sword…

  38. I pity the fool who has to judge this week’s caption contest. Titties!

  39. @holycow185

    I’m not a fool! T__T

    *Puts holycow on a hamburger and eats him* @__@

  40. @tenrai you eat ppl for crying out loud. So what’s wrong with me being violent.

  41. Maybe the filler will be as good as the cell-shaded one that came out a few months ago. That was a pretty awesome filler that came out in the middle of some arc.

  42. @kantonkage

    Eating can be seen as an activity that encourages social development and bonding. ^ ^

    Besides, I never chew, so it isn’t violent. O_o

  43. Its actually quite fun In Tenrai’s stomach O_O, as long as you have a flash light, its like a slumber party

  44. The new episodes are out.

    Yes, that’s right, it’s a double episode (more work for me). @__@

  45. caption: Ninpou: Oppai sukayn no jutsu (Ninja art: boobies scanner technique)

  46. @tenrai Aah yes,there is nothing like eating together…… Wait a minute you’re the only one doing the eating in the first place.

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