YOSH!!! One Piece Chapter 594 IS OUT + 593 Breakdown And Discussion! New Demotivational Poster Included! =_+

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-One Piece Chapter 593 Breakdown Below-

Picture from Alphonse13

YOSH!!! Welcome WRA to the chapter 593 Breakdown!!!  Like last week’s chapter this was another update on events around the world with a plentitude of information thrown our way, and the mystery of what’s in the newspaper keeps on piling on. Unfortunately the information thrown at us this chapter brings out more questions than answers indulging us but not quite filling out our appetite. WTF is in that newspaper!?!? Well, it’s time to theorize! ^_^

But first here’s this week’s AMV and BOPP!

AMV by FreyMilk. What do I have to say about it? It’s beautiful. Haven’t really had a “badass” pic in a long time so here’s Sanji rockin’ out to the music. I’m sure the ladies will love the hair. 😛 Artwork by Screaming-Banshee.

To the breakdown!

Why is Aokiji hanging out in the middle of the lake with two dinosaurs? Oh crap, lol, I’m just kidding Tsuru! Please don’t turn me into laundry! T_T


As the chapter starts out we immediately dive into the 2 remaining Strawhat crew members, Robin and Sanji! Starting off with hot and sexy Nico Robin we find out a few important developments. First, Nico Robin is famous among the Revolutionaries and is referred to as ‘The Light of Revolution’ for being the only survivor of Ohara. The country that defied the rules of the World Government, at least the scholars did, and were annihilated because of it. Researching Poneglyphs is like looking at porn on your parents’ computer. If you’re caught you’re in deep shit. XD The second development we get is more news about what Chopper read on that paper. Apparently Luffy pulled off a “big stunt” after the war. Ah, we’ll be getting to that later. 😉 You know Nico Robin could have met Monkey D. Dragon!? I can imagine how that conversation could have went.

Dragon: “I want to revolutionize the WORLD!”

*poses like a badass facing the wind*

Robin: “Fufufu…interesting, but if you touch any artifacts I’ll rip your balls off.” ^_^

*Dragon offers her a top military position in his army*

Don’t mess with Robin. Amazingly enough as she’s on her way to see her crew again she’s passing ruins older than 300 years without giving a second glance. Just shows how hurried she is to get back to her crew. I bet the story behind this bridge and the reason the Tenryuubito wanted it built will come into play later in the manga. >_>

I bet for Chopper he would have went, "Emergency food supply" +_+

Over in the Kamabakka Kingdom  Oda once again reminds us One Piece never fails to pull out the laughs. While laughing at Sanji’s reactions to each poster you can’t help but remember the good times the crew have had together and why Sanji would react that way. I only wish Sanji was shown all the posters so we could see more of his reactions.  ^_- Lol, and he FINALLY admits that’s him on the poster, only at the expense of coughing blood up. xD After getting his ass beat by Ivankov he’s handed the newspaper and reads the news about Luffy. He didn’t get a ship to escape okama paradise but he did get a ship full of news us readers are dying to know about. Oh, and Sanji isn’t an okama! YOSH!!! 😀

Wise words Mr. Dragon. o_o

Jumping over to Dragon in Baltigo he contacts Ivankov wanting to discuss the problem with Kuma. Dragon must have put him in the WG as a spy but did he know about Vegapunk’s experiments slowly turning Kuma into a complete slave of the WG? Probably, if he was updated regularly but Ivankov who was in jail the entire time is definitely unaware. Surely they (Dragon and Kuma) have some sort of measures set in place for when Kuma reached this stage…

It's Ivankov and the Revolutionary Dragon!

Oh, you gotta admit Dragon looks retardedly awesome in this pic. X_X

There's a third option. He could just be standing there...>_>

And speaking of Kuma he makes his return to the Sabaody Archipelago appearing at the hiding spot where the Thousand Sunny is being moored. It’s valiantly guarded by Duval- excuse me- “Handsome” of the Flying Fish Riders and even Shakky but can they stand up against Bartholomew Kuma!? I do think he’s completely turned now as he did try to kill Ivankov so who knows what’s going to happen next…  We’ve seen before a person who was long dead and supposedly had no will put up resistance. Do I think Sahkky can kick Kuma’s ass…? No. 😦

An easy mistake...>_>

We get more reactions to the “news” (dammit Oda!!!) regarding Luffy from various other sources. Crocodile hunches over and tells us 3 weeks after the war and- WHOA!? 3 weeks? Yes, 3 weeks which means 1 week after Rayleigh met up with Luffy and offered his plan. So that “big stunt” Luffy pulled off after the war happened in that 1 week. Now I really, really want to know what happened! T_T One thing I found odd is Das Bonez’s quotation of “wounded”. I don’t think he was just talking about Luffy’s physical injuries. He may be talking emotional too, but what does that have to do with Crocodile being “wounded”? Hurt that his dream of taking Whitebeard down failed? That he’s indebted to Luffy for freeing him from Impel Down (Hehehe)? In any case the awesome bastard is headed for the New World!

I thought I'd put a little something else on Richie's mind. 😉

Lastly, we get some information on the article that followed immediately after the war. Apparently Buggy was hailed as a hero! O_O Why… I don’t know but now he’s getting a personal letter addressed to him from the WG. I wonder what could it be *cough*offertojointheShichibukai*cough*.

*whistles and walks away*

I wonder if Buggy will do an awesome dance if he's not the father. >(^_-)^

Ah, and before I forget what do you all think is in that newspaper!? Chopper’s reaction was “NOT AGAIN”!? but that could mean Luffy did something outrageous “again”. Not necessarily him repeating a previous action. Robin’s reaction was “interesting” but it takes a lot to surprise her apparently. 😉 Sanji was visibly shaken. Vivi was talking about something “stylish” but she seemed worried or at least intently focused. I wonder if Zoro, Usopp, Franky, Brook, and Nami, got “that” news too (the recent paper). From what I can discern there are two different newspapers. One which came out in 2 weeks (or less) after the war and tells of the events in the war like Ace’s death, Dragon has a son, Buggy is a hero, Ivankov teamed up with Luffy, and Garp’s grandson is Luffy. Then there’s this new paper out 3 weeks after the war telling of something Luffy did and Bonez said “they” so there’s more than just Luffy involved! Maybe Rayleigh’s plan wasn’t to make Luffy stronger but to draw attention away from Sabaody Archipelago with a big event making the gathering of the crew easier and unnoticed. Well Kuma just kinda ruined that if it’s true…>_>

I'm pretty sure this is somehow the government's fault and we should direct our misguided anger at them. >_>

No poll this week because there are a million different ideas anyone can come up with. What do I think is in the newspaper? Well, honestly I thought it was just an increase in bounty but that would have been revealed to us in this chapter (593). If Oda is building up the news for this long it has to be something big and I mean BIG! If I had to guess randomly and fantasize of a scenario I’d say he made the claim of Jimbei joining his crew and he put Fishman Island under his protection.  See what happens when I fantasize? >_> Let me know what you all think it is! Here’s your demotivational poster! Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀

And we’ll have a debate next week with an Old Age Pirate vs. a New Age Pirate. Any ideas on who? Thanks to Shinobimadness for the idea. ^_^


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  1. FIRST!!!

  2. second!! i hope jimbei dosent join their crew… i mean hes great and all that but always before someone joins teir crew they have this arc abot them and it never ends up being someone that is extremly powerful, except robin but she wasnt all that… i mean they cant go and get a shibukai in their crew… sure if they go to fish man island im sure they would be able to find someone that would be their second reseerd food pile but i dont htink its jimbei…
    on to other news… im really interseted in what luffy did and also in what his new wanted poster says… why cant they show it already…
    and danm the wg for making onemange close down… now i have to find another source for my fix… damn…=D

  3. 3rd

  4. dammit shadow
    you take my place

    and what luffy did IS AWESOMENESS


  5. This chapter was AWESOMENESS! It had Sanji AND Crocodile in one issue. Now if Smoker was in there, oh my god the chapter would have self-destructed!

    Old vs New huh? How about Don Krieg vs Eustass Kidd? lmao

  6. Maybe Luffy and Boa announced their wedding. 😀

    Thats why Vivi didnt think what Luffy was wearing was stylish…also Sanji and Chopper looked REALLY surprised. ROFL (ok maybe not) >.<

    Maybe he punched another clestial dragon…..man idk what else Luffy could possibly do now to make things worse with the WG. He has pretty much been involved in every possible destruction of the 3 major WG facilites. The only thing thats left to destroy is Marijoea (w/e its called). Maybe he punched one of the elders XD

  7. unless rayliegh plan was to go back shabondy and train (pointless doing that) then that mean shakki is going to have to be really strong to match the (dead) kuma that is unless dragon has a power like the wind and is able to get there really fast goes to him

  8. @Dabisan: I know how you feel about Jimbei because I felt that way at first too, but in recent chapters I’ve seen Jimbei in a new light. I always thought he was too strong and his personality was too serious for me to think as a member of the Strawhat Crew. But then maybe serious can be turned into funny situations like with Zoro and the way he handled Luffy here made me like him all the more. Anyone who can talk some sense into Luffy is a good friend to have around.

    And maybe him being as strong as a Shichibukai won’t make such a difference over in the New World. I think the whole crew needs to be at a whole different level by the time they reach the New World. In the end, I still would like another female to join their crew though. T_T

    @Santo7patian: You know what Luffy did!? Something awesomeness? Spill it!

    @Kisu: Lol, Don Krieg would get his ass beat in 5 seconds flat with all that metal he used. xD

    @Pumpkin: A wedding between Shichibukai Boa Hancock and Monkey D. Luffy!? You think Vivi was referring to Luffy’s tuxedo in a wedding picture? o_o That would certainly shake up the world to find those two married. XD That’s one theory! Maybe Luffy peed on a Celestial Dragon in front of a news crew…>_>

    Luffy is “the” thorn in the WG’s side at this point it seems. I think Dragon is getting a little jealous of his son’s performance and is mobilizing his forces to do something dramatic. 😉

    @Smurf: Maybe Rayleigh left someone else to guard the ship before he left. Someone to assist Shakky because even she’s scared by Kuma’s presence.

  9. what were the revolutionary army talking about when they said luffy reappeared again after the war and like this:

    what did robin find amusing in the newspaper:

    what was sanki suprised about in the paper:

    wat did ivankov see in the paper and tell dragon:

    shakky know that rayliegh is with him probably because they are following his plan

    what did the alubarna castle see in the newspaper and wat did vivi mean when see said that its not a faison statement because it luffy:

    three week after the battle luffy fully healed and done something one rayliegh plan that makes it seem like he mad if people think that luffy thought it up (lol no brains):

    does the news mr3 read have anything to do with luffy’s plan?:

    plus wat chopper saw in the newspaper 2 chaters ago must be the same.

    so basicly this chapter is just about oda laughing at us because we dont have a clue to wat they had in the newspaper!!!!
    better show wat he did or show rayliegh explaing his plan and im going to go CRAZY!!!!!!!!

    oh and god dammit onemanga.com is shutting down

  10. Meh somehow i still feel its to soon for luffy to do something really really major, its just been 3 weeks and dont forget what kinda physical pain hes been through (nearly dead in impel down and neeeaaarly dead in the war). hes pretty strong and cant take a blow, but damn only 3 weeks later he does something huge again?
    personally i would lmao if it would be bon-chan with the image of luffy who did something awesome but at this point i really dont have a clue.
    Damn the next chapter has alot to explain im gonna go crazy if it still wont be revealed, we will prolly get to see it piece by piece.

    About OneManga I hope it will stay with OneManga and other sites wont end up in lawsuits and stuff.

  11. Super Breakdown, super! XD hilarious as always.

    About the news. You sure there are two newspapers? Maybee they just got deliverd a week later to Vivi, Croc, Dragon and co. I just don’t see Luffy and Ray doinig something in public eye… >.>
    The first reaction we get was Chopper. It was the newspaper with the sorted out news about the war. This was the newspaper everyone else had read… right?!
    I still think it’s a bounty increase and something else. Maybe Luffy is the most wanted Man in the word. After Dragon XD of course.
    But it’s probably more in it. Just can’t imagine what…

  12. It’s a little disconcerting to have Luffy doing things off camera. We’ve followed him pretty much continuously since the timeskip at the end of chapter 1. Even then, that period was recently filled in with the Sabo flashback.

    I like Mohji’s new look. He must have letting his hair grow long, according to the Volume 4 SBS.

  13. @Smurf: Yep, so many questions and mostly dealing with that newspaper. If Oda’s laughing he’s laughing hard.

    @Fear: Luffy is a fast recoverer. He recovered from Magellan’s poisoning and Ivankov’s treatment in just 20 hours when it was supposed to take him over 2 days. Usually after a big battle he sleeps for a few days and then eats, or eats in his sleep. XD Looking at it from that perspective 3 weeks is a long time for his recovery. Of course, Luffy has never received near this much accumulated damage before and the emotional trauma just makes it even worse. I don’t think he’s completely recovered but recovered enough to move about and stir up some trouble. Just look what he did to the hillsides of Amazon Lily just 2 weeks after the war and right after waking up from his sleep. ^_-

    @Aninachan: Thanks! Yeah, I’m pretty sure there’s more than one newspaper because you can see here Sanji already knew about the news of the war.


    And then “today’s paper” came out which Ivankov handed him and he was updated about the news after the war. That being Luffy’s “big stunt”.


    Last chapter’s crew (Zoro, Nami, Franky, and Brook) and their reactions makes me think they got the old newspaper about Luffy and the war. I also believe Usopp has the old newspaper and the only updated ones are Chopper, Robin, and Sanji.


    @Gunslinger: I guess Oda is going for the element of surprise. It’s like when Sanji went and closed the Gates of Justice without anyone’s knowledge during the escape from Enies Lobby or when Bon-Chan went and posed as Magellan to open the Gates of Justice in the escape from Impel Down. We didn’t know about that either until the last minute and the surprise worked. I know Luffy is the protagonist and we’d like to follow his every move but its happened before. We didn’t see him develop Gear 2nd or 3rd, he just surprised us. 😉

    Ah! I didn’t even notice Mohiji’s hair grew out and it is much better than how it was before. XD

  14. lol but super we dont really know the abilites of the pirates from the old age. other then whitebeard…>_> anyway, if buggy really does get an offer for warlord, im going to be LMAO for a month. just,… no.

  15. so wht does everyone think is going to been shown in the next chapter now that all of the crew members have been shown?

  16. Well whatever stunt Luffy has pulled, lets hope he hasn’t gotten anymore hurt! He still needed another week of recovery according to Dr. Law’s orders XD
    This makes me believe that Luffy didn’t do anything “too” physical, or anything that would worsen the condition he is already in.

  17. lol im really looking forward to seeing what luffy did .-.

  18. I’m surprised nobody here is talking about strong world, what with the subbed version coming out yesterday. Has anybody besides me watched the subbed version?

  19. http://www.animedreaming.tv/one-piece-movie-10-strong-world-episode-1/

    Subbed version of the new OP Movie. One word is enough to describe this movie… EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. yep by lack of better words Strong world is awesomeness.
    Now we have another pirate of the old age to compare for the old era vs new era debate. shiki 😛

  21. Lol Strong World has so much Nami-related fanservice its funny XD

  22. Strong World is canon i think. This really brings Gold Roger’s power into perspective. If Shiki was so strong, imagine Gold…

  23. i thouhg nami would get that ability to block the weather that the old guy has but so far there hasnt been any sign of that

  24. Strong world is out!? SUUUUUUUPER!!! lol, anyway, back when i saw the movie in theaters, i mentioned that someone should do a Strong World breakdown. now that the movie is out subbed, will you do a breakdown for it super? and btw…

    does anyone think that shiki didnt actually use his full power in the movie? remember back when sanji tried to kick him when they were all fighting back at the village, he caught sanji's leg with his hand and said something like since he(sanji had forced him to use his hands, he would show them how he fought with his hands. he raises his hand dramaticly, about to do something… and luffy jumps up and hits him. then for the rest of the movie shiki does not do that again while fighting. he only used his devil fruits power against luffy at the end. so does he have some other fighting style or ability he was hiding? that he uses his hands for? i just wondered about that scene when i saw the movie and started thinking of all this. what do you guys think?

    so yeah, lets add shiki to the old vs new debates!

  25. OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Though, I don’t have time to watch it. I will be quite busy for the next few days but when I can I will definitely see it and of course make a breakdown for it. ^_^

  26. i like it when there is a spoiler about tuesday/wedensday and then the chapter about thursday/friday because i dosent seem long until the one piece fix but lately is been spoiler wednesday morning (full spoiler with almost all pages) and the chapter less then 24 later

  27. +9000 awesomeness points to the AMV for the song choice. 🙂

  28. *spoiler*

    goooo luffy 😀

    but i wonder why 16 times?



  30. U.u
    kool chapter although i have to say i didnt get it >.>
    Atleast i should be on Zoros intelligence level then but thats no good either T.T
    was it something about the meeting point or something.
    or a number of weeks or days untill they should meet.
    well i guess there is some stuff to discuss again xD

  31. Awesomeness!

    We got to see Kong and both Sengoku and Garp are retiring! Aokiji has the recommendation to be the next Fleet Admiral! Smoker is going to G5 (reminds me of an awesome filler…>_>). Luffy got a tattoo! It’s finally revealed what Luffy did and I’m not disappointed! It’s confirmed Mantra is an offset of Haki and Coby has it! Maybe a hint to Buggy replacing an old Shichubukai was given when the Gorousei said they need “influential people”. Luffy left a message for his crew which I’m puzzled over. So much stuff happened!

    Oh, and I think Kidd had a typo when he said “over a hundred thousand rookies” referring to the 11 Supernovas who have an over 100 million bounty price. Luffy was the first of the ‘over $100,000,000 rookies to have stuck his neck out’ is what it should have been. Lol, and Franky’s face = hilarity. The New World looks quite hectic and I wonder what sucked Capone’s ship up.

    *sits down to rest*

    Oh, and Strong World was AWESOME!

  32. The hidden message is Luffy aint religious so meet up point is the Holyland.

    And Blackbeards Giant Nakama battleship sucked up capone I think.

  33. Whats your link please for Strong World is it Subbed?

  34. Link to Strong World by Finaldeed.


  35. i know what sucked up Capone! its…ENERU! he has come down to the seas in a moon ship with his ENERU ARMY! lol you gotta admit its possible! lol but who knows. about aokiji becouming fleet admiral,… as much as i like the idea i dont think its gonna happen. i really think it will be akainu. kong and the Gorosei will look at them and go “hmm, the guy who is super lazy and ditches work for days on end? or the guy who almost singlehandly won us the war, killed ace, maimed whitebeard, and is very, VERY dedicated to our twisted “absolute justice” gee which one should we pick?” I dont get luffys message though, but im sure that will be revealed eventually. anyone got a guess for who blackbeard is going after? i also had to laugh when i saw hawkins vs brownbeard. i think your about to lose your brownbeard joke super!.

    P.S: apparently no one wants to answer my comment on shikis hand power? 😦

  36. @Takashid: Ah, about that. I have a feeling Shiki will make a future manga appearance since he wasn’t killed in the movie and we may see him fight again. I’m pretty sure he was holding back at some points and he’s pretty damn strong. I think he did use his hand once and it forced pushed someone to the ground. I have to go over the movie again.

    About Enel’s ship, lol, I don’t remember it having a gravitational pull. p_p It would be better for the storyline if Akainu was made the Fleet Admiral because a lot of crap would be thrown the Strawhats way. It’d make everything all the better when he’s finally taken down.

  37. i think the point of his message was so that they saw that he wasn’t himself… he’s with rayleigh so they can follow their vivre card

  38. i think that the message is to tell them that they dont have to be concerned about morning ace’s dead becuase he rung the bell 16 times (2x = after someone has passed away x 8 crew mates) and luffy prayed instead. thats why i think nami said that he selfish and dosent care how they feel

  39. Read what Killer says here about the “16 bells” :


    So the message could be one of many things… but I think part of it is to show the crewmates that he’s with rayleigh now, so they know to just follow their vivre cards. Maybe its something more… but we’ll find out eventually I guess.

  40. http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/73264755/10
    counting a disaster like losing ace and rung it twice is wat i mean

  41. I was thinking the message is saying the crew need to step up. Put the past behind them if it were and get stronger. Rather than the bells reffering to an age i think it could be about the crew….
    Dont really know though…

  42. one thing that caught my attention in this chapter was that blackbeard was said to have targeted one of the supernovas as his prey.
    i think the supernova that was beat was jewelry bonney(dont really know how to spell her name) seeing as she wanted to go after him after whitebeard’s death.
    Maybe after beating her he would force her to use her devil fruit power to return him to when he was in his prime(just like the many villians in dragonballz did). comment and tell me what u guys think 🙂

  43. My theory is that the 16 rings means that they should try to meet up two years from then, and to probably to train their asses off till then. After a time skip they should all have taken a couple more levels in bad ass.

    That’s just my theory though.

  44. yeh i agree with franky and notrealltthere,
    not sure wether its 2 years or a couple of months or anything tho,
    but somehow it has to mean the crew has to get stronger
    especially if luffy wants this to be his age.

  45. Wow, it’s been too long since I’ve been here, and I’ve missed out on many discussion,s but I’ve been following them really closely. Several times a day, everyday 😀

    Anyways, One Piece is getting more and more awesome every chapter that goes by and everytime Oda explains something new to us, that we were questioning before, he comes out with a new mystery/cliffhanger that has us wondering what the heck he’s coming up with next. The dude’s a freakin genius.

    So much has happened since my last post. End of the war, Luffy’s flashback, Jimbei telling luffy off for not opening his eyes to what he still has left, Rayleigh being a COMPLETE MASTER badass with his swimming through the calm belt and taking out Sea Kings on the way, amongst many other things. The world of one piece is changing drastically.

    But this latest chapter for me, has to be one of the best I’ve read in AAAAGES. With the Gourousei/Five Elders of the WG, discussing important matters such as who should replace the missing 3 Shichibukai, Luffy’s antics and ballsy actions. The shift in powers and upset balance, broken equilibrium of the world’s 3 greatest powers. This chapter explained a lot.

    What I also liked was seeing some of the Supernovas, especially Eustass Kid. And how he officially hates Luffy for having been the only Supernova to have stuck his neck out in the war and taken most of the spotlight out of all of them. And the dude is one saddistic psychotic crucifying badass. Did you see what he did to those New World fools ?! hahahahahahahahahaha. I kind of felt sorry for them though. And Basil Hawkins had the best faceoff with that punkass douchebag Brownbeard. We all know how that’s gonna turn out Hehehehehehe 😛

    Now, for two of the biggest revelations in this chapter, in my opinion. And one of them, most of you will certainly agree with.

    First off, the HUGE commotion Luffy caused along with Rayleigh and Jimbei. The sea funeral, (by hijacking a navy/marine ship and sailing around Marinford), followed by Luffy entering the Plaza and ringing the bell 16 times. Which we all no know signifies the end of an era, (8 bells) and the start of a new one, (another 8 bells). Now, the exact message that he’s sending out to his crew is one that I don’t even know how to start imagining. As Rayleigh said, it’s not something Luffy would do, but somehow, all the SHs have figured it out, except for Zolo Hahahahaha, Gotta love that guy 😀

    Secondly, Coby officially has a form of Haki which some of us predicted. It obviously has to be mantra cos that’s the only form of haki we know that allows the user to hear the voices of all people around them. Lol at Helmeppo getting majorly jealous and Coby being real humble and scared at having haki hahahahaha.

    @ iamnotreallyhere & fearvano: Wasup 😀 and I both like your view on the 16 bells thing. Though i highly doubt that Luffy will wait 2 years to meet his crew. At most, i’d say a good 2-3 months. Which would give Rayleigh enough time to train luffy in his use of Haki and strengthen him up. But what Luffy needs to learn most, is to not depend on his DF so much. With someone like BB out there, he’d have no chance if he always relied on hiss Gomu Gomu no abilities. And yes, the crew has to get stronger, not just as a whole but individually. They have a long way to go. I also thought that your thoughts on Luffy signifying that this was his age was pretty cool.

    @ killacj93: I never thought of that and that is a badass theory. Especially with Oda being a huge DBZ fan and heavily inspired from it, it could make sense. And that would make BB a lot stronger. But at the same time, i don’t think that he would do that. But only time will tell.

    All I know is, that a Luffy vs Eustass Kidd fight is now inevitable and that fight, will be EPIC and pure awesomeness i tell you. Mark my words.

    @ super: Happy belated birthday and I hope you had a great one.
    I saw the posts on the Naruto 503 breakdown and just wanted to wish you a good one 😀 Also, here’s a little something for you, and I feel that this is my 2nd prediction come to light. Rememeber some time back, 2 chapters before the chapter ended with Akainu putting a hole through Ace, (R.I.P), I predicted that Oda might have been showing Sengoku’s abilities as a precursor to his demotion. Hahahaha, well, it happened. I’m too lazy to find it now and it would make this post, far longer than it already is.

    I’ll probs pull it up later.

    Lastly, I haven’t seen Strong World yet and refuse to watch it until it comes out on DVD out here in the US. I really want to get a Limited Edition copy. But for now, that’s only in Japan which sucks 😦 I want to see this movie on a big HDTV, (like the one my housemate has in my living room :P) and enjoy it in High Quality. So i’ll just wait.

    Anyways, that’s done for now.

    It’s good to be back 😀 😀 😀

    @ super: For all the breakdowns I haven’t participated in as of late, you’ve done an amazing job on them all. Nice one 😀


  46. A quick little correction: I may be mistaken with Coby obviously having mantra but the traits of his haki point to him having that. I just hope he does cos that would be awesome. And with garp having stepped down, and Kong asking him to train new recruits, I think Garp will definitely train Coby and Helmeppo a lot more intensely and make sure they become great marine supreme admirals sooner or later 😀 😀

    @ super: I found where I posted my prediction about Sengoku’s ‘demotion’ or stepping down.


    It’s on the Top 10 One Piece 2009 moments discussion that you made in january.

    Anyways, that’s me for now.

    Peace 😀 😀

  47. @Omar & Kingchaos: Remember Rayleigh left the vivre cards with Shakky back at Sabaody Archipelago, so Luffy showing he’s with Rayleigh can’t be a message to his crew to follow their vivre cards to meet up with him. That’s what they were doing all along anyway. Now that they know he’s with Rayleigh though they may feel he’s safe and make them more determined to follow the vivre cards.

    @Kingchaos: Long time no see! 😀

    @Franky: Long time no see to you too! 😛 I’m liking your theory.

    @Kill: Bonney is the only girl Supernova, I hope she didn’t get taken out already. 😦 I thought when she said “it’s all his fault” she was talking about Law who rescued Luffy (more competition in the New World). Some of the other Supernova’s were also questioning Law’s actions. Plus, I don’t think Bonney has the gall to chase down the crew that took down Whitebeard (albeit with A LOT of help). Though, I suppose it wouldn’t make sense to say “it’s all his fault” when talking about Law. Blackbeard did start all of this.

    @Iamnotreallyhere: Hmmm…the longest timeskip Oda has ever done was 2 weeks and that was after the war. I can’t imagine all the things we’d miss out on in 2 years. x_x Maybe they’ll be a timeskip but with less time.

    @Xdt0ks: Lastly, long time no see to you! xD Thanks for the B-day wishes!

    Ah! You’re right you did predict that very well. Sengoku showing his power was one of many foreshadowings to his stepping down in the Marines. He gave it his all and we got to see what makes him so powerful before his demise. Like any character would have to show their full power before they are defeated. Though, Sengoku still had that mysterious downcast over his face when he was in his Buddha form so he’s not fully defeated and I bet he still has some tricks up his sleeve. 😉

    I think another big revelation in this chapter were the revelations of the Supernovas making it into the New World meaning they had to go through Fishman Island. Through that we got to see how terrifying the New World is and in turn how terrifying the Supernovas can be. XD Not Brownbeard-sama!!! T_T

    @Everyone: Keep the theories up, I’m loving them and not denying any of them. I guess I should offer my own. *_* Alright, remember the origins of this plan?


    Rayleigh questioned whether or not it’d be wise to meet back at Sabaody Archipelago to the place where it all happened. So he came up with a plan. A plan to distract the Marines from the Sabaody Archipelago? I think it was a plan to tell the crew to meet elsewhere.


    Yes, meet back at Alabasta! @_@ Oda showing Vivi looking at the newspaper could have been appropriate foreshadowing of the crew seeing her again. Rayleigh asks whether or not Luffy has a signal Luffy can show the world only his crew would understand. Luffy says something about an “X” and they go ahead with that.


    Now Luffy has a tattoo with an “X” on his right arm. Cleverly disguised as a tribute to his brother… Nah, it has two functions. A tribute to his brother and a message to his crew. Why doesn’t he just show the “X” on his left arm? Don’t question my theory!!! >_>

    Edit: I just remembered only a few crew members would get the message since they all weren’t there at that time. Unless the newest crew members (Franky and Brook were told about the story).


  49. @Killacj93: Mad yea Bonneys power on BB I dont know he suits his Fat Bastard look for some reason The Elder Stars being affected by Bonney would be Awesome.

  50. The breakdowns going to be up by tonight guys no later than 12…unless my computer starts acting up…>_>

  51. The tattoo says 3D2Y with the 3 and D crossed out.

    Consider that Luffy originally told the crew to meet back at the ship in three days, and that two sets of eight rings can signify two years.

  52. Wat Country r yall in?

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