Bleach 413 – Deicide 1… Who Cares Anymore?

*walks in with a cheap joke in hand, but does a Super Special Awesome Entrance first*

Now THAT'S an entrance

Hey how many Bleach characters does it take to screw in a light bulb? Not many, but they’ll be doing it for 11 chapters. Get it!? No?… You people have no sense of humor *murmurs something about the joke being over 9000*. Welcome to another Bleach Breakdown. I recommend watching Death Note immediately after reading this Breakdown otherwise your gonna lose A LOT of I.Q. points πŸ˜€

See Tatsuki? This is why Ichigo has those "cute" friends πŸ˜‰

Hahaha. I read the comments before I read the chapter and they crushed my expectations, but I gotta say, this is one of the best chapters in a while. Ever since Kanonji showed up two chapters ago, Kubo’s been trying really hard to make this funny, but he failed…until THIS CHAPTER! Mizuiro is awesome sauce x 9000 potato chips! So the chapter starts off the same way it ended last week, with Ichigo getting his ass kicked (off panel) and Isshin getting weaker. Then it heads back to Ichi’s friends who are running away from Aizen. Keigo and Tatsuki meet up with Chizuru and Mizuiro, let the hilarity ensue.

Mizuiro you sly bastard πŸ˜‰

The groups has some funny exchanges among themselves. However, Mizuiro quickly proves he took 6 Courses in Badassery as he took a cellphone and some stun guns. This guy is one of my new favorites lol.

Truer words have never been spoken...its not like you read Bleach for the story or anything >_>

So anyway, while their all talking, Chizuru spaces out then asks them why they’re all as crazy as Naruto’s in love with Sasuke. Then they all get a deep, depressing look on their faces, but then suddenly, thy feel Aizen’s reiatsu and try to make a run for it, then Aizen-sama makes his Super Special Awesome Entrance and says a line that quite possibly made him even COOLER (“seriously, how CAN he get any cooler”, is what I was saying three weeks ago -_-‘)

Damn. Keep this up Aizen and pretty soon we'll all be Gar for you <3. Isn't that right Superdude? πŸ˜‰

But Mizuiro being as badass as he is this chapter just threw a bottle at him, and when that failed, the guy just throws a gas container and a lighter at Aizen, big Kaboom! But Aizen walks out unscathed and Keigo decides he wants to die there and gets ready to fight Aizen, only for Zennosuke (Afro-san) to stop him.

This is where the funny ends for me. What’s surprising here is that Zennosuke didn’t recognize Aizen, especially considering he was a Captain. That could only mean Afro-san is a very low level Shinigami (then how could he know Shikai?), a new recruit (still wouldn’t know Shikai), or just extremely stupid. Well, after his epic fails, Gin arrives. The interesting thing here is the text at the side of the page “A sense of discomfort between the two…!?”. This could only mean Gin is about to die.


~ by kisuzachi on July 22, 2010.

51 Responses to “Bleach 413 – Deicide 1… Who Cares Anymore?”

  1. New Breakdown’s out. Sorry its late >_<

  2. Wow! I’m the first poster outside of the writer? WTF guys?? πŸ™‚

    Anyway…i completely agree with you Kisuzachi. Kubo was putting some comic relief in there but failing at every concievable angle until this chapter. I was beginning to wonder where all the funny went from Tite. It was all battles and side commentary for a while. Bravo at him bringing this jewel of a chapter in.

    As for the staredown between aisen and gin…I don’t honestly know. They were all polite to each other until big boobs came and got between them. It is almost like Aisen is seeing him for the first time maybe? I cannot wait to see what happens.

  3. <_<

  4. 4th: Ulquiorra Cifer

    I didn’t want the third spot O_O

  5. dude, I hardly even read this chapter, I think I got more charater development etc from the breakdown and all the while Aizen play peek a boo, hid and seek… I want battles !! excitement!!! PLOT ! O_O though the babes in Bleach do help now and then πŸ˜›

  6. okay chapter… wats taking ichigo so freaking long… either way he has to hurry… u think that ichigos friends that are running around ended up getting some badass powers like the rest of ichigos friends? i mean i doubt that urahara would just tell them everything thats going on just for the fun of it… and if they did get something they might have been training… either way, afro-san is a really weak character because he took forever to wake up, and he might know aizen but not recogise him because he looks quite different that he used to at the begining of the series… or he might just be a new guy that came after aizen… he didnt ever show up until rukia had already stayed in soul society so he might have been sent to earth as his first assigement or something like that…
    on another note i really hope that gin does something and tries to kick aizen’s butt, but i doubt it… i always kinda liked gin, and never really though he would do taht to big boobs… so i kinda think that she isn;t acctually hurt… instead she is probably knocked out so that she doesnt get killed by aizen, and aizen might know that hence the tension…
    just my ideas, thx for the speedy breackdown =p

  7. YOSH!!! Great job Kisu! This chapter made me ROFL especially this page.

    Aizen is such a badass he doesn’t play hide-and-seek. He plays try-to-hide-and-I’ll-f**king-kill-you-after-giving-you-hope-that-I-can’t-find-you. It was so funny because it was so stupid. XD Aizen’s ego is so big he has to explain that ‘Ohh nooo he wasn’t looking for you. All this time he knew where you were, he was just playing around’. Is this relevant for them to know Aizen? Must you explain every damn thing!? XD This just makes Aizen all the more GAR because he makes the irrelevant relevant because it came from him.

    Pretty funny chapter but still all they did was run around, but it was definitely better than the last which was only made good by Gin cutting Matsumoto down. Mizuiro is a brave little fellow. I don’t understand why Zennosuke should recognize Aizen though. I’m not that good on remembering Bleach info.

  8. @Superdude, I KNOW RIGHT? LMAO! Aizen’s so ridiculous sometimes he’s funny. Chcuk Norris, watch out! XD

    Oh, before I forget, Zennosuke should know Aizen because he was a Captain, and he taught calligraphy (even though it was an optional class) at the Shinigami Academy, so he was a pretty well-known guy πŸ™‚

  9. hey kisu, you forgot to mention how extremly dead matsumoto looks!
    if nothing happens soon, we could have our first real casu-O who am i kiding. she will be perfectly fine. but for now, its all up to the awesome mizuro XD

  10. @takashid, haha lol I completely forgot that little panel of her.

  11. Then again since there already dead . That’s Kubo’s excuse is that he made dead and he is to lazy to kill’em again.

  12. Btw awesome breakdown Kisu. I can’t for Gin to aape Aizen at hypersonic speeds via Bankai.

  13. I have a very strong feeling that Gin will fight Aizen.. This is getting pretty interesting…

  14. Poor Gin he’s Dead if he Trys to betray Aizen, but it would be cool if Aizen beats him and Changes him to Match up against Ichigo for round 2.

    Apart from that Im so wanting Ichigos High School buddies especially his Girl Buddy to be stabbed in the Heart or something transferring her powers cause she deserves to be by Ichigos Side, And I want Afro San to stab Kiego that Retard hahahaha Im really hoping.

  15. this chapter was FAIL, Kisu! i mean, the gist of the story was “kids attack aizen, aizen says someting stereotypically evil, aizen keeps walking, shinigami carves the word FAIL into the ground, aizen says something stereotypically evil, aizen keeps walking”


    next chapter will be “gin and aizen exchange words, aizen says something stereotypically evil, gin smiles, aizen says something stereotypically evil, gin smiles some more, they both come out of the closet, sakura jumps in and screams at them for being even more useless than she is”

  16. @Darks, come one, just forget about the plot for a while and enjoy the hilarity you sacrilegious blasphemous disgrace of an avatar you πŸ˜‰

    (Aizenism WILL TAKE THE WORLD BY STORM! Look out Jashin, our god actually kicks ass. People, don’t be like Darks and blaspheme against Aizen or we’ll sacrifice bunnies on the altar, right Kanton and Superdude?)

  17. this battle or chapter is like watching ant attack the little kid with the magnifying glass on a hot summers day with no cloud cover @_@ it so pointless its scary we all know Aizen’s super powerful and they super weak, what all them gonna suddenly become stronger and challenge Aizen.. I mean fine Chad and Orange hair big boob girl (I hate spelling Bleach Character names O_O) they strong but couldn’t take on even Captain level Soul Reapers (or not too well) I think Kubo could fill the 2000 hrs of Ichigo’s training with something better… I mean he has a lot of loose ends to still tie up and could of used this time to do it, and then maybe dedicated a few panels to Aizen’s messing around (its only supposed to be an hour O_o) Real time I mean, Kenpachi and Byakuga (spelt wrong) fighting, I say this every week, what the hell is Tite waiting for, he has been giving us almost nothing for the past month or so, with the exception of one panel here and there Bleach needs to up its game

  18. @ Kisu – how u sign up for Aizenism?

  19. Lol, I don’t believe in Janshin or Aizenism. I believe in believing in Aizenism though because I have too…or he’ll kill me…

    What annoys me about Bleach are the wasted pages of blank space and a few big drawings. If he adds some dialog on, interesting and sensible dialog, and more detailed drawings that fill in the pages then I think the manga would be at least 2 times better. I can read through a chapter of Bleach in about a minute sometimes and those usually are the worst chapters. Sometimes they’re great because it’s all action and explosions but most of the time…nah.

    I say enough of the civilians, let’s get back to the useful characters like…I hope he stick to Gin and Aizen next chapter. πŸ˜‰

  20. @pein, its simple, accept Aizen-sama as your one true savior πŸ™‚

    @Superdude, funny I ihave that exact same complaint. Tite wastes too much space drawing buildings and other irrelevant stuff. Bleach will probably have more chapters than Naruto with less than half the story lol

  21. @Kisu: I remember when he used to focus on the plot progression and Ichigo was an outcast. Right now he’s focused on Aizen exploiting how powerful he is and the plot has gone on vacation. I guess he’s buying time to power Ichigo up but at least he’s making me laugh at Aizen’s ridiculousness.

    I liked it better when Ichigo was the outcast and all of Soul Society was his enemy which is why I loved the last movie when everyone forgot who he was and it was just like the Soul Society Arc all over again. I hope the 0 Squad turns out to be his enemy because I want some more Shinigami vs. Shinigami action! Aizen doesn’t count, he’s beyond Shinigami.

  22. @ Kisu & Supertrek – Aizen himself is against Aizenism!
    He would simply mock us all for assuming he was as weak and narrow-minded as God! We know he is at LEAST 5 steps ahead of this so-called God character.

    Also, as a spoiler, we get to see Don Kanoji’s Bankai next week…

  23. yo im back

    nice breakdown kisu .just read the chapter and i was thinking …. what happened ? i mean we could have gone on to the “real” story without this stupidly retarded chapter anyway

  24. No one can defeat Aizen, he just defeats the enemy by planing to stop winning O_O

  25. *SPOILER*
    Gin came through! I knew he would….YAY! Though he’s gonna get his butt kicked now :/

  26. *spoiler*

    phuck yeh aizen got totally pwned πŸ˜€

    It’s out.

  28. HOLY SHIT!
    Wow, this is the first time in a long time i have been amazed by a bleach chapter. i think the last time i was this excited about bleach was when Ulquiorra showed his second res, which was not only awesome, but made me think maybe the other top espada would have it too. but this… wow. i so want to belive that this is for real. if anyone could pull this off, (besides ichigo) it would be gin, but ugh, what about the hogyoku’s god like abilities? and aizens bankai? i cant buy this all the way yet, cause we havent seen any of those powers from aizen yet. still it all seems to fit. no kyoka suigetsu, he used his god killing lance (deicide), and aizen seemed genuinly surprised. hmm… i dont know what to think. but hey gin would be a much,much, MUCH more interesting villain, so heres hoping this sticks!!!

  29. That was the best chapter in a long time. Does any one think that Gin is a member of zero squad assigned to watch over Aizen and gain intelligence about him. It would explain why he have seen no zero squad members. Just a crazy theory.

  30. Yea I think Gin just cut Big Tits Soul Link and made her Human like, I Love that Gin has the Upper hand if Aizen was Shinigami he would be Dead. But Aizen has the Resurrecion.

  31. Aizen ain’t dead but that’s obvious. What I didn’t see coming was an actually great Bleach chapter! I’m so damned surprised. xD

  32. gin’s bankai is bad ass

  33. I knew there had to be more to Gin’s Bankai than “It gets really long, then shrinks really fast” =P
    Awesome chapter though I saw the whole Gin Betrays Aizen thing coming from a mile away, also I think that he didn’t kill her but probably sealed off her reatsu some how, he is beyond a captain level shinigami so I imagine there is more to gin than swinging around a very long sword.

  34. Finally back from a relaxing vacation :). Sorry I missed it, so I’ll just do a double breakdown when the next chapter comes out

  35. Ah Kisu! I was just about to start working on the Bleach Breakdown you requested of me…>_>


  36. O_O I read 14 chapters of Bleach today and Gin is bad ass >_> I too wish to be like a snake D:

  37. Revel in Gin’s CMoA.

  38. Is it not funny how Gin’s bankai and Rangiku’s shikai have similar xteristics? Turning to dust? Hmmm, is there more to this story than meets the eye? Is Rangiku really Gin’s mum? Notice how he stops his infernal smiling when she asks why why he is working under Aizen?

    (Obviously not part of the plot). What will happen next? Will Gin be able to take the AllSpark from Aizen? Will Aizen turn the tables by revealing that he had actually been using total hypnosis all along (sorry Shinji)? Will Gin counter by retorting that he had touched the Katana before Aizen thought he had activated absolute hypnosis, thereby avoiding being caught in the genjutsu but playing along like he was caught in it without Aizen knowing he was not caught in it until he tries to pretend that he is about to use it and Gin pretends to touch it and use his bankai instead and somehow this whole chapter did not get written???

  39. Is it just me or does anyone else think Tite just made Gin’s bankai up last week and relate it to Matsumoto’s? First it was supposed to be really long. Nope, that sucked so he scratches that idea. Then it’s supposed to be really fast. But wait! I have something even better. What if it can turn into dust (relating it to Matsumoto) and poison the enemy allowing Gin to “kill” Aizen!? Yes!!! Also, it just happens to be really long and really fast as an extra bonus to fool people into believing his bankai has those abilities. -_-

    Oh well, it’s still awesome!

  40. nah super, i think he planned for it to have this poison ability from the start. his bankai is god killing spear, and it fit that it would have a more lethal power then just speed and length. and since gins bankai was introduced right when we started Deicide, i think it was planned. if gins bankai had been revealed a long time ago and was just now saying it had these abilitys then i would agree with you. but this new power fits the deicide theme so…

  41. @Takashid: Ah…I suppose so…>_>

    You got me there. πŸ˜‰

  42. Does anyone else doubt that kubo can deliver 2 amazing chapters in a row. Also if Gin killed aizen would you guys be happy with that. Do you guys think that kubo will ever go become friends with his friend plot any time soon. *sniff I am starting to miss him sniff*

  43. Personally, I hope before the totally expected Ass-pull. We change the focus to other matters like Hueco Mundo or Ichigo’s Brain.

  44. Bleach is out

  45. This chapter sucked why did i get my hopes up. I knew it was to good to be true. Ugh (stomps off and prepares for war with anyone who enjoyed that chapter)(Grabs katana and a skin tight green jump suit with orange leggings).

  46. two in a row was too much to ask for

  47. *facepalms*

    I guess Aizen took some of Chouji’s pills. Can’t say I didn’t see the comeback coming though.

  48. why…so many things made me mad, nothing actully happened except Aizen didn’t die, he doesn’t need his balls, and gin apparently dies. When the snake bites the balls, you gotta bite the snake. Ouch.

  49. meh why does everyone have to die or be pwned so easily and be taken offscreen we didnt see what happ to all of the people who were taken out.
    meh thanks to this aizen seems even more impossible to kill >.>

  50. Oh, what a boring chapter!
    Aizen will never die. Every single character in this manga must confronts him, and get’s pwned. Except, ofcorse for Ichigo who is the “chosen one” and who will came at the end.
    And ofcorse if we live enough we might see somewhere in future, a long-wait fight betwen Ichigo and Aizen (the battle who will last at least a 6 months).

  51. so i have a feeling kubo just changed gin’s bankai, cuz the other one sucked, but there was no point to it

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