Naruto 502 Breakdown (Broken Down): Fun fact: Konoha’s leading brand of air conditioners is a glass of Minato’s sweat. Bubblition contest and super hot cheerleaders included. Woocha!

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Hello and welcome, all and one, to this here week’s breakdown! I say breakdown, but this really will be more of a simple, brief overview of the last chapter (a broken down breakdown) since we’re already nearing the release of the next. That’s roundabout speak for: “This breakdown is effing late!” Partly because Manga Stream’s scanlation was a little behind on schedule; partly because this summer has me feeling especially laggard nowadays. Something about the blazing heat and humidity that makes you want to not want to. But toss be some of that chocolaty, creamy goodness of an Oreo, and I’m right back in it like Hugh Hefner after 17 Viagras.

Yea, pass me that apple pie!

This chapter featured what I would call awesomeness on a platter of scanlated ink and paper. Normally, a chapter is delivered and it has its moments: perhaps not as many as some would like. This one felt like one big moment. Kind of like one gigantic Twix. The information kept poring, the action was gripping, and the badassery was out of this world.

Oh, and the best part? This is only the beginning.

It's too late, Itachi. ;___;

This flashback constitutes almost everything you would want in one. It isn’t draggy so that you have to force yourself to read through its pages and in the end find that no real progress has been made from start to ending. In like manner, it isn’t too zippy so that it ends up being all over the place and you’re able to grasp zilch.

And not just with regards speed, there is also that balance in content between its ability to be informative and also offer an acceptable measure of excitement. The purpose of many a flashback is to detail the what’s what on who’s who and all that jibber-jabber. Naturally, there’s nothing fun about learning, so it becomes hard to derive any excitement; especially when what you see on your test paper are two D’s and and F…in that case, it becomes a bit harder…but also a little more exciting. Ok, that’s just wrong >_>…What I’m trying to say here is that this flashback is fun and educative at the same time…sheesh. <_< I can already see from the comment section a lot of people just eating up this new intel on the middle child, Tobirama.

Additionally, there’s also that ironic novelty afforded by our witnessing present-day characters as they once were in the times past. It’s always cool to see how much change…or lack thereof has occurred since. >_>


And, of course, there’s Minato. How could we forget? The baddest badass this side of the series. As we begin to witness more and more the full extent of his ability, I think it becomes clearer why he became so renowned and revered throughout the manga. Obviously, he has shown quite a few innovative incorporations of his Hiraishin in his fighting style as opposed to poofing from one knife to the next like some retarded Shinigami aimlessly performing multiple flash steps around some guy who uses pretty pink flowers as weapons.

Although if that were all there was to it, it would still be awesome in its own right. I mean, it’s Minato for Christ’s sake. He could be caught on film passing excretal on little children and still look cool doing it.  Just remind me not to miss the Dave Cheppelle spoof on it.


Seeing as his killer moves have so far been the only thing that have enabled a person land a hit on Tobi, there has been some speculation as to whether Naruto may pick it up and add it to his ever-growing arsenal as per being his son and all. Still, it’s all yet to be proven or otherwise.

One thing this chapter does disprove, though, is the Tobi/Obito theory. There, I said it.

Being the ever-vehement anti-Tobi/Obito I am, to me, if we saw Tobi eating Snickers, I’d say the theory is disqualified because “Obito is allergic to nuts.” But this one actually makes close to a shred of sense.

Throughout the manga, you will notice that there is a clear grade system regarding height. And although not always biologically accurate, it is one of the few methods used in clearly differentiating between and among age grades in manga where there is minimal facial distinction. As such, members of a particular age group are always around the same height, but never taller than those of a higher group or shorter than those of a lower.


This becomes especially evident in four-man-cell group photos. The three rookies share an almost exactly identical height, whereas the jonin (who usually is passed the growth stage) towers over them regardless of how old they become, until they reach their sensei’s age group. At the same time, almost all of these teachers also share almost the same height, as is also displayed in the hyperlinked picture.

In short, save for one or two extreme cases such as the present Tsuchikage, growth rate and general height amongst members of an age group is the same throughout the manga.

Tobi in the last chapter is clearly shown to be the same height as Minato. If it were Obito, who at the time could be no more than 16 years old, he would be shorter; even more so than Naruto is shown to be when compared with his father inside of his psyche.

And if that isn’t enough, the voice of a teeny tween won’t by any chance go unnoticed by Minato.

In conclusion, Obito is dead and buried…now leave him be! >_>

This one's for ye Brits out there. 😉

Well, whether or not you choose to take to heart me few words, tis your beez wax. But now that you’ve seen my disarrayed thoughts, it’s about time I headed out.

Here’s to more awesomeness!

And although it will be difficult to keep the pace up after what has been, after all, a frantic start, I’m sure Kishi can pull something decent out of his crack.


5) 会長加賀 Chairman Kaga

I’ve heard guys like “bondage” but this is ridiculous…

Demotivational style caption:
You are doing it wrong…

And since I couldn’t decide between the two, here’s LousyTV’s entry

Kushina: Please… Don’t… Stop! :-)

BSDM – What Kushina really wanted more than FTG

4) Iamnotreallyhere

Bubble- You’ve gone too far this time Kubo!!

Caption- No one ever suspected Kubo Tite would go to such extremes to rip off his fellow jump manga authors =O

3) PeinOAvenue

Bubble – You can’t touch me from waaaay over the.. what the?

Caption – Tobi’s special ability nothing is impossible O_O

2) Shinobimadness

Sorry Senator Palpatine, This isn’t Star Wars…its Naruto…

You Act As If You’ve Never Gone To The Wrong Place Before…

*drum roll*

Its not rape if you yell surprise and have your victim bond by chains to giant boulders so she cant defend herse… oh wait. Never mind. <_<

Congrats to The Incredible Marksman!

Now here’s this week’s material.

Insert possible caption here.

Have yourselves a good time now!

I hope you weren’t expecting too much, because I’d say this was a rush job, but that would be unprofessional, wouldn’t it? Oh…too late. X___X


Tell me your own politik.


Bitch -_______-


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  3. Come on someone be third already.

  4. Third!

  5. Yondaime

  6. I don’t get the cheerleader thing. The height thing is interesting, but it doesn’t disprove Tobi/Obito. If Tobirama is a middle child, then who’s the youngest?

    The super hip and popular cheerleaders came to save their super hip and popular friend’s behind. I just loved this commercial too much. The middle child thing was a figure of speech, seeing as they are neglected and unloved (it’s a stereotype, don’t eat me! >_>). Like I said, Tobi so much as eating chocolate would disprove that theory for me since for some reason I just dislike it so much. It was more just me expressing a thought given the avenue.

    Wow, this edit is longer than the comment.

  7. Godaime….. just like my Bubblition entry! Yattaa!!!!!

  8. As for the Tobi/Obito theory, didn’t Minato pretty much confirm that the only logical person behind the mask is madara himself? It seems to me that minato suggests the secrets madara has could have only been gained from a person with madara’s long history with the village, not by some young renegade shinobi who got his body crushed and eye removed.

  9. It’s unbelievable there are still people who think Tobi = Obito.

    How will that go once he reveals himself?…

    “Oh, you’re Tobi?!? But weren’t you crushed by a large amount of boulders?”

    Tobi: “Yeah, but when Zetsu hooked me up to an ACME oxygen tank I went like ‘poof’ and was back into shape. Id did give me these nasty facial lines so now it looks like I’m an old man but I can’t complain…”

    “But how do you know so much about everything and why are you bent on destroying Konoha and putting a genjutsu on the entire world and how did you learn your techniques in such a short amount of time. I mean, first you were a wimpy brat who didn’t even have a sharingan yet and just a few years later you’re able to tame Kyuubi just by looking at it and use a Space/Time jutsu that surpasses all that came before it.”

    Tobi: “Uhhh…………”

    Honestly people, open your eyes. Tobi is NOT Obito. Obito is dead. Get over it. >__>

  10. Hmmm…I see you’re still against the Tobi/Obito theory. I remember that was our first debate on IRA. Regarding the height Kakashi and Obito weren’t that far off from Minato.

    And in a year Kakashi clearly grew.

    As for the voice you probably don’t watch the anime that much but Tobi/Madara has shown two completely different voices. But hey, chances are still very much in your favor in disregarding this theory. We’ll see if Obito has anything to do with Tobi/Madara eventually. 😉

    @Chapter: I wonder how Tobi/Madara gets up from that rasengan… No one has has ever been hit with a rasengn full on and gotten right back up again. Except for the Naraka Path after Konomaharu’s rasengan…>_> And Kabuto but he fell back down shortly… And I guess we can now add Tobi/Madara to that list.

  11. @CP: Funny breakdown… luv it! Also, I’d luv to hear Minato sing those… LOL!

  12. Bubble:

    “Did he fire six shots, or only five?!!”


    Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is Kyuubi, the most powerful Bijuu in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?

  13. @super I don’t see the growth

  14. Or an idea for a demotivational poster;


    Oh Shit, I’m gonna die!!!


    Flying Thunder God

    You’re doing it wrong.


    “Naturally, there’s nothing fun about learning, so it becomes hard to derive any excitement; especially when what you see on your test paper are two D’s and and F…in that case, it becomes a bit harder…but also a little more exciting.”

    It’s funny how we think alike. It was the same for me. I mean, who can concentrate with images of big boobs on his mind… Or her mind… Damn it, I’m loosing my concentration again…

  15. @redbaron – Theory now is not that Tobi is Obito, but that Tobi is using Obito’s body. Which is plausible, but unlikely. Obito/Tobi was one of the first popular theories about Tobi’s identity, it won’t go away until Tobi reveals himself.

    @pickles – Oh, ok. I know what you mean by the middle child thing, my brother used to fit that stereotype. There was even a Full House episode on it.

  16. Bubble: Help i’ve fallen and I can’t get up!!!

    Caption: All Konoha ninja need life alert…

  17. Bubble: I believe I can fly even though I’m about to die!!
    Caption: The poor sap’s final words.

  18. “Theory now is not that Tobi is Obito, but that Tobi is using Obito’s body. Which is plausible, but unlikely.”

    Hehe, yeah. “Damn, my body is no longer what it used to be…. Hey… A body flattened by rocks, perfect! Zetsu, grab the ACME body inflation device! xD

  19. @cp: funny that you complain about the heat that makes u lazy, you can ask tenrai, here in sa we are freezing our butts of rendering us unable to even get our fingers on a keyboard lol let’s swop homes now @.- (cmon shusiu sharingan work dammit!!)

  20. @Kanton: Lol, well that’s true since there’s nothing to compare Kakashi’s growth with it is hard, maybe impossible, to see but I believe he grew!!! *_*

    @Tobi/Obito theory: The Tobi/Obito theory is a thread of connections involving Obito with Madara. Mainly:

    1. Madara took Obito’s body.


    2. Madara took Obito’s eye.

    There’s a 3rd option of Obito just taking on Madara’s name and identity but it’s the least plausible of the already stretched theories. Basically, the supporters of the theory are saying in some way Obito is connected with Madara. Like I said, we’ll have to wait and Amaterasu is right about that. It won’t go away until Tobi/Mdara reveals himself. >_>

  21. @Pickles
    There is nothing wrong with being a middle child!!! I would know, I am one ^_^
    sheesh, there’s no love for the middle child. I feel so outcasted.
    *goes into emo-grudge mode*


    LOL @ the mention of Full House. I’ve seent that episode before XD

  22. you can compare kakashi’s growth to kakashi, notice how he had to be hospitalized for a week after using the regular sharingan and chidori, and by the hidan kakuzu battle he was able to use a bunch of chidori’s and regular sharingan with planning on using kamui, and even after all the chidori’s and sharingan use, he didn’t need to be hospitalized at all.

    and in part 1 he was hardly able to keep up with itachi’s speed, yet by part two he was able to keep up with itachi (albeit that was a 30% clone, yet in part 1 he wasn’t really trying so i’ll call it even)… and after that he was able to use two kamui’s in one day, even after using half his energy with a shadow clone. And finally when he was fighting pain he was able to use a a couple of chidori, the lightning dog (a variation of chidori), two kamui’s and another clone that took half his chakra, that’s a lot more than the kakashi we first met.

  23. well, he did die, but still, i’ll give him credit because even after being brought back to life, he was the one who found naruto.

  24. @Alec: Very well said in regards to Kakashi’s character/power growth but we were referring to Kakashi’s physical growth as in height.

  25. Bubble: Team rocket blasting off again!
    Caption: Wait … wrong show!

  26. *Magically appears unscathed* I knew that special inflatable gigai would come in handy one day.
    @super i’m not denying Kakashi’s growth just that there is nothing to compare his height with.

  27. LOl…Too sexy for his Balls?!? LOL!

  28. Naruto fact #32

    Kakashi when hospitalised in bed after MS Kamui, is because he uses the 6th View gate to release large amounts of Chakra and thus in turn damages his Body.

  29. @ bakakage – Another Fellow South African ^_^ Where in SA you based?? I am from Cape Town ^_^

    @ Chapter – Its was good, it was amazing its everything you ever wanted from the back story…

    @ Obito/Tobi theory, where does “obito is a good boy come in”

    Bubble: I will finally be able to try my new technique “The Face Plant”

    Caption: What they can’t all be as awesome as the 4th’s…

  30. Bubble: Come on Parachute no Jutsu… O_O wait I bunked that class cause I thought I would never use it X_X

    Captions: Karma, it sucks
    Bubble: I am cooler then Gravity!!!

    Caption: R.I.P Unknown Ninja – No one is cooler then Gravity…
    Bubble: Hopefully that hard cement will break my f…

    Caption: Some positives should be taken with a grain of salt

  31. It appears the explanation I gave wasn’t clear enough so I’ll try this again.

    The same growth rate carries through all (most) the characters of the manga. Members of an age group always have about the same height. They are never shorter than anyone of a lower age group, and never taller than anyone of a higher age group.

    The four-man-cell system is a prime example. The students (who are always about the same height) are never taller than the teacher. Even when they age, they are still about the same height, but never taller than the sensei, who usually is passed the growth stage of life. So until the students reach that stage as well, they are always shorter. We’ve seen this with almost every conventional four-man-cell in Konoha: Kakashi’s team, Gai’s team, what was Asuma’s team.

    In short, there is no individuality in height because it is one of the few methods of distinguishing age since there is diminutive deviation in general looks.

    Minato’s team naturally would also follow the same trend. And as is seen from this picture, it becomes clearer.

    @Super: I have heard both voices. And none of them sounds like a 14-year-old’s to me. And apparently, not to Minato, either. 😉

    @Baron: Lol, preach man!

    @Bakakage: Yea! Let’s switch bodies like Obito and Madara! >_>

    @BB: “(It’s a stereotype, don’t eat me! >_>)”

    Tigerpalm: Ah, I was waiting for the first person to make that reference. X__X

  32. Hello….ALL
    I have been coming to this blog for long time and this is my very first post and it the spoiler for 503

    Its says it is confirmed but lets ….really seems to be awesome…Minto kick tobi’s a*s


    503: Minato’s Shiki Fuujin!!

    Madara is hit by Minato’s Rasengan. Minato uses this oppertunity to put the Hiraishin mark on Madara’s body. Madara’s left hand is injured.

    Madara leaves, but using the marking, Minato immediately stabs him with a kunai. Minato places a contract seal on Madara. With this contract seal, Madara cannot call on the Nine-Tails any more.

    The Sharingan patterns in the Nine-Tails’ eyes dissappear.

    IrukaMama is wounded and protecting Iruka.
    IrukaPapa: “run away.”
    Iruka: “I have to stay with mummy and daddy~~~”
    Konoha is being destroyed. The Nine-Tails goes outside of Konoha. First the Sandaime, then everyone else attacks.

    Madara says “Somehow the Nine-Tails will be mine,” while teleporting away.

    Iruka is taken away by an unknown jounin.

    KurenaiPapa persuades Kurenai, Kakashi, and Guy with the same things the Nidaime said to Danzou and Hiruzen.

    The Nine-Tails spits out a Cero, but Minato summons Gamabunta.

    Minato talks about how Kushina can supressing the Nine-Tails, if only for a little while, and uses his space-time ninjutsu to move far away.
    Sounensuki says (12:39):
    The place he jumped to is where Naruto and Kushina are.
    Minato: “I’m starting to run out of chakra.”
    Kushina: “I’ll lay down my life to capture the Nine-Tails with my chains.”
    Naruto cries.
    Kushina resolves herself. “I’ll drag the Nine-Tails with me into death.”

    Minato confesses his love.
    Kushina confesses her love.

    Minato cries.
    Minato’s resolve is different from Kushina’s. He uses her chakra to create a Hakke Fuuin, so she can meet Naruto again. He’s going to use Shiki Fuujin on the Nine-Tails.

    Kushina is stopped.
    Minato will seal only half of the Nine-Tails inside of himself and will seal the other half inside Naruto with the Hakke Fuuin.

    This child will open up the future. After all, he is our son.

    He makes the hand seals. Shiki Fuujin!!

  33. Caption:

    Quick!!! Someone draw me a trampoline!!!

    Caption 2:

    I’m not flying! I’m falling, with style. 😉

  34. !!!Spoiler!!!


    SPOILER #1
    CREDITS: Yagami1211

    503 : Minato’s Shiki Fuujin !

    Minato managed to hit Madara with Rasengan.
    And he manages to mark Madara with a Hiraishin Tag.
    Madara’s left hand is wounded.

    Madara tries to remove the tag but the kunai wound is deep.

    Minato use Keiyaku Fuuin on Madara. As a result, Madara can’t control Kyuubi anymore.

    The Sharingan type motion disappear from Kyuubi’s eyes.

    Iruka’s mother is seen. She protects Iruka from attack.
    Iruka’s father is running away.

    Iruka : “Father and mother are still fighting …”

    Konoha is on the verge of being destroyed.

    Kyuubi is going outside Konoha.

    Sandaime goes on the offensive.

    Madara says “The Kyuubi will be mine sooner or later.”

    Iruka is removed from the battlefield by a jounin.

    Kurenai’s father, Kakashi, Kurenai, are talking to Gai. Nidaime is talking to Hiruzen and Danzou.

    Kyuubi fires a Cero ( LOL ), Minato summons Gamabunta

    Minato talks to Kushina about sealing the Kyuubi again. Using a Space/Time Ninjutsu, to moves him far, far away.

    Minato appears where Naruto and Kushina are.

    Minato is out of chakra.

    Kushina uses “Chakra chains of doom” to capture Kyuubi.

    Naruto is crying from all the commotion.

    Kushina is dead serious about dealing with the Kyuubi to gain some time.

    Minato and Kushina goes on a love confession.

    Minato cries ( Like fater, like son )

    Kushina uses her chakra to she can meet Naruto someday and use a 8 Divination Seal Type on Naruto.

    While Minato will Shiki Fuujin.

    Kushina stops.

    Minato will seal only half of the Kyuubi in himself.
    And then seal all of it on Naruto’s 8 Divination Seal.

    This kid will open up the future for us. He’s our kid after all.

    Minato makes the hand signs !
    Shiki Fuujin !

    Iruka’s parents.
    Kurenai’s father.

    Never saw them before.

    Kurenai haves the same eyes as her father.

    Minato never had the time to talk to Sandaime.
    In the end, Hiruzen was irrevelant to the battle.

    So you mean when Minato do the Shiki Fuujin …
    Minato and Kushina dies ?

    Near the corpses of his parents, Naruto is left crying … alone.

    And current Naruto seems to somehow haves flashes of this moment, since it shocked him so much when he was a baby.
    And then he cries again.

    SPOILER #2
    CREDITS: takL

    503 minatos shikifujin!!

    minato hits the rasengan on madara
    at the same time puts a hiraishin marking on madaras body
    madara got wounded in the left hand

    madarae although he gets off, soon gets stabbed by minto with kunai via the marking.
    minato puts a contract sealing on madara. With the contract sealing 9b stops obeying madara.

    the sharingan marks disappears from 9bs eyes.

    iruka-mama gets injured protecting iruka
    iruka papa ‘run away!’ (to iruka)
    iruka is like ‘no, unless with dad and mum ~~~~’

    konoha is falling apart.
    9b goes out of the village.
    with the third in the lead everyone attacks.

    madara dysons(fade) out with a parting shot ie ‘9b will be mine eventually’

    iruka is taken away by some jyonin.

    kurenais papa persuades kurenai kakashi and gai. Of things like the 2nd said to danzo hiruzen n co.

    9b tries to breath the chakra ball and minato summons gamabunta

    minato asks bunta to hold in 9b for a short while and on time-n-space ninjyutsu

    to the place where naruto n kushina are

    minato s running short of chakra.
    kushina although breathing very feebly brings out the chains and captures 9b
    narutos cries
    kushina is decided in her mind and says shes gonna take 9b with her and die.

    minato makes confession of love (to kushina)
    kushina makes confession of love (to minato)

    minato cries in tears

    the determination of minato becomes different from kushinas.
    kushinas chakra is for the reunion with naruto. into hakke fuin
    9bs chakra is to be shikifuujined

    kushina tells him not to.
    minato is sealing half of 9b into himself
    And the other half into naruto with hakke fuin.

    he(naruto) will open up the future.
    because hes our son no matter what, you know.

    and makes the seal

    (to be edited)

    SPOILER #3
    CREDITS: vered

    regarding the little sentences of ohana who answers some 2ch memebers questions transalted by shounensuki:

    That doesn’t seem to be so.
    Why would half be in Sasuke?

    Minato and Naruto each half a half.
    Don’t you remember now?

    That isn’t so.
    Minato said it was sealed forever.

    SPOILER #4
    CREDITS: ShounenSuki

    503: Minato’s Shiki Fuujin!!

    Madara is hit by Minato’s Rasengan. Minato uses this oppertunity to put the Hiraishin mark on Madara’s body. Madara’s left hand is injured.

    Madara leaves, but using the marking, Minato immediately stabs him with a kunai. Minato places a contract seal on Madara. With this contract seal, Madara cannot call on the Nine-Tails any more.

    The Sharingan patterns in the Nine-Tails’ eyes dissappear.

    IrukaMama is wounded and protecting Iruka.
    IrukaPapa: “run away.”
    Iruka: “I have to stay with mummy and daddy~~~”
    Konoha is being destroyed. The Nine-Tails goes outside of Konoha. First the Sandaime, then everyone else attacks.

    Madara says “Somehow the Nine-Tails will be mine,” while teleporting away.

    Iruka is taken away by an unknown jounin.

    KurenaiPapa persuades Kurenai, Kakashi, and Guy with the same things the Nidaime said to Danzou and Hiruzen.

    The Nine-Tails spits out a Cero, but Minato summons Gamabunta.

    Minato talks about how Kushina can supressing the Nine-Tails, if only for a little while, and uses his space-time ninjutsu to move far away.
    Sounensuki says (12:39):
    The place he jumped to is where Naruto and Kushina are.
    Minato: “I’m starting to run out of chakra.”
    Kushina: “I’ll lay down my life to capture the Nine-Tails with my chains.”
    Naruto cries.
    Kushina resolves herself. “I’ll drag the Nine-Tails with me into death.”

    Minato confesses his love.
    Kushina confesses her love.

    Minato cries.
    Minato’s resolve is different from Kushina’s. He uses her chakra to create a Hakke Fuuin, so she can meet Naruto again. He’s going to use Shiki Fuujin on the Nine-Tails.

    Kushina is stopped.
    Minato will seal only half of the Nine-Tails inside of himself and will seal the other half inside Naruto with the Hakke Fuuin.

    This child will open up the future. After all, he is our son.

    He makes the hand seals. Shiki Fuujin!!

  35. Ahhh Minato is TOO sexy, no he’s SMEXY!!! @_@ *drools* Wish he was my closet pedo.. or closet.. zombie O_o


    Caption: They do it rough in Konoha… X____X

  36. @redeemer27

    Welcome to WRA! ^ ^

    Just be careful though, some of the people here might try to eat you. @__@

  37. @ redeemer27 – his name begins with ten and ends with rai senshi…

    *throws smoke bomb* *cough cough* O_O dammit!!!

    and Welcome too ^.^ hope you enjoy your time here.

  38. Ahhh welcome to our, yours, cannibalistic WRA family. ^_^

    Lets do the best of it! ^^

    Psst! Eat Tenrai before he eats you.. O_o Or wait… he will eat you inside out if you eat him. X__X

    Cannibalism has no end.

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    Me, eat people? As if that would ever happen. <_<

    It only counts as eating if you chew!!! *swallows everyone whole.* X__X

  40. Hell, everybody else is doing it. Welcome to WRA Redeemer27 and no worries. I won’t try to eat you. 😉

  41. bubble: Whoah! Another bungee jumping in the air!

    caption: excitement makes them forget to tie the rope in their feet..n___n

  42. @redeemer welcome to are dysfunctional family we have self-proclaimed asshole to cannibals to psychos to that one Sasuke fanatic.
    P.S don’t be discouraged.

  43. Well u can all try to eat me but my bones are qutie hard they are not that easy to break ……u will get a real hard time doing so and i can grow them back ……like what was his name …hmmmmmmmm
    Yes — Kimimaro

  44. buble: It’s a bird. it’s a plane. No wait this me before i do my ultimate Faceplant technique.

  45. Hey! Sasuke’s still awesome as the villian >_> <_< Ahhhhh O_O

    @Ten, you eat soup, don't you? O_O And there'sno chewing. O_o

  46. @redeemer27
    We don’t want to eat your bones, just your flesh… O___O’

  47. @Kushina

    I thought you drank soup… X___X

  48. Drinking soup sounds so… stupid… somehow… But maybe that’s just me X_X

  49. @Kushina
    i am kind a skiny ….u won’t get a lot of flesh

  50. Well… there is viscera, brain, heart etc O_O

  51. It’s not cannibalism if you shout “surprise” before devouring the … per…son… Whistles, and walks towards Tenrai with fork and knife in hand. Welcome to WRA redeemer and may we have great debates on the blog, with is a ever growing family.

  52. Bubble: too…much…weed
    Caption: mary-j. she lets you fly without a visa

  53. bubble: i hear the pit pit patter of the rockdrops, i feel the conc conc con-cu-ssion.

    caption: kyuubi chakra + H20 = falling rocks

  54. Nice, that was the best welcoming anyone has ever received for a first comment on this blog. I’m proud of you guys but please stop trying to eat all the newcomers. 🙂

    @Anyone: Does anyone have any ideas on how Madara can track people so easily? Minato warped away to where any of his shurinkens could have been and Madara just followed right behind him.

    Maybe it’s because it was the previous spot they came from or maybe Madara can sense different chakras like a sensor ninja. He also did it to Team Taka.

  55. @super: yeah, i was wondering the same thing.. Is it possible that Madara is a “copy ninja” like Kakashi? If so, maybe just watching the non-bloodline jitsu was enough to let him see how it works…?

  56. @arpotu: madara cant do that or he would have known about FTG level two, it’s not very different from level 1 yet he wasnt able to anticipate that if you can warp to a kuni at anytime, whats the difference of warping to it while it’s moving, there isn’t a difference, yet madara NOT TOBI OR OBITO OR DANZO OR ANYONE ELSE, couldnt pick up on

  57. @ Captain Pickles

    Oh, I will… And they’ll crack! Oh yes, they WILL crack!

    @ Super and Dricedt,

    Madara moves in mysterious ways…

    Man that was deep, back to double D’s!!

  58. @Super: A few ideas that came to mind..
    – He could have a byakugan eye ball he taps into like the way he might with his other eyes.
    – EMS vision has increased insight surpassing Byakugan.
    – Or he communicates somehow with Zetsu’s Radar Sensor abilitys to have a more strategic advantage.

  59. Bubble:
    So here I am
    doing everything I can
    holding on to what I am
    pretending I’m a superman!!!

    Konoha Vest = %48
    Konoha Forehead Protector = $25

    Singing Goldfinger at times when you’re falling to your death, your Hokage is fighting some mask dude and your village is in deep sh*t. = Priceless

    There are somethings that you cant do. But for everything else, there’s Naruto.

  60. Hi im new to this place. hi!

  61. hi, always read this and ira but yeah first time ive commented, so yah hi

  62. OMFG 2 Minatos joining in one day! XD Welcome to WRA guys. 🙂

    *dumps copious amounts of hot sauce on them*

    This is to protect you guys from predators. Trust me…>_>

    @Anyone: I forgot Madara had some kind of jutsu that was able to help take down the 3 tails.

    Though the Bijuu was weaker and dumber thanks to not having a host. Still, that means Madara has some kind of offensive jutsu which we haven’t seen before and it must be powerful to assist in downing a Biju. I doubt he warped the entire 3 tails somewhere or else Diedara’s eyes would be like—–> 0_0. We haven’t seen Madara on the offensive besides warping people and dodging attacks so the enemy can damage themselves, so it makes me wonder what he did to the 3 tails.

    Edit: Wait, I forgot he pwned Naruto in the face, but besides that Madara hasn’t done anything else offensive besides the usual warping.

  63. YOSH! MORE NEW commentors Welcome minato and other minato just to warn you there are cannibals but don’t be discouraged because I’m not one of them.

  64. Naruto is out!

  65. WTF is up with Madara’s arms!? XD What is this man made of? He reminds me of Terminator when his human skin melts off. XD And there you have it. You can kill a Biju but it’s only temporary and it’s later revived. Like a phoenix. 😛 Or maybe you can think of it as going into a coma. 😉

    Happy birthday Naruto, your parents are awesome! T_T

  66. In other words Killing the jinchuuriki would be useless *cough*Kisu*cough*. So that would probably explain the why the Sanbi was free and that Yagura must have died beforehand.

  67. Damn it its ooooouuuuuuuuuuuuttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. @Kanton, I wouldnt say useless. It’ll probably die for a LONG while. If it could come back quickly, it would have just let Naruto die a looooooong time ago 🙂

    I’ll wait for onemanga to confirm this info though (I dont normally trust them, but this is too important)

  69. Just read the chapter…Minato and Kushina are absolute awesomeness. I feel like i’m cheating on my parents because I want them to adopt me

  70. I’m not crying! Of course I’m not crying! ;___;


  71. that was too depressive… I seriously felt like crying =(

  72. Same I almost cried. T.T

  73. Finally, we get the info on how the kyuubi was sealed, and just like I’ve said before half is in minato via the reaper. So screw Sasuke, he can’t have half, the little mo fo has enough new and powerful skills.

    Other than that the chapter was great, and Minato is a total badass, taking Tobi down like that was incredible. But come on, what is that guy made of, being able to jump up after taking a rassengan to the back and on top of that he tasted a little bit of kunai as well.

    Sure the guy was bleeding, but from a wound like that you shouldn’t be able to move let alone warp away making threats.

    Another thing that was a little odd was the fact that Minato outsmarted Tobi every time since the battle started, sure tobi was a great rival but in the end if he hadn’t warped away Minato would have beaten him no problem, especially after he planted the hirashin sign on Madara.
    The tables had turned and Madara would have been the one tracked down by Minato.
    So my question here was, why not let the Sandaime fight the kyuubi a little longer and try and take Tobi down once and for all.

  74. Great. They made one of the biggest badasses of the series a crybaby. Thanks Kishi. But we didn’t see anything about the Uchihas this chapter; I’m guessing we’ll see them next chapter?

    Plus what was the 3rd suprised about in the bottom panel
    only the user of the the Dead Demon Seal sees it so we can assume he was surprised at something else.

  75. @pokekage

    What did you expect? His wife is dying and now he knows they are both going to die and leave Naruto to grow up alone. A man who isn’t able to shed tears for his family, isn’t a real man. To be honest, it would have made his character look cheap if he was that shallow. <_<



    Seriously though, that chapter was epic and sad all at the same time. There was a nice sense of nostalgia when it showed the panels where they mentioned waiting for the fourth and when Iruka was being pulled away, because it ties back nicely to the very first chapter of the story, thus truly bringing things full cycle back to the beginning.

    The next one will be the saddest though. T___T

  76. Oh, and welcome to the two new Minatos. @__@

    More free foo… I mean, family members to add to our growing me… *cough* family. @__@

    *Greets newcomers with open mouth… I mean arms.* <_<

  77. Actually, this chapter did bring up a few other questions. Minato said that the Kyuubi’s chakra was simply to great to seal it all inside a single person for them to use, but I thought if that was the case, then how did Kushina and Mito manage to contain all of its chakra.

    Then I thought of a possible answers.

    We know the Uzumaki can suppress the nine tails chakra and Mito and Kushina both seem to have the ability to seal it within themselves (Actually, it seems more like absorbing it) without dying or using any outside assistance, so I thought perhaps the technique they are using is not actually a true sealing technique that gives the host access to the Bijuu’s chakra.

    Instead, it may simply just contain the bijuu in their bodies, while keeping the fox’s chakra separate from their own so they are not overwhelmed by it. When we first saw Madara taking control of the fox, the Kyuubi was contained in a different way to what we saw with Naruto and we have seen no examples of Kushina or Mito actually using the fox’s chakra, so they may have simply been vessels to carry it without actually accessing its power.

    The other thing that came to mind is that if Minato taught Hiruzen the reaper death sealing technique, why didn’t Hiruzen perform the sealing tech to seal the Kyuubi into Naruto?

    That way, Kushina and Minato could have remained alive to raise their son and Naruto would still have the power he needed to defeat Madara one day.

    Then the answer I came up with was that Kushina’s chakra was obviously needed to perform the sealing properly, so there was no way of saving her without the fox killing them, and Hiruzen was probably not strong enough to perform the technique on something as powerful as the Kyuubi in his old age, especially when we consider how difficult it was for him to try and pull out Orochimaru’s soul.

    Well, those are my thoughts for now. I am sure I will think of more later. X__X

  78. One thing that catch my eye was fact that the dead demon seal can use only non-jinchuuriri. So Naruto will never learn that type of jutsu.

  79. @pein0avenue: Damn you man i hear its quite nice in cape town? im from vereeniging. its about 50km south of johannesburg lol and we are freeeeezzzzzziiiiinnnnnnggggggg, if i were sasuke at this moment ill make a katon and just swallow it instead XD

    @tenrai: obito


  80. Did anyone else notice that Kushina’s hair in the double page colour spread was divided into nine parts? Like the nine tails of the Kyuubi.

    I thought that was pretty clever.

    Also, that double spread was awesome. It gives us a nice glimpse of what life would have been like if Naruto’s parents lived…

    *Starts crying but eats Captain Pickles as comfort food.*

  81. um anyone noticed that a lot of manga sites are being shut down…..OM is going RIP in about a week….. hope they don’t take MS out or I will be royally pissed. It would be 4th site i go to shut down…

    Oh new chapter was pretty good. Enjoyed reading till last page!

  82. @captnmexico21

    CAPTAIN MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *eats Captain Mexico.*

    And yeah, I just took a look now, and reading that message makes me fear that other sites may just stop their scanslations. No scanslations = no more Naruto or any other manga which also means…

    No WRA… @__@

    Omg… that cannot happen. We will fight it until our dying breaths!!! T__T

  83. Naruto goes illegal!

    Viva la revolution! We want are manga back! Every week.

    Yes that double spread was really good. Whole 5 minutes I have been watching it. Such a nice picture. Kushina, Minato and Naruto. Sad. 😦

  84. @Tenrai Senshi
    I’m MEXICAN!!!! I don’t taste good at ALL! Beans will give you gas and you will stink up the place!

    Yeah…….MS is lowkey kinda site cauz they only do like 4 mangas so hopefully they don’t get caught…unless they actually start selling the chapters here in U.S. of A. same time they do overseas….yeah

  85. FIRST, HAAA sasuke has NONE of the kubi’s chakra, good, and TWO WTF i thought killing the host killed the biju, but according to kushina it dosnt 😡 u guys lied to me

  86. @Super He uses GPS O_O or the one that girl in Dragonball had when she was tracking the dragonballs. xD

  87. Wow, so – what are we going to do?

  88. @ the question about Madara’s tracking ability: I’m still putting all bets that his body is essentially “made” by zetsu. And since zetsu can put his little spores or whatever they are on people, even Kages ( without them knowing, it all kinda makes sense. Then, wherever the person goes, madara just warps to em almost exactly like Minato’s hiraishin.

    But it looks like the way to kill madara is by destroying that eye of his. And I think he’ll end up creating a sharingan cyclops army for the world war using zetsu’s technique and all those eyes he’s got stored up.

  89. TT___TT When I look at Minato I see Naruto in the future O_o

    Poor Naruto… But I do wonder one little thing, has he been living alone since? O_o
    I mean shouldn’t they give him someone who takes care of him?
    Then, if he had one, he/she would be the only one Naruto has as “Family” and someone to stick to. But he said he’s been alone his entire life… has no family…. everyone hates him.
    Even if he/she left Naruto at young age, Naruto would mention him/her, right?

    What I’m trying to say is, who the fuck leaves a baby or a 5 years old to take care of himself???

    Kishi… you’re so dead, I’ll sue you.. X______X

  90. @pokekage maybe he saw the handseals and knew what he was going to do. like enma did when the third was doing it. maybe?

  91. Bubble: WOOAAAAAHHH!! Oh I see Ichiraku’s from here :D.

    Caption: Skydiving, they do it differently in Konoha, up instead of down, without parachute even X___X

  92. This issue really showed to some extent Minatos fighting and thinking abilities and why he was made Hokage at such a young age. If minato had been at full power he could have defeated the nine tails……easily

  93. @Onemanga: Damn…

  94. @onemaga That sucks

  95. onemanga gone……now thats a shocker was reall fun comparing the translations of mangastream and onemanga..
    A;ways cleared a lot of things……
    ALl good things must come to an end

  96. Well, there are tons of other sites like Onemanga so while all good things may come to an end another will always take its place. Still, Onemanga will be greatly missed. I guess all the Onemanga links we have ever posted will become useless.

    @Tenrai: Having the power inside you but not being able to use it versus having that power inside you and being able to use it. I see the difference, it’s like Mito and Kushina had the fox completely suppressed inside their bodies while Naruto had bits of the Kyubi’s halved chakra leaking into his which means he could be overcome by it.

    There’s a problem with that though. Kushina said Mito took the Kyubi into her to harness its power and by harness I believe she meant control and use.

    Of course “harness” can also mean to restrain. In the end both Mito and Kushina had the entire fox sealed into their bodies while Minato says it’s impossible here so your explanation could be the remedy to that. Ah, I wonder if Mito was at the battle with her husband so it was more like Hashirama and Mito vs. Madara and the Kyubi.

  97. R.I.P OneManga X___X I’ve read from there till 3 chaps ago, when I started to read from Mangastream.

  98. @onemanga. F·&K!!! First ninjavideo now this? I… feel like there’s no reason to live anymore =(

  99. Hey GIRLS! I know Minato’s smexy, but isnt God Realm smexier (once you get over the fact that he’s a corpse of corpse >_>)?

  100. @ Captain Pickles,

    It’s O.K. They’re man tears… I’m crying too!….

    *Watches an old episode with Itachi beating the sh*t out of Sasuke*

    … Ahh, all better now. 🙂
    It’s moments like these that make us appreciate the finer things in life. *__*

    “And since zetsu can put his little spores or whatever they are on people, even Kages ( without them knowing”

    Damn Kahmix, never thought about it like that! Zetsu is now my favorite character. And he doesn’t even have to yell surprise because they won’t even know they’ve been raped…

    Although the baby 9 months after might be a small indication… >__>

    Zetsu, a sexual predator… Watch out ladies, you won’t even hear him come!… >__>

    True, lol, and ewww!

    I think the culprit combination is “<__>” so try to keep clear of thatand you won’t have your comments cropped. 😉

  101. *adds redbaron comments to Aizen/Madara similarities list*

  102. i think that the last few chapters show that minato was the most powerful ninja in the naruverse (except sage of six paths). He took out madara, and he said madara was stronger than the kyuubi, so he coul’ve beat the kyuubi without using reaper death. I now hope kishi lives up to his word and makes a spin-off with minato like he said.

  103. so i guess it’s safe to assume that if the host dies the biju dosnt die…AHEM

  104. nope, its safe to assume that if the Kyubi’s host dies, then the Kyubi will disappear for quite some time.

  105. so that explains the three tails, but why has the kyuubi been scared of dying if naruto died, i thought it’d be happy because it would be free? this topic confuses me

  106. @kisuzachi, many people here have said that if the host dies so does the biju, yet this past chapter has confirmed that in fact all those people were wrong despite them showing the excerpt when
    kabato cut the chakra flow from the kubi to naruto. The 6 sage knew that if he died the jubi would return, naruto’s mom says if she dies the kubi will return, since all the bijus are from the jubi i think it’s safe to assume that they have the same basic characteristics. There is no evidence that if the host dies so does the biju but there is now evidence saying if the host dies the biju will be revived. So i’d say its safe to assume the above.

  107. @minatotheyellowflash, where in the manga is the kubi afraid if naruto dies?

  108. you said it in your last post with kabuto but besides that, thats it. i just said it confuses me. But why would akatsuki always want the jinchuurikis alive? instead of just killing them and getting the bijuu which would be weaker due to not having a jinchuriki

  109. @minato when kabato cut the flow the kubi wasnt afraid of naruto’s life being extinguished, he was shocked and prob confused as to why his power wasnt going anywhere. Remember he has been in three hosts for the better part of a 100 years and this is the first time something like this has happened. Akatsuki would want the hosts alive because if the host dies then the biju goes SOMEWHERE we dont know where and how long but one can infer that it would slow down their operation because now they have to not only wait for the biju to come back but re-track it down and fight it again.

  110. @dricedt ok you beat me.

  111. “I think the culprit combination is “” so try to keep clear of that and you won’t have your comments cropped.”

    No, it’s using the looking left face and than using the looking right face that deletes the text in between them.

    @ Kantonkage,

    There’s a list?! Wow, I love lists. Show me the list. 🙂

    Funnily enough, that’s what I typed and that’s why that happened lol. Yea, we want to stay away from that.

  112. @dricedt, nope. What we know is that this circumstance is different than the usual:
    1. This is an Uzumaki (they are different from all other people, so we cant use them as a one-size-fits-all example)
    2. We know Kushina was extremely weak and near death.

    Those two differences are crucial. And if you read my comment above, you’ll see I spoke in a very specific way “nope, its safe to assume that if the Kyubi’s host dies, then the Kyubi will disappear for quite some time”. And there is far more evidence that if a Jinchuriki dies, so does its Biju. Wanna see that evidence, go back to the previous debates because Im an asshole, but not just any asshole, I’m the lazy kind 🙂

  113. Bubble:

    The ground just dissapeared,… It’s a TRAP!!


    General Ackbar knows when it’s a Trap… But what the hell is he doing in Naruto… >__>

  114. is it me or does anybody else hope madara dies a slow painful death, he theoretically kills minato and kushina, makes sasuke super-duper powerful. pretty much pimp slaps kakashis mangekyou. i hope naruto like does the same move he used on the kyuubi on madara, you know like a thousand massive rasengans that would be awesome! sorry just having a rage about madara

  115. @minato, Think about how many Minato killed. But seriously though, I don’t hate Tobi

  116. yeah whatever, ive only just realised tobi/madara/obito etc. has short hair in the last few chapters, yet at uchiha massacre he has long hair, i thought the law of naruto manga was they never grow hair. so why does he now have short hair, yet he had long hair at uchih massacre but had short at kyuubi invasion. it doesnt make sense

  117. Why didnt minato just kill tobi??? He could have tracked tobi with the seal on his back and he was clearly winnning. Im pissed about this chapters ending and its overall awesomness…

  118. @fuutonsaviour because he only had a little chakra left, and if he killed tobi he would of died probably of chakra exhaustion, so the kyuubi would be free to rampage the leaf and everybody in it. He didnt kill him so he would be able to save the village

  119. Hmm…? Thanks to Madara Naruto got the Kyubi and both his parents were killed. Thanks to Madara Sasuke got the EMS and his clan was slaughtered. Lots of reasons to hate him but for some reason I don’t… I need to put a face to the man behind the mask so I can know who and what I’m hating. Right now he’s just a manipulative mask with a Sharingan poking out. @_O

    And if the Biju temporarily dies when the host dies then a Biju still dies with its host. A temporary death is still a death. Death hasn’t been 100% certain in this manga since Chiyo brought Gaara back to life.

  120. Tobis weakness is just 1 hit then his body breaks apart that explains everything and helps out on the Obito theory that his entire body IS smashed his Eye is the only thing helping keep his body together could explain why its always activated. Or it could explain that yea after all these years Madara has one eye left and he wants the perfect body a Juubi body one that never Dies.
    Or he could take his old body and finish what he started.

    But Im a keen observer and reading posts no one brought it up soo.
    Kagami Uchiha isnt seen with Any of the old Elders even Danzou, And seeing the whole Village evacuate and no other Uchiha seen, No wonder the whole Village suspects them.
    This picture from left to right, Ao’s Byakugan, Kakashi, Shizu, Kurenhei.

    Anyones opinion is that Shizui or Asuma, I think its Shizu though but if it is then thats a Good because it would me Shizui was one of the Good Guys. If it aint Shizu….Then Kagami, Shizui and Danzou are up to something..

  121. This Fox attack kinda reminds you of Nagato attacking the Village but all the Uchiha are Hiding this time Kagami, Shizui and Danzou. Are nowhere to be seen most likely waiting for everyone to Die then they come to the rescue it will be interesting to see what happens when everythings sealed.

    I would dislike the Uchiha too while everyone was dying the were Hiding or what ever they doing, Quick thought came to mind what if the Uchiha clan are Controlling Tobi BUT in time something happens and Tobi takes their eyes so he can be sentient ya know what Im trying to Say?

  122. OMG! OneManga is SHUTTING DOWN! I just cant believe it!

  123. I’m wondering if the seal is still stuck on Tobi. I mean, it must have been powerful enough so that Minato could attach it and not have that seal weaken. After all, he was a master of seals. He had seals all over Konoha, for lord knows how long. So it could have been a long time serving seal he placed on Tobi. So what if it’s still stuck on Tobi? And what would happen if Naruto were to learn the space time jutsu and seals to make the jutsu work? Would he be able to teleport to Tobi?

  124. @wiseman:

    i was actually thinking the same thing.. but i should have been a stronger theory if Tobi wasnt able to notice the seal but the problem is he did. So i think he may have removed it somehow.

  125. @Blackburstboom It was Asuma.
    @kisu well, I can’t really defend Minato on this but he already died painfully sort of so it’s moot.

  126. @Kisu

    Well, we have another reason why Minato didn’t kill Kushina now don’t we? Because it seems to suggest that it wouldn’t have actually helped anything in the end. (I.E. The Kyuubi would still come back again anyway and with no-one to control it).

    And I don’t know how you can say “Think of how many people Minato killed.” Think of how many he saved…

  127. Minato does not kill, infidel, for murder is sin. Minato is the god of manga, perfection incarnate. His enemies were simply removed from existence by divine intervention.

  128. @ Blackburst, what u pointed out was were all the young ninjas of konoha were and a few jonin or chunin like Kurenai’s dad.

    But Kagami couldn’t have been there, you seem to forget that by this time he would have been as old as Hiruzen, what would he be doing there with the youngsters of konoha.

    And refering to why the uchiha weren’t there, there’s one of two reasons I think they didn’t appear:

    1 The obvious implication in the incident
    2 Being a ways away from the village it would have take time for them to get there, but this as we all know is bull, cause by the time Minato came with Bunta to transport the Kyuubi out, anyone could have reached the village no matter how far the uchiha were from the village.

    The fact is, here is were the uchiha signed there sentence, by not taking part in the fight against the fox they were the only ones seen capable of committing the crime.
    What I want to see next issue is if Minato shares the info about Tobi with Hiruzen, or will the 3rd only witness the final sealing of the kyuubi and no exchange of dialog will be possible between the two kages.

    This could prove to be vital in the final decision take against the uchiha. Cause no one would sentence all of the clan to death for one man’s actions, even if that man possessed the sharingan.
    Or at least that’s what I think.

  129. @Eugen

    Just remember, Hiruzen was against the Uchiha massacre regardless, so whether he knew about Madara’s part in the Fox’s attack or not, that is irrelevant in his stance and I doubt that would have changed how he felt about it.

    What you really need to look at here, is Danzou. Just before he fought Sasuke, while he spoke with Madara, it was mentioned that they had not seen each other since the Uchiha massacre. That means that Danzou was fully aware of Madara’s presence at the Uchiha massacre and that he was still alive.

    That being said, it should have also then been obvious to Danzou that Madara was behind the Kyuubi’s attack. If that is the case, why did Danzou still support the decision to eliminate the Uchiha, knowing that they were not responsible?

    Perhaps it is because Danzou himself was afraid of the Uchiha threat to his own goals to gain power. If the Uchiha were already rowdy, it meant that even after Danzou took power, they might have still challenged his position, seeing as how he was a non-Uchiha.

    I firmly believe that it was Danzou who used his Sharingan to manipulate the council into making the decision to exterminate the Uchiha. He may have even ordered Itachi to kill Shizui, in order to gain that ability to influence those in power in an effort to further his own goals.

  130. @Tenrai, hah. The fact that the Kyubi would be revived only kills your main argument, that the Kyubi’s the Villages main weapon. We know if the Kyubi died it wouldnt be revived quickly, otherwise it would have just let Naruto died years ago. It obviously takes over 16 years for the Kyubi to return if it dies in a Jinchuriki, and in that time, Konoha could be better prepared to capture it, killing her means Minato would still be Kage (and would have been around to possibly PREVENT the Uchiha massacre, and Oro’s invasion) to this day (or at least to the Pain invasion hehe), and Minato could have personally trained Naruto. Getting rid of Kushina…err the Kyui back then looks like a win for Konoha to me

  131. @kisuzachi

    Remember, Minato fought Madara and had an idea of what was needed to defeat Madara. If it was just a case of having the right skills, he could have just learned that himself.

    He knew that the Kyuubi’s chakra was needed, that was what changed his decision in the end. He could have let Kushina absorb the Kyuubi and die, but he also knew that that was only a temporary solution and that in the long run, Madara would destroy far more than the damage he had done at the time.

    So, he based his decision on the information he had gathered. He knew Naruto would need the power of the Kyuubi to defeat Madara. He even sealed Madara’s ability to control the Kyuubi, to ensure that Naruto would be safe when using its power against Madara. To me, it sounds like Minato planned things pretty well. It also sounds like you just want Kushina to die for whatever reason you can find.

    IF you don’t like her, just say so. You don’t need to make other excuses, I mean, look how many people hate Sakura. O_o

    In any case, Killing Kushina right at the beginning just means Madara would have retreated and then simply taken control of the Kyuubi later on, thus completely dislodging any hope of Minato protecting his village. Minato also would not have gained any info on his enemy, nor would he have known what was needed to defeat Madara, so he wouldn’t have trained Naruto with that thought in mind. Madara would have had the upper hand in that case. Right now, though, Madara has nothing but ambition.

    In any case, we know now why Madara needs Sasuke. He cannot control the Kyuubi anymore… so he needs Sasuke to control it for him.

  132. @Tenrai, come on this is silly lol. Being WARNED that the Kyubi would return only means that they could be much more prepared than they were when it surprised them. Look at how well they handled the Sanbi (thought this was purely filler) when they were prepared for it. Being forewarned is being forearmed. Besides, imagine how much could be different if Minato had lived. The Uchiha wouldnt be suspects and Sasuke the emo bastard and Itachi could have grown up to be on Konoha’s side and Itachi could control the Kyubi if they really needed him to. But I digress (Death Note has me too depressed right now T^T).

    I suppose all you and I will ever agree on is that Sakura sucks right? RIGHT!? RIIIIGHT!!!??? O__O

  133. @Tenrai, btw I dont hate Kushhina per se, I hate that fans like her just because she’s Naruto’s mom, so basically they like her because she opened her legs up to see if the Yellowflash is as “quick” 😉 as the say. She hasn’t been in a battle, we dont know if she’s weak or strong, but considering she’s a THIS manga, more than likely she’s weak (Kishi you sexist bastard lol). Pain deserves the spotlight dammit!

    *goes into fanboy rage*

  134. @kisuzachi


    It seems that is the case. Either way, Minato wouldn’t have been forewarned if he just killed Kushina…

    This is an example of what could happen in that case…

    Minato: Oh no, an intruder who MIGHT be trying to control the Kyuubi!

    *Minato kills Kushina.*

    Madara: Oh, damn. I guess this means I have to wait a few years again. Bye!

    *Madara disappears.*

    Minato: Okay, I have no idea who that was, what he wanted or what he is capable of, but now I am at least prepared for him next time I battle him!!! ^ ^

    End of parody.

    As you can see, that is pretty much a fail. If Minato did that, he wouldn’t be prepared for anything, because he would have no knowledge of his enemy’s abilities whatsoever.

    Remember, information is vital for success. That was proven with the battle against Pein.

    So, right now, after Minato’s actions, we have Madara who is no longer able to control the Kyuubi and use it to his advantage, while Naruto DOES have access to that power. Naruto also now has the same vital information on Madara that his father had deduced in his battle with him thanks to Kushina telling him what happened. With that information, and the power of the Kyuubi, he is now prepared in both knowledge and strength.

    To me, that sounds like a success.

    Madara is at the disadvantage, whereas if we went with your idea, he would still be a complete mystery to everyone and thus, able to act in any manner he wanted without anyone having a measure to counter him, partly due to a lack of information and also a lack of the Kyuubi’s power that is apparently needed to defeat Madara. Madara would also still be fully capable of controlling the Kyuubi and Kushina, whose chakra was needed to suppress its power for Minato to defeat it, would no longer be around to help her husband again.

  135. @ Tenrai – I think Danzou could manipulate the council to make the decition but not Itachi to kill cause the eyes he used etc… plus at the time he did not have the abilities he has now, the sharingans weren’t installed unknown is the senju dna.

    @ Kisu – I think killing her from the off set wouldn’t of helped, she had a strong control of the fox still and Kishina must be strong, in the state she is in to still be able to pull the Fox forcefully back inside u must be difficult and take a lot of strength, I mean we loved the 4th and what did we really know about him at the beginning?? Yes Pein needs spotlight more 😛 but he over now, manga moving forward. Like Zabuza he is irrelevant 😛 (Can’t believe I just said that 😦 )

    @ Tenrai – Okay killing her from the offset would of been bad. but don’t u think that he should of allowed her to sacrifice herself there in the end and trap the fox within her, then the village could of prepared, Naruto would of had his father and the Village would of known about the events first hand, not vague information that led also to the Uchiha’s Massacare and Oro’s invasion. The 4th would of been an awesome Hokage, and the would of known the enemy, only thing that may of changed is Naruto no longer being the “host” but once the Kyuubi broke free he would of been able to prepare a proper ceromony or thing to capture it and insert it into someone else… Madara would be stuck, he wouldn’t be able to control the fox and he wouldn’t be able to use Sasuke to control it for him, Itachi would of belong to the village but without MS. The 4th and 3rd could of worked harder at keeping Danzou and the Uchiha appeased… In the end he did something good for his wife but I don’t think all in all his choice could of been better if he chosen to allow Kishina to kill herself…

  136. not saying killing yourself is right, but one can sacrifice yourself for others and the ones you care about

  137. BUBBLE: ” NO….., i can’t handle this anymore”

    CAPTION: ‘ There always shinobi that can’t handle
    the fourth AWESOMENESS ‘

    yeah you know minato is too sexy for you

  138. @tenrai you forgot to add Madara: *stabs naruto*

  139. AND Minato: hey wait a minute I just killed my wife and newborn son oh well. *goes home*

  140. @Kantonkage: Your right it is Asume his thick jaw line and his Bandana make his appearance more clear now that I review it, at first glance I assumed Shizu thinking he was Kakashis age or something.

    @Eugen: WTFUTA Seem to forget that by this time Kagami would be as old as Hiruzen, Their the same Age so he would still be Alive. All I was saying that was he wasnt in the Background with the other Elders, I didnt say anthing About Kagami being with the Youngsters.
    I dont Know what the Uchiha were doing but I dont want to Assume to much on the Fact rather wait for the Issues, I guess what I was ultimatley refering was that Kagami, Danzou and Shizui were’nt there and Danzou being dead Obito and Kagami are the last two people being Tobi aswell as Madara and Others like Zetsu.

  141. @Tenrai, you still didnt tell me if u agree Sakura sucks 😡
    Besides, sure they wouldn’t have info on Masky Mcmaskalot, but at least they’d be prepared for the Kyubi and this time they’d use only the highest level ninjas in the village, and considering this is Masky (who spams his jutsu more than Sasuke spams Susanoo) it wouldnt take long for them to get the very same info again with less casualties.

  142. If Kushina could have possibly lived with a lot of rest and hospitalization after having the Biju ripped from her does that mean Naruto could live too if the Kyubi was taken from him? Maybe Kishi is foreshadowing Naruto eventually losing the Biju in the end.

  143. @kisu I disagree because how will they be prepare for Kyuubi considering the guy summoned Kyuubi in the middle of Konoha just about. Considering *looks at madara/aizen Similiarites list* he would have found it and Kushina and Naruto’s assassination would have been in vain.

  144. @supertrek
    Yeah i get that same feeling. I mean why would they even talk about the 10 tails if they were never going to revive it. Do they have to have the part of the 9 tails that is sealed inside of the 4th. Do you think if the 9 tails is extracted from naruto he will gain access to the other half of the kyubii.

  145. @Super, and remember Naruto has only half the kyuubi inside him, so if it were to be extracted like it was in Kushina’s case, NAruto would have it 50% easier. And in regard to what shadowaid said: could someone actually revive the jubbi with the other half of the kyuubi’s chakra missing??

    This could prove very important and it would be funny to say the least, and I say this in a very ironic way, that the akatsuki literally died gathering all those jinchuriki and bijuu for nothing more then for them to be sealed in Gedo MAzo.

    Actually is there anyone besides Jiraiya and probably Hiruzen that knew about the way the kyuubi was sealed into NAruto???

  146. @Shadow: I think the Yin half of the Kyubi’s chakra is sealed forever in the Reaper Death Seal so the 4th wouldn’t have it. If the Yang chakra is extracted from Naruto he would be Bijuless.

    @Eugen: Tis’ is true, plus he wouldn’t be giving birth so he wouldn’t be as weakened as Kushina was when she had the Kyubi ripped out of her. I too wonder if they can summon the entire Juubi back without the full use of the Kyubi’s chakra. Maybe they can restore a weaker version of it or Madara has found some way to retrieve the Kyubi’s Yin chakra from the Shinigami’s belly. Is that why he wanted Nagato’s Rinne Tensei?

    Maybe not…

  147. @Kyubi chakra debate: perhaps the chakra amount is the equivalent to Oroch’s arms being torn away. As I recall his arms did return. And when they said half of the chakra of the fox they never said Yin or Yang. Their is no chakra balance to a bijuu. They are chakra monsters. So maybe the Kyuubi’s chakra has grown back…So in other words Naruto’s dad gave up his life to allow the transference of the Kyuubi into his only begotten child.

  148. @debate: but maybe theres a comparable state when the seal really gets weakened… i think of… diarrhea!!! @_@
    but i dont really get it with this half/half-sealing, isnt there a deeper reason?
    @visionary: they indeed said that about yin and yang,, for such cases super will show u the pictures to prove it 🙂
    even if its a huge chakra mass, why shouldnt it consist of yin and yang chakra?

  149. @Visionary: Ah, Salamiyo is right. xD I will show you where Jiraiya talked about Minato separating the Fox’s Yin and Yang chakra.

    And if you flip into the next page you’ll see where Minato sealed the Yang chakra.

    Edit: Orochimaru switched bodies after the fight with Hiruzen so I guess that allowed him to use jutsu again even though the arms of his soul were trapped forever in the Shinigami.

    And all switching a body does is put Orochimaru’s soul into a new container.

    Yet, when he got his new container he can somehow use jutsu again. Same armless soul, different container. I wonder how that works out…

  150. hey i was just wondering, when we saw everybody when they were younger last chapter (kakashi, guy, kurenai etc.) where was rin? i mean would of she died like in the few years between gaiden and kyuubi. Or did Kishi just forget to put rin in there because hes such a sexist.

  151. Bubble: Yup, Minato should be coming to save me from free-fall with his Flying Thunder God Tech any second now……….fuck.

    Caption: Kyubi attacks are unpredictable…always carry a parachute

  152. @ treck and visionary, it’s only my opinion, but I think that doing the body switch tech orochimaru didn’t only get the other person’s body but it’s soul as well.
    I think he only transfered his consciousness (only the mind) into the other body.
    Maybe u cant have a mind without a soul or maybe u can, but from what i gathered it would be impossible for orochi to use his arms no matter how many bodies he would have changed cause ultimately dis own soul had it’s hand missing and they were gone for ever, and no amount of body transfer could bring them back.

    So in order to bypass this, he only sends his knowledge, mind, consciousness, etc, in the other host and uses the host’s power and soul and the rest of his skills for his own. Exactly like he would have done with Sasuke, keep all that is good about sasuke, chakra, the sharingan, the hair :)), etc, and just bring his own brain in order to command the poor guy.

    Share your thoughts, and if I’m wrong and haven’t seen something that proves contrary, send Tenrai with the Barbecue Sauce.

  153. about om closing down …hmm i have doubts now that manga will continue why ? because japanese people are amazingly retarded when it comes to piracy . they cant pirate a freakin movie of naruto or onepiece and we wait for an year to see it

  154. ‘Doomien awakens from his hibernation to see whats on WRA’. Oh, bubble contest…

    BUBBLE:’This Cero is OVER 9000!!!’
    CAPTION:’WHAT, 9000?! Hey wait minute your not Vegeta!!!

    ‘Doomien resumes his slumber. Night, night WRA’

  155. *puts ketchup over pickles and hands him to tenrai *

    yeh your’e right i just read the breakdown xD

  156. for oro that can use jutsu again,
    after switching body.because only
    the container arm soul
    that riped by shinigami.
    that what i think.
    (if you want to know what
    exactly happen you must take
    oda and tite to explain what happen)
    ups wrong author X___X

  157. I just wanted to point out how not even Jiraiya was able to figure out completely how to manipulate the seal. He tried to mess with the seal and almost got killed. I never intended to imply there was no yin and yang, just that maybe it is torrential to seperate effectively. So instead of grabbing something specific, Minato grabbed whatever he could which maybe was just a whole lotta chakra. Seeing how Minato failed to comunnicate effectively at the time of the sealing, its only natural to expect there to be some kind of problem. But if Minato was successful in seperating the soul from the kyuubi then i guess the souls arent important to form the jubi? Or, like somebody said, maybe Negato is needed to return the souls?

  158. A completely random statement but is related to the chapter page. Dunno if anyone noticed or didn’t the cover with Kushina 9-tailed fury sort of.

  159. @kanton: everybody shouldve noticed it immediately 🙂
    @tobi: he has the power to……. MELT!!!!! …wait a mom… i remember that from somewhere…. OMG!!!! AKATSUKI IS THE ACTION LEAGUE NOW!!!!!!
    look at this:
    from now on, tobi is Meltman for me xD no wonder hes wearing that mask!

    but back to the real manga: i still wonder why does Kabuto really want the sharingan??? there must be a reason beside the power itself.

  160. BUBBLE


    CAPTION: O_o Errrr….. flying is easy. You just throw yourself at the ground and miss. <_<

  161. BUBBLE


    CAPTION: Never mix up Comics and Mangas!

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