Fairy Tail 192 Breakdown

                                                  Artwork by Reneega

Welcome back to another nail biting, mind-boggling, breathtaking breakdown of Fairy Tail! >_> Chapter 192 was full of both great and disappointing action. There were times when I was sitting on the edge of my seat with my jaw on the floor in amazement and other times when I read on in disgust trying my best not to bang my head on my bedroom wall. Overall, I was mostly pleased with this chapter, except for one bittersweet detail, but I’ll get to that later.

Little did they know... T___T

The chapter picks up after Lucy, Gray, Happy, Charle, and Coco (the running girl) fell from the sky O__o However, no one gets time to recover as the Royal Army comes in and starts attacking. It’s quickly realized, though, that the Kings men are aiming for both Happy and Charle. Apparently, they have already turned all the other Eksheed into lachryma and they are the last two remaining. Well obviously someone wasn’t paying attention since there are still at least two eksheed left. Gray doesn’t like the attitudes of these no-named soldiers and looks ready to get his ass kicked kick some ass…. >_>

There was so much awesomeness in this battle I had to combine it. Enjoy ^_^

Meanwhile on a random floating island (or is that Extalia?) the two Erza’s are fighting to the death! We get to see some awesome geometric figure attacks by both parties, but it becomes obvious that this battle will ultimately come down to the skill of using a sword, not who has the flashiest weapons.

For the most part, Edo-Erza has been getting in the most hits and seems to have the upper hand in this battle. That is until we saw our Erza stop Edo-Erza’s attack with her feet. And let me remind you, just incase you weren’t paying perfect attention, she stopped this attack while Edo-Erza was using Silfalion or her Sonic speed sword, the sword that just made her crash through (what looks like) three buildings. This almost demonic display of power and skill is most likely going to be the turning point where our Erza takes over and dominates this battle.


But of course, we are left hanging because the scene changes to Natsu, Gazille, and Wendy, who are getting owned by the King, who just keeps talking about how strong his robot dragon is and yada yada. All I know is that, Natsu is smoking (literally), which means hopefully he, Wendy, and Gazille will start acting like actual Dragon Slayer mages and slay this dragon!

Now to talk about the bittersweet part of this chapter…

Sweet part:

LOKI FINALLY APPEARED! I’ve only been waiting this whole arc for him to show up!

Bitter part:

Loki didn’t do ANYTHING TT^TT

I’m sorry, but last I remember, Loki was praised for being a combat specialist. and now he can’t take out some measly soldiers WITH Gray’s help? That just bugs me >_< I think a little part of my inner fan girl died because of this chapter. I mean Aries did a better job fighting off these soldiers and she used pillow fluff T__T

Sure there was a lot of soldiers, and Lucy and Gray had to be made to seem beaten for Edo-Fairy Tail to show up, but why did they have to drag Loki and make him look weak in the process? He’s too good for that. I know… I’m being stubborn. But still!

*folds arms turns back from the computer… then realizes the breakdown isn’t going to write itself and starts typing again*

Edo-Gray... Zubaz will never come back in style... XD

Well. On the bright side. Edo-Fairy Tail finally decided to join the battle. So they’ll save the day and not Loki. I guess I’m looking forward to their magic. Hopefully it’s safe to say that Edo-Gray will use some form of ice magic as well as Edo-Juvia will use a form of water magic. As for more complicated magic like Elfman’s Full-body take over, it should be interesting what his Edolas version will use, unless Mashima totally just skips over him and focuses on more important things like getting back to the Erza battle!

TT^TT so pathetic...

Oh hello there pathetic Edo-Natsu T____T He needs to go find his car– like right now.

>.< Ok, I’m done with this breakdown. I’m going to go bang my head on a wall.

Later ^_^


~ by bbgurly14 on July 19, 2010.

17 Responses to “Fairy Tail 192 Breakdown”

  1. First and awesomeness lol at the motivational poster.

  2. btw new chapter is out http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/88893498/1

  3. Awesome breakdown BB! I was disappointed in Loki too. We’re both Leos! He needs to represent us better especially in battle. Maybe next time, he’ll shine because that’s what Leos do. ^_^ Btw, I think almost every grown woman in this manga is “physically” gifted. We get a lot of lovely shots of Erza in the latest chapter which was completely badass btw. 😀

    I’m on the fence with Mistgun’s plan. He’s trying to make peace by taking away the problem and the solution. Magic can be used for good too.

  4. @Super
    Yeah I agree with you, idk if I like Mistguns plan either. I mean now that awesome Amusement park won’t function properly! TT___TT
    OHH yes, there were some fabulous shots of Erza in 193. The whole chapter was awesome. I loooooooved seeing edo-FT in action, it kinda reminded me of a huge gang war XD

    Also, FT needs to get back on a regular schedule. Had I known the next chapter would be out within three days I would’ve waited and done a double breakdwon X___x

  5. @super Yea, then how will Erza change into her armor and use her awesome swordplay .

  6. @bbgurly14

    Not within three days. It’s out now! On Manga Streem. A new chapter.

  7. @Cumulusbg
    oh your right… 4 days XD if you look at Mangastreams homepage you see 192 was out on the 16th and 193 was out on the 20th.

  8. I m a little disappointed with 193. I was hoping to see more edo-fairly tail fight. But never the less, fight between Erza and Erza was ok. Not the best, but ok.

  9. @Cumulussbg
    well maybe next chapter it’ll show more of Edo-FT fight. Or completely skip over them and now focus on the fight between Dragon slayers vs. a dragon.
    Now that you mention it, I do wish the Erza battle was dragged out a little more. It’s only so rare to see powerful females battle it out. But either way, I liked how the battle finished out.

    I feel like there’s almost a rush to get this arc over with, anyone else feel the same?

  10. Yeah. We are almost at the end of this arc and in the last few chapters everything is happening so fast. But I like this! Short arcs, fast story…. this arc was better then the last one.

    I hope that fight between Dragon slayers and Dragon will be short as well. Somehow I hate Natsu fights. All are the same. He blow some fire…and more fire …and moooore fire, than say something like “I will never surrender”, and “Don’t touch my friend”, and then he eat some fire, get fired up and win.

  11. @Cumulusbg: I thought the fighting between to two Erzas was one of the most epic fight scenes the manga has procured. The only other fights I liked better was Natsu versus Lexus and Natsu vs. Gazille. Every other fight I can’t remember because they’re not that memorable really… Oh, I guess FT vs. that other guild that got its butt kicked was pretty good too.

    Lol, you’re right about Natsu’s fights! XD

    @BB: I don’t really feel rushed. The arc had a shitty start but it’s finishing quite nicely and now I just want to watch the fighting and massacre. I hope they don’t rush that part.

  12. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/55479040/2
    New chapter Minna
    Love the ending picture

  13. pffft bakuman is way better than ft @_@

  14. Yes, let’s just use tomorrow’s share…>_> How can Wendy run out of magic with all that air around her!? ~_~

  15. The whole chapter was just dragon fight. Boring…. at least for me. And yes! Wendy is an air dragon and she run of magic. Maybe it’ s not a magic. Maybe she doesn’t have strength animore. After all she is just a child and the youngest and unexperienced member of the fairy tail.

    But when you think about that better, with Air Wendi is the most powerful dragon slayer. The other two needs fire and metal to feed there self but air is all around us.

  16. Fairy Tail is out~!


    This is routine, we all know it’s not going to happen. This reminds me a lot of Tales of Symphonia…>_>

  17. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/42922168/2
    New chapter is out Love the 5 page (technically 4th)
    The last page was unexpected.

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