One Piece Chapter 593 IS OUT + 592 Breakdown And Conclusion Of Sexy Debate! New Demotivational Poster Icluded! &_&

Read Chapter 593 here!

-One Piece Chapter 592 Breakdown Below-

Picture by Alphonse13

YOSH!!! Welcome WRA to the One Piece Chapter 592 Breakdown!!! Now, from the minuscule amount of comments on the latest chapter I believe chapter 592 did not draw a lot of interest. The weird thing is there weren’t any comments saying anything positive or negative about the chapter (excluding mine) to confirm this. Now there are 3 reasons for this I could come up with.

1. The chapter was not well liked and you didn’t feel like commenting.

2. You were so awed by the chapter your brains exploded rendering you incapable of typing or living.

3. The Naruto chapter was just so awesome you forgot about everything else.

I myself thought this was a great chapter full of laughs and much wanted updates about the crew. I know a lot of people want the crew back together and now it’s headed in that direction in an increasing rate. Which begs the question, was this chapter missing something? Is One Piece slipping up? No Luffy? Not enough action? No reuniting of the crew? Maybe One Piece is never the same until the crew is back together again…

Meh, I’m not worried about the few comments the One Piece section gets. I’m more focused on how well others are receiving the awesomeness of this manga. God knows this will always be for the most part a Ghost Town. An awesome Ghost Town full of DF wielding dreamers! ^_-

Here’s this week’s AMV and BOPP!!!

This AMV is in dedication to Ace’s, Luffy’s, and Sabo’s childhood. It’s really difficult to create and animated music video without…you know…anime but I think Animeproductions101 did a great job! Badass One Piece Picture by Myrllok because Franky is his own roller coaster. 😉

The only "Ale" involved in this chapter is what Kizaru is merrily sipping on. @_@

Damn you Akainu! I grudgingly admit…that’s a badass tattoo…>_> I hate you even more now!

The things people bet on. -_-

As I said above this chapter was all about the laughs while stating the whereabouts of the crew. Last chapter it showed 2 crew members, this chapter 4! Oda is definitely trying to get something done before chapter 600. 😉 Over on Kuraigana Island (Gloom Island) we learn the mansion Perona and Zoro have been staying in for almost 3 weeks is actually owned by a certain someone who has returned to sit badassedly in his comfty chair. The mansion’s owner… Shichibukai Juracule Mihawk! Kinda cool because there were a lot of theories revolving around Mihawk once we saw Zoro standing below that cross. Mostly theories revolving around Mihawk’s birthplace and training grounds, but who would’ve known it was a battleground he decided to take up residence in!? That’s not normal right…? >_>

Ever since Mihawk’s return from the war 2 weeks ago, which is probably when Zoro received the news about Luffy, Zoro’s been trying to escape the island on his tremendous injuries. Trying to fight through baboons called Humandrills who copy the nearest human population’s behavior they live around. Lol, they’re pretty stupid. Last time I checked only Nel from Bleach could heal your wounds with saliva. xD Btw, Mangastream translation messed up there, the baboons didn’t use a technique called “Human Drilling”. They’re called “Humandrills”. Nor is the chapter called “Ale” as it is according to Mangastream…~_~

Owned. XD

Some people may be wondering why Zoro isn’t trying to fight Mihawk and attain his dream of becoming the World’s Strongest Swordsman. It’s not like Zoro is one to hold a grudge over a match he lost fair and square, and if he is holding a grudge he’s sure not the type of man to put that over his captain and crew. There are more important things to do than chase after your dream, things like making sure your friends are ok first and being there for them. Besides that, lol, we all know, probably Zoro too, that he’d get his ass handed to him by that small ass knife again in his poor state. Nobody wants to suffer that embarrassment twice in one lifetime. XD

An innocent mistake Gandalf...>_>

After Zoro we jump over to Weatheria where Nami has been confined in a strange jail bubble after stealing some goods and trying to escape. The bubble she’s sealed inside seemingly allows someone to walk into it but not out of it. What Nami was trying to steal were a wind knot and a weather ball. The weather ball which, when placed inside a bubble, can control the weather like this and even be used for a floating device. After she tells her story to the people they agree to let her go and true to form she tricks them and steals all the goods back and makes her escape. Though, she adds something new to her repertoire… Kidnapping! Poor Haredas. 😦 It’s awesome though to know the war down on the earth is so widely known even people living in the sky heard about it. I wonder if the people on Sky Island heard about it too.

This one is for Kisu. 😉

Next up is Franky and today he’s definitely feeling SUUPEEERRRR!!! 😀 Before we get to him though I want to talk about the little bit of information we got on Vegapunk this chapter. First, that he’s compassionate, or at least was. Second, he was trying to create a machine that relieved his people of the intense cold by heating up the entire island. This sounds a little familiar. >_> Anyway, Vegapunk would cry because he didn’t have the technology or funds to finish his work and help the people of Baldimore. Now if Vegapunk is really like this then he may not be such a bad guy. The question is, is he the same? He hasn’t returned after becoming the government’s top scientist and he’s turning people into mindless cyborgs now. We can only wait to find out.

I actually did ROFL on this part. xD

Franky goes into the lab which is considered a world treasure along with everything in it after being aptly reminded of the self destruction switch lying inside the building. Lol, don’t ask. I think as a kid Vegapunk would’ve thought a lair needs a self-destruction switch or something. XD When Franky comes upon the switch he mistakes it for a pirate symbol and presses it eliciting a giant explosion and many laughs. I just hope he got something out of the lap while he was in there because he just destroyed a world treasure and this could definitely affect his bounty. And it was unmistakably him…after all his face appeared in the smoke cloud aftermath. XD


Last but not least we find ourselves in the island of Namakura (Lazy Bones Island…how fitting). Satan-Sama- excuse me Brook has just freed his “summoners” from the pirating of the local Longarm Tribe with the help of music and awesome swordsman skills. In doing so he also freed the many captives they held, mostly women and children, while rescuing the girl that was taken away. He too wants to get back to the crew after learning of Luffy’s peril and is about to go when he frees the captives and they turn on him and carry him off headed back to their country. For you see, people with single joints are rare but living talking skeletons with single joints are the jackpot! Maybe Brook will run into Scratchmen Apoo who is an appreciator of music like Brook.

I concur Brook, this is unfair. *silently laughs at him*

So what have we learned from all of this? All the gathering crew members are deeply touched by Luffy’s story and hurt beyond imagination that not only were they not there for him, but were completely oblivious to what was happening. Zoro is fighting baboons, Franky is blowing up world treasures, Nami is kidnapping old men, and Brook is getting kidnapped! As you can see, they’re all doing whatever they can to get back to Luffy…>_> At least we know Brook got some new music and Nami some new items to her list. Next up are Sanji and Robin, maybe we’ll learn what Rayleigh has in mind for Luffy next week!

That ends this week’s breakdown! Here’s the winner of last week’s debate and your demotivational poster!

Taking it by a landslide victory it’s Boa Hancock! She pratically spanked Kalifa’s ass! @_@

Picture by Dog-food

And your demotivational poster! Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀


~ by supertrek89 on July 18, 2010.

28 Responses to “One Piece Chapter 593 IS OUT + 592 Breakdown And Conclusion Of Sexy Debate! New Demotivational Poster Icluded! &_&”

  1. First.

  2. so wat was on the newspaper the chooper had in the last chapter

  3. @smurf – It didn’t explain what the newspaper was.

    Shouldn’t Zoro be able to beat some stupid apes that imitate presumably average soldiers? BTW, SECOND! Don’t look at me, you missed your chance.

  4. it looks like them apes are scared of mihawk because of his overwelming power so i think that when they show zoro again as he is leaving the island they will show him leaving with the apes being too scared to get close enough.

  5. everyone went to there each island to get stronger but all franky did was blow the island up

  6. @Amaterasu: Mihawk himself praised the baboons as strong. Plus, Zoro is still heavily injured and hasn’t received proper care. He’s fighting numerous and healthy opponents that are stronger than the average soldier. Remember Mihawk said when an animal is given a weapon they become stronger than a human, the average one at least. Even for Zoro the odds are to far stacked against him but he keeps on pushing. Maybe he’ll make it through.

    @Smurf: He didn’t only blow Vegapunks lab up! He also gave the most awesome thumbs up sign to the world at large while destroying a world treasure. 😀 Now that’s an accomplishment.

    @Anyone: Does anyone think Luffy will get last and final crewmate in Fishman Island or is he content with who he has? I think he will get another crew member. He wanted a crew of 10 and right now he has 9 including himself. Only if you count Thousand Sunny is it 10. Sorry Thousand Sunny but I’m not counting you right now…>_>

  7. @Superdude, Sweet breakdown and lol 😉

    Cant say I enjoyed this chapter all that much though. I only liked when Brook got kidnapped lmao and when Franky blew shit up (that assholey smile in the smoke only made it funnier lol)

  8. Don’t worry about the number of comments. I think it’s just hard to discuss this chapter since it was all over the place. All I have is just a bunch of scattered impressions, but there’s nothing particularly deep to discuss.

    – I liked the chapter because it cover a lot, but it was merely touching bases rather. It felt kind of like a dozen or so cover stories given dialog and stapled together. I’m also guessing that Oda’s rushing to try and hit a milestone for chapter 600.

    – It seems that a few scenes have been left out. Most grievously being the exact moment that each of the crew learned what had happened to Luffy.

    – The action (particularly in Nami’s story) was hard to follow as a result of the missing scenes.

    – The animators will definitely want to expand further on each of their stories. Hopefully they have some more inside information from Oda.

    – Mangastream’s translations were abysmal this week.

  9. @Everyone: Ah, I forgot to mention Mihaw’s disbelief in the article regarding Moria’s death. I think I went over that before and said I didn’t believe he was dead either. Though, in Mihawk’s case he’s just going off of when he saw him alive last.

    @Gunslinger: I see what you’re saying and you’re right. It was everywhere. He hit up on 4 different crew members in 4 different locations. He’s definitely setting something up for chapter 600. If he runs through the crew members this fast hopefully he’ll go into more detail with what Luffy and Rayleigh are doing on Amazon Lily. The animators can touch up more on the other crew members, though they do deserve as much attention from Oda. I didn’t feel rushed though, I think it’s suitable to do quick updates instead of going into great detail over what each crew member is doing.

    Speaking of animators the anime is back on track and it’s the beginning of the war! Sengoku just made the big announcement about Ace and we all know who appears after that. 😀 Oh, and there’s a new opening.

  10. lol super i guess you saw that horrible last airbender movie? this chapter didnt have much that was interesting to me, just checking in with everybody. it was a bit bland, nothing too serious happened. cant wait to see what will happen with chapter 600. maybe smoker tells akainu(or sengoku, but i want to see more of akainu, he might be a douche, but hes pretty damn strong!) about hancock attacking him during the war and he figures out luffys there? that would be interesting. hancock wins the debate, of course, no way a warlord would lose to a CP9 agent(except maybe rob lucci). the new opening is sick, cant wait to see the whitebeard war in anime.

  11. Awesome breakdown super!
    Ive been on holidays so couldnt get on for a while ;P
    i guess thats another reason people dont comment alot (vacation and stuff)

    Anyways what im worried for with OP is wether Oda can keep up this high level of writing, because in my eyes the Rescue Ace arc and the war together was so pretty well done. Anwyays i guess when its Oda he can do it xD

    As for Franky, im pretty sure he got some blueprints that can be usefull to him when it comes to upgrades and stuff

    The Part with Mihawk and zoro didnt do much for me. i mean its supposed to be an epic reunion right? but it didnt feel like that at all T.T

  12. @supertrek89
    I didn’t take Mihawk’s reaction as an indication that Moria could still be alive, but rather simply that if he’s dead then the government’s lying about the reason why. From there, it’s not a big leap to suspect the World Government of being responsible for his death. As a fellow Shichibukai, this should be unsettling to Mihawk.

  13. im not sure if anyone said this, but i see luffy’s bounty becoming 650 or 675 million. ihad it in a dream and thought wow..thats almost the whole crew’s bounty…so yeah

    Once again gotta love the breakdown you do for us Super…
    It seems like the story is progessing like a most of us said, ie training and then uniting. Im curious to see what exactly the dark king has in stored for luffy other than maybe his haki. i mean the guy just swam the calm belt there’s gotta be something he could pass to luffy. Which also proves he doesn’t have a df which then really shows how bad ass those old age pirates were back in the day.
    @ Super : if you decide on a debate next week try this one. Old age pirate vs new age pirates. This isn’t Naruto so its pretty much a fair fight except for the pokemon element thing going on lol…

  14. @Takashid: Lol, yep I did see that movie and it was horrid. I have nightmares about Knight’s directing…

    I have a feeling Smoker doesn’t like Akainu that much and his sense of justice, and if Smoker figures Luffy is hiding out on the Isle of Woman he might go after him by himself without reporting to the higher ups. Smoker probably wants to be the one to take Luffy down. Though, you’re right about Akainu being pretty damn strong so I can see Smoker informing Akainu of Luffy’s location so he can hold off Boa while Smoker goes after Luffy.

    But there’s little chance any Marine suspects Luffy is being harbored on the Amazon Lily. The only reason Rayleigh took the trip was ultimately because of Shakku’s woman’s intuition. 😉

    @Fear: Yep, Franky has a storage compartment on him where he can hide blueprints and whatnot. I remember he hid the blueprints to an ancient weapon on himself then burned them up. XD

    I wonder though even if he retrieved some blueprints from Vegapunk’s lab could he do anything with them? He said himself these designs were 2-300 years ahead of the times.

    @Gunslinger: That’s true, Mihawk should be worried the position of Shichibukai and the protection that it offers seems to become more fickle each and every day. Then again, this is Mihawk and I don’t he fears anyone…except Shanks…>_>

    @Shinobi: Now that’s a good idea but all the old age pirates are complete badasses and the new age pirates are awesome too but I don’t know if they’re on the right level to be pit up against old age pirates. I’ll see if I can come up with something. ^_^

    As for Rayleigh teaching Luffy something else besides Haki, I don’t know what else he could teach him. o_o Maybe some sword skills but the crew already has two swordsmen.

    @Everyone: Thanks everyone for the input and comments! I know it can be hard without the inspiration of many other comments and discussion but if we make the foundation the discussions can build up from there. ^_-

  15. Ninth!!

    Well, the chapter didn’t contain much, but it was nice to see some other Strawhats for a change. I think Oda is purposely saving Sanji for last since it’ll be the funniest. >_>

    I hope we get to see what Rayleigh was going on about in the previous chapter and what was in that blasted newspaper! For all we knopw, the WG may have banned cotton candy. Chopper wold throw a fit! ;___;

  16. One Piece is out! And the title is “News.” Hmmm…

  17. gosh darn it, why dont they just tell us whats in that paper already T^T


  18. goddamit Oda! what the heck does it say in that paper? from what crocodile and mr1 were saying it sounds like the goverment is saying that luffy did something else. they were wondering how his wounds healed so quickly that he did whatever it said in the paper,… i think? lol anyway this was a more interesting chapter then last week, cause we get more Dragon! he has the best lines XD “everyone was just happy to know there mysterious boss was human with blood”. and ikanov beat up sanji so easily lol about the wanted poster too. and… Kuma! run shaky! he isnt the cool kuma anymore!

    btw, i had wanted to add this to the discussion for last weeks chapter, does anyone else find it strange how unafraid perona is of mihawk? or maybe i should say “used to”. shes all like “im sad, make me hot chocalate!” i found it interesting that she acts like that to him when she was terrifed of Kuma when she met him.

  19. Hot damn, I didn’t know Robin was famous among the Revolutionaries.

    Alright, from what I gather 2 weeks after the war Luffy woke up and had his flashback. Then Rayleigh showed up on the Isle of Woman right after Luffy’s flashback ended, so this is all still 2 weeks after the end of the war. Then he offered a plan of action for Luffy.

    Now in the current chapter Crocodile is saying “3 weeks after the war” so apparently 1 week has just passed after Rayleigh offered Luffy that “plan”. That’s why the Revolutionaries are saying Luffy pulled a big stunt after the war and Bonez is saying “they” (Strawhat Pirates?) must be crazy. Luffy and Rayleigh must have pulled off some crazy s**t in that one week! XD Now, I may be wrong about this timeline so correct me if necessary but I know it was 2 weeks after the battle when Luffy went into his flashback.

    I’m just as confused as anybody on why Buggy is being hailed a hero in the newspaper and what the WG would want from him…

    Edit: Unless the WG is offering Buggy a role as Shichibukai in place of Blackbeard or Moria!!!

    @Takashid: It’s because Perona is in her ghost form where she can’t be hurt. You can tell because she’s floating. Her real body is in a different location.

  20. “Unless the WG is offering Buggy a role as Shichibukai in place of Blackbeard or Moria!!!”

    Ya know, normally I’d laugh at that, but after watching episode 452, that scenario seems pretty plausible.

    Glad to know my favorite Strawhat’s straight again…but it looks like he didnt get stronger and he probably didnt learn Okama Kenpo to boot 😦

  21. Is it just me or did Sanji’s bounty go up?

  22. awesome chapter. Oda is such a tease doing that to us. Whats in the paper? Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

    @Super:I find it funny that Perona even asked for hot chocolate. She cant drink it in ghost form anyways 😛

    @MrTukka:No. It didnt go up. Its not 667,000….Thats just the beli sign. What whould he get a raise in bounty for….becoming okama?

    Anyways glad to see Sanji is back to normal 😀
    Will Kuma attack the ship? Send it flying maybe?
    Will Buggy be invited to become shichibukai? Is it a trap? Why would the WG want the pirate king’s nakama in a position of power?
    So so far the only nakama on his way to the meeting point is Chopper am i right? The other ones are being sidetracked :/

    Cant wait for next week.

  23. @Kisu: He’s been on that island for almost a month now. I’m sure he picked up on something, Iva was just to strong. XD Even if he didn’t get any new moves at least we know he’s not an Okama now. >(0_-)^

    @Tukka: I don’t think any new bounties is what has everyone captivated right now. I thought it was a new bounty at first too but all this build up has to be for something bigger and everyone is mentioning Luffy did something.

    @Pumpkin: Lol, that’s true. Maybe she’s to scared to ask for hot cocoa in person. xD I think Kuma is an enemy now so unless Shakky is as strong as a Shichinukai she and “Handsome” are screwed.

  24. i wonder if shakky is strong enough to fight kuma. shes friends with rayliegh, and fought/was chased by garp in the past. hmm… man i really want to know what the deal is with that paper and the news… anyone have some guesses? i still think that maybe the WG is framing him for something, but now i think its probobly raylieghs plan. but why would raylieghs plan involve shoving luffy back into the public eye before hes fully healed?

  25. holy crap guys, apparently one manga is being shut down!? what does this mean for the future of online manga readers like us!!!?

  26. @Takashid: It means we’ll have to find other sites to get our manga fix and sites like Mangastream our awesome but Mangastream takes any manga down that’s older than 4 weeks. 😦

    @Chapter: I think Rayleigh is offering a distraction for the WG so they take their eyes off of Sabaody Archipelago.

  27. Wowah great chapter but sooo many teases from Oda,
    Alot is gonna happen in the next few chaps and so many side stories it seems, The sunny, Dragon, Luffy and his crew.
    Hmm about the big stunned Luffy pulled, is it possible that it isnt actually luffy but bon chan? maybe he used luffys image to pull something off. although bon chan isnt quite as strong as luffy. anyways great chapter!

  28. fear: i hadnt thought of that. maybe it is bon and luffy will be as surprised as the rest of them when he sees the paper! XD “i did what!?”

    Super: i see 😦 darn, is there any other sites that have all the chapters stored? mangastream is nice, but they delete the chapters if you wait to long so…

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