Bleach 412 – Deicide 14 (why is it taking so long to kill a god dammit!? Do we need to lend them a copy of The Gutsy Ninja?)

*walks in whistling and looks over at the Naruto section*

Whoa its chaos over there! I’m glad I ain’t the one doing the Naruto Breakdowns, right Pickles? Getting Kamehameha’d and cero’d isnt good for my hair :). Once again its Kisuzachi welcoming you to another Ripthismangaoff breakdown, also known in some circles as Bleach (please don’t hurt me T^T). Well, without further adieu

They love her lady lumps in the back and in the fornt. Her humps they got you...

The chapter starts off from where last week’s ended (this has got to be a first in months). Anyway, Rangiku spends much of the first part of the chapter convincing Don Kanonji to escape, but Kanonji…being well Kononji decides he’ll stick around. But after some choice words from Rangiku he finally decides to leave. Now the one thing that caught my attention here is Tatsuki. Two homicidal maniacs with enough power to level the city are standing there and she finds time to be mad at Ichigo for having a cute friend lol, women *hides from female readers*…

THANK YOU! I've wanted to say that to Gin since the SS Arc. He has a pedo bear smile >_>

*comes out from hiding place in medieval armor* So now that they’re all alone, Aizen-sama goes back to being Aizen-sama and starts his usual Hannibal Lecture , but because it was so short this chapter, it gets demoted to being a maniacal-monologue-mind-rape. He tells her it doesnt matter if she’s there are not, it wont change a thing, and he’s right. Rangiku is just a Lieutenant and even if she does have a Bankai, it means nothing against a man that destroyed all the Captains. So then, why could she be there? HA! It must be because of Gin! She’s gonna convince Gin to turn on Aizen, that must be it! Then Tite confirms what we’re thinking when Gin asks Aizen for some alone time with her and then does this:

Gin. Have'nt we been through this already? You have to yell "SURPRISE!" first.

so now we’re all hyped up on Gin-giku juice, thinking they’ll form a plan and work together, but then Bleach surprises us. It actual did a decent plot twist. But I’m getting ahead of myself. First Rangiku and Gin have a little discussion. Rangiku tells him how she got there, which at first sounded like little more than gibberish, but let me explain. After Aizen and Gin left, Rangiku followed them into the Sekaimon (or Senkai gate). But due to the differences in time, she arrived a lot later than they did, and since it’s common knowledge that Aizen wants to create the King’s Key, she figured he would be going to Karakura town. But Gin tells her he didn’t care about how she got there, he wants to know why she’s there, especially considering the condition her body’s in. She then asks why he is working for Aizen and why he would betray Izuru, but Gin shrugs it off in his usual manner. Then comes the shocker of this chapter:

And oh they will Gin...oh they will

Gin gets up close and personal with Rangiku and puts Shinso to her neck. This wont end well…:(

Sorry Tatsuki, false alarm....THIS TIME

The scene then changes to Kanonji and Ichigo’s pals. Keigo conveniently walks out of an alley when all the action’s done (we still love you Keigo!). I gotta say, I thought Tite was gonna say Keigo’s a Shinigami cuz then I’d be like “WTF over 9000”, but it turns out its just Afro’s zanpakuto. What’s funny here is that a Shinigami with a Shikai doesnt have enough Reiatsu to wake up, while mere humans with zero fighting ability do. This either means poor Zennosuke is unimaginably weak (not likely since he was put in charge f protecting Karakura Town) or Kubo just forgot. Anyway, we learn Keigo picked it up because Aizen is nearing them, but it really means nothing because only the owner can use its Shikai, and Tsuchinamazu (the Zanpakuto) isnt powerful enough to do a thing right here. The scene then goes back to Rangiku lying on the roof of a building with a bloody neck.

Don't worry Isshin, we all forget people's names, its not like he's your son or anything... oh 😦

The last page pretty much sums up itself. Isshin is being drained, and by the looks of him (and the fact that he’s wondering why Ichigo is taking so long), it seems the 3 months are almost up, which in turn means, its almost a whole hour since Aizen has been in Real Karakura town. We also see blood running from Ichigo’s mouth, which probably means he losing….badly..,but that’s the story of Ichigo’s life isnt it? See you all next week!


~ by kisuzachi on July 15, 2010.

23 Responses to “Bleach 412 – Deicide 14 (why is it taking so long to kill a god dammit!? Do we need to lend them a copy of The Gutsy Ninja?)”

  1. Bleach Breakdown is out!

  2. PRIMERA!!! Damn that was fast!!!

  3. YOSH!!! Awesome stuff Kisu! Fast as hell! I want in on your secret! You have a Hyperbolic Time Chamber inside a Precipice World don’t you!?

    ROFL @ Naga- Ichigo’s bloody mouth. XD

    @Chapter: Can’t really say anything bad about it since I enjoyed it especially Gin sticking to character and not going Tousen on us. To bad Aizen is doing the typical bad guy monologue and will have someone step in between him and his goals at the last minute because he’s just walking around with “ample time”.

  4. @ chapter’s ending – I think a spoiler for next time will be seeing the letter “H” made out of hollo-chigo at left, Ichigo (or berry-chan, if you prefer) in the middle, and young-getsu on the right.

    Getzu and Hollowboy are working Ichigo like a hamd-pumped railcar

    Hollowchigo: Dammit bitch! They’re gonna call you “Pop-My-Cherry Berry-chan”

    Ichigo: HMMMM MMMMM *muffled* STHOOPIT!

    Young Zangetsu: I’m gonna stuff this up your ass and make you into my very own Popsicle!

  5. Damn Kisu that was fast!!!

    I’m so sad Gin killed Matsumotoooooo! TT____TT (or did he?) I bet she’s not really dead >_>

  6. great breakdown kisu

    anyways i think matsumoto should have been burned to death or something … dude why dont you just get your f***kin place? you have no chance of even getting a scartch on aizen or gin . why the hell go there ? either follow aizen (like gin ) or run away to naruto or onepiece universe -.- kubo just makes it worser everychapter

    kneel before AIZEN

  7. WTF is happening to Bleach? Or should I ask WTF *has* been happening to Bleach? Kubo had better pull something amazing out of his ass to tie all this together instead of spamming trolls.

  8. Lol….When Aizen says he has all day. Aizen has all day . Only Aizen can stop Aizen. Dude is bad news… And why is everyone worried about someone dying? They are spirits , they are already Dead. The shinigami cleanse the souls so the can be recycled/reincarnated(I think thats how they came up with the name bleach). My question is why do they bleed(instead of some sort of glowing green goo like slimer)?

  9. @Prawl: I think I puked a little. o_o

    @Ra: Lol, they’re not aliens! XD I too wonder what happens after a Shinigami dies. A hollow who hasn’t committed heinous crimes gets to go to Soul Society after being “cleansed” by a Shinigami’s sword. Where does a spirit who already resides in Soul Society go then? I did find this though.

    Do they turn into particles or something?

  10. Nice Breakdown!!

    Just as you think it can’t get worse, Tite wastes more time, honestly I have no interest in this current arc, that never ends… Where is Squad 0, Espada 0, the King? the true Vasto Lords, Grimmerjow!! I mean that the hell does this King not see Aizen is Fing around and the Squad 0 should be full of Captain lever fighters as strong if not stronger then captain commander!! and none (most) would not of seen his shikai…

  11. “I want in on your secret! You have a Hyperbolic Time Chamber inside a Precipice World don’t you!?”

    Shhh, now don’t tell anyone Superdude, but its called being single T^T

  12. Lol, I won’t tell a soul Kisu. o_-

    @Anyone: Does anybody know what Aizen is waiting for or how he’s going to create the Royal Key out of Karakura Town? Does he just destroy the place and collect the energy? Does he have some sort of instrument to store the energy? I know it’s not going to happen but still, I don’t like being confused. ~_~

  13. @Superdude, he just needs to kill everyone there and collect their souls. But why he HASN’T done that yet only Kubo knows T_T

  14. @kisuzachi
    Maybe he wants to fight ichigo and make him power up again. Or he might need ichigo to have enough energy to make the key. Just a guess, but i really wish they would stop stalling, and get to the end of this bad arc.

  15. All I know is that Aizen better not die. Tite built him up way to much for him to lose to somebody like Ichigo. He can get wounded and retreat, fail his mission and retreat, or just say “Ah screw it” and retreat but he better not die!

    Ichigo needs a hell of a lot more training than 3 months to take someone like Aizen down.

  16. @Superdude, ur forgetting….THIS IS BLEACH!

  17. Sorry guys, but this week’s bleach breakdown will be out a day later than it usually is (thank mangastream for that lol). Well see you all tomorrow (Thursday).

  18. it’s out!!
    Wait why am i getting excited for.

  19. that was possibly the worst thing i’ve read in my life

  20. WTF…

  21. Well…this chapter was really the worst manga chapter that I ever read. Aizen can kill them all in a second, but nooo…. he will wait for 3 months till Ichigo shows up. 🙄

  22. lol mizuro has just put himself into the list of my few favorite remaining characters this chapter. “thats inhuman, hes a cheater” LMAO this lampshade can i hang it here? XD and then aizen shows up and hes totally calm, beer can go! homemade bomb go! but… yeah, other then that and rangiku looking seriously dead this chapter everything else was crap. crap, crap, crap! seriously kubo, why not just go back to hueco mundo where theres no aizen so maybe reason has a chance? id love to see how yami versus captains is going. what is the point of this whole “chase the humans” shit!? even if they magically get powers like chad and orihime its friggen aizen! there screwed!

  23. o, i ment to put this link in with the lampshade hanging part of the comment, but ill just add it here aas a second comment(though it seems a lot of people on this site have been on tv tropes anyway…>_>)

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