Fairy Tail Chapter 191 Breakdown: Dragon vs. Dragon Slayers! WTF!? Where did P.Lily’s Mohawk go??? TT____TT and Erza vs. Erza

Well hello again! Long time no see huh? I thought that now since the World Cup finally came to an end, I can start doing breakdowns again ^___^ I’m just kidding… Sorry there hasn’t been a breakdown in a while. I don’t have any good excuses besides a little computer problem and basketball camp. Anyway, let’s get straight to it, shall we?

How many Dragon Slayers does it take to bring down a Dragon? Apparently three. The answer should be only one, otherwise they don’t deserve the Dragon Slayer title, but I’ll give Natsu, Gazille, and Wendy some slack. This isn’t an ordinary dragon after all- it’s a robot dragon that shoots lasers and missiles ^_^

I know you all were thinking it...

I have some pretty high hopes for this battle to be honest, and so far I think its going pretty well! Natsu and Gazille aren’t just beating up on the Kings Dragon while Wendy looks pretty in the background. Nope! In fact, with out Wendy’s help, Natsu and Gazille would probably be loosing this battle >_> The display of power from each Dragon Slayer is pretty evenly spread out. Sure Wendy isn’t exactly attacking the metal dragon herself, but she’s giving Natsu and Gazille little special power boosts to help them defeat the King. Teamwork FTW!

A future sign of fail? I think so.

The King is awed by the power each of our Dragon Slayers possess so decides to take it for himself by using Doroma Anima. But first he must change the color of his dragon to match his new attack, otherwise it just wouldn’t be as cool. So Doroma Anima has to drain ones fighting spirit… That may take a while considering what Natsu said a couple chapters ago about his own spirit.

Meanwhile off in the distance, we see that both Mistgun and P.Lily are alive. I guess that beam of magic through the chest is only but a flesh wound, cause Lily’s back up on his feet and now has to go help Mistgun complete “the last job.”

Any ideas on what this last job is? Cause I honestly have no clue O__o

BTW, speaking of P.Lily, anyone else notice that his Mohawk is missing? He had it during his fight with Gazille, but after that it was gone. Personally I don’t like this change. I thought the Mohawk gave P.Lily a strong and rebellious look, something that would compliment Gazille’s own rebellious nature. But now, without the Mohawk, Lily just looks strong and serious >.< Oh, well, I’ll get over it… eventually.

The next scene can be simplified in a few words ahem


Yes! The battle that was terribly cut short and left out for our viewing pleasure, is back in full swing, and this time these girls are out for blood. Both realize that there can’t be two Erzas in the world, one must be eliminated. It’s a battle to the death, there can only be one! Who will it be? Erza Scarlet or Erza Knightwalker?

Find out on FAIRY TAIL!



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12 Responses to “Fairy Tail Chapter 191 Breakdown: Dragon vs. Dragon Slayers! WTF!? Where did P.Lily’s Mohawk go??? TT____TT and Erza vs. Erza”

  1. first

  2. Second?

  3. Great breakdown BB!!!

  4. 3rd >_> pffft ft sucks >_>

  5. 4th lol at ahsan

  6. Hehe, great job BB! 😉 I didn’t even notice Panther’s mohawk gone missing! I should have marked the degradation of awesomeness. O_o

    I have this funny feeling Erza Scarlet will come out on top (wink) in this fight. Lol, and you got that right about their titles! I was talking about that a few weeks ago with Tenrai. How do they earn the titles “Dragon Slayers” when not a single one have ever…slayed a dragon!? You’d think you’d have to earn the title but I guess not. ~_~

  7. Ashan! I’m going to get you one of these days! *shakes fist in the air*

    hahaha I know! The way I deal with this issue is that their magic is called Dragon Slayer magic, so their Dragon Slayer mages, and for short just Dragon Slayers. Just like Lucy has/uses Celestial Spirit magic so she is a Celestial Spirit mage. @__@

    Speaking of dragons. Once this Edolas Arc is over, I want to hear more about Gildarts battle with the Black Dragon.

  8. i didnt hate ft since beggining its just the fact that it “bleach’ed” its self even more than bleach “bleach’ed” itself makes me hate it

    get it ?

  9. @ahsan no one even come close to bleach’ed then Bleach it self.

  10. Fairy tail 192 is out on Onemanga O.o

  11. Alright chapter. The king and all the king’s men should just fall off a wall and never get up again. Assholes.

    @BB: What if Gildart traveled to this world and this is the black dragon that he fought!? Lol, I know to far stretched.

  12. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/88893498/1 Latest chapter.

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