Bleach 277-278 Prima, Vizards and Bieber all included!!

Awe all Pein here for another Double Bleach Anime Breakdown!!! We begin this week with the Prima Espada vs. Shunsui Kyōraku and end with the arrival of the Vizards in probably the most anti climatic entrances of all time… but I am getting ahead of myself… So let us get to the first of the two breakdowns…

*puts on reading glasses and begins the show *

I wonder what excuse I will need to use to put up pics of hot bleach females after the world cup... hmmmmm

I really enjoy these two episodes for very different reasons, the thing is for the first one the theme is very well balanced, there is almost just enough of everything, there are some funny light hearted moments and also moments where you are forced to think a bit more, with Baraggan and Hallibel both seemingly down and out, Stark begins to realize how now he is fighting this battle alone.. It makes you realize a life without people without comrades and friends is not a life worth leading. The idea of loneliness is pretty frightening, since my last post, I have seen that WRA has had a birthday and its kinda a special feeling to be able to see so many different people all debating, arguing, (at each other’s throats) and yet there is a common ground, see each other as friends knowing little to nothing about the other person.  This Episode made me realize that we although each of us have different idea’s, beliefs, race, nationalities we all work together towards a common goal… anyways back on topic…

The amount of time that is contributed to talking in this episode is kinda annoying and something that is well corrected in episode 278. 278 to me feels like a kid running through a toy store there are so many things to see but can’t stay focused on one too long or you will run out of time. Though I think 277 was only really focused on Stark as an Espada and by the end we get a good idea of how the top dog… *Screw Yammy* thinks and fights… Its kinda poetic for Stark to release he must combine with Lilinette and actually being alone. Since Starks power is not in his Sword but split in two. Most Arrancar when releasing their swords become more Hollow like but Starrk remains the same, it is also true that in none of his flash backs does Stark even look like a Hollow, he himself does not know where he comes from, but anyways, his release is pretty bad@$$.

Bad@$$.... nough said

The exchanges between Lilinette and Stark are pretty disturbing O_O funny too but mostly disturbing :O I don’t even want to try explaining what is going on, what makes it worse is the sound it makes… All I know is Stark never once yelled “surprise” and will soon be taken to jail… but first he has to show why he is such a badass with a few (over 9000) Cero’s  ^_^

That is about all I will say for 277, it was really a good episode though when I compare it to 278 its kinda slow… but lets continue ^_^

It funny how it works in anime and manga just when you think nice tide is turning and the good guys are winning you realize how wrong you are. Ukitake Shikai ability is revealed, and from there the pace of this episode seems to be never ending rush… The fact that it takes two of the longest serving captains (except captain commander himself) to take down Stark or even just hold their own makes you realize the true power of the Prima Espada…

[Side note]

You know something I missed in the manga was the short dialogue about pink dude’s bankai, it seems that whoever sees it will be effected, I wonder if his bankai has something to do with Ukitake poor health. Just a thought…

The battle to me though still feels labored its exciting but very tactically minded more than just a DBZ super charged fight to the death ^_^ and just as you think “yay they starting to get the upper hand Aizen may just have some trouble”

Dun dun daaaaaa! Giant Slug thing appears!!

And in that moment everything changes O_O

Justin Beiber (Wonderweise) appears and does a solo and well, bad things just happen… Nah I’m just kidding Wonderwies had a much deeper pitch then Justin Beiber and well I think the squealing had more meaning

What I like is how badass all the Espada seems to be, their revival was awesome… The music really gave you a sense of dread with Ukitake and Pink dude wiped out in less the 30 secs and 2 Espada back in battle you would think that is all you will receive but wait there is more… Aizen, Gin and Tosen are released!!!

I think the end of this episode was really poorly done, it put a damper on everything I was hoping for, I thought the Vizards appearance would be something epic with music to match, but what do we get. A flash back to fill up time and the most obscure candy cane music I have ever heard. Though when you think of the Vizards they personalities do match, I was still hoping for a more darker and heavy entrance I mean these guys want revenge and badly but they playing some happy go lucky music that make the Vizards, who are part hollow!!! Seem idiotic!! I feel the could of and should of done a lot better!

Well I hope you enjoyed the breakdown, sorry if it’s a little rush unfortunately I am feeling sick got the flu…

It’s the final Sunday all you doubters SPAIN!!!!!! World Cup!!!! Champions!!!!!!!!! Viva Espana!!! Viva Espada!!! Viva Prima

Peace ^_^


~ by pein0avenue on July 12, 2010.

8 Responses to “Bleach 277-278 Prima, Vizards and Bieber all included!!”

  1. FIRST!!!

  2. seecond

  3. Third.

  4. Cuatro

  5. YOSH!!! Great breakdown Pein and I hope you start feeling better soon! I don’t really remember much of 277 besides Ukitake intercepting Stark’s cero and then it ended… Wait- did Soifon fire off her bankai at Barrangar? That was pretty cool.

    278 was awesome! The only complaints I have are:

    1.) Why didn’t the smoke around Barrangar clear on its own and what was it residing on? Mid air? o_o

    2.) Doesn’t wind fuel fire? Lol, if anything the fire around Aizen and co. should have grown larger and burnt them. xD

    Besides that though I enjoyed the fighting between Stark, Ukitake, and Shunsui (Pink Dude). The ending was anti-climatic for me because the Vizards didn’t do anything! They were there for like 20 seconds (not including flashbacks) and then “To Be Continued” with no epic music. I’m sad they’re changing the ending song too. I enjoyed it every time I heard it and for me it’s the best Bleach ending of all.

  6. Great breakdown pein!

    Man I love Bleach’s animation.

    @Superdude, if you blow on a lit match, does it fuel the flame? Nope, it puts it out 😀

  7. @Kisu: Pfffffffft, we all know wind fuels a fire! 😛 And how could that little bit of wind do anything but fuel Yamamato’s fire? Even Aizen couldn’t escape from the heat by himself.

  8. @super No, he didn’t feel like it.

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