Naruto 501 Breakdown: Our village is under attack! Quick! Do a barrel roll! Demotivational included. Btw, if you’re a guy and you feel like being scarred for life…click me.

You know, I watched as the comment section turned into one giant bloodbath with the riders of the darkness in the blue corner saying Minato should have made Kushina go kaput for the “greater good” and the riders of the light in the red saying “nu-uuuh.”

Well you know what? I, the rider of a 30-year old Toyota, say you’re both wrong! There is but one solution to this dilemma; one that would have seen to it that no lives were lost. It’s so simple, you’d wonder why you could’t think of it earlier. And the best part? It works every single time.

Well, almost every time >_>...

What? You thought I was going to say something like the ultimate Dance Dance Revolution challenge? Silly reader, you should know better than to take me seriously by now. >_>

Welcome, gentlemen and ladies; señor and señorita; monsieur and mademoiselle; lads and lassies; Sakuras and *insert real female’s name here*. The other day, I had a  vision…an epiphany. Sat atop a mammoth cloud on His lofty throne, the Lord spoke to me. What did he say?

“Get off your lazy ass and go write the goddamn breakdown!”

Oh, Naruto, you take after your old man. 🙂

And so here we are!

It has to be said, this flashback is by far the most fun and (will be) the most informative I’ve seen in a while. I find it hard to spot anything not to be enjoyed about Minato and Kushina’s back-story. Apart from the fact that we finally witness Naruto’s parents in much greater depth and detail, the entire true story of this whole manga is also slowly being pulled outside the dark cloak of obscurity. And it’s been a hell of a long time coming.

Chapter 501 more or less is an introduction to the past where all the answers are held. The story behind the story. It’s time for the backdrop to be let down. We already know it is painted red with blood, but soon the picture will become much clearer.

This is Naruto’s “In the beginning…”

Ah, rivalry is such a beautiful thing. X__X

The chapter kicks off pretty much where 500 left off with Madara repeating his threat to end one-minute old Naruto. You can’t deny that the Masked Man is really beginning to solidify his status as one of the baddest baddies of Badsville. MJ would be jealous.

On a side note, for whatever reason, I keep thinking about his seemingly unnecessary vow to secrecy. I get the feeling it has a connection with whatever was in that sodding sixth casket. Yea, masks are all cool and mysteerriiioouuuus, but sometimes, they get all hot and sticky on the inside. X__X

Well hey, it beats the alternative.

Don't ask me what I'm on, you won't like the taste of toad back. >_>

On that note, if you really wanted to find out who was the man behind the mask, you could hit up every Halloween store in the city and ask for the one person who ordered the single-eye mask and viola…case solved. Common sense – 1; Konoha intelligence – negative over 9000.

One more great thing about the chapter was the additional insight it afforded us on Minato’s ability. Previously, it was sort of a gray area with me, with all that space-time jibber-jabber that almost never seemed to make much sense.

So that's how Naruto came about! >_>

The chapter also shows a clear distinction between the fact that he generally has ridunculous speed which is why he is dubbed ‘Yellow Flash’ and the fact that he can teleport instantly from one location to the other. That answers why Jiraiya was so fond of this little protege. >_> *nose bleed* <_<…

I think I speak for a lot of us when I say the two were either previously confused with each other or simply misunderstood altogether.

Either way, the air is cleared and our brain power is spared.

What's that thing called when a body is so cool, it no longer possesses kinetic energy? A little help, Ahsan? Oh yes...Minato = absolute zero. *freezes over just for mentioning his name* X__X

Unfortunately, as any one of us would have guessed anyway, the problem is, with all that speed, he still couldn’t make it in time to stop the Kyuubi’s resurrection, which brings us to our next topic of discourse: the seal.

I thought it was interesting to see different seals and their contrasting binding effects.

With the Four Element seal, the subject is caged. With the Sage of the Six Paths’s seal, the subject is caged and bound by strong wood. >_> With this new seal, the subject is pierced at each appendage and strapped to a giant peeled onion. <_<

Here’s my theory. I think it may be…may be possible to put two different seals on a Bijuu. Think about it. Going by the graphical manifestation of the Four Element seal and this last one Kushina has, it shouldn’t be so farfetched. In which case, if they were to be used on the same subject, the Bijuu would be shedding onion tears from the first seal and still be stuck behind the gate of the second. That way, if one fails, there is always insurance.

Whatcha think? Is this making sense or am I spitting Skittles here?

Also, if this philosophy was employed in making Kushina’s seal, there’s that possibility that Minato made it in time before the Kyuubi broke out completely through both seals. That way, all those lives are saved, including Naruto’s parents’.

Well, that didn’t happen. This is what did…>_>

The Sharingan: It's a b....

Madara is truly evil. X__X

With his Sharaingan, he completely draws out the Kyuubi from its bounds, and this baby is home free! Well, not exactly. It’s on Madara’s leash completely. And this chapter shows just how he manages to take control of it, and how easily and effectively, too. As you could tell, it completely loses its sense of self and becomes one wild cub.


Kyuubi for South Africa 2010!! ^(O_O)^

What Madara does next is UNTHINKABLE! UNFORGIVABLE!! He tries to kill Minato’s wife! The nerve of that guy. Doesn’t he know he is the coolest hottie known to man?! Such is the paradox that is Minato Namikaze. And he needs his other half to remind him of that every morning…and afternoon…and night…and in the car…and during labor…in the afterlife…


Oh no, she di’nt!!

That look on Minato is what can only be described as eye rape. At any rate, there’s one less pop sensation in this world. You will be missed, JT…you and your sexy back. ;___;

It's Sasuke and his emo baby gas!!

The rest of the chapter, I found very touching. It was those last pages that made me instantly somber. You could almost see agony written all over her face as Kushina weeps, cupping the head of her helpless newborn. The connection is in place: a love that will never waver.

In her mind, she will always have him by her side. In her heart, she will never ever leave him.

If only she knew…


3) 波風 Harshytkage



Caption: Sorry Kyuubi, you can run, but ya can’t hide O.O

2) Tenrai Senshi


Bubble: Waaaaaaahhhh-ttebayo!!!!

Caption: some habits start from birth. <_<


And the winner for the second time in a row…

In Soviet Russia Baby births YOU!!… Not that it explains how a one minute old boy can speak… >__>

Lol! Congratulations to Redbaron…again…>_>


Here’s this week’s material. There wasn’t really anything I could use in this chapter, but I went with this one since I instantly came up with something when I saw it.

Have fun now.

Insert possible caption here.


No debate again this week…I decided to leave you to discuss your morality and ethics. This has nothing to do with the fact that I am too lazy to find combatants. >_>


See ya around!


Tell me your own politik.



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  2. 1st Dattebayo! 500 and strong baby

  3. see twi and naruto can play nice ftw Pickles

  4. Great breakdown Pickles!

  5. Yondaime! Oh crap, I’m soft T^T

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  7. Godaime! O_O That means I’m Tsunade… X_X

    Cool breakdown Pickles-san!

  8. Epic Breakdown pickles. I enjoyed the “Can’t touch this” and star Wars references lol. And it was just as funny as ever. Keep up the awesomeness.

  9. I really hated this chapter…Except for seeing cutesy Baby SASUKE!


    Bubblition: So…how much are you paying me for this?

    Caption: When looking for a Jinchuriki to chain up, don’t find one that doubles as a hooker.

  10. Great breakdown!

    I’ve heard guys like “bondage” but this is ridiculous…

    Demotivational style caption:
    You are doing it wrong…

  11. Minato’s speed, even without the hirashin, is obviously on a whole other level. now hopefully next week we get what i want..Battle of the 2 most powerful shinobi in the narutoverse. it’s goin to be hard to not look at spoilers for this week.

  12. Bubblition: Ya know when you hold a virgin sacrifice the most important thing is the VIRGIN ttebane!!!
    caption: When holding ritual sacrifices make sure you have the right one.

  13. BUBBLE


    Caption: If they don’t yell surprise… well… your a%% is screwed. Literally. <_<

  14. Now we get to see for ourselves what really took place in the battle between The fourth and Madara. A lot of people said that Yodaime wouldn’t stand a chance, but i believe he will do a lot more then just stand a chance.

    After all, he does turn out successful at the end of the battle, more or less. <_<

  15. BUBBLE


    CAPTION: Its not rape if you yell surprise and have your victim bond by chains to giant boulders so she cant defend herse… oh wait. Never mind. <_<

  16. BUBBLE: Hey guy! Look at all these cool rocks I got!

    CAPTION: Kushina refused to believe she was captured.

  17. YOSH!!! Awesome breakdown Pickles!

    I wonder why Madara went from cool decorated mask to orange and swirly mask. Doesn’t that mask remind anyone of the Senju Clan’s logo? That wouldn’t make sense though but neither does his change of appearance…>_>

    @Marksman: Are you referring to Minato’s statement here regarding the confrontation between him and Madara?

    Yes, it’d be interesting to see what he fully meant by that. 😉

  18. Another one!

    Bubble: Pretty chains…
    Caption: When your hostage isn’t the most powerful jutsu in the land…

  19. 1:Bubble- This is not what I meant when I said that you didn’t have the stones to tie me up!!
    Caption- Some people take things a bit too literal

    2:Bubble- You’ve gone too far this time Kubo!!
    Caption- No one ever suspected Kubo Tite would go to such extremes to rip off his fellow jump manga authors =O

    3: Bubble- See I told you I could shoot webs like Spiderman!
    Caption- If you think that’s impressive you should see the Akimichi clans impersonation of the Hulk =P

    Excellent chapter and breakdown, can’t wait to see what happens next =]

  20. Bubble:
    Sorry Senator Palpatine, This isn’t Star Wars…its Naruto…

    You Act As If You’ve Never Gone To The Wrong Place Before…


    Kushina – No matter what you do, NOTHING CAN KEEP ME AWAY FROM JUSTIN BIEBER! NOTHING!!!!!

    Caption – Teenage Choking Hazard – Severe exposure to mop tops may cause very low levels of intelligence and awareness. User discretion is advisd.

  22. BUBBLE

    Kushina- when you said you were into sadistic stuff, i didn’t realize u’d go this overboard

    Caption- Taking tying someone to a bed to a whole new level

  23. excellent Breakdown!!!! Love the 2010 Soccer ref. Final last Night was awesomeness !!!!

    Bubble – You can’t touch me from waaaay over the.. what the?

    Caption – Tobi’s special ability nothing is impossible O_O

  24. haha wah happnd to IRA?lol

    Bubble – Seriously? The Umbilical cord?

    Caption – Can’t afford chains?….Then use your IMAGINATION O_O

  25. @CP: Very nice and very funny breakdown! LOL!

    Kushina: Please… Don’t… Stop! 🙂

    BSDM – What Kushina really wanted more than FTG

  26. Due to the fact that both the 4th and 1st Hokage were able to take the kyubbi back from Madara( the 1st didnt die ofcourse), Which of the two is more powerful?


  27. @Jdb135: 4th Hokage

    I’m glad to see the caption and bubble contest is doing so well…>_>

    How about a discussion on how Madara controlled the Kyubi without using the MS or EMS? Any discussion would do really. ~_~

  28. About the fox being controlled by madara without MS or Ems.

    I actually don’t recall that the Ms or Ems were ever a necessity for controlling a bijuu. Maybe anyone with a full 3 tomoe sharingan can take control of a bijuu.

  29. When the sharingan was first introduced it clearly said that you fall into a genjutsu the moment you look at it, I don’t see why the bijuus should be any different

  30. @Eugen and Rnsinha:

    But hey, maybe if you’re strong enough you don’t need the MS or EMS to control the Fox. A tool is only as powerful as its user.

  31. @super You don;t remember (unfortunately) Assuke repressed Kyuubi seen here *Sighs*

  32. Awesome breakdown CP! (as usual) I haven’t posted in a while but I HAD to because I had an epiphany! A new Tobi theory!

    Don’t you roll your eyes at me! I’m serious this time! I know who it is! It’s…

    …the son of Hashirama Senju and Mito Uzumaki! It all makes sense!

    Okay, first, how else could “Madara” have lived that long…he’s got the blood of the “village of longevity” in him!
    Second, Danzou could contain the power of all those sharingan by using Hashirama’s chakra in his arm/shoulder…with the Senju blood, “Madara” could use the sharingan AND have enough chakra to use it repeatedly!
    And finally…why would he attack his own village? CUZ HE’S INBRED!!! Or maybe it’s a more generic excuse like wanting to be Hokage 😛

  33. Also, someone commented that his mask looked like it had a Senju symbol on it…and his new one has an Uzumaki swirl on it…coincidence…? :O

  34. Awesome breakdown. Love the Star Wars refernce! And thanks for another first place in the bubble.

  35. @ metachi, that’s not a bad theory, not bad at all, and for someone who had both uzumaki and senjuu blood he would be able to use almost any jutsu due to the chakra, and just as u said he could implant a sharingan without the chakra or stamina problems like the ones Kakashi has.

  36. @Kanton: I remember that but the reason I didn’t mention it is because we’re talking about “controlling” the full Kyubi not “suppressing” it in such a weakened state. But apparently you can control the Kyubi without the MS and EMS from what we’ve seen Madara do. Which is kinda contradictory to what the manga states but oh well, I was just curious on other’s opinions.

    @Metachi: Hehe, I’m glad someone else caught on to that theory. I was afraid I’d have to say it out loud. 😉

    Let me just add 3 other things on top of it.

    1. Knowledge
    2. Recognition
    3. Whiskers

  37. @ Super –

    If you look closely the Sharingan is shown then its transplanted onto the Kyuubi never again is the Tobi eyes shown… the Last screen on the eyes is interesting to me the eye looks like its back to normal yet there are three distinct spots on the rim, what exactly is that?

    Also that screen you showed the Kyuubi said if Sasuke kills Naruto he will regret it, once the Kyuubi was supressed he must of known it would be easy for Sasuke to kill Naruto (at that time) I get the feeling Sasuke and Naruto are linked in more then one way. Where exactly does Sasuke get his massive amounts of Chakra???

  38. *Finally gets released from psychiatric ward after the mental damage caused by last weeks debate.*

    Phew… I barely survived that one… T__T

    Well, thanks for another great breakdown Pickles. However, if another debate about humanity starts because of a lack of a battle debate, I am going to eat you. T__T

    *Eats Pickles anyway*

    As for the chapter itself, well I think we all spent our thoughts on the last breakdown as it is, so I will be random and just say what comes to mind.


    For the love of all that is holy, I hope this doesn’t start a debate that never ends, but here I go anyway…

    Anyway, I was thinking about everything that was said last week, and when you really take a look at the manga as a whole, you will see that Minato wasn’t the only Hokage that let his love for those around him stay his hand or even influence his actions. Even the Sandaime, who you said was the only real leader, spared Orochimaru when he could have killed him and we all know how that ended for Konoha.

    Chunin exam invasion arch anyone?

    In any case, Minato’s decision to take Kushina back home before facing the Kyuubi can be seen in two ways. 1: He loved her, which is completely understandable and 2: he may have known that he would end up having to use the death god to defeat the Kyuubi and he knew he might have needed Kushina’s chakra as well. As Jiraiya said, Minato never did anything without a good reason, so perhaps that was another thought that crossed his mind.

    In the end, it is hard to tell what was going through his thoughts, but I understand how hard it must have been for him. Most people would freeze up, but he still acted quickly despite the difficulty of the situation.

    I guess it’s true when they say that shinobi are human as well. Even the almighty kage are human, and yes, that includes the self proclaimed god, Pein, as well. He was defeated by a 16 year old and a book, after all, wasn’t he? 😛

    He also failed to stab Hinata properly. I means, she wasn’t even moving and he still couldn’t successfully finish her off. <_<

    But seriously, when you look at Nagato as a whole, he made a lot of mistakes as well, and he even let himself be manipulated by Madara. Pein's goal may have been peace, but Madara's plan was very different from his own and he seemed completely unaware of that. What kind of leader allows himself to be so easily blinded and influenced? If a leader cannot even control his own path, then how can he ever lead others?

    If for nothing else, I guess we can commend a great leader for standing up for what is right and remaining unmoving in their resolve. I wonder though, if there is any single character in Naruto (the manga) that we can say has achieved an ideal form of leadership?

    Just about every Kage comes into question in this regard and the truth is that you could easily find some form of fault in just about all of them if you just take the time to look. But that is because humans are flawed, plain and simple, and that is a part of our humanity as well. That doesn't mean you are weak, it just means you are normal, I guess. O_o

    If you ask me, Gaara seems to be the most level-headed Kage there is right now, which is an irony in its own regard when you consider how mentally unstable he used to be. lol!

    He is able to show compassion to others now since Naruto has changed him, but at the same time, he knows when to replace that love with a solid mask of cold indifference, as he did with Sasuke, who had since become a threat to Suna and the rest of the world. Even then, Gaara still tried to negotiate first, a sign of a good leader who wants peace, but he was able to put that aside once he saw it would not work.

    Well, I just thought I would get those thoughts off my head. *Prays that I haven't just created a monster of epic, planet-eating proportions.* X__X

    @whoever else is reading

    It's funny how Mito lived long enough to meet Kushina, who was born a few generations after Hashirama was alive and in his prime, especially when he had obviously already past on. I guess it just goes to show you how long the Uzimaki actually live. Does anyone think that may have attributed to Naruto's short stature in part 1? (Slower aging).

    In the same breath, if Naruto does become Hokage, he will have a long reign as well, which I am sure would be good for Konoha.

    It just makes me believe more and more that the Uzumaki may be closer descendants of the Sages youngest son than the Senju or, in the least, they retained more of his power in their bloodline. The fact that Kushina survived a bijuu being extracted supports this as well.

    Does anyone think that this is a clue that the Kyuubi may be extracted from Naruto some time in the future, now that we know he might just survive such a procedure?

  39. @ General Madara theory of Tobi – I think Tobi is actually Kagami Uchiha, He would be about the same age as Danzou and was in the same team during the war, He would probably be well trusted it is assumed he has died but no record is shown only him and the fat clan dude names are given and we do not know what has happened to them… I also wanted to note that Shisui was noted to be one of the most talented members of the battle-excelling Uchiha clan. He had earned the nickname of “Shisui of the Body Flicker”

    I don’t believe he is from any other clan then the Uchiha the knowledge of it history and close secrets is too vast…

    Tobi does not have the MS as yet… Here he says why he wants the Rinnegan/Sasuke’s eyes too… its to find the full secrets of the stone tablet… That why he sent Pein to Konoha,

  40. @ Tenrai – I think Tobirama Senju (hey maybe he is Tobi O_O I mean look at the name its right there 😛 jk we all know deep down Tobi is the actually Iruka or Ebizu) was the one Kisu used and said was the only real hokage… Tobi wants everything to become one under him and then everyone will live in the illusion of peace… both him and Pein wanted to force peace around the world so I don’t think Pein was as blind as we think. Though I agree with the Gaara being awesome 😉

    I always thought Naruto would loose the 9 Tailed Fox, but some how come back to life.. I also think the Hachibi will be extracted but he will die… About Naruto’s long reign I doubt it I always thought Naruto would die by the end of the series.

  41. @ Tenrai – Don’t know if you got my e mail, but Dragonball Z has just started again on SABC 2 its awesome watching it old school, Raditz vs Piccolo and Goku!!! Check it out!! 17:00 Mon-Thurs…

  42. great breakdown pickles! definately one of your best 🙂
    @pein: … u dun get it… nagato really wanted peace, he left the decision to the people themselves whether to use the biju-cannon or nawd. tobi just wants to rule the world… if its his real plan.

  43. omg i just realized that tsunade got uzumaki and senju blood in herself O_o

  44. @ salamiyo –

  45. yep, thanks for confirming me 🙂

  46. @ Salamiyo – The fact is Tobi and Pein wanted peace no matter what the cost, collected the beasts to have the power for each of their plans… Each member of Akatsuki joined for their purposes.

  47. @pein: nope, tobi’s just eloquent. or would you ask your micro-wave if it feels like it feels peaceful? no.
    tobi wants to rule the world, he’s not interested in peace at all.

  48. I read the confirmed spoiler and let me tell it’s awesomeness is off the charts 😀

  49. @ Salamiyo – I don’t see much of a difference, Peace is Peace and both methods forces peace, one creates fear the other takes away free will, in the end either plan succeed “Peace” will be achieved, Tobi says there will be no war, no strife etc Pein simple believed that people could never understand each other until they understood true pain, and he knew that people are fickle and would again turn to war, that the cycle would never end. Why is it that Tobi had the Tailed Beast and he went to the Village First not try capture it, Pein created Akatsuki later to gather the beasts. What I think is Tobi used the Kyuubi more as a distraction and went to the Uchiha meeting area to read the transcripts I just wonder if Pein would be with him at this point or join later…

    Tobi – Peace through the removal of Will
    Pein – Peace through understanding of Pain and Fear

    Tobi – Collected the Tailed Beasts to create the ultimate weapon of Genjutsu
    Pein – Collected the Tailed Beasts to create ultimate weapon

    There end result was the same and method similar. its like adding 2+2+2+2=8 or 2X4=8 each method gets the same result…

  50. !!! SPOILER ALERT !!!


    Spoiler #1
    Credits: ohana


    表紙は ミナト




    表紙は ミナト

    502 四代目の死闘!!


    ふざけてるカカシ ガイ


    仮面の男 口寄せ

    暗部 三代目に報告



    シカマルパパ チョウジパパ観戦

    仮面の男ダイソンするも ミナト飛雷雷して飛ぶ

    ミナト マダラなのか?と問うが

    仮面の男 鎖でミナトを縛りあげるが ミナト飛雷神で飛ぶ

    すぐミナト現れ ミナト特殊クナイを仮面の男に投げるも

    ミナト 仮面の男交差するとき~~



    Spoiler #2
    Credits: Satoshii

    : (He’s) really strong.

    : Maybe the masked guy isn’t Madara.

    : Minato asks, “Are you Madara?” and he responds with silence.

    : I’ll re-read and come back later.

    : Minato uses Rasengan.

    : Cover is Minato.

    : The 4th’s struggle!!

    : Sasuke is crying.

    : Itachi is cradling (Sasuke)

    : Fugaku and Mikoto do not come out.

    : Kakashi and Gai are playing with each-other.

    : The 3rd Hokage feels something.

    : The 9tails summoned by the masked man goes to attack the village.

    : Some Anbu report to the 3rd Hokage.

    : The 3rd readies for combat.

    : Minato is stone faced (I think like poker faced) as the 9tails violently rampages.

    : 9tails fires a cero from it’s mouth (lol what is this, Bleach (^_^) )

    : [I think this is = Minato stops it using a space/time barrier ninjutsu.]

    : Shikamaru’s dad and Chouji’s dad watch the fight.

    : The masked man gets behind but Minato looks behind and punches him.

    {This part is a pain in the rear, so take it with a grain of salt}

    : Lightning strikes and Minato jumps out of the way [using hiraishin maybe, i’m, not sure.] The masked man manages to follow him.

    : Minato asks again, “Are you Madara”, but again he gives no real answer.

    : The masked man tries to tie Minato up with chains, but he escapes using hiraishin.

    : Minato appears and throws his special kunai at the masked man, but it slips through him.

    : As it passes through the masked man, Minato attacks with a Rasengan from behind.

    : Minato says “there’s two levels to Hiraishin”

    : Finished. Sa-sei (lol, I have no idea.)

    take a load at this. Can’t wait for tonight.


    Tobi is not Madara (who saw this coming?>) should be who didn’t


    “Kakashi and Gai are playing with each-other” O_O this worries me 😛 I mean Ahsan gonna be pissed of for the wording 😛 the village is about to be destroyed and he playing with Gai

    9tails fires a cero from it’s mouth (lol what is this, Bleach (^_^) ) hahaha Bleach copyright for the win ^_^

    Minato says “there’s two levels to Hiraishin” SHWEEEEET

  52. hell yeh i am >__<

  53. @Tenrai, worry not. No debate 😀 But I said Nidaime was a good leader, not Sandaime (he was probably the worst) lol

  54. @pein: theres a whole difference. in peins way the ppl could avoid this ultimate weapon if theyd truly understand each other. in tobis way he could kill everybody for fun and no1 could do anything against it.
    @spoiler: 2 steps of hirayshin? seems as if he couldnt manage the thrid step, naruto help him! :O
    so who the hell is tobi? shisui? kagami? or is it the incredible marksman? or even captain pickles himself? i dunno…

  55. @kisu probably? NO, HE WAS THE WORST look at his track record.
    I just realized that Tobi’s current mask look like a uzumaki swirl.
    @spoiler Kyuubi fired an Imari(menacing ball).

  56. Lololz! xD I said Tobi’s mask looked the Senju swirl, lol, my mistake. I meant to say Tobi’s mask resembled the Uzumaki swirl, as Kanton mentioned, though the Senju and the Hidden Village do adopt the symbol, so it could be related to them too.

    If the mask is related to the Uzumaki’s and Senju’s swirl then notice how it merges with the Uchiha’s Sharingan.

    A joining of the 3 clans. That’d be a perfect body.

    @Pein: I was reviewing the manga pages after you reminded me about those 3 small outlying dots on the Kyubi’s eyes after being taken over.

    Then I stumbled on this page and the Uzumaki symbol. The Uzumaki specialized in the sealings.

    Though, that’s 4 dots and probably in no way related…>_>

    As for the Kyubi telling Sasuke he’d regret killing Naruto… Maybe Minato got around the Uchiha Village if you know what I mean. He’s to fast for anyone to catch him. 😉

    @Kanton: The 3rd was the awesomeness. Period.

  57. The 3rd was the professor, he kicked nidaime and hashirama’s asses put together when he was like 80. Sandaime was the greatest hokage so far, yondaime had the most potential

  58. “Maybe Minato got around the Uchiha Village if you know what I mean.”

    LMAO!!!!!! Are you saying what I think you’re saying? XDDD!!!!

  59. @omar, we’re not talking in terms of power here. When Sandaime was ruling, lets just say the excrement hit the oscillation device….a lot

  60. @Uzumaki swirl, Madara’s swirl goes in the opposite direction (clockwise) of the Uzumakis swirl (counter-clockwise). I guess he’s the antithesis in every way, good work Kishi.

  61. I think Naruto will end up dying, but be ressurected through some means (that or go to some kind of Heaven) in order to live a sort of life in peace. Without having to wait for his encouragement to be fullfilled.

  62. @omar so was the rest of Akatsuki but they weren’t leaders of villages minus Pain.

  63. I just put a theory post up regarding the identity of Uchiha Madara. I’m going for 10 comments so help me out here. 😉

  64. @kisuzachi

    The Nidaime implemented the actions that ended up isolating the Uchiha clan from the rest of Konoha, thus causing the tension and strife that eventually led to the greatest genocide in Konoha since its conception.

    If you ask me, that was a pretty big fail.

    The Uchiha were pretty content with their peace and it was already painfully clear that they had rejected Madara and his ideals (an action that led to him leaving the village), so I don’t see why they would be implemented with Madara’s attack on Konoha.

    Best leader in Konoha? That is questionable at best, seeing as how the only thing we know about his leadership at all was that he appointed the Sandaime to be his successor (which by your reasoning could also be considered a fail if Hiruzen was such a poor leader) and that he set in motion the most tragic event in Konoha (the Uchiha massacre) barring perhaps the Kyuubi’s attack.

    He did have cool jutsu though, I will give him that much. <_<

  65. I can’t be bothered to read every comment up to this point, what’s wrong with the Nidaime?

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  67. Tenrai! The Chat! Go to the Chat!

  68. @ tenrai, I am a big fan of Tobirama, and not just because I have a avatar with him, it’s just the way he looks and the jutsus he has most of witch are S rank, like Summoning: Impure World Resurrection and Bringer-of-Darkness Technique and the fact that he could use water style with no water near him and probably a lot more cool tech we don’t know about yet.

    Why dose everybody think that what Madara-Tobi said was actually true in regards to the fact that Tobirama moved the uchiha to the outskirts of konohagakure, maybe what happen’ed to the uchiha back then had nothing to do with the 2nd hokage at all, no one can be sure..

    But I for one am not going to take the word of someone like Tobi, who so far had been lying about most of what he said.

    In regards to Tobirama appointing the 3rd that was a good and bad decision all in one, it was good because the village learned a lot about love and the will of fire and probably became more united in the process.
    But on the other hand it was a catastrophe, every important decision Hiruzen was faced with wasn’t his own to decide, like the uchiha massacre and the fact that Danzou ruled more then him though his advisers, the fact that he let Orochimaru escape with his life was another of those mistakes that would come to ruin the leaf and probably a lot more we don’t know about.

    The fact is Hiruzen was too easy going and didn’t have the backbone to take matters in his own hands and prove he was indeed the hokage of the hidden leaf, all he did was listen, make his statement and back down after. To me that is a cowardly way of ruling and it was his biggest flaw.

    Unlike Gaara who showed he can throw aside compassion and remorse when the situation dictated a firm hand and a strong heart,like he did with Sasuke.( fact already pointed out before by tenrai and someone else, sorry for not remembering but I can’t scrool up with my pc it has really big issues).

  69. @Tenrai, that was a good move by tobirama. For all he knew, the Uchiha could have been working with Madara again. But I already said his only fail was appointing Sarutobi. And I call him a good leader because so far his reign has had no ramifications on the Village, unlike the other 4

  70. @eugen don’t forget Naruto’s childhood and Hinata’s almost kidnapping.

  71. @Hiruzen Discussion: That’s true, the 3rd could have been more firm on the Uchiha massacre but I wouldn’t hold it so much against him.

    He was trying to reach a truce and the only way to reach a truce is with the agreement of all sides. If the Uchiha didn’t agree the only other thing he could do was force the truce. A forced truce never works.

    There’s really no excuse for him letting Orochimaru get away. That I can see being held against him. It led to the death of both Sand and Leaf ninja/villagers and countless other lives given up to Orochimaru’s experiments.

    Besides that though he was a powerful and caring leader. He showed compassion and understanding for Naruto when many others wouldn’t. He spread the Will of Fire and inspired a new generation.

    He was the best choice for Hokage and the next option was Danzo. If he was the Hokage Naruto would be used strictly as a weapon, the Will of Fire would be unheard of, cold and callous politics would be the norm, and Orochimaru would still be alive. Remember, Danzo was working with and knew full well of Orochimaru’s experiments which helped him and his Sharingan fetish.

    So is Hiruzen really that bad? The man is a fortune teller for goodness sake…>_>

    @Eugen: The only confirmed lie we have from Tobi/Madara is that the Kyubi attack from 16 years ago was, “a natural disaster”. We don’t know nor can confirm any of the other subjects he mentioned yet. The politics of Konoha, the planned coup de’tat, the taking of his brother’s eyes, Itachi’s aspirations for Sasuke, the history of the Senju and Uchiha clan…

  72. @kisu well if Tobi was telling the truth then Tobirama unintentionally helped create the Emovenger Assuke.

  73. @Superdude, but Jinchuriki ARE weapons. And the will of fire is only an excuse for Konoha ninja to kill but feel righteous about it >_>

  74. @Kisu: Lol, well besides its subliminal effect the Will of Fire is also a means to teach about love and compassion, sacrifice, and community among the villagers of Konoha.

    @Kanton: Why is Hiruzen being blamed for Naruto and Hinata’s childhood? o_O

    If Hiruzen didn’t make that law everyone would know Naruto housed the demon that attacked their village 12 years ago (16 from current timeline) and the hate from the village could have been double what it originally was. Look at the awesomeness of the Sandaime as he peers into his magic ball. >(0_0)>

    He had hope for the boy. Hinata’s childhood was also tough but that’s not the 3rd’s fault either. It was her strict father.

  75. @super I’m talking about Hinata’s almost kidnapping and the results from it not her childhood. Now about Naruto’s childhood Hiruzen withheld his parents’ identity but told everyone about the details of the Kyuubi. Screwing his life up. Then he put him on a team with people who almost hated him outright now because of this Naruto is now obsessed with Assuke.
    @Kizu that sounds awfully similar to Pain since he was killing people for the sake of “peace”.

  76. these mangas are sure taking their time this week!!!

  77. I guess I’ll post this here!!!!!

    Guys, looks like we’ll have to wait for onemmanga this week. Mangastream has a delay

  78. Lol Anxious much anyone?

  79. @Kanton: Lol, I’m telling ya Hiruzen kept the Kyubi’s sealing inside of Naruto a secret to protect him and hope everyone viewed him as a hero. He didn’t go around telling people Minato sealed the Kyubi inside his son.

    Besides that Kushina’s pregnancy was top secret so barely anyone knew Minato was about to be a father. What they did know (the adults at least) was that Minato sealed the Fox that attacked their village into a boy. Even if Hiruzen told everyone this boy was the 4th’s son would that change anything?

    Villager: “Meh, I was going to hate this kid because the demon that killed so many people in our village was implanted inside of him, but now that I know he’s the 4th’s son…well that makes everything better.”

    Besides that if he was known as the 4th’s son he’d also have Konohamaru’s problem, so not only would he be the known as the Jinchuuriki kid but the Jinchuuriki kid living underneath the shadow of his father’s legacy. x_x

    I’m still confused about how Hiruzen was at fault in Hinata’s incident… And it’s not Hiruzen’s fault Naruto became obsessed with Sasuke! 😛

  80. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much for Manga Wednesday…-_-

  81. @kanton- Hiruzen told no one, the only people that knew were those who fought alongside the fourth. Hiruzen doesnt decide the teams either, the instructors(Iruka) do. Naruto was the worst in class, Sasuke was the best. The logic they used was that they were paired together to even out the teams.

  82. @kisu

    A good move? No it wasn’t and we can see by the results that it was a very poor decision. All he did was create strife and cause more rebells to begin an uprising.

    I bet you anything you like that if the Uchiha were treated normally, they would have probably been fighting alongside the rest of konoha when the Kyuubi attacked. Also, I don’t see why the Nidaime would suspect the Uchiha of consorting with Madara when it was those very Uchiha who rejected Madara and forced him out of the village in the first place.

    We have already seen that it doesn’t take an Uchiha to be a traitor. Orochimaru and Mizuki are good examples of this fact and I am sure there were many more beyond that. I don’t see how decisions that eventually lead to the killing of innocents always seem to be perfectly reasonable for some people.

  83. As for this thing about Jinchuuriki being weapons, what gives anyone the right to make a weapon out of a child? They are human beings who are given an unfair burden to bear and instead of being treated with respect in light of their sacrafice, they are hated, ridiculed and shunned. In some extreme cases, attempts are made on their lives.

    People don’t even see them as weapons, so much as monsters. It’s not like they chose their fates, in the way someone would choose to become a shinobi. It is forced on them.

  84. well tenrai, its the naruto universe, although im with u, and know that its inhumane, but in the naruto universe its a reality, and thats what the leaders used to keep a balance in the war… its not right, but thats what they are, weapons

  85. @about Hiruzen well, still he could have adopted Naruto or at least mention Naruto’s parents at one point.

  86. @omar101990

    Actually, it isn’t just the Narutoverse. It happens in real life as well, where children get used as weapons or are forced to fight in wars that have nothing to do with them.

    Do you want to know the reasoning behind it?

    Because soldiers are less likely to shoot at a child willingly, than they are an adult. But people can make all the excuses they like, that doesn’t make it justified. Just because you use a child to fight for you, it doesn’t mean they are suddenly no longer children.

    In any case, I know we are just discussing the manga, but a lot of the themes in the manga are real, like discrimination, war, conspiracy, genocide, etc, etc. You can find real world examples of just about everything that happens in the manga.

    So when I say that children are not weapons, I am not discrediting the story in any way or denying the fact that some people use them that way, because I know what really happens regardless of my beliefs. All I am doing is voicing my viewpoint and what I feel is right. I know Jinchuuriki are treated like weapons or even monsters, but does that really that make them weapons or monsters just because others say it is so? No, it doesn’t. It is simply the viewpoint of those around themselves, nothing more. After all, you can use a rock as a weapon, but it is still a rock regardless of how it is used. That never changes.

    In the end, Jinchuuriki are human beings, who are simply being used as weapons. That doesn’t change what they are at heart though and you can’t deny them their humanity for selfish reasons…

    Naruto himself has done more good for his village because of his humanity than he ever would have otherwise. It was because of his desire to help and because of his love for his village. If he wasn’t human, that wouldn’t be the case, because weapons don’t have desires, or dreams, or the resolve to become stronger.

  87. isn’t there no link out there were we could at least download the manga, if anyone knows anything pls post.

  88. random thots….half of the kyuubi’s chakra is sealed in Naruto…and somehow, Sasuke has access to the other half….

  89. @Tenrai, if the Jinchuriki hated being Jinchuriki so much, why wouldnt they just kill themselves? They accept being weapons. As for Nidaime, lets see. The Uchiha were led by Madara in the past, and then they “turned” against him, getting the village into a sense of security, only for him to return with the Kyubi. It all seems like a conspiracy to me. Plus the Nidaime even gave them a position of relative power and the Uchiha became synonymous with pride and power, not a particularly bad trade off. Not even I would propose a mass extermination back then with so little evidence, what he did was the right thing in setting up Anbu to keep surveillance.

  90. @darkgeenie

    the biju are just manefestations of hatred its been stated in the manga many times so id say sasuke has so much hatred manifested its starting to take a form.thats my opinion of it anyway but there is no way sasuke has 50% of the kyubi’s chakara if he did have the chakara would behave exactly the same as any other inchuriki.

  91. it’s like everyone is waiting for the 502 so badly no one’s posting anything, just like before a exam or something, the calm before the storm.
    But damn is sure takes long for something u want really bad in times like this and I for one had nothing to do all day, my day off at work, no school due to summer break, the weather is like crap and no amount of food and movies can rid me of my constant need to check the net for any sign of the manga appearing.

  92. IT’S OUT! FINALLY!!!

    *is never seen on WRA again*

  93. To ease the pain Pickles just inflicted… You can check out the raw if you’re impatient:

  94. @Kisu: Lol, really? They turned against him and then Madara returned with the Kyubi, so it’s a conspiracy of the entire Uchiha Clan? XD There’s no such thing as a true sense of security for a ninja village. Even in these peaceful times Konoha ninja are always on guard and they have a 24/7 barrier erected around the entire village.

    The pride and power given to the Uchiha was only as good as a mirage. You can look at it and say, “Oh pretty” but it was just a lie and you couldn’t touch it. It wasn’t real. The Uchiha knew what their real roles were. The Senju’s Dogs.

    And your logic is.

    “If the Jinchuriki hated being Jinchuriki so much, why wouldnt they just kill themselves? They accept being weapons.” (Kisu)

    You only put in 1 reason for them not killing themselves when there could hundreds of others. Maybe some were scared of death. Maybe some had hope for a better future rather than being viewed as a weapon all their lives. And indeed, maybe some (Killer Bee?) accepted their role as Jinchuuriki to please their Kage. Maybe some liked ice cream to much to consider the inedible constraints of death. O_-

    Or are you saying the act of them not killing themselves is the act of them accepting themselves as being weapons? I thought the act of not killing yourself was the act of wanting to live. o_O But opinions will differ.

  95. @kisu

    You know, it’s funny hearing you say those things, because now all it seems like is that you are just simply trying to be controversial for the sake of being controversial. It doesn’t even seem like you are thinking about your words at all.

    In any case, I will counter regardless.

    You are basing your argument on a very shallow human perception and you seem to think people are very black and white. Why don’t jinchuuriki just kill themselves, you ask? Maybe because they like breathing, that’s why. Just because someone is unhappy, it doesn’t mean they are just going to give up and die.

    If that was the case, there would be a lot less people in the world.

    If you actually look at the manga, you will see that most jinchuuriki were very unhappy. It isn’t something I am just claiming, we have seen it with our own eyes. In Naruto’s case, that was as true as with anyone else. The part that completely dislodges your comment, is that he didn’t just give up because of it, instead he strove to find happiness and acceptance.

    The other funny part is that you said that they accepted themselves as weapons, as if suggesting that they were content with that, when that too couldn’t be further from the truth. they only became happy once they accepted their own humanity. With Naruto you see it in the way he made friends, people he could care for and love. Last I recalled, weapons don’t make friends. With Gaara, he realized that love makes people stronger. When he acted as a weapon, he was a miserable, cranky psychopath, when he accepted his own humanity, he was at peace for the first time.

    We see more examples that support this, like how Mito showed Kushina that Jinchuuriki could find love and happiness, and that they could only bear that burden if they filled their lives with love. Tell me, why would she need to say that to a weapon? A weapon doesn’t need love, human beings do, and jinchuuriki are only truly strong once they can find that.

    Look at Naruto now. He has defeated the Kyuubi and he is stronger than ever, all because he finally found the love and acceptance he wanted.

    Tell me, with all this evidence, how on earth did you come to the conclusion you did?

    Perhaps you are simply content with death being the solution to every problem, either that, or a loss of our own humanity.

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  105. strange that even minato doubts that its really madara…

  106. Hot damn that was AWESOME!!! Why did Minato have to die!?!?! T_T

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  109. how can Kishi not show the full extent of Tobirama’s powers:

    The guy even used Space time ninjutsu like the flying thunder god, how the hell could someone, even hashirama beat that guy.

    Other than that, the chapter was pure awesomeness, and Minato was a bad maaaaaaan.
    By the way this thing is getting really out of hand, we all remember when itachi met with Madara/Tobi right:

    The dude had long hair and resembled Madara, but now he has the same short hair as he has in the present day, that for me was the only bit of proof that made me still think he could somehow be Madara but now it’s clear, Tobi is 100% not Madara, but then who the hell is he and how come he’s so fast.

    And to top it all off, now we find out that Tobirama, and I underline the Tobi in there, had space time ninjutsu skills as well.

    I won’t try and imply that he is Tobirama, because for starters he was already dead, proven in the Hiruzen vs Orochimaru fight, and secondly even if he had still been alive and that jutsus that Oro did wasn’t to bring Tobirama back from the dead, he’s soul had still been sealed by the shiki fuujin.

    So it can’t be nidaime, can it ??

  110. and dont overlook these young arms Oo

  111. @ Ahsan, yeah man but look at Kakashi, he’s just a kid and Tobi looked pretty tall for a 14-15 year old kid, didn’t he.

  112. @super: i think this chapter proves that tobi MUST touch his aim to teleport it away.

  113. @Eugen: Kakashi had some good height to him.

    Had to edit the link but it works now.

    -Super, making a note on his own comment.

  114. actually i thought they looked kinda equal aged but since you cant see tobi’s face you cant decide .. and since kakashi wasnt put up against an adult you cant say much about his height and obito *cough* looks young too , arms as salami said

  115. DARN i dunno where to post this <_<
    at first i was reading in this chapter: "minato: u cant be madara, hes got long HAIR!!!" xDDD

    so we have 3 different tobi-looks…thats strange: one is short hair with orange swirl-mask, then short hair with his (white or orange?) wave-mask and the long-haired with his strange wave-mask.
    why is that so? O_O

  116. @ super and Ahsan, not saying that Kakashi isn’t taller, he’s grown quite a lot from the bridge fight with the Obito incident, but he couldn’t be older then Naruto is now, and Naruto in this pic is clearly smaller then Yondaime:
    And so dose Gai look about the same as Lee is now maybe a little younger seeing as he doesn’t have a chunin vest on, just saying.

  117. And what’s this stuff about the FTG lvl 2, what was so different from the way he did it so far, I really didn’t get that.
    Can someone please explain.

  118. the most interesting part of this chapter wasnt this whole fighting stuff and minatos chitchat with the mask but…
    the uchiha were absent, maybe only the higher-ups or the uchiha adults, but as background information, it seems as if the uchiha have plotted this whole attack, maybe “madara” was just his image to be acknowledged by the clan as their leader, but it seems as if the whole clan was guilty.

  119. now THAT is what i was talkin about!!! Minato is the man. period. what an epic way to show this fight. and it’s not even over yet !

  120. @Eugen: Naruto’s height when he was 16 can hardly be compared to Kakashi’s height when he was 14. People grow differently.

    I think the level 2 FTG involves a moving kunai. All the other times he used the FTG the kunai was stationary and placed somewhere already.

    @Ahsan: Lol, I know you asked me about level 2 FTG on MSN but I just came up with that possibility just to let you know…>_>

    @Salami: Two Uchiha were absent as far as we know, Fugaku and Mikoto. Now Kisu is going to build up his case from there and say the Uchiha Clan was involved. XD Lol, I do admit it looks suspicious against the Uchiha Clan as a whole though.

  121. @eugen wasn’t the Nindaime killed by and that special Kumo squad the Kinkaku Force. Then he was resurrected by Orochimaru and finally soul consumed by the Shinigami.

  122. @kanton: didnt they get the nidaime back from the gate of truth and then fixed him up with automail? oO

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  125. @Tenrai and Superdude, I’ll save the debate until things die down again! Right now there are more important things to discuss, like why didnt we see Tenten’s parents? (as if they care about her XD)

    The Nidaime is getting less and less sucky with each reveal. But it all feels like a cop out to me. his techniques just dont mesh well together >_>

    I guess Level 2 is just teleporting to a flying Kunai? And people, GIVE DANZO’S TWO GOONS SOME CREDIT! Thy figured this stuff out in the same time Minato did, less than a chapter, and did a more deadly move. We all know Tobi’s just gonna get up next chapter.

  126. @kisu: who cares about tentens parents anyway? 😀
    but we saw irukas father reporting to the third hokage 🙂

  127. @kisu I agree remember that random masked-nin who was killed by Zabuza actually was actually given a full name.

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  130. Awesome chapter. Has anyone watch the anime (Naruto 168) for this week? Interesting that both the manga and the anime ends with a Rasengan. Of course, we know that Naruto put the final touch to Deva Pain. As for the masked man, speculation is that he is not down for the count.

  131. @tigerpalm: hehe theres even 169 out, watch it! 😀
    no shippuuden next week but 2 episodes in 2 weeks, they will be some crappy filler though 😦

  132. The new chapter was epic on every level, and I think it is pretty clear now that Minato is the coolest Kage so far, at least in terms of style. He just looked so epic in this chapter. T__T

    Anyway, now I am starting to suspect that “THAT jutsu” that Jiraiya mentioned Naruto completing may in fact be the Hiraishin after all. When Minato talked to Naruto, he said something about needing a unique set of skills to defeat Madara/Tobi and so far, Minato is the only person who has actually landed a direct hit on Madara using the Hiraishin, so it may be a case of needing a space-time jutsu to defeat a space-time jutsu.

    Maybe that is why he needed the Kyuubi’s chakra, because completing the Hiraishin may take an immense amount of power.

    Other than that, this chapter does bring up one question. If Madara/Tobi is still skilled and strong enough to battle toe-to-toe with Minato and he can sneak into Konoha without so much as anyone noticing, then why didn’t he just capture Naruto himself when he was still a kid? It would have been easy enough and it isn’t like Naruto or anyone else could have stopped him.

    Perhaps there is some reason he chose not to act. Maybe he already had his eye on Sasuke and perhaps Naruto has always been a part of his plans to heard Sasuke into a position where he was vulnerable. He obviously needs Sasuke for some reason, perhaps because this battle may have damaged his body further in some way and he needed Sasuke’s power to complete his plans.

    One last question… Does anyone think that the Uchiha clan may have planned to use Naruto in their rebellion? They knew he contained the Nine-tails, so it may be possible that they might have planned to control him.

  133. 133rd

  134. @flex


  135. @ten

    ” Minato is the only person who has actually landed a direct hit on Madara”

    dont forget danzo’s henchmen

  136. @Ahsan

    Actually, that was more a case of Madara damaging himself. As was pointed out earlier, it seems Madara needs to touch people before he can absorb them.

    Either that, or he just did that to hold Minato steady and prevent him from escaping.

    Either way, touching the Aburame meant getting infected by his microscopic bugs. So Madara pwned himself in that regard and he probably did it knowing that would happen. He doesn’t need to care about a flimsy arm when he can just replace it. <_<

  137. To say this chapter was great would be a massive understatement. Also, Minato is now officially crazy awesome.

    I am starting to wonder what the hell is Madara (maybe?) made of- the guy took a voleyball-sized rasengan to the back and survived. Does he have multiple bodies for different scenarios. That might explain the sharingan collection- he need them for his bodies. Or not.

  138. I always thought that “THAT jutsu” is “use the nine-tails chakra” jutsu. It would be so cool if “THAT jutsu” is Hiraishin. But if it is that case, than why waiting? Doesn’t seems like dangerous jutsu to me. Naruto will learn Hiraishin soon, but not right now. First Kyuubi then, we will see other characters fights, Maito guy vs Kisame, and so on, and so on…. Time will show.
    I don’t think that for Hiraishin jutsu you need lot of chakra. I believe that Naruto is a ninja with the most amount chakra that any other ninja. He must be enough capable to do so. But he have clones. He can be on different spots at the same time. He dosen’t need Hiraishin. But it will be nice to learn it too. 😀

  139. @cumulus: lol? space-time jutsus are the most dangerous and most difficult jutsus, what if u teleport to the wrong place or u cant escape the other dimension? or u just teleport some parts of u?
    fpr space-time jutsus i believe u need to keep a constant amount of chakra in EVERY cell of your body, thats tough, naruto wasnt ready for such a hard training, though i dont know who is able to teach him such difficult jutsu and i dont really get how the kyuubi is involved in this whole thing, but we will see.
    its a given that naruto cant beat sasuke even with the kyuubis chakra, hes just too slow, he NEEDS hirayshin.
    and i hope he will learn to control the water element, cuz sasuke is already able to use 2 different elements and the name “namikaze” sounds like wind and water so he MUST he this type!!! 🙂

  140. @salamiyo yea and then it would make assuke Kryptonite as far as the elements goes

  141. With Tobi having different looks in different situations i think we need to give consideration in Tobi really being more than one person.

  142. Logging in from a computer in an Internet Point, so I don’t have that much time…

    New chapter: Awesome. We saw Minato’s abilities and his intelligence. He figured out how to beat the Masked Man and even hit him with a rasengan.

    By the way, why does the masked man have short hair when he has long hair when he meets Itachi?
    The obvious answer is that it grew in 6 (correct me if I’m mistaken) years, but there’s more to that… >_>

    Anyway, it’s strange that we’re finding out more information on the Second Hokage from people’s statements than from Tsunade, his grandniece. First Kabuto says he could use Edo Tensei and now Minato says he could use space-time tecniques… Someone should really have a flashback or Kishi should make a Tobirama Gaiden!

    Got to leave now, but I’ll be back… 😈

  143. “That jutsu” is the controlling of the key to the four elements. If you guys read my earlier post(two weeks ago), you will see that Tobi(or Madera) wants Naruto to have the special seal of the four elements which in turn activates the body of the six paths. Naruto will have the ability to contain all the bijuus especially since he has the ninetails already inside him. I think Madera is trying to force Minato and Kushina to perform an “ultimate sealing technique” on their newborn son, and perhaps Tobi is trying to keep the third and the fourth away from each other for this reason. Perhaps Madera also knows that the third and fourth will want the news about the kyuubi breaking out kept a secret(for stability from other coutries) so he can then later on start spreading rumors that the village believed it was the uchiha’s plan all along? All of this is done to throw the attention off of Madera. BTW!!! How did Madera track down where Minato teleported to? Zetsu?

  144. “Actually, that was more a case of Madara damaging himself. As was pointed out earlier, it seems Madara needs to touch people before he can absorb them.”
    Its the same thing with Minato’s case as well. Tobi became solid to hit, but then Hiraiashin lvl 2 (which moves him to moving kunai) allowed him to flank Tobi in that same instant he became solid. But chronologically, Minato IS the first to hit Tobi.

    As for why he didn’t capture Naruto as a kid, its pretty simple. Kishi didn’t think of that. >_>

  145. So since the fight is coming to a close does that mean we never get to see Minato go into sage mode?

  146. Awesome chapter. It was cool seeing Yondaime and Madara’s tactical tit-for-tat.

    I’m curious about Minato’s reasoning re: “If it is Madara, he can only keep Kyuubi summoned for a short period of time.”

    I’m expecting this battle to get a lot more epic before the end.

    As for Madara’s identity, I think he’s the real Madara but that Kabuto also had Madara in the obscured coffin. Basically, I think Madara is using an ultimate sharingan technique. Imagine being able to cast something like a space/time genjutsu. It’s so powerful, the “illusion” is *real*. In other words, maybe Madara, upon the death of his body at the Valley of the End, cast this technique on himself allowing him to continue to exist. Maybe when he goes intangible, it’s really a temporary alteration of the technique, so “Tobi” becomes an ordinary illusion for a moment, then becomes “real” again.

  147. @Kahmix: Well, we still have to see Minato summon Gamabunta and face off the Kyubi.

    I know it’s hard to see but if you look closely you’ll see Minato standing atop the frog. XD

    @Ursan: Sounds like Izanagi. An illusion so powerful it can transgresses death.

    As for the reason behind Tobi/Madara not being able to hold the Kyubi for long, according to the Onemanga translation it’s because his predecessor, Madara, couldn’t either.

  148. just a crazy may have been said before but…
    if one half of the kyuubi was sealed into naruto, do you think perhaps it is possible the other half was sealed into sasuke?
    In the fight against the kage summit karin saw something in him and not to mention that were kyuubi looking chakra envolope him.
    crazy thought i know!

  149. @ xorsaw,

    I certainly hope not. Sasuke has gotten so many powers gifted to him it would be nice to see him develop something on his own for a change. You know, like all other Shinobi do.
    Besides, that would mean Minato will go to Itachi and say; “Hello, I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to seal the ‘bad’ part of Kyuubi in your little sister now…”
    That would seem a little weird to me.

  150. @ xorsaw
    I was thinking the same thing, but if that were the case why wasn’t Sasuke shunned like Naruto was during his childhood? And why doesn’t Sasuke have the same perks as Naruto (high chakra, faster regeneration, etc.)? I believe Sasuke does have some of the Kyuubi in him but that would be cheap and EXTREMELY gay giving Sasuke another power. But then again Sasuke is Kishi’s lover.

  151. @pokekage, Sasuke has all those powers you listed. But it doesnt come from the Kyubi, it comes from all the times Sasuke’s “kissed Kishi’s head” 😉

  152. Pfffft, Sasuke developed Kirin and the shape manipulation of Amaterasu around Susano’o by himself. You know…gifted children are just gifted like that. 😛 Now if he had a Biju implanted in his body embodying him with all sorts of advantages and gifts, yes that’d indeed be a cheap add on. ^_^

  153. @super then he would have to replace the a in his name with a ou.

  154. BUBBLE: Don’t forget the gag ball…
    Remember the safe word is banana…

  155. @kisuzachi

    Yes, maybe he didn’t think of it, but I guess that it is only natural that as the plot develops, so do potential plot holes. It is simply a case of the author filling those holes with a good enough explanation to counter them.

    So I am hoping Kishi will provide a solid explanation, rather than simply allowing us to guess, and hopefully, that explanation will become apparent in these next few chapters (like Madara receiving too much damage to risk further action by himself).


    Yes, and Naruto developed the Rasenshuriken by himself. Kakashi didn’t develop it, he just gave Naruto the knowledge needed to create it, but he couldn’t take Naruto that extra step.

    In the same vein, Kakashi also taught Sasuke Nature and shape manipulation when he taught him Chidori, so no, Sasuke didn’t just learn it himself. He used the knowledge he was already taught years ago and developed it further. It isn’t Naruto’s fault that Kakashi only decided to teach him those valuable lessons years later, because he was too busy training only Sasuke and leaving Naruto to be taught by others (AKA Ebisu).

    In any case, having a Bijuu implanted in you is not just a cheap add-on either. I mean, it’s not like Naruto could just access that power immediately. He had to work hard to become strong enough to control it, and that took years.

    In fact, he had to practically be strong enough to face the Kyuubi, before he could control its power, so if anything, it forced him to rely on his own strength first and foremost.

    In any case, using a bijuu for power is like using a sword. A sword is not a natural part o a person’s body, but rather an extension. It adds something extra to a person’s power, but that does not mean a sword is just a cheap power-up, because a sword is only as effective as the one wielding it. It takes a lot of training to hone that skill and make it effective, otherwise a sword can be more of a burden than something that is actually helpful and it can do just as much damage to the user as it can to his opponent if wielded poorly.

    In the same vein, Jinchuuriki have to learn to control their power, otherwise it becomes more of a burden than an actual aid, and it can cause more harm to them than good to them, or even cause them to lose themselves altogether. We have seen examples of this with the past Hachibi Jinchuuriki. Somehow, I don’t think losing control and being consumed by your bijuu is what I would consider to be a healthy power-up.

    Regardless, I think these comparisons are a bit pointless now, because every ninja has an advantage of some kind. Saying the Bijuu are an unfair power-up is no better than saying the EMS is. With the Uchiha they had their sharingan, with the Hyuuga, the Byuakugan. With the Jinchuuriki, they have their bijuu, while with Kisame, he has the Samehada. Pein even had his rinnegan, which could be considered an excessive advantage.

    And let’s not forget how Sasuke can pull new summoning contracts out of his bum in mid battle, that could also be considered cheap. In fact, Sasuke has had more instantaneous power-ups than any other character in the manga so far. <_<

    But, I digress, I won't take Sasuke's sharingan away from him, because it is a part of who he is. I could go on about how taking your brother's eyes is a cheap power-up, or how the cursed seal was a cheap power-up, or even how absorbing Orochimaru to get more stamina and a healing factor similar to the Kyuubi's is a cheap power up, and how none of those instances needed any training to control that power, but I guess that would just be adding flames to the fire.

    *Notices fire in the middle of the room.* O_o

    So, how about we all just accept each character for who they are instead of trying to pull each of them apart? X__X

    *eats all the haters*

  156. As for Sasuke having the other half of the Kyuubi’s chakra…

    I think that would be overkill, to be honest… BUT, that may be exactly why he would have it. Let’s face it, he is the villain of sorts in this series, or the anti-hero. So it stands to reason he might become more powerful than Naruto.

    What manga have you ever read where the villain or anti-hero wasn’t more powerful than the hero? It is that sense of desperation and hopelessness caused by such a large gap in power that makes the hero’s victory feel more rewarding.

    Either way, I still hope that Sasuke having the other half of the Kyuubi’s chakra is not the case, mostly because I prefer to see the diversity in the power between him and Naruto, but if that is the case, I won’t mind if Kishi has a very good reason for it, otherwise I would be quite livid.

  157. @Tenrai: Whoa whoa whoa slow it down. Where’d that all come from? o_O

    1. I never said Sasuke taught himself shape manipulation or chidori. I said he developed Kirin and the shape manipulation of the Amaterasu around Susano’o by himself. Kakashi taught him the basics but like Naruto he took it a step further.

    2. A Jinchuuriki’s power added on to Sasuke’s power is a cheap power up. I wasn’t referring to just a Jinchuuriki’s power alone, though it’s one of the greatest power ups anyone can receive in the Naruniverse.

    3. What comparisons? I never even mentioned Naruto so while your defense of him was admirable you got me started on something new now. 😉

    For one thing if you’re talking about pulling things out the ass look no further than the protagonist who’s pulled out the Kyubi chakra on an untold number of occasions to win the battle. Oh yeah, he didn’t even need to learn how to control it *cough*Haku*cough* but he could still use and win with it. Hmm…I f I recall it also helped him summon Gamabunta twice? o_o Having a Biju implanted in you no matter how you look at is to a great advantage in battle especially if it’s the 9 tails. Should I count the number of battles he’s won thanks to the Fox? Nah, it’d be pointless and redundant actually.

    I never mentioned Naruto’s extra chakra which allows him to create a thousand clones and learn a technique in 1/1000 of normal time. His increased healing rate, strength, speed, and chakra thanks to the Fox. 2 stores of chakra just in case he runs out of his natural supply. I could call of this stuff cheap…but I never did and never will. Didn’t Itachi give him some powers too…>_> I think I should digress but something tells me Naruto might have some special chakra thanks to his mom…>_> I guess I should also mention while Sasuke was learning under Kakashi, Naruto was tutoring under a Senin. ^(~_~)^ Ok, I digress. I won’t take any of that away from him because that’s who he is right? ^_^

  158. @supertrek89

    I guess my urge to debate made me see things that weren’t there, that and the fact that everyone tries to compare the two characters all the time in any case. But seeing as how we have started… ONWARDS and UPWARDS!!!!

    Anyway, all of those things you mentioned basically fall under the same parameters as the stuff I mentioned, so you are just reiterating what I already said, because all shinobi inherit some form of power, whether through blood (AKA sharingan), or teachings (Being taught by a sannin), or through giant fur balls being shoved into their stomachs. Even weapons such as the Samehada, or the soldier pills that the Akamichi use, or even the bugs that the Aburame have, are all just other examples of this.

    So I guess there isn’t really anything to debate. I would counter you on some of your points, but that would be like trying to hit someone with a baseball bat made out of air.

    Just remember though, that power is balanced with risk. So yes, a Bijuu seems unfair, until you consider the fact that Naruto has almost killed people close to him and even almost lost his soul… none of which he would want. Power is pointless if it cannot be controlled.

    In the same vain, using the MS too much makes you go blind. Using the Akamichi’s soldier pills can kill you, etc…

    So I wasn’t trying to be one-sided there, even though it may have appeared that way. I wasn’t trying to just defend Naruto, so much as just make a point about the inheritance of power.

  159. @ Tenrai vs Super, Naruto vs Sasuke, who is the more spoiled brat… both are equal I think. They both been given a lot, both trained by Sanin, both able to learn complex jutsu in short amount of time.. Sharingan/Shadow Clone, Gain super powerful modes by someone they loved that died, Jiriya/Itachi, Sage Mode/MS (if you gonna say Sasuke didn’t train at all for MS, show me, he had to learn to control this power only time it auto activated was with Tobi pre set, and that is the only time Sasuke has used Iachi’s MS since after that his own was unlocked. He paid the price, he lost the person closest to him… Minito copied the 2nd’s Technique and so did Oro/Kabumaru so yeah each generation learns from the previous and gets better from there, there is no point saying Sasuke never trained he just got given, even Gai remarked back in the day the amount of blood and sweat it would take to copy the high speed taijutsu and we just don’t see Sasuke’s training, arcs aren’t wasted on watching how Sasuke cuts leaves, but we see him fight as a finished product, its like assuming Kakashi didn’t train to awaken his MS, he probably trained his ass off but we didn’t see that part… Naruto how the hell did he beat pein again from almost dead to super powerful and in sage mode and even going sage/kyuubi mode, it was pulled out his ass no jutsu….

    @ Sasuke having half the Kyuubi chakra, maybe it will be cheap though, but it could be now the seal is weakening and the dark chakra is pouring out, but that thing Karin saw was his Sasoono…

    Pein ^_^

  160. @Kantonkage, “ou” LMAO!! I cant believe Sousuke-sama’s name is so close to Sasugay.

    @Supershrek ;), I saw what you did there with the Kyubi being cheap 😛

    “In any case, using a bijuu for power is like using a sword. A sword is not a natural part o a person’s body, but rather an extension.”

    I disagree. Biju are sentient beings and are thus a partner, not a simple weapon in combat (just look at Hachibi snapping Kirabi out of the Genjutsu, he could only do it because he’s sentient as a simple weapon wouldn’t know when to do it)

  161. @kisu.

    It is still the sdame principle. A sword weilded properly can be endlessly useful. The bijuu may be sentient, but that doesn’t mean they are smart or cooperative. Look at the three tails. Do you think that thing is smart enough to cancel a genjutsu when needed? No, I doubt it.

    Even the Hachibi and Kyuubi have to be controlled before that power becomes useful, and it was in that sense that I was comparing them to the use of a sword, because you can’t just go about swinging a sword in battle if you don’t know how to use it, otherwise you may end up cutting yourself.

    In the same sense, Naruto and Bee had to learn to controll their power, otherwise it would end up harming them and those around themselves more than it would do good.

  162. @Naruto vs. Sasuke debate: You know, at least on these forums I would expect this debate to die out finally. This isn’t even a “who would win in a fight” thing. When comparing Naruto and Sasuke they are about the same when it comes to how hard they have worked, and what they have been ‘given’ or what ‘special privileges’ they have had.

    SPIDER!!!! OMFG A SPIDER KILL IT !!!! Okay it’s dead. I beat it with a ruler.

    Anyways. Naruto and Sasuke are supposed to be sort of a Yin and Yang when it comes to power. Whether or not they can be considered spoiled brats is another thing. But that’s all bull anyway. They worked harder than any other ninja mentally and physically to get to where they are with the possible exception of Rock Lee.

  163. This subject is tantamount to a rubber man. No man matter how many times you hit it it’ll just keep popping right back up again. 😉 That’s why you have to cut it or use Haki, unless you have some Kairoseki cuffs lying around…

    Oh crap, wrong manga…>_>

    *sails back over to Narutoland*

    Ahem… I don’t know why nor do I know where all the “spoiled” discussions spring from but it’s just simple to know if you’re going to call one person spoiled expect the other to be called out too. I believe reasonable people can see and understand that both have suffered far more than any ordinary shinobi and have in turn been given far more than any ordinary shinobi. As long as we can agree on that then I see nothing to worry about. If you don’t agree with that then tis’ your own opinion and it’s to be expected. ^_^

    In the end that’s what I’m always trying to point out with the help of a few. 😉

  164. my only tid-bit on this whole spoiled thing is when saskue commented to either danzo or kakashi “hopefully you thanked the uchiha clan for those eyes”… I was like dude, all of your most powerful abilities other than kirin, are form that same sharingan, it’s not like you earned it either through any other means than luckign into a very small albeit very gifted gene pool. In that regard naruto’s never had an attitude like that, in fact that drives him to work even harder.

  165. amen to alec..
    the only difference between the two i think is the ATTITUDE.

  166. Yes..I know I suggested the possibility of Sasuke having access to the other half of the Kyubi and here’s why:

    a) Mr. Namikaze only sealed half of the Kyubi in Naruto…what happened to the other half?
    b) Mr. Kyubi Fox distinctly told Mr. Sasuke Uchiha that he would regret it if he killed Naruto. Imagine that….yanking the bijuu out of a host effectively kills the host (most normal hosts and not ones from whirlpool countries). Killing the host releases the bijuu (you can’t kill the bijuu). Releasing Mr. Fox would mean that he would want his remaining chakra back and yes…Sasuke would have regretted that if the chakra was indeed in him.
    c) Naruto perceived that if he fought Sasuke they would both die. His explanation was a bit naff and mine is better.
    d) Karin takes one look deep into Naruto and says, “It’s exactly like….” It would make sense for one half of chakra to be like another…one part ying, one part yang? One part light, the other part dark? 9-Tailed Fox was all hate so both parts of his chakra would exactly like he is. By the way, Karin has been known in the past to spend time with Sasuke, analysing him for all sorts of sordid reasons. She described Sasuke’s chakra as cold (when he got a power up in the land of iron) and Kakashi in Chapter 502 described a cold feeling.

    Need I go on? I really could you know…but let’s connect the dots we have been given so far.


  167. @ darkgeenie, you forget one of the most important thing about the shikifuujin, the seal that was used on Naruto to seal the fox.

    Lets say that Minato, Kushina and half of the fox are sealed in Naruto, then what dose the Demon get???

    It’sonly normal he would have sealed at least half of the kyuubi inside it self probably half of Kushina and Minato as well, but that’s just speculation.

    One thing is for curtain, the reaper had to get at least two souls sealed inside itself, one of the person who cast the jutsu and the other of the person, or bijuu in this case, that is sealed.

    For that reason alone you can deduct that the other half of the kyuubi is deep down inside the reaper, playing texas hold’em with minato, hiruzen, hasirama, tobirama and oro’s hands for eternity.

  168. @Darkgeenie: It’s a possibility…but really a far-fetched and speculative one. The theory has been brought up before numerous times and by a variety of people so these points have been combed over before, believe me. I’m one of those who first brought the theory up. xD Though, I was more on him receiving it recently. The thing is if Sasuke always had the other half of the Kyubi then he would have accidentally accessed that chakra long ago.

    As for “you can’t kill a Bijuu”… Are you saying all this time the Kyubi could have just let Naruto die and been free? O_O

    Wouldn’t that also mean their life forces aren’t connected?

  169. @ Eugen…I don’t think Kushina is sealed in Naruto.

    We might find a difference between sealing something physical (ShikiFujin) and including someone else’s chakra in a ceremony.
    Further in fact, we might find that the only soul really required is that of the person that activates the sealing.
    In fact, we might find that if the object of the sealing is not fully sealed, he/she may be able to function quite happily afterwards with his soul e.g. Orochimaru whilst the caster of the jutsu is held in Impel Down (wrong manga?) for all eternity.
    Plus…my theory is posited in the realm of speculation. Who know’s what access the Uchiha may have to the Shinigami (right manga) or how everything is connected.

    Minato sealed half the Kyubi’s chakra in Naruto (maybe) but we’ll see what happened to the other half soon enough won’t we?

    Side comment, it appears even the Fox is unaware of Naruto’s strength even though he goes everywhere with Naruto …. like Mary and the little lamb.
    Is this power that was submerged in Naruto/new power from somewhere/same old power in a shiny new tin? End of Side comment.

    Maybe (half chakra sealed…see above can’t retype) because even after Naruto took control of the second unsealed half that he has been carrying about in him like an ice-cream vendor that suddenly discovered the joy of his wares, he was still powerful enough for Naruto to say….

    So…was it really half or was it 3/4?


  170. I do believe though that there is a deeper link between Sasuke and Naruto… also if Sasuke had some of the Kyuubi chakra in his wouldn’t he show signs of it sooner, of maybe since he had the dark chakra Sasuke’s Seal was a lot more powerful and is only slowly flowing out now, but I still think it will be retarded if he did

  171. It’s out!
    …and Minato is still a badass

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