One Piece Chapter 592 IS OUT + 591 Breakdown! New Demotivational Poster Included And a Sexy Debate Inside! *_*

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-One Piece Chapter 591 Breakdown Below-

Picture from Alphonse13

YOSH!!! Welcome WRA to the One Piece Chapter 591 Breakdown! A little earlier than usual huh? 😉 I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter from beginning to end. Plenty of badassedness (not a word :(), comedy, and even some action…from Usopp of all people! O_O To top it all off the story is moving along nicely with confirmation of at least part of the group trying to get together again. Let’s get to it!

But first, here’s this week’s AMV and BOPP!

You have to see this one! There is some mature content (language) but if you don’t mind that it’s such an awesome AMV by Lokistar!!! This week’s Badass One Piece Picture is in honor of Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper. The best comedy trio in One Piece. 😉 BOPP by Mandiinex3.

Breakdown time!

When Laboon isn't waiting on people he's peeping on them...

An eventual reunion of the Roger Pirates!? First it was Shanks and Buggy now it’s Crocus and Rayleigh! I think Roger’s bones should show up in the next cover page…>_>

I'm sorry Law fans but if he didn't look so angsty in this pic I wouldn't have picked on him like that. 😛

Last time we left off Luffy was yelling to the heavens about how much he wanted to see his crew again and from the looks of it he’s pretty much set on reuniting with them as soon as possible. Is this really the best course of action though? Would anyone convince him otherwise? Of all people I expected to see I would have never guessed Silvers Rayleigh A.K.A. The Dark King would make an appearance! Showing off the beach body he’s accumulated through arduous hours of training Michael Phelps for the Olympics. Of course Rayleigh refused to compete himself because the officials ruled against the placing of Sea Kings in the pool to offer a challenge for swimmers, designating it as “unsafe” and “ludicrous”. ~_~ Seriously, this dude swam an untold number miles through the ‘Calm Belt’ (a nest of Sea Kings) with nothing but rock hard abs, doubling as a shield, and a sword! That sir, is badass! Oh, and don’t forget he’s old! XD Really puts into perspective the amount of power Roger’s crew must have possessed.

I wanna "curl" too. 😦

I’m happy to see the rest of the Kuja warriors are happy to know Luffy is on the island, especially Marguerite! ^_^ Maybe Luffy will get some more unintentional action…

Ever heard of the saying curiosity killed the Fishman and Rubberman?

Meanwhile, down on the cliffs and the spot where Rayleigh swims ashore turns into the center of a wormhole drawing all matter and life into its gravitational pull. Lol, seriously everyone is converging on that spot all at once, all nearly at the same time. First Rayleigh arrives and meets the Heart Pirates (Law’s crew) who are camped there. Then Jimbei carries Luffy back there a short while after Rayleigh arrives. Then conveniently Boa Hancock and her entourage arrive with some food and plenty of love. 😉 Unfortunately the Heart Pirates have left by that time and before finding any female bears for poor Bepo too. >_> As he leaves I wonder what Law meant when he says,

“’D’ will almost certainly call up a storm again”.

Could he be talking about Dragon and his powers or is he saying the “D’s’” are going to stir up some trouble for the World Government again? “A storm” acting as a metaphor for trouble? If it’s the former and Law is referring to Dragon then it’d suggest Law knows Dragon casually to call him “D”! O_O Now this got me thinking. If Law did know Dragon casually could that be the reason he saved Luffy at Marineford?  No, pollt for that one, I’m not to sure myself.

That's definitely rape. o_o

Boa is still love struck and it kinda has me worried. I actually don’t want her to join Luffy’s crew but if she stays like this she’ll have to or risk falling sick again. I want her to stay on Amazon Lily and protect the island but that’s just me. Anyway, we all find out the theory of 6 Degrees of Separation isn’t so far off because they all seem to know each other here. 13 years ago, after the escape from Mariejois, Elder Nyon, Boa, Marigold, and Sonia took up residence on Sabaody Archipelago (for less than a year) where they probably stayed under the protection of Rayleigh and Shakky. 13 years later and voila they’re all reunited again and I bet the Boa sisters know Hacchi! So how did Rayleigh know Luffy was on this island? That he was possibly connected with Boa Hancock? Well, he just gathered the clues! Pffft, what clues!?

1.) Luffy humping Boa and getting the key to her heart (not a bad deal there).

2.) Boa saving Luffy from Smoker’s attacks.

3.) Boa’s constant concern for Luffy during the war.

And last but not least some information outside of the war.

4.) Kuma telling Rayleigh he shot Luffy out this way.

5.) The most powerful and mysterious clue of all! Woman’s intuition from Shakky.

I wonder who tipped Rayleigh off to such an idea...>_>

Bingo, and that’s all she wrote! 😉 We knew before this chapter Kuma worked under Dragon in the Revolution Army and in this chapter it confirmed the popular theory that he was still working for Dragon even as a Shichibukai, much to Pickles delight. xD Well, he was still working for Dragon as a Shichibukai up until Vegapunk “killed him”. T_T Lastly, dealing with Luffy and co. on the island, Rayleigh confirms what I was thinking before. If Luffy rushes to go find his crew now without thinking about getting stronger first, especially after realizing he’s weak, then we’ll be seeing a repeat of the past. Simply put, defeat or something even worse. As captain he is responsible for his crew’s safety and if he isn’t able to protect them then frankly he’s not ready to lead. Rayleigh may have something else planned besides training though so we’ll wait to see what his plan is before jumping to conclusions.

I have that feeling too Usopp. @_@

The last few pages of the manga deal with Usopp and Chopper trying, and in one case succeeding, to escape their islands. I would cover it more but it’s self explanatory and the funny thing is…this material was already covered in the anime! O_O Lol, yeah do you believe that? What looked like filler was actually the anime covering material the manga itself had yet to present! I don’t know about you all but that’s the first time I’ve ever seen the anime go ahead of the manga like that. XD It was canon! Of course we didn’t see Chopper actually leave his island in the anime but that was basically the only new material the anime didn’t cover. How do you all feel about that? Cheated, relieved the anime wasn’t going off on tangent, confused? @_o

I think Chopper got the wrong paper...>_>

One thing I do want to cover though is what the anime didn’t touch on and that’s the last page with Chopper flying away with a newspaper in hand, commenting on “Why Luffy again”. I think we all know, or at least suspect what it is. A bounty raise! What’s it going to be? 😀

That ends this week’s breakdown. Here’s a debate for you all this week. Don’t judge on appearance alone, judge on fighting ability! 😛

Kalifa by StrawhatXBaka. Hacock by Jakuroi.

And your demotivational poster is up next! Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀


~ by supertrek89 on July 10, 2010.

33 Responses to “One Piece Chapter 592 IS OUT + 591 Breakdown! New Demotivational Poster Included And a Sexy Debate Inside! *_*”

  1. FIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRSSSSSST!!! I’m on a roll, baby!

    Crap, I wanted the Naruto breakdown to be out first for once. ;___;

  2. Second, I would have been first if I hadn’t read the whole thing first

  3. 3rd?

  4. lol super ! fix the bounty poll i voted for all options XD or maybe its just my pc O_o

    p.s nice breakdown , pokemon refrenses FTEW

  5. @Pickles: Lol, Kisu has gotten the Bleach breakdowns out 1st these past 2 weeks.

    @Ahsan: The bounty poll is like that on purpose for multiple choices. 😉

    @Everyone: I forgot to add the Chopper picture at the end of the breakdown but it’s up there now. No one voted for Kalifa so far!? O_O Not even me…? >_>

  6. YOSH! Sweet Breakdown Superelmo!

    The chapter was good, but Oda should have started with Sanji! Is he still an Okama, did he quit after the first day? Oh so many questions T^T

    I give the win to Boa. Maybe her mero mero fruit would make Kalifa get wet…with bubbles…pervs >_>

  7. I think the WG will try to cover up most of Luffy’s actions though >_> So I dont think there would be a HUGE increase, maybe 20 million?

  8. @kisu:
    It has to be a huge increase in bounty based on Chopper’s expression since a small bounty increase would not be dat big of a deal since he already has the 300 million bounty. And the WG cannot cover Luffy’s actions up because it has been recorded already by Buggy the Clown so therefore everybody knows he was dere as well as Dragon’s son.

  9. @jb, i meant cover up the Impel Down stuff >_>

  10. @Kisuzachi: Weeell, they covered up the fact that he was the one who rained on Crocodile’s parade, but his bounty increase was still relatively high. Key word: relatively.

    @Super: I meant out before yours. We all know Kisuzachi cheats. >_>

  11. The impel down Incident should be covered up yea cause of all the dangerous crims that escaped so knock of 300M, I rekon 600M thats like what all the strawhats are worth plus their current bountys strawhats total bounty 900M.
    Marine HQ cant be overlooked and the Tenryubito want Blood..

  12. Awesome Breakdown as usual Super 🙂

    The contest between Boa and Kalifa is an interesting match-up, however we all know boa would win that fight because she’s the strongest warrior on her island, has the kings haki, and is super sexy +1, compared to Kalifa who is also super sexy, but sadly was defeated mostly by Nami…Nami guys the one with no df, no major fighting strength, but a briliant tactian per say.
    A fair match up would be the Dark King Raliegh vs Sogeking…and we all know which king has it in the bag…or should i say Kabuto lol…

    Chopper isn’t looking at a bounty raise, i think something happened that hasn’t been revealed yet since chopper found out about the war with ace dying. Something related to Luffy’s training with Raleigh most likely, probably like stealing a navy ship/fighting someone strong or something. Luffy’s bounty probably would be around 450million if i had to guess.

    On a side note does anyone think we’ll find out ace’s and WB’s bounty?

  13. does anyone know a website to watch strong world subbed?

  14. u can see the usopp needs to become strong to get out alive (stronger the herclus guy maybe he will join the strawhat crew) becasue no one has made it out, but i dont see how chopper has got stronger unless when that guy said that chopper risked his life does he mean awaken zoan mode? also i was right about how chopper would be getting back

  15. Nice breakdown Super!


    I voted Boa because she has Haoshuku Haki that’ll pwn Kalifa and she can petrify her (correct me if I’m mistaken).

  16. Hancock!! *drools* wait this debate isnt about sex appeal ?? @_@

    Great breakdown super! im sticking with my 600 million beli… ive got a feeling about it.

  17. For all those who naively voted Boa Hancock (including me >_>) let’s review Kalifa’s mastery of the 6 techniques of Rokushiki. She’s probably faster than Hancock thanks to mastering Soru, Kalifa can pierce Hancock’s body with her mere fingertips using Shigan (oh boy), jump off of air with Geppou, shoot wind slices with Rankyaku, flexibly dodge any of Hancock’s attacks with Kami-e, and if she can’t dodge then she can activate her Tekkai! If those 6 techniques don’t work then she still has her devil fruit powers with the soap bubbles, which sap away the victim’s strength and make him/her so smooth they can’t even stand.

    If all else fails…she has this!

    Don’t underestimate the soap sheep…>_>

    @Shinobi: Hmmm…somethings have a more powerful impact when kept in secret. 😉

  18. @Superdude, but is Kalifa immune to the Mero Mero O_O?

  19. doubt it, she seemed like the horniest character after sanji in the whole series. she’d b stone no doubt

  20. hey everyone! i have been a long time reader of breakdowns but this is my first time commenting on one.

    i also think that what chopper saw in the paper was a bounty increase for luffy but what if the marines are trying to pin the death of moria on luffy(if moria is actually dead). what do the rest of y’all think?

  21. @Killacj93: Welcome to WRA and enjoy your stay for however long it suits you. 😉

    I never thought about that. O-o Them pinning Moria’s death on Luffy but I also don’t think Moria is dead. I can’t imagine Oda would kill a Shichibukai, even if it’s Moria, off screen. I’m pretty sure he got away or was spared. Still, if the World Government thinks Moria is dead, handled, then they might as well pin it on Luffy because he did beat him in Thriller Bark plus it’d make Luffy’s head that much more wanted.

    It’ll be interesting to find out what exactly happened to Moria.

    @Kisu & Omar: Lol, I know but if Kalifa is smart enough can inflict herself with enough pain to break the trance like Momoga did. If Kalifa could get up close to Hancock the battle, I think, would be in her favor.

  22. i want to oda to introduce some bounty hunter that and strong mybe a team of them as well

  23. i think that chopper say that the whole crew so a bounty increase and noticed that he hasnt gone any higher because hes just a ‘pet’ lol

  24. find detail spoiler and pick at this site
    – mihawk meets zoro and talks
    -also see nami trying to get back asap
    -also franky and brook try the same

    the only one left to show up no is robin and sanji

  25. @super, this debate is now making me want to see a real hancock fight to understand why she was named shichibukai

  26. ok so i saw the words above mihawk … zoro …. meet…. talk….

    in reflex action opened the spoiler ….

    then was like wtf … why is zoro talking to him … he should have *cough* cut *cough* mihawks *cough* head *cough* off *cough* as soon as he saw him >_> <_<

  27. Ugh…spoilers. ~_~

    @Smurf: Lol, if Chopper doesn’t get a bounty raise I’ll be pissed alongside him. He was involved in the “Sabaody Incident” (involving the Tenryuubito) along with the rest of the Strawhat Crew. Also, he helped take down Moria but the World Government decided to try to cover that bit up…>_> He’s a dangerous pet with drugs!

    @Omar: Well, she did stop multiple PXs by herself while it took the entire Strawhat Crew to just take down 1. Though…the PXs couldn’t fight back against Boa…>_> But she did beat down Smoker which is why I think her true strength is her controlled Haoshoku Haki. Her Mero Mero powers are awesome but Haki is even more awesome and both she’s really great at.

    @Ahsan: Simple, Mihawk would pwn Zoro right now.

  28. clean raw copy


    This chapter made me ROFL! XD

  30. @Superdude, SHE DIDNT BEAT SMOKER! He just tripped when the scene changed >_>

  31. Damn, no One Piece love. T_T

  32. i have a feeling the strawhats are gonna be meeting vegapunk really soon after what happened with franky, and also im expecting a pretty big increase in his bounty as well, maybe 80 million, or even 100. how many more of these chapters do we predict, or do u expect oda to just have a time skip for when they meet up?

  33. The One Piece anime has a new opening.

    Its sad and full of Ace…..


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