Bleach 411 – Deicide…I seem to have lost count -_-‘

That awesome designer shirt $70. The sweats, $53.99. The awesome kicks, $89.95. Accessories, $17. Now we know how Kubo makes money, cuz it sure aint manga >_>

Whenever it rains, I’m there laughing. Whenever your date stands you up, I’m there laughing. Whenever Pandas choke on bamboo and whenever a retarded Penguin jumps off an icy cliff trying to fly, I’m there laughing. Who am I? I am vengeance, I am the Knight! I am Batma-oh wait, no I’m not. Who am I? I am annoyance, I am douchery in human form. I hail from the planet of Assholia, I am Kisuzachi! That didn’t sound even remotely as cool as it did in my head… Pip pip cheerio, welcome to another Bleach Breakdown ^^

No one said fashion was all glamorous >_<

The chapter starts off with an exchange of words from Ichigo and his Inner Hollow. Ichigo thought their last fight was really THE last fight, but the Hollow never really said that, and since that meeting, it appears Ichigo died at least once maybe even twice, thus voiding whatever contract he had with his Inner Hollow. That would also explain his mask’s “heavy pre-detonation” ;). Ichigo then says he doesn’t recognize that form and he really shouldn’t recognize it, considering that it was perhaps his subconscious which triggered the transformation. Zangetsu then tells him this is the form he defeated Ulquiorra in, and also his despair. He fears transforming into it again because its power overwhelms him.

How much more evidence do we need before we can finally say Tite is plagiarising?

Ichigo questions if he must face Hollow Ichigo and beat him, but Zangetsu says no and proceeds to do the fusion dan- err…ahh…merge with Hollow Ichigo. But here’s what I don’t get. Tensa Zangetsu is Ichigo’s Bankai. If you look at Hollow Ichigo before he fuses, he’s also in his Bankai state, with his Hollow mask on, so if he fused with Tensa Zangetsu (his Bankai), there should really have been no physical change since he’s ALREADY in Bankai mode. Does that make sense?

The only man feared by Gods, watch out! If only it WAS him that came to save Tatsuki T^T

We go back to The marvelous misadventures of Tatsuki to see that Tite did it to us again. Instead of continuing from last chapter, he completely changes it and redoes it, Tite Tite Tite… So turns out last week I was completely wrong. I was hoping for someone that could show us a good fight, but instead, we got Kubo’d quite marvelously. The one, the only, a legend in his own mind, Don Kanonji shows up.

Need I say anything else >_>

Kanonji shoots Aizen with a super powered version of his usual “Golden Kan’on Ball”. Now despite Tatsuki’s constant urging for him to leave, Kanonji stays because, in his mind at least, he’s a hero and wont run away. Aizen tells him its about time for him to be crushed by Aizen’s Reiatsu, but Kanonji holds up and decides to attack Aizen-sama head on. Now Aizen being the nice guy he is, warns him not to touch him, or else he’d disappear into nothingness. The warning didn’t matter however, as Kanonji attacks with his cane. Suddenly, Rangiku intercepts, and Aizen-sama only had one thing to say:

Rangiku's such a character, everyone gets to read her >_>

Here’s where the fun begins. There’s only 1 way for Shinigamis to go to and from the Human World, yes, the Dangai Precipice World. If that’s the case, did she meet up with Isshin and Ichigo? Or maybe Tite forgot that little detail and will just make something up later….NAH! Tite wouldn’t do that to us :D. Rangiku showing up has another repercussion, what’ll Gin do? It may just be Gin’s turn to go the way of Tosen, i.e. repent–>get killed thanks to Aizen ^^. See you guys next week!

~ by kisuzachi on July 8, 2010.

41 Responses to “Bleach 411 – Deicide…I seem to have lost count -_-‘”


  2. From the Precipice World comes this week’s chapter breakdown! Yosh!

  3. I wanna go! Where to you get your tickets? Or do you go the Rangiku way? >_>…

  4. Segunda because Kisu doesb’t count

  5. lol wow is the only thing i can manage . he copies stuff and makes it worser rather than better . bleach has fallen in an eternal loop of doom no way out!

  6. Fourth!

  7. Again the breakdown is out before I even read it O_O nice job ^_^

  8. yeah, I think she got there with a space time no jutsu, or she unlocked her Bankai and it allows her to travel through dimentions or just her breast have there own compressed gravity field… something will pop up… Ichigo fight his bankai/hollow, I think that Ichigo’s Shikai was always on his side but bankai knows the hollow is more badass so takes its side.. I don’t know these last few chapters have really been pissing me off, something needs to happen and soon

  9. Great job Kisu! Lol, Samurai Jack FTEW! He would have made a much better appearance than Don. Who cares if Jack isn’t in the manga? Tite sure wouldn’t. Seeing what Tite has done so far I wouldn’t mind or be surprised if he added characters from other manga. They can all travel through the Precipice World for all I care. xD

    Any guesses to how Ichigo is going to fight the combined power of both his hollow form and Zangetsu (his sword)? Maybe he won’t have to defeat them, because that’s impossible, just prove to them he’s worthy of their power by lasting or getting a hit off. Anyway, Aizen has once again planned all of this so Ichigo’s power up after all of this will probably be for naught. Remember Aizen hasn’t even bothered to release his Bankai yet or try to use his Shikai on Ichigo.

    I think Gin is going to get himself into trouble here with Matsumoto showing up. She’s already working on hypnotizing him with those boobs of hers. Of course, Aizen is not affected by them. His reitsu overpowers and negates his sexual desire…

  10. I think the only person who turn Aizen on is Aizen himself… and some odd desire for Ichigo O_O

  11. @Superdude, maybe he’ll hug it like a certain blonde-haired ninja we know. This IS Kubo after all 😉

  12. We are all reading Deicide 13, but Aizen apparently is way ahead, and reading Deicided 35.

  13. @prawlkage don’t you think you’re a bit under since Aizen is without a doubt on Deicide over 9000!!!!!

  14. LOL! XD

    Hey look at this! It’s best to just hit all the links then look at them in order. 😀


    I did not make this! I download it after a google search on Bleach’s plotline and when I find the link again I’ll link it here so you all can download the thing in a bundle. xD

  15. @Superdude, WTH!? XD! That was the funniest thing I’ve seen all day! LMAO! Must download..

  16. @super It’s fuckin hilarious.

  17. Alright, here’s a download link. I uploaded it on MediaFire. You’ll need winzip to open it up after downloading it.

    Close whatever advertisement may pop up on the screen and of course their are no viruses on the file.

    *whistles and walks away*

  18. hahahahahahahahahaha

    That my Friend is brilliant… *high 5* Super

  19. *high 5s*

    Remember, I didn’t make that thing so I take no credit. >_>

    @Anyone: On a serious Bleach related note does anyone have any ideas on what new power Ichigo will get? Will it just be a bigger Getsuga Tenshou or just a general power up (faster, stronger, better)?

  20. @Supersaiyan, I’m thinking it’ll be like Kirin. A power that is so conditional that its basically useless otherwise. In other words, a Plotkai power-up.

  21. @super and kizu I say a bigger one but the will be caught similar to his first encounter with Aizen seen here:

  22. @kanton, that was one of the biggest anime wtf moments for me. In the original scene (w/o the mario bros music) Ichigo and Renji did a combo, Ichi’s theme song started (whenever it started he kicked some major ass) then as he was about to kill Aizen BOOM! The theme music stops and Aizen kicks his ass. Aizen has ALWAYS been powerful enough to alter even our dimension, he turned Ichigo’s theme off.

  23. @Kisu Yea, I know Renji did not just any move it was an omnidirectional one.

  24. @super: if anything does change about ichigo’s bankai it probably would be a stronger getsuga, and atleast a different attack to it. We’ve seen (H)Ichigo do things ichigo hadn’t even tried til his last fight like holding his getsuga when striking. That and control of his hollow powers. Kinda like how Naruto finally gained control of the Kyuubi. We all knew it would happen eventually and still want to know what “that” jutsu is….

  25. Spoiler for next bleach: Decide…or not
    Ichigo prepares to fight his hollow/zanpakto when all of the sudden….
    Uchiha Itachi pops up out of the ground!!!
    Itachi: I knew I should of taken that right turn at Emosville….

    Ok wild and crazy theory time!!!
    None of this is actually happening!
    Since Aizen first met Ichigo on the platform of the sokyoku Ichigo has been under his complete hypnosis, and not even a single second has passed. Near the end of the manga he will break out of the hypnosis to kill aizen handily as all of Aizen’s awesome strength is an illusion projected onto himself like some sad pathetic fanfic authors self insertion =P

  26. let me make a correction iamnotreallyhere

    ichigo has been under aizen’s illusion but aizen isnt a bad guy i mean he is a “bad guy” but all the soul society is “bad” as well when ichigo steps out of the illusion he finds out he has been raped by every shinigami in ss xD and commits suicide 😀

  27. @Iamnot & Ahsan: LMFAO!!! XD WTH Ahsan!? XD

    @Shinobi: I’m hoping it’s a different attack. I’m kinda sick of the Getsuga Tenshou. You know how Hollow Ichigo uses the string on the sword to swing it around and do fluid motion attacks? Why can’t Ichigo be that cool? 😦

  28. This is Kubo we’re talking about…
    The new attack is probably going to be called Fuuton RasenGetShuriga Tenshou

  29. @iamnot more like a Getsuga Tenshou Hyper Beam or maybe a Kazegetsuga Tenshou no Kizu.

  30. @kanton, How about Giga Getsuga Impact, or Getsugameha? lol

  31. @kisu How about this Falcon Getsuga Tenshou or Getsuga no matter what you do is not going to work against Aizen Tenshou.

  32. Getsuga Tensharingan
    Getsuga Getsuga Jet Tensho
    who knows what it will be, it all depends on who Tite wants to rip off this time around =P

  33. L.O.L.

    I just can’t wait until the next chapter of Bleach.

  34. Two words… spirit bomb.

  35. @Ra, nah that’s too obvious. Tite would more likely go for Getsuga Bomb >_>

  36. Come on…. think about it. ichigo has “human”, friends with high spirit energy (they were even able to talk to Aizen). The town was selected because in general everyone in it had/has higher than normal spirit energy. So his Bankai’s final stage will draw upon the spirit energy of those around him to mount the ultimate attack. Maybe they wont call it apirit bomb. but i think thats where thier going…. On a different note I originally thought Ichigo’s Mom was a hollow/vasto lorde, but now Im wondering if she wasnt a quincy. I’ve been rewatching the early episodes and was just wondering what you guys thought of that.

  37. @Ra: I thought Quincys were supposed to be extinct and Ishada’s family were the last of them (him, his father, and the old man who taught Uryuu). I don’t really know…x_x I’m not the best source for Bleach related material but it’s an interesting material. You know…the Quincys don’t sound so extinct now that I think about it. XD

    I need to gather all the information I can on Bleach and drop a Knowledge Bomb on you all one day. You all won’t see it coming. 😉

  38. Yeah but watching the early episodes: they were wiped out 200 years ago. Uryuu’s(spelling) grand father was his master, we learn his father still has power, so we know there is somekind of family tree there. What if the grand father had more than One child ? What if isshin(spelling) was sent to earth to “clean up”, the rest of the Quincy clan, Meets Uryuu’s aunt they marry and Isshin is banished and stripped of his power ? What if this is what catches Aizens attention and (Just like Mr Sinister he desides he can help develop Ichigo into the ultimate weapon with a little push here and there) starts his plot to take over the world…Just some questions that arose while I was watching the first 13 episodes or so.

  39. new chapter is out Minna.

  40. Damn, Gin is a psycho. I actually enjoyed this chapter and laughed at Don’s antics. o_o What happened to Tite!?

  41. I thought the episode felt like a filler, and i want the last 5 min of my life back.

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