One Piece 591 IS OUT + Another Very Late Breakdown! YAY!!! *Lights the sky up with fireworks* 590 Breakdown And Demotivational Poster Inside! ^_*

Read One Piece Chapter 591 Here!

-One Piece Chapter 590 Breakdown Below-

Picture by Izsah

Hmmm…I guess I should have told you all I was on family vacation…>_>

YOSH!!! Welcome WRA to the One Piece Chapter 590 Breakdown! You know what that means people!? That means 10 more chapters until the 600th chapter of One Piece! 😀 From my estimate that means we’re almost at the halfway point. T_T Lol, jkjk…I think… Anyway, don’t think of it as 10 more weeks because that’ll dampen your spirits. Instead, I’d like to think of it as prolonged awesomeness because that’s just the way it is. 😉

Sorry folks, I kinda lied here. I thought I would stop the AMVs but last week a few more awesome uploads were posted on youtube. AMVs you have to see! @_@ Don’t worry though, eventually I’ll put in the new feature which is honestly not that different…>_>

Another masterpiece by Goldeevee5 and hopefully his video won’t be taken down from youtube again! T_T This week’s Baddass One Piece Picture by Shinjyu. Wouldn’t want you all to forget about the pirate who can transform into a dinosaur! ^_^

On to the breakdown!

That octopus must be a relative of Hachi. xD

And they say East Blue is the weakest of the seas...>_>

Moving on to the main storyline when they say “time has passed” I’m guessing it’s the same 2 weeks that passed before Luffy woke up to transition into the flashback of his childhood.  Lol, honestly it couldn’t have taken longer than an hour to tell even though it took about 8 weeks for us. Garp has arrived in Fuusha Village (Windmill Village) on some sort of errand and warns the people the seas are going to be unstable for quite a bit of time. I suppose the changing phase from the ‘Golden Age of Pirates’ to the ‘New Age’ will be tremulous. Not something as smooth and easy to slip into like…like a glove…>_> Ahem, or maybe the transition phase from the ‘Golden Age of Pirates’ to the ‘New Age’ is not what’s so arduous. Maybe the age itself is even more troublesome than the last. Now that’s wild, but it makes sense with pirates like Doflamingo sailing around the seas. Fufufufufu! @_o

I know, I'm going to hell...>_>

I don’t know why Garp has come back but I think it’s to get himself grounded and take care of some home business before setting back out as a Marine. You don’t just watch your grandson get killed in front of your eyes like that and continue with your duty patrolling the seas or writing up reports at H.Q. I have a feeling he came back to reminisce on old memories. Better times… This is where he’s spent the most time with Ace. This is where Ace and Luffy grew up. This island probably holds the happiest memories he’s had with his family, though all he did was kick their asses here. xD I also have a sneaky suspicion he came back to visit Dadan. Well, Dadan has a greeting for him too and it comes in the form of an ass kicking! Nothing says welcome back like a nice bloody beating. How do you think Scorpion from Mortal Kombat greets his family? “GET OVER HERE…and give me a hug!” 🙂


Of course Dadan is crushed over the loss of Ace and, understandably, takes her anger out on Garp who was there to see his grandson die right before his eyes. Tough, but I think she also understands Garp is in mourning too. She just doesn’t understand how Garp could let it happen, but in all fairness Garp was trying to look out for two separate people in a chaotic war trying to claim the lives of both pirates. Not to mention Garp was on the opposite side, but he never put duty over family. Makino thought Garp was suffering the most but unsurprisingly Dadan, who spent so much time with the boys, understands who’s truly suffering the most after Ace’s death. Ace’s little brother, Luffy.

T_T *laughs* T_T

Sweet, funny, and sad. A perfectly written scene.

LMAO! They're going to write on his grave, 'Red Hair'! XD

Meanwhile, far far away in the New World on some unknown island (which hopefully the Strawhats will stumble upon) a service for the two great pirates Portgas D. Ace and Edward Newgate (AKA Whitebeard) is being held. You can tell how not only in physical stature but in renown Whitebeard’s grave blatantly trumps Ace, lol, but the numbers speak for themselves. They were both well respected and loved pirates. Worth the grandeur and respect of such a funeral. I’m glad to see someone found Ace’s hat. Last we saw of it was on Banaro Island where it was left after Ace’s defeat to Blackbeard. Some local must have turned it in to a pirate or a pirate found it on the way. I like Shank’s thoughts here, “Knowing both victory and defeat, running around and shedding tears, that’s the way you become a real man. It’s alright to cry…!! Overcome this!!” YOSH!!! I’m inspired to cry now! T_T

I wonder what Zoro would have to say to this. xD

Finally, we get back to Luffy who just came to a sad conclusion about himself.  He thinks he can’t protect a single thing and is beating up himself about it. Unfortunately, I have to be the pessimistic one here. It’s kind of true folks. He’s been on a string of major losses recently. First he lost his entire crew at Sabaody Archipelago and then he lost his brother at Marineford. Both he failed to protect. I know, I’m an asshole right but if Luffy can come to terms with this than I think we all should too. He’s not as strong as he should be as captain. He should be able to protect his crew and what’s important to him. Not saying it’s his fault he’s not at that right level now. No matter what he could have done he couldn’t have been prepared for what was thrown at him in such a short time. Maybe I’m being to hard on him…maybe he’s being to hard on himself…but somebody has to do it.

I bet you can't find out what I edited...>_>

Luffy gets all the emotional support and love from Jimbei anyway. He further proves beating someone down only shows that you care. Dadan’s greeting is now justified. Luffy and Jimbei get into a fight and Jimbei easily handles Luffy, not forgetting Luffy is much more injured than Jimbei is. 😛 Still, Luffy gets a devastating attack off on Jimbei and bites him! LMAO! XD What’s up with Luffy and biting Fishmen? He can’t be that hungry can he? Jimbei goes on to tell him yes, he did in fact lose a lot and it seems like the world has left him with nothing but bleakness. That’s only if you look at it with your eyes shut though. Count the things you do have! Count what you didn’t lose and build from there, don’t be sucked completely into despair.

Errrrrrrr....uhhhh....ahhhhh....*whistles and walks away*

Luffy counts 10. He still has his crew! He has 8 crewmembers, 9 including himself, and the ship Thousand Sunny can count for 10 right!? xD I really think Oda is hinting even more to Jimbei joining the Srawhats this chapter with Ace’s repeated words here, “Take care of him for me.” I used to think it was a bad idea for the crew and he could offer nothing to the awesomeness of the crew besides his fighting power, but now that I see how he handled Luffy here and his wisdom. He could be like their sage or something. o_o Luffy then declares how much he misses his crew. Now this doesn’t mean he’s going to set out immediately and try to find them. He can still postpone searching for his crew to train. Afterall, he didn’t say anything like “I’m going to sail my ass of to find them now, Tallyho!” He’s postponed looking for his crew before for something he felt he needed to do and he can do it again, so it’s still up in the air whether he’ll search for his crew first or train. Then again, there’s always the option he could do both at the same time. 😉

Dammit Luffy, this is not the time to be thinking of that! >_<

Sorry it’s late and I hope you all had a happy 4th of July for those who live in America. Hell, I hope you all had a happy 4th of July anyway. ^_-  Here’s your demotivational poster! Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀


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28 Responses to “One Piece 591 IS OUT + Another Very Late Breakdown! YAY!!! *Lights the sky up with fireworks* 590 Breakdown And Demotivational Poster Inside! ^_*”

  1. 1st 😀

  2. SECOND!!!

    Awesome breakdown super, as usual. 😀

  3. i think that hankcock will find out about luffy thinking himself weak and offeres to take him back to shabondy and will teach him on the way and also when they get there rayliegh says that kuma told him were the crew mates are and they will set of to find then and at the same time he will teach luffy about haki personally

  4. Yosh! Oh great, now you got me saying it >_> Great job Superdeluxe!

    Isnt Luffy like Shichibukai level? I mean, what’s next? Admiral level, then Yankou level?

  5. hiho, finally we are back in the main story! 😀
    hope u all had a nice 4th july, thank u for killing the aliens for the worlds sake some years ago 🙂

  6. Training arc? In my One Piece?

    Luffy will have something new for his next big battle, but don’t expect Oda to spoil what it could be before then.

  7. i think oda meant to prove in this episode that luffy is NOT shichibukai level, Kuma could own him, mihawks could too, doflamingo i think could, and jimbei was like … Bitch, u can’t touch me… he had his whole crew against moria, and crocodile almost killed him, and wasnt the strongest of the shichibukai by a long shot

  8. Considering Luffys new crew Mate, Jimbei or Boa seemed like good candidates because of their great abilites though a new strawhat must be both of these worlds an extremely sexy princess and a strong Fishman who commands the Oceans, And then it hit me the Mermain Princess of Fishman Isle.

    Considering Whitebeard is Dead Luffy and All his new powerful crewmates once they gather it will be them offering their protection to Fishman isle in their next biggest adventure before they immerge into the new world but this time the Princess goes with the strawhats instead of the previous princess who stayed in Alabasta.

    Mermaid Princess Strawhat with great looks extreme strength and awesome Haki, Also she would have good intel to inform the Strawhats about the new World.

    Luffys something new for his next battle will be his use of Haki, Also Zoro and the rest of em should have a understanding of Haki.

  9. it depresses me that the naruto blog has so much more going on right now than this one… i mean i love both, but come on guys, one piece is better

  10. Arigatou everyone!

    @Omar: Lol, no need to be depressed! I write the breakdowns and I understand how little attention this section gets but it’s all good. A few comments are better than none eh? xD Naruto will probably always be more popular in America than One Piece. As long as we have fun with what we have I’m glad. 😉

    As for Luffy not being Shichibukai level you’re probably right and I think Kisu should agree. 😉 He couldn’t handle any Shichibukai except Crocodile by himself and that was on the 3rd try. He probably could beat Crocodile now that he knows his weakness off the bat but it’d probably come out really close. Besides, Crocodile isn’t even a Shichibukai anymore. Neither is Jimbei so “Shichibukai level” might have raised a few notches or lowered. Depends on how strong the other Shichibukai really are (Kuma, Boa, Doflamingo, and Mihawk. Moria got…kicked off…).

    @Gunslinger: Now that I think about it you’re right, we’ve never had a training arc in all of One Piece. o_o They train by beating the crap out of others! XD

    @Smurf & Black: Boa and Jimbei would both make excellent crew mates for Luffy and I’ve thought of the mermaid princess and Camie joining the crew too. For they both offer something a Fishman (Jimbei) and human (Boa) can’t match.

    Being mermaids they’re the fastest swimmers in the sea and that’s extremely vital to any pirate crew because…well they’re surrounded by sea. Jimbei can stay with the crew until Fishman Island then stay their to act as a guard since Whitebeard died. Boa needs to stay at Amazon Lily and protect her island and people.

  11. Now how did I manage to miss this? X__X

    Great job, Super!

    I have a question (or observation) that I posted on the last breakdown, so I’ll just forward that here. See what you good folks think.

    “Oh! Notice Whitebeard’s grave and how his Jolly Roger is on it. Seeing as it has been set down, wouldn’t that mean the crew is no more? At least not as the Whitebeard pirates?”

  12. i have seen a spoiler its in jap writing so it might be real can understand it much but when put though translator i could pick out a few words like robin and revolutionary army and ‘who are your leaders’ and someing about dragon

    Source: ohana
    Verification: pending
    Translation: da_pingunator

    18 :ohana ◆IR7jauNn4E :2010/07/07(水) 18:51:41 ID:L4FouL5UO 591 それでいいのか



    ウソップは ますますデブへ

    鳥にのり島を出るチョッパー 新聞でルフィの事件を知る

    Chapter 591: ‘Is that all?’
    Picture: Rayleigh and Crocus in a Hot spring with Laboon in the background

    The sea seems to be very rough and Law notices that Sea kings are dropping dead one by one
    ‘What the hell is going on? Something’s coming!’
    Rayleigh reaches the shore and Law and Jinbei are shocked to see him.
    Rayleigh: Phew, that was tiring!
    Law and co: Dark Lord Rayleigh!!!
    Rayleigh: Ooohh it’s you fellows. We met at Shabondy didn’t we! Well, my ship got sunk because there was a big storm so I ended up swimming. My body doesn’t work like it used to… It’s not good to get old!!
    Rayleigh is wringing his clothes out.
    Rayleigh: I had a feeling that Luffy would be here…
    Luffy tells Rayleigh he wants to see his crew.
    Rayleigh: Is that all?
    Luffy: ???
    The incident about what happened on Shabondy with Kuma and Rayleigh is revealed.
    Kuma’s proposal to Rayleigh during that incident is as follows:
    In regards to the Tenryubito (world noble) incident the Mugiwara crew cannot fend for themselves.
    At the current state of the crew, if they entered the New world they wouldn’t survive for even a few days.
    Kuma made a promise with Dragon . With this promise Kuma states that he will blast all the members far away for various reason (I think he is implying for their own good.)
    Rayleigh: I can trust you in this?
    End of small flashback

    The scene changes and Usopp finds out about Ace’s death and starts crying. He wants to meet Luffy.
    Chopper is flying on a bird out of the island and reads about Luffy’s incident in a newspaper.

    The scene changes back to Luffy and co
    Rayleigh says that I will teach you how to survive in the New world and starts to train Luffy.

    66 :ohana ◆IR7jauNn4E :2010/07/07(水) 18:57:23 ID:L4FouL5UO


    Rayleigh is just so badass.
    He reaches Kuja Island

  14. @Pickles: It’s definitely a possibility. We know a pirate ship without its flag is a disheartened and broken one.

    Plus, the ship doesn’t have a leader anymore so unless Marco takes over then the crew may disband. They could always promote Marco or make another flag though. Making another flag might not seem respectable but he did have multiple Whitebeard jolly rogers on his fellow ships so multiple copies of a flag isn’t unheard of.

    We’ll just have to wait and see what happens with the crew.

    @Spoilers: *runs and hides*

  15. “crocodile almost killed him, and wasnt the strongest of the shichibukai by a long shot”
    I beg to differ. Croco is the only one apart from Whitebeard that got in a good hit on Akainu AND threatened Doflamingo as well as screwed Mihawk. Croco is badass and I bet he could beat most of the Shichibukai without much trouble.

    @Superdude, well to fill the vacuum left by so many members of the Shichibukai leaving, I bet the WG will have to lower its standards a bit. Maybe Brownbeard will fill in ^^

  16. up & out

  17. Any clues on wtf luffy did?

  18. -thumbs up chapter btw-

  19. ! awesome… i wonder what was seen in the newspaper at the end… a bounty increase perhaps?

  20. Woot! I was totally right!!

    “As for Kuma, I think he was a spy for Dragon and co.” *stylishly ommits the rest* >_>

    And it’s looking like most of us were right about Rayleigh raining Luffy, too!

    And the Strawhats are coming back! I’m so psyched!! *Kirby dance*

    Ussop is fat. >_>

  21. YOSH!!! Awesome chapter! Finally confirmed what Kuma whispered into Rayleigh’s ear at the Sabaody Archipelago, and he did indeed help out the Starwhat Pirates before being “killed” (completely taken over). It was apparent but it’s always nice to have a confirmation. And did you all catch was Law was muttering about?

    “‘D’ will almost certainly call up a storm again.”

    Could he be talking about Dragon and his powers or is he saying the “D’s” are going to stir up some trouble for the World Government again? “The storm” as a metaphor for trouble. I think it’s the former. Anyway, that would mean Law knows Dragon casually to call him “D”. O_O

    Lol, Rayleigh is a badass! He just confirmed what I’ve been thinking all along. Luffy needs to train or he’ll just go back to his crew the way he is and they’ll see a repeat defeat or maybe even worse. Boa is the hotness. Luffy is the naiveness (it’s a word)! Usopp isn’t so much of a coward now and both him and Chopper are trying to get back to the crew. Not to mention Luffy just got another bounty raise!!! I’m going for 500 mil! 😀

    And I love how the anime that seemed filler was actually covering some relative manga material. Can’t wait to see what Rayleigh has in mind for Luffy!

  22. i have a question guys,, in the second row of images, does this mean that kuma approached rayleigh after the fight with kizaru (and therefore we’re missing some information), or was that during the fight

  23. also do u expect two or three strawhat whereabouts per chapter from here on out?

  24. Well done Chopper I bet in Future they’ll be strong warrior allys cause of Choppers Advice to Eat all those Veggies.

    Thank Goodness for Usopp atleast after he gets off of the Boin Archipilago he wont be such a Chicken Shit and he’ll be the first ever to escape.

    Cant wait for Zoro’s Progress Damn he is Gonna be Badass, aswell as all the StrawHats.

    @Supertrek: Im betting Luffys new Bounty will be 900M cause after the Enies Lobby incident it went up 200M. So we have the Tenryuu Incident 200M + Impel Down 200M + Marine HQ 200M = 900M 3 times his Current Bounty, this should put him on the Big Stage.

  25. @Omar: That was after the fight and yes, we might not know all they talked about at this point. It may not have been much though because Kuma had so little time to talk.

    I hope so regarding the Strawhats.

    @Black: That’s a mighty big number! @_@

    @Anyone: The breakdown will…not should be out tonight. 😉

  26. hey guys im on vacation without much internet connection, but i thought id leave i quick comment im really surprised to see that rayleigh can swim. i mean holy crap, he doesnt have a devil fruit! thats just badass. and lol womens intuition is scary. shakky predicted hancock falling for luffy! LMAO!!! though its really surprising to see that hancock and her sisters know rayleigh. of course kuma is awesome too. im glad we finally get to see what happened back in shabondy. i hope rayleigh trains luffy and boa on how to use the haokushoku haki. luffy still doesnt know he has it, and boa hasnt mastered it, but rayleigh probobly knows about it, or maybe he has it?

  27. @BlackBurstStream, I’m thinking the World Government will cover up Impel Down and just say Luffy was only involved in the war.

  28. no matter how huge his bounty gets i think its safe to assume it would be the biggest among the 11 above 100 million 😛

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