Naruto Shippuuden 167 Breakdown. An epic battle, or an epic failure? You decide… @__@

Happy 4th of July!!!! ^ ^

Hello everyone and welcome to another weekly Naruto anime breakdown. Firstly, even though we don’t celebrate it here, for many of the people on our blog who do celebrate it, I would like to wish you all a happy 4th of July.

*Throws a party for the free cheesecake.*

I hope you all had a great holiday.  ^ ^

Anyway, moving along to the real topic at hand, all I can say to start off with is that last week I subjected you to a pretty deep breakdown, mostly because of the nature of the theme at hand, and it was pretty serious to say the least. I am not sure how everyone felt about it, but hopefully it was thought provoking and enjoyable in some way.

This week things will be a little bit more light-hearted and after seeing all the heated comments on the last breakdown concerning the new episode, a light load may be all our hearts can bear right now. After all, I don’t want anyone to jump off the second floor balcony of their homes on my account. <_<

So let’s all cheer up, put a smile on our faces and get on with the show. ^ ^

This is definitely what you could call a Pein in the neck. *coughs* <_<

*Runs around in circles and eats Kisu for being an obsessive Pein fanboy.*

So, to start things off, I think the first thing that should be addressed was the animation in this episode, seeing as how it was the most talk about topic regarding it so far. For many readers, the animation felt cartoonish, or somewhat ridiculous, while others enjoyed the fluidity and unique artistry it brought to this battle and the episode as a whole.

For me personally, it was something that felt akin to the animation used in the battle between Naruto and Sasuke at the ‘Valley of the End’. It had its oddities, and some proportions were purposely obscured or enhanced for effect, but I suppose that was an effort by the animators to make the battle feel more expressive.

Considering the two otherworldly powers at conflict here, being the Kyuubi and a self-proclaimed god, it stands to reason that the battle might look and feel very surreal, almost as if it were an abstract representation of the chaotic power being unleashed so savagely. I myself rather enjoyed the fluidity of the battle and the awe-inspiring power and jutsu being displayed, but even then, there were a few niggling oddities that did mar the experience just a little for me.

The way Pein was almost comically hammered into the ground like a nail into a plank was one of these moments that I felt may have seemed disrespectful to his character.

We're taking suppressing fire!!! There are too many haters... must... stay... strong!!! X__X

Animation aside, there was a lot of extra content in this episode as well, which was yet another topic of discussion. Some liked the added scenes, while many others felt that a lot of it was unnecessary. There was also a lot of confusion at times as to what was actually happening at any given moment in the episode, and some events do come into question such as the appearance of roots breaking through the ground near the beginning of the battle, which appear to be created by the six-tailed Naruto, and Pein flooding the remnants of Konoha with water a bit further down the line.

Not all of it seems very logical, in fact, once could say that watching this episode was like watching an episode straight out of the Twilight Zone, but then, when you have two entities that seem to wield such otherworldly power, what can be considered logical in the end? I think the main concern that comes in, is where people feel that as a whole, Naruto as a manga and anime has always been very analytical in terms of the way it has presented its battles to its viewer in the past. Normally, in each engagement, you have a witness (some random character who has nothing better to do) sitting on the sidelines explaining everything that happens in detail, so when a character uses a water clone to escape imminent danger, for example, it is normally reiterated in quite a ‘matter of fact’ manner so that we don’t become confused.

It is this ‘spoon-fed’ presentation of battles in the past that I felt kept everyone in the loop as to what was going on at any given time, even in the most complex of battle scenes, but in the same vein, it may have also dampened our ability to think for ourselves when we don’t have any form of narration to tell us what is happening. If you watch this episode carefully, it isn’t that confusing really, but I guess it is easy to get lost in the action when everything is moving along so fast.

Hehehe... It's a good thing I brushed my teeth this morning. 😀

From laser blasts to mountain moving jutsu, the battle is nothing short of epic in scale, and whether you liked the animation or not, one cannot deny that it was definitely action packed.

In a way, I actually preferred this representation of the battle to that of the manga, where this entire scene was little more than a brief exchange where we watched Naruto repel Pein’s Shinra Tensei, followed by a huge chakra blast that resulted in Deva Path retreating from Konoha to use his strongest jutsu. Pein fans should be happy with the fact that this time around, their favorite self-proclaimed god actually looked like he could hold his own, even against the power of six tails, rather than appearing hopelessly outclassed as he was portrayed before.

Of course, even then, he was eventually forced to retreat, but even that was only a temporary measure taken to allow himself to use his most powerful jutsu, and what was probably the most impressive part of the battle as far as jutsu go.

Divine Failure... T__T

I have to say, the animators really did a great job of making Shinra Tensei look and feel powerful. The way you see the golden rays of light begin to swathe the ground in its radiant glow, and the way the earth began to tear apart as it was lifted into the sky, really did feel awe-inspiring.

It helps us understand just how powerful Pein really is, and it also gives us an idea of how strong the Sage of the Six Paths must have been if Nagato considers even this display of power as a small feat in comparison to the legendary hero of times past.

Squadron leader, this is Red five making his approach to the Death Star and opening fire. Now if only I could find that stupid, tiny little exhaust port. Who's bright idea was this again? >__<

However, what really topped off this episode for me, was the moments leading up to the end of it.

As the battle turns for the worse, we are taken into a shroud of darkness, where we see Naruto lying there next to the Kyuubi’s cell with his eyes submerged in water. His words offer us a glimpse of his emotions and his pain. We can tell just by his expression that he feels confused and lost and he doesn’t know the answers he needs. He just wants someone to help him, he just wants someone to save him, and in that brief moment of despair, we are reminded about just who and what he is.

He is just a kid.

I think sometimes we all forget that when we see what Naruto can actually do and how much strength he has. We all forget that he is still only sixteen years old, hardly growing into a young adult, and still subject to his own feelings and emotions. Everyone wants him to be their hero, their savior, and they all expect him to find the answers and to lead them to a better future, but in the end, all he really is, is a kid who is lost and confused, drowning in an ocean of his own overwhelming emotions.

A will of insurmountable strength torn asunder. A soul shattered into a million pieces, on the verge of being swathed in darkness. Naruto's heart no longer has the strength to keep the shadow of his demons at bay.

He is overcome with anger, grief, fear and desperation all at the same time and in the end, it is a burden he should have never had to bear alone. I think too many people in Konoha have relied on him for too long. Instead of solving their own problems, they place all their burden’s on Naruto’s shoulders. Even Jiraiya entrusted him with his mission for peace, while his own teammates have pushed him into a difficult corner with no visible way out.

Those who didn’t use him, simply hated him due to his status as a Jinchuuriki and it is that sense of isolation that I think has really done the most damage. In the end, Naruto just wants the pain to stop and in that moment of weakness it is the Kyuubi, in all his malice and cunning, that offers him the relief he yearns so desperately for.

“Give your soul to me. I will end your suffering.”

They say that our eyes are the windows to our souls. Are these eyes nothing more than the reflection of the soul of a monster? Can anyone not see the suffering hidden inside their gaze?

It was in this moment, that I really felt that Naruto’s plight truly came to light. We are shown just how far he has been pushed, how much pain he is enduring and how hopeless he actually feels. The way the music began to pick up with such a dramatic symphony and eerie vocals at this point really drove the emotion home and made it, for me, the best scene in this episode.

Once again, I must praise the anime for its outstanding soundtrack.

From here, we see the darkness of the Kyuubi’s will begin to take a hold of Naruto’s heart, feeding off of his grief and despair. We see his seal begin to come undone, while darkness pours out into the water around him, a reflection of his very being as he is overcome by the shadows of his own doubts.

His eyes grow wide and become lost in an empty stare, but even then, you can still see all the fear, all the anguish and all the emotions reflecting through them from the depths his soul.

For that moment, it all just seems so hopeless. It makes you feel like this is the end. The music, the imagery and even the way fire begins to rain down from the sky as the Kyuubi began to free itself, all gave it such an apocalyptic sense of finality. It literally felt like the end of the world was at hand and that hell itself was about to be unleashed.

Then, suddenly out of nowhere we are finally given a glimpse of hope…

Hope is like a ray of sunlight, peering through the storm clouds. All you need is to feel that single glimmer of warmth brushing up against your heart to know that everything will be alright.

When Minato arrived, it felt like a sense of relief had suddenly washed over you. You could almost feel the tension begin to slowly melt away, only to be replaced with a sense of curiosity one could expect from such an estranged meeting.

The look in Naruto’s wide eyes as he regards the figure that has just stopped him from harming himself in more was than he can imagine, was almost heartbreakingly frail and although it feels like he has been saved, you still can’t help but feel that he is still hurting and confused.

I am not sure who actually made it this far in the episode, but I think this was the one redeeming moment for those who felt the episode was otherwise under par. The episode definitely ended on a high note and left me with a kaleidoscope of emotions running through my body and it almost felt like my heart was aching with a sense of anxiety and excitement all rolled up together. (Yes, I am just weird like that. <_<)

I can’t wait until next week to see how the anime addresses that all important meeting between father and son. Hopefully, it won’t feel as rushed as it did in the manga.

It's alright to be weak and it is alright to fall sometimes. All we need is a helping hand to lift us to our feet again. Then, one day, when we are stronger, we can offer than hand to someone else to give them the same strength we needed to smile again.

Well that’s it for this episode. I hope you all (or at least, a few of you) enjoyed it and the breakdown. It started off light-hearted but once again it ended up sinking to the deep end of the emotional spectrum. Funny how I always manage to slip like that. Maybe I am becoming emo. T__T

Well, either way, here are last weeks caption contest winners.

4th) CaptainPickles: Bullies: “Haha! His Slakoth has malaria!”

3rd) Prawlkage: And now to defeat you with “Cheap-Cartoon-Network-animation-no-jutsu”

2nd) Kiridorean: This is what happens after “A thousand years of pain”

Kantonkage: Super Ghost Kamikaze Att.. Failure

I must admit, there were fewer entries for this screen than I had hoped for although the ones that were there were great. Maybe people just forgot about the caption contest after the new episode came out. Then again, I doubt anyone could see past their own blood haze at that point, and the extent of any humor offered might have involved impaling me on a pike, so maybe its a good thing. T__T

But seriously, if the caption contests are not something that many people are interested in, then I will remove them from the breakdown and save myself a lot of time. Let’s take a vote and see if people still want it up or not.

Here is this weeks screen in the meantime. Whether there is a screen next week though, is up to all of you.

*Insert caption here.*

Let’s see how we do with this one.

Last, but not least, here’s the preview for the next episode. See you all next time!

Cheers. ^ ^

~ by Tenrai Senshi on July 5, 2010.

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  2. NINDAIME *sobs* kishi doesn’t care about me T.T

  3. XD and now to comment.

    Epic Naruto breakdown Tenrai and happy 4th to all. I must say, the animation was a bit funny looking this week for me, however it was still a great ep. We just have to look at things in a more positive light.

    I have actually seen alot of references to Tenrai’s “Broken Soul” story. It was pretty good.

  4. cool breakdown tenrai!
    i didnt like these cartoonish animations, but the Chibaku Tensei and the ending scenes were epic!

  5. Third!!! I got to say it was a good episode, even though the animation did seem to lack sometimes, and I can’t wait to see how they capture the emotion of the meeting between Naruto and his father (it reminds me so much of Star Wars: Naruto…I am your father :)). Good breakdown Tenrai and I agree, people usually overlook the fact that Naruto is still just a kid.

  6. Dang, actually fourth.

  7. Great breakdown Tenrai. ^_^

    The episode would have been cool if the animation was better and if there was a bit less filler.
    Some things were ridiculous, like whac-a-pein, Naruto in fox form moving with the water like he was part of it, pein’s emotional outbursts like when he yells before using a jutsu.


  9. goddammit! Im Rokudaime!

    *Gets out of Ten through the basement*

    Caption: Naruto: “I feel so empty inside >_>”

    “He is just a kid.

    I think sometimes we all forget that when we see what Naruto can actually do and how much strength he has. We all forget that he is still only sixteen years old…..” You Ichigo bashers need to read this XD! The guy’s only 15 lol

    Your Breakdown was better than the episode lol! But the battle got me in when I finally decided to watch the entire thing….until Pain released Chibaku from behind a log, that killed it for me. Yep being stuck in a hole is a real PAIN in the neck ;);) *nudge nudge wink wink*. What? Someone already used that joke? *dies of unoriginality* X_X

  10. CAPTION: Tattoos. Young people these days are really exaggerating.

    OR exactly the same, but without the young.

    CAPTION: I spy with my little eye…

    You can leave it like that or you can add:

    an emo boy.

  11. well if i’d posted immediately i’d be first but i was reading this breakdown first 😛

  12. @ Salamiyo: T__T

  13. Awesome breakdown Tenrai! The music fit in real nicely. As for the caption contest, meh, I feel it takes away from the discussion. I hope that doesn’t stop others from posting their captions though because I like reading them at least.

    @Episode: I really couldn’t take it seriously. Most of it was nothing but a joke for me and it was extremely funny at best. In fact, this was the funniest episode of Naruto I’ve ever seen! Honestly, I’ve never laughed so hard at a Naruto episode before so in the end I really enjoyed it. It never hurts to laugh right? o_o It was action packed but the action only made me laugh harder… I don’t think that was the animators’ intention but wholly everything was made to a ridiculous level. xD

    The last minutes with the Chibaku Tensei and Minato showing up redeemed the episode to a more serious tone…almost. I understand why Naruto gave into the dark powers of the Kyubi despite the consequences his actions might entail. He’s just a kid, like all his other peers. I hope everyone understands this. ^_^ Overall, the funniest episode of Naruto for me by far. 😉

  14. Belated Happy 4th! And excellent breakdown Tenrai!

    Having just watched the episode, I note a few important items…

    1) The animation style, like the previous episode, was very…off. I would have preferred greater animation details in the battle, with little of the cartoony exaggerations.

    2) As shown by the cold opening (I think that’s the correct term) – this episode was THAT important. Or, at least they needed the time to cram in the battle story the writers wanted to tell.

    3) I have to hand it to the writers for both last episode and this episode. Compared to the manga, where you’re expected to remember all the little scenes leading up to the big reveals – the writers give us a treat in setting up the important action. From Hinata’s memories with love, to the entire 6-Tail battle BEFORE the necklace is crushed, you’ve got to admit that the anime improves on the stuff glossed over by the manga.

    4) Yup – gotta hand it to the soundtrack. You can feel Yamato’s dread and helplessness as he is handily *cough* informed of each transformation. And, Naruto’s helplessness at the entire situation. Sucks to be a teenager nowadays, doesn’t it?

    5) The last few minutes of the episode, for me, is satisfaction guaranteed.

    At the end of the episode, all I could think was “‘Nuff Said.”

  15. Caption: It’s difficult when you feel so empty…
    Caption: Naruto:Hole-y shit!

  16. @ Kisuzachi,
    Naruto is 16…

    About the Episode:
    It was ‘strangely’ animated but hey, at least it’s not filler. I do hope they revert back to the better animation with the next episode (preview does give some hope in that department) because this was ridiculous.

    So that’s how Tobi was able to pass right through him!
    Too much ramen will make your stomach churn, literally!

  17. Caption: Naruto’s an Arrancar.

  18. i actually disagree with the comment above

    not only was the animation ridiculous but the “so-called” extra the anime gave us SUCKED . i mean i remember reading the manga and their pein was something as was the nine tails even the six tails i remmber the scene where he said he withstood by shinra tensai his expressions and the place he was were totally diffrent in the anime he had a strange (to be lenient) expression and was covered in water and the shinra tensai didnt “throw” away all the water it just made the area around him empty of water , and it remained that way for a good amount of time … i wonder how … id say the anime guys really (forgive the language) Fuc%^& this up both the animation wise and the story wise

    the only + in the episode was the last minute or so with minato appearing (and the animation seemed to have returned to normal)

    great breakdown tenrai even though the episode down right sucked

  19. forgot another thing was that how and where pein released chibaku tensai the way he released it in the manga look simply amazing and the tech looked like it should have where as the anime guys have him hidding behind a tree eff that .

    there is also a perticular scene (which i rewinded and watched about 6 times) in which pein flies like super man , arms streched and flying in the air for a good amount of time

    sorry for the rant but i cant help it when they will make the episodes which are supposed to be amazing this suckiesh

    this should have had been if not greater than equal to the quality of the itachi v.s sasugay fight unfortunately it isnt even neaer it

  20. good work as always 10 10. What an awesome breakdown and ep cant wait for next week. Such a Minato Fan girl I R!

  21. @redbaron, I meant ICHIGO is 16 lol

  22. I don’t understand why the funny captions took places. There were some deep, nice ones there that were really deep.

    BTW, I didn’t watch this episode, but just the screens made Pain lose some cool points XD

    Caption: Bob: That’s the hole to China? Pfft…

  23. 1010 all this time i never knew you were a Pein Fanantic.. i just thought you liked the jutsu name..

    also you have a 2nd floor balcony?? how awesome is that!?!

    on the animation.. its not that i dislike it. it is that since its never [this style] for any anime had ever been received as something that is liked.. well i just see it not as “cartoony” i see it as a step back in story telling..

    the fast paced visual i am all for it, the extreme facial close-ups and the distortion for visual effects again im all for it.. the lack of colour and the lack of visual depth in the previous 7 episodes to me felt like it was the same animators/ story board artists as the filler episodes..

    the lack luster visual in those episodes were all just to me, colourized moving images of the manga, a rather boring storytelling..

    this last episode, however walked far away from these episodes and expanded the story, with stronger visualizations and opened the 18 pages of manga so much futher.

    i wonder if Kishi illustrates his manga on purpose to not show a complete story in those 18 pages as he knows it will be shown in the anime..

    i feel as of late the last 50+ chapters have been action packed but lacking in good story telling, meaning some panels were just impossible to read or figure out what exactly is happening..

    but i know this will all be touched upon in the anime as this past episode just had done. it very much reminded me of the kind of expansion story telling that was used in the movie Blade Runner. the scene where Deckard [harrison ford] is using this tech to look at a photograph, in the scene they can manipulate the photo so that they can see parts of a room that isn’t in the line of sight but is in the actual room..

    i feel that this was greatly used in this episode as it expanded the power sets of the 9tails and Pein a lot more than anything i really myself imagined.. i found this very exciting as this is why i love this story, it actually has a lot of things that blow my mind.. and really as a creative artist, there isn’t that much that does blow my mind..


    thankfully today is still a holiday as thursday is now only 2 days away.. which really means like 1.5 days to wait when usually i am all fidgety all weekend waiting for my naruto fix..


  24. also in terms of anime for naruto the best of the best for me has been the Jiraiya vs Pein fight.. it was over 2 episodes and the quality reminded me of the level of detail and colour that is seen in the movies..

    also i wanted to state that in light of the questionable visual anime style the action for me, by the end had me all tearing up.. i was almost shaking from holding my breath as naruto was walking to rip off the seal..

    moments like this is when i truly love that i love anime/ manga/ comics as all the other people i know [my age] do not truly live in this world.. and they are all missing some great art and story..


  25. I thought the episode was only ok. Like Spill said, it showed a good range of the Kyuubi’s attacks and what powers it possesses.

    But that also made me a little mad when now thinking of some of the latest chapters….
    Where were all those attacks when the Kyuubi faught Naruto? All it did was swing its arms and tails and shoot one of those massive condensed chakra beams.

    Anyway, I can’t wait until the next episode. MINATOOOOOOo!!!!! @_____@

  26. I don’t understand why it seems all Pein vs Naruto episodes have this bad connotation of animation or lack of added content when needed or the inclusion of filler content when not wanted, I understand though that as a Pein fan I expect a lot to come from these episodes well enough to blow my mind up but u should all know by now the animators are too busy making Sasuke look good to worry bout any other epic battles 😛

    Nice Breakdown Tenrai, the end yes it is true Naruto is actually only 16-17 O_O its also true that so is Sasuke, so maybe it is more understandable how easily it seems he is being manipulated by Madara… I think the fact that Naruto has so much pressure on his shoulders is what makes him the great character, in the end he chooses to lift up others while putting himself second, even his dreams he will put on hold to uphold a promise he made. and in the end like most youngish people these day u have so much pressure eventually u think u have no where else to turn and that is when u make the wrong choices…

    Caption: Kyuubi doing maths… Divide by Zero (pure evil)

    Caption: A soul lost and only feeling emptiness alone, when you look again all you see and all you feel is hollow

    Its funny how in the preview for next week it shows the 4th Asking Naruto how old he is… but also seeing it now as the beginning of the end for Pein and Naguto unfortunately

  27. Bubblition contest caption:
    No, THIS is what happens after “A Thousand Years Of Pain”.


  28. I don’t know what was wrong with the anime at all… the only problem I had but not really a problem because it wasn’t that bad but when Pein was about to punch the ground and they showed that scene straight cartoonish… but other than that the episode was spectacular i really enjoyed that episode for the fight, we got to see the 6 tails fight longer than just a simple exchange of a shinrai tensei and thats it… This episode did the anime justice by prolonging the screentime of the 6 tail form of Naruto Kyuubi. This has to be one of the best fights I have seen becuase you have to remember they have supernatural power so of course it isn’t going to be a regular fight. YOU CANT compare this fight with Itachi vs Sasuke because this was a whole nother level. a Beast vs a Deity so they aren’t going to clash with fist and kunai and shuriken and shit like Itachi vs Sasuke, that’s ridiculous and Naruto was in full rage so the action was fast. Just letting you all know about why the animators did what they did. You can’t just look at it from the surface you gotta think about who are the people fighting… This episode was to EPIC. FTW

  29. Caption:

    Tonight on the crime channel. The dirty world of drug smuggling extremes finally comes to light.

  30. @spill7

    It’s always good to look at things from a deeper perspective. Even something that appears bad at first can be seen in a completely different light if you just change your mindset, I suppose.

    For me, the real heart of Naruto is in the story and I just felt that this episode really brought the emotional value of the story out through an expressive medium, in the music and in many ways, the animation as well. So yeah, it may not be the type of animation everyone likes, but one cannot deny that it was more expressive than a static coloured frame being recycled over and over.

    Even then, the music is what really drives the emotion for me and I think Shippuuden’s soundtrack is definitely top quality. Those last scenes leading up to the end are what made the episode special for me.

    I don’t think I will ever stop loving anime and manga. ^ ^

  31. @tenrai: the music was great and the ideas too. it’s just that some parts were too WTF.

  32. like the concept of the battle, found the animation annoying. And for people who don’t get the reference to the root’s at the beginning, the first hokage allegedly built the entire foundation of konoha with his wood release. So with the fox lifitng everything up it shows that the nine-tails destroys everything the first and the will of fire stand for, aka the desire to protect vs the desire to destroy.

    once it got to the chibaku tensei, i thought everything was great, especially the way naruto’s subconscious was portrayed.

  33. @Alec: …Wow. I hadn’t thought about that hidden meaning.
    +10 awesomeness points for you!
    That is if I actually CAN give them or if only Tenrai, Super, Mandi, Pickles can… @_@

  34. @Dragon, you need a license to distribute Awesome Points. Illegal distribution may result in at least 10 years imprisonment while being forced to watch the same episode of Hello Kitty…over…and over…and over again. It is cruel and unusual punishment, but it is needed to steer those who unlawfully distribute these Points in the right direction.

    This was a paid public announcement from I.N.O. because we suck that much.

  35. @ Kisuzachi,

    Ooh, O.K. Sorry. I don’t watch Pokémon so I didn’t know what you were on about.

  36. Awesome Breakdown.

    Caption: This is what a female pornstar looks like at retirement…

  37. “I don’t watch Pokémon so I didn’t know what you were on about”
    Hahaha! I guess its true, Bleach really is dead lmao!

  38. Serious can anyone get me the number for Akatsuki pedicurist the colour on peins toes nails is just devine!

  39. *closes Kisuzachi in a room full of TVs that play Hello Kitty episodes*
    Let’s see what happens to you if you stay there ten minutes. Muahahaha! XD

    *goes to get a license from Tenrai*

  40. @ Dragonfly,


    They also have some awesome necklaces and designer contact lenses;

    They say the Uchiha and Hyuuga clan went there too.

  41. Okay. Everything I’ve wanted to say is up here, so, there’s no point going into detail. I guess I’ll make a crappy caption (All in all, I do love the caption contests. Not saying anything bad about them) that’ll never make it into the top three.

    Caption: Naruto: This is how I check if I’m hungry! 😀

  42. Sasuke’s Uchiha pride kind of makes me think of a German, you know? Maybe I’m just crazy though.

  43. @Dragon, Zehahahaha! I’ve already lost my sanity from all the times I’ve been locked up! *takes out popcorn and watches Hello Kitty* I love that cat(?)..girl(?)…thingy 😀

  44. @holydemonandy

    Think of a German? O_o

    In what respect would you link the two to one another?

  45. Caption:

    If you think this looks bad, wait until you see the back. X__x

  46. Well, I was also thinking recently about how it’s possible that Madara might be trying to revive the Uchihas but with his own teachings, by having all those extra eyes or something perhaps. It kind of makes me think of nazi-ish seeing as he potentially wants to bring back (unless his hatred wants to kill everyone) the Uchihas.

    And I heard that Germans used to be pretty prideful, which is what acted as a catalyst for the Nazi regime.

    And I just realized that the Sharingan, in certain shapes and forms, does remotely remind me of a Swastika (the one that is reversed, so as to mean war rather than peace).

    Come to think of it, the symbol that was on Neji’s forehead, was that a proper (peace) Swastika or was that a negative (war) Swastika? Maybe it’s the Hyuugas who are more like the Germans…? But not like the Nazi regime.

    Wow. Godwin’s law apparently just broke out. :l LET’S GET IT OVER WITH NOW, MADARA IS TOTALLY HITLER AND HIS PLANS SUCK.

    I don’t have anything against Germans though. Some Germans are quite cool. It’s not about nationality, it’s about individual character. There’s this cool Let’s Play-er that I’ve been watching on Youtube who speaks in German. He did blind runs of Parasite Eve, which I think is quite cool. 🙂

  47. Caption:

    *Reads the part that says “insert caption here”

    Holds a caption up against the screen*

    What the hell, the caption won’t go in!!! Is there a button a need to press or something?!

    Or, if you want to use the caption;

    First ever recording of the effects of a roundhouse kick to the stomach from Chuck Norris… OUCH!!!

  48. I think I’ve found the problem with Naruto Shippuden. The music is TOO good. They spend so much time making the music good that they completely forget about the art and animation. Bleach’s soundtrack is completely mediocre until someone uses bankai or resurreccion, but the animation and art are always excellent. I don’t know about you guys, but I watch the anime to see the manga panels come to life, to move, not because I want to hear great music….that’s what illegal downloads are for >_>

  49. @holeydemonandy, the Hyuga’s symbol was actually a Buddhist Symbol, but was changed in the anime BECAUSE it looked like a swastika

  50. Just to let everyone know, there won’t be any anime release this week. So we will have to wait until next week before we can rant or praise.

    In the meantime, let’s talk about the weather. <_<


  51. It’s quite nice here in Michigan (U.S.A.). 😀

  52. Ah, ‘kay, thanks Kisu.

    Also, you can’t really listen to great anime music that fit the story well unless you’re looking for media entertainment. You’re supposed to put work into both areas. And I think Naruto actually has some pretty good art.

    Sometimes it even makes me go, ‘wat.’

  53. “In the meantime, let’s talk about the weather.”

    It’s hot, damn hot. And seeing as how tomorrow is the big day for ‘our boys’ it will only get hotter. Especially if they win, this little country will go apeshit.

    At the moment it’s 30 degrees Celsius but it feels like 35 thanks to the southern wind. Fortunately they predict it will be 24.6 degrees Celsius tonight at 23:00 and 21.8 at 02:00 tomorrow morning… >__>

    I’m already looking forward to not being able to sleep like last night.

  54. LOL 30 degrees is damn hot ? XD my city’s having the worst summer with tempreture’s touching records … around 50 degrees X_X

  55. Well, that make 25 degrees seem nice.

  56. very nice!!

  57. @ Ahsan,

    Normal average temperature here is 18 degrees Celsius. That’s an average over July taking into account the night temperatures. This night temperatures won’t drop below 20 degrees so the average will probably be around 25 or higher.
    So yeah that is hot for a country like ours. I’m not comparing the situation here to yours in the desert. You’re used to it, we’re not.
    Besides in a desert temperatures drop drastically during the night. Here the temperatures drop to a degree that would be considered warm during the day.

  58. lol true that …. i might not be able to survive in extreme negatives too XD

    anyway lol im not living in a desert though , pakistan’s whole economy is based on agriculture and its byproducts lol i cant imagine that being done in a desert XD anyways what i meant was that the summer this time around has been record breaking i dont walk out excpecting a 50 degrees its just once in a time thing @_@ (got an a in geography xD )

  59. Wow…there’s really a discussion about weather going on in here…nice. Over here, it’s hot as hell.

  60. @ Super,

    Take your Sasuke poster’s down and put your clothes back on. That will probably help. >__>

    @ Ahsan,

    Oh Pakistan, well that’s close to the desert. And I’m probably right about the night temperatures dropping severally, aren’t I?

  61. Does anybody know why there is no new naruto ep?
    and why are we now talking about germans are like uchihas and abou weather in pakistan?*confused*
    PS:im german who is having vacation in amerika.^^
    *is going offtopic*

    My bellybutton can see in to your SOUL!!!

  62. @1redbaron1: I refuse!

    @Iaregerman: You’re German!? O_O

  63. Ok anime guys, you’ve had 2 weeks to make a decent episode. Use it wisely you jerkwods.

  64. Caption: That Emo-chidori wound never did heal properly.

  65. The new anime is out!!!!

    This should keep all of you suffering from withdrawal symptoms due to a lack of manga satisfied for at least a little while. ^ ^

  66. WHY CANT ALL THE ANIME EPISODES BE LIKE 168!? The animation and art was good! I feel like the two week wait was worth it 😀

  67. Wow…. this place died….

    I thought there would be more comments after the release of a new episode, but I guess everyone has nothing to say. O_o

    Well guys, it’s the last run to get as many caption entries in as you can before the breakdown is out. <_<

  68. Caption:

    Oh this? It’s just a part of a new weight loss program I am on, nothing to worry about.

    Caption 2:


    Caption 3:

    Hey guys, look at my new 1-pack!!! I have been working out for months just to get it looking like this! ^ ^

  69. hey everybody! i’ve been away on vacation for the past week and will be leaving tomorrow, but i wanted to give my two cents on this episode. it was AWESOME. my theory is that 167 sucked so much because they wanted to save up money to make 168 this great!!!!! if only every single episode could have the same animation/quality as this one.

    anyway, i have a question:
    1)how and when did naruto hide his clones in the rubble? he says that in sennin mode he could only leave 2 clones to gather sage chakra and the whole time he made only 2 others to fight. making clones equally divides your chakra so he couldn’t have made hundreds of clones while in sage mode.

  70. oh, i just wanted to add that pain acted like a dumbass. first of all he randomly charged naruto in SAGE MODE after taking out his rod, purposely giving naruto a change to kick his ass and trace nagato’s whereabouts. second of all he just stood still while the clones threw naruto and while the first rasenshuriken was coming at him….

  71. After watching 168 and 169, a few questions come to mind. If Pains just a corpse, why in hell was Deva Path looking so tired and even panting? And if the Rods control them, then theoretically, no amount of damage should keep a body from getting up, as long as the rods are in there. So that final Rasengan shouldnt have beaten him, he was only beaten after the rods got pulled out. And if Pain has the Rinnegan, how in hell didnt he see the chakra coming from the rocks as opposed to the real normal rocks? So many questions, so little answer.

    @truepain, Naruto only has the two clone limit when he has clone at Myobokuzan. In this instance he transformed to Sage Mode the old fashioned way, and wasnt even IN Sage Mode for that matter lol

  72. @kisu Well if you break the puppet then you cant use it anymore. This is what happened to all the other bodies. I guess Nagato just ran out of chakra to control the puppet this time.

  73. @caption: Well, I know he has a hole for a stomach but this is ridiculous.

  74. @FUUTON, lol tht didnt help 😛 Even broken puppets can still be controlled, and we know Nagato still has at least enough chakra to revive everyone he killed.

  75. Caption: This is what happens when you don’t feed the Kyuubi regulary.

  76. they said that episode 168 was leaked.

  77. @ Kisu,

    Pain couldn’t see through the awesomeness Naruto radiated. 😉

    Or Kishi fucked up and forgot Pain could see chakra and Nagato could control the dead. I remember the Naraka path survived Konohamaru’s rasengan.
    But maybe Yahiko had been damaged to an extent that even Nagato couldn’t use his body anymore. He did get kicked around a lot before he finally ‘died’.

  78. um guys why do u keep saying that 168 and 169 came out… 169 didnt come out… it was the second part of 168….the opening song just came late

  79. @kisu lol yea it was a shot in the dark

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