Bleach 410! Zanpkuto’s Cant Swim

Howdy ya’ll city slickers. I reckon we get this breakdown thingamagic started – *turns off Hillbilly mode*- as I was saying ladies and gentlemen, let us proceed to this week’s Bleach Breakdown. Before I get to the actual Breakdown though, I’ll explain some key Bleach terms to you readers:

1. Kensei’d (ken-say-ed)

noun- whenever a seemingly powerful character is beaten off screen (or off panel as the case may be): Urahara, Isshin and Yoruichi got Kensei’d by Aizen

origin- Kensei Mugurama released Bankai and was then defeated by Wonderweiss off panel.

2. Aizen’d (i-zen-ed)

verb- the action of completely and spectacularly pwning someone beyond reason: Aizen just aizen’d the Gotei 13.

origin- every single battle Aizen has been in

3. Kubo’d (Koo-bow-ed)

noun- whenever weird sh*t happens or trolling (can be used interchangeably with other Bleach terms):

origin- every chapter after the Soul Society Arc.

Well this 20-page chapter can be summed up by saying “Ichigo’s butt Aizen’d his pants while Kubo Kubo’d us….AGAIN”. However I’ll try to squeeze out a bit more details out of it.

He's hot, he uses Getsugas and now we know he's fairly good at children's card games too. What CANT you do Zangetsu?

So the chapter starts off with someone owning Ichigo again (like we’ve NEVER seen that before -_-‘). So Ichigo asks Tensa Zangetsu what he meant last chapter. He basically replies he wants to protect Ichigo from himself. Ichigo’s own turmoil caused his Inner World to do an Atlantis and sink. Tensa Zangetsu shows him that his own despair caused all of this. In the past Zangetsu said he’d lend Ichigo power to stop the constant raining, but with the introduction of Hollow powers (and Bankai becoming useless) Ichigo’s rain had stopped, but the stress brought on by those powers sunk the city. Skyscrapers that once grasped the heavens and represented growth had been replaced with Ichigo’s town, perhaps stemming from his want/need to protect it. In essence, Ichigo trying to protect his town has made his Inner World sink because he uses the Hollow Powers to help him do so.

I guarantee you that if you become a slob and gain some weight, NO ONE would want to touch your chest 😉

So Zangetsu says he’ll rid Ichigo of the thing causing his pain. He pulls out Hoollow Ichigo in the Uber Hollow form that annihilated Ulquiorra. Here’s the fun part. If Ichigo couldnt even scratch Ulquiorra (or for that matter, hit him), how can he even hope to beat Hollow Ichigo in this form?

Didnt anyone else see the resemblance? Or am I just twisted like that? >_>

Wow, Keigo was actually wrong.....what a surprise lol

So this is the part of the chapter that really peeved me. The scne goes to Keigo and Tatsuki! Weren’t they with Aizen last week? Gah! Kubo just wasted half of the chapter re-telling what he told in like only 1 chapter. Anyway, Keigo and Tatsuki are having a conversation about Mizuiro Kojima. This guy has always been kinda strange. For one, he didn’t show up in the anime filler “Karakura Rizer”, while all of Ichigo’s other acquaintances did and he DOESNT find Keigo hilarious (now that’s just inhuman).

Dont look Aizen-sama, she's a minor! Not even YOU can escape the long arm of the law T^T

So they are caught in Aizen-sama’s Reiatsu, but due to constantly being around IChigo’s leaking Reiatsu, they aren’t completely crushed. Aizen then reveals he planned Ichigo and Isshin’s little training session and says that killing Tatsuki and Keigo will awaken Ichigo’s potential. Tatsuki however, tells Keigo to run- which he promptly does (YOU’RE STILL AWESOME KEIGO!). But then when all hope looks lost, someone shows up.

As I see it, this is one of 3 people. It can be Tessai, Ryuken or Mizuiro. Mizuiro because he is such a mystery and a lot of panels were devoted to him here, and according to Kubo’s character book, he is also a “????”. Ryuken can be there because he is a human and is the strongest Quincy alive, but I doubt it since the shoe is a dark color rather than the Quincies’ usual white or gray. Then it could be Tessai since he’s the only one in the Urahara Shop that DIDNT show up at the battlefield. You guys decide.


~ by kisuzachi on July 1, 2010.

37 Responses to “Bleach 410! Zanpkuto’s Cant Swim”

  1. FIIRRRSSSSSSSSST!!!! Short, sweet, and fast (that’s what she said) breakdown! Great job Kisu! xD

    Alright chapter, I liked the first half a lot more than the second half and the second half is usually when any manga picks up to leave us off with a cliffhanger. What’s happening right now with Ichigo’s friends I find so irrelevant and uninteresting I find that I hardly remember their names. The cliffhanger was pretty cool though. I hope it’s Mr. Ishada (Ryuken).


  2. Second!!! And….. I dont read or watch bleach. O_O’

    *Wonders what she’s doing here* *looks around ~_~*

    O_O *poof*

  3. O_O I totally forgot there was this post!

    I saw it, but had to leave and then I forgot…

    Third is the best! *transmutes bronze medal into platinum*

    *nice guy pose*

    Btw, Aizen is acting like majin buu. “Hey I’ll help you get stronger and wait so then I can absorb/devour you… And you won’t figure it out until it’s too late! Muahaha!”
    Too bad it’ll backfire this time because Ichigo’s the main character while Gotenks and Gohan aren’t… -_-

  4. Wait a second kisu…

    How did you get this breakdown out so fast?!? I saw your breakdown before I read the chapter!!! @_@
    You must be in that wierd place where Ichigo is… O.O

  5. Hey kisu you forgot Grimmjow’d or Nel’d where you are defeated but your still alive and then forgotten

  6. nice breakdown… I liked this Chapter, well I liked the Hollow Ichigo coming out the rest was meh, I wonder how is it that Hollow Ichigo kicks ass in the real world yet Ichigo can barely beat him… and yes as I said Aizen planned Ichigo’s planning if Aizen ever dies he did it to himself O_O

  7. Lolz, Kisu does his breakdowns in a Precipice World. I want in! T_T I’m going for Kubo releasing plotkai on us again for Ichigo to beat his hollow inside. Maybe Tengetsu will team up with Ichigo to take the hollow down which would actually make more sense.

  8. Lol! I knew Kubo had the Sharingan! Only Amaterasu can burn down a manga so badly.

    Emm, I can’t be the only one who doesn’t know all those names that those two high schoolers named, right? >_> I mean, all I kept reading was Missouri. You know, like the state. >_>

    I don’t know who the guys in the last poll are, but I voted for the second one anyway, since his name sounds so cool. Ryuken!! Sounds like Ryu doing a Shoryuken. Or some nasty fangirl fantasy…RyuKen…eww…>_>

    Ahem! There’s nothing funny about making fun of Bleach…X__X

  9. lol me too i dont remmeber any of those names pickles god knows who they are just wasting precious manga space >_>

  10. This is where bleach should have gone in my opinion

    In the period of what is it now 2-3 years he bleach story has moved from the fake town to the real town. At this rate we might finish this arc before kubo calls it quits or dies of old age. If i had a say in what hapens next in bleach this is how it would go.
    1. ichigo fails to beat hollow. What ishian didnt know was that ichigo actually died in that fight against uliquee or what ever the 4th espadas name was.
    2. ichigo escapes in to hueco mundo (or what ever it is called) he becomes a new vastro lord.
    3. Since ichigo is gone issian decides to go fight aizen himself but when he gets there the town is already in ruins. Only the important people survive because ryuken and tessai protect them.
    4. Issian becomes the new captain commander to replace the old guy. but since no one knows who he is a civil war takes place.
    5. A funeral is held for half the captains because they died in the fight. Death would actually mean something in the manga again.
    6. There would be a time skip of 2 years. time skip would start near the end of the civil war.
    7. new captains would include renji, Hisagi, Ikkaku Madarame.
    8. The civil war will end and the arc to find ichigo will begin.
    9. an elite group of shinigami will be assigned to find ichigo. the group contains renji, zaraki, and urahara. Renji and zaraki for their strength. Urahara for his brain.
    10. it will be discovered that the espada were a mistake and that the vastro lordes were stronger originally.
    11. The captains will find ichigo to find that he really has lost all control and that he has become the horse.
    12. All three captains will attempt to defeat him.
    13. Renji will come back to soul society carrying urahara. when asked where zaraki and ichigo is he will tell them that zaraki is dead. He will say that zaraki told him to run and that he would hold him off.

    I haven’t gotten any farther than that so what o you think.

  11. ikkaku can’t be captain, he kinda swore loyalty to kenpachi

  12. Shadowaid, on second thought, I’m glad Tite took the manga this direction lol. Yours just sounds like one of those cheesy fanfics NO OFFENSE lol!

  13. i think this would happen [knowing kubo]

    ichigo will beat hollow ichigo [plot kai]
    ichigo will beat aizen [plot kai]
    ichigo will become god [plot kai ]


  14. “ichigo will beat hollow ichigo [plot kai]
    ichigo will beat aizen [plot kai]
    ichigo will become god [plot kai ]”
    Kubo will make money DUE to plot kai 😀

  15. i think this is more likely to happen

    same as what both of you said, but before doing that, he will learn to control his second hollow state and then develop a new level of release greater than the bankai that no one had ever heard of, a “san”kai. which will make him the captain commander and as ahsan said, a god…

  16. @Shadowind: I like Ichigo becoming a Vasto Lorde but not becoming an antagonist killing off his friends. You’re right though, good guys need to start dying in Bleach. One Piece did it, any manga can do it. ~_~

    Ichigo actually needs to go to hell…really.

    I want to see what’s down there. Maybe stronger enemies and a whole new interesting storyline. Either that or I want to see what’s in the King’s Palace and the 0 Guard.

  17. You guys want Ichi to become a Vasto?” You DO realize he’d have to eat tens of thousands of hollows right? Think of all the calories X_X

  18. @ kisuzachi
    you do realize that his inner hollow is already strong enough to be a vasto lord. He beat the 4th espada with out any trouble.

    “Shadowaid, on second thought, I’m glad Tite took the manga this direction lol. Yours just sounds like one of those cheesy fanfics NO OFFENSE lol!”
    I wasnt posting where i think the manga should go. I was just throwing out some ideas for where the story should go. i like every one else is getting sick of this horrible arc. This is how kubo will most likly end the arc this way in my opinion.
    1. Aizen will almost kill who ever he fights. Every one knows that no one dies anymore in bleach anymore. Even if their r neck is snapped and they have a giant hole in their chest. And a sweet character says to the person who has the best chance of bringing him back that it is hopeless.
    2. Ichigo and issian will arrive to fight aizen
    3. Ichigo is useless again even with his new found power what ever it is.
    4. Aizen will go for the kill, and Issian will take the hit and almost die (ichigo will think that he died though)
    5. Ichigo goes full hollow. and fights aizen
    6. Ichigo wins and Aizen barely manages to escape with his life.

  19. @Shadow, but the 4th Espada was only an Adjuchas, and as we know, there are Adjuchas that are weaker than others. But the thing is, Ichgio’s Hollow hasnt eaten ANY hollows yet, so even if he get VL level power, he still isnt a VL, just a really strong NORMAL Hollow

  20. @kizu Where did it say that because only Grimmjow the guy that Kubo forgot a very long time ago and Aaroniero was the only Espada revealed there Hollow form with the former (the guy who was completely forgotten) was an adjuchas and the latter being the only Gillian. (did mention Grimmjow still hasn’t made an appearance for about 3 years. WHY KUBO DO YOU HAVE TO SCREW OVER MY FAVORITE ESPADA?!?! Halibel the only Espada with morals that BASTARD gave her a magic swipe of doom for no reason. Then there Grimmjow who was practically forgotten)

  21. @Kanton, when an Arrancar releases, and maintains a human form in that release form (becuz a Release gives an Arrancar the form it had as a Hollow, and if a Hollow is human in form, then its a Vasto Lorde), then that Arrancar is a Vasto Lorde. Ulquiorra did not have a human form, he had wings (which are 2 more limbs than Humans have). Then his Segunda Etapa ave him ANOTHER limb, a tail. The top three Espada however have the most human-like forms, with Baraggan possibly being the MOST human thus far.

    Wow that was long-winded lol

  22. i think zangetsu looks intentionally like ulquiorra

  23. @kisu I think you have it backward because then human appearance depends on when Hollow becomes an Arrancar. When the Vasto Lorde silhouette appeared look very similar to Ulquiorra only without the wings. It was said that Vasto Lorde was similar size as a human that’s all.

  24. @Kanton, the fact that they are guaranteed a human appearance as an Arrancar means that they’re hollow form was human. Just look at those weak guards at Hueco Mundo, they’re hollow forms weren’t humanoid (becuz they were so weak) so their Arrancar forms are creepy. Even the 9th Espada doesnt have a human form in Arrancar mode becuz he was a Gillian. Its just deductive reasoning 😛

  25. Btw, im glad we’re debating about Bleach, it shows the manga still has some life in it 😀

  26. @Kisu & Kanton

    some thoughts of my own:

    first, the level of a hollow (gillian VL etc) basically represents how strong the hollow is. Now, if a hollow eats other hollows, he beomes more powerfull, and i think that’s the reason they evolve.

    Now, i do think ichigos inner hollow is VL level, think about it, we can pretty much grant VL level to the first 3 espadas, now, it seems ulquiorra’s 2nd resurreccion made him way more powerful than the first, soo… he could have easily achieved VL power levels, even if he wasn’t, and ichis hollow kicked the crap out of it without any problem, soo… VL level for ichis hollow.. yay!

    and even though right it seems he’s going to try and take over the hollow, i don’t think that’s the case.

    1st. how is it that every other cptlvl dude with a bankai can match a 3and under espada, and ichigo needs that bankai to even stand a chance against the 6th ????

    I think that’s because his zanpaktou doesn’t like the idea of being with a hollow, so he’s not getting zangetsu’s power. Remember how many people debate that when he first learned bankai he was equally as strong if not stronger than now? Well that may be true, cuz in the moment, he had a real strong connection with zangetsu and over that came the hollowification, see?

    Also, remember how when trying to control his hollow, ichigo didn’t found zangetsu in his inner world? as if the zanpaktous power had been taken away because of the hollow?

    So that makes me think, the battle they are having right now, is meant to give ichigo the true power of zangetsu, that full power of his bankai along with the final getsuga tenshou, by supresing the hollow inside and making ichigos connection to his zanpaktou “full” once again

  27. BTW srry for the bad grammar and/or spelling, im not that good with english ^-^

  28. [SPOILER]Credits: muguruma@2ch
    Verification: Confirmed
    Translation: Sheetz_BA

    白苺をみて、消えたはずじゃと苺。本当に俺を支配したければ、次に会うまでしなねえよう気をつ けろっていっ ただろと白苺。
    妙な仮面つけやがってという苺に残月がこの姿を自分でみるのは初めてだったなと、その姿でウル キオラを倒し たのだと教える。
    それに驚く苺にさらに、お前が恐れていたのはこの姿、自らの破壊衝動に心が圧殺されたこの姿に なるのを恐れ て虚化ができないのだと続ける。
    目の前で二人が融合。髪は白く、仮面はなくなり、左の角の部分だけが残り、目は片方だけ虚状態 。
    空座町。たつき、どうしよう連呼途中で、あ、みちる下ろさなきゃ、だめだ間に合わないというと ころで
    誰かの攻撃が愛染の顔に。現われたのは観音寺でお待たせしました視聴者の皆さん!あなたのドン 観音寺が帰っ てきましたよおおおおおとハイテンション。
    私を知らぬとは無知なボーイだと!その後もハイテンションでしゃべるのを何しに来たのよとたつ き。
    戦いから逃げるヒーローをヒーローとは呼ばんのだよ、続ける観音寺はそのまま人間ごときが私に 触れれば存在 を失うぞという愛染に向かう。


    Ichigo looks at Shirosaki and says he should have disappeared. Shirosaki answers that he told Ichigo that if he really wanted to control him that he should take care not to get killed before they met again.
    Ichigo says that’s a ******* weird mask. Zangetsu tells him it’s the first time Ichigo’s seen this form himself. It’s the form that defeated Ulquiorra.
    To a shocked Ichigo he says, “This form is what you were afraid of, that your own destructive impulses would crush your heart, and so you were unable to become a hollow.”
    “Then I just have to defeat you,” says Ichigo. Zangetsu replies, “Wrong, both of us.”
    The two fuse together in front of him. Their fusion has white hair and no mask except for the left horn and one eye.
    “Originally we were two persons in one. Both are your own strength. Let’s go, Ichigo!”
    Karakura Town. Tatsuki is wondering what to do. She tries to put down Michiru, but it’s no use.
    Somebody attacks Aizen in the face. It’s Don Kanonji. “Thank you for waiting, viewers! Your Don Kanonji has returned!!!!!!!!!” he screams excitedly.

    Calmly Aizen asks who he is. Naturally he’s unhurt.
    “An ignorant boy who doesn’t know me!” Tatsuki asks what’s he’s doing there.
    The two argue back and forth, and even Kanonji can’t withstand Aizen’s spirit pressure.
    Tatsuki tells him to hurry up and flee and that he can’t do anything.
    “Flee? Are you speaking to this hero? Ignorant girl. I’ll teach you.”
    “A hero can’t be called one if he flees from a fight.” Aizen says that at this rate he’ll lose his existence just like the humans.
    But then somebody stops him. “I was just in time, Aizen, Gin…!” says Rangiku.

  29. I have no idea of the hollow levels anymore so I had to look it up again. XD

    It looks likes to me Haribel in all her forms was the closest thing to Vasto Lorde. She retained her human appearance and had the hollow parts over her (the bones). I guess Stark could have been one too and maybe Barrangar. If so, they were seriously screwed over. The reason I thought they couldn’t be Vasto Lordes was because they were defeated so easily! T_T

  30. @Superduper, Vastos are supposed to be stronger than the average Captain, not the super duper mega deluxe captains. All three of them were taken out by weird methods. Baraggan’s own power screwed him, Harribel got taken out by Aizen-sama and Starrk got taken out by the most haxorz Shikai ever (well, second to Aizen’s :P)

  31. up & out

  32. Bleach is out. But why bother posting the link anyway. >_>

  33. ikr

  34. Bleach was exceptionally lame, it took 12 pages for Tensa Zengetsu and Hollow ichigo to merge and they didn’t do anything

  35. Fuuuuusiiiiioooooooon! HA!!

  36. WTF!? Who the hell was that? Did he actually look at us the readers and tell us he was back? If he was cool I’d be like “Hell yeah!” but I don’t remember- Wait!

    The guy that tries to play hero. Unintentionally creating hollows (probably responsible for numerous death by the hollows he helped create…>_>) and the popular tv show host. Annoying then and even more annoying now. ~_~ He’s kinda cool though…>_>

    Still, pretty much a waste of a chapter. Though, the cover with Ichigo was B.A.

  37. LOL…Wouldnt it be hilariuos if this idiot was was the KING….He did origanally wear a crown. I think this chapter sorta confims that ichigos mother was a…..

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